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Records of Christ Church (Episcopal)

Ballston Spa, New York
Volume One (1793 - 1853)


(See also other files of Baptisms, and of Confirmations, Deaths/Funerals, and Marriages.)

page 1

A Register of the Communicants (about 1797)
[In the Old Church at Ballston.] (Transcriber's note: entered in a different hand.)

Henry Walton, Matilda Walton, Thomas Smith,
Rebecca Smith, Jesse Smith Senr., Martha Smith,
Jesse Smith Junr, Phoebe Smith, Ezekiel Horton,
A ?? Wells, Mary Wells, Thomas Smith,		 
Julietta Smith, Widow Warner, Thaddeus Betts, 
Anna Betts, Thaddeus Scrivener, Lydia Scrivener, 
Elisha Miller, Sarah Morris, Levi Benedict, Eliz(abe)th Benedict,
Samuel Hollister, Elizabeth Hollister, Daniel Star, Susan Star,
James Mann, Will'm Shepherd, Chas Benedict, Mary Benedict,
Dan'l Nobles, Mary Nobles, Evan Davis, Edm'd Jennings, _______ Jennings,
Adolphus Mann, ________ Mann, Wilmot Miller, ________ Miler, ________ ?? 
Joshua Blower, Eliz'th Blower, Eliz. Dibble, Salmon Tryon, Tryphena
Man, Isaac Scrivener, Marg't Scrivener, Thomas Bettis, Widow Thatcher
Eupheme Van Kirk.  [Entered by Ammi Rogers!]  (Transcriber's note: in same hand as above.]

page 28
Communicants of Christ Church
		Ballston Spa June 1820

(Transcriber's note:  The persons whose names appear below were obviously 
alive at the time the original list was made, but it seems apparent that 
it was made before June 1820, and notations were made beside their names
on other later unspecified dates, perhaps when the list was revised.)

Joshua B. Aldridge	(dead)
Priscilla Aldridge	(died in 1839)
Joshua Blower		(Departed this life 15th Augt 1810)
Elizabeth Blower	(dead)
Huldah Burr		(departed this life Nov. 3rd 1822)
Harriet Bridges
Levi Benedict		(Removed)
Eliza Benedict		   "
Wallace Crawford	(Removed)
______ Crawford		(Removed)
John Crawford		(dead)
Daniel Crawford		(gone)
J_____tha Clark		(removed)
Eleanor Dexter		(departed this life June 11th 1820)
John Highby
Margaret Hammel		(Removed)
Edmund Jenings		(dead)
Ann Langworthy		(removed)
James Mann
Triphena Mann
Electa Mann
Thomson Maxwell		(removed)
_______ Maxwell		(removed)

Page 29

Daniel Noble		(removed)
Mary Noble		(removed)
Eunice Maria Noble	(Married to Thomas Smith Jr. Died July 31 1843.)
Josiah Pulling		(removed)
Jesse Smith 		(Dead)
Phebe Smith		(Died in April 1842)
Thomas Smith		(Died Aug. 1836.)
Jonathan Smith		(dead)
Catherine Smith		(Removed)
Edward Smith		(Removed
Daniel Smith 		(Withdrawn)
Willm Smith		(Removed to Charlton)
Anna Smith		(Removed)
Sally Smith		(Removed)
Lucinda Smith
Daniel Starr
James Smith		(Dec'd July 1839)
Elcie Ten Eyck
Susan White
Wright 		(crossed through)
Winton			(departed this life)
Ann M. Anspach June 1 1820 (Removed)

Page 30
Thomas Palmer 		(Removed 1833)
Mary Palmer		(Dead)
Thomas Smith Junr
Amelia Jack
Sally Ann Smith
Mary Comstock		(Removed)
Hanah Crawford		(Removed)
Eliakim	_____		(Obitt)
Adolphus Mann		(dead)
  X Mann		(removed)
Eunice Cook		(dead)
Mary Wilcox		(removed)
Wheeler			(Belong to Charlton)
Nancy Smith		(Removed)
Betsy Parker		(Removed)
Epenetus White  	(Withdrawn) (dead)
Rhoba Barnum
Jane Star		(dead)
Esther Winton		(dead)
Betsey McMasters
John Smith		(Died in 1839)
Nancy Smith		(Obeit)

Page 31
Nehemiah Barlow		(Removed to the West)
Orinda Barlow		(	"	)
_______Cross		(dead)
Betsey Kurley
William Gates		(removed)
Elizabeth Crawford	(Removed)
Ezekiel Orton
_______ Orton
Isaac Talmadge		(died Nov 9, 1842)
Eunice Talmadge
Hellen Bradley
Patience Lee
Alice Wadell		(Removed)
Mrs. Morehouse
John Burr		(Dead)
Mrs. Gates		(Removed)
Lucy Swan		(Suspended
Ann Swan		(Removed)
Abigail VanNess
Jonathan Talmadge	(Dead 1830)		
Hannah Talmadge		(Died 1840)
Eunice Loomis		(Removed)
Mary Lobdell		(Lives at Albany) (dead)

Page 32

Wed: Hannah ________
Mrs. Caroline Salisbury
Miss Margaret Barlow
Mrs. Lucy K. Otis
Mrs. Mary Babcock

Mrs. Burnet
Mrs. Fanny Ranson (Died Feb. 1, 1842)
Mr. Davis
Mrs. Davis
Rufus Davis (son)

Mrs. Col. Young
Orian (a colored woman)
Mrs. Kingman
Mr. Peter Hayes
Wm Smith (from England)

Mr. Martin Freeman
Rebecca Freeman    (colored persons)

Miss Spencer
Mrs Mary Arnold
Mrs. Sarah Watrous
Miss Susan Watrous
Mrs. Amy Hayes
Mrs. Caroline S Ball	(died in 1837)
Miss Phebe Crawford	(died 1831)
Daniel B. Crawford

Mrs. Mrs. Foot (Betsey)
Mrs. Johnson (Lydia) withdrawn
Mrs. Phebe Burgess  (removed to Ohio)
Miss Susan Kingman

Dec. 25
Mrs. Wey
Mrs. Merrick  (died in 1840)
Mrs. Munson
Mr. Thompson  (Died in 1836)

Page 33
Mrs. Selena Ford
Miss Mary Banister
Sarah Peckham
Miss Seeger
Mrs. Pratt, Now Mrs. Harris Caroline
Mrs. Morse
Mrs. Julia Ann Bennett
Mr. Joseph Leavens
Mrs. Willcox
Mrs. Russell
Mrs. Wisow Van Ness
Miss Cynthia Hine (died July 25 1838)
Miss Sophia Kidd

Christmas 1834
Mary Ann Childs
Ruth Wilson ( removed in 1840)
Ezekiel W. Arnold
Doct. Samuel Freeman (Removed in 1840)
Lucretia Booth
Elizabeth Ann Taylor	|
Eli Barnum		|  Received,
James Mann, Jr.		}  Easter 1834.
George Stacy		|
Mary Ann Smith		|
Catherine Bradley
John Patterson
James W. Horton
Malvina Taylor

Sarah Jane Beattie (?)
Juliann Millin
Mr. Winthrop
Miss Armitage

Mary Ann Benedict
Mrs. Stone

Page 34
Oran G. Otis Esq.

Received, Christmas 1836
Andrew Watrous
Elizabeth Hatch  (died Apl 1843.
Hannah Burns	(died 1837)
Mrs. Patterson
Mrs. Johnson (of Ireland)

1837, Feb.
John VanNess

Easter, March 26
John Benedict (Died in May 1843)
Sarah Richards
Phebe Richards
Jeremiah Mann
Mrs. Burns (Suspended)
Mrs. Horton

1837, Xtms:
William Gates
Mrs. Gates (wife)  
Daniel Cook Died 1839
Mr. Barbor (Eng.) Removed to Charlton
Mary Ann Burnett, died May 27, 1842
Mrs. Jane Ann Manning

Whitsunday, 1838
Mrs. West
Cynthia Smith  (died Dec. 15 1843)

July 29
Mrs. Barber  (Removed to Charlton)
Mrs. Coon
David Richards
Ellen Patterson
Mrs. Dr. Freeman

Received, since Nov 1, 1838
Mrs. Francis McMaster (died Aug 1844)
Adeline Wright
Mrs.	Fowler
Mrs.	Gates
William Mann
Mrs. Mann
Hannah Richards
Lydia Richards
Mary Rebecca Smith
Nancy Maria Smith

Page 35
Mrs. Howard
James Stewart
Mrs. Stewart (wife)

Since October 1, 1841
Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Augusta Thompson
Mrs. Mary E. Clark
Seth Richards	(died May 1843) 

Since Oct 1, 1841
Mrs. Nibbard
Mrs. Charlotte Booth
Miss Rebecca McCabe  (Galway Now Mrs. Woods)
J. W. Taylor
Mrs. Hall
Mr. Lowery
Mrs. Lowery
Eliza Clark
Miss Martha Ann Peckham

Since Oct. 1, 1842
Mrs. Alicia Wakeman
Mrs. Lucy Scott
Mrs. Schuyler
Miss Schuyler
Mr. Neal
Madison Young
Theodore Babcock
Harry Smith (Gone to Charlton)

Since Oct. 1843
Squire Burnett
Mrs. Sarah M. Kelly
Mrs. Bradley
Mrs. Millam

Page 36

Mrs. Mary T. Gates
Miss Elizabeth Prescott (Removed)
Mrs. Emeline Betts
Miss Charlotte Young
Miss Helen Clark
Miss Francis Tallmadge
    Mary Moore

A Revised list of the Communicants of Christ Church 
Ballston Spa, made for my successor Easter 1845
(for G. J. Geer's List See another part of the Register)

James Mann			Eunice Tallmadge
Triphena Mann			Abigail Van Ness
Electa Mann			Mary Van Ness
James Mann			William Gates
Daniel Starr			Mrs. Gates (his wife)
Phebe Starr			Catharine Bradley
Harriet Bridges			Susan Coon
Susan White			Mrs. Morehouse
Lucinda Smith (widow)		Hannah Peckham
Amelia Jack			Sarah Peckham
Betsey McMaster			Mrs. S. Young
Thomas Smith			Charlotte Young
Eli Barnum			Susan Watrous
Rhody Barnum			Betsey Foote
Patience Lee			Lucretia Booth
Helen Bradley			Salina Ford
Betsey Keersley			Mary Babcock
Mrs. Amy Wright			John Henry Babcock

Page 37

Julia A. Beach			M. Rebecca Smith
Sophia Kidd			Nancy M. Smith
John Patterson			James Stewart
Ellen Patterson			Mrs. Jane Stewart
James W. Horton			Augusta Thompson
Abba Horton			Mary E. Clark
Mrs. Fowler			Mrs. Nibbard	(residing in			
Widow Mann			Rebecca Woods		Galway)
Sarah Richards			Mr. Lowry	(residing in
Phebe Richards			Mrs. Lowry		Milton)
Hannah Richards			Alicia Wakeman
Lydia Peck			Martha Ann Peckham
Mrs. Wilson			Lucy Scott
Sarah M. Kelly			Widow Bradley
Mrs. Schuyler			Mrs. William
Miss Schuyler			Mary T. Gates
Emeline Betts			Helen Clark
Squire Burnett			Mrs. Burnett
Francis Tallmadge		Mrs. Mary Moore
Henry Holland
Mary Holland

(Transcriber's note:  The list continues in a different hand.)

William Smith			Theodore Babcock
Sally Ann Smith			Charles Babcock
Miss Seiger			Francis Smith (Susp.)
Mrs. Fuller			Mrs. Smith
Mr. Brotherson (susp)		Added (G.J.G.)
Added (G.J.G.)			Wheeler (?) Booth
Mary Jane Van Ness		Isabella M. Geer
Amanda Bridges			Martyn Lowry		
Elisa Stewart			Arthur (?) Stafford
Mrs. Sarah Ann Boss		Mrs. Nancy Richards
				Mrs. Elisa Brown
				Hannah Mary Westcott
				Jane C. Schuyler
				Margaret Van Ness
				Mrs. Emeline White

Page 97

Communicants of Christ Church Ballston Spa, 
at the resignation of Rev. G.J. Geer, left for his successor, 
Dec. 11, 1852.

James Mann			Mrs. Emeline Betts
Electa Mann			Squire Burnett
James Mann Jr.			Frances Talmadge
Daniel C. Starr			Mary Rebecca Smith
Phebe Starr			Nancy M. Smith
Harriet Bridges			James Stewart
Susan White			Miss J. Stewart
Lucinda Smith			Augusta Thompson
Amelia Jack			Mary E. Clark
Betsey McMaster			Mr. Lowry
Thomas Smith			Mrs. Lowry
Eli Barnum			Mrs. Alicia Wakeman
Rhoby Barnum			Mrs. Lucy Scott
Patience Lee			Mrs. Milham
Betsey K___sely			Mary T. Gates
Eunice Talmadge			Mrs. Burnett
Abigail Van Ness		Mrs. Mary Moore
Mary Van Ness			Frances Smith (Suspended)
Wm. Gates			John Brotherson (Suspended)
Catharine Bradley		William Smith
Susan Coon			Sally Ann Smith
Mrs. Moorehouse			Mrs. Fuller
Hannah Peckham			Mary Jane Van Ness
Sarah Peckham			A_______ Bridges
Mrs. Col. Young (Sarah)		Mrs. Elisa Wheeler
Lucretia Booth			Mrs. Sarah Ann Bass
Salina Ford			Wheeler K. Booth
Mary Babcock			Mrs. Nancy Richards
John Henry Babcock		Miss Elisa Brown
Mrs. Julia A. Beach		Hannah Mary Westcott
John Patterson			Mrs. Robt. McMaster
Helen Patterson			Margaret Van Ness
Mrs. Caroline Fowler		Mrs. Emeline White
Miss Sarah Richards		Mrs. Julia E. Horton
Miss Phebe Richards		Mrs. Christie
Miss Hannah Richards		Miss JOnes
Miss Lydia Peck			Mary Mann
Mrs. Wilson			Mrs. Jane Brown (colored)
				Miss ____ Van Ness
				Mrs. Terril

Page 98

Mr. Terril
Miss Kelly
Miss Elisabeth Arthur Bud (Reed?)
Giles Humlin
Mrs. E. N. Babcock
Miss Beth___ Payne
Frances Malvina Bass
Mr. John Lee
Jane Morrison
Mrs. Chas Carpenter
Mrs. Susannah Litch
Mrs. Johanna Hawkins
Miss Melissa Smith
Miss P. Ann Smith

John Richards
W. Gates Fuller
Jane A. Babcock		

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