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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 25

July 24, The Saratoga Races began.

Aug. 6, A garden party was held at the Grand Union Hotel.

Aug. 21, The Saratoga races were concluded.

Aug. 24, The International Regatta was held at Saratoga Lake. This was a note worthy sporting event of the country and brought to Saratoga the fashionables of the land.

Sept. 8, The Republican State convention was held.

Sept. 15, The opening of Temple Grove Seminary for the year occurred.

Sept. 21, The monument to The Seventy-Seventh New York State Volunteers, Bemis Heights Battalion, Third Brigade, Second Division Sixth Corps, in the Civil War, was unveiled and dedicated. The monument formerly stood in the center of Broadway almost opposite the site where it now stands in Congress Park. It was removed to the park several years ago at the request of Civil War Veterans.

The neucleus to the monument fund was started by the 77th Regiment itself. At the end of the Civil War, there was due the regiment, company rations which computed into money totaled $500. This sum was paid by the government to the regiment through Col. Winsor B. French. At a subsequent meeting the survivors voted to erect at Saratoga Springs, the rendezvous of the regiment. where the regiment was organized. a monument in honor of the occasion and to apply the $500 to this purpose. In ten years the sum amounted to $1,000 and friends and interested citizens raised the necessary amount.

The dedication was attended hy several thousands of Saratogians, who witnessed the appropriate program of dedication.

Oct. 2. The Democratic State Convention met. Two regattas, and two big conventions held in 1875 made the season a notable one. The conventions met in the old casino and provided stirring political scenes with the leaders of the parties from the nation in conference here. The conventions continued to come here until the last several years. Many hope that they will return to this resort where so many political careers have been started and finished.

Nov, 29, The inauguration of midnight trains between New York, Saratoga Springs and Montreal occurred.

Dec. 3, Slight shocks of earth quake were noticed in Saratoga.

Postmaster B. F. Judson introduced street letter boxes in Saratoga Springs.

George S. Batcheller, one of the most prominent county representatives of the bar, was appointed American member of the International Court at Cairo, Egypt, established on request of the Khedive of Egypt. General Batcheller's daughter, Miss Katherine Batcheller still makes her home in this city.


In this year Judge William A. Sackett married Mary Louise Marvin, daughter of Judge Thomas J. Marvin, and they began a trip around the world that lasted three years. The Sackett memorial gateway was dedicated at Greenridge cemetery last Memorial day, and memorializes these two well-known Saratogians, and their ancestors, among the pioneers in the development of the community.

January at the monthly meeting of the Excelsior Fire Co., No. 3 Elias J. Shadwick, the present fire chief, was engaged as janitor for the engine house and to take care of the steamer. This was the first step taken by the fire depart ment of the village, toward appointing permanent firemen.

Stephen H. Richards was elect ed president of the village in January.

June 1, the Walker steam mills on Beekman street, were destroyed by fire.

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