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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 12
grocers; I. M. Mabbett, goods, L. P. Close buildings, W. P. Comstock, dry goods, Odd Fellows Lodge, H. Fonda, S. Smith. Jeweler; and J. A Waterbury damaged. J. Benedict's hardware store was also damaged.

July 4th, A telegraph line was opened between Saratoga and Troy.

Aug. 27, Walton Row, corner of Broadway and Caroline St. was burned. The row was occupied by S. E. Bushnell, grocer; Caleb Mitchell, A. H. Gazley, harness; John A. Corey, The Saratoga Republican Office; Root and Townsend, and Caleb Briggs. The loss was $3,000.

Oct.10, Benjamin R. Putnam, the father of John R. Putnam died at age of 55 years.

Oct. 15, Isaac Taylor died at age of 67 years. He owned Washington Hall.

Nov.24, Robert J. Milligan married Hannah S. Fletcher.

Dec. 13. Saratoga Lake House, owned by George C. Loomis, was destroyed by fire.

Dec. 21, The Stone Shop on Putnam St. corner of Caroline St. was burned with tools, lumber etc. destroyed.

Dec. 29, Runnion Martin opened a grocery on Broadway, north of Union Hall.


April 1, James M. Andrews and Franklin Hoag, were law partners at this time.

Aug. 15, Patton and Cole were proprietors of the Saratoga Trotting Course.

Sept. 2. C. B. Moon, was proprietor of Montgomery Hall; and Philip Snyder, proprietor of York House.

The first state fair was held September 14, 15, and 16, on the grounds on West Congress St. on lot bounded on the north by Phila St., east by Nelson St. and south by Congress St.. and west by Regent St.


C. Sheehan & P. M. Moriarty opened a tailor establishment in store on Broadway south of American Hotel.

July 5, E. N. Brown married Amanda M. Ensign. He settled in Saratoga Springs and was head of a dry goods firm of E. N. and E. M. Brown.

Dec. 14, The first car was run over Saratoga and Whitehall Railroad.

The foregoing items were gathered by personally interviewing a number of elderly Saratogians in the years 1849 to 1900. Among these Saratogians were Runnion Martin, Gardner Bullard, Judge Willard, Judge Augustus Bockes. G. M Davison, Rockwell Putnam, O. L. Barbour, John A. Corey, L. P. Close, James M. Marvin, Mrs. Miles Beach, Daniel D. Benedict and many other of the older citizens. I was fortunate to obtain from D. D Benedict a written memorandum containing a great number of items and I am quoting generously from this memorandum. The writer came to Saratoga in the spring of 1849 and many of the items following I have a personal knowledge of.


April 20, John S, Leake was appointed cashier of the Bank of Saratoga Springs.

September 20, Charles S. Lester married Lucy Cook.

November 14, Aaron B. Olmstead married Caroline Clement.


In the census of 1850 Saratoga Springs contained 3,638 inhabitants, 568 dwellings, and 682 families.

May 7, John Benedict married Ruby Ensign.

June 13, James H. Westcott married Elizabeth B. Warren, daughter of W. LaF. Warren.

June 20, James B. MeKean married Catharine Hay, daughter of William Hay.

July 9, C. H. Payn opened a dentist's office on Broadway in the Chapman building, opposite Washington street.

Railroad Place, located where the Worden now stands, was kept by Luther Munger.


June 10, Wescott and Paine conducted a dry goods store opposite the Adelphi hotel.

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