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''Frederick Smith & Jane Wager/Wagar Papers"


A 1977 transcription of some of the entries in this Bible record states that the “Original owner [was] Frederick Smith of Brunswick NY, and present owner Cora Spiak of Brunswick NY.”  That transcription was done by Darby G. Livingston.  Several connections have been found to family members in Saratoga County.


Recently a researcher located page images of these Smith Bible family records at the New York State Library and pointed out various errors in the transcription.  This webpage has been edited to correct those errors, and links are provided to the images graciously provided by the researcher, Steven Ostrowski (FamilySearch & Ancestry user: "genealchemist").


[Note: It is possible, based on the page styles and the duplication of some entries, that these pages are from more than one original Bible.  Mr. Ostrowski provided the citation for one Bible: The Holy Bible, containing Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original tongues…New York, American Bible Society, 1854. The transcription by Mr. Livingston did not cite a Bible publication. Note also that some "Family Record" pages contain mixed vital records: both births and marriages or both births and deaths.]




Reuben Smith


Jane Wagar


June 6th


Paul Smith


Jane E. Button


August 3d




Page 1 (image):

Francis Smith

was born Jan.

25th 1836

Charlotte Smith

was born April

29th 1845

James Smith

was born Aug.

10th 1837


Minie Button


Theodore Button

Paul Smith

was born May

2d 1840


Mary Smith and

Delbert P. Horton

Mary Smith

was born Nov.

14th 1841



Page 2 (image):

Paul Smith was born May 2d 1840

Jane E. Button was born Mar. 4th 1842

Minnie Smith

was born March

9th 1863

Minnie Smith Button

Died Feb. 1 1925

age 62

Mary Smith

was born

Dec. 12th 1865

Mary Smith Horton

Died July 21 1928

age 63

Reuben Smith

was born

January 6th 1868

Reuben Smith

Died Jan. 14 1905

In Denver, Colorado

Age 37



Page 1 (image):

Francis Smith

died Sept. 6th


Paul Smith Sr.

died Mch 5th 1860 Ć

his 80th year

Charlotte Smith

died Feby 28th 1856

Mary Smith Sr. died

March 17th 1832 in the

49th year of her age

James Smith

died Aug. 23rd 1856

Anna Smith died

March 30th 1860 in

the 77th year of her age

Mary Smith

died April

11th 1859

Jane Smith

Died Jan. 13th 1868 in

26th year of her age

Reuben Smith

died Oct. 26th 1870

Libbie Hayner

Died June 25th 1863

Jane R. Smith

died March 13th


Paul Smith died

Mar. 22 1898


Page 2 (image):

Francis Smith was born [and]

Died September 6th 1837

Charlotte Smith Died

February the 28th 1856

James Smith  Died

August 23rd 1856

Mary Smith Died

April 11th 1959

Paul Smith Sr. Died

March 5th 1960

Anna Smith Died

March 30th 1860

Libbie Hayner Died

June 25th 1863

Reuben Smith Died

Oct. 26th 1870



Family Record

Page 1 (image):

Frederick Smith born

February 13 1873

Johannas Smith Died

July 5 1803

John F. Smith born

December 5 1804

John Smith Jun. died

February 25 1813

Katharine F. Smith born

January 30 1807

Katharine Smith died

January 10 1803

Mary F. Smith born

March 6 1809

Katharine Smith died

March 10 1815

David F. Smith born

August 6 1811

Katharine Clum died

August 18 1823

Moses Smith born

January 18 1814

Mary wife of David P.

Hayner died Novr 9th 1828

Jonas Smith born

May 26 1816

Mary wife of Jacob Danker

Died August 7 1833

Elizabeth F. Smith born

April 26 1818

Christinah   Wife of

David F. Smith  Died

June 10 1836


Page 2 (image):

Frederick Smith

Married to Eve File

June 6 1802

David P. Hayner    Married to Mary F. Smith

February the 18 1826

John F. Smith     Married to Magdalena

Wager   December the 2nd 1830 Anno Domini

David F. Smith    Married to Christinah

Hayner    Jany 16 AD 1834

Moses Smith    Married to Mary M. Clum

Oct. 18th AD 1835


Page 3 (image):


died December 11 1890

Moses Smith   died

April the 17th 1846

Sarah Smith born

July the 5 1820

John F. Smith   died

Nov 16th 1846

Eve Smith   Born

September 9 1783

Levi Hayner  died

May 17th 1849

Daniel Smith   Born

May 24 1824

Elizabeth wife of

Adam Wagar died

Dec 2nd 1849

Levi Hayner   Born

December 13th 1826

Eve wife of Frederick

Smith  died Apr 30 1853

Norman Hayner   Born

February the 3 1828

Frederick Smith

died Jan 31st 1857

Silas Smith    Born

January the 23 1829

Silas Smith died

January 30th 1857

Mary Smith   born

October the 6th  1831

Daniel Smith

died July 1st 1865

Sherman Smith   born

Dec. 25 1838

Norman Hayner died

Feb 11 1891

Louisa Smith born Aug

26 1841



Page 4 (image):

Jonas Smith Married to Jane Wager

April 7th 1836 Anno Domini

Adam Wager Married to Elizabeth Smith

April 20 1837  Anno Domini

William Lape Married to Sarah Smith

February 20th 1841

Daniel Smith married to Mary

Ann Hayner  January 1st AD 1845

Norman Hayner married to Miriam

N. Hinde  Sept. 9th 1859

Sherman Smith married to Harriet G. Barber

Nov 8th 1861

George A. Derrick   married

to Jennie Smith   Dec. 20th 1879 Anno



Page 5 (image):

Catharine Wagar  died Jan 24 1882

Anna Wagar died May 15 1873

James Wagar  Died Dec 28 1877

Louise Smith died Dec 10 1874                    Sherman Girl

Jane Smith Died May 8 1895

Magdaline Smith Died Aug 14 1896

Mrs. Mary S. Fales  Died Feb 1st 97

Sherman Smith Died April 6 1919

Jennie Derrick     "     Aug 24 1932

Louise Springer  1918

Ida Hayner  1907

Verna Starks 1926


Page 6 (image):


Frederick Smith Born Feb 19 1783

Eve Smith his wife Sept 9 1783

John F. Smith his son Dec 5 1804

Catharine Smith  Jan 30 1807

Mary F. Smith March 6 1809

David F. Smith  Aug 6 1811

Moses Smith   Jan 18 1814

Jonas Smith   May 26 1816

Elizabeth Smith   April 26 1818

Sarah Smith    July 5 1820


Page 7 (image):

[Births] Continued:

Daniel Smith   May 24 1824

Silas Smith    Jan 23 1829

Sherman Smith son of Jonas & Jane Smith   Dec 25 1838

Louise Smith    Aug 26 1841

Jennie Smith    Sept 26 1859

       Sherman's childrens' ages

Cora Smith  Born Aug 3rd  1862?

Louise Smith  born Jan 15 1869

Ida Smith   born  May 18th 1864?

Verna Smith   born May 29 1881

Jesse Springer  dau. of John  B. Oct 28 ????

       George Derrick & Jennie's children

Leroy S. Derrick  March 12th 1881

Beulah L. Derrick  Sep 29th 1882


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