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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 32
At about the year 1820, Robert McDonald opened a grocery store on the east side of Broadway and later changed it to a hardware store opposite Washington street; and a little later Palmer and Waterbury established a bakery. Calvin Munger opened a store about 1820, as Mr. Bullard recalled. Mr. Bullard kept a meat market on Broadway opposite Caroline street. Throughout his life, he was a well-known and respected resident; active in community life.

April 25, Waldo L. Rich and Sarah W. Pond were united in marriage.

May 2, The Adeiphi Hotel opened for the season of 1883.

May 16, The American Hotel, The Empire Hotel and The Everett House opened for the season.

May 17, the presbyterian General Assembly opened for its national session in the local Presbyterian church.

June 2, The Windsor Hotel opened for the season of 1883. Other hotels to open were The Clarendon on June 13; The Grand Union on June 23.

Sept. 8, This year was marked by the laying of the corner stone of the new High School building.

Sept. 11, The Cedar Bluff Hotel was destroyed by fire.

Nov. 19, John H. Dennin, died.

Dec. 6, A successful trial was made of the Daft Electric motor on the Mount McGregor Railway.

Dec. 12, The Rev. Peter Stryker resigned as pastor of the Presbyterian church.

Dec. 18, The death of Charles F. Paul, owner of The Saratogian occurred.

Dec. 21, Frank H. Walworth married Corinne Bramlette.

Dec. 23. The thermometer registered 24 degrees below zero.

Dec. 30, The Rev. Dr. Stryker of the First presbyterian church preached his farewell sermon.

The year 1883 was particularly outstanding for the fire department of the village; for it marked the installation of the new system of a Central Fire House with paid firemen constantly on duty. The citizens of the village in the past had learned from disastrous fires that organization of a paid department was a great need. Previous to this year, the fires had been fought by volunteers. July 10 was actually the birthday of the new system, and the first fire under it occurred on August 15, when a stubborn blaze had ignited the store in the Grand Union Hotel occupied by a Madame Connolly.

The Saratoga paid department succeeded six hose companies, and the present chief, Elias J. Shadwick, was the first chief. The first assistant chief was John Dillon, and the other assistant chief was Richard Mingay.

John Foley was elected district attorney in this year.


Jan. 15, Franklin W. Lawrence and Emma Sylvester were united in marriage.

Jan. 16, the thermometer registered 30 degrees below zero.

Feb. 1, P. H. McOmber died.

March 24, C. B. Kilmer died.

March 25, P. H. Cowen was elected president of the village.

May 15, the Presbyterian General Assembly again convened in the First Presbyterian church.

June 18, the Democratic State convention met at the town hall.

June 28, W. A. Beach died.

July 19, this was the opening day of the races.

Aug. 10, an earthquake shock was clearly felt in Saratoga Springs.

Oct. 21, the Empire Spring property was sold for $65,000 to New York parties.

Oct 27. Frederic Menges and Florence Brown were united in marriage.

Nov. 1, the free postal delivery system was inaugurated in Saratoga Springs.

Nov. 11, W. H. Walton, aged 77 years, died.

Dec. 20, the thermometer registered 28 degrees below zero.


Jan. 19, The Arlington Hotel reopened under the name of Worden Hotel and under the management of W. W. Worden.

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