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Hill Cemetery

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Hill Cemetery is located in the Town of Saratoga, on the west side of County Route 67, about midway between the intersections of County Route 67 & Wagman's Ridge Road, and County Route 67 & Caldwell Road. It is set back from the road several hundred feet, north of the old brick farmhouse, and directly south of the barn. Inscriptions were copied May 1877 and recorded in C.E. Durkee's Epitaphs of Saratoga County, volume 4, pages 177-180. Three later inscriptions, for Melville and Jonathan & Sally Hill, were recorded October 1993, and added to Durkee's list, which follows:

(SEE also Hill Cemetery entries in the Stillwater Baptist Church record book.)

Hill Sally Elizabeth d Mar 29, 1832 ae 10m 26d Dau of Jonathan & Sally
Hill Elizabeth R. d July 31, 1850 ae 13y 1m Dau of Jonathan & Sally
Hill Aaron d Sep 18, 1827, 72nd yr
Hill Hannah d Oct 28, 1823, 61st yr Wife of Aaron
Hill Asa d Sep 30, 1812, 32nd yr
Hill Nathan d June 18, 1834, 57th yr
Hill Sally d May 20, 1824, 47th yr Wife of Nathan
Wright Deborah d Aug 26, 1871, 79th yr Wife of Reuben
Hill Sylvia d Aug 17, 1831, 28th yr, 2nd Wife of Nathan
Clute Nicholas d Oct 31, 1843, 65th yr
Clute Cynthia d Apr 21, 1857, 69th yr Wife of Nicholas
Hill Martha M. d June 28, 1844, 34th yr Wife of Lewis
Hill Lydia d Jan 29, 1864, ae 66ys Wife of Robert S.
Hill Robert d Nov 18, 1852, ae 59ys
Hill Clement d Dec 20, 1833 ae 25ys Son of Ezra & Rebecca (broken several pieces)
Howland Cordelia d Oct 7, 1844 ae 2y 1m 2d Dau of Cortland & Joann
Howland Cortlandt d Sep 17, 1838 ae 1y 7m 15d Son of Cortlandt & Joanna
Howland Lydia Jane d Mar 18, 1841 ae 10m 13d Dau of Cortlandt & Joanna
Perkins James Clark d Dec 17, 1842 ae 4y 7m 17d Son of Martin B. & Emily
Hill Jonathan b Jan 8, 1796 - no date of death (large monument, fallen over)
Hill Sally Oct 11, 1801 - Jan 8, 1880 (large monument, fallen over)
Hill Melville d Nov 10, 1891 ae 67yrs 5mos Co 82 Michigan Cal.

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