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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 60
Academy in 1844, and from Union College in 1852, was killed by a trolley car March, 1859. Mr. Pond married Mrs. Catherine Shadwick, mother of Elias J. Shadwick.

May 13, Clarence E. Fleming was appointed secretary of the Y. M. C. A.

May 14, $800,000 was appropriated by the state legislature for the Reservation.

June 12, Frederick Tarrant, father of William P. Tarrant of this city, died. He was a prominent merchant.

June 12, The New York State Laundrymen held convention here. N. Remick Thompson was chairman of the local committee.

June 14, Lewis Whitney James, highly respected resident died. His daughters, Mrs. Thomas Ewing now lives in Pittsburg, Pa. and Mrs. A. Sherman Downs, resides in this city.

June, School 4 was condemned as unsafe by the state department of education.

June 16, The 55th annual meeting of the New York State Sunday School association was held here.

June, Mrs. J. Blair Scribner was re-elected president of the Young Women's Industrial Club.

June 25, The annual convention of the Young People's Prohibition league was held here.

July 1, William W. Allerdice was named new Park Commissioner.

July 11, The 71st annual meeting of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity was held.

July 29, The Rev. Dr. Bostwick Hawley died, aged, 96. He was graduated from Wesleyan University in 1838. He was a most inspiring preacher, and spoke in nearly all the present Protestant churches in the city. He had a keen interest in the Hawley Home for Children to which he bequeathed $5,000.

Aug. 1, The 7th annual encampment of the department of New York, United Spanish American War Veterans, met here.

August, in this year, the famous futurity race was run at the Saratoga track.

Sept. 5, The Post Office Clerks of the Nation met here. Sept. 13, The Rev. Dr. Joseph Carey was elected Arch deacon of Troy.

Sept. 27, The Republican State Convention met here.

Nov. 23, The 77th Regiment New York Volunteers held its fiftieth anniversary of the departure for the war.

Nov. 26, Richard T. Wilson, father of Pres. Richard T. Wilson of the Saratoga Association, died.

Dec. 22, John W. Howe, a native of Fortsville, manager of the Saratoga Union, and later a prominent retail clothing merchant died. In 1894, Mr. Howe organized the Saratoga Press Association to publish The Saratoga Press, he being general manager. In 1895, this paper merged with The Saratogian, and he was made general manager serving until about 1900.

In December, The Saratoga County Board of Supervisors vote to build a county tuberculois hospital here.


Jan.12, Considerable damage was done by a fire at Newman's Lake House at Saratoga Lake.

Mar. 5, Lewis Wood, a native of Charlton, died. Captain Wood came to Saratoga Springs May 1, 1860, and was instrumental in organizing the 77th Regiment, being the captain of Co. L when the regiment left Saratoga Nov. 27, 1861. He was president of the village in 1886. For many years, he was one of the firm of Ingham White, and Co. and was well-known here.

Mar. 9, Warren B. Collamer, who built the Collamer block in this city in 1883, died, aged 88 years. He was a native of Greenfield but moved to Malta in early life and conducted a saw mill in Wilton for 40 years. In 1894, he became a permanent resident of Saratoga Springs.

Apr. 10, Mrs. Louise E. Kelley was elected regent of Saratoga Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution.

Aug. 16. Oscar A. Day, born in 1839 near Porters Corners, and well-known as an accountant died During his residence here he held many positions of trust. He was employed by John Benedict who conducted a lumber yard in Gardener's Lane, later operated by Harry Crocker. He was private bookkeeper for Hathorn and Southgate,

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