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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 33
Jan. 29, The First Presbyterian Church elected the Rev. Charles J. Young as its pastor.

Feb. 6, Wright and Thorn, Jas. H. Wright and W. B. Thorn, leased the residence north of the Worden Hotel for a tailoring establishment.

Feb. 11, The thermometer registered 28 degrees below zero.

Feb. 17, A complimentary dinner was given to W. W. Worden as landlord of the Worden Hotel.

March 6, Glen Mitchell and its grounds were leased by the Saratoga Toboggan Club.

April 19, The Rev. G. W. Brown of the first Methodist Episcopal Church preached his farewell sermon.

April 22, The thermometer was 92 degrees in the shade at noon.

May 3, The Rev. Dr. S. V. Leech, began his pastorate at the First Methodist Episcopal Church.

June 16. General U. S. Grant arrives at the Drexel cottage at Mount McGregor.

July 23, General Grant died at Mount McGregor, at 8:08 a. m. His death was the occasion of nation wide grief, and the community, which had been nearest to the place of his death, expressed its sorrow in flags at half mast, and in tolling bells.

Aug. 4, General Grant's body was carried from Mount McGregor in state.

Sept. 22, The Republican State Convention met at the Casino. The so-called Casino was located on the south side of Spring street, opposite Henry street. about where Spring street entrance to the park is now located.

The reduction of letter postage to two cents an ounce took effect on March 4, 1885.

Saratogians were greatly interested and many were in attendance at the unveiling in New York Harbor on Oct. 28. 1885 of Bartholde's statute, "Liberty Enlightening the World", the gift of the French people. President Cleveland was present at the unveiling.


Jan.12, The thermometer was 34 degrees below zero.

Jan.19, A fire started by an incendiary was discovered in the parsonage of the First Baptist Church on Washington street.

Feb. 25, Glen Mitchell was sold to The Redemptorist Missionary fathers. It was the site of their college and mission house for many years afterward.

May 5, The Adeiphi hotel opened for the season of 1886.

May 18, The Rev. C. J. Young was installed as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.

May 27, The Windsor Hotel opened for the season.

June 19, The United States, Congress Hall, Kensington, and Clarendon Hotels opened; and on June 26, the Grand Union opened.

Aug.19, John P. Conklin died.

Aug. 25, The Delaware and Hudson Freight House, West Circular street, was nearly destroyed in a stubborn blaze which required the service of the fire department for five and a half hours.

Aug. 28, The races were concluded.

Sept. 11, The Rev. Dr. and Mrs John Woodbridge celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

Nov. 2, William H. McCaffrey died.

Nov. 9, Mrs. W. L. F. Warren, died.

Lewis Wood was elected village president in this year.

The Royal Spring, corner of Lake avenue and Henry Street was discovered. The spring was 603 feet deep.


Jan. 3, The thermometer registered 17 below zero.

Jan. 8, Paul C. Grening purchased the Kensington Hotel of James H. Rogers.

Jan.19. The thermometer regist ered 34 degrees below zero.

Jan.27. Mary S. Wayland died.

Feb.15. The Saratogian changed hands, passing into the ownership of J. H. Worman as editor and manager.

Feb. 15 -The Saratoga Gas Co. was sold to E. H. Peters and others.

Feb. 20-The death of Henry H. Hathorn, one of the best known pioneer residents of Saratoga Springs, occurred, at the age of 75.

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