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Schuylerville Standard

Schuylerville, Saratoga County NY

February 22, 1893

The Schuylerville Standard  February 22, 1893	transcribed by Pat Peck January 31, 2006

The Talk of the Town
Wm. P. Ostrander visited in town Sunday.
Lucian Thompson and wife visited in Ballston Sunday.
Counselor Charles T. Doyle of Cohoes was in town Monday.
Charles Dennis of Sandy Hill, visited his family Sunday.
Mrs. Philip Snyder is confined to the house with rheumatism.
Howard Telfair spent Sunday with his parents in Glens Falls.
Robert B. Lansing has accepted a position in the National bank here as clerk.
Norman Van Buren of Saratoga Springs, formerly of this place, called on friends in town Monday.
See Aldridge & Rich's comedians at the opera house, Saturday evening.  Admission 25, 35 and 50 cents.
It is said that the Thomson Pulp & Paper company's mill will be worth over $300,000 when completed.
Nearly all the teachers of the union school enjoyed last Friday evening with Commissioner Hall, at his 
home in Greenfield.
Miss Lilly VanDoren of Mechanicville and Miss Frederick of Schenectady, visited with William Curtis 
and family last week.
Chris Coleman, formerly of this place but now proprietor of the Middle Falls hotel, spent Monday in town 
accompanied by his wife.
Mrs. Robert Rice of Saratoga who had been visiting her sister, Mrs. G.P. Laing for the past two weeks, 
returned home Sunday.
Don't forget the lecture at the M.E. church this evening by Chaplain Gordon entitled “A Republic: its meaning 
and Cause of strength.”
Charles Bullock and daughter, Miss Alice, and Mrs. William Bender, all of Albany, attended the funeral 
of J.D. Leonard last Thursday.
The Short Dramatic company is the latest amateur theatrical organization in this town.  They have engaged 
rooms in the Bullard block and will soon put on a play.
C.W. Mathews of Victory Mills gave us a call last week, paid his subscription and said he was so well 
pleased with the STANDARD that he would pay in advance.
The second of the series of “Evenings with Hymn Writers” at the Reformed church was largely attended.  The 
subject was “Isaac Watts.”  Next Sunday evening it is “Dr. Light.”
“Our Country Cousin” at the opera house Monday night was well deserving of the large and appreciative 
audience that attended.  It was one of the best shows that ever visited the town.
Cards are out announcing the double marriage of Samuel Chapman to Miss Etolia Esmond and Myron 
Collamer to Miss Satie Chapman at the residence of John Chapman, March 1.
The “Valentine Social” given by the M.E. church at the residence of F.W. Potter last Thursday night was 
largely attended.  The valentine souvenirs were a source of much amusement to young and old.
A number of the young people enjoyed a sleigh ride to Bacon Hill last Friday night where they were entertained 
by Miss Lucy Fake.  Music was furnished by Miss Fannie Peck and John Fake and a most enjoyable time was 
spent by all.
The Glee club spent a very pleasant evening at the home of Miss Anna Cavanaugh Monday evening.  Among 
those present were the Misses Toohey, Sweeney, McCarty, Hewitt, Gannon, Hayes and Masters Connors, 
Carscadden, McLindon, Laing, Maher, McEckron and Smith.
Monday evening Dr. Webster, while answering a call near Bemis Heights and in company with Charles Sarle, 
was tipped over in a snow drift and both were thrown out.  The horse, one belonging to Hornibrook's livery, 
ran for a short distance, but was finally brought up standing in another huge drift.  The cutter came in 
contact with a rail fence and was quite badly broken up.
The annual election of the Reformed church consistory occurred last Wednesday evening in the church 
parlor.  The best of harmony prevailed.  The officers elected were as follows: Elders: Hiram Cramer, George 
Proper, Samuel Wells, Robert Funson, C.W. Mayhew; Deacons: F.F. Gow, V.W. Ostrander, J.O. Hannum, 
Robert Atwell, Orville Town.
Dr. C.S. Merrill of Troy, president of the Thomson Pulp and Paper company, spent Sunday with J.D. Powers.  
He assured our representative, who interviewed him, that the work of completing the paper mill and bridge 
would be pushed with energy in the early springs, and also gave assurance that the people of Schuylerville 
might enjoy the privilege of the plants of the new river bridge, on the Fourth of July next.
One day last week James Bennett saw a mink running on the ice back of the grist mill.  He at once summoned 
our crack sportsman, B.L. Hurd, who arrived with his shooting-iron just in time to perforate the mink through 
his head as he was diving under the water.  Those present say it was a beautiful shot.  Owing to the extreme 
cold weather of the winter, the mink's fur was in superb condition.  It was on exhibition at Pharmacist Hurd's 
show windows Thursday.
The lovers of fun will be glad to hear that Aldridge & Rich's comedians will appear at the opera house, 
Saturday evening, February 25.  The company is now producing Mrs. Coburn's latest comedy, “His Last 
Chance” and have met with much success everywhere.  The play is a high class comedy and is a companion
to “Jane.”  It is funnier than those successes “Private Secretary” or “Bunch of Keys.”  Miss Ruth Aldridge as 
Kate, was vivacious and winsome and looked handsome.  The Messrs. Montgomery and Mercer were 
exceptionally clever and the balance of the cast, excellent.  The costumes were exquisite.”
M. Steinhardt of the firm of Shoor and Steinhardt is in New York city buying spring goods.
Supervisor Doolittle will supply anyone with the year book of the supervisors if they wish it.
Miss Fayetta McFarland and brother, Mr. McFarlane who have been visiting at E.C. Bullard's returned to 
their home in Bayonne NJ Monday.
W-Frank Kavanaugh has one of his celebrated Warwick bicycles on exhibition in George Getman's 
window.  We learn that George Burt has purchased it.
One of Charles Wright's horses died at the Schuylerville house barn last week.  Dr. J. Strang exerted all his 
professional skill to save the animal but it was of no avail.
Miss Blanche Mory of Fort Edward was awarded the New York “Recorder” prize of forty-two dollars in 
the guessing word contest recently.  Miss Mory's answer was the only correct one received.
Read the advertisement of Charles Closson, undertaker, on the first page.  As will be noticed, he has 
purchased the undertaking business and good will of Miles Root, who has been in that business here nearly 
forty years.  We learn that negotiations are being made between Mr. Root and Welling & Ensign for his 
furniture business.  
John Welch of Schuylerville, an old-time printer and self-getter, called at the Troy Press office Saturday.

Quaker Springs
O. Hill is seriously ill, chances for recovery are against him.
Mrs. C.F. Meader is in Albany visiting her grandson Chauncey griffin.
Don't forget to go to J.M. Perkins residence Friday afternoon and evening.
William Wilbur will work for his father near Bald mountain the coming year.
Rev. Mr. McKenzie has been called away the past two Sundays to officiate at funerals.  Rev. Mr. Cameron 
occupied the pulpit during his absence.

The heaviest snow storm of season reached this place last week.
Dennis Ramsdill and George Arnold are getting ice out of the lake to fill several ice houses in this locality.
Mrs. Phoebe Haight is spending a few days with her father, Morgan Ramsdill.
The W.C.T.U. will meet with Mrs. William Ingersoll Friday afternoon of this week.
Mrs. D.W. Murray, Miss Carrie Peck and Miss Jennie Esmond from this place attended the W.C.T.U. 
county convention at Saratoga last Friday.  The address given in the evening by Mrs. C.J.A. Jump of 
Albany was very interesting and will long be remembered.

Fort Miller
Friday Dr. Gray was called as counsel in the case of Mrs. Abram Van Antwerp who is dangerously ill of 
Grace Wagman is quite ill.
Mrs. Murray is at C.A. Place's.
John Wagman having been disappointed in renting his farm, is in search of a farmer.
A few days ago while Mr. And Mrs. Irving Bristol were absent from home their dog that had been left in 
charge conceived that his duty lay on the outside, and acting upon this conclusion, leaped through a 
plate glass window cutting his throat, but not fatally.
Saturday afternoon and evening a party of young people enjoyed the hours spent with Misses Olie and 
Ida Kingsley.
Tuesday morning at 6 A.M. the thermometer stood at zero.

Mrs. George Clark, who has been very ill, is improving slowly.
Charles Bloomingdale has sold his farm to George H. Pratt.
Mrs. F.D. Roods is quite ill.
Michael Shiggins was in Palmer Falls on business last week.

Northumberland Nominations
Following are the Republican Nominations: Supervisor, Dr. Patterson; town clerk, F. Rugg; collector, 
O. Landers; justice of the peace, Henry Thompson; road commissioner, Seth Fuller; assessor, Stephen L. 
Vandenburg.  Following are the Democratic nominations: Supervisor, A.H. Payne; town clerk, J. Duncan; 
Justice of Peace, J. Fake; road commission, J. Wilson; assessor, J.W. Vanderwerker; collector, W. Palmer.

Mrs. Clifford Lotridge is in Hoosick Falls.
Mrs. Mowrey, who for the past few weeks has been paying a visit to her sister, Mrs. D.S. Potter, of 
Glens Falls, left last week for New York from which city she will take passage Thursday for Paris.
Supervisor Doolittle would not accept a renomination when it was urged upon him by his party.
J.B. Welch returned from New York Saturday where he had been for the past three months, selling his 
boat loads of potatoes and apples.  He states that Scotland furnished her quotas of potatoes, thus 
keeping the price lower than it otherwise would have been.  His potatoes are not all sold yet.

Democratic Caucus
The Democratic caucus was held at the Schuylerville house last Saturday afternoon and was attended 
by a large number of prominent Democrats.  J.J. Cavanaugh was elected chairman and Matthew Kelley 
was made secretary. The nominating committee then named the following good ticket:
Supervisor, Amos B. Jaquith; town clerk, S.B. Howland; justice of the peace, Reuben Esmond; collector, 
Jas. S. Brisbin; assessor, Martin Tracey; commissioner of highways, Jason Wilcox; overseers of poor, 
upper district, Samuel Funson; lower district, Frank McDonald; inspectors of election, 1st district, Patrick 
Burke, Matthew Kelley; 2d district, Alvin R. Carpenter, Daniel P. Dixon; 3d district, Lawrence Costello, 
C.H. McOmber; constables, Seymour Gordon, John C. Leonard, John C. Bourke, Wm. Dorgan, Jas. 
Thompson; game constable, Michael Hession, excise commissioner, Atwell Esmond.

The following pupils of Schuylerville union school are now, as a result of the Regents examinations in 
January, entitled to preliminary certificates.  This certificate requires reading, writing, spelling, 
elementary English, arithmetic and geography:
Patrick Cise, Ira L. Clark, Fred M. Dennis, Robert A. Gow, Howard Laing, William Lindsay, Frank Maher, 
Frank McRae, Irving J. Merritt, John R. Sarle, Ellistene Craw, May Harris, Joanna A. Hayes, Kittie E. 
McCarty, Satie McDougall, Mary L. Place, Mary F. Toohey, Mary Wilbur.
In other subjects, pupils have passed as follows:
Elementary English: Patrick Cise, Robert A. Gow, Edmund Hollister, Geo. S. Lowber, Frank Maher, John 
McLindon, Frank McRae, Irving J. Merritt, John Reichling, Mae M. Seelye, Geo. Shoemaker, Theresa A. 
Bennett, Nellie Costello, Myrtle Gill, Mary E. Hatton, Mae R. McEckron, Louise Slade, Jennie VanHorne, 
Maud Wells, Mary Wilbur.
Arithmetic: Patrick Cise, Ira L. Clark, Fred M. Dennis, Robert A. Gow, John J. Holmes, James Keefe, 
Howard Laing, William Lindsay, Lewis S. Lohnes, Frank Losee, George S. Lowber, frank Maher, Frank 
McRae, Irving J. Merritt, Geo. F. Mulqueen, James H. Naylor, John R. Sarle, Geo. B. Thomas, Lucien B. 
Thompson, Mary Barrett, Ellistene Craw, May Harris, Kittie E. McCarty, Satie McDougall, Mary L. Place, 
Mary F. Toohey, Jennie VanHorne.
Spelling: Ralph C. Bullard, Patrick Cise, Edward Connors, Edmund Hollister, Lewis Lohnes, Frank Losee, 
James Mahoney, Ben Rastall, John Reichling, James M. Seelye, Thomas H. Sweeney, George B. Thomas, 
James F. Welch, Theresa A. Bennett, Augusta J. Donahue, Myrtle Gill, Mary E. Hatton, Maud Isles, Lena 
Laducer, Mary C. Monroe, Jennie Potter, Anna J. Shaw, Fannie A. Sweeney, B. Lydia Wilbur, Clara B. Wilson.
Geography: Patrick Cise, James Keefe, Frank Maher, Frank McRae, Ben Rastall, John Reichling, James M. 
Seelye, Frank Wilbur, Katie Collins, Mae McEckron, Mary Wilbur.
Rhetoric: Harry F. Pease.
Algebra: Jennie Mathis.
Physics: Daniel H. Deyoe Jr.
Geology: Harry F. Pease, George R. Rastall.
Physical Geography: Howard Laing, George S. Lowber, William McEckron, Lucien B. Thompson, Helen 
Brisbin, Mattie Deyoe, Connie J. McEckron.
Physiology and Hygiene: Fred M. Dennis, William Lindsay, Kittie E. McCarty, Mary Wilbur.
U.S. History: George Mulqueen.
Civics: William McEckron, John McLindon.
Drawing: Howard Laing, Irving J. Merritt, James M. Seelye, Clara M. Bullard, Mary D. Larmon, Kittie McCarty, 
Satie McDongall.
German, 1st year: Ralph S. Washburn, George Hl. Whaley Jr., Mary F. Toohey.
German 2d year: Margaret M. Clancy, Mary F. Toohey, George H. Whaley Jr.
Course in English Reading: Helen Brisbin, Cornie J. McEckron, Mary L. Place.
Caesar: Mattie Deyoe.
Cicero: Mattie Deyoe.

Arthur McDarby of Utica has succeeded M.C. Withey as overseer of carding.
Lizzie Phalen is on the sick list.
C.W. Mathews is slightly under the weather.
Mr. And Mrs. Robert Robinson are all smiles.  It's a Democrat.
Theresa Monaghan, who had been ill for a few weeks past, has recovered sufficiently to be at work again.
Mrs. and Katie Flanagan, Mrs. Richard Clark, and Jas. McLindon went to Ballston this (Wednesday) morning 
to attend the funeral of Mr. Clark's father.
Richard Clark was called to Ballston Saturday morning by the illness of his father.
Miss Jane Bradley of Lake George is visiting Mrs. J.O. Hannum.
M.C. Withey, who had been employed at the Saratoga Victory Manufacturing Company for the past five 
years as overseer of carding, has resigned that position.  Mr. Withey was the founder of the Victory Military 
band and also the Military Dramatic company, and by his resignation these two organizations will lose a 
good and efficient instructor and the village will lose a worthy citizen.
Daniel Wood spent Monday in Troy.
Ellen Caplice spent a few days in Troy last week visiting friends.
Milo Williams made a business trip to Mechanicville Tuesday.
On Monday evening a deputation of workers from the card room waited up on M.C. Withey at his home, and 
on behalf of the cardroom workers and the Victory Military band presented him with a silver water pitcher 
and cup.  Simeon Gordon, Jr., in a few well chosen remarks, made the presentation to which Mr. Withey 
made suitable reply.  The evening was then pleasantly spent in music and song.  The pitcher bore the 
inscription: "Presented to M.C. Withey by his employees and the Victory Military Band."

James Doughty is on the sick list.
A social dance will be held at H. Near's hotel at the sound end of the lake February 21.  Music will be 
furnished by W.H. Near and D. Lockwood.
E. King will move on the Obediah Batherick farm this spring.
The ice houses in this vicinity are nearly all filled.  The ice is of the best quality being 28 inches thick.
The sad news of the terrible death of Charles Decker reached our village last week.  Charles was an 
employee of T.C. Luther of Ballston. Last Thursday night while on his way to Mr. Luther's house he was 
caught by the midnight train while crossing the track and had both legs cut off and his body badly bruised.  
He was taken to the home Mr. Luther and physicians were summoned, but the wounds proved fatal and 
death followed Friday at 3 o'clock P.M.  Mr. Decker was a resident of this place from childhood until last 
fall when he moved to Ballston.  He leaves a father, five brothers and a wide circle of friends to mourn 
their loss.  The funeral was held Sunday at 2 o'clock from the home of William Decker.  The remains were 
taken to the Union Cemetery at Dunning street for interment.

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