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Dunning Cemetery
On the north side of Dunning Street, a few rods west of the intersection with the highway leading to Saratoga Springs. 
The inscriptions were copied by E. D. Harris & C. B. Durkee October 31, 1876 and by the former November 6 following. November 28, 1876"
Information was extracted from the Durkee microfilm at the County Historian's office and the quarterly publication, the Saratoga.
Extracted by Dianne Thomas, edited by Frank Goodway
ABEEL Jane R. 8/15/1853 62y,11m,25d wife of Henry V.S.
ABEEL Nanning F. 1/16/1864 63y
ABEEL Rosaty Ann 11/14/1858 47y,7m wife of Nanning F.
ALANSON Abial 6/2/1845 74y,3m,2d
ANDERSON Rebecca 4/21/1866 60y wife of James
ARMINGTON Mary 2/9/1828 15y dau of Benjamin & Phebe
ARNOLD Nathaniel W. 12/18/1847 20y son of Simeon
ARNOLD Simeon 7/13/1869 3/30/1799
BADGLEY Fanny 3/20/1859 64y wife of Robert
BAKER Lydia 5/23/1859 25y wife of Theodore
BECKER Abram 12/22/1844 26y,8m,15d son of C.C. & Elizabeth
BECKER Anna Elizabeth 8/10/1845 10y,8m,11d dau of Lyman & Sarah
BECKER Benajah D. 9/11/1843 5m,13d son of Abram & Sally Maria
BECKER Elizabeth 10/28/1852 67y wife of C.C.
BECKER George 3/19/1860 8y son of N.L. & M.
BECKER Infant 12/26/1841 child of Abram & Sally Maria
BECKER James Henry 10/2/1839 2y,10m son of Lyman & Sarah
BECKER Mary Jane 6/21/1845 4y,11m,9d dau of Lyman & Sarah
BECKER Norman L. 3/1/1865 50y
BECKER Sarah 4/21/1845 1y,8m dau of Lyman & Sarah
BECKER Sarah 10/10/1843 34y wife of Lyman
BENEDICT Amanda 1/12/1846 35y wife of Nathaniel C.
BENEDICT Stephen no dates 4 wks son of Nathaniel & Amanda
BENNET Huldah 4/14/1809 48y wife of Nathan; "here lies a mother & 4 children"
BENNETT Mary E. 2/10/1852 8m,27d dau of John G. & Almira
BENNETT Susannah 11/24/1855 24y,5m,12d wife of Joseph H.
BETTS Alvin A. 11/8/1838 2y,6m,18d son of Philo & Eleanor
BETTS Eliza 6/22/1796 2y dau of Jeremiah & Betty
BETTS Jeremiah 2/4/1798 52y
BETTS Moses L. 11/2/1868 55y
BETTS Sally 8/17/1870 11/15/1782 wife of William
BETTS William 9/19/1852 3/21/1777
BETTS William 5/23/1862 55y,11m,3d
BRAHM Lewis 12/6/1863 39d son of John & Margaret
BUTLER Eliza C. 6/16/1846 62y,8m wife of Zachariah
CHURCHILL Infant 2/24/1854 3wk,6d son of Francis & Charlotte
CLEMENTS Sarah 4/2/1855 39y wife of James
COALS George 9/18/1866 66y
COGGESHALL David 6/12/1860 75y,9m,12d
COGGESHALL Mary 8/26/1856 67y,7m,21d wife of David
COON Catharine A. RAYMOND 3/18/1872 34y wife of Wm. H.
DAVEY Benjamin 9/7/1874 22y,11m,20d son of John & Esther
DENTON Matilda 5/31/1870 64y wife of Lewis
DENTON Sarah 12/12/1849 89y,10m,20d wife of I.
DERBY Peter 6/27/1850 65y
DEUEL James Edwin 10/4/1846 12y,1m,24d son of Ethan & Ruth; gson of David & Mary COGGESHALL
DEYOE Albert M. 3/26/1860 21y,5m,16d son of John D. & Lucinda
DEYOE Garrardus 7/5/1863 72y,9m,10d
DEYOE Harriet E. 1/18/1864 32y,3m,16d wife of Samuel
DEYOE Martha 12/23/1874 82y,8m,7d wife of Garrandus
DEYOE Mary 4/8/1867 44y,7m,8d
DIBBLE Ebenezer (Capt) 12/9/1834 84y
DIBBLE Eunice 3/10/1835 79y wife of Capt Ebenezer
DIBBLE Sara 4/2/1813 44y wife of Gen. John
DUBOIS Rachel 11/13/1854 77y wife of Richard
DUBOIS Richard 12/22/1844 69y,12d
DUNNING Abigail 7/30/1833 76y wife of James
DUNNING Alice A. 12/31/1859 8y
DUNNING Betsey 9/6/1798 1y
DUNNING Clarissa 1/21/1823 16y dau of John
DUNNING Comfort 4/15/1848 64y dau of William & S
DUNNING Cyrena 1/23/1828 3y,3m,19d dau of Zadock & Polly
DUNNING Edward 2/27/1861 73y
DUNNING Eleanor 7/19/1852 29y wife of Mark T.
DUNNING Eli 1/27/1869 74y
DUNNING Eli F. 10/17/1866 21y
DUNNING Elizabeth 2/1/1838 48y wife of Edward
DUNNING Esther 4/7/1846 56y wife of Richard
DUNNING Hannah 3/27/1853 83y,2m wife of Lewis
DUNNING Hannah 1/9/1775 51y wife of Michael
DUNNING Hannah 4/23/1813 72y 2nd wife of Michael
DUNNING Isaac 3/28/1822 29y
DUNNING James 1/22/1839 82y
DUNNING John (Gen'l) 10/15/1850 83y
DUNNING Lewis 10/24/1851 86y,6m,13d
DUNNING Mary 9/7/1828 19y dau of John
DUNNING Mary 9/2/1864 63y wife of Eli
DUNNING Matilda B. 7/25/1796 1y
DUNNING Michael 11/29/1813 86y
DUNNING Michael N. 2/15/1817 2y,28d son of Richard & Sally
DUNNING Moses 3/13/1819 55y
DUNNING Oliver P. (Doctor) 3/27/1837 63y 2nd wife of Gen. John
DUNNING Polly 4/20/1873 79y,5m,19d wife of Zadock
DUNNING Reuben 9/7/1807 19y son of John
DUNNING Richard 9/4/1856 89y,1m,17d
DUNNING Sally 11/23/1817 35y wife of Richard
DUNNING Sarah 8/19/1816 48y wife of Moses
DUNNING Sarah 4/30/1829 71y wife of William
DUNNING Terah 6/17/1789 2y,2m,17d son of Michael Jr. & Hannah
DUNNING William 11/20/1837 83y
DUNNING William (Capt) 5/30/1812 31y,9m,28d drowned
DUNNING Zadock 10/27/1857 61y,1m,27d
EARLES James E. 1/7/1868 80y
EARLES Jane 2/28/1875 87y wife of James E.
FOSTER Ann 1/15/1833 32y wife of Walton
FOSTER Gilbert C. 6/30/1847 32y,1m,28d
GAGGE Asa 3/6/1840 56y
GAGGE Asa 9/6/1854 38y
GATES Colman 4/17/1855 83y
GATES Polly LANDON 3/1/1845 68y wife of Colman
GATES Ruth 4/24/1813 11y,11m,9d dau of Coleman & Polly
GATES Ruth 7/19/1814 75y wife of Samuel
GATES Samuel 11/12/1816 78y
GREGORY Martha 12/20/1824 72y wife of Samuel
GREGORY Samuel 1/8/1829 79y
HARRIS Benjamin 3/16/1864 63y
HARRIS Flora E. 8/12/1871 8m dau of G.W. & H.L.
HARRIS James C. 4/26/1852 49y son of Jeremiah & Lane
HARRIS Jeremiah 10/20/1850 84y
HARRIS Jeremiah D. 11/15/1831 20y son of Jeremiah & Jane?
HARRIS Lacy 5/26/1848 40y son of Jeremiah & Lane
HARRIS Lafayette 4/7/1870 26y
HARRIS Lana 5/7/1851 80y wife of Jeremiah
HARRIS Seymour 1/18/1834 2y,4m,23d son of Vele & Elizabeth
HARRIS Vele 12/8/1835 27y son of Jeremiah & Lane
HASKILL Erastus 8/22/1838 35y
HEMPHILL Henry 7/11/1810 1y,1m,15d
HEMPHILL Robert 4/3/1852 10/1/1765
HEMPHILL William 5/16/1833 27y
HEMPHILL 11/10/1852 12/23/1772 Elizabeth, wife of Robert
HERMANCE Anna H. 5/6/1849 66y wife of Cornelius
HERMANCE Fanny 11/5/1849 6/20/1807 wife of John C.
HERMANCE John C. 12/28/1858 53y,6m
HERMANCE Uriah C. 7/21/1864 60y,7m,14d
HERMANCE Westcott 3/19/1854 16y,6m,9d son of Uriah C. & Betsey
HERMANCE William H. 5/22/1839 18y son of Cornelius & Anna
HERMANCE 9/12/1827 6m Phebe Ann, dau of Uriah C. & Betsey
HOLMES Catharine 12/27/1843 25y wife of Lansing
HOLMES Lansing 1/19/1844 31y
HULBURT Sally 2/18/1808 27y wife of Luther
HUNTER Elisabeth C. 11/21/1855 11y,16d dau of Polaski & Mary
HUNTER Mary 11/18/1859 39y,3m wife of Polaski
JOHNSON Tuty 1/29/1856 1y,3m dau of William & Mary
JOHNSON William 3/21/1870 41y,10m
JOHNSTON Amanda P. 11/28/1858 26y dau of T.J. & Betsey
JOHNSTON George A. 6/19/1862 19y,8m,26d son of T.J. & Betsey
JOHNSTON Jane L. 5/10/1859 22y dau of T.J. & Betsey
KEELER David 2/1/1814 53y,14d
KELLOGG Amelia 12/13/1814 38y wife of Aaron Jr.
KNIGHTS Edwin D. 3/5/1835 1y,1m,13d son of Samuel & Chloe A.
KNIGHTS Emmit 3/23/1864 33y,5m,11d
KNIGHTS Martin R. 3/27/1833 9m,8d son of Samuel & Chloe A.
KNIGHTS Sylvina 11/12/1860 38y,2m,12d wife of Daniel
LANDON Henry M. 3/26/1841 4y,4m son of Luther & Phebe
LANDON Infant no dates son of Robert K. & Patience K.
LANDON Luther 10/18/1872 86y
LANDON Luther 3/29/1840 88y,7m
LANDON Mary 12/7/1831 78y wife of Luther
LANDON Moses 6/18/1863 79y
LANDON Patience K. 9/16/1856 38y,6m,21d wife of Robert K.
LANDON Phebe 1/4/1860 64y,6m,3d wife of Luther
LANDON Walter S. 9/1/1840 27y son of Moses & Hannah
LASHER Catherine 3/1/1851 65y,4m wife of John M.
LASHER John M. 11/8/1859 81y,23d
LAWRENCE Anna 4/1/1828 58y wife of Obediah
LAWRENCE Esther 6/24/1831 30y dau of Isaac; adpt dau of Wm. MARVIN Jr.
LAWRENCE Obediah 4/2/1809 42y
LAWRENCE William 3/15/1823 30y
LEWIS Burgenia A. 11/29/1842 2y,8m,19d dau of Cyrus & Charity Ann
LONG Jesse 8/4/1870 6m,15d son of William & I.A.
LONG Willie 7/19/1868 1m,15d son of R.W. & E. M.
LOTHROP Anna 7/10/1800 45y wife of Metaliah?
LOTHROP Melatiah 6/11/1826 76y
MARVIN Alvah D. 5/2/1866 1/10/1795
MARVIN Daniel 10/31/1856 76y
MARVIN Dennis 6/30/1845 71y
MARVIN Lydia 7/10/1845 45y 3rd wife of Dennis
MARVIN Mary 11/1/1846 10/3/1770 widow of William
MARVIN Samuel 9/3/1842 66y,4m
MARVIN Susanna 12/10/1825 79y widow of William
MARVIN William 3/4/1810 68y
MARVIN William 2/27/1839 70y,4m,8d
MARVIN William D. 7/6/1869 57y,6m
MARVIN 9/29/1815 30y Charlotte, wife of Dennis
MARVIN 11/3/1833 50y Jerusha, 2nd wife of Dennis
MC KINNEY Frances E. 10/3/1842 6y dau of Erastus & Emeline
MC NEIL Jemima 2/6/1876 84y wife of James
MILLERD Jedidiah 5/16/1813 60y
MOORE Medee 3/14/1870 10y,5m,6d son of M. & M.
MOORE Sheridan 3/12/1868 5m,7d son of M. & M.
MORSE Alice A. 8/22/1864 18y,4m,12d dau of James L. & H.
MORSE Alvina 3/17/1846 21y dau of Jacob & Mary
MORSE Catharine 9/10/1866 79y
MORSE Harriet 4/21/1856 16y dau of Jacob & Mary
MORSE Harriet 6/30/1875 53y wife of James L.
MORSE Jacob 4/30/1867 79y
MORSE James L. 9/10/1853 37y
MORSE Joshua 6/11/1862 79y
MORSE Mary 7/27/1867 70y wife of Jacob
MORSE Mary S. 5/28/1851 19y dau of Jacob & Mary
MORSE Sally Maria 5/25/1846 19y dau of Jacob & Mary
MOSHER Hannah 2/6/1812 33y wife of Hiram; dau of William & Sarah DUNNING
MOSIER Hiram 6/2/1820 43y architect
NEILSON Henry 6/8/1872 75y
NEILSON Henry 4/26/1854 24y,4m,26d eldest son of Henry & Julian
NELSON Samuel 8/5/1862 20y Sergt, CoC, 77th Regt NYVol
OGDEN Anne 6/16/1872 86y,6m,1d wife of Joseph
OGDEN Charles 10/21/1846 20y,9m,11d
OGDEN Elizabeth Ann 7/10/1839 24y,5m,8d wife of David
OGDEN G. Albert 9/4/1863 22y
OGDEN Harriet A. 1/8/1850 5y,11m dau of Ira & Jane
OGDEN Ira 1/24/1865 5y,3m,16d son of G.W. & P.A.
OGDEN Joseph 1/6/1842 57y,5m
OGDEN Joseph W. 7/5/1848 1/26/1846 son of George W., & Phebe A.
OGDEN William E. 6/17/1844 10/16/1842 son of Ira & Catherine
OWEN Lucinda 9/16/1844 4/9/1843 dau of J.W. & Melissa
PAUL Mary J. 1/3/1853 2y dau of W. & E.A.
PEEK Harmonius 5/23/1875 10/27/1806
PHILLIPS Matilda E. 6/11/1860 18y,10m,22d adpt dau of Amanda
POWERS David 2/24/1838 65y
RAYMOND Infant 1/21/1822 6hrs son of Oliver P. & Amy
RAYMOND Lucy 7/17/1826 41y
RAYMOND Oliver P. (Doctor) 10/24/1863 70y
RAYMOND Sarah Catherine 12/21/1823 8m,17d dau of Oliver P. & Amy
RICHARDS Joel 3/6/1810 24y
RICHARDS Tamazen 1/3/1809 22y wife of Joel
ROGERS Oscar 10/1/1845 2y,11m,19d son of George & Thirza
ROGERS Sarah Ann 5/7/1853 8/8/1822 wife of Courtland
ROSS Jane R. 12/12/1851 46y wife of Rhiley R.
ROWELL Eliza A. 5/24/1864 wife of S.N.
ROWELL George M. 10/25/1866 prob son of S.N. & E.A.
ROWELL Jennie L. 8/21/1864 prob dau of S.N. & E.A.
SEAMAN Joshua F. 1/30/1863 42y
SEAMAN Sylvenus 3/3/1834 77y,2d
SETCH Rosie A. 6/8/1875 19y,7m dau of Wm. & Sarah A.
SHUMWAY Danforth 3/1/1828 59y physician & surgeon
SHUMWAY Esther 1/4/1817 36y wife of Danforth
SICKLER Emily C. 4/17/1858 34y wife of Lewis
SICKLER Peter E. 4/14/1868 40y
SICKLER Susanna 7/22/1845 52y wife of Peter
SIMMONS Ann M. 2/3/1815 1st yr dau of Simeon & Mary
SIMMONS Henry E. 4/30/1818 1st yr son of Simeon & Mary
SIMMONS Jane A. 2/18/1817 1st yr dau of Simeon & Mary
SIMMONS Lorenzo D. 11/17/1817 2nd yr son of Simeon & Mary
SIMMONS Simeon 4/8/1824 52y
SIMPSON Angelina 1/25/1844 19y dau of Joseph & Margaret
SIMPSON Joseph 1/7/1869 87y,10m,2d
SIMPSON Margaret 3/5/1852 67y wife of Joseph
SIMPSON Uretta 3/24/1843 39y dau of Joseph & Margaret
SIMPSON 5/29/1829 2y,1m Eli F., son of Robert
SIMSON 5/9/1820 53y Robert; drowned
SMART Eliza Ann 7/10/1846 20y wife of Orrin M.
SMITH Harry 6/17/1825 22y
SMITH Louisa 9/13/1850 1/3/1843 dau of S.G. & Martha
SMITH Manie 3/20/1868 9y,3m dau of C.W. & Mary
SMITH Martha SEARS 5/19/1849 4/17/1814 wife of Silas G.
SMITH Phebe 10/14/1856 77y wife of Samuel
SMITH Samuel 3/18/1834 54y
SPENCER Richard 5/23/1851 33y
STAAT Cornelia 10/26/1838 2y,2d dau of Thomas & Sarah
STAATS Infant 3/10/1852 1m,2d son of John P. & Eliza
STAATS Nancy 5/14/1851 11/3/1767 wife of Thomas
STAATS Sarah 10/20/1867 72y wife of Thomas
STAATS Sarah J. 8/26/1863 31y
STAATS Sibastian F. 2/10/1823 9m son of Thomas Jr.
STAATS Thomas 12/11/1850 93y,5m,1d
STAATS Thomas 10/14/1860 64y
STEENBERGH A. Vannette 11/13/1853 28y wife of Dr. H.W.
STEENBERGH Amelia C. 5/18/1850 32y wife of Dr. H.W.
STILES Esther 12/11/1854 47y wife of John L.
STILES Hannah J. 1/27/1845 1/23/1845 dau of Horace A. & Jane A.
STILES James W. 7/7/1848 1/22/1846 son of H.A. & J.A.
STILES John Henry 8/29/1844 8/10/1841 son of Horace A. & Jane A.
STORY Elizabeth 2/21/1826 39y wife of Benj.; see -sis of Phebe Sutherland
SUTHERLAND Phebe 2/20/1826 46y wife of Rev. Lewis; she & sis Eliz. Story died within 13 hrs of ea. other
SWARTZ Sarah Elizabeth 12/30/1861 5y dau of Jasper & Christina
SWEET Fanny 3/19/1851 5y,8m dau of H.R. & C.
SWIFT Aurelia C. 12/25/1872 34y dau of H.C. & Elvira
SWIFT Jennie A. 2/16/1861 14y dau of H.C. & Elvira
SWIFT John E. 2/20/1861 23y son of H.C. & Elvira
THOMPSON Fred H. 8/13/1859 11m,8m son of D.A. & C.M.
TRIPP Timothy 3/22/1855 63y
TURPIT Libbie 11/20/1867 30y wife of William S.
UNKNOWN Little Mamie 8/8/1874 13m
UNKNOWN Orlando 4/5/1854 8y,7m
VAIL Barnabas 3/11/1873 83y,9m
VAIL Mary 6/11/1872 80y wife of Barnabas
VAN AERNEM Alida 2/26/1857 55y
VAN AERNEM Infant 4/2/1875 10d son of N.V. & E.A.
VAN ARNEM Jacob 12/22/1854 58y
VAN AERNEM John 3/5/1867 78y son of H.C. & Elvira
VAN ARNEM John S 11/21/1871 39y
VAN AERNEM Lansing 12/20/1874 76y
VAN HYNING Eliza Ann 1/23/1850 33y wife of Henry
WARD Catherine L. 6/23/1846 33y,6m wife of Israel
WARD Samuel R. 4/25/1847 2y,1m,16d son of I. & S.L.
WEED Emily C. 11/21/1870 35y,4m,13d wife of Joseph L.
WEED Frank Everett 7/20/1862 1y,9m,19d son of F.B. & E.
WEED Leonard B. 11/17/1835 24y
WEED Lottie F. 10/12/1862 1y,4m,4d dau of Joseph L., & Emily C.
WEED Louisa 1/27/1831 56y wife of David S.
WEED Seth B. no dates 1y,5m
WILDE John 7/8/1818 48y
WILDE Sarah 8/16/1812 38y wife of John
WILSON Mary Elizabeth 3/21/1842 7m,14d dau of Wm. & Rachel A.
WORDEN Elisabeth C. 8/16/1852 35y wife of Charles D.
WORDEN Emma E. 5/30/1855 5y,2m,23d dau of Hiram & Rosetta L.
WORDEN Hiram H. 5/20/1874 55y
WORDEN Infant 2/19/1860 6wk dau of Hiram & Rosetta L.
YATES Jas. Vernon 8/3/1867 32y Union Army musician

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