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                                SARATOGA COUNTY, NEW YORK  
Extracted by Jere Hagadorn from County Historian records.
  In a letter the Rev.Mr. Drummond is introduced as a spiritual guide for the Schuylers at
Saratoga, he was ordained in Scotland.  This meeting house stood 1/3 mile south of Fish
Creek fork of River Road and the Victory Road.  This old Dutch Church was built in 1771.
It was here after the services of April 30, 1775, the people of the neighborhood heard from
the lips of Gen Schuyler, the news of Lexington and Concord.  This was also used as a
British Hospital, and in this church a young lady sitting by a north window was shot by an
American Sharp Shooter and her blood stained the floor as long as the church stood.  This
church was damaged several days later by several cannon balls shot from British
batteries.  It was afterwards used as a commissionary depot.  It was re-organized after the
war and for the first time stoves were put in.  The church was taken down in 1822.
First list of members of the church (this I haven't copied completely as given) G.V. From
1790 on into 1880's.
June 1790   Cornelius VanVeghten from Dom. Frelinghousen's Church
Anneortie Knickerbooker his wife from Doct. Westerlo Ch.
Peter Decker and his wife Annortie Acker from Dioct, Westerlo Ch.
James Brisbin from Doct. Westerlo Ch.
Jesse Toll and wife, Mary Viele from Dom, Bunscoten Ch.
James Abeel and wife Abbitie VanBuren
Carruth Brisbin from Westerlo Ch.
Nelly Whitaker wife of James Swart from Dom, Monsaus Ch.
Abraham Low from Dom, Doll Ch.
Lewis Williams and wife Rebeccah Delamater from Doct. Mason's Ch.
Hannah Stringham from Ref. Dt. Ch. Of W. Case
Mariah Smith, her daughter
Robert Eaton and wife Elizabeth Curry from Rev. R. Sinclair in Ireland
Sarah Toll wife of Stephen Viele from Dom, Bunscoten Ch.
Margaret Carruth wife of James Brisbin
Margaret Brisbin wife of Conrad Cramer
Deborah Staats wife of John Graham from Doct. Westerlo
6 Jan 1791 Isaac Van Arnum and wife, Elizabeth from Rev. John Bassett
3 Jun 1791 Timothy Bloodworth and wife, Mary by certificate from Rev. H. Porter in Mass.
Hannah wife of William Angle
Caty wife of Sidney Berry
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Thompson
All by certificate from Rev. Bond in New Jersey
2 Sep 1791 Lewis Williams Jr and wife Sarah Knapp
Elizabeth Rogers wife of T. Clemens
Sally Steenbarck wife of Jacob Hicks
Elizabeth Milligan wife of E. Place
Mary Riddell wife of Jacob Dannalds
4 Dec 1791 Thomas Williams
Peter Johnston
4 Mar 1792 Hannah Arnold
Mary Rouse wife of Thomas Williams
25 May 1792 Elize VanVachten wife of Samuel Smith, pastor of ye place
Lucy Windalow wife of Oliver Warren
22 Feb1793 Ebenezer Loomis
24 May 1793 Jacob VanSchaick
?aria Abtill wife of Garrett C. Lansing
21 Feb 1794 Jane Prooser wife of James Milligan Jr
5 Dec 179? William Frasher
4 Sep 1796 Ruth David wife of Benjamin Guiles
29 Dec 1799 Walter DeRidder
John McDowell Jr
John VanDerwerker and wife Jane Sybrandt
Abraham Marshall
Johanna Hatfield widow of Charles Gilchrist
10 May 1800 Mary wife of John Smyth excluded and restored by Rev. Robert McDowell
 7 Nov 1801   Widow, Mary Gears excluded and restored by Rev. Winslow
28 May 1803   Catherine Zabriskie wife of Walter VanVeghten by certificate from Dom, Romine V.D.M.
Martha Hugh wife of David Bowen by cert. From Henry George, minister of Brynberian of
   the Prinicpality of Wales
28 Jun 1806 Hezekiah Turner and Christina Timmerman by certificate received from Prot. Dt. Ch.
James Livingstone and daughter Mary by cert. From Prot. Ch. Johnstown
31 Mar 1810 Pheobe Whiteside wife of Dr. Bryant bt cert. From Assn of Ref. Ch. Of Cambridge
12 Jul 1817 Abigail King wife of Andrew Johnston cert. From Williamstown
John Thompson and wife, Elizabeth VanDerwerken by cert. From Moreau
19 Jul 1818 Catherine Livingstone widow of late Mr. Henry
10 Oct 1818 Eleanor McCready, widow of Carruth Brisbin and Jane McCrea, her daughter by cert.
    from Ref. Association in Lisbon, St Lawrence Co
16 feb 1819 John Reddington by cert. From New Rhinebook
John Sullivan and wife Eunice Lamb and Electa Lamb from Stillwater Ch.
Susan wife of Ira Lawrence from Ch. At Rottersham
28 May 1803 Catherine Wendell wife of Herman VanVeghten
Abraham Van Deusen
26 Nov 1803 Daniel Lindsay and wife, Martha McDowell
Miss Mary Brisbin, daughter of John Brisbin
10 Jun 1804 Jane Ross wife of Nichols Palmer
Tina Wendell wife of John Joredon
 5 Jan 1805 Margaret VanDerwerken wife of Matthew De Garmo
 9 Jan 1805 Elizabeth McDowell wife of David Lindsay
Lydia Peterson wife of Levi Daget
Mrs. Wilson
12 Jan 1806 Nicholas W. Angle and wife Catherine Thomas
James J. Brisbin
Annatie VanDenbergh wife of Albert VanDerwerken
28 Jun 1806 John Joredon
Sally Sybrandt wife of Evert Clute
Anna Wickham wife of William Sutfin
Hette Hanylem? Wife of Grover Bud?
30 May 1807 Will Sutfin
Maria Winney wife of Martinus VanDerwerker my rev Ancestors (G.V.)
Andrew Johnson and wife Susannah, she baptised May 31
26 Jun 1819 Elizabeth Wood from Ch. In Lansingburgh
Catherine widow of Cornelius Schemmerhorn from Ref. Ch. Argyle
May 1820 Leah Burdett widow of Edward Day
Richard Day and wife Pheobe Duryee from New York City ch.
13 Oct 1820 Joseph Kelso and wife Jame from Ref. Dut. Ch. Cambridge
Elizabeth Mandeville (woman of color) from R. D. C. Albany
 2 Mar 1821 David Ring and wife Rebecca Fraligh
Gertrude Pells wife of Philip Ring from R. D. Ch. Poughkeepsie
 5 Jan 1822 Mrs.----------Berger from R. D. C. Of Argyle
May 1825 John Clute and Alida his wife by certificate from Bought Ch.
25 Nov 1825 Samuel Mott and wife Emily by certificate from Stillwater
 9 Jan 1808 Rachel Harris wife of Joseph Hawkins and Rachel Hawkins
 9 Jul 1808 Elizabeth Todd wife of E. Leonard
29 Oct 1808 James Marshall
Abigail wife of Benjamin Hillman
10 Jun 1809 Samuel Marshall and wife Phoebe Benjamin. She baptised June 11
14 Oct 1809 Samuel Hagadorn
Margaret Brisbin wofe of Daniel Paine
Hannah Clemens wife of James Marshall
31 Mar 1810 Solomon Smith and wife Tamar Platt
Betsey Smith, their daughter, who was baptised
Abraham P. Waldron and wife Hannah Christenance
23-24 Jun 1810 John Christenance
John Bell
Miria Benganius wife of John B. Bell
Vine Davis widow of Jonnothan Van Tassell
Clarissa Thomas wofe of Binai Noroross
  Nelly Wilcox wife of Daniel Bull, baptised by Mr. Smith
25 Oct 1810 Mercy Wilcox wife of Joseph Wright
Sally Smith wife of Thomas Carpenter, Jr
10 Oct 1810 Polly Wilde wife of John Christenance
Penny Peacock wife of Samuel VanTassell, baptised Oct 30
Sally Sandford wife of Samuel Pery
Mary Wendell wife of Samuel Bushee
 5 Jan 1822 Wintie VanVeghten
27 Apr 1811 Joseph Waight (received on confession and baptism)
Laura Wilcox wife of John Mott
Lodovicus Viele and Anna Pruim, wife
Polly Brisbin
Pheobe Van Tuyl
Sarah Brisbin
Henry Chapman
14 Sep 1811 Elizabeth M. Brown wife of Nathaniel Ketchum, baptised
Margaret Cornwell wife of Thomas Esmond
Levi Dagget
Jonathan Carr
Catherine Waldron
Susannah Ackerman wife of Abraham Haugedorn by baptism
Mary Hill wife of Moses VanCleek
Rebecca Brewer wife of William T. Tice baptised
Catherine DeRidder
Mary Force, baptised
Catherine Brewer wife of John Carr
Lucy Spencer wife of Joseph Bione
Matthew DeGarmo
Received by baptism
10 May 1812 Sarah Esmond
Martha Cooper
Julian Cooper
Eunice Copeland
Synthia Hoskins, widow of John Carr
Polly wife of Stephen Olney by certificate from Moreau
13 Mar 1818 Mary See wife of Livinius Winnie
25 Sep 1813 Moses Johnston
Elizabeth Viele
12 Mar 1814 Jonas Olmstead
10 Mar 1816 Sally Slocum wife of James Brisbin, Jr
27 Jul 1816 Simeon Becknell, baptism
Mary Stafford wife of H. Green
Mary Dumont wife of Thomas Laing
Elizabeth Rob wife of John Laing
 1 Feb 1817 Rachel Smith wife of J. VanDerwerker
Deborah Norton wife of  --------Bassett, baptism
Ellen Lindsey
John Laing
12 Jul 1817 Margaret Vacon wife of Reed Lewis, baptism
  Jul 1817 Damascia Force wife of Dr. Hiers, baptism
28 Jan 1818 John McDowell, baptism
10 Oct 1819 Maria Viele
26 Jun 1819 Laura Lawrence wife of C. Cramer, baptim
19 Nov 1819 Eve Toll
  Sally Miller wife of John Copeland, baptism
10 Mar 1820 Eleanor Hambley wife of J. Mott
  Mary Frasier with of Dr. J. Smith
  Cloe Williams
  William Williams
  Mary Thorn
  Rebecca West
  Abigail Rowland wife of L. Pope
  Huldah Kingsley wife of Jedediah Beckwith
  Ira Lawrence
  Ann wife of Derrick Sutfin
  Recbecca Low wife of Henry Grange
  Mary Struts wife of William T. Snyder
  Hugh Groosbeck
  All received by baptism
13 Oct 1820 Tunis Swart
  Martha Frances wife of Joseph Hatch
  Catherine Concklin widow of Mr. Williams
  Mary Brisbin
  Dolly Brooks
  Elizabeth Ripley
  Sarah Thompson (colored)
 5 Jan 1822 Wintie VanVeghten and wife Alida VanDerbergh
  Walter DeRidder
  Dorcas VanDerwerker wife of Peter Wendell
  Marie Strover and Esther Meeks by baptism
20 Dec 1822 Henry Hamm and wife
  Electa Gilmore, baptism
  James Braibin Payne
 3 Feb 1824 William Cramer, baptism
  Mrs. ---------Becker
2 Apr 1824 Beuben Billings, baptism
  Benjamin Harper and Nancy Angel wife, baptism
  Henrietta Perry
21 May 1824 Mary Carter wife of Eli Granger
  Dr. Oliver Brisbin
  Ira Haywood
  Sarah Marshall wife of W. Utely
  Mary Utely wife of Stephen Shuman
  Anzuletta Ball
  Deborah Bibbins wife of H. Coller
  Elizabeth Fonda
  Cornelia VanDeusen
  Hannah Comstock
  Betsey Tift wife Ebenezer Higgins
 May 1825 Taylor Lewis
  Rebecca Clute
  Hannah VanSchaick and Sylie VanSchaick (women of color)
 25 Nov 1825 Ann Morgan wife of Mr. Moe, baptism
14 May 1826 Dorcas Tift wife of Frances Winnie, baptism
  Puella Tice daughter of William T. Tice, baptism
24 Nov 1826 Ebenezer Higgins and Jeremiah Rose Slocum, baptism
  Catherine and Sally Marshall
  Rebecca Evertsen by certificate from Northumberland Ch.
 May 1827 Mary Richardson received from Northumberland Ch.
29 May 1830 Mary Dorr wife of Rev. H. M. Boyd
10 Jul 1831 Pheobe Marshall
 4 Nov 1831 Herman VanVeghten
  Harlow Lawrence
  Margret Thorn
  Susan DeRidder
  Nancy Marshall
  Jane Benjamin
  Mary Stewart wife of John Kennedy from Anti-Bergher Ch. At Cambridge
29 Jan 1832 Daniel Pains and wife Sally Brisbin from Fort Mille Ch.
  Catherine Abeel, Eleanor Abeel
  Harriet Atkins wife of Thomas Marshall
  Samuel VanVeghten
19 May 1832 Marta VanSchaick wife of Simon DeRidder
  Mary Ball
  Cornelius DeRidder
  Simon Brewer
9 Sep 1832 Lydia Maria Bassett, baptism
 9 Dec 1832 Eliza Ann Howard wife of Mayo Pond, baptism
  Jane Abeel wife of Winant VanDenbergh, baptism
  Margaret Richardson
15 Mar 1833 Sanders Lansing
  Margaret McKie wife of William Wilcox

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