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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 39
married first Mrs. Darrow whose maiden name was Van Buskirk and they had three children, one named John, who was killed in the Civil War and two daughters, Susan and Rachel, who died in Saratoga Springs. About 1870 or 1871, his first wife died and he married in 1873, Sarah Rogers, daughter of Colonel Hiram Rogers of this city.

On March 11 occurred the death of George L. Ames, who was born in Berkshire county, Mass., June 16, 1832 In 1852. he went to Schuylerville and engaged in the jewelry business until 1861, meanwhile studying law and being admitted to the bar. In 1857, he was superintendent of the Champlain Canal and occupied that position for ten years. In 1885, he married Ellen L. Tinker. Mrs. Ames is now living at 569 Broadway.

April 13th occurred the death of J. P. Scoville, who was proprietor of a ready made clothing store for many years.

April 18, occurred the death of William H. Rix, bookkeeper at The Saratogian office. On the same day, Mrs. Henry B. Van Deusen, a favorite resident, died.

April 25, Mrs. Edmund S. Huling followed her husband to the grave.

May 9, Sidney Hay, a brother of Mrs. Augustus Bockes, died.

June 15, William Brackett, father of Edgar Truman Brackett, died in Iowa.

August 6, Mrs. E. D. Selden died and on August 11 occurred the death of Mrs. Elias J. Shadwick.

November 10, Chauncey Hathorn was drowned in Racquette Lake. Mr. Hathorn was a nephew of Henry H. Hathorn, and for many years conducted a merchants' tailoring establishment.

December 17, Augustus A. Trim, a prominent mason contractor died. Among other large buildings he built the present First Presbyterian church. This church now stands on the site of the former Pavilion Hotel which was a fashionable hotel of the early 1860's.


The Rev. George W. Nicholson was pastor of the First Baptist Church in 1892, remaining in that post until 1894. The late Mr. Nicholson has still many friends in this city, where Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson came as guest of the First Baptist Church, when it celebrated its 125th anniversary in 1919. On that occasion Mr. Nicholson was one of the former pastors to speak most inspiringly his topic being "The Great Divide." Mr. Nicholson since has passed to "The Great Divide." His Widow usually visits here a portion of each year.

In this year Dr. Miles E. Varney was elected coroner on the Republican ticket. In 1889, he had graduated from the University of Vermont.

May, The Victoria Spring at The Geysers was discovered. It was 804 feet deep.

June 28. John W. Thompson died, aged 84. In 1791, when Saratoga took its place as a county, Governor DeWitt Clinton had appointed him as first judge, a position he held for 18 years until 1809.

July 6, The W. B. Huestis stable on Whitney Place was destroyed by fire.

July 8, The carriage house on Greenridge Place owned by W. H. Thomas was destroyed by fire.

July 24, The two story house on Catherine street occupied by C. E. Saxon was destroyed by fire.

The G. F. Harvey Company, in 1892 began doing an extensive business which was, in subsequent years, to extend to nearly every part of the United States.

The Saratoga Club, which has been a foremost social organization in the village was organized in 1892. James M. Marvin was the first president having been elected in that year. Colonel George Perkins Lawton was the first vice-president.

In this year, James W. Lester was commissioned captain of the Citizens Corps or the Twenty-Second Separate Co. The Corps in this year was located in its commodious Armory the present building on Lake avenue which had been built during the previous year.

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