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March 20, 2010



Karen Staulters, a founding member of Heritage Hunters and Archivist for the Troy Conference of the United Methodist Church, discusses what records are in the archives, how those records might help genealogists, and how to access these church records.

Ø      Troy Conference History

Ø      Researching Your United Methodist Ancestors: A Brief Guide


19 June 2010


"Graveyards and Greater Plots"


Dave Peck, whose ancestors include the Pecks and Van Pattens, will describe the findings of 2½ years of research in MA, RI, CT, NY and beyond. 


15 January 2011


19 February 2011


"Doc Lincoln's Story - A Serendipitous Adventure in Genealogy"


19 March 2011


"A Virtual Tour of Grant Cottage, Mount McGregor"


Dave Hubbard, a former site manager at Grant Cottage, gives a virtual tour of the cottage and talks about General U. S. Grant's last days.

21 May 2011

"Black Sheep in the Family Barnyard"

Stephan Clarke of Churchville, near Rochester NY. talks about the Black Sheep, or what to do with the family members who are or may be somewhat of an embarassment. Tips on how to do prison research, and how to deal with the falout in the family when you find the Black Sheep.

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