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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 8
Rock City as Captain. Gilbert Swan and Harmon J. Betts, who kept a hardware store on Broadway, opposite Congress Hall were appointed Lieutenants. Mr. Betts succeeded to the captaincy in due time and was succeeded by Robert Hagadorn of Pages Corners, Greenfield. He rose to be Colonel of the 59th and then Brigadier General.

Philo R. Waterbury succeeded Capt. Hagadorn and after him came Nelson Williams and Alexander H. Rowland of Porters Corners.

Capt. Lewis Wood was the last commandant of this Company.

Capt. D. A. Green was succeeded in the command by Franklin Prior, he by Robert Hagadorn and Mr. Hagadorn by John C. Hulbert as Major. The latter was succeeded by John A. Corey as Lieutenant Colonel and Col. Corey, by E. D. S. Young. Later J. T. Blanchard was elected Colonel. He being appointed brigadier general, Joseph R. Plunket became Colonel and his command was noted for the Plunket War, caused by some disagreement on military points. During this disagreement the forces prepared for battle on the field where the race course is now located but a settlement was reached peaceably.


Feb.10. Harvey P. Rice died. He kept a jewelry store at the corner of Broadway and Phila St.

Epenetus White, father of Mrs. W. La F. Warren, died.

Col. Jonathan Williams, was the proprieter of a Lake House at Saratoga Lake for the season of 1832.

June 14th, Wm. A. Beach married Ann E. Porter, the same day that Enoch H. Rosecrans married Caroline E. J. M. Beach, sister of Wm. A. Beach.

July 12th, the Saratoga and Schenectady railroad commenced carrying passengers. D. D. Benedict was the receiver.

Dec. 25th Theater in Walton Row was opened by Chipp of the Boston Theater. Walton Row was situated on the site occupied now by the Arcade.


Washington Hall, on North Broadway was kept by Isaac Taylor.

E. & W. Carpenter Co. opened a dry goods and grocery store just north of Union Hall.

Pitkin & Robinson become the successors to Westcott & Pitkin Store, corner Broadway and Washington St.

May 1st, Union Hall was opened for the season of 1833 with W. Putnam as the proprietor.

The Columbian Hotel on the Corner of Broadway and Lake Ave., the south side was opened by Warren & Caldwell.

June 4th, The United States Hotel was opened by John C. Dillion.

Thos. Lynch of the firm of Lynch & Clarke, proprietors of Congress Spring died in New York.

July 3rd. First locomotive was placed on the Saratoga and Schenectady Railroad.

It will be noted how early the season started here at this time.

Oct. 29, Jas. R. Westcott married Mary A. Wayland, daughter of the officiating clergyman, the Rev. F. Wayland,

Nov., Thos. J. Marvin was elected a member of the assembly.


Washington Hall was opened May 1st by H. B. Ten Eyck and Leonard Benent.

BR May 15th, Six inches of snow fell.


July 28th John B. Ricard opened a restaurant on Broadway opposite Division St. Cars then ran down to Broadway.

Aug. 4th, Dr. J. L. Perry opened an office.

Aug. 4th. the Village of Saratoga Springs contained, according to the census, 1555 inhabitants.

Sept. 6, Dr. J. L. Perry married Harriet Sadler.


O. L. Barbour was admitted as Counsellor of Supreme Court.

Nov. 1, W. A. Beach opened a law office on Broadway, opposite the Adelphi Hotel.

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