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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 23
Nixon was elected sheriff of Saratoga county.

James Bedell McKean was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Utah Territory, by President Grant.

Cornelius Sheehan was elected vice president and general manager of Congress Spring.

November 6, Charles S. Lester was elected county judge of Saratoga county.

November 11, Captain James P. Butler was elected supervisor. He died December 27, 1895, in his 80th year.

December 12th, Rev. William Cheetham was elected pastor of the Baptist church.

The present First Methodist Episcopal church was erected in 1870. In 1869, it had been razed because it was much too small to meet the needs of the ever increasing membership. The society first worshiped in a building on Broadway, called Broadway Hall, situated on Broadway near the southwest corner of the present Rock street. In 1839, the Methodists sold the Broadway property and purchased the lot on Washington street on which the present edifice stands. This new church was dedicated July 23, 1841.


The Champion Spouting Spring was discovered at the Geysers.

May 17, Harlow E. Spaulding engaged in carriage making business in Saratoga.

July 10, The Loughberry Water Works started furnishing water for the inhabitants of the Village.

March 20, The Methodist Episcopal Church was dedicated.

July 25, The Rev. L. S. Rowland was installed as Pastor of the Congregational Church.

Aug. 8, The Second Presbyterian Church was officially organized.

Sept. 13-14. The Fireman's Tournament was held, Including the annual parade of the fire department.

Sept. 14, While the fireman's tournament was on, three fires occurred, the largest of which burned the Park Place Hotel, the Columbian, and other adjoining buildings. The burned area is now occupied by the New Columbian hotel and the Broadway ground of the Trolley Co.

Oct. 22, The Rev. J. N. Crocker was installed as pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church.

John C. Hulbert's term as county judge, from 1863 to 1871 expired. He was surrogate from 1847 to 1856

Joseph W. Hill, Saratoga Springs elected member of the Assembly from Saratoga County.

The Town Hall was erected in this year on Broadway on the present site.

The C. C. Van Deusen Wholesale and retail grocery was erected in 1871. The store is now in the possession of Edgar F. Hewitt under the name of F. V. Hewitt and Son.


Caleb W. Mitchell was appointed president of the Village.

James I. Wakefield was elected supervisor.

The Rev. E. A. Woods was made pastor of the Baptist Church.

Judge C. S. Lester was made local agent and counsel for Alexander T. Stewart.

Major John S. Fassett opened a paint shop and sign painting business.

Jan. 27, The new fire bell placed in the Town, present location, was used for the first time, announcing a slight blaze in the Saratoga Gas works on Excelsior avenue.

Feb. 5, The Empire Lodge, Knights of Pythias of Saratoga Springs was instituted with 29 members. The Chancellor Commander was Nathan Waterbury; and the vice-chancellor, Beekman H. Searing.

April 7, Charles H. Tefft was admitted to the bar.

May 1, The Grand Union Hotel was sold to A. T. Stewart for $532,000.00.

June 2, Hiram Tompkins became a member of the firm of Ainsworth, Tompkins and Perry ,proprietors of the United States Hotel.

July 1, The Rev. Frederick M. Newman was installed as pastor of the Presbyterian Church.

Edgar Truman Brackett, late senator, graduated from Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa

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