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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 11
house on Washington St., a few doors from Broadway.

The Saratoga Sentinel with Hiram Wilber and Ellas G. Palmer, editors and proprietors, opened an office over R. B. Caldwell's dry goods store on Broadway, opposite the United States Hotel.

T. Babcock opened a select school at the west end of Washington St. next to the railroad.

May 8, Union Hall was opened for the season of 1844 by R. and W. Putnam.
Congress Hall was opened by Calvin Munger.
Montgomery Hall was opened by S. S. Seaman.
Railroad House was opened by Stephen Holt. This occupied the site now covered by the Worden Hotel.

June 13, Greenridge Cemetery consecrated.

Aug 26, P. H. Cowen married Mary Louise S. Beach, daughter of Miles Beach.

Sept 3, Augustus Bockes married Mary Hay.

Nov. 22 occurred a disastrous fire on Broadway. The stores burned were; H. & W. A. Fonda's dry goods, W. J. Jennery, groceries, C. H. Adams, W. R. Waterbury. Lynel Chase, Hugh McCready, dwelling occupied by Granger and Cole, Smith Mitchell, Allen and Darrow, A. H. Gazley, harness and trunks, A. C. Burchard, druggists; John Van Pelt, barber; L. J. Vibbard, hats; E. Wildey, Joseph Beach, P. and W. L. Avery, lawyers; Robert Gardner, dwelling; Phillips, Williams and Co. dry goods; R. H. and J. Benedict, hardware; J. A. Waterbury, Joseph Westcott, dry goods; R. B. Caldwell, dry goods: Wilber and Rice, The Saratoga Sentinel. J. Ricard, McDonell and Comstock, H. P. Hyde, Wm. Polley, L. P. Close, Barton, Fonda and Horace Fonda. All the buildings that were destroyed were wooden structures.


April 18th. James M. Marvin was elected supervisor.

May 24, The United States Hotel was opened by Thomas and James M. Marvin; Union Hall, by Rockwell and Washington Putnam; Congress Hall, by Calvin Munger; Montgomery Hall, by S. S. Seaman, and Railroad House, by Luther Munger. It is interesting to note that the principal boarding houses all opened thus early for the summer season.

July 4, The steamboat, R. B. Coleman, was placed on Saratoga Lake for passengers; with P. M. Bromley as captain; This was a sidewheel boat and was built at Stafford's bridge.

September, The census of Saratoga Springs showed 4,276 residents.

Oct. 1, W. A. Beach and Daniel Shepherd dissolved their law partnership.

W. A. Beach and Augustus Bockes, formed a partnership for law business.

Oct. 18, James M. Marvin was nominated for member of Assembly, later being elected.

Nov. 11, H. H. Hathorn and P. M. Moriarty were partners in a dry goods business store south of Montgomery Hall.


Feb.12, William A. Searing married Caroline Huling. They are parents of Beekman H. Searing.

March 3, The Saratoga Sentinel was published by W. E. Castle and C. F. Paul as editor and P. H. Cowen, as proprietor.

March 24, S. E. Bushnell kept a market at corner of Broadway and Caroline St.

May 6, Dr. John Clarke died at the age of 73 years.

Congress Hall was kept by Joshua Collins this year as a temperance hotel.

June , fire broke out in the building on Broadway owned by Joseph H. Westcott and occupied by L. J. Vibbard. Five adjoining buildings were destroyed in which located the following business places, printing material owned by P. H. Cowen and C. F. Paul, editor; Hall and Coleman, shoe store; Judge Carpenter, boots, M. L. Hulbert, sadler, J. B. Rickard, restaurant; McDonnell and Benedict, H. P. Hyde building, A. A. Kellogg,

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