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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 53
Pelee on May 8, and about 30,000 people lost their lives.

In 1902, the Pennsylvania strike of 140,500 miners occurred and was settled in October by President Theodore Roosevelt.


It was announced that Saratoga Springs in the future was to receive its power from Spier Falls.

New Year greetings were expressed in The Saratogian, by the Rev. William Durant of the First Presbyterian church; the Rev. Fred L. Decker of the First Methodist Episcopal church; and the Rev. Dr Joseph Carey of Bethesda church; and the Rev. Tileston F. Chambers pastor of the First Baptist church.

The Saratoga Sewage Disposal plant was completed during the year 1903.

January, Cassius B. Thomas was elected president of the Business Men's Association. At the meeting an offer was received from Andrew Carnegie to give a library to the city.

January 15, Mrs. John Carroll was frozen to death near Charlton.

January 26, Volney Carpenter, William M. Gage and Jesse F. Adee, and Frederick Barrett engaged in ice-boat racing on Saratoga Lake.

March 5, Lewis C. Varney was elected supervisor.

Marcn 23, the Gaffney building on Caroline street was erected.

April 6 occurred the death of John J. Healey. He was a member of the Board of Education.

April 16, the 71st session of the Troy Conference was held, the Rev. Charles C. McCabe, D. D., being presiding bishop.

April 16, Henry W. Sage, Thomas W. Hitchcock, Harry Payne Whitney, and George J. Gould active in polo here.

April 27, the Young Women's Christian Association was organized. This was the forerunner of Skidmore College.

June, Graduation exercises of the Saratoga Hospital, Miss Mary Caroline Eighmey and Miss Melinda Ross receiving diplomas.

June, New York State Undertakers Association met here.

June, Graduation exercises for High school; Miss Grace A. Trim, valedictorian: and Miss Stella Hall Wilcox, salutatorian.

July 30, American Express Co. purchased the Saratoga Baggage Express Co

August 1, Fire destroyed Edward H. Hoyt factory and mill, $15,000 loss.

August 13, William C. Whitney and Admiral George Dewey, were distinguished visitors at the races.

September, The Saratoga Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution continued work of marking road to Saratoga Battlefield. Mrs. George F. Comstock was elected regent.

October 17, In the office of Chancellor Walworth at Walworth Mansion, Saratoga Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution was organized.

November 26, W. F. Darrow barn destroyed by fire; Mr. Darrow was found dead in the barn.

December 26, Fire in the First Methodist Episcopal church does damages to the extent of $18,000. The church had been built in 1870.

The first successful mechanical aeroplane by the Wright brothers was made in December 17 of this year, and interested the community.


January 4, 22 degrees below zero.

January 14, W. Frink Ingham and Bertha Adams were married.

January 16, A. J. Case and R. S. Wickham formed law partnership.

January 18, Elias J. Pendrick died.

January 21, reception to Colonel James W. Lester in Co L Armory.

January 22, Great weight of snow crushed roof of R. A. Canfield's restaurant.

February 2, Death of William C. Whitney occurrs in New York. He was president of the Saratoga Racing Association.

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