Saratoga County, New York

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Simone's Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs NY
Surnames P through Z
Death Dates 1938 through 1988

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Surname Given Name Age Where born DOB DOD Place of Burial Place of Death Occupation Race Married Book Page or # Father Birth Place Mother Birth of Mom Spouse Charged to Nearest Relative
Paguin Eugene   Whippleville,NY 18Jan1890 15Jul1942 Mt.View,Kingston Saratoga Hospital   W   #0118              
Pallette Nicolas 81yrs Campobasso,Italy 16Nov1890 09Jan1971 St.Mary,Amsterdam Phoenix,Ariz Pres.Pallette Stone W M   Joseph Pallette   Angelia   Helen Sherman    
Pallor/Girard Joan 45yrs Glens Falls,NY 18Nov1922 26Jan1968 St. Peter's DOA Sar. Hosp Waitress W D   Stephen Pallor   Angeline Smith   Ward Polland    
Palma Carmen J.       20Nov1974 St. Peter's                        
Palmateer Sherman       14Sep1964                       Patricia Palmateer  
Palmatier Howard 29+ Schoharie,NY 17Nov1927 01Sep1957 Middleburgh,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0832              
Palmer Arthur Sidney 68yrs     20Dec1970 Dunning St 18 Newton St Baker W M   Sidney Palmer   Bessie Stone   Ruth Brown    
Palmer Mabel 68yrs   17Apr1897 16Oct1965 N.Milton Cem DOA Sar. Hospital       #1288-46           Ray Palmer  
Palmer Genevieve 49yrs Petersburgh,NY 16Dec1916 11Sep1966 St. Peter's 8 Elizabeth Ln/Home   W   #1349-47           Charles Palmer  
Palmer Kenneth A. 62yrs New Jersey 12Nov1903 22Aug1966 New Jersey Horse Haven-track   W   #1343-41           George Palmer son George Palmer
Palmetto Angelo D.       26Mar1971 St. Peter's Clearwater,FL                      
Palmetto Grace 70yrs Bois,Italy 28May1883 03Nov1953 St. Peter's 209 East Ave/Home   W   #0614              
Pannella James   Italy 05Apr1900 28Jun1946 St. Peter's NYC Cancer Inst.   W   #0227              
Papoe Ambrose G. 67yrs Austria Hungary 12Dec1891 05Jul1959 St. Peter's Gick Rd/Home   W   #0928              
Parile Anthony 85yrs Italy ??Jul1866 03Oct1951 St. Peter's Albany City Hosp   W   #0478              
Parile Mary Carmel   Italy 18Sep1866 25May1946 St. Peter's 44 Hyde St/Home   W   #0223              
Parillo Carlo 89yrs Italy 30Nov1892 09Apr1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital D&HRR Section man W M           Angeline Perferto   4daughters
Parillo Angela 91y2m2d Italy 21Feb1860 23Apr1951 St. Peter's 143 Grand Ave/Home   W   #0446              
Parillo Anthony G.   Italy 06Jan1859 09Feb1947 St. Peter's 23 S.Franklin/Home   W   #0252              
Parisi Frank 76yrs Italy 24Oct1892 20Jan1969 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Flagman RR W M   Joseph Parisi   Philomena   Maria Eraza    
Parisi Carmel         Jan1985                          
Parisi Rachel 62y11m3d Italy 17Apr1892 20Mar1955 St. Peter's DresdenStation/Home   W   #0889              
Parker Franklin William 31y0m23d Florence,S.C. 19Sep1919 12Oct1950 Mt.Hope,Florence Saratoga Hospital   W   #0421           Mrs.Roy J.Reeve  
Parsons Frank B. 66yrs Conneticut 24Mar1907 29Nov1973 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Construction,heavy epq W D           Mary,daughter    
Pasco Michael   Spain   13Sep1959 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0943              
Passede Dagmar 59yrs Sweden 10Jan1911 20Jun1970 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Domestic W M   Olsen Nelssen   Jenny Gustefsen   James Passede    
Passedo James 86yrs Mt.Vernon,NY 18Jan1899 20Jun1985 St.Peter's Saratoga Hospital Truck driver,raceway W W                
Pastor Florence Smith 71yrs     20Apr1086 Greenridge Saratoga, NY   W     Ed Smith       Robert Pastor   Roberta Sansiveri,daughter
Patten Cecelia D.   NY City 12Dec1875 17Mar1968       W     Joseph David   Mary McCarthy   John T. Patten    
Patterson James 67yrs Patterson,NJ 08May1891 03Nov1958 Maplewood 60 Beekman/Home   W   #0889             Ella Patterson,s-in-law
Peets Martin Sheldon 48y3m13d Lyon Mt.,NY 22Jun1904 05Oct1952 St. Peter's 480 1/2Broadway   W   #0546              
Pellerina Cyril   Cohoes,NY 07Jul1920 14Aug1939 St.Jos.Cohoes,NY Saratoga Lake   W   #0039              
Penders Thomas 86yrs Cohoes,NY 1865 28Sep1951 St. Agnes Cem Hudson State Hosp   W   #0475              
Penney Antoinette 89yrs     24Mar1985   Wesley N.Home                      
Penza Ralph 84y9m17d Italy 31Dec1871 18Oct1956 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0781              
Pepper Donald H. 45yrs Saratoga Springs 06Feb1922 21Feb1967 Greenridge DOA Sar.Hospital   W   #1378-10           Dorothy Pepper  
Perrelle Jennie       25Dec1945 St. Peter's Albany City Hospital   W   #0207              
Perriman Jennie M.Vreeland   Geneva,NY 16Aug1896 15Oct1951 Brookside,Geneva Albany City Hospital   W   #0480              
Perrino Anthony   Italy   08Dec1953 St. Peter's Carpenter's Inf.   W   #0621              
Perrino Mary 85y1m18d Italy   05Oct1950 St. Peter's Utica State Hosp   W   #0418              
Perry Abbie 72y6m29d Kendrew,NY 29Sep1883 20Apr1956 Rensellear Falls,NY Wilton,Shipyards   W   #0759              
Perry Alfred Francis   Glasgow,Scotland 19Sep1902 30Jul1948 St. Peter's Saratoga Lake   W   #0314              
Perry Clara 45yrs New Rochelle,NY 19Aug1918 24Sep1963 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #1173-32              
Perryman Leon Gail 62yrs   04Apr1911 05Apr1973 St. Peter's Tucson,Ariz Hosp Owner, Turkey Farm W W   Chester A.Perryman   SarraBelle Carns   Lillian Archard    
Perryman Lillian A. 61yrs New York City 13Mar1911 15Nov1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Sec. Saratoga Harness W M   Auguste Achard   Maryellen Havnor   L.Gail Perryman    
Peternell Albert       11Sep1957 St.John's,Albany,NY White House Hotel   W   #0833              
Peters Cornelius 60yrs Paterson,NJ 03Apr1900 14Aug1960 Cremated Dutch Mill Motor   W   #0998              
Peterson John Emil   Sweden 18Jun1878 02Sep1945 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Tailor for Ralph D'Aiello W   #0199             2 Sweden
Petrich Clement S. 42yrs   28Aug1906 23May1959 Middle Grove Cem Middle Grove   W   #0915              
Phillips Arthur       15Aug1964                       Wm. Becker  
Phillipson Mary   NY City   27Mar1962 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   B   #1101              
Picard Edward E.         Nov1984 St.Peter's       M                
Picard Carmella A.       31Aug1988                          
Pietruccia Margaret   Saratoga Springs 04Apr1897 16Nov1943 St. Peter's 62Oak St/Home   W   #0158              
Pietruccia Victor   Rome,Italy 03Oct1899 14Mar1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0079              
Pike Edward 65y2m9d Stoney Creek,NY 31Mar1885 11Jun1950 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0393              
Pinto Angelo J. 47y4m24d Saratoga Springs 19Oct1909 13Mar1957 St. Peter's 64 Oak St/Home   W   #0783              
Pinto Carmine   Saratoga Springs 13Mar1938 13Mar1938 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0005              
Pinto Ralph 51y5m15d Saratoga Springs 11Feb1902 26Jul1953 Greenridge 68Marvin St/Home   W   #0597              
Pinto Joseph   Italy 12Oct1810?(1910) 05Jan1939 St. Peter's 62Oak St/Home   W   #0018              
Pisctelli Frank       22Feb1985   Ellis Hospital                      
Pitts John Tilly   Mountainville,NY 28Nov1912 09Dec1940 Albany Rural Globerson Crns   W   #0074              
Place Richard   Queens 1926 24Nov1983 St. Peter's Rt.29 Gen.Foods Supervisor W M       Ann Rivett   Therresa Martell   1son. 2daughters
Plasay George J. 67yrs Randolph,PA 18Dec1915 11Dec1983 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Mechanic S-P Garage W S   Mark Plasay   Mary Sovich        
Plasay Mark   Goldatick,Austria 15Apr1889 02Jun1951 St. Peter's St.Mary's,Amsterdam   W   #0453              
Pletman Samuel 78y7m14d Russia   04Aug1962 Jewish Comm Albany Hosp   W   #1124           Sadye Pletman  
Polacsek Lena 65yrs Russia   09Sep1952 Jewish Comm Rhinebeck,NY   W   #0540              
Polacsek Solomon 76yrs   12Feb1885 28Apr1961 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #1040              
Poliquin Edward O. 69yrs Cohoes,NY 03Mar1900 28Jan1970 St.Jos.Greenfield Saratoga Hosp. Furniture Sales W M   Valere Poliquin   Rose Ayette   Irene Alfonsi    
Pollack Catherine 56yrs New York 30Aug1916 23Jan1973 St. Peter's 104 Catherine St. Clerk,retail store W M   Joseph St.John   Sabra Corlav   Henry Pollack   Bonnie,daughter
Pollard William   Saratoga Springs 16Sep1871 09Jun1943 Griswald,Forteville Tichnors Sanit   W   #0149              
Pomerleau June Corine   Tulley NY   14Sep1964 Tulley,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #1232-41           Alfred Pomerleau  
Pompay Anthony Michael 65yrs   25Jun1906 18Sep1971 St. Peter's Crescent Ave. Exterminator W M   Michael Pompay   Raphael Leo   Anna Lewis    
Pompay Raffaela   Italy   04Nov1943 St. Peter's Beekman St/Home   W   #0157              
Pope Mahlon H. 22yrs Montpelier,VT   22May1953 Green Mt.Cem Rt9 front-Pine Inn   W   #0564              
Powers Charles Wesley 3rd   Bellview Hospital 14Oct1973 14Oct1973 Greenridge Bellview Hospital infant W S   Charles Powers II   Barbara Wend        
Powers Chad Jeffrey       14Oct1973                          
Poznanski Rabbi Chil 78yrs Poland 20Jan1894 09Jun1972 Mt.ofOlives,Israel Saratoga Hospital Rabbi W M   Chaska Poznanski   Beila   Edla Gelbart    
Prada Lorenzo A. 20yrs Saratoga Springs 28Mar1945 14Aug1965 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hospital   W   #1280-38           Gernimo Prada  
Prada Geronimo 83yrs Zamora,Spain 05Sep1901 12Jan1985 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Cement finisher,D.A.Collins W M   Lorenzo Prada   Francis Ferrnandez   Genevieve Dominick    
Pratt Robert C. 55yrs     27Mar1972   Saratoga Springs     M           Lillian Pratt    
Proctor Marshall A.   Whitehall,NY 14Aug1924 06Aug1946 Greenridge Leonard Hosp,Troy   W   #0232              
Proller Jennie 64yrs Russia 1892 02Sep1956 Jewish Comm Corinth Hospital   W   #0773           Moe Proller  
Provo Angela M.       30Aug1971 St. Peter's                     Dolly Provo  
Provo James       10Jul1965                       Mrs.James Provo  
Provo Michael John 1day Saratoga Springs 18Aug1950 19Aug1950 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0408              
Provo Baby         St. Peter's           James Provo            
Puccini Ralph 73yrs USA 25May1909 19May1983   Albany Medical   W                 Theresa Puccini
Pughe Helen H. 62y4m14d Columbia,S.C. 31Mar1892 15Aug1954 Woodlawn,Bronx SOA Sar.Hospital   B   #0668              
Pullen Arthur R. 79yrs New York 27Apr1902 01Apr1982 Cremation Saratoga Hospital Butcher W S   Arthur Pullen   Sarah A. Habberfield        
Pump Henry       (9 or10,1945)           #0202              
Purdy George Wm. 54yrs Jersey City,NJ 16Aug1911 30Apr1966 Paramus,NJ Cramer House   W   #1321-19           Eliz.M.Purdy  
Putnam Mary J.   Watervliet 10Aug1882 07Dec1958 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0894              
Pyryembida Lia Rose   Saratoga Springs 23Apr1941 23Sep1948 St. Peter's Sar.Co.T.B.Hosp   W   #0325              
Pyryemybida Margaret 64y10m17d Austria 18Oct1885 05Sep1950 St. Peter's 158W.Circular/Home   W   #0412              
Quackenbush Mary 82yrs MA ??Mar1890 26Dec1972 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Insp.VanRaalte W W   James Stover   Coraselle Root       3sons,3daughters
Quackenbush Bert   Easton,NY 04Aug1882 06Jun1957 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0810              
Quade Timothy James 70y10m24d Glens Falls,NY 15Jan1877 09Dec1947 St.Mary's,Glens Falls 107State St/Home   W   #0286              
Quallo Viola A. 84yrs NY City 04Jan1900 19Apr1984 Cremation Saratoga Hospital Seamstress -Home B M           Albert Quallo    
Quick Joseph 47y9m2d Greenfield Ctr,NY 31Jan1903 03Nov1950 Gansevoort Cem Gurn Spring   W   #0427              
Raffael Jane B. 68yrs New York City 17Mar1914 23Mar1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M   Alfred Baisi   Letzia Moretti   Leon Raffael   1daughter
Ramos Emanuel, Sr. 67yrs Linia,Spain 17May1898 27Sep1965 St. Peter's Glens Falls Hosp   W               Nellie Ramos  
Ramos Florence C.Ayers 55yrs Milton,NY 24Jul1929 02Oct1984 St.Peter's Saratoga Nurses Aide W M       Edna   Emmanuel Ramos,Jr    
Ramos Sylvester 73yrs Spain   08Oct1961 St. Peter's W.Hollywood,FL   W   #1073              
Randall Charles Brooks   Haverill,NH 25Jun1894 14Sep1940 Granville,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0071              
Rankin Nettie Elva 70yrs Boston,MA 17Nov1890 02Jul1961 St. Peter's Wilton Nursing   B   #1048              
Rashkin Samuel   Russia 30Oct1890 12Sep1946 Jewish Comm 212Regent St/Home   W   #0241              
Raucci Paul J.,Sr   Saratoga Springs 09Nov1935 29Aug1986 St. Peter's   City of SS -DPW W D   Pasquale Raucci   Adelaide Spargo        
Raucci Pasquale   Caserta,Italy 26Jun1894 07Jan1961 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1025              
Rauch William P. 72yrs   04Jul1895 09Feb1968 Greenfield DOA Sar.Hosp. T 'phone.Lineman W W   William Rauch   Mary Raabe        
Rauch Barbara M.       09Apr1965 Greenfield                     William Rauch  
Rauch Albert C. 60yrs Long Island,NY 27Sep1896 18May1958 Greenfield Cem Kings Rd,Greenfield       #0867              
Rayburn Roscoe D. 53yrs Yosemite,KY 27Jul1910 20Dec1963 Maplewood Va H.Charlottes.VA   W   #1187              
Raymond Edna Florence 53yrs N.Badgor,NY 24Jun1918 10Oct1971 Malone,NY Saratoga Hospital Nurses Aid W M   Nelson Shanty   Ethel Turner   Arthur Raymond    
Reardon Sarah Anne 94yrs W.Brookfiels,MA 15Dec1865 12May1960 St.Mary,Lynn,MA 308Nelson Ave/Home   W   #0975              
Reed John Curry 53yrs Akron,Ohio 01Jan1905 22Mar1958 GlenBurnie,MD near boat livery bridge   W   #0861              
Reed Rosalie E. 56yrs Catskill,NY 13Nov1905 07Jun1962   Saratoga Hospital   W   #1114              
Reeves Charles B. 74yrs Derby,CN 20May1896 11Nov1971 St.Jos.Troy,NY Glenridge Hosp Steelworker W S #1701 Charles Reeves   Mary McKenna     Mary Dore  
Reilly Ruth 64yrs Derby,Conn 26Jul1919 08Feb1984 St. Peter's County Infirmary Housewife W W   Robert Major   Lena Harr   died30Dec1983   Patrick son
Reilly Patrick J.,Sr. 77yrs USA 22Sep1906 30Dec1983 St. Peter's Pine Home/Adults Long Shoreman W M           Ruth   Patrick,Jr-son
Reis Herbert John 68yrs New York,NY 08Jul1905 07Nov1973 Woodlawn,Bronx Benedict Mem,B.S. Engineer,City of NY W M   John Reis   Lilliam Spettel   Marie Whelan    
Reynolds Catherine Genevieve 71yrs   16Aug1898 06Jul1970 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Teacher W S   George Reynolds   Margaret Farrell        
Reynolds Joseph 69yrs   14Mar1899 07Oct1968 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Super,Paper Mill W M   George F.Reynolds   Margaret Farrell   Charlotte Edes    
Ribley Lillian Josephine 72yrs New York 20Dec1900 19Apr1973 St. Peter's St.Luke,Jackson.FL Housewife W W   John T.Cheney   Lillian King   Harry J.Ribler   3sons,4daughters
Ribley Baby Girl 2weeks California ??Aug1960 ??Aug1960 St. Peter's California   W   #1002              
Ribley Harry Jacob 50y11m16d Troy,NY 25Feb1902 10Feb1953 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0566              
Ricciuti Nicola 73yrs Italy 28Oct1888 09Sep1962 Mt.Carmel,Wmsport,PA Saratoga Hospital   W   #1132-46              
Rich Lucy E.       24Sep1950 St.P.,Palmer,MA Palmer,MA   W   #0417              
Richard Nicholas Joseph 3y8m11d Detroit,Mich 25Aug1944 06May1948 St. Peter's 58Hamilton/Home   W   #0303              
Richards Ivan Lee "Tex" 52y8m13d Athens,NY 28Jul1899 11Apr1952 Greenridge 29Woodlawn/Home   W   #0507         Stella King    
Richardson George, Jr. 84yrs Columbia, S.C.   06Mar1964 Greenridge DOA Sar Hospital   B   #1205-14              
Riedmann Matilda H. 74y11m10d NY City 13Jan1873 23Dec1947 Valhalla,NY RD#2 Sar.Springs   W   #0288              
Riley Philip 56yrs New York 11Jan1907 12Dec1972 St. Peter's Albany Mem.Hosp NYS tax examiner W W           Margaret (1951)   Stephen son
Riley Margaret H. 40y0m14d Johnstown,PA 18Aug1911 02Sep1951 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0471              
Risorti Anna   Italy 08Jan1884 03Feb1947 St. Peter's 63Beekman/Home   W   #0251              
Rissland Karl Ernest 76yrs   22Dec1894 13Feb1971 Greenfield Saratoga Hospital Musician,Band W M   Rudolf Rissland   Anna Nizsothe   Mary T. Festa    
Rissland Mary Festa       20Jun1971 Greenfield Saratoga Springs                      
Rissland Rudolf   Koenig See,Germany 27Feb1868 20Sep1960 Cremated Glens Falls Hosp   W   #1004              
Ritchie Robert R. 80yrs Scotland 10Aug1882 27Aug1962 Greenridge St.Clare's,Schectady   W   #1130              
Rituno Joseph Edward 56yrs Saratoga 03Aug1926 02Jul1983 Cremation Saratoga Hospital   W M   Anthony Rituno   Jospehine Gerioux   Linda   4sons,4daughters
Rituno Anthony 51y0m11d Saratoga Springs 25Sep1899 06Oct1950 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0419              
Rituno George John 49y2m9d Saratoga Springs 19Jun1905 28Aug1954 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hospital   W   #0670              
Rituno James   Italy   20Sep1943 St. Peter's Albany City Hosp   W   #0155              
Rituno Marie Antonia       26Feb1946 St. Peter's Ash St/Home       #0217              
Rituno Josephine 70yrs Canada 22Jul1900 10Jul1970 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W W #1580         Tony    
Rituno Richard   Saratoga 14Aug1932 12Jul1961 St. Peter's Winooski River,VT   W   #1050              
Rivet Edward N. 76y5m0d Worcester,MA 09Feb1871? 09Feb1948 St. Peter's 138Beekman/Home   W   #0295              
Rivoli Fifi Argento 77yrs Sicily 09Apr1908 10Jul1985 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   Anthony Argento   Mary Accardo   Mario D.Rivoli   1 son, 1 daughter
Rix Byron Hayden 67yrs New York State 13Sep1903 01Aug1971 Greenfield Ctr. SanDiego, CA Consultant W W   William D.Rix New York Grace Chamberlin New York   Charles Rix  
Rix Helen 64yrs   13Sep1906 25Aug1970 Greenfield DOA St.Peter's Housewife W M   Charles Burns   Helen Penders   Byron Rix    
Robbens Joseph A. 67yrs Belgium 16Jul1905 01Jan1973 St. Peter's University Hgts,Nursing Home Golden Fox Headwaiter W M   Agustar Robbens   Pauline ??   Rosa S'Jongers   Paul, son
Roberts Dorothy M. 44yrs NY City 05Jul1918 08Oct1962 Teaneck,NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #1135-49              
Robinson John Jospeh       23Sep1967                       Adele Robinson  
Robinson Doris   Montreal,Canada 26Jun1887 17Oct1946 Sch.Memorial Park Saratoga Hospital   W   #0244              
Robinson Walter       07Oct1939 Greenridge Carpentier Inf.   B   #0045              
Rocco Dominick   Italy 08May1868 11May1942 Greenridge 40Park Pl/Home   W   #0115              
Rocco Frank,Sr. 65yrs Schenectady,NY 28Mar1898 08Jan1964 St. Peter's 41Nelson Ave/Home   W   #1193              
Roccosolve Carrado   Italy   11Dec1965 St. Peter's 63Ash St/Home   W   #1300              
Rodeno John E. 60yrs Cohoes,NY 05Oct1924 14Jul1985 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital G.E.laborer W M   Tony Rodeno   Mary Lombard   Gertrude Mangona    
Roemer Max 63yrs NY City   29Aug1957 Riverside,Rochelle,NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #0829              
Roeschlaub John 93yrs Germany 16Apr1880 02Sep1973 Cremation Ft.Hudson Nursing Self emp.Butcher W W   Joseph Roeschlaub   Barbara Rieffer   Dina ?   2sons,1daughter
Roeschlaub Dina 75yrs Alsace-Lorraine 31Dec1881 25Jun1957 Cremated Greenfield Ctd/Home   W   #0812              
Rogers John A.   Yonkers,NY 29Jan1907 02Aug1961 Greenridge 119 Grand Ave   B   #1056         Evelyn Ross    
Roma Enid 74yrs England 01Oct1888 23Aug1963 Greenridge 4 Peck Ave/Home   W   #1167-25           Dorinda Fonda  
Roma Fred /"Fucci,Anthony"   Italy 14Dec1888 22Sep1958 Greenridge Albany VA Hosp   W   #0885              
Romaine David A. 71yrs Beri,Italy 10Jun1902  31Mar1974 St. Peter's Ohio N.Western RR W W   Patrick CeVivo   Feliece Pissettelli        
Romaine Lenita A.   Moreau,NY 26Jul1883 30Jul1954 St.Alphonsus Durhams Nursing   W   #0663           Mrs.Frank Sally  
Rosa Phillipe 84yrs Rome,Italy 10Jan1876 01Jan1961 St. Peter's Carpentier's Nursing   W   #1024              
Rose Ada M. 86yrs Summit,NJ 02Sep1886 04Nov1972 Fairmont,Chat.NJ Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   George W.Baldwin   Margaret Green       3daughters,2sons
Rose Mary   Rome,Italy 01Jan1878 18Feb1958 St. Peter's Grandview Sanitatorium   W               John Rosa  
Rose Thomas   Italy ??Jul1886 09Jun1954 St. Peter's Albany Hospital   W   #0632              
Rose William 63yrs Schenectady,NY 22Nov1895 07Sep1959 Holy Red.,Schenectady Camp Kare   W   #0939              
Rosenfeld Oscar 90yrs Budapest,Hungry 05Dec1893 01Jul1984 Floral Park, NJ Saratoga Hospital Real Estate W M           Alice Goldsmith    
Rosenzweig Abraham 73yrs Romania 30Nov1888 21Aug1962 Savannah,GA Victoria Hotel   W   #1127              
Ross Blanche Hine 89yrs PA 01Oct1867 04May1957 Greenridge 48York Ave/Home   W   #0788           Mrs.E.Ross,R.Lyons  
Ross Frank S.   Italy 12Dec1862 17Dec1943 St. Peter's 116Clinton/Home   W   #0162              
Ross Leon 55y8m16d   02Jun1894 18Feb1950 River B.Westerly,RI King's Station,Wilton   W   #0374              
Rossi Leona 44yrs Saratoga Springs 15May1928 20Aug1972 St. Peter's Albany Medical Wilton S Sch.,Sec. W M   Dewey Senecal   ? Ovitt   Nicholas Rossi   2daughters,4sons
Rossi Albert 62y10m10d Italy 21Jan1890 01Dec1952 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0556              
Rudin Frank       27Nov1969                       Mrs.Norm Fox  
Ruiz Magadelina       16Apr1969 St. Peter's                     Frank Ruiz  
Rumpf John Joseph infant Greenfield Ctr,home 09Dec1939 09Dec1939 Greenfield Cem Greenf.Ctr/Home   W   #0046              
Rumpf Marylu Ann infant Greenfield Ctr,home 08Dec1939 09Dec1939 Greenfield Cem Greenf.Ctr/Home   W   #0046              
Russe Benjamin   NY City 05Nov1893 25Aug1959 Evergreen,NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #0938              
Russell Charles 88yrs   11Jun?? 29Nov1971 St. Peter's Saratoga Hosp. Hotel Prop. W M   Thomas Russell   Mary Owens   Elizabeth Black    
Russell Winifred Eliza 87yrs New York 09Jan1894 02Jan1982 St. Peters Washington Inn,SS Teacher/Hotel owner W W   ?? Black           2sons,2daughters
Russell J.Thomas   Pottersville,NY 25Nov1888 22Jun1963 Greenridge Miami FL   W   #1158 1/2              
Ruud Julia 71yr Lithuania 18Dec1898 27May1970 Gard.Mem,Troy 32 Waterbury St. Cook, Skidmore W W                
Ryder Walter       29Jan1969                       Ernest Ryder  
Sabino Bartholomew J.(Rickey) 19yrs Saratoga Springs 24Mar1944 03Mar1964 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1202-11              
Sadlon John 74yrs Hungary 1888 30Mar1962 Greenfield Greenfield Ctr   W   #1102              
Salisbury Richard Carl 48yrs NY 09Oct1937 26Sep1986   Saratoga Hospital Heavy Equip.Operator W M           Patricia Flynn    
Salley Ethel Brooks   New York Sate 09Jan1902 28May1970 St. Peter's Ellis Hospital Housewife W M   George Brooks   Clara Cromwell   Frank Salley    
Salley Michael   Saratoga Springs   05Feb1958 St. Peter's 66Wall St,NYCity       #0852         Marg.Salley    
Salzler Albert   Germany 23Jan1888 19Mar1942 St. Peter's 103Congress St   W   #0111              
Sanborn Eliza   Lyme,NH 12Jan1872 21Feb1964 Highland,Lyme,NH 85 White St/Home   W   #1200           Mrs.Carl Smith  
Sandler Mindy (Max)       25Jun1972                          
SanFelice Frank 76yrs Italy 31Oct1887 11Jul1964 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1217              
Sanford James Leslie 16yrs Saratoga ??Dec1943 24Jun1960 Gurn Spring Ellis Hosp.Schenectady   W   #0983              
Sanford Mervin Benjamin   Saratoga Springs 04Dec1878 22Jan1948 Greenridge 25Thomas St/Home   W   #0293              
Sansiveri Jerry A. 79yrs Naso,Italy 11Dec1905 06Jun1985 St.Peter's Glens Falls,NY NYS tree nursery W M   Antonio Sansiveri   Carmella Consiglo   Margaret   1 son 2daugh
Sansiveri Ignazio "Frank" 84yrs Naso,Italy 16Feb1901 31Aug1985 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Shoe Maker W M   Anthony Sansiveri   Carmella Consillo   Jennie Scuderi    
Sansivieri Frank   Saratoga Springs 29Apr1939 16Jan1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0137              
Santin Adolph 48y10m4d Lugo,Spain 08Dec1900 12Oct1949 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0362              
Santos Gregorio F. 71yrs Spain 27Feb1899 08Jun1970 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Tree Man/City SS W M           Marion Pinto Wm. Santos  
Sapone Louise Mangini   Naples,Italy 22Feb1883 16Apr1947 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0261              
Sarafian Haig G. 59yrs Titesville,PA 03Mar1898 15Dec1957 Ferncliff,NY Sky Ranch,P.Crns   W   #0846              
Sarro Dorothy 54yrs Corinth,NY 23Jul1912 31Mar1967 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #1398-20           Lillian LaPoint  
Sarro Delia Antelman/Alterman 86yrs Consenza,Italy 15Jun1887 23Nov1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housekeeper W W                
Sarro Mary 71yrs   01May1911 17Nov1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Seamstress,VanRaalte W M   John Ponzillo   Antoinette Falco   Vincent Sarro   1brother,1sister
Sarro Bruno 51yrs Long Island,NY 25Aug1912 05Dec1963 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1186-44              
Sarro Marie 56y8m2d Italy 06Jun1896 08Feb1953 St. Peter's Durham's Nursing   W   #0565              
Savani Mary 48yrs Saranac Lake,NY 13Feb1920 08Aug1968 St.Mary's,B.Spa Stone Church Rd   W         Vivian Rosenstein   Renato Savani Renato Savani  
Savard Blanche Gabrielle 36y5m8d Waterloo,Quebec 24Jun1917 02Dec1953 Granby,Quebec 2miles S.S.Glens Falls   W   #0618           Leo-Paul LeDoux  
Scala Edward 82yrs Sicily 25Mar1888 06Jun1970 St. Peter's Saratoga Hosp Water Maint.City W W   Salvatore Scala   Vincenza Emilie     Jean Addersie  
Scala Anthony A.   Saratoga Springs 09Dec1939 12Aug1841 St. Peter's Saratoga Springs   W   #0091              
Scarfo Antonelta   Caserta,Italy 01May1869 21Jan1940 St. Peter's 47 Ash St/Home   W   #0052              
Scasny? John   Austria,Hungary 02Jan1886 05Feb1940 Ballston Spa Saratoga Police Station   W   #0054              
Scavone Cosimo   Italy   25Aug1964 St. Peter's 51 S.Franklin/Home   W   #1228-38           Joseph Scavone  
Scavone Frank   Saratoga Springs   24Aug1964   51 S.Franklin/Home   W   #1226-35           Joseph Scavone  
Scavone Anthony C. 54yrs Saratoga Springs 25Feb1912 07Jan1967 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1370-2           Bertha Scavone  
Scavone Leona 65yrs Chattam,NY 28Jun1907 17May1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M   Oscar Edwards   Ida Busche   John C. Scavone   2daughters,1son
Scavone Raymond 73yrs Saratoga Springs 07Apr1909 01Mar1983 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Union-Fern,Appliance W M   John C.Scavone   Sarah Maiorcia   Ima Scavone   2sons,1stepson
Scavone Carmela   Italy 18Oct1889 25Aug1948 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0317              
Scavone John   Palermo,Italy 27Mar1867 31Mar1940 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0059              
Scavone John Paul   Saratoga Springs 05Feb1910 02Sep1945 St. Peter's 51 Franklin St   W   #0198              
Scavone Joseph J.   Palermo,Italy   16Sep1963 Greenridge 293 Nelson/Home   W   #1170              
Scavone Sarafina 78y11m29d Sicily 15Feb1871 14Feb1950 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0372              
Schaeffer Benjamin abt.51yrs Austria   17Jul1953 L.I.,NY Empire Hotel   W   #0594              
Scheck Racheal   Austria abt 1874 24Jul1947 Wash.Cem,Brooklyn 41 Lincoln Ave   W   #0268              
Schenek Edgar L.       03Dec1971 Elkhart,Ind 21 Seward St   W M #1705         Helen Schenck Helen Schenek Mrs.Clute,sister
Scherer Mary Nolan 73yrs Saratoga Springs 29Sep1900 15Nov1973 Jewish Comm. Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M   Charles Nolan   Bertha Tilling   Joseph Scherer    
Schneider Ralph Hulett 65yrs Warren County 30Nov1905 12Feb1971 Oak View,Frankfort Glens Falls Hosp Watch Maker W M   Leopold Schneider   Marian Hulett   Ada Blanche Lacey    
Schofield Nelson   Cambridge,MA   10Aug1959 Silver Mt,Staten Is. 15 Thomas St/Home   W   #0933              
Schulman Abe   Russia   21Jul1938 New Jersey Saratoga Hospital   W   #0012              
Schultz Heather N. infant     12Nov1986   Saratoga,NY                      
Schultz Esther 72yrs Russia   22Sep1960 Jewish Comm 77 Phila St/Home   W   #1005              
Schultz Joseph       27Jul1972                          
Schultz Ray       13Feb1975 Jewish Comm                        
Schwartz Abraham 75y10m20d Bucharest,Rumania 01Dec1876 21Oct1952 Montifori,L.I. 62 Congress St.   W   #0550              
Schwartz Fannie 58yrs Passaic,NJ 31Aug1908 30Mar1967 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #1387-19              
Schwartz Henrietta 64y6m1d Skalot,Austria 02Dec1890 03Jun1955 St. Peter's Greenfield Ctr.   W   #0702              
Sciricco Peter   Italy 03May1875 03Oct1946 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0242              
Scirocco James   Italy   ??Jan1961 St. Peter's 4Oak St/Home       #1029              
Scuderi Margaret       27Aug1968                       Grace Luciano  
Scuderi Frank"Jimmy" 68yrs Saratoga,NY 09Jan1917 20May1985 St.Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W                 5 sisters 1 bro
Scuderi Mary 76yrs Sicily 10Feb1888 21Feb1964 St. Peter's 180Elm St/Home   W   #1199              
Scuderi Joseph   Italy 08Sep1887 16Mar1962 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1098              
Scully Patrick J. (Priest)       25Aug1944 St. Peter's St.Peter's Rectory   W   #0177              
Seaman Anna 70y10m26d Siddonstown,PA 21Sep1885 18Aug1956 Mechanicsburg,PA Saratoga Hospital   W   #0772              
Seaman Henry Gardner, Jr. 76yrs Harrisburg,PA 13May1887 02Jul1963 Mechanicsburg,PA Fitch Rd.   W   #1159              
Seiden Anna Gross       01Mar1939 Valhalla,NY 12Lincoln Ave   W   #0021              
Seigel Harry   Russia 17Mar1884 03Jul1941 Jewish Comm 64Phila St/Home   W   #0086              
Seilberger Eugene George 77yrs Stutgart,Germany 07May1906 21Mar1984 St. Peter's Saratoga E.R. Espey-Tool Maker W M   Irving Seilberger   Theresa Reute   Josephine Catalina    
Sellitto Mary E. 72yrs Albany,GA 19Sep1911 23Oct1983 St. Peter's Saratoga E.R. Housewife W W   Daniel R. Lewis   Claudia Brown   John J.Sellitto   1son,1daughter
Senecal Mabel E.   Bath, Maine 10Dec1931 16Sep1969 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Waitress W M   Ralph E. Hart   Eva Mae Mianes   Edward Senecal    
Serotta George 79yrs Russia 25Dec1893 04Feb1973 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital Grocercy &Liq.StoreProp W M   Israel Serotta   Freyda ?   Manya Beychak   2sons
Severino Mary Catherine       31Dec1967 St. Peter's                        
Severino Maurice J.       02Nov1967 St. Peter's                        
Shanks Esther 81yrs Russia 03May1885 09Mar1967 Wash.Cem,Brooklyn Saratoga Hospital   W   #1381-13              
Shanks Leo Joseph   St. Paul,Minn 02Oct1899 07Apr1966   Samaritan Hosp,Troy   W   #1316-14              
Shannon James C. 68yrs Brooklyn,NY 25Dec1897 21May1966 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1327-25              
Shaprio Samuel   N.Adams,Mass 05Sep1898 03Jan1947 AguDasAchim Saratoga Hospital   W   #0248              
Sharp Andrew A. 74yrs NY City   01Nov1965 St. Peter's DOA Sar Hospital   W   #1293-51           Mary Sharp  
Sharpe John D. 84yrs New York State 31Mar1885 22Jan1970   Saratoga Hospital Painter W M   Wallace Sharpe   Ella Crosby   Metta Atweed    
Shaw Charles Wesley 54yrs Belair,MD ??Oct1907 23Aug1962 Emmerton,MD Broadway,SS   W   #1128           James Mills?  
Sheehy Annine   Cincinnatus,NY 16Feb1936 25Sep1959 Key,Ouaquaqa,NY DOA Sar.Hospital   W   #0949              
Sherater Nathaniel"Ned" 47yrs Lithuania 10Aug1911 26Feb1958 Jewish Comm 23 Pinewood/Home   W   #0855              
Sherman Hyman       10Sep1968                          
Sherman Jennie 93yrs Chelm,Poland 10Jul1880 07 Jan1974 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   Samuel Gartman   Rose       3daughters
Sherman William Anson 23y0m2d Schaghticoke,NY 12Dec1924 14Dec1947 Schaghticoke,NY Saratoga Lake   W   #0287              
Short Charles J.   NY City 19Jul1872 21Mar1941 Maplewood Homestead Sanatorium   W   #0080              
Shovah Frederick       20May1946 Smith's,Whitehall Albany City Hospital   W   #0222         Grace Gunther    
Shovah Grace M. 74yrs Granville 09Nov1896 07Apr1971 St.Mary,Waterford Leonard Hosp.Troy Textile Mill worker W W   William Gunther   Bridget Walsh        
Shpak Katherine 86yrs Austria 14Nov1895 12Oct1982 Roosevelt,Queens Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W               Walter Shpak,son
Shumway Samuel L.   Everett,Mass 28Mar1908 21Jan1967 Long Island Gansevoort/Home   W   #1374-6              
Siegel Bessie Pletman 94yrs Russia 18Apr1891 11Aug1985 Jewish Comm. D.of Sarah,Albany Homemaker W W           Philip Siegel 1967   son.Sam Siegel
Signor Ralph 74yrs Italy 21Feb1897 30Nov1971 St. Peter's 79 Union St. RR Foreman W M   Carmine Signor   Marie Perrotta   Mary Rose    
Signor Carmine J. 63yrs Saratoga,NY 15Sep1918 01Apr1982 St. Peter's St.Charles Motel Machinst,Ballston Knitting W M   Ralph Signor   Mary Rose   Louise Bencivenga   1son
Signore Mary 85y0m25d Italy 25Aug1860 20Sep1955 St. Peter's 1 Perry St/Home   W   #0730              
Silberman Snier 60y6m0d   06Apr1891 06Oct1951 Mt.Carmel,L.I. 183Regent /Home       #0479              
Silve Frank T. 83yrs Naples,Italy 26Dec1879 24Jul1963 St. Peter's Cramer House   W   #1160              
Silver Aaron   NY City 14Nov1921 27Aug1971     Espey Manufactoring       Abraham   Lena     Shirley Silver  
Silverhart Minnie 78yrs Russia 22Oct1888 26Jun1967 Jewish Comm Eden Pk.Troy,NY   W   #1399-31              
Silverhart Sam   Austria   01Aug1963 Jewish Comm Glenridge San   W   #1163           Otto Silverhart  
Silverhart Sylvia 62yrs Schenectady,NY 01Apr1919 29Mar1982 Jewish Comm St.Peter's Hosp Housewife W M   David Globerson   Esther Blaxman   Otto Silverhart   Vivian,daughter
Silverhart Peter A. 24yrs Glens Falls,NY 10Nov1957 04Feb1982 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital Student W S   David Silverhart   Sandra Goldman       Brother,Todd
Simermeyer Louisa 80y1m14d Port Jervis,NY 14Feb1876 28Mar1956 Laurel Gr,OK Malta Ridge   W   #0756              
Simone John A. 55y6m8d Saratoga Springs 15Aug1898 23Feb1954 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0625              
Simone Frank 72yrs New York State 31Dec1896 20Aug1969 St. Peter's Albany Med. Barber W M   Pasquale Simone   Rose Funaro   Elizabeth LaBelle    
Simone Elizabeth LaBelle 88yrs Saratoga,NY 29Jan1897 27Jan1986 St. Peter's 3 Franklin Sq. Housewife W W   Charles LaBelle   Pauline Mangini       Bette A.Simone
Simone Patrick Joseph, Sr. 56yrs New York 20May1916 07Dec1972 St. Peter's Albany Medical Funeral Director W M   Frank F.Simone   Elizabeth A.   Elizabeth B.Gunther   4sons,3daughters
Skiritka? John   Czechoslovakia 27Dec1842 07Nov1942 Maplewood Gansevoort/Home   W   #0132              
Sklute David       04Apr1975                          
Sklute Lena 63yrs Russia 10Sep1901 26Sep1964 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W               David Sklute  
Slocik Charles   Czechslovika 01Jan1901 23May1986 G.F.C. Saratoga E.R. Iron Worker,NYC   M   Paul Slocik       Veronica Polhorsky    
Smaldone Amelia 87y5m11d Italy 05Aug1863 16Jan1951 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0435              
Smaldone Daniel J. 41y11m23d Saratoga Springs 08Jun1910 01Jun1952 St. Peter's Albany VA Hosp   W   #0515              
Smaldone Elizabeth 82yrs Italy 03Feb1877 14Apr1959 St. Peter's Saratoga Springs   W   #0910              
Smaldone Anthony Charles       29Feb1968                       Mary Smaldone  
Smaldone Ralph J. 71yrs Saratoga Springs 11Oct1913 11Nov1984 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital self employed W M   Anthony Smaldone   Atelissa Lambiasso   Jean Smaldone   Marlene Gasser,daug
Smaldone Mary E. 73yrs Rock City Falls 09Nov1911 17Jul1985 St. Peter's Saratoga County Homemaker W W   Lewis Cooper   Neddie McMacken   Leo Smaldone 1972   1 son 1daughter
Smaldone Frances DiRenzo 79yrs Saratoga,NY 20Dec1906 09Oct1986 St. Peter's Westerville,OH Seamstress W W   Joseph DiRienzo   Antoinette Mattrazzo       1 son, Sylvester
Smaldone George J. 69yrs Saratoga Springs 25Nov1902 16May1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Realtor W M   Paul Smaldone   Amelia Centore   Minnie Banjo   Geoge -son
Smaldone Leo J. 69yrs Saratoga Springs 18Jan1903 03May1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Mason-Bricklayer W M   Anthony Smaldone   Etilena Lambiase   Mary E.Cooper   1daughter,1son
Smaldone Marguerite A. 87yrs Saratoga Springs 03Sep1896 21Sep1983 St. Peter's Ellis Hospital Housewife W W   James Fitzgerald   Anna Mae   Anthony"Thebate"   6sons,2daughters
Smaldone Anthony       06May1982                          
Smaldone Paul 90y11m23d Italy 03Feb1859 26Jan1950 St. Peter's 75Ballston Ave/Home   W   #0370              
Smaldone Rocco 72y11m13d Italy 19Jan1878 02Jan1951 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0432              
Smaldone Sylvester D. 54yrs Saratoga Springs 24Nov1900 06Sep1955 St. Peter's VA Hosp.,Albany   W   #0724              
Smaldone Anna 54yrs NY City 04Dec1912 16Jun1966 St. Peter's Locust,Greenfield   W   #1397-29              
Small Harry 56y0m13d Poland 15Jul1894 28Jul1950 Riverside,NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #0404              
Small Robert       17Aug1958   Kaydeross,Sar.Lake   B   #0882              
Smero Anna Kostka 54yrs NY City 04Dec1912 16Jun1966 St. Peter's RD 2 Greenfield   W   #1397-29           Stephan Smero  
Smith William H.   Gansevoort,NY   09Mar1965 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1253-11              
Smith Stephen 57yrs Dunellen,NJ 27Aug1908 29Jan1966 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1309-7              
Smith Anna       15Aug1965 Greenridge                        
Smith Angeline M. 72yrs New York State 02Feb1899 24Dec1971 St. Peter's 217 Elm St. Housewife W W   ?? Girard   Mary Bovee?   Wm. Smith    
Smith George "Moon" 54yrs   20Apr1915 25Aug1969 N.Milton Saratoga Hospital Policeman W M   Clarence Smith   Jessie Miner   Bernice Holman    
Smith Clarence (Brud) 80yrs   08Oct1904 17May1985 Greenridge Ballston Spa none-disabled       Clarence Smith   Jessie Miner        
Smith George Fenimore 67yrs Hartwick,NY 26Oct1905 06Apr1973 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Printer-Comps.Saratogian W W   Charles Smith   Lilly Bernhardt   Ruth E.Wheeler   Sandy-daughter
Smith Edward A.       01Dec1974                          
Smith Edmund F. 46y10m19d NY City 16May1903 05Apr1950 L.I.National Cem Wilton X road   W   #0381              
Smith Karen 9yrs Saratoga Springs 05Oct1951 19Aug1961 Gurn Spring DOA Hospital   W   #1063              
Smith Nellie M.   NY City ??Nov1912 02Feb1960 St. Peter's Greenfield Ctr.   W   #0965              
Smith Peter E.,Sr.   Saratoga Springs 13Mar1877 24Apr1947 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0262              
Smith William A.       11Aug1939 Maplewood Saratoga Police   W   #0037              
Sneaths? Michael 36yrs Ft.Edward,NY 30Oct1920 14Oct1956 St.Jos.Ft.Edward Rt 50 3mi N.Sar   W   #0780              
Snell Bethany   Oliver,GA 01Feb1888 05Oct1947 St. Peter's 42Ash St/Home   B   #0277              
Snyder Florence Ebert       27Dec1964 Galway, Cemetery                        
Sobel? Jack 64y0m9d Brooklyn,NY 15Mar1891 24Mar1955 Cremated Saratoga Hospital   W   #0691              
Sodemann Adolph G.       07Mar1951 N.Milton Cem Korea   W   #0001?         Natalie Gentile    
Sofarelli Frances 69yrs N.Y. 12Aig1913 23Jun1983 St.John,Middle V. Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M   John Francioso   Angelica   Joseph Sofarelli   1daughter,1son
Solomon Rose 57yrs NY City 25Aug1902 21Aug1960 Riverside,NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #0999              
Sonksen Rosa 70y3m13d Rumania 16Mar1880 29Jun1950 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0399              
Spafford Jennie 81y7m16d N.Brookfield,MA 11Mar1877 27Nov1956 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0788           Irma Howe  
Speary Grayce 71yrs   22May1900 11Feb1972 Evergreen,Colonie 511 Broadway Housewife W M   Ransom Ellenwood   Nellie Stokes   Edgar Speary    
Speary Edgar Francis 69yrs New York 01Mar1903 16May1972 Memory Gardens Saratoga Alco,Frame worker W W   Francis Speary           Earlene-daughter
Spencer Cain 74yrs Hyde Co,N.C. 29Jan1893 02Feb1967 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #1375-7              
Spencer Florence Louise 84y0m17d Waterbury,Conn 07Oct1864 24Oct1948 Corinth Rural Greenfield Ctr   W   #0330              
Spencer Frederick Harvey       10Mar1926 Corinth Rural Brooklyn,NY   W   Disintered Greenfield              
Spencer John Henry   Ottawa,Canada 06Feb1874 21Jun1938 St. Peter's 81Beekman/Home   W   #0009              
Spencer Rosina Liva "Helene"   Newark,NJ 14Oct1886 24Sep1947 Cremated Saratoga Hospital   W   #0275         George Niblo Spencer    
Spinelli Anthony F. 67yrs Saratoga Springs 15Dec1915 26Dec1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Bartender,Wishing Well W M   Paul A.Spinelli   Mazcona Rose   Josie Marino    
Spiros Marianne 78yrs Austria 18Jan1889 16Mar1967 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hospital   W   #1383-15           John Spiros  
Sprague Ellen   England 14Dec1895 26Dec1969? N.Wilton           Seveno Blood   Gladys        
Sprague Francis M.       05May1968                          
Sprout Wesley   Fortsville,NY 27Mar1861 27Jun1943 Griswald,Fortsville Saratoga Hospital   W   #0151              
Stabile Paul       14Jun1939 St. Peter's Teaneck Hosp,NJ   W   #0033              
Stacey Clarence Edwin 48y1m13d Oregon 28Jun1906 11Aug1954 Mem.Grd,Ottawa Woodbridge Hotel   W   #0666              
Stackman Virginia Buchalski 67yrs Schenectady,NY 09Oct1917 25Apr1985 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Sec. G.E.Schen. W M           Charles Stackman    
Stanislowsky Anna 78yrs? Austria   19Jul1960 Greenfield Ctr Greenfield   W   #0992              
Stanislowsky George 73yrs Austria ?? Apr?? 14Oct1961 Greenfield Ctr Club 29Rock City Falls   W   #1075              
Starling Edna Wesson 91yrs     15Jun1986 Dunning St.Malta Saratoga Hospital Homemaker W W                
Starling Ruth       31Jul1939 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital   W   #0036              
Stavnberg Gertrude 74yrs Denmark 18Nov1895 14Nov1970 Greenfield Saratoga Hosp Artist/Housewife W W   Herman K Jensen   Gertrude Theil        
Stavnberg Johannes 74yrs Brooklyn,NY 25Sep1892 02Oct1966 Cremated Saratoga Hospital   W   #1352-50              
Stearns Josephine   Croton,Treadw,NY 22Jan1877 23Nov1956 Treadwell,NY 11Warren St/Home   W   #0786              
Steglik Barbara   Czechoslavkia 25Jun1882 21Sep1953 Greenfield Wilton   W   #0606              
Steglik Bessie 58y6m4d Wilton,NY 27Dec1896 01Jul1955 Greenfield Ctr Saratoga Hospital   W   #0704              
Steglik Elizabeth Sadlon 46yrs Czeckoslavakia 07Jul1913 03Jan1960 Greenfield Ctr Saratoga Hospital   W   #0962              
Steglik Simon 77y8m1d Austria 13Dec1877 14Aug1955 Greenfield Ctr Durham's Nursing   W   #0719              
Stein Max 69yrs USA   10Mar1984 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital CPA, self employed W M           Miriam Stein    
Stein Eric 57y3m22d NY City 21Apr1895 16Aug1952 L.I.National Broadway&Congress   W   #0531              
Stein Moses 78y2m5d Austria 18Dec1873 24Feb1952 Jewish Comm Ellis Hosp,Schenectady   W   #0452              
Steloff Moe       11Jan1973 Jewish Comm Utica State Hosp   W                 Irving Brother
Steloff Fannie 83yrs Russia   17Sep1959 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0947           Ike Steloff  
Stenzel Gerhard 58yrs Germany 18May1911 04Jan1970 S.Wilton 5Railroad Ave,Gansevoort Chef/ D'Andrea's W W   Richard K. Stenzel   Gertrude Marschall        
Stenzel Jane 67yrs Wash.D.C. 08Mar1901 21Feb1969 S. Wilton Saratoga Hospital Caterer W M   Harvey Utter   Johanna Franklin   Gerhardt Stenzel Husband  
Stetina Joseph F. 69yrs Johnstown,NY 02Oct1902 13Mar1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Farmer-Handyman W M   Joseph Stetina   Anna Polkovic   Elizabeth Stuk   Joseph, son
Stetkar Thomas   Czechoslovkia 21Dec1872 21Dec1939 N.Milton Utica State Hosp   W   #0048              
Stevens Gary   Rayhole,NY   11Oct1956 Saranac Lake Rt9P Union Ave   W   #0779              
Stockwell Herbert Henry 66y2m0d Tillon,NH 31Aug1886 31Oct1952 Rural Broadalbin Greenfield   W   #0554              
Stork Francis W.       24Aug1946   Saratoga Hospital   W   #0237              
Stowe Alfred Leon   New Britian,Conn 30Mar1879 16May1950 Oak Hill,S'ingtonCT Saratoga Hospital   W   #0387              
Strack Joseph 84yrs New York State 19Oct1885 16Jun1970 Warrensburg,NY Saratoga Hospital Machinist/Locomotive W W             Jeanette Prosser  
Strack Susan 74yrs New York State 09Sep1894 18Aug1969 S.Agnes,L.Placid Saratoga Hospital Laundress W M   Bert Hinds       Joseph Strack    
Straight Harvey J.,Jr 10hrs   20Feb1970 20Feb1970       W S   Harvey John Straight   Arlene Engle        
Strum Isidor 85yrs Poland 15Jun1885 25Mar1971 Jewish Comm.Cemetery Saratoga Hosp. Builder W M   Shlimo Strum   Hinda Zimmerman   Gussie Zeylberwey    
Strum Gussie 87yrs Russia 14Apr1884 30Sep1971 Jewish Comm. Saratoga Hosp Housewife W W #1694 Luzar Zilbersweig   Rivka Hoffman   Isidor Strum   Rhea Goldsmith,daug
Stutzenstein R. George 67yrs New York State 22Feb1903 28Dec1970 Maplewood,Corinth DOA Sar.Hosp Oil Burner Sales W M   Ernest E. Stutzenstein   Marie Baumgartner   Ida Herrick    
Sukala Margaret 83yrs Czechoslovakia 02Mar1890 05Dec1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Nurses Aid,Mt.McGregor W W   Andrew Reistetter   Julia Graycar       Frank Niznik,son
Sullivan Cornelius 73yrs Co.Kerry,Ireland 15Dec1890 31Jul1964 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hospital   W   #1221-30           Ellen Sullivan  
Sullivan John L. 86yrs Ireland   22Mar1962 St. Peter's Memorial Hosp,NYC   W   #1100              
Sultner Leopold 57yrs Austria 27Mar1904 10Aug1961 Mt.Richmond,S.I. RT9,Dumont Hotel   W   #1060              
Sutula Anna 76yrs Poland 02Jun18?? 07Dec1972 Scared Heart,CN Saratoga Hospital Tobacco Warehouse W W           William    
Swart Elmer Ellsworth 65yrs New York State 22Feb1906 20Aug1971 Greenridge DOA Ellis Hosp. Carpenter/Const. W M   Elmer Swart       Erma Case    
Swart Erma C. 56yrs Charlton,VT 03Oct1917 11Aug1973 Greenridge Albany Medical Teachers Aid SSCity Sch W W       Mildred?   Elmer Swart   Steven Swart,son
Swatesky Danila 64y-11- Russia 22Dec1892 22Nov1957 Maplewood Church St.   W   #0844              
Swift Donald 48yrs Ballston Spa 01Mar1916 15Jul1964 Maplewood 4 Franklin Sq   W   #1218-27              
Tangee Paul H. 63yrs Germany 06Jul1908 28Oct1971 Greenridge DOA Sar.Hosp Bar.Hotel Drake W M   Henry Tangee   Emelie Nuesch   Charlotte Bollmeyer    
Tangee Emilie 70yrs Germany 1889 28Oct1959 Greenridge NY City   W   #0954              
Tarantino Pasquale 83yrs Bari,Italy 08Sep1883 07Apr1967 St. Peter's Cramer House   W   #1389-21           Jos. Tarantino  
Tarantino Serafina 68y6m7d Bari,Italy 19Mar1884 26Sep1952 St. Peter's 68Oak St/Home   W   #0543              
Taslitt Mary 91yrs Russia 12Feb1881 07Jun1972         W   Bernard Balestosky   Pearl Cohn   Jacob Taslitt    
Taub Barney 79y1m18d Russia 10May1871 28Jun1950 Mt.Zim,L.I.,NY 77 Phila,rooming house   W   #0398              
Taylor Viola 84yrs Virginia ??Oct1886 09Feb1970 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Cook Negro W             Tom Furgess  
Taylor Andrew   Centerburg,VA 20Mar1866 17Jan1946 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital   B   #0214              
Taylor Mary"Bobby"(Ellen Ellia) 48 Yonkers,NY 10Jul1911 20Mar1960 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #0969           Percy Taylor  
Taylor Nettie Lavina 83 Thurman,NY 27Jul1876 26Mar1960 Greenridge 86Ludlow/Home   W   #0970              
Tayman Carl Henry 60yrs Penna 03Oct1910 09Dec1970 Mars, PA Saratoga Hospital Pitts-DesM Steel W M   Harvey Tayman   Emma Keefer   Fay Grooms    
Teachout Thomas   GreenIsland,NY 20Nov1867 23Sep1953 Greenridge Durhams Nursing   W   #0607              
Tennant Mildred   Hook/Hoole,NY   09Feb1956 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0747              
Thaofilos George John   Greece 12Feb1881 13Feb1944 St. Peter's 32 State St/Home   W   #0167              
Thieme Charles Joseph       25Aug1945 Greenf,Hemstead,LI field near Spa Manor   W   #0196           Mrs.Thieme  
Thomas Rose 61yrs VA ??Aug1889 27May1951 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #0451              
Thomassen Agnes 63yrs Czechoslovakia 18Sep1908 10Jun1972 Greenfield Ctr DOA Sar.Hosp Sew.Mach.Op W W   Simon Bitala   Johanna Gazdik   Jens A, Thomassen    
Thomassen Jens Axel. 62yrs Denmark 08Feb1905 21Mar1967 Greenfield Ctr Saratoga Hospital   W   #1385-17              
Thompson Remick G.       14Aug1968 Greenridge                        
Thompson Harriet E.   Wilton,NY 23Sep1877 02Nov1966 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #1358-56           Remick Thompson  
Thompson William 87yrs British W.Indies 08Aug1894 12Apr1982 N.Milton Saratoga Hospital William Co.NYC,Super B M           Rose Wilkinson   1brother,1neice
Thorne Cora Vreeland 81yrs Monteville,NJ 04Oct1879 16Jul1961 Mt.Rest,Butler,NJ 262 Lake Ave/Home   W   #1051              
Thorne William Patterson 87yrs Hewitt,NJ 10Dec1875 04Nov1963 Mt.Rest,Butler,NJ Cramer House   W   #1173           Anita DeLajier  
Thurston Mary F.   Thaxton,VA 17Apr1870 17Aug1940 Greenridge Walworth St/Home   B   #0066              
Tickner Gertrude       1964 St. Peter's Disint.Utica                      
Tighe James   Ireland 17Aug1897 16Jan1945 St.Mary's,S Island Saratoga Hospital   W   #0183              
Titus John F.   Albany,NY 01Dec1858 14Apr1944 Greenridge 36Oak St/Home   B   #0173              
Tobin James V. 54y9m25d Pittsfield,MA 16Mar1896 12Jan1951 St.Jos,Pittsfield Saratoga Hospital   W   #0434              
Todd Robert       30Apr1946 Maplewood Carpentier Inf   B   #0221              
Tolley Thomas Eugene 20y5m1d Marion,Ill 06Feb1934 07Jul1954   Union Ave,Piping Rock   B   #0658              
Tommaselli Antonio 9y9m29d Caserta,Italy 17Oct1942 16Aug1952 Vale,Schenectady DOA Sar.Hospital   W   #0533 Attillio Tommaselli   Florence Faraone        
Tompins Margaret Frances 74yrs Ruthland,VT 31Oct1898 07Feb1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Prac.Nurse, Hosp.Emp W W   Chauncey Higgins   Mary Jane Welch       2daughters,1son
Tompkins Franklin R.   Chappaqua,NY 28Mar1899 27Aug1947 St. Peter's 378 Broadway/Home   W   #0273              
Torlove Valentin       21Dec1965 St. Peter's                     Dora Torlove  
Toth Albert   Budapest,Hungary 04Jun1885 17Aug1946 Calvary,LI,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0229              
Townsend Female       31Mar1943 Maplewood Long Island,NY       #0146 1/2              
Tracy William David 66yrs New York State 01Jul1904 20Aug1970 St. Peter's 114 1/2 VanDam Accountant W M   ?? Tracey   Martha Grey   Helene Richardson    
Tracy Helene 57yrs Canada 10Dec1914 14Nov1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital NYS stenographer W W               Cons.Monroe,daugh
Tragni Daniel   Bari,Italy 08Feb1882 13Mar1965 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1253-13              
Tragni Mary 76yrs Naples,Italy 16Oct1884 26Mar1961 St. Peter's Gilbert Rd/Home   W   #1036              
Tramontamo Francis (Tedo) 41yrs Saratoga Springs ??Nov1916 02Mar1958 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0856              
Traver Mary Patricia 21days Saratoga Springs 21Oct1957 11Nov1957 St. Peter's 159Washington/Home   W   #0842              
Travers Cloyce       28Mar1945 Corinth? Malta Ridge   W   #0189 1/2              
Tritt David W.   Brooklyn,NY 28Dec1918 09Dec1940 Malta Cem Globerson Crns.   W   #0075              
Trueper Flora 78y6m15d Germany 01Apr1877 16Oct1955 Greenfield Cem 53Oak St/Home   W   #0735              
Trueper Henry   Germany 10Feb1875 10Mar1954 Greenfield Cem Saratoga Hospital   W   #0626              
Trussell Llewellyn Augustus 61y10m19d Canada 09Aug1892 08Jul1954 Totawa,NJ Malta Ridge   W   #0659              
Tsakanikas Dimitrios 44yrs Kersovas,Greece 25Mar1929 28Feb1974 St. Peter's County Infirmary Chef, Red Fez Rest. W M   John Tsakanikas   Elaine ?   Angelina DiPeri   5 children
Tucker Gertrude L.S. 51y0m0d Providence,RI 29Oct1904 29Oct1955 Foster,RI 77 Catherine/Home   W   #0737              
Tully John   Co.Fermandh,Ireland 17Mar1879 02Dec1940 St. Peter's Carpentier Inf   W   #0072              
Ture Isadore 73yrs Spain 16Apr1900 28Mar1974 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Road Construction W M           Julia Mangini   1son,3daughters
Ture Margaret   VA 27Jan1888? 15Dec1956 Knoxville,TN Saratoga Hospital   B   #0790              
Turetz Carl 71yrs Russia 01Apr1896 28May1967 Woodbridge,NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #1394-26              
Turgeon Edward 67yrs Canada 13Oct1903 05Nov1970 St.Aug.Peru,NY   Farm Labor.NY Nursery W M   Wilfred Turgeon       Mabel Chamberlain    
Turner William   Millagville,GA 01Jan1888 10Aug1941 Maplewood 82S.Franklin/home   B   #0089              
Turshen Abraham 80yrs Russia ??Oct1875 04Aug1955   Saratoga Hospital   W   #0715              
Twichell Ann M. 78yrs   22May1907 04Jul1985 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W                  
Twichell Harold 43y7m0d NY State 15May1909 15Jan1953 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0561              
Tyson Benjamin   New York State 20Jul1900 18Mar1971 Nassau Knolls Saratoga Hospital Sm.Engine Mech. W W   Richard Tyson         Don Taylor  
Unger Annie 91yrs Russia 26Sep1873 14Sep1965 Rutland Jew.VT Cramer House   W   #1284-42              
Unknown Baby       ??Jul1941 Maplewood         #0090              
Unknown Baby       1942 Maplewood         #0105              
Unknown Baby Girl abandoned     abt.13Jun1950 abt.13Jun1950 Maplewood River Rd,Stillwater   W   #0394              
Vafider Michael 22y9m26d NY City 16Nov1948 ? 02Sep1948 Mt.Olivet,Queens Saratoga Hospital   W   #0321              
VanBunshoten Sandra infant Morgue? 14Feb1940 14Feb1940   Highway?   W   #0057              
VanDerburg William Ross 50yrs Bennington,VT 31Mar1910 17Jun1960 Greenridge Wilton,Lough.Lake   B   #0982         Henrietta wife  
VanNockay Ethel 48y5m25d Ballston Spa,NY 30Sep1903 25Mar1952 Rock City Falls Saratoga Hospital   W   #0456           Louis VanNockay  
VanWagner Ada Rose   Saratoga Springs 25Nov1882 03Jun1940 Greenridge Utica State Hospital   W   #0064              
VanWie Charles L.,Sr. 83yrs Quaker Spgs,NY ?? Dec1889 23Sep1972 Dunning St. Saratoga Hospital Construction carpenter W W   ?? VanWie   Mary Smith       2sons,1daughter
VanWie Helen L. 66y2m1d Bradford,PA 30Oct1889 01Jan1956 Dunning St. Durham's Nursing   W   #0742              
VanZorge Henry 66yrs New Jersey 17Dec1907 20Jul1974 St. Peter's Albany Medical Building - Roofer W M   Abaraham VanZorge   Wiliama ?   Margaret Mahar   1 son
Varley Paul Richard 64yrs Town of Saratoga 23Dec1897 12Dec1962 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1139-53              
Vendetti James   Sizzi,Rome,Italy 01May1896 22May1947 St. Peter's 36Warren St/Home   W   #0263              
Vendetti John   Italy   20Sep1944 St. Peter's Marcy Hosp,Utica   W   #0178              
Venduro Joseph   Italy 03Apr1894 21Nov1966 St. Agnes,Menands DOA Albany Med.Hosp   W   #1365-63           Lucy Venduro  
Venizelos Grace T.Kromer 88yrs NYCity 25Nov1896 30Mar1985 Calvary,Queens Saratoga Housewife W W   Adolph Kromer   Adeline Erlich       Barbara Mohan
Verrigni Rocco J. 42yrs Saratoga Springs 22Apr1924 24Nov1966 St. Peter's 6Sunrise Dr/Home   W M #1366-64         Lucy    
Verrigni Gerald/Jerry 47yrs New York State 22Sep1924 06May1970 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Food Market-Prop W M   Joseph Verrigni   Philomena Levo   Anna Lanaro    
Verrigni Mamie Levo 71yrs Saratoga Springs 16Feb1902 20Jan1974 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   Rocco Levo   Angeline Pompay   Joseph Verrigni   3sisters1brother
VerWiebe William Arthur 70yrs New York State 03Jul1898 07Jun1969 St. Peter's DOA,Sar.Hosp Tool & Die Maker W M   Ernest VerWiebe   Mary   Kathryn O'Reilly    
Vezeau Joseph       05Jan1969 St. Peter's                     Marg. Vezeau  
Victory Josphine       27Aug1970 St. Agnes, Alb                        
Vines Dr. Edward H.   Galway, NY 06Dec1874 27Sep1952 St.Mary's,Ballston Saratoga Hospital   W   #0544              
Violi Louis       08Aug1961 Brooklyn,NY DOA Hospital   W   #1059              
Visconti Wayne Michael 6m10d Saratoga 01Aug1955 11Feb1956 Mt.Adams,Fulton 58Lincoln/Home   W   #0748           Father  
Vitale Elizabeth   Italy 02Aug1881 18Feb1947 St. Peter's 47Walnut St/Home   W   #0257              
Vogel Francis Philip 60y9m19d St.Louis,Missouri 11Dec1890 30Sep1951 Greenridge 65 Caroline/Home   W D #0477              
Vokes William G.   Saratoga Springs 16Jun1894 30Aug1942 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0126              
Volino John   Italy 17Feb1866 20May1939 St.Anthony,Schenectady 339Veedor,Schenectady   W   #0027              
Volpe Marie Antoinette 74yrs New York State 05Apr1895 16May1969 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hosp Housewife W W   John Lobravico   Maria Pellettier        
Volpe Joseph 64y6m14d Padula,Italy 05Aug1887 19Feb1952 St. Peter's 11Clark St/Home   W   #0451              
Vrooman Max M.Sr. 70yrs New York State 26May1899 02Jan1970 St. Mary's B.Spa DOA Sar.Hosp Carpenter W D #1543 David O.Vrooman   Carrie Schmidt     Marie Briscoe,daughter  
Walker Roy baby boy       31May1946 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital baby B   #0224              
Walker Thedore 63y8m8d Berlin,Germany 01Aug1888 08Jul1952 Greenridge DOA Saratoga Hospital   W   #0526              
Walsh Mary T.   Derby,Conn 25May1875 26Feb1959 St.Mary's,Derby Saratoga Spgs   W   #0903              
Ward Margaret 84yrs Ireland 01Jan1882 06May1966 St. Peter's Grandview Nursing   W S #1325-23              
Ward Stephen Robert 50 min. Benedict Mem.Hospital 27Jul1958 27Jul1958 St. Peter's Ballston Spa, NY infant W     James Ward   Eileen Lawler        
Waring Alfred L. 81yrs Saratoga Springs 06Jun1879 16Dec1960 St. Peter's Grandview Nursing   W   #1021              
Warnock John L.   Albany,NY 11Jul1884 27Dec1941 St.Agnes,Albany Albany City Hosp   W   #0103              
Warren Jacob W.   Brooklyn,NY 26Aug1901 01Sep1940 Elmont,LI,NY Riley Lake House   W   #0069              
Warren? Dora Deyoe Wells 84yrs Thurman,NY 28May1881 21Oct1965 Cremated Saratoga Hospital   W   #1290-48              
Washington John       23Nov1961   Saratoga Hospital   B   #1082              
Wassmann Wilhelm 72y9m0d Germany 05Sep1880 06Jun1953 Cremated Saratoga Hospital   W   #0566              
Watson Annie       19Sep1967 Greenridge                     Estelle Chapman  
Watson James Walter,Sr. 59yrs Watervliet,NY 29Sep1914 01Nov1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Cap't Master Tug Boat W M   Samuel H.Watson   Bridget C.Horan   Juanita Saracol   Catherine daughter
Wayne Henry Towsend,2nd 17y11m27d Needham,Mass 06Oct1936 03Oct1954 Cremated Saratoga Hospital   W   #0674              
Weakley Evan Henry 77yrs England 05Feb1893 11Jan1971 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Mill Hand W S   William Weakley   Elizabeth Lee     Christopher Valentine  
Weatherwax Webster Lee 37yrs Argyle,NY ??Jul1919 27Dec1956 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital   W   #0793           Charles Weatherwax  
Weaver John Reuben 65y4m16d Louisville,NY 01Jul1882 17Nov1947 PineGrove,Massena Gansevoort/Home   W   #0281              
Webb Clifford R.       22Jan1969 Union Cemetery                     Marguerte Webb  
Webb Kalfus S. 68y8m5d Greenfield,NY 16Sep1880 09Jun1949 Greenfield Cem Greenfield   W   #0341              
Weed William W. 68yrs Saratoga Springs 22Mar1897 23Mar1965 N.Milton Saratoga Hospital   W   #1257-15              
Weinstein Mary 85yrs Russia ?Apr1885 14Aug1970 Jewish Comm. 50 Forrest Ave Hotel Prop. W W   Morris Rosenberg   Mary     Louis Weinstein  
Weinstein Phillip P.   Brooklyn,NY   13Feb1965 Jewish Comm NY City   W   #1248-6           Bro.Louis  
Weiskopf Michael 72y8m9d Poland 26Dec1882 05Sep1955   121Circular/Home   W   #0723              
Wend August       22Jul1966                       Wm. A. Wend  
Wend Elizabeth 65yrs Yonkers, NY 22Feb1898 31Dec1963 Ferncliff,Hartsdale Saratoga Hospital   W   #1191-49              
Wend Margaret Wenturini 77y4m27d Hungary 28Jan1874 25Jun1951 Greenridge 26VanDorn/Home   W   #0456              
Wescott Gertrude Marchant 81yrs England 30Apr1877 10Sep1958 Airmont,Tellman,NY Durham's Nursing   W   #0884              
Wessel Julius 87y5m4d St.Louis,MO 27May1863 01Nov1950   Wilton Nursing   W   #0425              
West Katherine M.       05Nov1968                       Robert West  
West Fred Dake 78y7m27d Greenfield,NY 19May1877 16Jan1956 Greenridge Lake Desolation   W               Mrs.West  
West Lulu 81yrs Malta,NY 17Jul1880 30Jun1962 Malta Ridge 275Woodlawn/Home   W   #1117              
Wexler Solomon     12Jul1866 27Mar1950 Chicago,Ill 236Nelson/Home   W   #0380              
Whalen Mary Ellen 94yrs USA 08Oct1878 25Apr1973 Woodlawn,Bronx Saratoga County Infirmary Housewife W W   Michael Kirby   Frances Tierney       1 daughter
Wheeler Charles       10Jan1969                          
Whitaker Harold B. 35y8m13d Hadley-Luzerne 26Feb1914 09Nov1949 Greenridge 55 Henry St.   W   #0364              
White Janet V. 42yrs Troy, NY 11Jan1944 13Jul1986 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Homemaker W M   Seymour A.Matthews   Vivian Allen   Robert C. White    
White Helen L. 52yrs New York 30Jan1921 10Jan1974 N.Milton Nassau Co.Med.Ctr   W W   August Luther   Helen Becker        
White Helen M. 66yrs Beacon,NY 29Mar1907 01Jul1973 Viewland,Rotterdam Saratoga Springs G.E.Secretary W M   Otis Alva Way   Julia Mobray   Robert White   2sons
White Walter 65yrs England   16Oct1973 N.Milton Plainview,NY   W M           Helen S.White    
White Anna   Germany 20Dec1867 25Jan1943 Bayside,Brooklyn Mrs.Jones Conv.   W   #0138              
White Earl William 18y2m6d Schenectady,NY 14Apr1930 20Jun1948   Blue Crns,Charlton   W   #0309              
White Mary 76y4m7d Ocean Grove,NJ 16Mar1874 23Jul1950 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital   B   #0403              
White Myrtle 84yrs Hillville,PA 02Nov1874 21Jan1959 Butler,PA Grandview Nursing   W   #0900             son,Floyd White
Whittemore Reginald C. 55yrs Pittsford,VT ??Nov1904 13Jun1960 St.Peter's,VT 20E.VanDam/Home   W   #0981              
Wicks Maude   Fairhaven,VT 05May1895 31Oct1938 Maplewood Utica State Hosp.   B   #0016              
Wiebicke Mary Ann 65yrs Baltimore, 17Sep1917 02Mar1984 Cremation RD#7Hoffman RD Teacher Whistle W,NYC W M   Clayton Sandruck   ?  Puentas   Ernest    
Wieder Solomon 71yrs Hungary 12Mar1891 26Jul1962   Saratoga Hospital   W   #1122              
Wiggins Robert Edward