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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 31
April 21, The death of General W. L. Burt occurred.

April 29, The Huestis House opened for the season of 1882.

April 29. The new residence of William B. Gage on North Broadway was completed.

May 1, James P. Dennin, purchased the furniture of the Arlington Hotel.

May 6, Mrs. M. E. Knapp leased the Continental Hotel.

May 7, The Rev. George W. Brown, began his pastorate at the First Methodist Episcopal Church.

May 13, Charles H. Sturges was appointed general manager of the Saratoga Telephone Co.

June 1, The opening of the Windsor and Columbian Hotels for the season of 1882 occurred. They were followed by the opening of the Kensington Hotel on June 5; and the United States and Grand Union Hotels on June 10; and by the Congress Hall and American Hotels which opened on June 15.

June 16, The village tax budget for 1882 was: valuation $3,776,755.00. The rate was $1.52.

July 2, The first train was run from Boston, Mass by the Boston and Hoosac tunnel route, to this village.

July 11, The first meet of the Saratoga Races was opened.

July 17, The Mount McGregor Railroad was opened.

Aug. 2. Dr. L. E. Whiting died suddenly.

Aug. 3, The opening of the second Saratoga Race meeting took place. There were two racing meets in this season.

Aug. 22, General U. S. Grant was a distinguished visitor at the Grand Union Hotel.

Aug. 25, The professional and amateur regattas at Saratoga Lake were held, being attended by fashionable throngs of people.

Aug. 26, The races closed for the year, after 40 days of racing, and 161 races

Sept. 20, The Republication State Convention met in the Town Hall. At this time there was no Convention Hall.

Sept. 26, The Grand Union and Congress Hall closed for the season. The United States Hotel closed on Oct. 2. Again this indicated how long and pleasing was the season in our resort at this period of its favor as a watering resort.

Nov. 25, Seymour Ainsworth leased the Shackelford Building, corner of Broadway and Caroline street.

Dec. 12, Mrs. George S. Batchellor, and daughter, Miss Katherine Batcheller sailed from New York to Cairo, Egypt, to join General George S. Batchellor.

Dec. 15, Chauncey Kilmer purchased Dr. Whiting's premises, corner of Broadway and Walton street.

In this year, the present receiver of Taxes, Dr. Arthur L. Churchill was graduated from Eclectic Medical College of New York.

In 1882, The Fire department found its problem of fighting fire decreased by the purchase of a Gaskell engine which was capable of furnishing five millions daily.

In this year. Samuel F. Corey was village clerk.


Jan 22, A fire destroyed the sawing, turning, and planing mill in the center of the block on Ash, William and Center streets, which was conducted by William W. Worden.

Feb. 5. Dr. N. Bedortha, one of the first physicians to open a cure in this resort for the treatment of visitors, died.

April 2, Gardner Bullard, a well-known early residert died suddenly. Mr. Bullard came with his father from Westford, Vt., in 1812 at the age of 11 years to make his home in Saratoga Springs. He had two sisters, one of whom became Mrs. Philo Waterbury and the other, Mrs. Benjamin Hall. The family located in a house on the west side of Front street, in the so-called upper village. Mr. Bullard during my friendship with him, told me on one occasion that there were not over 30 or 40 houses in Saratoga Springs in 1812. In that year, The Columbian Hotel kept by Jotham Holmes was on the East side of Broadway, southeast corner of Lake avenue. This year Congress Hall was built.

The only store, as he recollected, was kept by John and Ziba Taylor

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