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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 6
A bathhouse north of Flat Rock Spring was kept by Gardner Bullard. Flat Rock Spring was across Maple avenue, east of the present Town Hall.


In March, the Rev. D. O. Griswold was installed pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.

D. L. Palmer opened a grocery and drug store in the building on the east side of Broadway, about where the F. S. Steenbergh grocery is now located.

Captain David Martin died. He was the father of William R. Martin, who had a blacksmith shop in Division street.

William A. Langworthy opened a watchmaking shop in Broadway, the first of its kind in Saratoga Springs.


James Thompson was appointed the first judge. He was the father of John W. Thompson of Ballston.

Sheldon and Dake opened a dry goods and grocery store in Saratoga Springs.

Elijah Castle operated a mail stage between Saratoga Springs and Albany, which was patronized by travelers of the two places.

Samuel Searing, aged 87, died in April. He was the grandfather of Beekman H. Searing, who died in 1927 in this city.

Asahel Andrews, died, aged 62..

Ransom Cook opened a shop, making chairs and selling paint on Broadway. He formerly had a shop on Congress street.

P. V. Wiggins opened a store on Broadway for general merchandise.

Robert McDonnell opened a store, opposite the United States Hotel for groceries and liquors.

In August, a grand ball was given at the Pavilion Hotel in compliment to the Ladies of Congress Hall. This was a brilliant affair of the early days.

On August 12th, it was recorded that the number of strangers, visitors in Saratoga Springs, was about 12,000.

December 24th, Captain John Warren, aged 69, died. He was the father of Wm. LaF. Warren.


Abel A. Kellogg married Phila Putnam. Phila street took its name from Mrs. Kellogg, and is not an abbreviation from Philadelphia as so many have erroneously thought. Phila was the daughter of Gideon and Doanda Putnam. Her father who laid out Broadway gave his dauhgter, Phila, the section now included in Phila street, hence the name.

In October, Lewis Putnam married Betsy Alcott.

The Pavilion Hotel was kept in the season of 1824 by Mrs. Priscilla Lewis.

The United States Hotel was kept this year by Ford and Benedict.


Lorin Putnam married Harriet Wheeler.

Risley Taylor married Emeline Cook.

Philo R. Waterbury married Mehitabel Bullard.


Washington Putnam married Margaret Fenelon.

April 17, 1826, the village of Saratoga Springs was incorporated.

Sheldon Clark opened a boarding house on Congress street.

July 18th, the Congress bottling house was burned.

Peter V. Wiggins married Mrs. Mary (Porter) Andrews.

Robert McDonnell married Marion Hicks.

December 19th, fire destroyed the property corner of Broadway and Church street. This is the location now occupied by the Adirondack Trust Co.


D. L. Palmer married Eliza D. Taylor (Miss Taylor was the daughter of Deacon Isaac Taylor and grand-daughter of Gideon Putnam).

December 3rd. Elder E. P. Langworthy, a Baptist minister, and Jas. H. Darrow, who married a sister of Wm. LaF. Warren, opened a dry goods, crockery and hardware store on Broadway.

Robert and Thomas McDonnell succeeded R. McDonnell with a great assortment of groceries.

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