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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 22
with his brothers, Norman, Richard and Gideon, opening the market on the west side of Broadway opposite Caroline Street. James W. Sherman died January 21, 1912.

June 16, The work of tubing Hathorn Spring was completed.

June 27, The Rev. L. M. Woodruff offerred his resignation as pastor of the Baptist Church. It was not accepted.

June 29, The death of Hon. George Briggs occurred at Woodlawn.

July 13, The resignation of Rev. J. B. Gibson as rector of Bethesda Church was announced.

July 21, The New York 7th Regiment arrived at Grand Union Hotel for reunion.

July 29, Van Deusen Brothers, Simeon and Henry, opened a new grocery store in the St. Nicholas Building, at the corner of Broadway and Phila St. This was the first Van Deusen grocery.

Aug. 3, General Phillip Sheridan arrived at Saratoga.

Aug. 12, The Washington Continentals visited Saratoga.

August 22, Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt and his bride arrived in Saratoga Springs. They were members of the "400" of the middle-half of the last century, and the commodore was a noted American capitalist. Three generations of the family visited here summers, General Cornelius Vanderbilt, the commodore's son, and Miss Grace Vanderbilt, the latter's daughter, who was married in 1927 to Henry Gassaway Davis, 3rd. Mrs. Davis was a guest here summer before last.

August 28, President Ulysses S. Grant arrived in the village.

September 3, President Grant held a reception at the Grand Union Hotel. It was one of the most brilliant assemblages of this period in Saratoga's history, when the community was the goal of the society of the country. Representatives of leaders of society from all parts of the nation were present for the reception.

September 5, President Grant left Saratoga.

September 6, The Rev. Dr. Camp was called to the rectorship of Bethesda church.

September 13, it was announced that The Saratogian is to be issued as a permanent daily paper during the year.

September 30, Gideon M. Davison died.

November 4, Rockwell Putnam died.

Both Gideon M. Davison and Rockwell Putnam were pioneers of business life in our community.

The first house of worship of the Free Methodist church was dedicated this year, the first pastor being the Rev. A. B. Burdick.

This year also, a number of members of the First Presbyterian church formed a new society, which later became the Second Presbyterian church. (The First and Second Presbyterian churches now are one again).

E. Valencourt Duell became a resident of Saratoga Springs in 1869. It is recalled that in 1866, he was officially cited by General J. K. Barnes for his success and devotion to duty, having remained at his post through the cholera scourge at Little Rock, Ark., where he was surgeon-in-chief, and where he remained at his duty although deserted by assisting surgeons. Mrs. Harris Ide, a daughter, lived here until a few years ago, and now makes her home in Troy.

In 1869, Temple Grove was in corporated under the laws of the University of the state of New York. The incorporation disclosed that the officers were these: President, the Rev. Charles Ferdinand Dowd; vice-president, the Rev. John Woodbridge; treasurer. Benjamin F. Bancroft; secretary, Henry M. Dowd. The trustees included Fred L Conkling; the Rev. P. R. Day; the Rev. L. M. Woodruff, the Rev. John P. Gibson, Hon. Chas. S. Lester, Alexander Cherry and Paoli Durkee. The seminary was located on the present site of Skidmore College, between Circular and Regent streets.


James H. Wright was elected president of the village. Thomas

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