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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 21
a parade and a demonstration of how far streams of water might be thrown.

November 15, Dr. Tabor B. Reynolds was elected sheriff of Saratoga county. Dr. Reynolds died July 3, 1901.

December 8, the First Presbyterian church, on Broadway opposite Walton street, was dedicated.


In this year a new large Congress Hall was completed for the entertainment of the resort's guests. It had a frontage on Broadway of 416 feet, and a promenade piazza, 20 feet wide and 250 feet long. In rebuilding the hotel the owners moved the street line north some 60 feet, and straightened out Bath street with Spring street, of which it then became the extension to Broadway. Up to this time Spring street did not extend to Broadway. With the change Bath street passed out of existence.

Charles Ferdinand Dowd purchased Temple Grove property and began making extensions and alterations for a seminary. This was on the site of the present Skidmore College.

Jacob Ayen came to Saratoga Springs from Albany in this year and opened a barber shop under the Worden hotel. He died March 1, 1913.

The Rev. M. Sheehan was pastor of St Peter's Catholic church in this year.

January 1, Judge John K. Porter resigned his position as judge of the court of appeals and removed to New York city.

January 7, the death of David Abel of Saratoga Lake occurred. He was 75 years of age.

November 7, John W. Crane, was elected supervisor.

B. F. Judson was postmaster of Saratoga Springs.

December 10, Elias H. Peters married Abba J. Carpenter, daughter of John A. Carpenter of Saratoga Springs.


Jan.12, The funeral of Mrs. Nancy P. Andrews was held.

Jan. 16, G. M. Wilcox died.

Feb. 2, John Hodgman and wife celebrated their golden wedding.

Feb. 3, Snow fell three feet deep on the level.

Feb. 17, C. H. Sturges rode in the streets on his velocipede.

Apr. 7. Stephen Dexter died at the age of 74 years.

Apr 8, B. F. Judson's appointment as postmaster was confirmed.

Apr. 9. The death of J. Beekman Finlay, at the age of 59 years, occurred.

Apr. 25, The Rev. H. C. Sexton preached the first sermon in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Apr. 29, Samuel W. Newland died.

May 4, The Columbian Hotel opened for the season.

May 17, The work of tubing Hathorn Spring was commenced. The discovery of the Hathorn spring was made possible as the result of a fire on August 31, 1868: which had burned the Exchange Hotel barn, and several buildings, opposite Congress Hall. Henry H. Hathorn, then manager of Congress Hall, conceived the idea of erecting a ballroom for his hotel on part of the burned site. The ground, which was a mass of ruins from the fire, was being cleared of the debris, when Samuel Freeborn, one of the stone masons at work, noticed water bubbling out of the earth. He tasted it and found it to he mineral water, which it proved to be. The spring was named in honor of Henry H. Hathorn, who first developed the spring.

May 23, Washington L. Pond formed a co-partnership with D. C. Sherman and carried on a grocery business in the Patterson Building, corner of Spring and Putnam streets. Mr. Pond was later killed by a trolley car near Barkers Crossing in Wilton, Jan. 14, 1910.

May 25, The annual review of the Saratoga Fire Department occurred.

May 29, Congress Hall opened for the season.

June 1, The Union and Clarendon Hotels opened for the season.

June 7, James W. Sherman came to Saratoga from Wilton and engaged in a meat market business

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