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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 36
Dec. 6, The Saratoga Daily Union was sold to Charles M. Pierson of New York for $9,500.

Dec. 18, The death of Elizabeth Haight Putnam, wife of the late Rockwell Putnam occurred.

In this year, John Foley was elected president of the Citizens National Bank.

The blizzard occurring on March 11-15, was general throughout the United States.


Jan. 17, The thermometer registered 59 above zero.

Jan. 26, The Saratoga Toboggan Slide was opened.

Mar. 6, The Briggs House at Saratoga Lake was sold to John Tolmie.

Mar. 20, Walter Hanson and Aime Lathrop were united in marriage.

Apr.19, The Clarendon Hotel was purchased by C. S. Averill and G. F. Gregory.

Apr. 24, The Columbian Hotel was leased to J. C. White of Boston.

May 17, The old grist mill on Walworth street was purchased by George F. Harvey Co. for a laboratory.

May 20, A. B. Olmstead, aged, 78, died.

May 25, The Irving Hotel opened with E. P. Warner as new manager. The building, now occupied in part by Ford's restaurant, formed the hotel.

May 26, E. R. Stevens died.

May 27, The Aldelphi Hotel opened.

May 28, F. M. Cozzens, and F. W. Waterbury purchased the Saratoga Eagle.

June 7, The Rev. James Eells, was installed as pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church.

June 10, The Delaware and Hudson took possession of the Adirondack Railroad, which they had purchased.

Mid-June again saw many large hotels opened. The United States opened on June 18: the Congress Hall on June 22. with Clement and Cox as manager; The Clarendon on June 22, with Averill and Gregory as managers; and the Grand Union on June 27, with J. M. Otter as manager.

July 1, Lydia Stoddard Eldridge wife of Paoli Durkee, died, aged 75 years.

July 25, The races opened for the 26th season.

Aug. 24, The death of John T. Carr, aged 76, occurred.

Sept. 2, James Mingay sold his interest in the drug business to Frederic Menges.

Sept. 25, The Republican State Convention met at the Casino.

Oct. 8, Miss Carrie Hamilton, and Frank Howland were united in marriage.

Nov. 22, The corner stone of the state armory on Lake avenue was laid.

Dec.17, The death of O. L. Barbour, at the age of 78 years, occurred.

In this year, General George S. Batcheller was appointed assistant secretary of the United States treasurer, serving through the administration of President Benjamin Harrison.

In this year Saratogians were horrified as the rest of the country with the news of the great flood on May 31 at Johnstown, Pa., where 2,209 persons lost their lives.


The year 1890 marked the completion of another census, which showed the population of Saratoga Springs as 13,171. The census taken in 1925, showed the population 13,884, or a growth of only 713 in 35 years. In 1880, the census was 10,820. The population of Saratoga County according to the census, was 57,663.

The native born population in Saratoga County in 1890 was 49,558; the foreign born 8,105. The foreign born was distributed according to countries as follows:

born in Canada and New Foundland, 1,213; Cuba and the West Indies, 11; Ireland, 3,934; England 1,309; Scotland, 261; Wales, 16; Germany, 714; Australia, 18; Holland, 34; Switzerland, 33; and Norway, 13.

The total number of dwellings in the county in 1890 was 12,201; and the total number of families was 13,467; or 4.28 persons to a family.

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