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(Transcribed by Mary G. Hafler, January 2001

from typewritten material with changes in

spelling, punctuation and format.)



We the Elders and Deacons of the Reformed Protestant Church of Gansevoort in the Town of Northumberland, in the County of Saratoga & State of New York, having been duly elected according to the rules and usages of said Church within said State of New York, and agreeable to said statues of said State of New York and having duly assembled together this 30th day of September in the year of our Lord 1839, at the Post Office at Gansevoort aforesaid, do hereby certify that the name and style by which we and our successors forever as a body Corporate shall be known and distinguished. The Minister, Elders and Deacons of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Churcj at Gansevoort.

In witness whereof we hereunto set our hands and seals at Gansevoort aforesaid the Day & Year above written.

Elijah Merchant, Elder L. S.

James I. Folmsbee, Elder L. S.

Reuben Billings, Deacon L. S.

Edward Ham, Deacon L. S.

State of New York

Saratoga S. S.

On this 18th day of January 1840 came before me the within named Elijah Merchant, James I. Folmsbee, Reuben Billings and Edward Ham to me known as the persons described in & who executed the within certificate and severally acknowledged that they executed the same.

Thos. J. Martin, first Judge of Sar. Co. Courts

I certify the foregoing to be a true copy of the original thereof recorded Jan. 23, 1840

at 3 P.M.

Archibald Smith, Clerk

Records of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church

At Gansevoort

At the meeting of the classis of Washington at Wynantskill April 16, 1839

Resolved: That a committee be appointed to visit the neighborhood of Gansevoort

Mills in the Town of Northumberland and ascertain if it is praticable to organize a Reformed Church at that place, and that said committee be authorized should they deem it expedient to organize a church according to the order of the Constitution.

That Rev. Benj. VanZandt, Rev. Cornelius Wyvekoff & Elder Jonas Olmsted be said Committee.

The above committee after having several times visited the place and preached in different school houses and ascertained the prevalent sentiment to be favorable for a Reformed Dutch Church at Gansevoort opened a subscription for the purpose of raising funds for the erection of a suitable house of worship and having caused the same to be circulated. The amount of about seventeen hundred dollars was subscribed, together with suitable timber for the frame and a suitable lot of land for the church and parsonage.

It was deemed unanimously resolved by the committee that it is both practicable & expedient to proceed in the Organization of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church at Gansevoort.

Accordingly after having caused due notice to be given on two successive Sabbaths in the usual place of worship – the Committee attended a public meeting September 13th 1839 for the purpose of forming the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church at Gansevoort.

The meeting having been opened by prayer by the Rev. Benjamin VanZandt and the object being stated the Committee received, considered & apprised the letters of the following persons to wit:

    1. Reuben Billings
    2. Ann Marshall, his wife, from the Reformed Dutch Church, Fort Miller
    3. Elijah Merchant and
    4. Esther, his wife, from the Congregational Church, Moreau
    5. William Jacobie from the Reformed Dutch Church , Linlithgow Col,Co.[sic]
    6. James I. Folmsbee and
    7. Catherine, his wife
    8. Edward Ham and
    9. Christiana, his wife, Reformed Dutch Ch., Schodack
    10. Roraback VanDeusen, Reformed Dutch Ch., Schodack

11,12,13 Hannah VanDeusen & her two daughters, Schodack Ref.Dutch Ch.

14-15 Catherine & Margaret VanDeusen, Schodack Ref. Dutch Ch.

(no number) Margaret Johns, wife of Silas L., Ref. Dt. Ch. Schodack

In March 1840, a call was extended to the Rev. John Birkby to be pastor and was by him accepted.

Sept 9 1840 Following were taken into the fellowship of the church

    1. Mrs Catherine K. Schemmerhorn
    2. Mrs Harriet Lansing, both from Reformed Protestant Church of Saratoga
    3. Margaret Thompson from the Ref. Protestant Dutch Church of Wilton
    4. Judith Ann Lebrum from Presm Ch., Sandy Hill removed
    5. & 6 Thomas Thompson & Nancy, his wife from Ref. Protestant Dutch Ch. Nassau Village

Feb 4 1841 The new Dutch Church was dedicated. Rev. B. VanZandt preached the sermon and the Rev. John Birkby was installed as its first pastor. Notice was given of a sale of pews.

The Consistory met in the new Church and following persons taken into the Church fellowship:

    1. Jonathan Fuller &
    2. Mrs. Martha M. Fuller, his wife
    3. Mrs. Mary Ann Welch, on confession

Feb 5 The following children were baptized in the church:

    1. James Merchant, son of Elder Elijah Merchant
    2. Sarah Ellen Birkby, dau of Rev. John Birkby

Feb 1 1841 The pews of the new church were numbered and taken until December 1 the following year.

    1. Pew No. 1 Gen’l H. Gansevoort $ 50.00
    2. Rev. Mr Birkby
    3. Gen’l H. Gansevoort 6.00
    4. Harper N. Rogers 5.00
    5. J. R. Reynolds & J. C. Clark 4.00
    6. Henry N. Rowe 5.00
    7. Mahlon Buckby 3.00
    8. James Stockmann 3.00
    9. L. B. Thompson & J. L. McGregor 3.00
    10. William White 3.00
    11. Wm. & Thos. Lebrum 2.00
    12. Nathan Hoyt 5.00
    13. Stephen V. Mott 5.00
    14. Nicholas VanDerwerker 6.50
    15. Deacon Edward Ham 10.00
    16. Havilla Anthony 10.00
    17. Elder Elijah Merchant 14.00
    18. Jotham Fuller 5.00
    19. Lewis B. Thompson 12.50
    20. Harlow Lawrence 12.00
    21. J. J. Griswold & J. Jacobie 10.00
    22. John Snyder 10.00
    23. John R. McGregoer 11.50
    24. Hugh Thompson 12.00
    25. Elder James I. Folmsbee 9.00
    26. Dr. Thomas Wilkinson 5.00________


Amt. Forward $ 180.50

Pew No 27 Thomas H. Thompson 5.00

28 3.00


30 Truman Wilcox 3.00

31 George Sadler 2.00

32 Deacon Reuben Billings 11.00

33 L. O. & P. K. Burt 5.00

34 Peter Stevenson Jr. 5.50

35-36 Thomas L. Mott 12.00

37 Morgan Lewis 2.00

38 George Lansing 25.00


$ 276.00

Sept 15 1841 The following were received into church:

    1. Mr. Lewis B. Thompson
    2. Mr. John Thompson
    3. Mrs. Amelia Thompson
    4. Mrs. Catherine Lewis

All from the Congregational Church of Moreau

July 15 Pohupsis [sic} added "Is it Poughkeepie?"

Reformed Dutch Church by letter from above we received

Mrs Ann VanDeusen

Mrs Hester VanDerwerker

Baptized were Hellen Sophia Fuller

James Henry Fuller, Children of Jonathan & Martha M. Fuller

October 30 Received Mrs. Mary Clark, wife of James C. Clark was baptized and also her child Francis Amelias Mrs. Clark was taken into church

Removed by death Novermber 1841 Mrs. Mary Clark

November 14, 1841 Received into the Church

Thomas H. Mott & Magdalen, his wife

Jane E. Mott

Angeline Mott

Esther Stevenson

All from the Congregational Church of Moreau

Jacob N. Jacoby and Polly Druker,his wife from the Dutch Ref.Ch. Linhtgore[sic]

Nov 27 Baptized Catherine, daughter of George & Harriet Lansing

Jan 22 1842 Mrs Mary W. Lawrence was received by letter from the Congregational Ch. Moreau

May 7 1842 Miss Julia A. Mott was received by letter from the Congregational church of Moreau

A charge was brought against James Tweed as a member of this church with being intoxicated at the Town meeting at Mr. Velzeys and that he drank too much at Mr Snyders Vandue. He acknowledged he has sinned against God & the Church and asked forgiveness so the Consistory forgave him.

Resolved that Reuben Billings and Lewis B. Thompson, elders, be a committee to visit Isaac R. Schemmerhorn and wife, and Silas L. Johns and wife, and report at next meeting.

Miss Margaret VanDeusen removed by death May 17 1842

Feb 11 1842 Sarah Tomb was received on confession

Mary Elizabeth, child of James Tweed, was baptized.

June 11 1842 Following were taken in Church by Letter from Dutch Reformed Church Fort Miller:

Mr William Buston & Wife

Mrs Mary Ann Buston & Daughter

Miss Sophia Buston

The Committee appointed to visit Isaac R. Schemmerhorn & Wife and Silas L. Johns and wife report they have visited those persons. Neither of them considered themselves member of the Reformed Church at Gansevoort except Mrs. John. She said she had made application for dismissal from the Church at Schodack. The others said they had not applied either directly or indirectly.

June 11 1842 Resolved at a meeting of the consistory that the Clerk be authorized to erase the name of Mr & Mrs Isaac Schemmerhorn and Silas John from this Church books and that the Church in Schodack be notified they had done so. Resolved that Mr. Birkby, Elder Folmby, Deacon Ham be a committee to call on Mrs Hannah VanDeusen & Daughter Katherine and see if they were willing to remain members of this church.

Feb 10 1843 Received in Church on confession of faith Mr John C. Schemmerhorn

Letter of Dismission granted Mrs Judith Ann Labrum

Resolved that the Consistory do not tolerate the attendance of dances by members of this church.

May 6 1845 Rev John DuBois was installed as pastor. Labors to commence the first Sabbath in March

Sept 4 1847 At a Consistory meeting it was given out one female member had deported herself unworthly and the President of the Consistory & Mrs Wm. Jacobie were appointed a committee to visit the said individual A committee T. L. Mott & L. B. Thompson were to wait upon General Gansevoort and consult with him

regarding the parsonage.

.December 1851 Resolved that Mr. George _adler be employed as a sexton for one year at a salary of ten dollars beginning Dec 1851. Also resolved to supply the singing school with fuel & light during the winter.

Jan 1 1871 The Rev C. Rockwell presented the Gansevoort Church a very nice table & two chairs through the kindness of Mrs Melville and her two daughters Fanny & Augusta.

May 28 1881 Rev A. G. Cochran preached his last sermon

June 11 1882 Rev Geo. Mills preached his first sermon.

April 19 1885 The Rev. J. W. Bailey preached his first sermon

Sept 1 1888 Rev Mark Denman preached his first sermon

Oct 1 1892 Rev. Neldon J. Gulick assumed responsibility of this charge

Dec 19 1895 Rev Nelson Gulick left this charge to go to Pheonix[sic]

July 16 1896 Call accepted by Rev C. W. Clowe

March 5 1897 Rev C. W. Clowes closed his services as pastor on account of ill health

First Sunday in June 1897 Rev. J. C. Forbs of New Brunswick took charge

Jan 18 1898 It was decided to sell the old parsonage and see about building a new one

Mar 2 1898 Theodore Washburn & Wife as purchaser for old Parsonage found 475.00

Sept 20 1899 Mrs Catherine Gansevoort Lansing has at her own expense thad the Stoop and Belfrey of the Reformed Church repaired and painted. Whereupon the Consistory voted a vote of thanks be sent to her and whereas it has come to our knowledge that her husband, Mr Abraham Lansing has been and is now, grievously sick, be it resolved that we, as a consistory, take this opportunity of expressing our sympathy praying that the great head of the church may avert evil from and bestos his blessing upon the household of her who hath done so much for our church, and moved a copy of these resolutions be set Mrs. Lansings.

Jan 16 1900 At a meeting held in Basement of church it was voted that the Rev J. C. Forbs dissolve his connections with the church and an application to that effect be sent to classis

Sept 26 1900 Resolved a vote of thanks be sent from this consistory in behalf of the church to Miss Catherine Buston for her kind regards shown to our church and the

generous way in which she has repaired the couch in the church and for the settee which she placed in the ante room.

Nov 19 1900 The Ladies met with the consistory and voted that the privilege be granted Mrs Ca therine Gansevoort Lansing of Albany who has been so kind and done so much for the church to make any repairs to the basement of the church or any other part of the Church which may seem best to her and the basement according to the wishes of the members of the church in respect to Kitchen & floor in basement.

Feb 6 1901 Resolved that the Consistory of this church extend to our most estimable friend Mrs Abraham Lansing of Albany for the interest she has so kindly taken in the welfare of our people here and our Church "A Vote of Thanks". We feel that we cannot find words to express our gratitude to her for the way she has so generously helped to repair our church and for building the beautiful building she has built to be used for a parsonage for the church. Again thanking her and our most sincere prayer is that she may live to do much good and be amply rewarded if not in this world than in the world to come. Now may God bless and protect her is our most sincere prayer. A copy of this to be sent Mrs. Lansing

Aug 11 1902 A deed from Mrs Abraham Lansing of Albany conveying to the consistory of the Church & their successors the house which she had recently built for a manse for the church together with the lot upon which it stands was delivered to the consistory. Also a letter from her was read asking an additional clause be appended which clause she would have drawn up.

Aug 18 1902 Consistory meet. The object of meeting was to read and consider a request from Mrs Lansing that the deed which she had delivered to the consistory be returned to her. It was resolved that although the consistory are quite willing to retain the deed as it is and has been formally delivered and received by them yet out of courtesy to Mrs Lansing the consistory grant her permission to have the deed back again for the purpose she has indicated.

Aug 21 1902 Consistory convened. The Deed conveying the parsonage & lot which Mrs Abraham Lansing has donated to the church having been returned to the consistory, it was voted the deed be accepted & recorded. A Copy of the following resolution was sent to Mrs Lansing:

Whereas Mrs Abraham Lansing of Albany N.Y. has built for this church, The Reformed Church of Gansevoort, a beautiful parsonage and has presented the same to The Church through the Consistory together with the lot upon which the house is situated having delivered a deed for these premises, Resolved that we as a consistory representing the church extend to Mrs Lansing our heartfelt & Sincere thanks for her generous and acceptable gift. We assure the donor that we appreciate highly all her interest in and kindness to this church and earnestly pray unto the Lord that the giver of every good and perfect gift may abundantly bless her in all her ways. We also cherish the memory of her husband who shared with his wife her deep interest in the welfare of this church. We will ever bear in mind with gratitude the labors of these servants of the Lord and trust that through their efforts the Redeemers Kingdom may be advanced.

May 31 1907 The Rev Mr Phelps thanked the consistory for the beautiful floral piece which they placed on the casket at the funeral of his mother, Mrs Philip Phelps. And for the sympathy & help shown him during this time of sorrow.

Sept 20 1907 The Rev Mr Phelps tendered his resignation to take effect Oct 1 1907

Apr 2 1909 A letter was written Rev Mr Brandow regarding the uniting with Bacon Hill Church

May 8 1911 The Rev Anthony LeGrand Berger, the Classical Missionary of the Classis of Saratoga was selected to serve the now vacant churches in Saratoga classis as follows: He is to receive the sum of $1200 from the Northumberland Reformed Church of Bacon Hill $600 in equal monthly payments. From the Reynolds Reformed Ch at Schaghticoke $350.00. From Gansewoort Ref. Ch. At Gansevoort $250.00 all equal monthly payments.

Oct 1 1911 Miss Florence Losee

Whereas God has taken unto himself another of his own in the person of Miss Florence Losee of Gansevoort, N.Y.

And whereas her Christian Character and influence lives again in lives made nobler by her presence

And whereas her splendid talents were most tactfully used in devotion to every branch of Church work

Therefore be it resolved that we thank God always for her life on earth and commend her only brother and all who mourn to the God of all comfort.

Be it further resolved that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the bereaved brother and published in the Christian Intelligencer and inscribed in the Church records.

D. Washburn Elder-A. L. Berger Pastor Committee

Gansevoort July 18 1915

Whereas it has pleased God our Heavenly Father to remove from our midst our brother Daniel Washburn

And whereas for many years he has served as the church of Jesus Christ as Elder, Sunday School Superintendent, treasurer and clerk of Consistory and has given liberally toward the support of the gospel

And whereas we keenly feel the loss sustained by the church and the Consistory therefore be it resolved that we extend our heartfelt sympathy to his wife and children.

And further that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family and to the Christian Intelligencer, and be inscribed upon the church record.

Arthur L. Berger-Elmer A. Austin-Byron D. Jewell Committee

Oct 27 1915 It was resolved to accept with thanks the beautiful Communion set presented to this church in memory of Elder Daniel Washburn.

Dec 9 1917 The resignation of Rev A.L. Berger was accepted after seven years here.

Resolution of Respect upon the death of Mrs Catherine Gansevoort Lansing of Albany and sent to Miss Hoadley & Relatives:

We the undersigned members of the Consistory of the Durch Reformed Church of Gansevoort on behalf of the entire membership of our church extend to you our heartfelt sympathy in this your hour of sorrow and affliction in the loss of our beloved Sister and Kind Benefactor. "Mrs Catherine Gansevoort Lansing"The Beautiful parsonage presented to our church a few years ago will be to us a lasting "Memorial" to her great generosity and to her interest in Gansevoort, the home of her ancestors. It is indeed sad to feel that we shall never see her face or feel the grip of her hands so cordially extended in her frequent visits to our village. But our memories belong only to this life and are the sorrows we feel at parting. While our faith in the vast eternity and in him who doeth all things well, bids us hope that we and she shall meet again. Signed:

Elders: Deacons:

Daniel Steenburgh Eugene E. Losee

Eugene Lansing Fred Gifford

Beecher Wells Byron Jewell

Geo. B. Eddy Elmer Austin

March 31 1918 Motion made we offer Mrs A.L. Berger the parsonage as a place of residence during Mr Berger’s absence to the War. Unanimously carried and Mr Geo. B. Eddy, Clerk, is to notify her.

At a meeting of the Dutch Protestant Reformed Church of Gansevoort the following resolution was drawn up:

Whereas it has pleased the almighty God to remove from our midst our brother and Elder of our Church, Daniel Steenburgh for many years a beloved member be it resolved – That during all these years he had the absolute esteem and confidence of the members of the Church and that his death comes as a personal affliction to each of us. His sound judgement and wise council has been prized by this consistory and his business associates. His personal qualities were such as with the warmest attachment. Resolved that we extend to Mrs Steenburgh, his sadly bereaved widow, our kindest sympathy and we mourn with her our personal loss, also the loss of our town and to the Grand Army of the Republic. That this resolution be copied in our records and a copy be sent to his widow.

Elders Deacons

Geo. B. Eddy Byron Jewell

Eugene Lansing Fred Gifford

Beecher Wells Elmer Austin

At a Meeting of the Dutch Protestant Reformed Church of Gansevoort the following resolution was adopted:

Whereas Almighty God has removed from our midst Brother Eugene Losee, a Man loved by all who knew him and a man of exceeding Modesty (Modesty is characteristic of all who are great!). Unless you knew him well you would hardly realize by his calm exterior – unassuming and retiring – his wonderful ability to do all things well. His motto was "Let another praise thee, not thy own mouth a stranger not thy own lips". Brother Losee was distinguished for a quality which is preeminent and that is filial piety. This is something which is commended highly by all right thinking men and our departed friend illustrated the Commandment "Honor thy father and thy Mother that thy days be long in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee". We believe that in the Harbour of God his soul is anchored. Christ is the anchor of his hope.

This consistory extends to his bereaved wife a loving message of deepest sympathy and directs that this resolution be written in our record book and a copy sent to Mrs Losee.

Elders Deacons

Geo. B. Eddy Byron Jewell

Eugene Lansing Fred Gifford

Beecher Wells Elmer Austin

Dec 14 1919 A legacy of $6000 was left the Church from the Estate of Catherine Gansevoort Lansing.

Oct 1 1926 The Rev. Van Arondonk resignation takes effect.

Jan 1 1928 Rev H. C. Cussler is now pastor

July 13 1939 Church Members 45

The Church will celebrate its 100 Anniversary in appropriate manner.

At a meeting of the Consistory of the Reformed Church of Gansevoort held on Thursday July 13th, the following testimonial of respect to the memory of Robert E. Austin:

Robert E. Austin

A Beloved member and Elder of the Reformed Church of Gansevoort was adopted and ordered to be placed in minutes of Consistory. A copy sent to members of bereaved family. Resolved that we express our gratitude to God for the loyalty, faithfulness and interest of our late Brother, Robert E. Austin, in the work of the Church and the Kingdom of God. That we express our appreciation for the years of service which he rendered as Beacon, Elder and Clerk of the Consistory and as Secretary & Treasurer of the Sunday School and that we assure them that we shall cherish his memory and his example of love and devotion to this church.

Done in the Consistory

The Reformed Church of Gansevoort N. Y.

July 13 1939

Arthur H. Voerman, Pastor

G. Kenneth Robinson, clerk

Consistory Meeting held Feb 22 1925 George B. Eddy

The following resolution was adopted with reference to the death of Elder Geo. B. Eddy, which occurred Feb 19 1925. The Consistory of the Reformed Church of Gansevoort hereby wishes to give expression to the deep sense of loss it has sustained through the death of Mr George B. Eddy, an elder of this church. For many years he has been a member of this church and served it as a member of the Consistory and his wise counsel & influence made him a leader in all its activities. The Church has sustained a great loss in his death and a vacant place has been made in our midst of which all are sadly conscious. We wish to express our high estimation of him not only as an officer of our church but as a friend, neighbor and fellow citizen whose life and conduct among us won confidence and respect. To our bereaved sister and her children who mourn the loss of a husband and father and to all mourning relatives we extend our heartfelt sympathy commanding them to the God of All consolation for comfort and strength in their way of sorrow.

In Behalf of the Consistory, A. Van Arondonk, Pres.

Fred L. Gifford, Clerk

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