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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 46
In building an addition to the building in 1870, Mr. Seavey noticed one day water flowing from a crevice in the rock. Consulting with his partners, they decided to bore. The result was the Geyser Spring, the first spouting spring in America in 1872. Mr. Seavey disposed of his interest in the spring and business to George S. Batcheller, and Jacob M. Adams and in 1886, he formed a partnership with Fred W. Gardner, and opened a hardware store on the Eastside of Broadway, where the Liggitt Drug store is now located. Mrs. Seavey died Jan. 7, 1912, aged 72 years.

Sept. 21, Charles L. Haskins and Mrs. Della Miyamoto, were married.

Sept. 22, The Rev. M. N. Downing was appointed pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal Church.

Sept. 30, William H. Waterbury and Susan Varney were married.

Nov. 25, Arthur Seavey and Elizabeth S. Clement, were married.

Dec. 5, Cornelius E. Durkee was appointed general baggage agent of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad to succeed Charles S. Pease.

Dec. 9, John Niles Huyck, and Annie Ritchie, were married.

Dec. 15, Occurred the death of Isaac W. Hoyt.

Dec. 17, Sydney J. Smith of Ballston Spa and Fannie B. Tailer were married.

The Citizens National Bank Building was the scene of a disastrous fire on April 3. 1896. The loss was estimated at $11,334.18.

In the year 1896, the floral fete had reached the pinnacle of its prominence. Over 100,000 visitors were in the village on that day.


Mar. 18, Warren Bockes died. Mr. Bockes was born in the town of Greenfield, Jan. l. 1811. He was the only son of Ephraim Bockes a farmer who died in that town In 1833. He left a widow who survived him many years, and three children, Phoebe, who married Benjamin McOmber, and died In 1892; Emma who married Bryce Wing 2d, and died in 1896: and Warren. the youngest of the three, who married twice, marrying sisters, Angeline Johnson and Mary Johnson, who were daughters of Potter Johnson, a highly respected resident of Greenfield.

Mar. 19, Lysett's Bakery on West Congress street was burned.

Apr. 27, Several Saratogians attended the dedication of the monument to President and General U S. Grant in New York City.

Adelbert P. Knapp, was elected president of the village in 1897. He is the father of the former mayor of this city, Clarence A. Knapp, father and son, having the unique honor of having been elected chief executive of the city.

James D. McNulty was village clerk in 1897.

Nov. 1, Dr. Cyrus Rich, aged 71 years died. Dr. Rich was for many years one of the leading dentists in the state, building up an extensive practice. He was born at Comstock landing in 1826. During the Civil War he served with distinction in the Seventy-Seventh Regiment. In 1865, he came to Saratoga Springs, and resided here until his death. He was survived by four sons, Waldo L. Rich and Dr. Amos C. Rich, now residing in this city. Lynn R. Rich, residing in New York City; and Dr. Guy Rich of Sioux City, Iowa.

Dec. 1, The Hotel Balmoral at Mount McGregor was destroyed by fire. This was a spectacular blaze seen about the countryside.


The year 1898 in Saratoga Springs as in every other community was shadowed by the War with Spain.

Apr. 20, Congress recalled the United States Ambassador at Madrid.

Apr. 23, President William McKinley issued a call for 125,000 volunteers. These were recruited from the National Guard Organization. The Twenty-Second Separate Co., New York Guard was assigned as one of the 12 companies of the Second Provisional New York Regiment. Captain James W. Lester of the Twenty-second Company was promoted to the office of

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