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Extracted by Jere Hagadorn from County Historian records.
Dec 26, 1795 Abraham VanVeghten Esq, was requested to fill a bill in Chancery against Abraham
  Yates to oblige him to give over or declare the contents of a deed for 100 acres
  claimed to be the gift of Killian DeRidder.
Feb 8, 1797 Black cloth for 2 palls (coffin covers) was purchased. 
Mar 17, 1797 Palls were finished, they were to be used by members of the congregation free of
charge, but when loaned to those outside the limits of the congregation a fee of
fifty cents was to be charged for the great pall and a quarter of a dollar for the small
one.  They were to be kept at Col. VanVeghtens as he lives in the central situation.
To prevent jealousy, the Elders and Deacons are to be set in their respective pews
those oldest in office at the Head and so on in order according to time in office.
Aug 24, 1798 Col, VanVeghten asked to be excused from being an Elder as the question of raising
  the ministers salary was to be voted on and it was not a proper question for him to vote
on for the minister was his son in law,
Sep 13, 1802 The name of Herman VanVeghten appears as clerk.
Feb 23, 1803 The Consistory resolved that Mr Zabriskie be requested to preach the following Sun.
and ordained the new consistory.
May 1, 1803 Was the last meeting presided at by Col. VanVeghten, his name does not appear in
the records after this date.
May 2, 1834 Dismissed Samuel VanVeghten to Ref. Ch, Albany.
Dec 17, 1835 Committee to ask Herman VanVeghten and wife Wyncke, why they had absented
  themselves from public services.
Feb 5, 1836 Herman VanVeghten ordered to appear before the consistory and explain his conduct.
Aug 4, 1837 Dismissed Daniel McFarland and Martha.
Apr 29, 1837 Received Daniel McFarland and Martha.
Apr 1, 1848 Received Mrs Ann VanVeghten by letter from the Ref. Ch, Albany.
Jul 3, 1852 Received John Matthews and wife, Anna.
History of Saratoga County and Biography (Page 192)
The reorganization of the Dutch Reformed Church after the Revolution took place in
1789, at which time it was resolved the sermons to be delivered in English instead of
Dutch as hereto.
In 1792, 50 acres was purchased in northern part of village for a parsonage.
In 1821, it was decided to erect two churches, one at Schuylerville and one at
Bacon Hill.
In 1822 the old historic Church was torn down and the material used to build a new one
in the village. This was destroyed by fire in 1831, and was replaced by a stone edifice
which proved too small and the present brick edifice was built.  This was in 1856.

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