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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 27
November 4, Joseph D. Briggs died at the age of 60. He was born at Plymouth, Va., and was a promising lawyer.

November 3rd, the Clarendon Hotel, on William street, Broadway and Hamilton streets was the scene of a $10,000 fire. This hotel, now razed, and its former site a vacant plot, had been the gathering place of many fashionables of the country from the late 1860's on. It was made entirely of wood, and its grounds very picturesque. The Washington spring situated in the hotel grounds was always well patronized.

During this year, the newly organized 22nd Separate Company and the 18th Separate Company held a sham battle at Glen Mitchell which attracted throngs of visitors

During the year 1879, Thomas Nixon was the village president.

The year was also marked in significant manner by the failure of the Commercial National Bank, and the Union Savings Bank. They were never reorganized The Union Savings Bank was located in the corner of the United States Hotel.


January 4, the death of Thomas Wheaton, a soldier in the War of 1812, occurred.

Jan 24, 1879: Katharine McVicker Hay, widow of the late James B. McKean and daughter of the late, Judge William Hay, died at Salt Lake City. Her husband, (Col. James B. McKean,) before his death had risen to the rank of governor of Utah.

February 1, the friends of Thomas Robens, the oldest inhabitant in the town of Wilton, celebrated his 97th birthday anniversary at Emerson's Corners.

February 17, Ransom Cook, well-known resident and prominent in village affairs, died, aged 83 years.

March 4, Mrs Hannah Fitch Bullard, aged 91 years, died. Mrs. Bullard's death occurred at residence of her son, John H. Bullard in Schuylerville. She was born at St. John's Corners (now in the town of Greenfield, but at that time in the town of Saratoga) September 9, 1787. She was a direct descendent in the seventh generation from Thomas Fitch, who settled at Norwalk, Conn. in 1638 and her grandfather, Thomas Fitch was the last royal governor of Connecticut. It was claimed that she was the third white child born in Saratoga county, north of Kayaderosseras.

Living some three miles north of Saratoga Spririgs, she well remembered hearing of the discovery of the Congress Spring and went with her parents to taste of its waters as they trickled down the rocks at the side of the brook before any buildings had been erected in the village south of where the Town Hall now stands. In 1798, she removed with her parents to Saratoga Lake. She married Stephen Bullard of Schuylerville in January, 1812.

March 3, Martha B. Ingham, wife of Rufus B. Ingham and sister of Aaron Hickock, died aged 94 years. Mrs. lngham's father-in-law Benjamin Ingham was one of the pioneers of Greenfield who came from Connecticut about the year 1787.

March 21, James E. Mott, aged 63 years, died.

April 13, Charles McCreedy, a Revolutionary soldier, and who was under General Schuyler's command, died at Schuylerville.

April 20, Mehitable Waterbury, widow of Philo R. Waterbury died. She came from Westford, Vt. with her father's family in 1812. Gardner Bullard was a brother.

May 1, Charles H. Ballard, aged 47 years died. Mr. Ballard was a civil engineer and was a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy. He was superintendent of the Adirondack Railroad.

October 23, Cynthia Warren, widow of Miles Beach, died, - aged 91 years. She was a daughter of Captain John Warren. a Revolutionary soldier. Her brother, William LaFayette Warren was a

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