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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 10
corner of Broadway and Caroline St. Covent Garden House belonged to Daniel McLaren, who owned the Pavilion Hotel, and stood where the present presbysterian Church now stands.

July 21, The dedication of the Methodist Church took place. This was the first Church built on Washington St. and which was removed to make room for the new church built in 1870.

Sept.26, Barton Fonda was married by Rev. A. T. Chester, pastor of the presbyterian Church to Gertrude Van Benthuysen.

Dec. 27, the Rev. Darius O. Griswold was pastor of the presbyterian Church previous to the Rev. A. T. Chester.


E. J. Huling married Anna R. Spooner.

May 11, Wm. Bennett married Eliza Jane Hendrick.

May 21, Thos. McDonnell and Wm. P. Comstock opened a grocery and Liquor store on Broadway.

The Pavilion Hotel was kept for season 1842 by John Cross and Arthur S. Taylor. Taylor was a cousin of the Putnam's and in 1835 was a partner in Union Hall.

Congress Hall was kept by Stephen S. Seaman.

May 28th. Hiram Owen married Catherine M. Van Dorn.

June 3, The dedication of the New Presbyterian Church, corner of Broadway and Caroline St. took place.

Sept. 2, Gardner Bullard, Sr. died at the age of 70 years.

Sept. 11, Seymour Ainsworth married Catherine Ham.

Nov. 1, John A. Corey, married Ruth S. Strover. He was editor of the Saratoga Sentinel.


Chauncey Perry opened a Boot and Shoe store on Broadway, opposite the Worden Hotel.

Feb. T. B. Reynolds married Sarah A. Emerson.

March 14th, The local railroad station and machine shop burned, also R. Gridley's Bowling Alleys and Billiard Room.

March 21st, M. B. Bicknell married Sarah Smith.

March 31, Hiram Wilber married Elizabeth S. Brown. Mr. Wilber was one of the publishers of The Saratoga Sentinel. Mrs. Wilber survived her husband and kept the well known Wilber House at the corner of Washington and Federal St.

May 31st, Thos. J. Marvin, was appointed postmaster in place of Judiah Ellsworth, removed.

June 8th, Robt. McDonnell married Mrs. Eliza D. Palmer, the daughter of Isaac Taylor and widow of Dirck L. Palmer.

June 11th, John A. Corey commenced publishing The Saratoga Daily Recorder.

July 14th, The Pavilion Hotel was opened by A. S. Barnum.

July 16th Wm. Waterbury, father of Nathaniel and Philo R. Waterbury died at the age of 76 years.

Oct. 14th, the Pavilion Hotel burned. It had been lately purchased by Mr. Quackenbush of New York for $18,000. The Pavilion, until it had been run down under the management of Daniel Mc Laren, had ranked with the United States Hotel and Congress Hall. The hotel grounds included the whole block from Lake Avenue to Grove Street. the hotel standing on the corner of Broadway and Lake Avenue. It had a front of about 150 feet with a wing on Lake Avenue. There was another building located about where the Presbyterian Church now stands, belonging to the hotel, called Covent Garden House which was used for entertainments. Mr. McLaren had a son who, for many years acted as a clown in Circuses. He went under the name of Dan Rice.

Nov.14, Thos. O. Young married Julia A. Holdrige.

The Saratoga Republican was published by John A. Corey.


Jan. 31st, Mrs. Abigail Davison, mother of O. M. Davison died at the age of 78 years.

Feb. 11, Esek Cowen died. He was the father of P. H. Cowen.

Judiah Ellsworth and John O. Hulbert opened a law office in the basement of the

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