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Clifton Park

photo of gravestones in Degroff Cemetery

DeGroff Family Cemetery location map link
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The Degroff Family Cemetery is on a small knoll adjacent to an access road which leads to Northway 10 Industrial Park. The access road runs west off Pierce Road in northern Clifton Park, just south of the Ushers-Jonesville Road, near Exit 10 of I-87, the "Northway."
The cemetery is surrounded by a low wooden picket fence. The stones are arranged in three rows. The inscriptions' legibility varies from very good to fair. On the stone of Hannah, wife of Abraham Degroff, the inscription was never completed after her death, so the century year "18" are the only numbers inscribed on the stone.

According to the genealogy titled simply De Groff by Ralph De Groff, the Abraham DeGroff buried here was a son of Abraham DeGraff and grandson of Jan DeGraff. He married 27 June 1782 Hannah, daughter of Stephen and Sarah (Sarles) Tompkins, with whom he had:
John b. 29 Sep 1783
Everett b. 27 Nov 1785, d. 12 Dec 1810
Sarah b. 1 Nov 1787
Nancy b. 15 Mar 1790
Maria b. 12 Feb 1792
Stephen b. 14 Apr 1794, d. 20 Jun 1796
Jacob b. 20 Nov 1796
Uriah b. 17 Oct 1798
Stephen b. 13 Mar 1801
Nicholas b. 21 Apr 1803
Abraham b. 14 Jun 1805
The author Ralph De Groff says that this list was "taken from the family Bible." That genealogy follows Stephen Tompkins DeGroff who married Mary A. Cornell and died in Jonesville, Town of Clifton Park on 10 Sep 1884.

First Row (right to left, beginning at the southwest corner of the cemetery)

(and on same stone)

died Feb 12 1839
died Feb 1 1839

aged 32 days
age 13 days

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son of Jacob DEGROFF

died May 26 1855

ae 25 yrs 8 mos 3 days



died Dec 12 1810

aged 25 years & 15 days



died Nov 26 1827

aged 66 years 8 months 11 days

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wife of Abraham DEGROFF

died ___ __ __18__

aged ____ years

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died May 5 1858

ae 63 years

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Second Row (left to right, behind Sally and Hannah)

Mary, widow of John DEGROFF

died March 3_? 1866

aged 66 y 8 m 24 d



died Oct 27 1842

aged 60 years 1 mo. 1 day


Evert son of John and Mary DEGROFF

died Jan. 5, 1828

aged 16 years 3 mo. 26 days

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Third Row (probably foot stones). Behind Mary, a foot-stone labeled M. D. G. and behind John a foot stone labeled J. D. G. Behind Evert, a third foot-stone bearing the initials E. D. G.

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