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(Transcribed by Mary G. Hafler, January 2001

MEMBERS Reformed Dutch Church of Gansevoort

Sept 13 1839

Billings, Reuben & Ann Marshall, his wife Ref. Dt. Ch. Ft. Miller

Merchant, Elijah & Esther, wife from Cong. Ch. Moreau

Jacobie, Wm. From Ref. Dt. Ch. Linhthgrow Col. Co.

Johns, Margaret, wife of Silas L., from Ref. Dt. Ch. Schodack

Ham, Edward & Christina from Ref. Dt. Ch. Schodack

VanDeusen, Roraback, Hannah & her 2 daughters

VanDeusen, Catherine & Margaret, all from Schodack

Sept 19 1840

Schemmerhorn, Mrs. Catherine A. from Ref. Pro. Dt. Ch. Saratoga

Lansing, Mrs. Harriet, same place

Thompson, Mrs. Margeret from R.P.D.Ch. Wilton

Labrum, Mrs. Judith Ann, Pres. Ch. Sandy Hill

Thompson, Thomas & wife Nancy from R.P.D. Ch. Nassau Village

Feb 4 1841

Fuller, Jotham & Martha M., wife, on confession

Welch, Mrs. Mary Ann, on confession

April 15 1841

Thompson, Mr. Lewis B.

Thompson, Mr. John

Thompson, Mrs. Amelia

Lewis, Mrs. Catherine, all from Congregational Ch. of Moreau

July 3 1841

VanDeusen, Mrs. Ann, think from Ref. Pro. Dt. Ch. Poughkeepsie

VanDerwerker, Mrs. Hester from Ref. Dt. Ch. Northumberland

Sept 26 1841

Mrs. Mary Clark, wife of James, on confession

Nov 14 1841

Mott, Thomas S. & Magdalen, his wife

Mott, Jane E. & Angelina

Stevenson, Esther, all from Cong Ch. of Moreau

Jacoby, Jacob N. & Polly Druker, his wife, from Ref. Dt. Ch. Linithgrow

Jan 22 1842

Lawrence Mrs. Mary W., received by letter from Cong. Ch. Moreau

Feb 11 1842 Sarah Tomb, on confession

June 11 1842

Mrs. William Buston

Mrs. Mary Ann Buston and daughter

Miss Sophia Buston, all from Ref. Pro. Dt. Ch. Fort Miller

Feb 10 1843 Mr. John C. Schemmerhorn, on confession

July 6 1843

Cornell, Susan

Cornell, Sarah, confession

August 2 1843

Cornell, James

Cornell, Harriet

Wilcox, Mariah

May 31 1844 Palmer, Isaac & Jane Clements, his wife, on confession

April 12 1845 Rev. John Dubois, Pastor

Buston, Catherine, on confession

Fagan, Harriet, on confession

DuBois, Sophia

Wilcox, Mrs. F.

Holley, Hiram & Mary from Sister Churches

July 12 1845 Schemmerhorn, Catherine, on confession

Oct 18 1845

Fullerton, Charles T. & Agnes, his wife

Fullerton, Mrs. Eliza, wife of John from First Pres. Ch. Argyle

Jacobie, William, on confession

April 19 1846 Aham, Mathew & Jannet Gray, his wife, be received

Dec 20 1849

Simmon, Mr. William H. by letter

Verbeck, Mrs., Confession

Billings, Miss Harriet, Confession

Reynolds, Miss Mary Catherine, Confession

Mar 10 1850

Snyder, Mrs. Margaret

Fuller, Miss Emeline C.

Billings, Miss Martha Jane

June 2 1850 Farrell, Margaret

December 1851 Mrs. Birkby & Miss Mary Ann Birkby

March 22 1851

VanDeusen, Henry, on confession of faith

Mr & Mrs. Mathew Ham by certificate

March 4 1853

Mrs. Sarah Margaret Mott by Certificate from R.D.Ch. Bacon Hill

Also Mr. Egbert Mott be received

Nov 12 1858 Received by Certificate

Julia & John C. Schemmerhorn

Marie & Augustus Melville

Mr. & Mrs. Henry N. Jacobie

Catherine VanDeusen

Received on Confession Fanny Melville

Jan 9 1863

Mr. G. Reunblin & Wife Mariah

Mrs. Catherine Jacobie

Mrs. Simmons by letter

Dec 29 1863 Mr. & Mrs. Van Denburgh

Dec 11 1864 Augusta Vail, wife of Michael Williams

Apr 11 1865 Michael H. Williams on confession

Dec 1 1865

Mrs. Martin J. VanDerwerker & Dau Sarah Jane were accepted on Confession

Margaret Schemmerhorn by Certificate

Nov 21 1866 Miss Elizabeth Thompson by certificate from Fort Miller

Sept 3 1870 Clarance Miller was rec’d on confession

Feb 10 1872 Orrin C. Miller was Rec’d on Confession & Baptism

Oct 4 1873 Rec’d on Confession & Bapt.

Martin J. VanDerwerker

Mrs. Sarah J. Davis

Mrs. Mary Palmer

Feb 28 1874 Rec’d on Confession & Baptism

Elisha Welch & wife Jane & Three Children-Gertrude, Catherine & Eunice

July 11 1874 Clarance W. Miller & Marion Palmer were rec’d

Nov 14 1874 Mrs. Caroline Button from Allen Street Ch. New York

Jan 16 1876 Mrs. Perkins by confession

April 25 1875 Mrs. Ann Eliza Stephens by Confession & Baptism

July 11 1875 Mrs. Elvira Tomlinson by letter from First Christian Ch., Castleton, Vt.

Jan 1 1876 Samuel Lewis rec’d on Confession

April 30 1876 Mrs. Sarah VanDerwerker by letter

May 13 1877 Mrs. Minerva Lansing was rec on confession

Feb 2 1878 on confession were received, Augustus Perkins – Mrs. Warren Lewis

By letter from M.E. Church Judethian Hurd (dead)Wife Julia Hurd & Zina Hurd

May 13 1878 Miss Catherine Lansing by Confession & Bapt.

Aug 6 1881 Miss Sarah N. Newell was accepted into church

May 28 1882 Miss Helen Birkby was received by Rev. A. G. Cochran

April 6 1884 on confession of faith

Albert Tomlinson

William Brate

Edward Machintock

Eugene Wicks

Gansevoort Jan 13 1858 MEMBERS IN FULL COMMUNION

Elijah Merchant dead

Esther Merchant

James Folmsbee dead

Catherine Folmsbee

Margaret Jones

Catherine VanDeusen gone

Catherine K. Schemmerhorn

Harriet Lansing dead

Margaret Thompson gone with letter

Jotham & Martha M. Fuller both dead

Lewis B. Thompson gone with letter

Catherine Lewis dead

Angeline Mott united with M.E.Ch. Gansevoort 1866

Esther Stevenson gone away

Jacob N. Jacoby & Polly Druker, his wife gone away

Julia A. Mott gone

Mary Ann & Sophia Buston both dead

Herman Gansevoort dead

Harriet Cornell McGregor gone away

Isaac Palmer & wife Jane Clements both dead

Francis Wilcox

Mr. & Mrs. Wm. H. Simmons dismissed to unite with Pres. Ch. Panama 1866

Mrs. Verbeck

Mary C. Reynolds, now VanEderwerker, now gone off

Henry VanDeusen gone west

Andrew Jacoby & Brothers

Mrs. John Birkby dead

Mary AnnBirkby

Julia Schemmerhorn united with Pres. Ch. Sandy Hill 1866

Mariah & Augusta Melville both dead

Catherine VanDeusen dismissed

Henry N. Jacoby & wife

Fanny Melville dead

Garrett Reublin & Mariah Jacobie, his wife

Catherine Jacobie dead

Mrs. Golden died 1866 August

Miss Almira Sadler dismissed to Pres. Ch. Saratoga Springs Nov 27 1866


December 2 1864

Augusta Vail, wife of Michael H. Williams, confession

Apr 2 1865 Michael H. Williams confession

December 1 1865

Caroline McGowan, wife of Martin J. VanDerwerker, confession

December 18 1865 Sarah Jane VanDerwerker, daughter of above

December 1 1865 Margaret Schemmerhorn by Certificate from Ch. Schodack

Nov 2 1866

Elizabeth Thompson, informal Confession, Church Fort Miller, dead

___3 1867 Roxanna Toms confession dead

May 9 1866 all below from Ref. Dt. Church Northumberland by Certificate

Losee Egbert B. dead

Losee, Mary M., his wife dead

Losee, Florence N.

VanDenburgh, Nicholas dead

VanDenburgh Wife

May 24 1870 Mrs. Margaret Steward, wife of Wiley Steward confession dead

Sept 3 1870 Miller, Clarance confession

May 6 1871 Phebe Miller by letter M.E. Ch. Gansevoort

Feb 11 1873 Orin C. Miller by Confession

Oct 5 1873 Martin J. VanDerwerker by confession

Mrs. Sarah J. Davis by confession

Mrs. Mary Palmer by Confession

July 11 1874 Marvin Palmer by Confession

Nov 14 1874

Mrs. Caroline Button by letter from the Allen St. Ch. in New York

Jan 16 1875

Mrs. Elvina Tomlinson by letter from the First Christian Ch. in Castleton, Vt.

1878 Old Mrs. Hurd

Jedman Hurd & Wife dead

Zina Hurd from M.E.Church Gansevoort

Augustus Perkins by Confession dead

Mrs. Warren Lewis by Confession dead

Aug 6 1881 Mrs. Sarah N. Newell by confession

Aug 12 1883 Ella C. Schemmerhorn by letter from the Muitches Kill Ch. Schodack

April 4 1884 William Brate by Confession

Eugene Weeks by Confession

Albert Tomlinson by Confession

Edward Meamtash by confession dead

July 6 1884 Sidney VanDenburgh by letter

March 1874 Elisha Welch confession

Jane Welch, confession

Gertrude Welch, confession

Catherine Welch, confession

Eunice Welch, confession


Mrs. Geo. Lansing dead

Miss Kittie Lansing left informally

Miss Mary Ann Birkby dead

Miss Helen Birkby

Miss Catherine Buston

Mrs. J. J. VanDerwerker

Miss Sarah Jane VanDerwerker (Daughter)

Mr. Albert Tomlinson

Mrs. Reublin dead

Mrs. Phebe Miller

Oren Miller

Mrs. Mary Palmer dead

Elisha J. Welch dead

Mrs. Jane Welch

Miss Kate Welch

Miss Eunice Welch

Miss Gertrude Hunt

David Hanaman dead

Miss Ella C. Schemmerhorn left informally

Augustus Perkins dead

Miss Anna Perkins

Miss Nettie Perkins dismissed March 28 1817 (?) to Wilton Methodists

Mrs. Warren Lewis dead

Miss Sarah Newell

William Brate

Edward McIntoch dead

Eugene Wicks left informally

Sidney VanDenburgh dead

E. B. Losee dead

Mrs. Laura Brate

Florence N. Losee

Morgan Lewis dead 28 members 1889 March 23

July 1886 Received Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Steenburg by letter from Gansevoort M.E.Ch.

Received Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lansing

he on profession of faith she by letter from M.E.Ch. Gansevoort

Feb 10 1889 Mrs. Louise Blivin rec’d on confession

LIST OF MEMBERS March 10 1889

Mrs. Geo. Lansing dead

Mrs. Elizabeth Galusha dead

Mrs. Sarah Pettit dead

Ida De Long

Mrs. Margaret Myers dead

Mrs. A. D. Lord dead

Almeda Dickinson

Mr. & Mrs. Beecher Wells

Mrs. Irene Clark

Mary C. McGowan

Mrs. Amelia Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Altus Jewell

Asa Williams left informally

Mrs. Sarah E. Ellison

Mrs. James Chilson moved away

Mrs. Payne Ross

Mrs. Libbie Duncan joined First Pres. Ch. Saratoga Springs

Mattie Perkins dropped by request

Lillie Green dead

Gracie De Garmo left informally

Alice Perkins dead had taken letter July 23 1862

Mrs. Arabelle Freebern moved away

Mrs. Emma Lynch, wife of John

J. R. Sullivan

Florence Golden letter to Mechanicville

Mrs. Amelia Murrey

Mrs. Nancy Mcintosh left by letter

Mr. & Mrs. S. S. Adams not accepted by the consistory

Dora Sullivan left informally

Hannah VanDenburgh dead

Cora J. Brate left informally

Sarah & John Green

Mrs. Eleanor De Garmo

Albert Lansing dismissed by letter

Taylor VanDerwerker dead

Emma Bowman left informally

Mary Williams left informally colored

Mr. & Mrs. James Frederick left informally colored

Samuel Williams left informally colored

Bertha Tice

Mrs. Mercy Tice dead

Cora Fish

Hattie Tomlinson dead

Mrs. Mary Young dead

Alphonso Hunt 38 in all

March 23 1889 Michael Wood Nellie Brate John Freebern

Martin J. Griffin by letter he was sick & later died

  1. Anna & Harley Wilson left informally

July 7 1889 Following received

Mr. & Mrs. George Strong

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wilbur

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Gilmore left informally she by letter Feb 5 1894 given later

Mr. & Mrs. Otis Kenyon she dead

Mrs. Edward Rice

Mrs. C. L. Coon

Mrs. Ira Wilson dead

Jan 19 1890 by letter

Mr. & Mrs. Elijah Toms he died

Mr. & Mrs. John Brown

Delbert Taylor

On profession of faith Daniel Washburn

April 26 1890 Confession & Baptism

Mrs. Thomas Herrington

Lottie Toms dead

Barney Myers

Derwood Rice dead 1941

Gracie Cramer dis. By letter

Carrie Purinton (Mrs. Albert Brown)

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hurd

James K. Galusha dead

Reuben Robinson dismissed by letter

Phebe Dickinson

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome VanDerwerker dead

Nelson Mcintosh dis. By letter

Mrs. Wm. Pettit

Mrs. Ezra Green

May 11 1890 Received

Thomas Herrington

Jonathan Brown

Benjamin Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. John Freebern by letter

Mrs. Seymour Toms

Mrs. Ella Roark

John Roark baptised

June 1 1890 Mrs. Jonathan Brown by letter from M.E.Ch. Gansevoort

Dec 5 1890 Mr. Caleb Young rec. dead

Dec 6 1891 Confession & Baptism

Mary Jones

Lucian Rice

July 1 1894 Mrs. Nellie Miller from M. E. Ch. by letter

July 1 1894

Lovisa Gates

Mrs. Cora Gifford

Fred Gifford

Tina Jewell not rec’d publicly

Hattie Lansing

Hattie Freebern

Georgia Lansing

Daniel Washburn

Daniel Steenbert

Nov 18 1894 David A. Hunter

Miss Joanna Payne

Miss Jennie A. Payne

Jan 13 1895 Emma Murrey

April 3 1895 Daniel Washburn

Jerome VanDerwerker

Eugene Lansing

Mrs. Laura Deyoe by letter from Bacon Hill Ch.


Kittie Lansing

Ella Schemmerhorn to Glen Falls

Nettie Perkins married to Conklingville

Asa Williams Left

1893 Grace De Garmo to Glen Falls

Dora Sullivan to Glen Falls

Cora J. Yout to Northumberland

Elmer Bowmon colored

Apr 1894 Almeda Dickinson to Fort Miller, wife of Hillman

1893 James Frederick & wife colored to Fort Edward

Samuel Williams colored to Fort Edward

Anna Wilson

Harley Wilson

Ella Williams, wife of Orrin, to Bacon Hill

Louisa Blivin

Mary C. Mc Gowan, wife of Bennett, to Saratoga Springs

1894 Thomas Herrington & wife dead

Freelove Herrington dead

1895 Mrs. Mary Young dead Saratoga Springs

Nov 12 1896 Mary (Jones) Hagadorn Fort Edward

October 5 1895 Berdella & Lucy Washburn, Laura Payne

Nov 19 1896 Miss Margaret Perkins rec’d by letter from Gansevoort M.E. Church

Dec 30 1896 Before Consistry, taken in church Jan 3 1897

Edward VanDerwerker & Ida, his wife

Walter Hamilton Evans

March 5 1897 Rev. C.W.Clows severed his relationship as Pastor with the church First Sunday in June 1897 Rev. J.C. Forbs of New Brunswick takes charge.

June 4 1898 A Letter of Dismission from Gansevoort M.E. Ch. was presented by

Mrs. Franc Abbot and she was accepted

Sept 26 1900 It was voted to accept Mrs. Delbert Taylor by letter from the Fort Edward Pres. Church

Feb 26 1902 Mrs. Philip Phelps & Mr. T. S. Phelps were received by letter from First Ref. Ch. at Ghent, N. Y.

Feb 26 1903 Mr. Thomas Abbott received and Baptised

Mr. & Mrs. Ezra Green received by letter from Presbyterian Ch., Sandy Hill

Dec 6 1903 Mrs. Howland Fish & Miss Elizabeth Lansing were taken into Church

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Leggett were received by certificate from Reformed Ch.Schuylerville

Mrs. James Frederick was received by letter from Pres. Ch. Argyle

March 2 1904 Miss A. Breckinredge by certificate from Pres. Ch. Brooklyn

Apr 3 1904 Miss Emma Wells on confession

March 11 1906 Mr. William B. Hillman & Mr. Charles Pickett on confession of faith

Jan 11 1912 Mrs. J.B. Synder & Mrs. Hester Reynolds were voted to be accepted as members by letter from the Northumberland & Fort Miller Churches

Oct 6 1912 Herbert E. Strong-Elinor May Wells-Linus Leland Wells were received.

Jan 19 1913 Letters of Mr. & Mrs. George B. Eddy were accepted

April 5 1914 Following on Confession of Faith

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Lafayette

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Adelbert Austin

Mrs. Jessie Hurd by letter

April 12 1914 Letters of Mr. & Mrs. John Vance were accepted

April 18 1915 Robert Austin was received by letter from Friends Ch. at Clarks Corners

Bessie Mary Baker Brate was taken on confession & Baptism

Caroline Ethlyn Murphy was also examined & accepted

Oct 3 1915 Mr. & Mrs. Wm. S. Kendrick

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Hurd

George R. Jewell

Chauncey McGowen

Mrs. Grant Johnson (Elizabeth)

April 8 1923 Helen VanNess received into Church. The Rev. Jacob VanNess and Mrs. Jacob VanNess rec. by letter from first Ref. Ch. Albany.

Jan 1 1928 Mrs. H. C. Cussler rec. by letter from Fonda Church

Apr 3 1930 Mrs. Nettie McDonald Bahr

Margary H. & V. Jane Purinton accepted in Church

Oct 5 1930 Mrs. Amelia Bahr by Certificate from Episcopal Church

May 3 1931 Mrs. Margaret Miller, wife of Frank Miller, dismissed from Gurn Spring and received in our church

July 6 1931 Nelson Wells taken in on confession

Mr. & Mrs. Wm. F. Thomas taken in by letter from Gansevoort M. E. Church

Apr 3 1932 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Munger & Wife Bessie Mr Munger on Confession of

Faith and she by Letter

April 7 1935 Kenneth Robinson by letter from Northumberland Church

Arilla Robinson & Elvinia Robinson on confession of Faith

April 14 1939 Rev. Arthur H. Voerman of Greenwich, pastor


Mar 10 1850 Mary C. VanDerwerker by Confession Baptized

Apr 12 1845 Catherine Buston by Confession died May 12 1916 in 88th year

May 28 1882 Helen Birkby by Confession died Sept 15 1915

Dec 11 1865 Mrs. M. J. VanDerwerker died Dec 1 1900

Sarah Jane, her dau., died Apr 25 1917 by confession

April 6 1894 Albert Tomlinson died

July 11 1875 Elvina Tomlinson from Christian Ch. Castleton, Vt. Removed

May 6 1871 Mrs. Phebe Miller died Dec 1911 went to Methodist

Feb 101872 Orin C. Miller by confession died 1928

Feb 2 1878 Zina Hurd gone to Methodist died March 8 1898

March 1 1874 Mrs. Jane Welch by confession Baptized died Dec 14 1896

Gertrude Welch, wife of Alfonzo Hunt

March 1 1874 Kate Welch by confession Baptized removed

March 1 1874 Eunice Welch by confession Baptized removed

Jan 16 1875 Mrs. Anna Perkins by confession dead

Aug 6 1881 Sarah Newell by confession dead

Aug 6 1884 William Brate & Wife by confession bapt. Died Nov 13 1916

Leona Brate Feb 19 1896 by Confession Baptized, wife of George Yout




July 1896 Daniel Steenberg & wife he died May 14 1918 gone to Methodist

Jennie Steenberg by confession Bapt. Gone to Methodist

Eugene Lansing & wife he died 1929 April

Adeline Lansing by Confession Baptized dead

March 15 1889 Mrs. Sarah Pettit, wife of Wesley Pettit dead

Mrs. Margaret Myers by confession dead

Mrs. Nettie Lord, wife of Americus Lord by confession dead

Beecher Wells & Wife by Confession he died July 1929

Minnie Wells by Confession dead on River Road

Mrs. Amelia Murphy, wife of John W., by Confession Bapt. Dead

Mrs. Irene Clark, wife of Stephen C., by Confession dead

Alstice Jewell & wife by Confession he died

Mrs. Sarah E. Ellison, wife of Geo. Henry, by confession died

March 10 1889 Lucy Chilson wife of James C. by confession removed died Mar 16 1902

Emma Ross, wife of Payne Ross by confession dead

Libbie Duncan, wife of John D. in 1913 re-confessed joined First Presbyterian Church, Saratoga Springs

Lillie Green by Confession & Baptism removed

Emma Belle Freebern by confession & Baptism removed

Emma Lynch, wife of John, by Confession & Baptism removed

Mrs. Amelia Murray confessed & Baptized Dismissed by letter Oct 15 1912

Hannah VanDenburgh, wife of David V. by confession & Bapt., died Sept 6 1897

Ezra Green by Confession dead removed

John Green moved away dead

Mrs. Eleanor De Garmo confession dead

Taylor VanDerwerker by Confession dead

Bertha Tice by Confession & Baptism dismissed to Pres Ch.Saratoga Spring

Mercy Ann Tice, wife of Wm. Tice, by Con. & Bapt. Dead

Cora Fish, wife of D.A.Taylor by con. & Bapt dismissed June 4 1895 returned

Hattie Tomlinson by Con. & Bapt. Dead removed

Mrs. Mary Young by Con & Bapt left without letter dead

Alphonso Hunt by Con & Bapt dead

March 23 1889 John Freeborn Jr. by confession gone

Apr 7 1889 Almira Wood, wife of Michael, by Con & Bapt moved

Nellie Brate (Mrs. Norton) by Confession dismissed 1902

July 7 1889 George Strong & Wife by Con & Bapt dismissed July 3 1915

Otis Kenyon by confession dead

Mrs. Elizabeth Rice by confession dead

Ida Coon, wife of Chas. Coon, by Confession dead

Jan 19 1890 Mrs. Margaret Toms by confession dead

John Brown & Wife by Confession dead

Ellen Brown By Confession dead

Delbert A.Taylor by confession dismissed June 4 1895returned by letter June1900

Miss Cora M. Fish

Daniel Washburn by confession died July 9 1915

April 26 1890 Lottie Toms by confession died June 15 1896

Barney Myers by confession moved

Derwood Rice by confession died 1941

Carrie Brown, wife of Albert, by Confession moved

Fred Hurd & Wife, Cora he is dead

James K. Galusha by confession died March 30 1915

Phebe Dickinson on Confession died Au 26 1898

Mary Green, wife of Ezra Green, by Confession removed

Jerome VanDerwerker on confession died July 10 1911

His wife, Hester VanDerwerker on confession died Jan 6 1915

Emma Pettit,sife of Wm. P. Pettit, now Mrs. Foster Conlee dead

May 11 1890 Thomas Herrington dead

Wife, Freelove Herrington died March 25 1912 left without letter

Apr 26 1890 Jonathan Brown died Apr 23 1897

John Freeborn dead

Mrs. John Freeborn died removed

Lillian Toms, wife of Seymour Toms

June 1 1890 Amanda Brown, wife of Jonathan, went to Methodist died

Dec 6 1891 May Jones on confession gone granted letter

Lucian Rice on confession gone

June 27 1894 Lottie Miller on confession gone Methodist died May 18 1914

Nov 18 1894 David A. Hunter on confession dead

Nov 18 1894 Joanna Payne on confession Baptized died removed

Jennie Payne same as above

Fred L. Gifford & Cora P. Gifford, his wife, both active today 1942

Hattie Freeborn on confession removed

Georgia Lansing confession died Dec 5 1910

Jan 15 1895 Louisa Gates on confession dead

Emma Murray on Confession & Baptism dismissed Oct 15 1912

April 3 1895 Mrs. Laura Deyoe from Bacon Hill Ref. Ch. died Aug 7 1898

July 7 1889 Etta Wilber, wife of Henry W., con & Bapt

Wife of Adelbert Snyder, On river road below Ft. Edward

May 4 1866 Florence Losee from Northumberland Ref. Ch. died Sept 23 1911

Mrs. Washington Freeman died Aug 23 1898

Oct 6 1895 Berdella Washburn con & Bapt., dismissed July 14 1915

Lucy Washburn dismissed Oct 7 1928 removed

Laura Payne granted a letter returned by letter as Mrs. John Vance

Mar 10 1889 Almeda Dickinson Hillman returned from Fort Miller

Nov 9 1896 Margaret Perkins from Gansevoort M.E.Ch., dismissed Apr 12 1917

Walter Evans from Gansevoort M.E. Ch. removed

June 4 1898 Mrs. Frank Abbott from M.E.Ch. Gansevoort died Aug 29 1918

Jan 3 1897 Edward & Ida VanDerwerker from the Episcopal Church

Sept 6 1900 Delbert A. Taylor from Presby. Ch. Ft. Edward

Mrs. Same as above

Feb 26 1902 Mrs. Philip Phelps from Ref.Ch. Ghent N.Y. died April 2 1907

Theodore S. Phelps from Ref. Ch. Ghent N.Y. moved away

March 1 1903 Thomas J. Abbott con & Bapt died

Dec 6 1903 Mrs. Howland Fish dead confession & Baptism

Elizabeth Lansing con & Bapt removed

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Leggett from Ref. Ch. Schuylerville removed

Mrs. James Frederick Presby. Ch. Argyle

March 6 1904 Mr. Daniel Washburn Episcopal Ch. Englang[sic] died Apr 18 1932

Miss M.A.Breckinridge, now Mrs. Eugene Losee, from Pres.Ch.Brooklyn Ia.

Removed to Glen Falls dead

Miss Emma Wells on confession

March 11 1906 William B. Hillman Baptized died June 1 1934

Charles Henry Pickett con & Bapt. Removed

Sept 2 1906 Mau Edith Murphy, now Mrs. Leslie VanRensslaer removed

Jessica Eleanor Murphy, now Mrs. Wm. Allen removed

Jan 14 1912 Mrs. Hester Reynolds from Fort Miller church died Oct 28 1912

Mrs. J.B. Snyder from Northumberland dead

Mrs. Rose Belle Bradt (Harris) from Northumberland dead

Eugene E. Losee con & Bapt dead

Byron Duncan Jewell con & bapt.

Mrs. Byron D. Jewell

Albertine Dorothy Rice (Durwood Rice wife) con & bapt.

Lena Snyder now Mrs. Geo. White

July 7 1912 Myrtle May Conlee con & Bapt died July 5 1916

Bessie Helen Pettit con & Bapt dismissed Apr 13 1919 Mrs. Clayton Hurd

Mrs. Eva Helen Howe con & Bapt dismissed July 21 1915

Oct 6 1912 Herbert E. Strong on confession

Elinor May Wells on confession

Linus Leland Wells on confession

Jan 19 1913 George B. Eddy from 1st Pres Ch Bradford Pa, died Feb 19 1925

Mrs. Anna Eddy from 1st Pres Ch Bradford Pa, died Dec 1930

July 6 1918 Mrs Levi Freeman from Cong. Ch. Saratoga died Dec 13 1923

Dorothy Elizabeth Jameson con & Bapt died Mar 6 1923 moved away

Bessie Hurd con & Bapt.

July 6 1913 Mrs. Arthur L. Berger from Schaghticoke Ref Ch dismissed to Newburg

Bapt Church

Ruth P. Hasbrouck from Schaghticoke Ref Ch married & away

April 5 1914 Leonard Lafayette on confession

Mrs. Helen Almyra Lafayette confession & baptism

Elmer Adelbert Austin confession died

Mrs. Elmer Adelbert Austin confession died

Mrs. Jessie Hurd (Mrs. Nichols) received by letter from Bethlehem Pres.Ch.died

April 13 1914 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Vance (Laura Payne)

April 19 1914 Clarance Elmer Austin Cong. Bapt. Ch., Fort Ann

Jan 3 1915 Mrs. Carrie (Barton) Clark Corinth Pres. Ch.

Apr 18 1915 Robert Austin Friends of Clarks Corners died

Bessie Mary Baker Brate Confession & Baptism

Caroline Ethlyn Murphy Confession moved to Ballston

July 11 1915 Clifford Hurd confession & Baptism

Mildred J. Smith on confession moved away

Oct 3 1915 Charles D. Hurd by confession & Baptism

Mrs. Dorothy Washburn Hurd on confession

Agnes Edith Johnson (Mrs. Grant Johnson) dead don. & Bapt

Chauncey McGowan Confession & Baptism removed

George R. Jewell Con & Bapt died Jan 27 1929

William Steadman Kendrick Confession moved away

Mrs. Wm. Isabell Winter Kendrick on Confession moved away

Nov 7 1915 Ernest Minard Hasbrouck dead moved away

Robert Joseph Baker Con & Bapt removed

John William Baker con & Bapt

Jan 9 1916 Luther Purington con & Bapt

Mrs. Lurena Ethel Purington

July 23 1916 Charles Albert Payne died 1934

Mrs. Ernest Synder died Jan 21 1932

Jan 7 1917 Edward Dover Confession & Bapt removed without letter

Ethel Belle Dover same as above

Mrs. Ethel Mae Yout, wife of Chas, removed dead

June 3 1917 Mrs. Joseph Edes by letter from Bacon Hill

Mr. & Mrs. John Peters Jr. from Corinth Pres. Ch

July 1 1917 James Henry Dower con. & Bapt removed

Seward Dower died in U. S. Service

Sept 5 1917 Rev. A.L.Berger from 1st Cave N.Y. removed

Jan 6 1918 Miss Leona Palmer Fort Edward Pres. Ch.

July 10 1921 John Samuel Peters by Confession

Irving Joseph Peters by Confession

Apr 8 1923 Rev. Jacob VanNess from First Ref. Ch. Albany removed by letter

Mrs. Jacob VanNess same

Helen Elizabeth VanNess same

Jan 11 1928 Mrs. H.C. Cussler from Ref.Ch. Fonda

Mrs. Daisy Dyer taken in by Rev. A.L.Berger from Ref.Ch. Bacon Hill

Apr 6 1930 Mrs. Nettie McDonald Bahr from Bacon Hill Ch.

Miss Margery H. Purinton confession Bapt.

Miss V. Jane Purinton confession & Bapt.

July 6 1930 Mrs. Abby Robinson Hagadorn from Episcopal Church

October 5 1930 Mrs. Amelia Bahr Dickinson from Episcopal Church

May 3 1931 Mrs. Margaret Miller from Gurn Spring M. E. Church

Nelson Wells on confession & Bapt.

Jan 3 1932 Mr. & Mrs. Wm. F. Thomas from Gansevoort M. E. Church

April 3 1932 Mr. Charlie Munger Confession & Bapt

Mrs. Bessie Munger by letter

April 7 1935 Kenneth Robinson & Wife by letter



INACTIVE (marked as /0)

July 1896 Jennie Steenberg from Gansevoort M. E. Ch

March 10 1889 Minnie Wells on confession /0

Cora Fish (Taylor) confession & Bapt. /0

Jan 19 1890 Delbert A. Taylor confession /0

April 26 1890 Durwood Rice confession died 1941

Cora Hurd confession

May 1 1890 Lillian Toms on confession

Nov 19 1894 Fred L. Gifford Con & Bapt

Mrs. Fred Gifford (Cora P?) Con& Bapt

July 7 1889 Mrs. Henrietta Snyder Conf & Bapt /0

Oct 6 1895 John C. Vance Bethlehem Pres. Ch

Mar 10 1889 Mrs. Almeda Hillman confession /0

Nov 19 1896 Margaret Miller (Perkins) confession

March 6 1894 Mrs. M. A. Losee Northumberland Ref. Ch.

Sept 2 1906 Mrs. Wm Allen (Murphy) confession /0

Jan 14 1912 Byron Jewell Confession & Baptism

Mrs. Byron Jewell on confession

Mrs. Durwood Rice Con & Bapt

Mrs. Geo. White (Lena Synder) confession

July 7 1912 Mrs. Eva Howe confession & Baptism

Oct 6 1912 Linus Leland Wells Confession

July 6 1913 Bessie Berlanger Hurd confession & Baptism /0

April 5 1914 Leonard Lafayetter on confession

Mrs. Leonard Lafayette (Helen Almyra) confession & Baptism

Elmer A. Austin confession

Mrs. Elmer A. Austin confession

April 12 1914 Mrs. John Vance Bethlehem Pres. Ch.

April 19 1914 Clarance Elmer Austin confession /0

April 18 1915 Bessie McGowan (Brate) confession & Baptism /0

July 11 1915 Clifford Hurd confession & Baptism /0

Oct 3 1915 Charles Hurd Confession & Baptism /0

Mrs. Charles Hurd (Washburn) confession & Baptism /0

Nov 7 1915 John William Bahr confession & Baptism

Jan 9 1916 Luther W. Purinton confession & Baptism

Mrs. Luther W. Purinton Confession & Baptism

June 3 1917 John Peters Corinth Pres. Ch.

Mrs. John Peters Corinth Pres. Ch. died Jan. 1942

Jan 6 1918 Miss Leona Palmer Fort Edward Pres. Ch.

July 10 1921 John Samuel Peters confession

Irving Joseph Peteres confession

Jan 1 1928 Mrs. Daisy Dyer Bacon Hill Ref. Ch. died 1941

April 6 1930 Mrs. Nettie McDonald Bahr Bacon Hill Ref. Ch.

Margery Purinton confession & Baptism

V. Jane Purinton (Green) confession & Baptism

July 6 1930 Mrs. Abby Hagadorn Dyer Episcopal Church /0

Oct 5 1930 Mrs. Amelia Bahr Dickinson Episcopal Church

July 6 1931 Nelson Wells by Certificate & Baptism /0

Jan 3 1932 Mr. & Mrs. Wm. F. Thomas from M. E. Ch. Gansevoort

April 3 1932 Mr. Charles Munger confession & Baptism

Mrs. Charles Munger by Certificate & Baptism

April 17 1935 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Robinson by certificate

June Robinson

Marjorie Munger on confession

Louis Robinson

William Robinson


Dec 28 1842 A letter was granted Mrs. Judith Ann Labrum

Feb 10 1843

Apr 7 1844 to Thomas Thompson & wife Nancy to R.D. Church at Tiosike[sic]

Jan 1 1848 Letter granted Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Ham to join the r.p.d.Ch Schodack

Mar 8 1850 Letter given Mrs. Ann VanDeusen

June 3 1850 Letter given Mrs. Mary Welch

Letter to Miss Sophia DuBois to unite with Dutch Church at Cicero OnondagaCo.

Oct 13 1850 Letters granted Harriet Fagan and Miss Maria Wilcox now Mrs. Rion

June 1 1846 Letters of dismission given Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ham to unite with the

Reformed Church at Saratoga

Feb 20 1853 Letters of Dismission be given Elder Reuben Billings, Mrs. Ann Billings,

Miss Harriet Billings & Miss Martha Jane Billings to R.P.D.Ch at Schuylerville

March 20 1853 Letters of dismission be granted Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Ham

April 2 1854 Letter of dismission granted Hiram Holley to unite with Presbyterian

Church at Glen Falls

August 3 1857 Letter of dismission granted Mr. & Mrs. John Thompson to unite with

Pres. Ch. at Glen Falls

November 27, 1866 Miss Almira Sadler dismissed to Pres.Ch. Saratoga Springs

March 1866 Mr. & Mrs. Wm.H. Simmons dismissed to Pres. Ch. Panama

May 22 1870 Mrs. Mary Markle dismissed by letter also Harriet McGregor dismissed

To unite with Pres.Ch. Glen Falls

May 24 1870 Mrs. Markle & Mrs. McGregor dismissed

  1. Mr. & Mrs. Tomlinson were granted letters of dismission going west

Helen Perkins was given letter to Glen Falls

Aug 12 1892 Miss Florence Golden, now Mrs. George Sheffer given letter of dismission

Nov 11 1893 Miss Grace Cramer was given letter of dismission to Baptist Ch.Granville

Nov 28 1893 Albert Lansing was given letter to Glen Falls

Nov 2 1896 Mary (Jones) Hagadorn granted letter to Methodist Church at Fort Edward

July 8 1897 Letters granted Mr. & Mrs. James Frederick to Argyle Church

Oct 12 1897 Letter of Dismission was granted Miss Mary Williams

April 2 1902Letter of Dismission granted Mrs. Lucy Chilson to AshGroveChAlbanyN.Y

Feb 26 1903 Mrs. Emma Ross dismissed to First Presbyterian Ch. Saratoga Springs

Dec 4 1904 Letter of dismission for Mrs. A. Tomlinson to the M.E.Church of

Prophetstown, Ill.

Oct 7 1928 Letter of Dismission granted Lucinda J. Washburn

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