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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 59
this village, where he came in 1847 from Troy. He was a native of Ireland and was born there Aug. 27, 1819. He established a clothing, furnishing, and merchant tailoring business which he conducted until 1860 when he became interested in the Congress Spring Co. He was vice-president, and general manager, and later president of the company. In 1860, he married Mrs. Eliza Clarke Thayer, daughter of Dr. John Clarke, formerly proprietor of the Congress Springs. One daughter married Dr. C. S. Grant; another daughter married Charles F. Wells, and one son, Thomas Clarke Sheehan, is still a well- known coal merchant of this city.

Jan. 14, Prin. George W. Kennedy of the High School died after a short illness.

Jan. 16, Hiram Tompkins died. He was associated in the management of the United States Hotel.

Jan. 21, William T. Moore was named president of the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society

Jan. 27, An enthusaistic mass meeting of residents endorsed the bill to provide a State Reservation here. The bill was introduced into the senate by Senator Edgar Truman Brackett, since called the father of the bill.

Jan. 30. Elias H. Peters, who was a surrogate of Saratoga County from 1872 until 1901 died. He was a native of Clifton Park, and a prominent member of the Saratoga County Bar. His two daughters were Jennie who married William M. Martin, and who died a few years ago, and Julia, who married August Rhinelander, and who died in 1927.

Feb. 12, Richard T. Willson, Jr. was made president of the Saratoga Racing Association, succeeding, F. R. Hitchcock.

Feb. 25, Rome Fenton, gave his introductory concert in Mendelson Hall, New York City.

Feb. 28 occurred the death of Hiram Palmer, a native of Charlton who came to Saratoga in 1857 and was a well-known grocer here.

Mar. 23, Herman Walters returned to Saratoga Springs and became associated with the J. B. Beach Confectionery store, which he purchased on the death of Mr. Beach.

March 27, Ensign Robert Carlisle Giffen, and Miss Elise F. Hodgman were united in marriage at a brilliant naval wedding at the First Baptist Church.

Apr. 3, The Rev. John McNab accepted a call to the Presbyterian Church.

Apr. 24, Louis H. Cramer was elected presdeint of the G. F. Harvey Co.

May 29, The Reservation Bill creating a New York State Reservation at Saratoga Springs was signed by Governor Charles Evans Hughes.

June g. The Improved Order of Heptasophs met here.

June 23, It was decided to tear down the Kensington Hotel on Union avenue.

July 4, The Rev. Dr. John Woodbridge, for over 20 years, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in this city died in South Pasadena, Calif.

July 7, President and Mrs. Richard T. Wilson arrive for the season.

Aug. 7. The Saratoga Women's Association began serving teas at the old House of Pansa, now Masonic Temple.

Aug. 16. The Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows of the state met here.

Oct. 18, Captain Edward Porter Howe, died. He enlisted as a private in the 57th Indiana Regiment in Sept., 1861, and was promoted succeessively until he became captain in April 14, 1863. He came to Saratoga in 1876 and in 1877, became connected with The Saratogian. Later he was owner and proprietor of the Saratoga Sun until 1900. In 1894. he was appointed postmaster serving until 1899. A son, Louis McHenry Howe is in newspaper work in New York.

Dec. 31, Spencer Trask, was killed in a railroad accident, in New York city, while enroute to that city from Yaddo, his home here on business of the New York State Reservation. Mr. Trask was Governor Charles Evans Hughes' first appointee on the newly created Reservation commission. His death saddened the entire community.


Jan. 24, The Rev. Washington I. Pond, a methodist minister who graduated from Troy Conference

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