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The following links contain transcriptions of gravestone inscriptions and/or of lists of burials for either a single cemetery or a group of cemeteries located in the indicated town within Saratoga County. Each of these files contain or are linked to an introduction explaining the method(s) used by the volunteer(s) gathering the information presented. In some cases the entire cemetery may have been revisited; in others, previous efforts may have been reworked. You'll notice also that some cemeteries are presented in more than one list: you may wish to compare and contrast their contents for differences in interpretation of some of the marginally legible stones.

Frequently mentioned is the previous work of Cornelius Emerson Durkee.   The introduction to his work is transcribed HERE .

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the only cemeteries in Saratoga County! These are only the ones for which we have obtained or constructed computer files. We know there are many, many more to do yet. For a more complete list click HERE .

I am adding a link on each cemetery list to a locator map, provided by This locator map will open in a new window superimposed over the existing page, and after the map is loaded the symbol will appear to indicate the location of the cemetery.

In all cases, we welcome any information you may wish to offer on the work presented here. Saratoga NYGenWeb volunteers are trying to compile listings for as many cemeteries in the county as we can. Many other cemeteries are being worked on and will be added here as they are completed. If you have any information to offer us or wish to volunteer your services for this effort, please contact Lynn E. Calvin . We have a list of those cemeteries in progress and it would make sense to keep duplication of effort to a minimum. (Note: Don't forget to check our list of Lookup Volunteers for those who have personal copies of some Saratoga County cemeteries and will do look ups for you.)

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When utilizing these cemetery lists it should be recognized that a variety of persons have recorded this information. Some of these persons collected this information many years ago and, while the individual transcriptions are usually accurate, they may not have included all of the burials or all the gravestones in a particular cemetery. This may be due to personal biases of the transcriber as in the case of Cornelius Durkee, who neglected to transcribe inscriptions on the stones of (among others) the Irish and other Catholics, young children and stillborns. More recent transcription projects have been able to supplement older records but may not be as accurate due to the deterioration of the gravestones through weathering, vandalism or other factors. In the time between visits to a given cemetery, some remains and/or corresponding gravestones have for various reasons been removed to other cemeteries, and while some of those movements are documented, others are discovered only by chance or by direct comparison of these lists. Also keep in mind that gravestone transcriptions will only help you find marked graves, and there are unmarked graves in every cemetery. Interment records frequently only exist for more recent and larger cemeteries and may not be totally complete. While we believe that the transcriptions displayed here are generally accurate, Heritage Hunters has not verified each and every transcription in these lists. Accordingly, while we want these transcriptions to assist you in your research, you may best continue your research by comparing various lists, by locating corroborating information such as vital records, obituaries, funeral home and church records, and by visiting these cemeteries yourself to evaluate the accuracy of the information available here. When errors and additional information are discovered, please let us know so that we can correct the information presented on our web site.

Town of Ballston

Town of Charlton

Town of Clifton Park

Town of Corinth

Town of Day

Town of Day Cemeteries

Town of Edinburg
(see also the Town's website )

Town of Galway

Town of Greenfield

Town of Hadley

Town of Halfmoon

Town of Malta

City of Mechanicville


FindaGrave database (offsite)

gravestone inscriptions and photographs.


Cemetery Lot Owners Map (undated)

lot map and index.

Town of Milton

Town of Moreau

Winch transcription ca. 1961

Bixby transcription 2004

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Surnames A - B

Surnames D - J

Surnames C - D

Surnames K - M

Surnames E - F

Surnames N - Z

Surnames G - H


Surnames I - J - K


Surnames L


Surnames M


Surnames N - O


Surnames P - Q - R


Surnames S


Surnames T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z

Winch transcription ca. 1961

Bixby transcription 2004


Surnames A - D


Surnames E - K


Surnames L - R


Surnames S - Z

Town of Northumberland

Town of Providence

Town of Providence Cemeteries

Town of Saratoga
[For an overview map of cemetery locations see HERE ]

City of Saratoga Springs

Town of Stillwater

Town of Waterford

Town of Wilton

Cemeteries in Adjacent Counties

We must realize that some Saratoga County citizens who lived near the borders of the county were buried in cemeteries in adjacent counties. We are grateful to have been offered files for some of the possible cemeteries in which you might seek ancestors.

Fulton County

For listings of stones in these cemeteries and others, visit Fulton County, NY, NYGenWeb

Warren County


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