Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death

Ferguson, Sarah               32y          31 Oct 1885  HMC

Filhiers, Elizabeth           49y          1874         CPC
     wife of Losee

Filhiers, Losee                                         CPC

Filkins, Abram                                          HMC

Filkins, Elizabeth C.         49y 11m 7d   29 Apr 1874  CPC

Filkins, Emily A.             31y 11m 2d   2 Apr 1872   CUC
     wife of Gilbert H.

Filkins, Frances                                        HMC
     wife of Abram

Filkins, Gilbert H.           54y          2 Feb 1891   CUC
     son of Peter & Eliza

Filkins, H. Elizabeth Lansing 38y 2m       23 Jun 1873  CUC
     wife of James E.

Filkins, James E.                                       CUC

Filkins, James W.             10m          21 Aug 1844  HMC
     son of Minard & Sally

Filkins, infant               2m 20d       20 Mar 1848  HMC
     daughter of Abram & Frances

Filkins, Losee                                          CPC

Filkins, Margaret R.          27y 7m 14d   5 Sep 1871   CPC
     wife of William H.

Filkins, Minard                                         HMC

Filkins, Minard               76y 1d       2 May 1888   CUC
     son of Daniel & Mary (Palmer) Filkins

Filkins, Sally                                          HMC
     wife of Minard (no date)

Filkins, Spencer              1y           3 Jul 1872   CPC
     son of William H. & Margaret R.

Filkins, William H.                                     CPC

Filkins, William Henry        1y 2m 14d    11 Dec 1838  HMC
     son of Minard & Sally

Fitzgerald, Anthony           22 Jun 1810  9 Oct 1958   JFC

Fitzgerald, Cecilla           21 Jun 1806  31 Dec 1848  JFC

Fitzgerald, Edmond            67y          4 Dec 1838   JFC

Fitzgerald, Edmond Jr.        5 Oct 1800   3 Apr 1801   JFC
     son of Edmond & Eleanor

Fitzgerald, Edmond Jr.        10 Jan 1802  1 Apr 1803   JFC
     son of Edmond & Eleanor

Fitzgerald, Eleanor Flynn     14 Dec 1774  3 Oct 1857   JFC
     wife of Edmond

Fitzgerald, George                                      JFC

Fitzgerald, George            71y 9m 6d    20 Nov 1886  HMC
     son of Edmund & Eleanor (Flynn) Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald, infant                                      JFC
     daughter of George & Mary

Fitzgerald, Joana             85y 6m       22 Nov 1888  HMC
     daughter of Edmund & Eleanor (Flynn) Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald, Mary                                        JFC
     wife of George

Fitzgerald, Mary              6 Dec 1794   3 Apr 1843   JFC

Fitzgerald, Mary              72y          7 Jan 1895   HMC
     daughter of James & Mary Hamilton

Fitzgerald, Thomas            29 Sep 1797  28 Jul 1838  JFC

Flagler, Eliza                                          CPC
     wife of Thomas

Flagler, Elizabeth                                      CPC
     wife of Thomas

Flagler, Elizabeth            76y 10d      27 Aug 1849  CPC
     2nd wife of Richard

Flagler, Emma                 14y 5m       22 Dec 1848  CPC
     daughter of Thomas & Eliza

Flagler, Martha               26y          19 Apr 1792  CPC
     1st wife of Richard - daughter of John & Constant
     Wilkinson of Dutchess County

Flagler, Mary Dennis          43y 4m 7d    21 Aug 1815  CPC
     wife of Thomas (of Beekman)

Flagler, Richard              61y 11m 20d  28 Mar 1824  CPC

Flagler, Simeon B.            67y          9 Sep 1873   CPC

Flagler, Thomas (2)                                     CPC

Flagler, Thomas                                         CPC
     of Beekman, Dutchess County

Flynn, Albert B.              16y 1m 12d   22 Sep 1861  JFC
     son of John & Asenith

Flynn, Abby Beach             63y 1m 13d   24 May 1849  JFC
     wife of John (d1864)

Flynn, Anna Mary              9y 7m        15 Nov 1856  JFC
     daughter of John & Asenith

Flynn, Anthony                1 Nov 1786   15 Oct 1846  JFC

Flynn, Asenith (Acenith E.)?                            JFC
     wife of John (no dates)

Flynn, Betsey                 24y          21 Aug 1831  JFC
     wife of Anthony

Flynn, David                  26y 5m 7d    5 Oct 1855   DFC

Flynn, David                  5 Aug 1777   30 Jul 1859  DFC

Flynn, Elizabeth              13 May 1815  12 Jun 1815  JFC

Flynn, Frank E.               14y 8m       11 Nov 1878  JFC
     son of John & Asenith

Flynn, George                 53y 1m 18d   2 Jun 1853   DFC

Flynn, infant                              10 Nov 1813  JFC
     daughter of John & Abby

Flynn, infant                              10 Mar 1816  JFC
     daughter of John & Abby

Flynn, infant                              15 Apr 1817  JFC
     son of John & Abby

Flynn, infant                              11 Nov 1857  JFC
     son of John & Asenith

Flynn, Isaac O.               27 May 1791  17 Apr 1843  DFC

Flynn, Jane Ann               57y 6m 24d   14 Nov 1867  JFC

Flynn, Jane E.                2y 3m 2d     26 Sep 1853  JFC
     daughter of John & Asenith

Flynn, John                                             JFC

Flynn, John                   98y          3 Nov 1817   JFC

Flynn, John (infant)                       1 Aug 1818   JFC
     son of John & Abby

Flynn, John                   28y 7d       18 Feb 1856  DFC

Flynn, John                   84y          6 Jun 1864   JFC

Flynn, John G.                22 Sep 1861  16y 1m 12d   JFC
     son of John & Asenith

Flynn, Margaret E.            1y 1m 19d    14 Sep 1850  JFC
     daughter of John & Asenith

Flynn, Maria                  9 Nov 1794   22 Jan 1846  DFC
     wife of Isaac O.

Flynn, Mary                   90y          22 Aug 1831  JFC
     wife of John (d1817)

Follet, Ann                   61y          19 May 1858  HMC
     wife of Thomas

Follet, Elizabeth Ann         27y          8 Nov 1856   HMC
     daughter of Thomas & Ann

Follet, Hiram                 24y 8m 21d   21 Sep 1849  HMC

Follet, Laura J.              19y 9m 12d   18 Jun 1841  HMC

Follet, Thomas                                          HMC

Fonda, Cynthia                                          NBC
     wife of Tennie

Fonda, Cynthia                72y 6m 24d   17 Dec 1882  HMC
     daughter of Anthony & Elizabeth (Duell) Badgely

Fonda, Isaac                  6 Dec 1779   6 Dec 1859   CUC

Fonda, Isaac L.                                         CUC
     name on Soldiers Monument

Fonda, Maria                  82y 11m 4d   21 Oct 1863  CUC
     wife of Isaac

Fonda, Mariah                 79y 9m       27 Apr 1801  VSC
     wife of Abram

Fonda, Mary J.                25y          22 Aug 1866  NBC
     daughter of Tennie & Cynthia

Fonda, Tennie                                           NBC

Forbes, Catherine             74y          29 Jan 1905  CUC
     daughter of Daniel & Susan Forbes

Forbes, Daniel                                          HMC

Forbes, Daniel                19 Mar 1800               CUC
     born Scotland

Forbes, Henry F.              9y 10m 6d    23 Mar 1839  HMC

Forbes, Susan                                           HMC

Forbes, Susan F.              20 Jan 1806               CUC
     wife of Daniel (b1800) - born Halfmoon

Ford, Nehemiah H.             4y 5m 11d    16 Apr 1884  CUC
     son of Herbert & Ella (Ven Philo) Ford

Fowler, Henry                 65y 9m       65y 9m       CFC

Fowler, Maria                 86y          24 Feb 1892  HMC
     wife of Henry - daughter of William & Ruth Cary

Fowler, William               81y 11m 15d  9 Jun 1865   CFC

Fowler, William J.            87y 7m 27d   19 Nov 1903  CUC
     son of Joseph & Margaret Volwider

Francisco, Elizabeth          20y 5m       9 Jun 1853   HMC
     daughter of Jeremiah & Susan

Francisco, James H.           41y          16 Feb 1864  HMC

Francisco, Jeremiah H.                                  HMC

Francisco, Phebe              25y          5 Apr 1885   WCC
     daughter of John R. & Charlotte Quackenbush

Francisco, Susan              57y          17 Jul 1856  HMC
     wife of Daniel

Frashier, Andrew Capt.                                  NBC

Frashier, Maria               55y          27 Feb 1830  NBC

Frazier, Benoni               61y          13 Apr 1826  HMC

Frazier, Elizabeth                         6 Mar 1820   HMC
     wife of Benoni

Freeman, Abigail              27y          27 Jun 1826  HMC
     wife of Peter

Freeman, Elishia Capt.        97y          1 Jan 1828   NBC

Freeman, Hannah                                         WCC
     wife of Pattison

Freeman, Hattie W.            30y          16 Mar 1885  WCC
     daughter of George & Gertrude West

Freeman, Pattison             77y 6m 18d   25 Sep 1884  WCC
     son of Peter & Nancy (Wilsey) Freeman

Freeman, Peter                35y          1 Jan 1831   HMC

Freeman, Phoebe               71y 5m       30 Jan 1895  CUC

Freeman, Sarah                6y           6 Nov 1848   WCC
     daughter of Pattison & Hannah

Freeman, Violet               1m 7d        28 Aug 1899  WCC

Freeman, Wallace              29y          18 Apr 1896  WCC
     son of Herman & Harriet

Frost, Andrew                 44y          20 Jul 1840  HMC

Frost, Hannah                 51y          28 Jan 1826  HMC
     wife of Turtullus

Frost, Margaret               25y          4 Aug 1841   HMC

Frost, Turtullus              10 Jun 1854  22 Nov 1772  HMC

Fry, Lucy                                               SMC
     wife of Michael

Fry, Michael                                            SMC

Fry, William H.               20y 5m 21d   24 Dec 1846  SMC
     son of Michael & Lucy

Furman, Andrew                                          CUC

Furman, Margaret              43y          11 Mar 1858  CUC
     wife of Andrew

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Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death
Gates, Jane                                             HMC
     wife of Luther

Gates, Luther                                           HMC

Gates, William Wallace        3y 4m 14d    3 Dec 1838   HMC

Geer, Mary                    68y 4m       15 Mar 1815  ROS

Germond, Charles E.           7y 11m       2 May 1853   NBC
     son of Philo & Martha

Germond, George Henry         10m 22d      5 Feb 1844   NBC
     son of Philo & Martha

Germond, Martha               31y 2m 1d    12 Mar 1849  NBC
     wife of Philo

Germond, Philo                                          NBC

Germond, Theodore             10m          16 Jun 1842  NBC
     son of Philo & Martha

Gleason, infant               1d           22 Sep 1887  HMC
     child of Augustus & Josephine (Straight) Gleason

Godfrey, Anne                 31y          16 Jun 1898  HMUNK
     daughter of Michael & Catherine Noonan

Godfrey, Flora                30y          2 Sep 1900   CUC
     daughter of Burtis & Susan Freeman

Godfrey, George A.            68y 11m 26d  30 Apr 1883  CUC
     son of James & Sarah

Godfrey, James                                          NBC

Godfrey, Katherine            52y 9m 3d    29 Sep 1831  NBC

Gogarty, Louisa               5d           12 Jun 1892  WCC
     daughter of Owen & Lucy Ann

Gogarty, Mary Ann             2d           4 Jan 1895   WCC
     daughter of Owen & Lucy Ann

Gogerty, Owen                 2m 1d        22 Sep 1893  WCC
     son of Owen & Lucy Ann

Gogerty, William H.           1y 4m 5d     30 May 1893  WCC
     son of Owen & Lucy

Golden, Ira                   73y          10 Dec 1889  CUC

Gorsline, Charles E.                                    NBC

Gorsline, Daniel              77y          20 Jan 1846  NBC

Gorsline, Elizabeth           2 Jan 1796   23 Mar 1879  NBC

Gorsline, Hannah              29y          1 Aug 1831   NBC
     wife of John A.

Gorsline, Jane                45y          2 Mar 1838   NBC
     wife of Daniel

Gorsline, John A.             12 Aug 1803  1 Feb 1860   NBC

Gorsline, Margaret            69y 5m 23d   15 Dec 1820  NBC
     wife of William

Gorsline, Phebe Jane Clement  19 Dec 1835  23 May 1891  NBC
     wife of Chaeles E.

Gorsline, R. N.               8 Jul 1825   89 Jul 1874  NBC

Gorsline, Samuel              73y          23 Nov 1830  NBC

Gorsline, Stephen B.          74y          1897         NBC

Gorsline, William             82y 5m 17d   2 Aug 1815   NBC

Gorsline, William W.          26 Dec 1788  15 Jan 1851  NBC

Gorsline, Zillah A. Golden    5 Apr 1831   15 Feb 1873  NBC
     wife of R. N.

Grant, John G.                46y          19 Jan 1857  DGC

Grawbarger, Deborah           63y          22 Mar 1840  ROS
     wife of Henry

Grawbarger, Henry                                       ROS

Gray, Egbert                                            HMC

Gray, Egbert P.               9m           26 Aug 1849  HMC
     son of Egbert & Susan

Gray, Gilbert R.              16y 6m 3d    4 Dec 1902   CUC
     son of Emmett & Carrie

Gray, Gitty                   63y          3 Apr 1856   WCC
     wife of James

Gray, James                                             WCC

Gray, Rebeckah Jane           7y 8m 10d    23 Jan 1844  HMC
     daughter of Egbert & Susan

Gray, Susan                                             HMC
     wife of Egbert

Green, Abigail                25 Dec 1765  25 Apr 1835  NBC
     wife of Caleb - born Newport RI, died Mechanicville NY

Green, Benjamin L.            10y 11m      22 Feb 1884  CUC
     son of Lewis & Mary (Rulison) Green

Green, Caleb Rev.             7 Oct 1767   15 Apr 1841  NBC
     born Newport RI, moved to Waterford NY 1825, to
     Mechanicville 1828

Green, Catherine              55y          6 Jul 1851   NBC

Green, Edson R.               4y 4m 15d    6 Aug 1887   HMC
     son of Samuel & Mary C.

Green, Lewis                  63y 8m       25 Dec 1901  CUC
     son of John & Mariah

Green, Thomas C.                                        NBC

Greene, Kenneth               52d          12 Nov 1902  CUC

Gregory, John A.              36y          1 Apr 1894   CUC
     son of Oliver & Mary J. (Bulson) Gregory

Gregory, Viola                8y           9 May 1898   CUC

Griffin, Joseph                                         CFC

Guild, Naphtali                            1830         NBC

Guyer, Effie Eltha            2m 29d       4 Aug 1896   CUC
     daughter of Freeman & Minnie E. Guyer

Guyer, Helen A.               85y          1 Jan 1896   CUC
     daughter of John & Sarah Sink

Guyer, Richard H.             24y 4m 15d   24 Oct 1842  HMC

Guyer, Smith                  26y 10m      10 Jun 1863  WCC

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Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death
Haight, Henry S.              68y          25 Jul 1898  CUC
     son of Hiram & Claressa

Hall, B. M. Mrs.              62y          10 Oct 1865  CUC

Hall, Barnes Merri-           82y 8m 22d   22 Feb 1886  CUC
     son of John & Polly (Priest) Hall

Hall, Polly D.                                          HMC

Hall, William R.                                        HMC

Hall, William Rila            3y 10m 9d    31 Mar 1839  HMC
     son of William R. & Polly D.

Halstead, Polly               61y          21 Feb 1830  SMC
     wife of Thomas

Halstead, Thomas                                        SMC

Hamilton, Abby Jane           11m 13d      2 Jul 1863   JFC
     daughter of Edward & Abby Jane

Hamilton, James               79y          31 Aug 1868  JFC

Hamilton, John F.             26y 6m       13 Oct 1874  JFC

Hamilton, Mary E. Flynn       43y 25d      24 Oct 1868  JFC
     wife of James

Harris, Barnett G.            43y 23d      7 Jan 1844   NBC

Harris, Catherine             63y 8m 25d   9 Feb 1861   NBC
     wife of Barnett G.

Harris, Gilbert                                         NBC

Harris, Gilbert               47y          18 Sep 1823  NBC

Harris, John W.               66y          21 Jan 1899  HMC
     son of Barnet G. & Catherine

Harris, Olive                                           NBC
     wife of Samuel

Harris, Samuel                                          NBC

Harris, Sarah Ann             27y 7m 5d    22 Dec 1861  NBC
     wife of Gilbert (no date)

Harris, Sophia                3y 14d       3 Mar 1839   NBC
     daughter of Samuel & Olive

Harris, William                            Jul 1902     CUC

Harvey, Hannah M.             78y 19d      18 Dec 1888  CUC
     daughter of Isaac & Hannah Streeter - wife of Kimball?

Harvey, Kimball               74y 2m 15d   8 Apr 1883   CUC
     son of Soloman & Sarah M.

Harvey, Lowell K.             69y 10m      27 Feb 1903  CUC
     son of Kimbel & Hannah (Stucts) Harvey

Harris, Betsey Hames          21 Aug 1819  29 Sep 1849  NBC
     wife of George

Hawley, Amy                   43y          8 Mar 1855   HMC

Hawley, Andrew                66y 1m 12d   29 May 1841  HMC

Hawley, Andrew                39y          19 Mar 1854  HMC

Hawley, Cornelius                                       CPC

Hawley, George                                          NBC

Hawley, Harriet               49y 11m      17 Apr 1849  CPC
     wife of Cornelius

Hawley, Lewis                 68y 9m       28 Jan 1870  CUC

Hawley, Martha                15y 1m 19d   3 Jun 1840   CPC
     daughter of Cornelius & Harriet

Harris, Sarah C.              13 Jul 1846  19 Dec 1857  NBC
     daughter of George & Betsey

Harris, Wellington            27 Jun 1849  28 Sep 1849  NBC

Hayner, Louis                                           CPC

Hayner, Phoda                 69y 3m       ?            CPC

Hegeman, D. J.                                          NBC

Hegeman, Helen E.                                       NBC
     wife of D. J.

Hegeman, infant               5m 6d        5 Nov 1863   NBC
     daughter of D. J. & Helen E.

Hendrickson, Ada                                        CUC

Hendrickson, Edith            8m           7 Dec 1875   CUC

Hendrickson, W. W.                                      CUC

Herrington, James             77y 1m 4d    19 Apr 1828  NBC

Heustis, Caroline                                       CPC
     wife of Elias Hix

Heustis, Elias Hix            19 Oct 1826  12 Feb 1860  CPC

Heustis, Frank                6y 8m 8d     14 Sep 1859  CPC
     son of Elias & Caroline

Hides, Samuel                                           NBC

Hides, Susan                  22y 8m       8 Jul 1835   NBC
     wife of Samuel

Higgins, Henry                2y           1 Sep 1834   ROS
     son of Solomon & Laura

Higgins, Laura                4 Apr 1792   31 Oct 1843  ROS
     wife of Solomon

Higgins, Peter W.             18y 1m 25d   1 Apr 1836   ROS
     son of Solomon & Laura

Higgins, Solomon              69y          5 Jul 1860   ROS

Higgins, William M.           17y 2m 19d   4 Oct 1833   ROS
     son of Solomon & Laura

Hill, Catherine               58y          28 May 1886  CUC
     daughter of Thomas Simpson

Hill, John H.                 9y 8m 23d    10 Jul 1866  HMC
     son of Joseph & Susan

Hill, Joseph                                            HMC

Hill, Joseph A.               3y 6m 28d    24 Feb 1858  HMC
     son of Joseph & Susan

Hill, Samuel                  72y          17 Sep 1897  CUC
     son of Henry & Elizabeth

Hill, Susan                                             HMC
     wife of Joseph

Hill, William H.              3m 13d       13 Jul 1856  HMC
     son of Joseph & Susan

Hoag, Elizabeth                                         CPC
     wife of George W.

Hoag, George W.               35y 6m 5d    5 Sep 1852   CPC

Hoag, James D.                4y 9m 18d    11 Sep 1852  CPC
     son of George W. & Elizabeth

Holister, Mary L.             19y 9m 2d    8 Feb 1903   CUC
     daughter of William E. & Anette Holister

Hollister, James                                        NBC

Hollister, Phebe Mott         19y 6m 24d   10 Jul 1816  NBC
     wife of James

Hollister, William H.         79y 17d      10 Aug 1897  UNK
     son of Solomon C. & Zilphia (Cady) Hollister

Holmes, Abram V.              26y 2m       1 Sep 1875   CPC

Holsapple, H. A.                                        CPC
     wife of J. H.

Holsapple, Henry P.                                     CPC

Holsapple, J. H.                                        CPC

Holsapple, Margaret           73y 8m       2 May 1873   CPC
     wife of Henry P.

Holsapple, Willie             3y 2m 9d     27 Dec 1874  CPC
     son of J. H. & H. A.

Horan, Susan                  19y          9 Nov 1864   CUC
     wife of William

Horan, William                                          CUC

Horan, William                68y 3m 10d   16 Apr 1865  WCC

Houghtailing, George          58y          10 Aug 1885  WCC
     son of William & Mary

Houghtaling, Jane             88y          13 Nov 1887  CUC
     daughter of Abraham & Anna (VanOstrand) Travis

House, Nancy                  25 Mar 1809  19 Aug 1845  NBC
     wife of Peter

House, Peter                                            NBC

House, William                77y 6m       1 Aug 1866   HMC

Howig, Andrew                 60y          8 Feb 1834   SMC

Howland, Eliza                76y          Nov 1871     NBC

Howland, Powell                                         CFC

Howland, Tamma Morris         23y 5m 24d   5 Feb 1823   CFC
     wife of Powell

Hoyt, Ann M.                  73y 2d       23 Dec 1890  CUC
     daughter of Benjamin Mills

Hudson, Elizabeth             49y 11m 8d   13 Aug 1849  SMC
     wife of John

Hudson, Harriet               10m          1 May 1848   SMC
     grand daughter of John & Elizabeth

Hudson, Harriet Harrison      18y 6m 8d    14 Jul 1847  SMC
     daughter of John & Elizabeth

Hudson, John                  70y 3m 6d    26 Nov 1858  SMC

Hudson, Sirus W. H.           6m 10d       10 Sep 1827  SMC
     twin sons(?) of John & Elizabeth

Hulin, Adaline                65y          23 Mar 1886  HMC
     daughter of Rice & Catherine (Myers) Hulin

Husted, Mary A.               45y 7m       2 Feb 1875   CPC
     wife of William H.

Husted, William H.                                      CPC

Hutchens, Charles N.          35y          7 Sep 1827   HMC

Hutchens, Jacob               80y          22 Mar 1833  SMC

Hutchens, Mary                20y          18 May 1810  SMC
     daughter of Jacob & Ruth

Hutchens, Ruth                72y          19 Mar 1822  SMC
     wife of Jacob

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Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death
Irish, Abner                                            HMC

Irish, Ethel E.               8y 10m       20 Jul 1898  CUC
     daughter of William & Bessie S. Irish

Irish, Hannah                                           HMC
     wife of Abner

Irish, Margaret               62y 3m 14d   6 Aug 1838   HMC
     wife of Samuel  PHOTO

Irish, Samuel                 83y          13 Feb 1856  HMC PHOTO

Irish, William H.             54y          17 Mar 1898  CUC
     son of Phillip & Betsy

Irish, William O.             1y 8m        24 Jan 1841  HMC
     son of Abner & Hannah    PHOTO

Ives, Emma                    3y 3m        20 Dec 1860  CPC
     daughter of John & Olive

Ives, John H.                                           CPC

Ives, Olive                                             CPC
     wife of John H.

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Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death
Jones, Adaline                52y 15d      4 Aug 1897   CUC
     daughter of Joseph & Catherine Dutcher

Jones, Artie                  30y          15 Nop 1901  CUC
     child of Jeremiah & Harriet Vandercar

Jones, Catherine              72y          4 May 1840   ROS
     wife of John

Jones, Elizabeth              30y 9m 23d   29 Mar 1874  CPC

Jones, Esther                 1y           19 Nov 1852  CPC
     daughter of J.  H. & M. Jones

Jones, Hildah (Huldah)                                  ROS
     wife of James H.

Jones, J. H.                                            CPC

Jones, James H.                                         ROS

Jones, John                   71y          14 Jul 1839  ROS

Jones, John H.                48y          12 Feb 1866  ROS

Jones, Lottie                 6m           6 Mar 1884   WCC
     daughter of John B. & Adaline

Jones, Lydia                                            ROS

Jones, Lydia Ann              1y 10m 17d   13 Sep 1841  ROS

Jones, M.                                               CPC
     wife of J. H.

Jones, Merriman                                         CPC

Jones, Rowena                 17y          13 Jan 1866  ROS
     daughter of John H. & Lydia

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Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death
Kellogg, Christina                                      CPC
     wife of John C.

Kellogg, George                                         CPC

Kellogg, Howard W.            13y 8m 19d   27 Feb 1876  CPC
     son of John C. & Christina

Kellogg, Ida                                            CPC
     wife of George

Kellogg, John C.                                        CPC

Kellogg, Marrie               3y 6m 17d    30 Mar 1876  CPC
     son of George & Ida

Kerwood, Carrie E. Tripp      1864         1914         NBC
     wife of George S.

Kerwood, George S.            1851         1901         NBC

Kerwood, Robert               1923         1930         NBC

Kesler, Ellen                                           WCC
     wife of Jacob

Kesler, Jacob                                           WCC

Kesler, Margaret J.           21 Jul 1857  4 May 1859   WCC
     daughter of Jacob & Ellen

Kidney, Caroline Amelia       21y 1m 6d    4 May 1850   HMC
     daughter of Chauncey & Harriet

Kidney, Chauncey                                        HMC

Kidney, Harriet Melissa       28y 5m 11d   28 Sep 1850  HMC
     daughter of Chauncey & Harriet

Kidney, Sarah                                           HMC
     wife of Chauncey

Kilmer, Allen                              27 Feb 1889  UNK
     son of Samuel & Ida Sweet?

King, Almira                                            CPC
wife of George

King, George                  19y 8d       21 Mar 1869  CPC
     son of George & Almira

King, George                                            CPC

Kirby, infant                              15 Sep 1848  ROS
     son of James & Lydia

Kirby, James                                            ROS

Kirby, Lydia                  61y          17 Mar 1889  ROS
          wife of James - daughter of James & Jane Swarthout

Kirby, Margaret               90y          15 Apr 1899  HMC
     daughter of Paul & Patience Kirby

Kirby, Mary Frances           1y 11m 22d   9 Aug 1853   ROS
     daughter of James & Lydia

Kirby, Pardon L.              86y          1 Nov 1901   HMC
     daughter of Paul & Patience Kirby

Kirby, William S.             2y 1m 2d     10 Sep 1848  ROS
     son of James & Lydia

Knight, Adaline                                         WCC
     wife of Zebulon

Knight, Alonzo                             1890         CPC

Knight, Anienett              71y          12 Nov 1900  CUC
     daughter of Isaac Shear - wife of Selar?

Knight, Frances Ann           29 Aug 1843  17 Jun 1844  SMC
     daughter of Selar & Phebe

Knight, George                2y 7m 14d    12 May 1859  WCC
     son of Zebulon & Adaline

Knight, James H.              70y          20 Dec 1904  CUC
     son of Joseph & Amanda

Knight, Joseph                39y          21 Oct 1905  CUC
     son of James & Anginette (Shear) Knight

Knight, Phebe                                           SMC
     wife of Selar

Knight, Selar                 71y 7m 12d   28 Jul 1883  CUC
     son of Zebulon & Nancy (Spires) Knight

Knight, Zebulon                                         WCC

Knights, Daniel               84y 4m 12d   18 Nov 1903  CUC
     son of John

Knights, Ira                  55y          1 Mar 1865   SMC

Knights, John                 80y          30 Jan 1860  SMC

Knights, Margaret             45y 6d       15 Nov 1849  SMC
     daughter of John & Rosannah

Knights, Rosannah             67y 3d       22 Jan 1847  SMC
     wife of John

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Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death
Laffers, Harry                                          CUC
     listed on Soldiers Monument

Laffers, Henry                                          CUC
     listed on Soldiers Monument

Lamb, Alanson                                           NBC

Lamb, Almina A.                                         LPC
     third wife of John

Lamb, Alonzo P.               1y 3m 5d     29 May 1842  LPC
     son of John & Almina

Lamb, Asanath                 11y 2m 11d   14 Jul 1816  NBC
     daughter of Joseph & Martha

Lamb, Caroline E.             6m           3 Oct 1841   NBC
     daughter of David T. & Emaline

Lamb, Cornelia Ann            1y 7m 25d    8 Dec 1836   LPC
          daughter of John & Katherine

Lamb, David T.                                          NBC

Lamb, Elizabeth               22y          14 May 1829  NBC
     daughter of Joseph & Martha

Lamb, Emaline                                           NBC

Lamb, Eva Ann                                           NBC
     wife of Alanson

Lamb, George A.               3y 3m 7d     23 Aug 1845  NBC
     son of Alanson & Eva Ann

Lamb, George H.               5m           31 Jan 1839  NBC
     son of David T. & Emaline

Lamb, George William          11n 26d      7 Jun 1827   LPC
     son of John & Jane Ann

Lamb, Jane Ann                29y 9m 15d   13 May 1830  LPC
     first wife of John

Lamb, John                                              LPC

Lamb, John H.                 67y          13 Mar 1893  HMC
     son of Joseph & Freelove

Lamb, Joseph                  82y 8m       9 Oct 1837   NBC

Lamb, Katherine               28y 9m 9d    8 Feb 1837   LPC
     second wife of John

Lamb, Mahala                  43y          16 Aug 1835  NBC
     daughter of Joseph & Martha

Lamb, Martha                  76y 4m 10d   19 Jun 1849  NBC
     wife of Joseph

Lamb, Martha Jane             1y 4m        4 Sep 1838   NBC
     daughter of Alanson & Eva Ann

Lamb, Mary                    17d          27 Aug 1822  LPC
     daughter of John & Jane Ann

Lamb, Sarah Jane              10m 11d      10 Apr 1841  NBC
     daughter of Alanson & Eva Ann

Landers, James                19 May 1798  1 Sep 1857   HMC

Lane, John G.                 70y 11m 29d  20 May 1847  HMC

Lansing, Francis T.                                     CUC

Lansing, Garret I.            82y 11m 20d  20 Dec 1883  CUC
     son of Isaac G. & Catherine (Vandenburgh) Lansing

Lansing, Garrit G.                                      NBC

Lansing, Hannah               35y          10 Nov 1838  NBC
     wife of Garrit G.

Lansing, Nancy Winnie         65y          25 Feb 1869  CUC
     wife of V. D. B.

Lansing, Susan                51y 2m 19d   21 Jan 1871  CUC
     wife of Francis T.

Lansing, Washington                        28 Mar 1892  CUC
     son of Van

Lape, Ann E. Gorsline         12 Feb 1830  12 Sep 1861  NBC
     wife of William

Lape, Eunice                                            HMC
     wife of Rufus

Lape, Lizzie                  18 May 1856  9 Sep 1861   NBC
     daughter of William & Ann E.

Lape, Rufus                                             HMC

Lape, Viola                   7m 14d       8 Jul 1861   HMC
     daughter of Rufus & Eunice

Lape, William                                           NBC

Lape, William                 58y 7m 13d   5 Jul 1889   CUC
     son of Nicholas & Catherine

Lappiers, Henry               79y          11 May 1887  HMC

Lasher, Catherine                                       HMC
     wife of Philip

Lasher, Franklin              1y           1 Feb 1841   HMC
     son of Philip & Catherine

Lasher, George                1851         1925         CPC

Lasher, Ida Jane              4y 1m 27d    10 Jan 1868  CPC
     daughter of Robert & Jane

Lasher, Jane                                            CPC
     wife of Robert

Lasher, Philip                                          HMC

Lasher, Robert                                          CPC

Lawrence, Abraham             46y          14 Oct 1833  NBC

Lawrence, David R.                                      NBC

Lawrence, Frances A.          1 May 1811   9 Jul 1841   NBC
     wife of Lewis H.

Lawrence, George Albert       8m 29d       29 Mar 1839  ROS
     son of Samuel & Naomi

Lawrence, Helen Louisa        4m           28 Nov 1839  NBC
     daughter of Lewis H. & Frances A.

Lawrence, Lewis H.            22 Nov 1815  15 Sep 1839  NBC

Lawrence, Mary                59y          31 Jun 1851  NBC

Lawrence, Naomi               21y 10m      28 Mar 1839  ROS
     wife of Samuel - daughter of Sylvanus & Phebe Sayles

Lawrence, Samuel                                        ROS

Lawrence, Sarah Mott          30y 3m 8d    17 May 1829  NBC
     wife of David R.

Lawton, Alice C.              2y 2m 4d     19 Apr 1839  DGC
     daughter of John & Eliza

Lawton, Eliza                                           DGC
     wife of John

Lawton, John                                            DGC

Leversee, Alida               19y          1820         VSC

Leversee, Anthony             45y          12 Feb 1807  VSC

Leversee, Cornelia            15y          Jun 1806     VSC

Leversee, Margaret            55y          1823         VSC
     wife of Anthony

Lewis, Sarah                  79y          14 Oct 1820  NBC

Lighthall, Hestar             69y          1835         VSC
     wife of McLaugton

Link, C.                                                HMC

Link, Henry                                             HMC

Link, Henry                   2y           15 Jan 1856  HMC
     son of P. & C.

Link, Margaret Elizabeth      2y 11m 8d    14 Mar 1836  HMC
     daughter of Henry & Mary Eliza

Link, Mary Eliza                                        HMC
     wife of Henry

Link, P.                                                HMC

Link, Philip                                            CUC
     listed on Soldiers Monument

Lowth, Franklin E.            4m           1 Aug 1849   NBC

Lowth, Michael F.                                       NBC

Lowth, Susan V.               30y          8 Oct 1849   NBC
     wife of Michael F.

Luffman, Evekine M.           1y 6m        16 Feb 1848  HMC

Luffman, J. D.                                          HMC

Luffman, Jane E.                                        HMC

Lusk, Ellen                                             HMC
     wife of Philip

Lusk, Franklin V.             1y 1m 10d    7 Jun 1853   HMC
     son of Philip & Ellen

Lusk, Philip                                            HMC

Lynch, Albert                                     1863  HMC
     15th Reg, NV Cav - died Washington DC of wounds
     received in battle - listed on Soldiers Monument in

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Name                      Date of Birth/    Date of  Cemetery
                           Age at Death      Death
Marcelius, Mary               60y          19 Oct 1900  WCC

Mason, Gracie                 34d          31 Aug 1900  CUC

Maxted, Garades                                         CPC

Maxted, Ida Mae Clute         1854         1932         CPC
wife of Garades

Maxtead, Sarah                57y          25 Oct 1902  CUC
     daughter of William & Sally Steenburgh

Mayott, Jane Maria            8 Jan 1820   27 Apr 1849  WCC
     wife of Michael

Mayott, Michael                                         WCC

Mayott, Sarah Jane                         15 Aug 1849  WCC
     daughter of Michael & Jane Maria

McDonnell, Edward             84y          25 Jan 1901  HMC
     son of Edward & Eleanor

McGuyer, Louisa C.            20 Oct 1806  10 Oct 1874  CUC

McIntosh, Catherine           83y          6 Aug 1849   CUC

McKean, Andrew                                          DGC

McKean, Catherine                                       DGC

McKean, Catherine L.          7w           6 Jan 1836   DGC

McLees, Cornwell              41y          2 Apr 1823   CFC

McLees, Mary                  79y 17d      16 May 1862  CFC
     wife of Cornwell - later married Daniel Boice

Memke, August                                           CPC

Memke, Lucy E.                                          CPC

Memke, Willie F.              3y           5 Nov 1866   CPC
     son of August & Lucy E.

Merrell, David                                          CPC

Merrell, Lorenzo              23y          16 Apr 1858  CPC

Merrell, Sabrina              43y          6 May 1856   CPC
     wife of David

Miller, Andrew                39y 3m 13d   21 Jan 1855  HMC

Miller, Hepsibeth             32y 6m       18 Mar 1866  CPC
     wife of Hiram G.

Miller, Hiram G.                                        CPC

Miller, Mary Vandenburgh      77y          2 May 1865   CPC
     wife of Philip

Miller, Philip                                          CPC

Mills, Hiram P.                                         NBC

Mills, June J.                                          NBC
     wife of Hiram P.

Mills, Orra Ann               1y 10m       17 Sep 1829  NBC

Mineher, Alvira Edith         3y 7m        7 Oct 1885   WCC
     daughter of Isaac & Mary C.

Moore, Mary                   43y          23 Dec 1835  NBC

Mormon, Angelina              59y          17 May 1875  CPC

Mormon, Eliza                 56y          4 Sep 1870   CPC

Mormon, John H.               56y          10 Jun 1830  NBC

Mormon, Sarah                 57y          3 Aug 1841   NBC
     wife of John H.

Mormon, William H.            20y 10m 20d  9 Dec 1856   CPC

Mors, Ann                                               HMC
     wife of Stephen

Mors, George                  75y          22 Feb 1879  CPC

Mors, Hannah                  35y          20 Nov 1803  HMC
     wife of Peter Jr.

Mors, Hannah                  1y 10m 5d    2 Nov 1815   HMC
     daughter of Peter & Lettice

Mors, Lettice                 71y          23 Jan 1848  HMC
     wife of Peter

Mors, Mahala Mosher           86y          18 Apr 1891  CPC
     wife of George

Mors, Peter                                             HMC

Mors, Peter Jr.               65y 3m 17d   11 Aug 1834  HMC

Mors, Sarah                   3w           7 Sep 1810   HMC
     daughter of Peter & Lettice

Mors, Stephen                                           HMC

Mors, Yats                    5y 7m 5d     12 Aug 1838  HMC

Morse, Elisha                 73y          16 Oct 1832  ROS

Morse, Hiram                  75y 1m 25d   2 Sep 1883   CUC
     son of Peter & Letty (Gorsline) Morse

Morse, Margaret               85y          3 Mar 1841   ROS
     wife of Elisha

Morse, Stephen Y.             63y 3m 13d   17 Nov 1902  CUC
     son of Stephen & Anna

Mott, Horatio G.              22y          20 Jul 1848  NBC

Mott, Jane                    68y          15 Mar 1874  NBC
     wife of John

Mott, John                    40y          7 Oct 1846   NBC

Mott, Naomi                   1y 6m 17d    27 Jun 1829  NBC
     daughter of John & Jane

Mott, Naomi                   3y 5m 24d    7 May 1837   NBC
     daughter of John & Jane

Mott, Rebecca                 67y          7 Nov 1831   NBC

Mott, Seward                  10d          7 Jan 1841   NBC
     son of John & Jane

Mott, Zebulon                 84y 5m 16d   20 Feb 1842  NBC

Mower, Henry                                            HMC

Mower, Mariah                 68y          25 Jun 1843  HMC
     wife of Henry

Myers, Catherine              93y 4m       13 Mar 1884  HMC
     daughter of Henry & Mary (Henry) Young

Myers, Cornelia               64y          8 Sep 1901   CUC
     daughter of Daniel & Susan Forbes

Myers, L. W.                                            ROS

Myers, Mary                   17 Jun 1818  27 Sep 1850  ROS
     wife of L. W.

Myers, Rufus B.               66y          12 Jun 1892  CUC
     son of Henry & Catherine

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