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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 17


Jan. 1, H. H. Hathorn was elected Sheriff of Saratoga County.

Mar. 9, Robert Benedict, father of John Benedict, died at age of 91 years and 7 months.

May 14, Frost, snow and ice were in the streets of the village.

May 25, Frost.

May 28, George W. Wilcox, died at age of 69 years.

May 28, Peter V. Wiggins, father of P. Porter Wiggins, died at the age of 69 years.

June 2, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Henry T. Walbridge, who was the father of John H. Walbridge of this city, died at the age of 36 years.

June 14, Union Hall, Congress Hall, and the United States Hotels were opened for the season.

Aug. 22, George R. Putnam died at the age of 34 years.

Dec. 24, Charles H. Holden married Mary C., daughter of the late Nicholas E. Young. Mr. Holden was later proprietor of the Holden House, now the Saratoga Inn.

John Willard, well-known early resident, was elected state senator in this year. He was a nephew of Emma Willard, the founder of Emma Willard School of Troy.


March 12, Isaac Fowler, the cashier of the Commercial Bank, died.

May 2nd, 1863, Captain Luther M. Wheeler of the 77th Regiment, the Saratoga Regiment in the Civil War was killed storming Marye's Heights. Luther M. Wheeler Post 92, Grand Army of the Republic perpetuates the name of the local captain, and is still in existence although only a handful of the veterans survive. The 77th unwavering in its advance was the first to reach the summit of Marye's Hill, and a historian wrote of the attack: "The 77th lost heavily, but covered itself with glory in making one of the most brilliant and successful charges of the war." The body of Captain Wheeler was brought to Saratoga Springs, and funeral services were held on May 30th.

May 22, This was a very hot day, the thermometer was 90 degrees in the shade.

May 30, Congress Hall was opened for the season.

June 11, Reuben Berry was buried. He was about 90 years old and was a well-known colored cook and caterer of the village.

June 18. A reception was given to Companies D, F, and G, of the Thirtieth Regiment, which had left the state June 2, 1861, and at the end of two years' service was mustered out. Colonel William M. Searing was in command. These three companies were commanded as follows: Co. D by Miles T. Bliven; Co. F. by Albert I. Perry; and Co. G. by Morgan L. Chrysler. The regiment saw service mostly in the army of the Potomac and lost: killed in action, 4 officers, 62 enlisted men; died of wounds received in action, 2 officers and 13 enlisted men; died of sickness, 2 officers, and 31 enlisted men. The regiment took part in 18 engagements. The returning soldier boys were received by John H. White, president of the village, with an address, responded to by Colonel Searing. After marching through the village, the companies dined at White's Hotel in Congress street.

July 11, Mrs. E. S. McDonnell, wife of Robert McDonnell died.

Sept. 8, a steam carriage was exhibited on the race track and was run up and down Broadway, adding to the excitement of many passers by who gathered to watch it. It might be called the forerunner to the automobile.

Sept. 23, William McCaffrey, a conductor on the Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad married Ann Eliza Perry daughter of John L. Perry. Mr. McCaffrey was later proprietor of the Adelphia Hotel for many years.

In this year, the African A. M. E. Zion church was dedicated by Bishop William H. Bishop.

Sept. 27, The Rev. E. Rowland preached his last sermon.

Oct. 17, the Rev. John Wayland, beloved local pastor for many years, died.

Dec. 31, Henry, called "Hal," S. Clement married Julia A. Young, the daughter of Thomas G. Young.

It was in the summer of 1863 that Colonel Winsor B. French came to Saratoga Springs to enlist men for his regiment to replace those lost in engagements and absent of sick leave and it was decided to have a

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