"The Swan cemetery is located in the northernwest part of town, in school district no 12 on east side of hte highway running in a northerly direction from Rock City Falls, and near farm onwed by J Emigh. The foregoing comprise all of the inscriptions found. November 28, 1876." [Durkee Epitaphs]

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Surname First Name

Inscriptions from stones

Emigh John died May 27, 1857 age 70 yrs  
Emigh Caroline Died March 3, 1854 46 yrs  
Mcomher Susan wife of P& H died Sept 10, 1831 37th yr  
Stebbins Maria wife of Chester died May 26, 1833 41 st yr  
Swan Martha Wife of Joshua died aug 5, 1831 age 85 yrs 11 months 11 days  
Swan Isaac M son of joshua and martha died mar 26, 1797 18th yr  
Swan Adam Died Feb 5, 1835 age 66yrs 7 months 6 days  
Williams Louis A Daughter of elizabeth & B died dec 28, 1829 10 months 3 days
Williams Luke died august 30, 1810 age 25 yrs  
Williams Andrew died dec 35, 1854 age 40 yrs  

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