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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 16


Jan. 27, L. B. Pike married Mary F. Bottum.

Feb. 23, Ann Pratt, wife of the Rev. Robert C. Rogers, rector of Bethesda Church, died.

May 1, H. P. Hall sold his interest in the Columbian Hotel to W. G. Fuller.

June 1, William L. Stone married Harriet D. Gillette. He was the author of many books.

Aug. 16, Mrs. Mary P. Wiggins, wife of Peter V. Wiggins and daughter of Dr. Porter, died.

Aug. 30, The Flora Temple and Princess race was held on the Saratoga Race Track. Flora won the race; time 2:30-2:38 and 2:34. This race track was a half mile trotting track, located on the property now occupied by the stables, on the opposite side of Union Ave. from the present track.

Nov. 9, William S. Schuyler married Florence M. Barbour, daughter of O. L. Barbour.

Dec. 1, John A. Waterbury died at the age of 70 years.


Jan. 29, Mary L., wife of the Rev. John Woodbridge died at age of 29 years.

Feb. 5, Cornelius Sheehan married Mrs. Eliza Thayer. He was the father of Thomas C. Sheehan of Saratoga Springs.

May 22, The Saratoga Springs Wideawake Club was formed. It was a political club organized to work for the election of Abraham Lincoln.

June 12, P. Porter Wiggins married Emily, the daughter of H. W. Burhans.

Sept. 4, Nicholas E. Young, father of Frederick Young of this city, died at the age of 45 years.


Jan. 9, George E. McOmber married Florence A., daughter of Mrs. Washington Putnam.

March 5, Weston and Green sold the Empire Spring property to D. A. Knowlton.

March 23, Charles H. Ballard married Mary Z. Rogers.

May 29, Alvin L. Bartlett, a lawyer formerly a partner of C. S. Lester and L. B. Pike, died at the age of 45 years.

Aug. 27 The State adjutant general's office in Albany issued a special order to establish a branch office at Saratoga Springs, where all companies organized for the Bemis Heights battalion might assemble for service in the Civil War. The fair grounds of the Saratoga Agricultural Society, south east of the village was the rendezvous, and it was named Camp Schuyler in honor of General Philip Schuyler of Revolutionary Fame.

Aug. 29, Cruger Walton died at the age of 51 years.

Sept. 11, the Rev. John Woodbridge married Helen, the daughter of Dr. Samuel Freeman.

Sept. 12, Benjamin F. Allen died at the age of 38 years.

Oct. 3, The Rev. John Wayland married Mrs. Mary S. Burr.

Nov. 4, Edward L. Youmans married Mrs. Kate L. Lee. Mr. Youmans was editor of the Popular Science Monthly.

Nov. 13. Mrs. Amelia, wife of Joel Clement, died at age of 66 years.

Nov. 23, The Seventy Seventh Regiment of the Third Brigade, Second Division, Sixth Army Corps was mustered into service in this city, in response to President Lincoln's second call for volunteers early that winter. Men were recruited from Fulton, Essex and Saratoga counties.

At this time regiment was 1,000 strong.

Former County Judge James B. McKean of this city, representative in Congress of the 15th Congressional district, issued a proclamation In this year to his constituents, just following Pres. Lincoln's call for volunteers, asking them "to organize a Bemis Heights Battalion to vie with their ancestors in serving their country in memory of the Revolutionary Battlefields."

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