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Ketchums Corners Cemetery
Town of Stillwater

photo of Ketchums Corners Cemetery stones

Ketchums Corners Cemetery is located on the west side of County Route 70, one tenth mile north of the intersection with Turner Road, in the Town of Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York. The following inscriptions were copied by Cornelius Emerson Durkee in 1877 and can be found in Volume 2 pages 501-504 of Durkee's Epitaphs. There are no additional inscriptions after 1877.

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Barber Abraham d. Sep. 16, 1835, 57th yr.
Barber Adelia L. d. Aug. 15, 1844, 6y.11m.15d., dau. of Rensselaer & Eliza Ann
Barber Cheever d. Dec. 26, 1853, 5wks., son of Reuben H. & Elizabeth
Barber Enos T. d. Dec. 22, 1833, 24th yr.
Barber Jennet d. Sep. 4, 1836, 26 ys., wife of William
Barber Patience d. July 17, 1868, ae 87, wife of Abraham
Barber Rensselaer d. June 8, 1849, 42y.4m.18d.
Barber William d. Aug. 10, 1844, 2y.11m.3d., son of Rensselaer & Eliza Ann
Chapman Polly b. Mar. 12, 1805, d. Jan. 27, 1812, dau. of Noah & Mary
Ketchum Joel d. Sep. 1, 1822, 85th year
Ketchum Mary d. July 4, 1815, 76th year, wife of Joel
Ketchum Nathaniel, Esq. d. Oct. 7, 1812, 35th year. Late Sheriff of the County of Saratoga
Myers Sarah Catherine d. Jan. 28, 1861, 15y.1m.21d., dau. of Thomas & Anna
Perkins Adelia E. d. Nov. 11, 1864, 18y.13d., dau. of L. & S.
Perkins Carrie b. June 26, 1856, d. Jan. 1, 1859, dau. of Lewis & Sarah
Wilcocks Abner d. Apr. 27, 1864, ae 52. An honest man is the noblest work of God

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