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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 14


H. H. Hathorn sold his half interest in Union Hall to George R. Putnam for $44,800, Mr. Ainsworth retaining his interest in the hotel.

Feb. 1, H. H. Hathorn purchased Montgomery Hall, property of C. B. Moon for $10,000.

John A. Corey was appointed County Judge.

April 2, E. F. Carter opened a Female seminary on Circular St. where Skidmore College now is.

April 22, Montgomery Hall was run by Ethan A. Deuell.

May 27, Dr. M. N. Babcock married Blanche V. Shaw.

May 29, Union Hall was run by Putnam and Ainsworth.

June 10, Congress Hall was run by Judge Daly; Lafayette House, located on Broadway, opposite Division St. by John Huestis.

June 20, John T. Carr married Antionette S. Granger.

Aug. 24, Miles T. Bliven married Sarah J. Plunkett. H. H. Hathorn and Harvey P. Hall purchased Congress Hall and made contracts for improving and for additions.


Jan. 20, Augustus Bockes was appointed Supreme Court Judge.

Feb. 5, G. V. Huddleston died at the age of 60 years. He resided in a large mansion on the high ground north of and overlooking Geyser Pond or Lake as it is now called.

March 16, E. Hall, Daniel Smith, and Hiram Owen opened a grocery store on Broadway at the corner of Washington St., which is now occupied by the Vichy Spring as a drink hall.

March 28, The Saratoga Whig was published by E. J. Huling and George C. Rice.

April 22, George W. Putnam, son of Washington Putnam, died at age of 27 years.

July 18, Charles Burr of New York married Mrs. Mary S. Beach, the daughter of Samuel Young After the death of Mr. Burr. the widow married the Rev. John Wayland. Katherine Young Beach, a daughter of Mrs. Beach married John W. Ehninger and lived here for many years in the house on the corner of Broadway and Greenfield Ave.

Aug. 14, The cornerstone of the Baptist Church was laid at the corner of Washington St. and the Railroad. The Society had built a church in 1810 about two miles south of the village on the land of Robert Ellis and Elder E. P. Lang had officated as pastor. In 1819, The Rev. Francis Wayland was pastor and a church was built, where the present church stands and remained until 1854. In 1850 the Rev. A. H. Stowell was made pastor remaining until 1855.

Sept. 7, Montgomery Hall, located on Broadway, north of Union Hall was torn down and the building of Ainsworth Place was begun by Seymour Ainsworth. Later this building was destroyed and an addition was built to Union Hall, now part of the Grand Union Hotel.

Oct. 3, George R. Putnam married Susan M. Watrous.

Oct.11, Hiram Tompkins married Laurentine Chamberlain. Mr. Tompkins was later one of the proprietors of the United States Hotel, under Tompkins, Gage, and Perry.


Jan. 1, The first board of directors of the Commercial Bank of Saratoga Springs met. It consisted of Hon. John Willard, P. V. Wiggins, James M. Andrews, Horace Fonda, Joseph Carr, Edward R. Stevens, Gideon M. Davison, Nicholas B. Doe, Earl S. Youmans. James R. Westcott, Oscar Granger, David Rowley and Seymour Ainsworth.

Feb. 8, The name of the Saratoga Whig was changed to The County Press.

Feb. 22, Dr. Milo L. North, a prominent physician in Saratoga Springs, for many years, died at the age of 66 years.

Feb. 26, Henry Van Deusen married Martha J. Billings. Mr. Van Deusen died Aug. 31, 1926, at the age of 91 years.

March, Dr. Charles H. Payn purchased Seymour Ainsworth's interest in Union Hall property: and James Savage purchased half of H. P. HaIl's interest in Congress Hall.

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