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     The following cemetery records are in alphabetic order, coded by
cemetery.  This compilation includes about 250 names of persons who were
buried between 1883 and 1908, prepared by the Halfmoon Historical Society,
meant to supplement the information in the publications by Durkee, Howard
Becker and the modifications to those works by Henry Ritchie.
     These names were contributed by Ellen Kennedy, Town of Halfmoon
Historian and by Bob Radliff.  The names were obtained from visits to the
various cemeteries and visits to the Town Clerk's office to record data
relating to births and deaths.  Unfortunately, all too often the
information was difficult to read and interpret.  Any inaccuracies are
regretted but unintended.
     The locations of private cemeteries proved to be one of the most
difficult elements in the study.  There are many such cemeteries that are
overgrown and untended.  The Town Historian would appreciate any
information concerning the location of any private cemeteries.
     In addition, this compilation includes burials at the Clifton Park
Cemetery, located in Halfmoon.  These records were compiled by the former
Clifton Park Town Historian, Howard Becker and included in his works on
Clifton Park Cemeteries and Halfmoon Cemeteries.  Inasmuch as this cemetery
is located in Halfmoon, it was thought most appropriate to include it with
these records rather than the previous web page records of
Clifton Park.
     Also, these records now include burials at many additional cemeteries.
These cemetery records are from Becker's compilation of Halfmoon Cemeteries.
     The cemetery codes used are:

CFC - Cary Farm Cemetery, located adjacent to 31 Cary Road.

CPC - Clifton Park Village Cemetery, located across the road from 11
Cemetery Road, just north of that section of Old Route 146 that runs from
Route 146 to Route 9.

CUC - Crescent Union Cemetery, located on Route 9 next to number 1411, about
1/2 mile north of the Mohawk River.

DFC - David Flynn Cemetery, located behind 788 Hudson River Road, west of
the railroad track overpass, on left 300 feet.

DGC - DeGroff Cemetery, located in northwest corner of town, 1/2 mile from
Malta line and 1/4 mile from Clifton Park line.  No contemporary location.
5/13/05:  Richard Dorrough reports that "The contemporary location for the
Degroff Cemetery is on Ushers Rd about 1/2 mile east of its intersection with
English Rd. Next to a green barn on the right hand side of the road you will
see three small American flags. The cemetery is under the road at this location.
The Town of Halfmoon put the road over the cemetery. Some stones used to be
in the cow field just south of the flags but during a recent search I only found
fragments. To the north of the flags and slightly west there is a small hill
adjacent to the road. I believe it makes sense that a part of the cemetery
is on the hill."

FGC - Fitzgerald Cemetery, Was described as located about two miles south of 
Mechanicville, between the Hudson River Road and the river.  These graves were 
relocated to Hudson View Cemetery in Mechanicville.

HMC - Halfmoon/Middletown Cemetery, located on Grange Road off Halfmoon
Drive, behind 40 Halfmoon Drive.  photo

JFC - John Flynn Cemetery, located north of 749 Hudson River Road across
from fire station.

LPC - Lamb Private Cemetery, located behind 302 Middletown Road and 6
Halfmoon Drive.

MHV - Mechanicville Hudson View Cemetery, located on Pruyn Hill Road (South
Street) in Mechanicville.  These records have been transferred to a
separate web page.  To see these records click here.
Use "Back" at the top right of the page to return.

NBC - Newtown Baptist Cemetery, located in northwest corner of
intersection of road to Smithtown and road east to Hudson River, two miles
southwest of Mechanicville.

PPC - Peebles Private Cemetery, located north of Brookwood mansion, 603
Hudson River Road, on a knoll between stream and mansion.

ROS - Rosekrans Cemetery, located on Cemetery Road at the intersection of
Smith, Anthony and Vosburg Roads, adjacent to numbers 164 and 165.photo

SMC - Smithtown Cemetery, located on Upper Newtown Road east of Pohl Drive,
behind the house at number 179.    photo

UNK - Unknown.  These are cemetery records obtained from the Halfmoon Town
Clerk's office and the name of the cemetery was not clear on the records.

VDB - Vandenburg Cemetery, located on Clamsteam Road, downhill and close to
the Northway, next to number 46.  Access is across from the driveway of
Callanan Plant #20.

VSC - Van Schoonhoven Cemetery, located on the property of General
Electric's Silicone plant.  Next to the wastewater treatment plant, adjacent
to the Hudson River.

VPC - Vischer Private Cemetery, Was described as being east of River Road 
two miles north of Waterford.  These graves were relocated to Waterford Rural 

WCC - West Crescent Cemetery, located at the intersection of Dunsbach and
Crescent/Vischers Ferry Road, next to an empty gas station.

WPC - Williams Private Cemetery, located on west side of road about 200 feet
north of the Baptist Cemetery.

     The locations given above were primarily provided by the Town of
Halfmoon Historical Society.
     Please note that some names listed do not include a date of death.
For the most part these are the names of parents listed on the gravestone
of a child.  They are included for their genealogical value, but it should
not be assumed that they are buried at the cemetery indicated.
     Please consider this a "work in progress" and feel free to advise of
any changes.  The best way to submit an addition or correction would be to
E-mail the webmaster Lynn Calvin.  Any such valid information
received would be used to update these records periodically.
Frank Goodway
June 1997
last updated December 1998


Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death

Additt, Abner                                           CFC

Additt, F.                                              CFC
     wife of Abner

Additt, infant                             31 Aug 1877  CFC
     son of Abner & F.

Adsit, John                                             WCC

Adsit, John B.                84y          26 Aug 1869  CUC

Adsit, Martin                 31y          23 Feb 1895  CPC

Adsit, Minnie                 34y          19 Sep 1900  CPC
     wife of Martin

Adsit, Olive                  67y 10m 4d   25 Dec 1860  CUC

Adsit, Tamar                  77y          6 Mar 1842   WCC
     wife of John

Alexander, John N.            2y 9m 20d    19 Sep 1860  CPC
     son of John & Sarah

Alexander, William E.         2y 3m        29 Mar 1858  CPC
     son of John & Sarah

Alley, Elias                                            SMC

Alley, Katherine              30y 1m 16d   15 Dec 1833  SMC

Ally, John                    68y          15 Sep 1830  ROS

Ash, David                                              NBC

Ash, Eve                      42y          27 Nov 1817  NBC

Ash, Phebe                    41y          15 May 1821  NBC
     wife of David

Ashley, Dorcas                75y 1d       6 Jan 1904   CUC
     daughter of Charles & Laura Perrigo

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Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death
Babcock, Anson F.             17y          13 Jun 1826  HMC

Badgley, Abigail              68y 11m 28d  4 Apr 1822   NBC

Badgley, Anson                34y 1m 11d   15 Apr 1842  NBC
     son of Anthony & Elizabeth

Badgley, Anthony S.           13 Apr 1782  18 Dec 1858  NBC

Badgley, Charlotte                                      NBC
     wife of Philip

Badgley, Edwin D.             8m 11d       4 Oct 1851   NBC

Badgley, Elizabeth                                      NBC
     wife of Thomas B.

Badgley, Elizabeth            11 Mar 1783  17 Oct 1858  NBC
     wife of Anthony S.

Badgley, Hannah                                         NBC
     daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth

Badgley, Hannah                                         NBC
     wife of Nicholas

Badgley, Joseph T.            23y          19 Jun 1871  NBC
     son of Nicholas & Hannah

Badgley, Kate S.              20y 9m       20 Mar 1870  NBC
     daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth

Badgley, Margaretta           9y 3m        28 Mar 1855  NBC
     daughter of Philip & Margaretta

Badgley, Nicholas             38y          31 Mar 1854  NBC

Badgley, Philip               37y          23 Sep 1851  NBC

Badgley, Stephen              84y 2m 22d   12 Mar 1838  NBC

Badgley, Thomas B.                                      NBC

Bailey, Catherine TenBroeck   55y 2m 26d   15 Feb 1835  FGC (later removed to Hudson View Cemetery)
     wife of Isaac - daughter of John & Sarah TenBroeck

Bailey, Eleanor               75y          24 Aug 1853  NBC
     widow of Henry

Bailey, Henry                                           NBC

Bailey, Isaac Esq                                       FGC  (later removed to Hudson View Cemetery)

Bailey, Lucy Ann              81y          30 Sep 1887  CPC
     wife of Theodore

Bailey, Margaret A.           68y 6m 14d   19 Apr 1905  CUC
     daughter of Richard M. & Mary Dedrick

Bailey, Theodore              79y          26 Nov 1882  CPC

Baker, Abel                                             NBC

Baker, Charles S.                                       HMC

Baker, Hannah Philo           37y          30 Aug 1857  HMC
     wife of Charles S.

Baker, Joseph                 34y 4m 26d   16 Dec 1810  ROS

Baker, Margaret Gorsline      22 Oct 1830  23 Dec 1853  NBC
     wife of Abel

Baker, William G.             12 Apr 1847  8 Oct 1860   NBC
     son of Abel & Margaret

Banker, C. E.                                           CUC
     wife of William S.

Banker, Carrie J.             21y 3m       14 Mar 1876  CUC
     daughter of William S. & C. E.

Banker, Catherine                                       HMC
     wife of William

Banker, infant                1m 2d        25 May 1848  HMC
     son of William & Catherine

Banker, William                                         HMC

Banker, William S.                                      CUC

Barmerton, John                                         CPC

Barmerton, Mary               25y          21 Mar 1842  CPC
     daughter of John & Rachel

Barmerton, Rachel                                       CPC
     wife of John

Beach, Louise Atwater         60y 3m       28 May 1871  JFC
     wife of Zopher

Beach, Zopher                                           JFC

Becker, Albert                84y          14 Apr 1816  VSC

Becker, Elizabeth             89y          5 Nov 1863   VSC
     wife of Storm A. L.

Becker, Laney                 81y          1819         VSC
     wife of Albert

Becker, Margaret              1y           1826         VSC
     daughter of John  & Eliza

Becker, Storm A. L.           29y          3 Jun 1804   VSC

Bedell, Jane Ann              26y 5m 11d   14 Mar 1837  HMC

Bedell, Moses                                           HMC

Bell, Amelia                  49y          4 Nov 1889   CPC
     wife of James

Bell, James                                             CPC

Bell, Philome                 13y 8m 25d   24 Oct 1909  WCC
     daughter of John & Laura (DeVoe) Bell

Benedict, C. W.                                         HMC
     wife of Cyrus

Benedict, Calista             1y 1d        26 Aug 1853  HMC

Benedict, Cyrus                                         HMC

Benedict, Eli J.                                        HMC

Benedict, Eli T.                                        CUC

Benedict, Elmer               1m 3d        9 Oct 1851   WCC
     son of John C. & Harriet

Benedict, Freeman             58y          23 May 1843  HMC

Benedict, G. Eddie            15y 3m       18 Dec 1872  CUC
     son of Eli T. & Phebe

Benedict, George R.           8y 16d       19 Jul 1851  HMC
     son of Eli J. & Phebe

Benedict, Harriet             27y 10m 19d  17 Mar 1855  WCC
     wife of John C.

Benedict, I. H.                                         HMC

Benedict, John C.                                       WCC

Benedict, Margaret A.         10m 3d       28 Feb 1852  HMC
     daughter of Eli J. & Phebe

Benedict, Mary A.             1y 8m        7 Nov 1850   HMC
     daughter of Eli J. & Phebe

Benedict, Mary A.             39y 5m       15 Jun 1860  HMC
     wife of I. H.

Benedict, Phebe                                         HMC
     wife of Eli J.

Benedict, Phebe                                         CUC
     wife of Eli T.

Benedict, Samuel F.           1y 5d        4 Feb 1862   HMC
     son of Eli J. & Phebe

Blackwell, Peter              27y 20d      14 Jul 1843  HMC

Bloomingdale, Jennie          6m 14d       25 May 1885  WCC
     daughter of David A. & Mary A. (Hurd) Bloomingdale

Boice, Daniel                 86y 9m 14d   5 Oct 1861   CFC

Boice, Mary                   79y 1m 17d   16 May 1862  CFC
     wife of Daniel - widow of Cornwell McLees

Bornt, Anna                   82y          23 Sep 1898  WCC
     daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth Quackenbush

Bornt, Isaac                  39y 7m       19 Dec 1890  WCC
     son of William & Ann

Boughton, Hiram               71y          29 Aug 1875  CPC

Boughton, Lydia               59y          22 Dec 1865  CPC

Boyce, Jacob                  1870         1922         CPC

Brady, Elizabeth              "old age"    3 Apr 1883   HMC
     daughter of John Alley

Brennersen, Amelia            2y 4m        28 Jan 1865  CPC
     daughter of John & Gertrude Brenneisen

Brennersen, Elizabeth         5 Feb 1866   14 Apr 1866  CPC
     daughter of John & Gertrude Brenneisen

Brennersen, Gertrude                                    CPC
     wife of John

Brennersen, John                                        CPC

Brewster, Elizabeth           74y          29 Nov 1841  HMC
     wife of John

Brewster, John                70y          1 Feb 1835   HMC

Britton, Eve                  60y          25 Feb 1848  CPC
     wife of Jacob

Britton, Jacob                                          CPC

Brown, Charlotte Philo        78y          1 Dec 1874   CUC
     wife of Elijah

Brown, Elijah Deacon          73y          8 Aug 1868   CUC

Buckley, Jennie               1d           12 Jan 1899  HMC
     daughter of Michael & Jane Buckley

Buffington, Aaron             16y 11m 15d  11 Mar 1858  CFC
     son of J. W. & E.

Buffington, E.                                          CFC
     wife of J. W.

Buffington, Joanna            84y 1m 5d    30 Nov 1862  CFC
     wife of Zephaniah

Buffington, J. W.                                       CFC

Buffington, Zephaniah         86y 11m 27d  19 Apr 1858  CFC

Burger, Jemima                24y          12 Feb 1806  WPC
     wife of John

Burger, John                                            WPC

Burgoyne, Electra                                       CPC

Burgoyne, Fred H.                                       CPC

Burtis, Phebe                 86y 5m 17d   5 Mar 1871   WCC
     wife of Richard R.

Burtis, Richard Jr.           37y          4 Jan 1821   HMC

Burtis, Richard R.                                      WCC

Burtiss, George               61y 10m      13 Jun 1905  WCC

Burtiss, Hattie               32y          10 Jul 1888  WCC
     daughter of M. H. & Annie Clapper

Burtiss, John R.              56y          11 Apr 1903  CUC
     son of Robert & Amelia (Paltz) Burtiss

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Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death
Cady, Ann                     35y 1m 25d   31 Jul 1836  CUC
     wife of H. C.

Cady, Elisha                  71y 7m 16d   24 Aug 1821  CUC

Cady, H. C.                                             CUC

Cady, Ruth                    83y 5m 1d    15 Sep 1840  CUC
     wife of Elisha

Cain, Ira                     42y          27 Nov 1847  WCC

Caldwell, Rachel Dunsbach     27y 10m 17d  17 Apr 1850  CUC
     wife of Silas M.

Caldwell, Silas M.                                      CUC

Calkins, Abraham              72y          4 May 1833   NBC

Calkins, Charles A.                                     NBC

Calkins, Diana                                          NBC
     wife of Charkes A.

Calkins, Edwin                1y 18d       8 Dec 1828   HMC
     son of Elisha F. & Elmina

Calkins, Elisha F.                                      HMC

Calkins, Elizabeth            1y 3m 12d    18 Aug 1834  NBC
     daughter of Charles A. & Elizabeth

Calkins, Elmina                                         HMC
     wife of Elisha F.

Callanan, Addison                                       NBC

Callanan, Mary E.             39y          15 Oct 1872  NBC
     wife of Addison

Campbell, Angus                                         HMC

Campbell, Colon               7y 1m 26d    26 Oct 1843  HMC
     son of Angus & Margaret

Campbell, Jennette M.         21y 5m 12d   8 Feb 1853   HMC
     daughter of Angus & Margaret

Campbell, Margaret                                      HMC
     wife of Angus

Canfield, Hannah              83y          9 Jun 1835   HMC
     daughter of Nathan

Canfield, Nathan Deacon                                 HMC

Carpenter, David                                        CPC

Carpenter, Mary                                         CPC
     wife of David

Carpenter, Sarah              32y          20 Apr 1842  CPC
     daughter of David & Mary Carpenter

Cary, Isaac                   65y 3m 6d    21 Apr 1883  HMC
     son of William & Hannah (Cook) Cary

Cary, J. W.                   16 Dec 1828  25 Sep 1860  CFC

Cassedy, George               18y          29 Jun 1863  NBC
     son of John & Mary B.

Cassedy, John                 72y          17 Dec 1875  NBC

Cassedy, Mary B.              56y          24 Oct 1863  NBC
     wife of John

Cassidy, W. A. T.                                       UNK
     child of Herbert & Ellen (Teachout) Cassidy

Caswell, Eleanor                                        CUC
     wife of Warren

Caswell, Freddy               5y 5m 13d    20 Mar 1873  CUC
     son of Warren & Eleanor

Caswell, Jennie E.            20y 5m 15d   6 Jan 1904   CUC
     daughter of Lewis & Mary Phoenix

Caswell, Warren               76y          15 Apr 1902  CUC

Chadsey, A.                                             CPC
     wife of B. L.

Chadsey, B. L.                                          CPC

Chadsey, Benjamin                                       NBC

Chadsey, Guston B.            8y 1m 19d    7 Jan 1864   CPC
     son of B. L. & A.

Chadsey, Henry                                          HMC

Chadsey, Lorenzo              1y 9m        17 Feb 1825  HMC
     son of Henry & Lusena

Chadsey, Lusena                                         HMC
     wife of Henry

Chadsey, Rebecca              83y          22 Sep 1868  NBC
     wife of Benjamin

Clackner, Catherine           89y 6m 8d    7 May 1861   CPC
     wife of Philip A.

Clackner, Philip A.                                     CPC

Clapp, Joseph                                           CPC

Clapp, Mary                   69y 5m       8 May 1864   CPC
     wife of Joseph

Clapper, Caroline             70y          1 Apr 1895   WCC

Clapper, Catherine            96y          3 Jan 1900   CPC

Clapper, Hannah               17 Nov 1795  18 Dec 1865  CPC

Clapper, Henry                63y 11m 8d   8 Mar 1868   HMC

Clapper, John L.              65y          13 Apr 1865  CPC

Clapper, Peter                18 Feb 1836  16 Aug 1865  CPC

Clapper, Peter I.             80y          24 Mar 1870  CPC

Clapper, Sarah A.             32y          1 Dec 1870   CPC

Clement, Frederick            65y          31 Ocy 1831  NBC

Clement, Mary                 89y 10m      14 Sep 1855  NBC
     wife of Frederick

Clements, Abner               29y          19 Nov 1850  CFC

Clements, Amanda H.           6 Jan 1845   22 Oct 1845  SMC
     daughter of Gilbert & Catherine

Clements, Anna Griffin        83y 11m 8d   20 Oct 1861  CFC
     wife of John

Clements, Catherine M.                                  SMC
     wife of Gilbert

Clements, Emma S.             4 Dec 1848   31 Aug 1849  SMC
     daughter of Gilbert & Catherine

Clements, Gilbert                                       SMC

Clements, Horatio             68y          8 May 1875   CFC

Clements, John                82y 6d       24 Feb 1858  CFC

Clements, Moses               74y          May 1890     CFC
     son of Thomas & Sarah

Clements, Peter               76y          10 Apr 1864  CFC

Clements, Sarah               84y          17 Jun 1867  CFC

Clements, Sarah Rundell       71y          12 Feb 1856  CFC
     wife of Peter

Clements, Tamma               70y 8m 9d    8 May 1890   CFC
     wife of Moses - daughter of Paul & Tamma Howland

Clements, Thomas              79y          12 Jul 1862  CFC

Clute, Adam                   46y          3 Mar 1898   WCC
     son of Henry & Catran

Clute, Annie E.               3y 6m        19 Feb 1904  WCC
     daughter of Vandermark & Ellen F. (Mahoney) Clute

Clute, C.                                               WCC
     wife of H.

Clute, Caroline               9 May 1820   14 Jul 1840  VSC
     wife of Albert

Clute, Caroline               1y 10m 8d    17 Oct 1844  VSC
     daughter of Albert & Mary

Clute, Catherine              73y          Sep 1852     VSC
     wife of Nicholas

Clute, Catherine              68y          17 Mar 1896  WCC
     daughter of David Potts

Clute, Charles H.                          1883         UNK

Clute, Gradus                 69y          12 Dec 1803  VSC

Clute, Gradus                 17y          5 May 1827   VSC
     son of Nicholas & Catherine

Clute, H.                                               WCC

Clute, Harriet Philo          63y          31 Mar 1865  CUC
     wife of William

Clute, Sarah Anne             3y 3m 15d    26 Apr 1859  WCC
     daughter of H. & C.

Clute, Sylvester              8m           1 Dec 1908   WCC
     son of Vandermark & Ellen F. (Mahoney) Clute

Clute, William                2 Aug 1798                CUC

Colejamer, Andrew             85y          16 Apr 1836  HMC

Cook, Caroline V. D.          34y 10m 25d  15 Mar 1839  HMC

Cookingham, Barsina           2y           29 Aug 1849  WCC

Cookingham, Elizabeth         32y 9m       6 Sep 1849   WCC
     wife of John D.

Cookingham, John D.                                     WCC

Cookingham, Knowlton          6y 2m        22 Aug 1849  WCC

Coons, Eli                    82y          1 Sep 1902   CUC
     son of Nartin & Ruth

Coons, Sarah C. Leach         1831         1899         CUC
     wife of Eli

Cooper, Abby                  47y          29 Jun 1857  CPC
     wife of James

Cooper, James                 64y          29 Dec 1869  CPC

Cornell, Catherine            57y 6m 27d   31 Jan 1856  CPC

Cornell, John                                           ROS

Cornell, Ruth                 77y 3m 8d    27 May 1839  ROS
     wife of John

Couch, John M.                                          NBC

Couch, Mary                   28y          26 Apr 1836  NBC
     wife of John M.

Cowles, B. S.                                           CUC

Cowles, Chauncey              67y          9 Nov 1864   HMC

Cowles, Cornelia S.           29 Apr 1804  29 Nov 1862  CUC
     wife of B. S.

Cowles, Harriet R.            2y 2m 20d    11 Apr 1855  HMC
     daughter of Theodore & Mary

Cowles, Henry F.              13y          10 Sep 1847  CUC
     son of B. S. & Cornelia

Cowles, Mary A.               31y 10m      17 Feb 1855  HMC
     wife of Theodore

Cowles, Mary E.               5y 1m 6d     21 May 1857  HMC
     daughter of Theodore & Mary

Cowles, Mary Shaw             43y 11m 5d   15 Apr 1843  HMC
     wife of Chauncey

Cowles, Theodore E.                                     HMC

Craver, Carrie E.             54y          27 Jan 1904  WCC
     daughter of William & Sarah Sanderson

Craver, Eliza Regina          70y 8m       3 Sep 1903   CUC
     daughter of George H. & Margaret Hanin

Craver, Huldah                63y          9 Apr 1875   CPC
     wife of John N.

Craver, J. I.                                           CUC

Craver, Jesse                 25y          18 Jan 1857  CUC
     son of J. I. & M.

Craver, John N.                                         CPC

Craver, M.                                              CUC
     wife of J. I.

Cronk, John                                             NBC
     son of Robert & Mary

Cronk, Mary                                             NBC
     wife of Robert

Cronk, Robert                                           NBC

Cronk, Susan F.                                         NBC
     daughter of Robert & Mary

Cruttenden, Cynthia Maria                               HMC
     wife of Ezra

Cruttenden, Ezra              18 Mar 1791  22 Sep 1862  HMC

Cruttenden, William Joseph    5y 2m        3 Apr 1839   HMC
     son of Ezra & Cynthia

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Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death
Damon, Charles E.             2y 29d       14 Feb 1846  HMC
     son of Elbridge & Mary

Damon, Emily                  3m 4d        6 Aug 1851   HMC
     daughter of Elbridge & Mary

Damon, Elbridge               29 May 1813  3 Aug 1856   HMC

Damon, Mary                                             HMC
     wife of Elbridge

Danham (Dunham?), Jane        5y 3d        30 Jan 1805  HMC
     daughter of Morgan & Lettice

Danham (Dunham?), Lettice                               HMC

Danham (Dunham?), Morgan                                HMC

Darby, Elizabeth              92y 22d      22 Aug 1856  DGC

Darby, John                   89y 6m 28d   29 Dec 1843  DGC

Dater, Anna                   81y          8 Sep 1876   CPC
     wife of George

Dater, George                 4 Mar 1789   12 Jul 1868  CPC

Davis, Ann M.                                           CPC
     wife of John

Davis, Ann Maria              65y 1m 14d   11 Nov 1869  HMC
     wife of John (d1838)

Davis, Clarissa               33y          4 May 1824   HMC
     wife of Nehemiah (d1824)

Davis, Cyrus N.               26y 1m       6 Jan 1848   HMC

Davis, Esther                 83y          18 Jan 1815  NBC

Davis, Jeremiah               2y 5m 4d     15 Sep 1830  CPC
     son of John & Ann M.

Davis, John                                             CPC

Davis, John                   29 Nov 1798  31 Aug 1838  HMC

Davis, Mary                   73y 10m 14d  13 Aug 1842  CPC
     wife of Peter

Davis, Nehemiah               36y          6 May 1824   HMC

Davis, Nehemiah               2y           15 Sep 1830  CPC
     son of John & Ann M.

Davis, Peter                  66y          11 Feb 1829  CPC

Davis, Peter                  5y 9m        8 Aug 1835   HMC
     son of John & Ann Maria

Davis, Samuel                 32y          14 Jan 1842  CPC
     son of Peter & Mary

Dedrick, Hester A.            2y 11m 17d   7 Jan 1839   ROS
     daughter of Peter W. & Phebe

Dedrick, Peter W.                                       ROS

Dedrick, Phebe                                          ROS
     wife of Peter W.

Defreest, Calvin                                        CUC

Defreest, Elizabeth                                     CUC

Defreest, J. C. MD            25y 5m       22 Aug 1874  CUC

Defreest, James Madison       7y 11m 19d   22 Sep 1859  CUC
     son of Calvin & Elizabeth

DeGroff, Abijah               10y          8 May 1817   DGC
     son of Isaac & Phebe

DeGroff, Abraham              71y          12 Feb 1818  DGC

DeGroff, Abram                56y 10m 25d  9 May 1862?  CPC
     son of Jacob & Sarah

DeGroff, Caroline             17y 11m 26d  12 Feb 1841  DGC
     daughter of Jeremiah & Phebe

DeGroff, Freelove             1y 10m       27 Sep 1851  CPC
     son of Nicholas & S.

DeGroff, George H.            26y          9 Apr 1853   DGC
     son of Jeremiah & Phebe

DeGroff, Ira                  32y 5m 26d   13 May 1842  DGC
     son of Jeremiah & Phebe

DeGroff, Isaac                30y          17 Dec 1811  DGC

DeGroff, Jacob                74y 6m 28d   17 Jun 1871  CPC

DeGroff, Jane                 77y          30 Jan 1838  DGC
     wife of Moses

DeGroff, Jane Maria           26y 11m 10d  22 Mar 1844  DGC
     daughter of Jeremiah & Phebe

DeGroff, Jeremiah             58y 6m 4d    1 Mar 1839   DGC

DeGroff, Lucinda              35y 9m 23d   8 Mar 1847   DGC
     daughter of Jeremiah & Phebe

DeGroff, Lydia C.             1y 9m 21d    1 Oct 1855   CPC
     daughter of Nicholas & S.

DeGroff, Mary                 68y          16 May 1813  DGC
     wife of Abraham

DeGroff, Mary A.              28 Jun 1804  12 Sep 1859  CPC
     wife of Stephen

DeGroff, Moses                82y          22 Feb 1839  DGC

DeGroff, Nicholas             66y 9m       27 Jan 1871  CPC

DeGroff, Phebe                                          DGC
     wife of Isaac

DeGroff, Phebe                39y          26 Jan 1828  DGC
     wife of Jeremiah

DeGroff, S.                                             CPC
     wife of Nicholas

DeGroff, Sarah                73y          28 Sep 1873  CPC
     wife of Jacob

DeGroff, Stephen                                        CPC

DeGroff, Stephen T.           17y 5m 7d    14 Apr 1862  CPC
     son of Nicholas & S.

Devoe, C. E.                                            CUC
     wife of W. H.

Devoe, Caroline L.            1y 1m        2 Aug 1858   NBC
     daughter of James & Margaret C.

Devoe, Carrie                 9m           8 Aug 1868   CUC
     daughter of W. H. & C. E.

DeVoe, Chauncey               43y 8m       19 Jun 1897  CUC
     son of Peter D. & Marian (Shears) DeVoe

Devoe, Christopher C.         14y          17 Dec 1854  NBC   (photo)

Devoe, Cornelius M.           36y          19 Dec 1844  HMC

Devoe, David				d. 16 Dec 1882 ae 80 yrs   NBC  (photo)  [entry added 10/4/05 by Lynn Calvin.]

Devoe, Elias                                            HMC

Devoe, Elida                  58y 4m 25d   7 Dec 1855   WCC
     wife of Isaac M.

Devoe, Elizabeth West         67y 17d      26 Aug 1876  CUC
     second wife of Martin

DeVoe, Frederick              infant       7 Jan 1883   WCC
     son of Cornelius T. & Catherine

DeVoe, Garret                 62y          3 Feb 1885   WCC
     son of Isaac & Lydia (Hempstreet) DeVoe

Devoe, Gitty                  78y          3 Nov 1866   WCC
     wife of Isaac

Devoe, Harriet  		24y            28 Apr 1876  NBC  (photo)  [entry added 10/4/05 by Lynn Calvin.]

Devoe, Hiram                                            NBC

Devoe, Hiram                  8 Sep 1823   26 Feb 1856  WCC

Devoe, Isaac                                            WCC

Devoe, Isaac                  76y 11m 6d   30 Mar 1840  HMC

Devoe, Isaac M.                                         WCC

DeVoe, Jacob                  78y 10m 20d  31 Mar 1898  CUC
     son of Isaac & Lydia

Devoe, James                  73y          25 Apr 1842  NBC   (photo)

Devoe, James                                            NBC
     there are two James listed without dates

Devoe, Jane                   5y 3m 21d                 NBC
     daughter of Hiram & Mahala

DeVoe, Kasiah E.              50y 6m 20d   8 Apr 1896   CUC
     daughter of Isaac & Kasiah DeVoe

Devoe, Katie                  2y 1m        29 Mar 1873  CUC
     daughter of W. H. & C. E.

Devoe, Lurena                 80y 12d      22 Apr 1860  NBC
     wife of James (d 1842), (photo)

Devoe, Lydia M.               15y 5m 18d   1 Sep 1850   NBC
     daughter of James & Sophronia

Devoe, Mahala                                           NBC
     wife of Hiram

Devoe, Margaret C.                                      NBC
     wife of James (no date)

Devoe, Mariett                                          HMC
     wife of Elias

Devoe, Martin                                           CUC

Devoe, Mary E. Irish          27y 20d      7 Oct 1873   CUC
     first wife of Martin

DeVoe, Norman                 68y          16 Oct 1900  CUC
     son of Peter & Alida

Devoe, Peter E.               4y 29d       2 Feb 1855   HMC
     son of Elias & Mariett

Devoe, Sophronia              42y 7m 8d    20 Jun 1853  NBC
     wife of James (no date)

Devoe, W. H.                                            CUC

Devooe, Elias                 35y          28 Aug 1832  HMC

Dillingham, Aaron             58y 3m 20d   14 Feb 1865  CFC

Dillingham, Charles E.        55y 1m 13d   12 Feb 1884  CFC
     son of Aaron & Mary A. (Holmes) Dillingham

Dillingham, D.                75y          11 Mar 1843  CFC

Dillingham, Ida M.            1856         1917         CFC

Dillingham, Jervis C.         18y 2m 17d   21 Jun 1860  CFC

Dillingham, Joseph            25y 9m 3d    27 Feb 1859  CFC

Dillingham, Mary E. Holmes    22 Jun 1833  15 Jan 1904  CFC

Dillingham, Mary F.           24y 9m 9d    7 Jul 1870   CFC

Dillingham, R.                76y          4 Mar 1849   CFC

Dillingham, Susan             60y          24 Apr 1872  CFC

Donaldson, Henry              63y 11m      19 Dec 1882  CUC
     son of Peter & Catherine (Clute) Donaldson

Donaldson, Mary A.            76y 10m 14d  16 Dec 1902  CUC
     daughter of Amherst & Ida Phelps - wife of Henry

Donaldson, William            47y 11m      23 Jul 1902  CUC
     son of Henry & Mary

Duell, Caroline                                         CPC
     wife of Lyman

Duell, Lyman                                            CPC

Duell, Lyman J.               16y 2m                    CPC
     son of Lyman & Caroline


Dunham, Daniel                             16 Jan 1889  UNK

Dunsbach, Caroline            7m 21d       6 Jul 1853   WCC
     daughter of William & Harriet

Dunsbach, Catherine Cooper    86y 2m 4d    28 Mar 1854  CUC

Dunsbach, Elizabeth                                     WCC
     wife of John D.

Dunsbach, Harriet                                       WCC
     wife of William

Dunsbach, Henry                                         WCC

Dunsbach, Henry               72y 17d      31 Mar 1827  CUC

Dunsbach, Henry               28y          16 Nov 1851  WCC
     son of Henry & Elizabeth

Dunsbach, John                                          CUC

Dunsbach, Peter               11m 25d      10 Sep 1850  WCC

Dunsbach, Philip              2y 5m        8 Sep 1824   CUC
     son of John & Susannah

Dunsbach, Susannah            74y 6m 9d    15 Mar 1865  CUC
     wife of John

Dunsbach, William                                       WCC

Dusenbury, Gittee             78y          28 Feb 1872  CPC
     wife of Levi

Dusenbury, Levi               62y          10 Dec 1862  CPC

Dusenbury, William H.         43y          31 Jan 1875  CPC
     son of Levi & Gittee

Dutcher, C. W.                                          WCC

Dutcher, Catherine                                      HMC
     wife of William

Dutcher, Catherine                                      HMC
     wife of Joseph

Dutcher, Catherine            76y          20 May 1885  HMC
     daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth Quackenbush

Dutcher, Eliza Ann            12y 27d      3 Aug 1841   HMC
     daughter of Joseph & Catherine

Dutcher, Elizabeth                                      HMC
     wife of Jacob

Dutcher, Erastus R.           3y 6m        23 Jan 1851  WCC
     son of Phillip & Hannah

Dutcher, Hannah                                         WCC

Dutcher, Hannah A.            26y          26 Feb 1864  WCC
     daughter of Phillip & Hannah

Dutcher, Ida                  46y          14 Nov 1904  WCC
     daughter of J. R.  & Charlotte Quackenbush

Dutcher, infant               26d          15 Aug 1841  HMC
     son of William & Catherine

Dutcher, infant               13d          19 Jul 1842  HMC
     son of William & Catherine

Dutcher, Jerome               18y 9m 21d   7 Sep 1842   HMC
     son of Jacob & Elizabeth

Dutcher, Jerome B.                                      WCC

Dutcher, Joseph                                         HMC

Dutcher, Josiah                                         WCC

Dutcher, Laziah J.            1y 6m        14 Feb 1860  WCC
     daughter of C. W. & M. A.

Dutcher, Lizzie               1y 1m        19 Jul 1887  HMC
     daughter of Abraham & Martha Dutcher

Dutcher, M. A.                                          WCC
     wife of C. W.

Dutcher, Margaret             22y          17 Oct 1851  WCC
     first wife of Jerome B.

Dutcher, Mary A.              62y 6m       15 Jul 1897  WCC
     daughter of Isaac & Kaziah DeVoe

Dutcher, Mary Ann             4y 6m        27 Mar 1859  WCC
     daughter of C. W. & M. A.

Dutcher, Mary E.              31y          4 Jan 1869   WCC
     second wife of Jerome B.

Dutcher, Nettie               5m 20d       3 Mar 1876   WCC
     daughter of Josiah & Sally Ann

Dutcher, Philip J.            2y 6m        4 Apr 1859   WCC
     son of C. W. & M. A.

Dutcher, Phillip                                        WCC

Dutcher, Sally Ann                                      WCC

Dutcher, William                                        HMC

Dutcher, Willie E.            2m           5 May 1876   WCC
     son of C. W. & M. A.

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Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death
Earl, Augustus                1y 2m 4d     13 Feb 1838  SMC
     son of Samuel & Eliza

Earl, Eliza                   44y 3d       8 Jul 1851   SMC
     wife of Samuel

Earl, Elizabeth               2y 12d       7 Dec 1842   SMC
     daughter of Samuel & Eliza

Earl, Hester Ann              4y 9m 11d    27 Jan 1838  SMC
     daughter of Samuel & Eliza

Earl, Samuel                                            SMC

Eberhardt, Charles W.         1m 15d       8 Mar 1901   WCC
     son of Nicholas & Loretta

Eddy, Allen F.                80y 4m 2d    17 Nov 1866  NBC

Eddy, Esther                                            NBC
     wife of Allen F.

Edwards, Anna Kersteen        65y          12 Mar 1870  CPC
     wife of John

Edwards, John                                           CPC

Edwards, Mary Ann             1y 4m        16 Aug 1833  CPC
     daughter of John & Anna Kersteen

Ellson, Angalette             60y          1908         CPC
     wife of John

Ellson, John                                            CPC
     2nd N. Y. Volunteers

Emigh, Andrew                 32y 3m 23d   13 Feb 1813  NBC

Emigh, David                                            ROS

Emigh, Elizabeth              61y 4m 8d    26 Mar 1813  NBC
     wife of Nicholas Sr.

Emigh, infant                              8 Oct 1814   NBC
     daughter of Nicholas & Jane

Emigh, infant                              21 May 1825  NBC
     daughter of Nicholas & Jane

Emigh, Jane Gorsline          28 May 1782  17 Dec 1862  NBC
     wife of Nicholas

Emigh, Jemima                 36y          21 Aug 1815  ROS
     wife of David

Emigh, John                   83y          24 May 1801  WPC

Emigh, John J.                10y 7m 10d   11 May 1813  NBC
     son of Nicholas & Jane

Emigh, Mary                                             NBC
     wife of Stephen

Emigh, Mott                   17 Jul 1859  25 Mar 1860  NBC
     son of Stephen & Mary

Emigh, Nicholas               21 Feb 1777  27 Jun 1850  NBC

Emigh, Nicholas Sr.           81y          24 Jul 1836  NBC

Emigh, Stephen                                          NBC

Emigh, William                25y 6m 8d    22 Jun 1805  WPC

Ensign, Addison W.            9m 10d       12 Sep 1841  HMC
     son of Hiram H. & Ann Maria

Ensign, Ann Maria                                       HMC
     wife of Hiram H.

Ensign, Hiram H.                                        HMC

Evans, Amos                   64y 11m 7d   8 May 1851   WCC

Evans, Andrew Jr.                                       NBC

Evans, Ruth                                             NBC
     wife of Andrew Jr.

Evans, Sally                  2y 10m 2d    11 Jul 1822  NBC
     daughter of Andrew Jr & Ruth

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