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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 56

Sept. 5, the annual conclave of the Grand Commandery of the Knights Templar of the State of New York was held here.

Sept. 7, Sessions of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court opened here.

Oct. 20, Mrs. William L. Pike, this city, presided over the meeting of the fourth district of the New York State Federation of Women's clubs.

Oct. 21, Dr. A. Sherman Downs was president of the Medical Society.

Nov. 17, Mrs. Ellen Hardin Walworth was elected president of The Mothers Club.

Dec. 18, Edward B. Ashton purchased the Ballston Coal pocket.

On January 2, Port Arthur surrendered to the Japanese, and peace terms between Japan and Russia were signed, on Aug.25. In this year an earthquake killed 1,500 at Calpariso, Chili; property loss $100,000,000.


Jan. 9, The New York State Normal College at Albany burned. Several Saratogians young people were students there.

Jan.11, The Rev. Edward A. McMaster preached an inspiring sermon in the Second Presbyterian Church to which he accepted call as pastor.

Feb. 16, Excellent tobogganing was enjoyed at Saratoga Lake.

Feb. 20, Co. L opened a brilliant festival at the Armory.

Mar. 8, Baker and Shevlin installed electric power facilities.

Mar. 30 occurred the death of James H. Breslin, well-known resident.

Apr.16, The Grand Army of the Republic in this city celebrated its 40th birthday.

May 8, At the Mary Potter Memorial School in the south, a memorial building was dedicated to Miss Helen A. Wells of this city, in recognition of her work for the freedman.

May 19, It was announced that Senator Edgar Truman Brackett was a candidiate for governor.

May 3, The Hudson Valley Trolley Company purchased the Grand Central Block.

May 7, The Rev. Edward Clowes Chorley was named new curate of Bethesda Episcopal Church.

May 12, A reception was given in honor of the Rev. and Mrs. J. A. Hamilton, the former having been named pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal Church.

June, The 102d anniversary of the founding of the Saratoga Baptist Association was held at Burnt Hills.

June 3, The Hudson Valley Trolley received permission to lay its tracks across Broadway.

June 20, The State Department of the Grand Army of the Republic met here.

July 17, The National Convention of the Ancient Order of Hibernians was held here.

Aug. 7, Polo was enjoyed here by prominent summer visitors.

August, Chauncey Olcott appeared in a play, "Eileen Asthore" at the Town Hall.

Sept. 1, Henry M. Levengston died. Mr. Levengston was for many years, a resident of Saratoga. He was born in Boston, Mass. Oct. 13, 1820 and spent his boyhood in that city. Removing to New York he became engaged there in the importing business, conducting it with great ability and with marked success. During his residence here, he lived a life of quiet taking his principal diversion in his many benefactions. Only those who were nearest to him know fully the individuals and the institutions he has helped. Principal of these was the Y. M. C. A. He had one son, Henry M. Levengston, Jr. who resides in this city.

The San Francisco Earthquake and fire occurring on April 18-19 aroused Saratogians to send a few thousands of dollars in relief aid. Over 500 lives were lost and the property loss was $400,000,000.


Jan. 24 James E. Clement aged 59 died.

Mar. 10 occurred the death of George T. Church who was the son of Judge Charles Church and was graduated from Hamilton College in 1880. He had been superintendent of schools in this city studied medicine graduated and practiced

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