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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 24


Jan. 2, The Rev. Father Daniel Cull, pastor of St. Peter's Church died. He had erected the present St. Peter's church which was dedicated Aug. 15, 1853. He held a long pastorate of 23 years.

August, In this month occurred the death of Lewis Putnam at the age of 83 years. He had the distinction of being tbe first male child born here, in 1790.

Nov. 10, Franklin W. Carpenter was elected Sheriff of Saratoga County. He died April 20, 1912.

Nov. 30, The Rev. Dr. Joseph Carey, took up his pastorate in the Saratoga Springs Episcopal Church.

Dec. 4, Augustine W. Shepherd was admitted to the bar. He married Harriet L. Briggs. His death occurred Feb. 21, 1913 at the age of 63 years.

The Magnetic Spring, was developed by boring fifty feet deep.

General George S. Batcheller, one of the prominent representatives of the Saratoga County Bar, was elected member of assembly from Saratoga County.

The Center House was purchased by a syndicate, which greatly altered it to The Arcade. There were stores on either side of the long corridor that led to the post office at the east end of the building. Under the post office was the printing plant of The Saratogian. Over the Post Office was the encampment Hall of Luther M. Wheeler Post 92 G. A. R. (This building was destroyed by fire in 1902.)


William E. Brown formed a co- partnership with Cassius B. Thomas and conducted a coal and wood business under the firm name of Thomas and Brown.

James M. Marvin was elected supervisor.

Augustus Bockes was designated as associate justice of the Supreme Court for 5 years. Mr. Bockes died Aug. 8, 1907.

Charles A. Allen was elected president of the village.

June 5, The new United States Hotel was opened for the season. It had been burned to the ground, June 18, 1865, and had not been rebuilt. The work on the foundation of the present United States Hotel was begun in 1873. The hotel, now open, is the structure finished in June, 1875. It has 917 rooms, and covers and encloses seven acres of ground. It has a frontage on Broadway of 233 feet. When the hotel was in the process of construction, permission was secured to move Division street. What was formerly the north side of Division street, now was made the south side of Division street. The hotel extends 655 feet on Division street.

Oct. 1, The New Grand Central Hotel was destroyed by fire on this date, fire breaking out at 10 o'clock in the morning. The blaze was most spectacular and the assistance of two fire companies from Troy and one from Ballston Spa was called. The loss was computed at $175,000. The hotel was built in 1872-73, and was one of tbe newest and finest in the village. It was four stories high and extended along Broadway from the corner of West Congress street some 300 feet; and extended along west Congress street 200 feet.

The Legislature in 1874, voted an appropriation of $50,000 for the proposed Saratoga Battle monument. But no work was begun in this. year. The year previous in April, the Saratoga Monument Association was named by the legislature.

The Deuel Building on Broadway was erected in 1874 by Seymour Ainsworth, who had a great deal to do with the erection of Broadway's business houses in this period.


May 23, W. L. F. Warren died.

June 1, The Hotels opened for the season.

June 10, The graduation exercises of Temple Grove Seminary were held.

June, The late Senator Edgar Truman Brackelt was admitted to the bar.

July 3, The Briggs House at Saratoga lake was opened for the season.

July 13, The College Regatta bringing here many crews from Eastern colleges, was held at Saratoga Lake.

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