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Extracted by Jere Hagadorn from County Historian records.
  7Feb1790 Nehemiah Billings to Elizabeth Frances
14Feb1790 Simon DeRidder to Polly VanSchaick
28Feb1790 Eleazer Burton to Charlotte Webster
  3Mar1790 David Lindsay to Elizabeth McDole, 18 at Palmertown
David Riddel to Abigail Stiles
14Apr1790 William Abeel to Catherine Winne
  5Aug1790 William Willson to Judea Kelly
16Sep1790 David Proser to Elizabeth Ross
  8Oct1790 John Barden to Hannah Colbert
12Oct1790 Dennison Andrews to Lois Horton
17Nov1790 Livinus Winnie to Margaret VanDerwerken
24Nov1790 Married at the seat of George Wray, Esq. At Fort Ann, Charles Kane to Maria Wray
30Dec1790 James Milligen, Jr to Jane Proser
17Jan1791 Thomas Gifford to Caty Tully
12 Feb 1791 Jacob L. Viele to Catherine Bratt
24 Feb 1791 William Brisbin to Jane McReady
17 Mar 1791 Maxfield Ludlum to Sarah Austin
24 Mar 1791 Felix FitzSimmons to Elizabeth Sears
18 May 1791 David Willcox to Nancy Ferris
  1 Jul 1791 Elisha Welsh to Sarah Station
19 Dec 1791 Isaac Smith to Lucy Vorce
28 Dec 1791 Daniel Sindsay to Nelly McIntyre
  3 Jan 1792 James Wendell to Hannah Clemens
20 Jan 1792 in Argyle Garret Quackenboss to Mary Webster (daughter of Judge Webster)
16 Feb 1792 at Fort Miller John M. Berry to Eunice Paine (daughter of Noah Paine, Esq.)
23 Feb 1792 at Palmertown, Matthew Ketchum to Nabby Keys (Matthew Jr)
Isaac Leverse of Bought to Jane DeRidder
  8 Mar 1792 Henry Killmer of Argyle to Catherine Killmer of Livingston Manor
28 Jun 1792 Spencer Taylor to Sarah Kelly
15 Jul 1792 Schaghticoke, Josiah Knight of Stillwater to Prudence Simpson of Newton
16 Aug 1792 at Broomley seat of Judge Berry, Isaac Bunnel Paine of Fort Miller to Polly Berry of Broomley
  6 Sep 1792 Married at the seat of Cornelius VanVeghten, Garret Wendell of Cambridge, Attorney at Law to
Miss Rebecca VanVeghten, youngest daughter of Col, VanVeghten
25 Oct 1792 Married at my home in Saratoga, Winant VanDerwerker of Fort Miller to Elce Turk
  9 Oct 1792 at my home in Saratoga, Edward Patten of Argyle to Agnes White of Claverack
30 Oct 1792 at Waterford, John White of Argyle to Margaret Thompson of Lansingburgh
  4 Dec 1792 at my home, William Hignes of Stillwater to Polly Gifford of Fort Miller
10 Jan 1793 at Albany, Herman VanVeghten to Caty Wendell
22 Dec 1793 at Tiossieck, Garret Foort Jr to Rhody Worden
  2 Jan 1794 Saratoga, James Young to Sarah Thompson
30 Jan 1794 at Easton, James Hicks to Mary VanTassel
  6 Feb 1794 Palmertown, James McGregor to Elizabeth Carmen
13 Feb 1794 at Easton, Reuben Waight to Mary Swaine
14 Feb 1794 Jacob Davenport to Mary Van Olinda
  3 Mar 1794 David Vanderpool to Charlotte Austin
15 Mar 1794 Tiossieck, Hendrick VanNess to Eve Fort
25 Mar 1794 Samuel Soames to Elizabeth Ludlum
29 Jun 1794 Dr. Elisha Miles to Pollina Miller
17 Jul 1794 Easton, Job Andros to Comfort Green
24 Jul 1794 Easton, Philip Hanes to Patty Wicker
  3 Aug 1794 Easton Tiossieck, Jacob Groesbeck to Hannah Quackenboss
  1 Sep 1794 at my home, Solomon Washer to Elizabeth Thomas
  2 Sep 1794 Saratoga, Elkahana Perkins to Rhody Green
  8 Sep 1794 Argyle, Amos Weller of Waterford to Patience Powers of Argyle
29 Oct 1794 Benjamin Holmes, Easton to Ruth McIntyre of Argyle
13 Nov 1794 William Ross Jr to Rhody King
  8 Jan 1795 John Colby to Mary Park
  Mindart Teachout to Eunice Patterson
17 Jan 1795 Joseph Purrington to Margaret Hunter
  9 Feb 1795 Thomas Barrow of Salem to Maria Becker of Easton
14 Feb 1795 Tiossieck, Dr. Ashel Morris to Catherine VanNess
       9 Mar 1795 John VanRiper to Hannah DeGarmo
10 Mar 1795 Nicholas Angle of Snook Hill to Catherine Thompson
12 Mar 1795 David Becker of Easton to Gitty VanBuren, grand-daughter of Maj. T. VanSchaick
23 Apr 1795 James Russell to Salome Hastings
29 Jun 1794 John Frances to Elizabeth Perkins
14 May 1795 Hazelton Welsh to Caty Dickenson
  2 Jul 1795 Daniel Lindsay to Martha McDowl
  9 Jul 1795 Hugh Thompson to Sarah Jacobs
  5 Jul 1795 at Tiossieck, Walter N. Groesbeck to Jane Groesbeck
  4 Aug 1795 John VanDenbarch to Hannah Van Derwerken
  9 Aug 1795 Davis Masters to Elizabeth Kelly
  3 Sep 1795 Easton, Henry C. VanBuren to Maria Winney
  Argyle, Hosea Jakeways to Elizabeth Rodgers
  9 Oct 1795 Adam Brommer to Tammy Hodge
22 Sep 1795 Easton, William Northrop to Lidia Worth
20 Sep 1795 Nathan Paine of Argyle to Mary Canfield, Washington, Conn.
  4 Nov 1795 On Campbell's Patent, Joseph Main to Jane Blanchard
10 Nov 1795 Asa Thompson to Eleanor Shover
  6 Dec 1795 John Thompson of Snook Hill to Elizabeth VanDerweker of Fort Miller
10 Dec 1795 at Palmertown, Andrew Johnston to Susannah Hillman
19 Dec 1795 at Tiossieck, Dr. Philip Smith to Cathalina VanNess of Tiossieck
31 Dec 1795 John Bice to Jane Milligen
  3 Mar 1796 Elijah Case Jr to Hannah Crandall both of Argyle
17 Mar 1796 Nicholas Palmer to Jane Ross
  24 Mar 1796 on Campbell's Patent, Robert Todd to Mrs. Unas Sanders widow of Peleg Cornwell
5 May 1796 Justus Fuller to Hulda Burrason
  9 Jun 1796 Christopher Abeel to Jane Swart
18 Aug 1796 Palmertown, James Runcimun to Nancy Johnston
25 Aug 1796 On Campbell's Patent, Thomas Dickinson to Chloras Cannon
18 Sep 1796 Thomas Laing to mary Dumont
19 Sep 1796 James Taylor to Catherine Cotter, both of Easton
25 Sep 1796 Everett G. Waldron of Half Moon to Elizabeth VanDerwerker, Fort Miller
  Edmund Scott to Freelove Cole
  6 Oct 1796 Seth Perry of Palmertown to Hannah Bowdich, Easton
12 Oct 1796 Daniel Perry to Elizabeth walsh
  8 Nov 1796 Reuben Buck to Peggy Weeks
  Isaac Jewel to Rachel Buck
17 Nov 1796 Palmertown, Peter Johnston to Mrs. Martha Johnston, widow of James Benedict
28 Nov 1796 Richard Wood to Rhody Ballard
22 Feb 1797 Daniel Fox to Mercy Whaley
  6 Mar 1797 Ashbell Hosford to Minerva Marvin
27 Apr 1797 Lyman Adams of Argyle to Laviah Manton of Fort Miller
28 May 1797 William Brownell to Margaret Spike
10 Aug 1797 Stephen Hick to Nancy Park, both of Stillwater
  1 Oct 1797 Martin VanDenbergh to Lydia Nellson
  4 Oct 1797 Henry Cradall to Martha Guiles
19 Oct 1797 Jacob Viele Winney to Moyake Leverse of Boucht
26 Oct 1797 Daniel Walles to Hannah Low
30 Nov 1797 John Paterson to Rebekah Van Tassel
  1 Jan 1798 Samuel Marshall to Pheby Benjamin
  7 Jan 1798 Garret Viele to Susannah VanDenbarch
Joseph Benjamin , Stillwater to Rebecca Palmer of Saratoga
  8 Mar 1798 Stephen Jewell to Jean Crampton
  3 Apr 1798 David Conklin to Rachel O'Connayer, Northumberland
  5 Apr 1798 Walter Laing to Sally Hinkly
William Harris to Sarah Burt
22 Oct 1798 William Bell to Jenny Cronkhite
24 Oct 1798 Robert Manson to Patience Andrews
31 Dec 1798 John DeWitt to Margaret Abeel
  2 Jan 1799 John Clumb to sarah Blanchard
10 Jan 1799 Simon VanLeeack of Canada to Mary Milligen of Saratoga
  1 Feb 1799 Simon Livingston of Canada to Sarah Todd of Argyle
18 Feb 1799 Philip Blanchard to Sally Green
  1 Oct 1799 Daniel Paine of Argyle to Margaret Brisbin, daughter of James Brisbin of Saratoga
  2 Oct 1799 James Cramer to Sarayh Paine, daughter of Noah Paine of Fort Miller
27 Oct 1799 Everett DeRidder VanSchaick to Teuntie VanBuren
  3 Feb 1800 Jesse Viele to Sally Fitch
23 Feb 1800 Ezekiel Ensign to Elizabeth Becker
26 Feb 1800 Walter VanVeghten to Catherine Zabriskie, step-daughter of Gen Gothoudt
  2 Mar 1800 Dr. John McKinney to Nancy Becker
  9 Mar 1800 William Clemens to Elizabeth Oakley
11 Jun 1800 John McCready to Caty Wendell
19 Jun 1800 Samuel Sherwood to Debby Hawkins of Delaware County
26 Jun 1800 Eber Norcross to Hannah Lilly
  1 Jul 1800 Dowe Winney to Anna Boice
  9 May 1802 Cornelius VanBuren to Teuntie Abeel of Easton
3 May 1803 Solomon Goodridge of Utica to Ann Fulsom of Greenwick
13 Dec 1803 Northumberland, Thomas McDowell to Mrs.-----------Williams
20 Oct 1804 Northumberland, Cornelius Kip to Susan VanTuyl
  Saratoga, Elkahana Perkins to Rhody Green  
20 Jan 1805 Saratoga, John Lansing to Sarah VanDebbergh
18 Jun 1805 Greenwich, Arnold Burr to Ann VanVeghten
  7 Oct 1805 Greenwich, Thomas Carpenter to Sarah Smith
26 Jan 1806 Northumberland, Peter McKutchen to Jane Brockaway, widow of ----------Evans
28 Jan 1807 Moreau, James W. Berre to Margaret Baldwin
10 Dec 1807 James Waite to Elizabeth Thompson
14 Jan 1808 Tobias Clemens to Sally Lee
20 Feb 1808 William Metcalf to Margaret VanTuyl
31 Mar 1808 Saratoga, John Ball to Anna Swart
20 Apr 1808 Palmertown, John McFarlin to Jannet Laing
24 Jul 1808 Saratoga, Justice Eastwood to Catherine Wendell
28 Aug 1808 Scaghticoke, John Groesbeck to Elizabeth Knickerbocker
22 Sep 1808 Saratoga, John Olds to nancy Greary
  2 Nov 1808 Northumberland, John Degarmo to Betsey Gleason
27 Feb 1809 Stillwater, John Cockrane to Nancy Cooper
2 Mar 1809 Schaghticoke, David Groesbeck to Eva Groesbeck
20 Apr 1809 Saratoga, Brevort Henry to Catherine Livingston
20 Jul 1809 James Service to Lydia Clemens
  8 Jan 1810 Saratoga, Isaac Squire to Nancy Weaver
  7 Feb 1810 Saratoga, Jeremiah Howling to Sally Clemens
25 Mar 1810 Saratoga, Daniel Finch to Sally Peffer
31 Mar 1810 Northumberland, Reid Lewis to Mrs. Peggy Bacon
  6 May 1810 Saratoga, Dr. D. Heirs to Demerce Force
  6 Jan 1811 Cambridge, Samuel Cooper to Polly Adams
27 Apr 1811 Types Hill, Johnstown, Hermanus C. Wendell to Catherine Hunn
22 Jun 1811 Northumberland, Mr. Salebury to Synthia Fuller
  8 Aug 1811 Saratoga, Dr. B. Hall to Bridget Sherlock  
1 Sep 1811 Saratoga, William Dickerson to Jane VanDerCar
25 Jul 1812 Saratoga, James Butler to Catherine Latimer
2 Jan 1813 Saratoga, M-------- Cleveland to Mrs. Anna Ball
10 Feb 1813 Ballston, Elijah W. Abbott to Mrs. Maria Schuyler
  9 May 1813 Stillwater, Lucius Quinius Ciccinatus Roberts to deborah Brownell
May 1813 Narrows, Isaac Taricks to Catherine Bennett
12 May 1813 Saratoga, Samuel Whitman to Rosa Latimer, widow of B. Rhodes
15 Sep 1813 Saratoga, John Sullivan to Eunice Lamb
14 Oct 1813 Corinth, Joel Clemens to Amelia Putnam
  6 Jan 1814 Saratoga, Richard Deming to Sally Nelson
  6 Feb 1814 George Jakeway to Margaret Beckwith, widow of Mr. Lamb
13 Feb 1814 Saratoga, Herman Dagget to Lucy Breed
10 Mar 1814 Stillwater, Russell Burt to Janet Andrews
  4 Jun 1814 Saratoga, Herman VanTassel to Abigail Peacock
24 Jun 1816 Saratoga, J. G. Hathaway to Sally M. Esmond
19 Oct 1816 Saratoga, Andrew Johnston to Abigail King
21 Oct 1816 Saratoga, Jonas Olmstead to Elizabeth M. Brown, widow of Nathaniel Ketchum
17 Apr 1817 Saratoga, Noah Spaulding to Pheobe Pendall
19 Apr 1817 Saratoga, Henry Coller to Deborah Bibbens
10 Jan 1818 Saratoga, Jeremiah Terhune to Amelia Force
  4 Feb 1818 Saratoga, Abraham Moore to Sarah Howland
12 Jan 1819 Saratoga, Jabez Fitch Parmelee to Sarah Ketchum
18 Feb 1819 Saratoga. Benjamin Westgate to Abigail St. John
  3 May 1819 Saratoga, Dr. B. Heirs to Electa Lamb
9 Jan 1819 Saratoga, Stoakes Potter to Elizabeth McDowall, widow of David Lindsay
23 Oct 1819 Saratoga, Nathaniel Seley to Polly Marshall
  1 Nov 1819 Saratoga, Robert McCartney to Maria Sherman
17 Feb 1820 Saratoga, Dr. William Pierce to Ann Abeel
23 Aug 1830 Saratoga, Reuben Billings to Ann Marshall
21 Nov 1820 Saratoga, Derick Swart to Catherine DeRidder
21 Jun 1821 Ephraim Conglin to Susana Richardson
22 Nov 1821 Samuel Mott to Emily Wright
21 Dec 1821 Wilton, ----------Perry to Mrs. -----------Comstock
  1 Jan 1822 Northumberland, Mr------------Gleason to Mrs. ----------- Wood
Jan 1822 Saratoga, Sylvester Hollister to Pheobe Martin
29 May 1822 Saratoga, Ithuel Barnes to Anna Leverse
14 Jul 1822   Fort Miller, Nathan Hibbard to Fanny Meacham
11 Sep 1822 Fort Miller, Samuel Lewis to Martha Paine
  9 Jan 1823 Saratoga, Benjamin Harper to Nancy Angel
15 Jan 1823 Saratoga, James Cramer to Catherine Richardson
22 Feb 1823 Saratoga, Ashbell Palmer to Betsey Cande
16 Jan 1824 Saratoga, Garret Wendall VanVeghten to Martha Thorn
21 Aug 1824 Northumberland, John Chub to Lydia King
  1 Sep 1824 William Green to Freelove Clemens
25 Sep 1824 Winant VanDenbergh to Jane Abeel
  7 Oct 1824 Peter VanDenbergh to Polly Hartwell
16 Dec 1824 William Wilcox to Sally Lord
  5 Jan 1825 Dr. Oliver Brisbin to Anzuletta Ball
26 Jan 1825 Northumberland, James P. Cramer to Abigail Mulford
27 Jan 1825 Northumberland, Benjamin Locie to Eunice Cramer
28 Feb 1825 Northumberland, Ira Haywood to Maria Olmstead
  3 Mar 1825 Saratoga, Pelatiah Harris to Mary McIlmoine
15 Mar 1825 Saratoga, Philip Hinckley to Hester North
24 Mar 1825 Harvey Mosier to Rebecca West
30 Mar 1825 Northumberland, John Smith to Rebecca Collins
15 Dec 1825 Saratoga, Thomas Locie to Amanda Mott
12 Jan 1826 Saratoga, Gamaliel McCready to Nancy Marshall
28 Feb 1826 Northumberland, John Snyder to Margaret Van Derwerker
27 Sep 1826 Saratoga, Benjamin Potter to Corneslia Marshall
13 Nov 1826 Northumberland, Oliver Berry to Elizabeth Craig
28 Nov 1826 Northumberland, George Burt to Maria VanDerwerker
  6 Sep 1827 Saratoga, Schuyler Reynolds to Mabel Hubbard
15 Jul 1828 Northumberland, Asa Collins to Betsey Albro
21 Oct 1828 Northumberland, Russell Burt to Margaret Cramer
24 Mar 1829 Schuylerville, John VanDenbergh to Emily Stewart
  8 Aug 1829 At Parsonage, John Kenyon of Albany to Elizabeth Leonard of Northumberland
3 Feb 1831 Saratoga, William B. Slocum to Phebe Thorn-witnesses parents of both, James Strang and
  Gile Brisin, etc.
  9 Nov 1831 Saratoga, William H. VanBeuren to Mary Walker
  4 Jul 1832 Saratoga, Hiram Rodgers to Cornelia Tubbs at house of Stephen Olney
14 Jun 1832 Saratoga, Philip Marshall to Selinda Patrick at home of Samuel Marshall
12 Jul 1832 John Bartlett of Union Village to Naomi Clemens of Saratoga at the home of Benjamin Clemens
12 Sep 1832 John Sheperd to Ann Losey, both of Saratoga at Thomas Losey's
9 Oct 1832 Robert Losey to Elisa Ann Porter, Northumberland at home of Conrad Cramer
23 Jan 1833 Lothrop Pope of Keesville to Mary Ball of Saratoga at the home of Samuel Bushes
20 Feb 1833 Samuel VanVeghten to Ann Elisa Schemmerhorm at her mothers
27 Feb 1833 Abijah Barker to Elizabeth VanDerwerker, Northumberland at James VanDerwerker's
  4 Sep 1833 Harvey Losey to Cornelia Mott, at her father's James Mott
  8 Sep 1833 Celia Fisher of Keesville to Olive P. Howard at Mayo Ponds
25 Oct 1833 John Burns of Rochester to Abigail Patrick of Rochester at Samuel Marshall's
28 Oct 1833 John Olmstead of Malta to Sarah bates of Northumberland at her father's
20 Nov 1833 William Prime to Sally Losey at her home in Northumberland
11 Dec 1833 David L. Williams to Nancy Marshall at James Marshall's
  1 Jan 1834 Thomas V. Losey to Ann Dennis at William and John Wagman's
  8 Jan 1834 John Knickerbocker of Schaghticoke to Susan DeRidder at her mother's
Joseph M. Shepewrd of Troy to Mary Brisbin at the father's J. S. Brisbin's
27 Feb 1834 Hiram Salisbury of Saratoga to Sarah Burt of Northumberland at her father's John Burt
  7 May 1834 Gilbert K. Losey to sarah Ann Cramer at James Cramer's, Northumberland
These records are vital records of the Northumberland Church during Rev. E. H. May's
Pastorate there.   All Northumberland Church Vital Records were kept in the Saratoga book
during the pastorate of the Rev. Philip Duryee.
20 Oct 1834 John R. Fake to Sarah Ann Lewis at her father's
30 Mar 1833 Joseph Dunton Stewart to Harriet Mulford at A. Marshall's
  4 Nov 1835 James Jacobs to priscilla Clarks at her home in Northumberland
  1 Feb 1836 Henry Kizzell to Phebee Ann VanDerwerker at her fathers
15 Dec 1836 Drew Laing to Elizabeth Johnstone at her father's A. Johnstone
15 Mar 1837 Nicholas VanDerwerker to sarah Maria Terhune at her fathers
17 Oct 1837 William W. Bryan to Jane Elizabeth Viele at her fathers
12 Apr 1838 John J. Reid of Argyle to Pheobey VanDeusen at John Metcalf's, Esq
  3 May 1834 John Ferguson to Isabel Sturrocks at Mrs. DeRidders, Easton, Wash Co
10 Aug 1834 Elihu Ward to Lydia Maria Taylor at Mr. Clements, Saratoga
  1 Apr 1835 Charles Dallas to Betsey Sturrocks at hoem of Mrs. DeRidder (widow of Gen. DeRidder in
      Eastown, Washington County
11 Nov 1835 Seth Velsey to Delia Carey at home of Mr. Carey at Schuylerville
24 Aug 1836 Thomas William Ogden of New Orleans to Ruth Catherine daughter of Philip Schuyler
  4 Nov 1836 Giles J. Slocum to Catherine Granger at hoem of Judge Cramer, Saratoga
25 Dec 1836 Cyrus Ellis to Eliza Howard of Schuylerville
23 Feb 1837 George Lansing to Harriet Schemmerhorn, at his home in Easton, Wash Co
15 Jun 1837 Jonathan Habby to Sarah Mary Brisbin at Mrs. Brisbins in Saratoga
20 Jul 1837 John P. Gereenan to Jane C. Benjamin at James Brisbins, Saratoga
  7 Sep 1837 Kina Clements to Sarah Benjamin at Dr. Oliver Brisbins, Schuylerville
  1 Feb 1838 Andrew A. Tubbs to Christian Stewart at Mr. VanDerberghs at Schuylerville
23 May 1839 Ebenezer Ormsby to Cordelia Maria Hamilton at her fathers in Schuylerville
  4 Jul 1838 Callup Sherman to Caroline Walker at Schuylerville Hotel-witnesses James K. Hyatt and
        Elisha Sherman
29 Aug 1838 James Strang to Elizabeth Maria Strover at Mrs. Strovers.-witnesses Mr. T. Swart, Walter
      VanVeghten, etc
10 Jan 1839 Martin B. Lawrence to Mary Deuel at Mr. Scifields hotel in Schuylerville-witnesses Mr. And
        Mrs. Scofield
29 Jan 1839 Isaac palmer to Jane P. Clements at Benjamin Clements, saratoga
14 Feb 1839 John McCane to Hannah Allen at Mr. Allens, Schuylerville
16 Feb 1839 Evelin Bean to Margaret J. Craig at mr. Samuel Marshalls, Saratoga
19 Feb 1839 Tobias C. Paterson to Frances mary Winney at Frances K. Winneys
18 Apr 1839 Richard H. Ogden to Elizabeth V. R. Schuyler both NY City took place at home of Philip
      Schuyler, Esq 46 Second St, N.Y. City
15 Sep 1839 William VanBenThusen, Esq to widow Laura Hatch at the home of Mr. VanBenThusen
19 Dec 1839 Barent B. Lansing to Philinda Orcott both of Easton at Mr george Lansings, Northumberland
11May 1840 Oliver B. Elmore of Esopus, Ulster Co to Catherine Abeel of Saratoga at Christopher Abeels
28 May 1840 Calvin J. Reed of Northumberland to Sarah Cramer at Widow Cramers
  1 Oct 1840 David Moore of Hebron to Margaret Thompson of Schuylerville at her mother's
14 Oct 1840 Daniel A. Ballard of Schuylerville to Harriet Snyder of Grangerville at her fathers
  6 Jan 1841 Henry B, Clements to Mary Ann Wing of Schuylerville at Mayo Pond
12 Dec 1840 C. Wadsworth Mahew of Schuylerville to Miss Maria DeRidder at Easton at widow DeRidders
  3 Mar 1841 Wm. Henry McGregor to Sarah Newton, both of Buskirks Bridge at home of her brother-in-law
16 Mar 1841 Samuel Chandler of Bennington,Vt to Matilda Phelps of Schuylerville
15 Mar 1841 Dexter S. Goodwin to Julie Ann Phelps both of Albany at Lewis Chandlers
15 Apr 1841 Thomas Deuel to Julia Ann Bennett both of Saratoga at James J. Brisbins
18 Jul 1841 Nicholas Badgley of Half Moon to Hannah Lawrence of Stillwater at Schuylerville House
     witnesses Mr Rowe, Mrs Murphy and others
23 Sep 1841 Varron Archibald of Schuylerville to Martha Allen at her fathers
2 Jan 1842 Lorenzo Kenzie of Mendan, Morris Co, NJ to Ellen Conneoughty Schuylerville at Mr Telfairs
15 Sep 1842 Lucas VanVeghten to Catherine Bain, both of Schuylerville at Mr Bains
  5 Jan 1843 John B. Winney to Emma Winney both Saratoga at her fathers, Francis K. Winney
22 Mar 1843 Minor B. Rockwell to Sarah Ann Smith both Saratoga at John Sheldons in Easton
25 Apr 1843 Ira Husted to Rachel Morse, both Easton at Lansing Morses
30 May 1843 Moses H. Colby MD to Dorcas Randall, Saratoga at David R. Randalls
25 Oct 1843 Daniel VanAntwerp to Eve Maria Viele, Saratoga at Nicholas Vieles
19 Dec 1843 Hiram G. Baker to Belinda Winney at fathers Douw Winneys
17 Feb 1845 John Mott of NY to Laura daughter of James Mott of Saratoga
11 Feb 1846 James S. Winney to Jannet VanDerwerker daughter of Peter, Northumberland
24 Mar 1846 Henry Conklin to Phebe Tefft
29 May   ???? Jerome Howland to Sarah maria Terhune
27 Jan 1851 Jacob Monk of Baltimore, Md to Charlotte M. French
  6 Mar 1851 Jerome S. DeLand Kirkland to Mary Stanley of Victory
21 Oct 1851 George W. Bain to Isabel Killis in town of Fort Edward
14 Dec 1851 James Moffett to Sarah Randall of Victory
22 Dec 1851 James Lewis to Rebecca D. Mott both Schuylerville
21 Jan 1852 Charles H. VanBenthusen to Amanda Losee of Saratoga
4 Apr 1852 Thomas H. Howland to Jane Taylor
  5 May 1852 William J. Ostrum of Troy to Caroline Miller of Fort Miller
10 Jun 1852 Miles Boot to Elmira Potter
22 Jun 1852 William Siblet to Mary E. Potter
?? Aug 1852 George Pike to Sarah Marshall
  4 Oct 1852 Almon Clark to Catalina Abeel
27 Nov 1852 Henry Ede to Martha R. Butler of Luzerne at parsonage
30 Dec 1852 John S. Brazier to Mary Jane Hay of Coveville at William Wilcox
14 May 1853 Seth Goodwin to Sarah Handy both of Victory
11 Aug 1853 William W. Rockwell of Hadley to Sarah Brisbin
23 Oct 1853   Andrew Peek to Lorinda Perum of Oswego, NY
  7 Feb 1854 James M. Henry of Argyle to Mary Ann Brisbin
?? May 1854 Jerome Purdy to Isabel Green
  4 Nov 1854 Joshua Linney to Elizabeth Whitehill, both of Victory
20 Dec 1854 Alanson Chase of Waterford to Catherine E. Whalen, Coveville
10 Jan 1855 D. V. Leverse of Brunswick to Maria Ponds of Schuylerville
13 Mar 1855 Horatio Cowles of NY to Mary daughter of Mayo Pond
24 Mar 1855 at Old Saratoga, George Barbour to Cornelia Torrey both Hoosick Falls
25 Apr 1855 at Saratoga Springs, Elnathan Paterson to Harriet daughter of Reuben Billings
  9 May 1855 at Fort Miller, John A. Thompson of Pine Plains to Lucy Ann Viele
  3 Jul 1855 at Coveville, George M. Vincent to Mary Jane Baker (colored)
  4 Sep 1855 at Schuylerville, Charles Corliss, Glens Falls to Anna Laing at Jonathan Howlands
19 Oct 1855 at Victory Mills, C. H. Crane , Indiana to Emoline Marshall at T. J. Marshalls
16 Oct 1856 at Schuylerville House, Daniel M. Champlin to Betsey A. Brown both of Glens Falls
22 Oct 1856 at Schuylerville, Charles F. Walker, Ticonderoga to Mrs, Olivia Hooker of Schuylerville
12 Jan 1857 at Coveville, Simon Knickerbocker of Schaghticoke to Florence A. Somes
?? ??? 1857 in Saratoga Town, Truman G. Babbett of Glens Falls to Caroline A. Williams
  7 Apr 1857 at parsonage, Edward White of Easton to Ann McMurray of Victory Mills
18 Apr 1857 at parsonage, Leonard W. Tingue to Margaret Kelly of Cambridge
21 Apr 1857 Marcus T. Buck, Front Royal, Va to Libbie A. Cramer, Schuylerville at James Cramers
  7 May 1857 at Coveville, Stephen L. Bratt, Stillwater to Julia Ann Brazier of Coveville

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