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Schuylerville Methodist Church

Record of Baptisms 1851-1869


April 9th Lemuel Eldrige Residence Schuylerville by Rev J. Dunilan

May 11th Louisa Burlingham " D. Starks

" Martha Stanley " "

July 6th Nancy daughter of E & N Lockwood Victory by J. Quinlan

Adelia Mc Ewan adult


May 9th Benjamin S Cooley Victory by J. Quinlan

Ransom H. Levissee

Samuel Woods

Melvina Buck

Clarisa Maller (or Miller)

Sarah Handy

Margaret Johnson

Emily Shirtliff

Elvina Holland

Helen A. Woods

Mary Harris

Isabella Myers

Heneretta Rogers

Bettrice Shaw

Laura Squires

Amy M. Shaw

Hester A. Shaw

Caroline A. Plumer

Celina Thomas

Harriet A. Kemp

Mary Hunt

Francis Shonts (or Shouts)

Susan Squires

Susan J Potter

Wesley R Levissee

May 16 Thomas Kemp

Warren Buck

Orrin Pies Mc Creedy

Mary A Dewey


August 15 Jane Proctor Victory by E Le Hagar

Caroline Palmer

Charity Wilsey


Apr 7 Orra B Smith Parents Jno & Sarah Smith

William N Smith Same

Ida Matilda Bordwell & Mary Elizabeth Bordwell

Parents Mary Bordwell & Laura Burnham Guardia (n)

March 27 Franklin Coons Parents Martin & Mary Coons

April 14 Charles Henry Kinsey Parents L.T. & Ellen Kinsey

Marilla Baker Kinsey Same

Julia Jenet Atwell Parents Richard N & Esther Atwell

Apr 29th Sarah Emily Fields Parents Gill & Sarah Fields

William Whitford Fields Same

Merritt Ambrose Fields Same

The Baptisms of Adults is marked by Letter B on the record of Probationers during any administration

Nov 4 1865 Flora dau of John & Lois Oatman Infant residence Schuylerville

By L. Marshal witness entire Congregation

Nov 29 1866 Anna May dau of R.N. & Esther Atwell Born June 24 1866 By L. Marshall

Witness Family & other friends

June 16 1867 Elizabeth Briant adult of Schuylerville B L Marshall Witness Congregation

Jennie Wheeler Adult Victory By L Marshall Wit: Congregation

Julia Kennedy " " " "

Hattie Hammond " Schuylerville " "

Elizabeth Woodword " " "

Jennie Collar " " " "

Frances Ellen Munn " " "

Mary Wroath " " " "


Sept 6 Sarah dau of Joseph & Eliz Rogers infant Victory Wit: Family

Sept 22 Ann Dau of " 7 yrs " "

Ellen Dau of " 5 yrs " "

Dec 8 Lottie Jane infant dau of Rev L & C.E. Marshall born May 14th at Schuylerville

By S. Meredith & P. Elder Wit: Congregation

Dec 15 Amanda Don adult from Victory by Rev Marshall Wit: Congregation

Rhoda Bennett adult Schuylerville by L. Marshall Wit: Congre


March 15 Florence Welch Adult Schuylerville by L. Marshall Wit: Cong

Ruth Williams " Northumberland " "

Dec 27 Lucy Pratt Adult Schuylerville By Rev L. Marshall Wit Congregation

Dec 31st George Cornell Infant son of Peter H. & Carrie Hulet Schuylerville

By L. Marshall Wit: Congregation


Feb 28th Henry Fuller adult Schuylerville by L. Marshall Wit: Congregation

Aden Court McGregor

Adna Husted

Harriet Root

Annie E. Craw

Harriet Seaman

Lodieska G. Seaman

Sarah M. Munn

Maria G. Handey

Mary Loyde

Eliza M. Davis

Jennie C. Taylor all as above " " " "

March 14 Eliza Furner

Ella Seaman

Frances Smith

Caroline Collar

Florence Swan

Ruth Wait

Emma J Baumis

Emma Freyer

Sarah Hornibrook adult Victory by Rev Marshall Congregation

Agnes Larmon " 4 miles west " "

Jennie Boice Schuylerville

Frances Larmon 4 miles west

Ida Larmon "

Libby J Van Order Schuylerville

Clara Naylor "

March 14 1869 Baptisms continued

Adelia Briant adult Schuylerville by Rev Marshall Congregation

Phebe A. Leeman " Victory " "

John B. Salsbury 5 Miles south

Charles Fuller Victory

William Slocum

George Bush

Eugen Hornibrook

John Stephenson

Gordon Van Valkenburgh Schuylerville By L. Marshall

Isaac Beemis

John Phillips

Mayo P. Laquith

George Odell

George Briant

Charles A Green

Henry Turner

Apr 11 LaFayett Welch

Frank Fuller

John Simmons

Chauncey Satterlee

Hiram Fuller

Wesson Handy

Lester Munn

John Coffinger

Alonzo Hammond

Julia Phillips

Dilly Welch

Henry Davis


Oct Herbert Miner boy Schuylerville by J.B.Sylvester Wit: Congr

David West " Northumberland " "

Ezra West " " " "

John Ellsworth " Victory Mills " "

O. D. Austin adult Schuylerville " "

Charles Reed boy " " "

Elmer Seely " " " "

Zach Reed adult " " "



Schuylerville M.E.Church

Oct 1869 Werbert Minor adult sprinkled in the Church By J.B.Sylvester

David West adult "

Ezra West same

John Ellsworth same

O.D. Austin same

Charles Reed same

Elmer Seeley same

Zachariah Reed same

March 27 1870 Benjamin Orton Adult sprinkled in the church by J.B.Sylvester

Werter Somes same

Edward Harris same

Ransler Stafford same

Oscar Wroath same

Mary E Burton same

Emma F Wright same

Georgianna Phillips same

Sarah A Coon same

John M. Ellsworth same

Martha L. Larmon same

H.W.Dennis adult Sprinkled at his residence

Mrs Werter Somes Adult Sprinkled at her home

Celia Sherman adult immersed in the creek

Matilda Granger adult Immersed in the creek

Angenett Osborn adult immersed in creek

Aug 28 1870 George Coon Adult sprinkled in church

Caroline Coon same

1871 Mar 28 Nathan Munn Sprinkled in church by J.B.Sylvester

John H Booth same

Libbie Booth same

1872 Apr 21 Harmon Orton adult sprinkled at mothers residence

Frank A Wroath infant " in M.E.Ch. Parents Feo W & Helen Wroath Born Oct 16 1870

Julia Mary Cogswell Inf. B Mar 9 1871 Parents Geo Wallace & Libbie Cogswell

Sprinkled in M.E.Ch.

George Henry Hammond B Apr 11 1866

Apr 21 1872 Ira S Bartlett Inf. B Jul 29 1856 Parents Chas.H. & Julia Ann

Sprinkled in M.E.Church by Rev Starks

Josie Short adult sprinkled in Church By Rev Starks

Julia Ann Bartlett adult Sprinkled in Church By Rev Starks

Ella A. Minor adult " "

Olive Drake same

Mary A Fuller same

Merrit Hanson same

Andrew A Newlitt same

Oct 12 1873 Sarah M Wood adult sprinkled by S.W.Williams in church

Medora E Wood same

Carrie C Conoor same

Feb 22 1874 George Naylor Adult Sprinkled in Church By Rev S.W.Williams

Albert E. Ellis same

Sylvester H.Phelps same

Julia E Phelps same

Morgan J. Boyd same

Adelbert G Gallett

Emma Marshall

Amelia J. Hammond Married Caldwell in 1887

Allen E. Teft

Pardon Deuel same as others

Millard R Carey adult sprinkled in Church by S.R.Williams

Orrin B Munn same

William Howard

James Loomis

Stephen M Jaqueth

Byron C Curtis

Brill Larmon

Hattie E Ray

Percilla J. Hill

Emma L Calkins

Cathalina Phillips same as others

Anna Bell Jaquith

Ella A Booth

Emma J. Ellsworth

Ella Davis

Feb 22 1874 continued Baptisms entered as Feb 22 1874 By S.R.Williams

Georgianna Ellsworth Adult sprinkled in Church by Rev Williams

Libbie J Fosbury

Minnie Collamer

Libbie A Biel same

Florence Whitman adult sprinkled by Rev Williams in Church

Emma Welch same

Lillie C Hemstreet same

Ellie J Ellsworth same

Annie S Wait same

Addie A Collimer

Hattie A Calkins

Hattie S Knickerbocker

Alice A Wicks Mrs Hamilton

Mary L Somes

Cornelia Brewer

April 12 1874 Estella Griffin Mrs Tefft

Bell Howland

John Hemstreet

Nov 15 1874 Eliza Ann Gibbs

Lewis Chester Allen

1875 Lynn Whitman infant Sprinkled in M.E.Church by S. N Williams

1875 Sept 4 Adelbert Hubbell adult Immersed in Hudson River By Williams

Hamilton Holiday " " "

Samuel Hewlett " " "

Caroline Hewlett same as above

Ellen M. Chubb same

Annie Sullivan same

Feb 7 1876 Lucy Pompey infant Sprinkled at home by Williams

Apr 2 George H Short Infant sprinkled M.E.Church

Alice West adult sprinkled at church by Williams

May 6 Abraham Brewer adult sprinkled at home by Rev A F Bailey

1877 Dec 15 Ella Mc Cready Adult sprinkled at M E Church by Bailey

Edward H Chubb same

Caroline Potter same

Mar 14 1877 Eugenia Nuness adult at M E Ch by Bailey Sprinkled

J.W.Salisbury same

D.H. Craw same


March 27 1879 David Roscoe Mulford Infant Parents Clapp W & Ida G Mulford age 5 mos

At Davis Mulford at Bacon Hill Sprinkled by Rev A D Hearst

March 12 1882 George B Eddy adult Sprinkled Schuylerville Church By Rev J.M. Webster

William L Adee adult Sprinkled at Schuylerville Church Rev J M Webster

Aug 27 1882 Dora Gallet Adult sprinkled at Schuylerville Church Sprinkled by Rev J.M.Webster

Nellie VanSchaick adult sprinkled at Schuylerville church by Rev J.M.Webster

Minnie VanSchaick adult at Schuylerville Church Sprinkled by Rev J M Webster

Abbie Watts adult Sprinkled at Schuylerville Church by Rev J.M.Webster

Jan 7 1883 Martin A See adult sprinkled at Schuylerville Church by Rev J.M.Webster

May 7 1883 Jennie Alice Lewis child Born Nov 11 1876 Parents Allen & Edith Lewis

Sprinkled at home Rev John M Webster

Albertie Blanche Lewis child Born Nov 25 1880

Sprinkled at home by Rev John M Webster

Jan 13 1884 Bertha A Washburn adult Sprinkled at Church by Rev John M Webster

Cora M Clark Adult Sprinkled at Church by Rev J.M.Webster

Katie Chapman Adult Sprinkled at church by Rev John M Webster

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