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Ross Cemetery

Town of Northumberland

Photo of Ross Cemetery, Town of Northumberland
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The Ross Cemetery is located on the west side of Grange Hall Road, in the town of Northumberland. It is set back from the road about 400 feet, behind a house and barns, on a sandy knoll in the woods, about 3/10 mile south of route 32, Bacon Hill, and one mile north of the intersection of Stark's Knob & Goff Roads with Grange Hall Road. Ross Cemetery was recorded in 1877 and can be found in Volume 4, pages 357-360 of C.E.Durkee's Epitaphs of Saratoga County. The earliest marked grave dates 1799. There are additional burials marked with unlettered fieldstones. The Coffinger family was removed at some point after 1877, about mile north, and can be found in the Bacon Hill Cemetery. Photographs were taken in July of 2002.

Ross Cemetery
surname given name inscription photo
Cheadell Amelia d Dec 29, 1844, 2y 1m 5d Dau of Geo. C. & Marietta Photo
Cheadell Mary Augusta d Dec 20, 1844, 5y 9m 4d Dau of Geo C. & Marietta
Cheadell Jane A.W. d Dec 26, 1844, 4y 2m 18d Dau of Geo. C. & Marietta
Church John d Dec 30, 1848, 46th yr
Coffinger Lydia d May 25, 1838, 4mos Dau of David & Lucinda *
Coffinger Lucinda d Apr 26, 1862, 46ys Wife of David *
Coffinger Anna d Feb 12, 1840, 77ys *
Coffinger David d Aug 20, 1825, 67th yr *
Cramer Abey Ann d Nov 20, 1810, 1y 10m Dau of Conrad & Laura
Fuller Spencer H. d Feb 3, 1851, 3m 23d Son of John H. & Esther photo
McNeill Rachel d Apr 22, 1799, 54th yr Consort of Archibald photo
Miller Peter d May 5, 1846, 62ys
Miller Thomas d July 3, 1812, 58ys
Philo Charles E. d May 7, 1838, 14m 15d Son of Samuel & Lucretia
Philo Samuel d Aug 3, 1838, 24ys
Prosser Elizabeth d July 14, 1821, 53rd yr Wife of David photo
Ross Mary Reed d Mar 3, 1835, 82nd yr Widow of William photo
Ross Margaret d June 27, 1841, 66y 3m
Ross John d July 10, 1820, 34th yr photo
Ross Daniel d Aug 20, 1817, 27y 4m 20d photo
Ross Elizabeth d Nov 28, 1850, 62nd yr Wife of John photo
Slocum David d Aug 13, 1856, 51st yr
Slocum Margarette d Nov 11, 1847, 65th yr Wife of Daniel
Slocum Daniel d Nov 1833 a 55ys

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