Saratoga County, New York

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William J. Burke & Sons Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates 1930 through 1936

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ID Surname Given Name age Where born DOB DOD Place of Burial Place of Death/Last Residence Occupation Race Rel Mar Book PG Death Notice Notes Father (F)Birth Place Mother (M)Birth Place Spouse Charge to/ordered by Nearest Relative
1837 Lane Charles H. 40y9m1d Troy,NY 08Apr1889 09Jan1930 Greenridge Ballston Spa,Ny Machinist
M M 1929 39
Dr.Sherman George Lane
Margaret Lane Albany,NY Marjorie Bowditch

1838 Carroll Catherine
12Jan1930 Greenridge 17West Harrison St. Cook-last about 1910
S C 1929 40
Dr.F.G.Eaton Michael Carroll Queens Co.Ireland Ann Tracey Co.Tipperary
T.J.Flanagan,Saratoga Inn
1839 Tessier Adolphus 86y28d St.Stanislas,Canada 21Dec1843 18Jan1930 St. Peter's 19 Waterbury St. Carpenter
C W 1929 41
DrC.B.Small ?? Tessier Canada
Canada Georgianna Clutier Mrs.Walter Delay
1840 Norris Charlotte 73y1m30d New London,Conn 25Nov1856 24Jan1930 Greenridge 277 Nelson Ave Housewife
C W 1929 42
Dr.H.L.Loop Thomas Perry Troy,NY Ellen Dayton New London,Conn John Norris Mrs.Nelson Bootier
1841 Crary Mary Kelly 88y Queens Co,Ireland
07Feb1930 St. Peter's 57 Nelson Ave Housewife
C W 1929 43
Dr.Robert Castree John Kelly Queens Co.Ireland Hannah Delaney Queens Co.Ireland John Crary Mrs.Edmund Doyle
1842 Powell Anna M. 19y6m8d Rochester,NY 01Aug1910 09Feb1930 St. Peter's Albany City Hospital Student
C S 1929 44

James Powell Rochester,NY Anna Ripson Rochester,NY
father,200Regent St.
1843 Comfort Felicina 66y Italy
11Feb1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 45
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived11 Aletta St.

Antonio Comfort

1844 Franklin Thomas 58y8m22d Greenfield,NY 21May1871 12Feb1930 St. Peter's Honestead Sanitorium Farmer
C S 1929 46
Dr.Dinock/lived Greenfield,NY John Franklin Co.Limerick,Ireland Ann Hanrahan Co.Clare,Ireland

1845 Manning Katherine J. 84y1m16d Schaghticoke,NY 28Dec1845 13Feb1930 So.Corinth 603Craig St.Schenectady,NY Housewife
M W 1929 47
Dr.Purcell Joshua Weatherwax Wilton,NY Mary Locklin
Rev.John W.Manning

1846 Cullen Mary E. 68y New York City
14Feb1930 Calvary,NYCity Dominican Convent At Home
C S 1929 48
Dr.Carl Comstock Andrew Cullen Co.Cavan,Ireland Rose Brady Co.Cavan,Ireland
Julia E.Cullen,Dominican Convent
1847 Davis William H. 50y10m9d Local 05Apr1879 14Feb1930 St. Peter's 158 Woodlawn Ave Grocer
C M 1929 49
Dr.F.G.Eaton Wm. Davis Greenfield,NY Margaret Dwyer Ireland Grace Dwyer

1848 LeRoux Yves Mario 60y10m17d Finistere,France 02Apr1869 19Feb1930 St. Peter's Milton,NY Farmer
C M 1929 50
Dr.Cornthwaite Yves LeRoux France Marie Yvonne France Mary V.Keyes Mary V.LeRoux,Milton
1849 King Louisa Cecelia 58y3m23d New Orleans,LA 27Oct1871 19Feb1930 Greenfield 7 Congress Ave. Housewife
M M 1929 51


1850 Rielly Elizabeth 70y New York City
20Feb1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital At Home
C S 1929 52
Dr.Callahan/lived Wilton,NY John Reilly Ireland Mary Sutton Ireland
Josephine Ancelin
1851 Carroll Catherine 83y11m14d Co.Meath,Ireland 13Mar1846 27Feb1930 St. Peter's 20 Granite St. Housewife
C M 1929 53
Dr.Carl Comstock Thomas Crowley Co.Meath,Ireland Mary Preston Co.Meath,Ireland Bernard Carroll Octave Ouellette
1852 Carey Joseph Clement 33y2d Local 25Feb1897 27Feb1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer-City of Saratoga Spgs
C M 1929 54
Dr.Johnson,Coroner,McVille Dennis Carey Co.Kerry,Ireland Margaret Kearns Albany,NY Carrie Trimmer lived 19 Marvin St.
1853 Caputo Mary 69y5m8d Naples,Italy 20Sep1860 28Feb1930 St. Peter's 31 So.Franklin St. Housewife
C M 1929 55
Dr.Webster Moriata Dominick DeFrank Naples,Italy Rosa Izzo Naples,Italy Joseph Caputo husband
1854 Wilson Mary J. 67y3m8d Karner,NY 20Nov1862 28Feb1930 Malta Ridge 33 State St. Laundress
E W 1929 56
Dr.F.G.Eaton Charles Flatt England Elizabeth Bullock England Wm.J.Wilson Mrs.Dallas Swart
1855 Davin John J. 50y7m19d Albany,NY 13Jul1879 04Mar1930 St. Peter's Albany City Hospital Worden Hotel Manager
C M 1929 57
Dr.Boldt Thomas Davin Albany,NY Catherine Carroll
Laura M.Woodworth

1856 Baxter Amanda 32y8m9d Fitchburg,MA 23Jun1897 04Mar1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 58
Dr.W.Moriata/lived107Catherine St. ?? Dudley

Peter J.Baxter

1857 Fuller Fred 51y2m Wilton,NY 05Jan1879 05Mar1930 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Farmer
M W 1929 59
Dr. Earl King Henry J.Fuller Cambridge,NY Phoebe J.Hodges Corinth,NY Jennie Hoey

1858 McNeary Winifred E. 27y4m23d Local 10Oct1902 05Mar1930 St. Peter's 63 Church St. At Home
C D 1929 60
Dr.G.S.Towne Wm. McNeary Greenfield,NY Elizabeth Fox Rock City Falls,NY

1859 Lusett John Cornelius 64y3m12d Troy,NY 24Nov1865 18Mar1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Flagman-D&H RR,Church St.Crossing
C M 1929 61
Dr.Johnson,Coroner Thomas Lysette Limerick,Ireland Johanna Lennon Waterford,Ireland Mary Mahar wife
1860 Roohan Mary C. 60y1m Local 15Feb1870 15Mar1930 St. Peter's Albany City Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 62
Dr.Sampson Ancil D.Ward Stillwater,NY Mary E.Cuddy Ireland Patrick F.Roohan

1861 Sheridan Thomas J. 52y10m6d Local 15May1877 21Mar1930 St. Peter's 2 Pleasant St. Game Warden-NYS Conservation Dept
C M 1929 63
Dr.Carl Comstock Mark Sheridan CO.Mayo,Ireland Mary Riley Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary E. Dennin

1862 Hudson Anna Mary 17y5m12d Local 12Oct1912 24Mar1930 Maplewood 25 Rock St. At Home
E S 1929 64
Dr.A.J.Leonard J.Edward Hudson Washington Co.NY Laura M. Clark Wilton,NY
1863 Carroll Bernard 76y10m21d Queens Co.Ireland 05May1853 26Mar1930 St. Peter's 20 Granite St. Retired Stock Clerk
C W 1929 65
Dr.Carl Comstock Kieran Carroll Queens Co.Ireland Margaret Phelan Queens Co.Ireland Catherine Crowley Mrs.Octave Ouelette
1864 Seymour Catherine Agnes 59y6m21d Limerick,Ireland 05Sep1870 26Mar1930 Maplewood 38 High St. Housewife

W 1929 66
F.G.Rowland,Coroner James Humphrey Ireland
Ireland John Seymour

1865 Merrill Benjamin 66y8m15d Local 12Jul1863 27Mar1930
Starbuck Building Musician
E S 1929 67
Dr.D.C.Nolan Henry W. Merrill NY State Valeria S. George Vermont

1866 Carpenter Agnes Graney 54y6m30d Queensbury,NY 03Sep1875 02Apr1930 Greenridge Maple Dell Housewife
C W 1929 68
Dr.Carl Comstock Cornelius Graney Limerick,Ireland Johanna Gorman Tipperary,Ireland Adelbert Carpenter James H,Graney,Schenectady
1867 King Charles W. 53y11m11d Local 29Apr1876 09Apr1930 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Laborer for Montange
B W 1929 69
Dr.C.B.Small/lived49Catherine St. Elisha King Greenfield,NY Mary White NY State Laura Vandenburgh

1868 Smith George 46y9m23d Somerville,NY 18Jun1883 10Apr1930 Rural,Corinth,NY Saratoga Hospital Millhand
M W 1929 70
Dr.F.J.Ressique Robert Smith NY State Caroline Brown
Orpha Washburn Estate
1869 Crowley Michael J. 56y6m East Line,NY ??Sep1873 11Apr1930 St.Mary's,Ballston Spa 45 Granite St. Clerk-Retired
C S 1929 71
Dr.F.J.Ressique Patrick Crowley Co.Cork,Ireland Ann Fitzpatrick Co.Tipperary,Ireland
1870 Cogan Anne 82y11m22d Co.Wexford,Ireland 30Apr1847 21Apr1930 Greenridge 118 Church St. Housewife
C W 1929 72
Dr.D.C.Nolan Patrick Carroll Co.Wexford,Ireland Alice Welsh Co.Wexford,Ireland Michael Cogan

1871 Callahan Alice 80y Waterford,Ireland
22Apr1930 St. Peter's Mrs.Tichnor's Sanitorium,Greenfield Housewife
C W 1929 73
Dr. D.C.Nolan/lived16VanDorn John Powers Waterford,Ireland Mary Cunningham Waterford,Ireland Jeffrey Callahan Estate
1872 Stoddard Rosetta Eldora 74y9m18d Andover,VT 10Jul1855 28Apr1930 Greenridge 2 Washington Apts. Housewife
E W 1929 74
Dr.A.J.Leonard Rodney Clough Vermont Eldora Putnam Vermont Harvey Stoddard Bertha R. Stoddard
1873 Lockwood Adelbert 62y10m15d
18Jun1861 03May1930 Brick Church Saratoga County House Retired Janitor
E D 1929 75

Zepharriah Lockwood
Emily Smith
Ellen Gray Mrs.Elizabeth Schafer,G.Falls
1874 Kelly Mary G. 69y Albany,NY
10May1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housework
C W 1929 76
Dr.Web.Moriata/lived48Jefferson St. Patrick Fennell Limerick,Ireland Ann Fairbanks Mayo,Ireland Wm. Kelly

1875 Fitzgerald Thomas J. 72y3m20d Saratoga Springs 31Jan1858 21May1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Retired
C M 1929 77
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived 96Walworth St. Martin Fitzgerald Queens Co.Ireland Margaret Rafter Queens Co.Ireland Catherine O'Reilly

1876 Finn Mary A. 78y8m7d Local 15Sep1851 22May1930 St. Peter's 177 Lake Ave. Housewife
C W 1929 78
Dr.A.J.Leonard Thomas Brannigan Ireland Esther Green Ireland Michael Finn Mrs.John Hickey,177 Lake
1877 Vogel John 68y11m10d Bavaria,Germany 18Jun1861 28May1930 Greenridge 3 Morgan St. Gardner-Putnam Estate
C M 1929 79
Dr.Webster Moriata John Vogel Bavaria,Germany
Bavaria,Germany Mary Lambert wife
1878 Nevins Leo James 25y2m Troy,NY 03Apr1905 03Jun1930 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Clerk
C S 1929 80
Dr.Asa Dimock Michael Nevins Schylerville,NY Margaret Cassidy Galway,Ireland

1879 Burke John M. 66y11m22d Albany,NY 24Jun1863 16Jun1930 St. Peter's 23 Clinton St. Retired Ticket Agent
C M 1929 81
Dr.A.J.Leonard John Burke Co.Tipperary,Ireland Bridget Garragan Co.Cavan,Ireland Anna Garragan

1880 Hannon Mark M. 65y City
17Jun1930 St. Peter's Bellvue Hospital,NYCity Retired Painter
C W 1929 82

John Hannon Co.Mayo,Ireland Sarah Ryan Co.Cork,Ireland
Miss Josephine Hannon
1881 Woodcock(Murray) James H. 32y4m17d Corinth,NY 02Feb1898 19Jun1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C M 1929 83
Dr.F.J.Rowland/lived9 Pine Alley Alexander Woodcock Corinth,NY Lucy McQueen Corinth,NY May E. Ostrander

1882 Bootier Nelson E. 35y8m22d City 29Sep1894 20Jun1930 Greenridge 95 George St. Chauffeur
C M 1929 84
Dr.H.L.Loop/lived34East Harrison Louis Bootier Saratoga Springs Louise Garant Saratoga Springs Beulah Norris

1883 Weatherwax Caroline 80y3m9d Stillwater,NY 16Mar1850 25Jun1930 Loudon Church Littles Sister of Poor,Troy,NY Housewife
M W 1929 85
Dr.Fitzgerald/lived 72 Maple Ave Robert Williams
Mary Clapper
Wm. Weatherwax Mrs.Carrie Rhodes
1884 Risorte Carl 69y3m1d Florence,Italy 28Mar1861 29Jun1930 St. Peter's 63 Beekman St. Merchant
C M 1929 86
Dr.G.S.Towne Jacob Risorte Florence,Italy Maria Fatzzine Florence,Italy Anna Fusco wife
1885 Cornell Anna 58y Fort Montgomery,NY
30Jun1930 Ballston Spa 131 Beekman St. Housewife
M D 1929 87
Dr.C.B.Small ?? Doyle

Herbert C.Cornell Ed&Fred Cornell
1886 Hopkins Alice M. 37y11m10d Saratoga Co.NY 01Aug1892 11Jul1930 Malta Ridge Albany City Hospital Housewife
E D 1929 88
Dr.Scudder/lived 97Clinton,Albany Henry Hammond Saratoga Co. Cora Freeman Saratoga Co. Thomas Hopkins Leonard Hopkins(Egerer)
1887 Galligan Esther 62y City
12Jul1930 St. Peter's 161 Elm St. Laundress
C S 1929 89
Dr.D.C.Nolan John Galligan Co.Cavan,Ireland Charlotte Brannigan Queens Co.Ireland

1888 Thayer Levi F. 72y Orange Co.Vermont
12Jul1930 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Retired Carpenter

W 1929 90
Dr.G.S.Towne Frank Thayer Vermont Ruth Flint Vermont Elizabeth Beomis Helen Thayer,Colonie,NY
1889 Morris Daniel J. 62y3m13d City 01Apr1868 14Jul1930 St. Peter's 69 Hyde St. Book Keeper/Blackmer Co.
C M 1929 91
Dr.D.C.Nolan Daniel Morris Co.Waterford,Ireland Bridget Foley Co.Waterford,Ireland Ellen Quinn wife
1890 Toomey John Francis 22y4m25d Green Island 21Feb1908 16Jul1930 St. Peter's Glens Falls Hospital Junior Engineer
C S 1929 92
Dr.Baker James F.Toomey Green Island,NY Laura Prefontaine Whitehall,NY

1891 Tolmie Georgiana 76y5m22d

23Jul1930 Greenridge Roxbury,VT Housewife
P W 1929 93

John A.Tolmie Smith Tolmie
1892 McCormick Patrick J. 80y Co.West Meath,Ireland 1850 28Jul1930 St. Peter's 144 West Circular St. Retired
C W 1929 94
Dr.W.Moriata Thomas McCormick Co.West Meath,Ireland Ann Murtha Co.West Meath,Ireland Bridget Farrell

1893 Murray Wm.J. 41y23d Co.Down,Ireland 12Jul1889 04Aug1930 St. Peter's 132 George St. Gardener
C M 1929 95
Dr.F.J.Rowland,Coroner John Murray Co.Down,Ireland Catherine McMullem Co.Down,Ireland Mary A.Gray

1894 Denny Anna Marie 37y5m23d Oskosh,Wisconsin 14Feb1893 06Aug1930 Fort Smith,Ark Saratoga Hospital Housewife
L M 1929 96
Dr.F.J.Ressique Peter Jepson Germany Wilhemia M.Rosendahl Germany Horace P. Denny

1895 O'Connor Anna M. 49y23d Saratoga Springs 26Jul1881 18Aug1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 97
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived6Clark St. Robert Woodard Saratoga Springs Margaret Fitzpatrick Saratoga Springs Thomas E. O'Connor husband
1896 Moylan Margaret E. 68y Quaker Springs
21Aug1930 St. Peter's 15 George St. Housewife
C M 1929 98
Dr.H.L.Loop James Walsh Ireland Bridget McDonald Ireland Patrick J.Moylan husband
1897 Scott John H. 57y Cambridge,NY
21Aug1930 Woodland,Cambridge 7 1/2 Catherine St. Gateman

W 1929 99
Dr.J.F.Roohan Charles Scott Ireland Emma Gilroy Ireland Alice M.Walworth Estate
1898 Smith Wm. C. 65y Pittsburgh,PA
22Aug1930 St.Raymond's,NY City 118 White St. Owner Indianapolis Baseball Team
C M 1929 100
Dr.A.J.Leonard Wm. Smith Butler,PA Catherine Hazel Ireland Kathryn Hassett

1899 King John 75y Quebec,Canada
24Aug1930 Greenfield Center 193 1/2 Beekman St. Gate Tender D&H RR
M M 1929 101

Margaret E.McMullen wife
1900 Puckett Wm.H. 78y Quebec,Canada ??Jul1852 27Aug1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Sup.of Racing Stable,W.R.Coe

M 1929 102
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived78Mitchell St. Wm.H.Puckett Wales

Winifred Kelly wife
1901 Muldowney Theresa B. 75y Rochester,NY
28Aug1930 St. Peter's 198 Regent St. At Home
C S 1929 103
Dr.D.C.Nolan Hugh Muldowney Ireland Margaret Wech Ireland
1902 Weeks Edwin Henry 75y11m3d Oak Hill,Somersetshire,England 26Sep1854 29Aug1930 Elmont Meth,L.I. Out Washington St. Landscape Gargener-Retired
M W 1929 104
Dr.F.G.Eaton Harry Weeks Oak Hill,England Mary Tapscott Oak Hill,England Abby Ann Hendrickson Mrs.Edw.Welsh
1903 Moseley Wm.Henry 85y4m26d Philadelphia,PA 05Apr1845 31Aug1930 Greenridge 62 Washington St. Doorman-retired
E W 1929 105
Dr.C.B.Small Wm.Moseley Delaware Milky Oranzas Delaware Susan Johnson Princess Whitecloud
1904 Burke William Joseph 71y3m2d Shushan,NY 03Jun1859 05 Sep1930 St. Peter's 465 Broadway Funeral Director
C M 1929 106
Dr.J.F.Roohan Wm.Burke Staten Island,NY Catherine Schamley Dublin,Ireland Mary Madden/Helen Shay Collins

1905 Tooley John Henry 44y7m1d Saratoga Springs 14Feb1886 15Sep1930 St. Peter's 73Green St.Albany,NY Laborer
C S 1929 107
Coroner,Albany,NY Truman S. Tooley Luzerne,NY Delia Grimes Ireland
Agnes Tooley-sister
1906 Reagan Daniel P. 67y6m11d Troy,NY 08Mar1863 19Sep1930 St. Peter's 126 Woodlawn Ave. Mail Carrier-retired
C M 1929 108
Dr.D.C.Nolan Daniel Reagan Saratoga Springs Catherine Connor Co.Limerick,Ireland Alice Thompson

1907 McGirr Joseph Paul 76y Co.Fennanaugh,Ireland 1854 21Sep1930 St. Peter's 18 Park Place Merchant
C M 1929 109
Dr.A.J.Leonard James McGirr Co.Fennanaugh,Ireland Rose McNab Ireland Jennie O'Pray

1908 Myatt George Henry 80y Altona,Clinto Co,NY
24Sep1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C W 1929 110
Dr. A.J.Leonard Henry Myatt Quebec,Canada Harriet Geron Montreal,Canada
Melvina Elliott,175 East Ave
1909 Ross Margaret B. 70y Schylerville,NY
02Oct1930 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 111
Dr.Murray Alexander Blair Ireland Margaret McGotty Ireland Frank S. Ross husband
1910 Malpass James 70y England
14Oct1930 St. Peter's Ellis Hospital,Schenectady Laborer
C W 1929 112

Mrs.James White,Albany
1911 Leonard Rebecca 78y Rutland,VT
14Oct1930 St.Bridget,Rutland,VT 15 Whitney Place At Home
C S 1929 113
Dr.J.F.Roohan Dennis Leonard Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Rice Dublin,Ireland
1912 Baker Mary Margaret 43y2m9d Local 05Aug1887 14Oct1930 Greenridge 140 Spring St. None
P S 1929 114
Dr.C.B.Small Wm.H.Baker Waterford,NY Ella A.Gleason Sardinia,NY

1913 Trumbull Mary Katherine 75y8m20d Local 26Jan1855 16Oct1930 Whitford Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 115
Dr.F.J.Ressique/lived14Walworth St.

Stephen Trumbull Ethel McRea,14 Walworth St
1914 Kelly Hannah 70y9m Co.Cork,Ireland 17Jan1860 27Oct1930 St.Mary's,Corinth? Palmer Ave,Corinth Housewife
C W 1929 116
Dr.Parmentier, Palmer Ave Dennis O'Brien Co.Cork,Ireland Hannah Carey Co.Cork,Ireland John Kelly

1915 Ebert Agatha 72y3m21d Wurtzburg,Germany 10Jul1858 31Oct1930 St.John's,NY City Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1929 117
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived294Caroline St. Henry Leder Wurtzburg,Germany Agatha Wurtzburg,Germany Louis Ebert Joseph A.Ebert,Forest Hills,L.I.
1916 Norton James J. 31y3m12d Brandt,PA 29Jul1899 10Nov1930 St. Peter's 130 White St. Accountant
C M 1929 118
Dr.A.J.Leonard John J.Norton Binghampton,NY Catherine A.McNally Silver Lake,NY Alice Cunningham wife
1917 Desotell Cecelia 36y4m Plattsburgh,NY 17Jul1894 17Nov1930 St.Peter's.Plattsburgh,NY 317 Nelson Ave Housewife
C W 1929 119
Dr.M.J.Magovern John Theodore Plattsburgh Mellie Barrett Napierville,Quebec,Canada Alfred Desotell John Theodore
1918 Carr/Corr Katherine 90y Co.Cavan,Ireland
18Nov1930 St. Peter's 243 Caroline St. Housewife
C S 1929 120
Dr.Earl King Terence Corr/Carr Co.Cavan,Ireland Rose A.Gaffney Co.Cavan,Ireland
Mrs.George Armb,243Caroline St.
1919 Hart Anna S. 60y5m4d Plattsburg,NY 23Jun1870 27Nov1930 St. Peter's 8 Newton Ave. Housewife
C M 1929 121
Dr.A.J.Leonard John Sullivan Vermont Bridget Costello Co.Galway,Ireland Patrick C.Hart husband
1920 McCarthy Cornelius 77y7m10d Co.Cork,Ireland 17Apr1853 27Nov1930 St. Peter's 151 Circular St. Mason's Assistant
C S 1929 122
Dr.M.J.McGovern Dennis McCarthy Co.Cork,Ireland Julia Manning Co.Cork,Ireland
Mrs.Mary Murphy,151 Circular
1921 Dalton Mary Anna 52y11m24d Saratoga Springs 09Dec1877 03Dec1930 St. Peter's 977 Washington St,Albany,NY Housewife
C S? 1929 123
Dr.Perry,Albany,NY John Fitzpatrick Tipperary,Ireland Margaret Reidy Tipperary,Ireland Michael R.Dalton husband
1922 Geppner Mary Margaret 65y7m8d Bavaria,Germany 27Apr1865 05Dec1930 St. Peter's 39 East Ave Housewife
C M 1929 124
Dr.Geo.Fish John Ebert Bavaria,Germany Barbara Sessleman Bavaria,Germany Thomas J.Geppner

1923 Doran Margaret 81y City
08Dec1930 Greenridge 153 Union Ave Housework
C S 1929 125
Dr.M.J.Magovern ?? Doran
Mary Queens Co.Ireland
Mrs.Eugene Sullivan
1924 Reittinger Agnes 50y2m7d Albany,NY 02Oct1880 09Dec1930
111Henry St. Hotel Propritress
C D 1929 126
Dr.M.J.Magovern Jacob Reittenger Albany,NY Elizabeth Palmer Albany,NY

1925 Dalton Michael R. 59y2m9d Hampton,NY 09Oct1871 18Dec1930 St. Peter's St. Peter's Hospital,Albany Carpenter
C W 1929 127
Dr.McGanlived977Wash St,Albany Michael Dalton Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Kenney Co.Cork,Ireland Anna M.Fitzpatrick

1926 Abbott Thomas H. 74y6m15d City 04Jun1856 19Dec1930 St. Peter's Little Sisters, Troy,NY Coachman Retired
C W 1929 128
Dr.Fitzgerald,lived67Lawrence St. John Abbott Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary Harding Athlone,Ireland Ellen Sheehan

1927 Balch Alice Gingras 40y Saratoga Springs
19Dec1930 St. Peter's 1604Quentin Road,Brooklyn Housewife
C M 1929 129

Mary Roohan
Howard Balch husband
1928 Kenyon Nettie Nash 50y11m9d Poultney,VT 11Jan1880 20Dec1930 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
M M 1929 130
Dr.Campbell/lived20Layfette St.

Clark E.Kenyon husband
1929 Seifried Anna 60y9m18d Saxony,Germany 14Mar1870 01Jan1931 Troy,NY 177 East Ave Housewife
L M 1929 131
Dr.Harry Loop Otto Bergel Saxony,Germany Marie Ruckdeschel Saxony,Germany George L.Seifried

1930 Geppner Thomas 62y6m7d Bavaria,Germany 29Jun1868 05Jan1931 St. Peter's 39 East Ave. Baker
C W 1929 132
Dr.Geo.H.Fish John Geppner Bavaria,Germany Frances Geppner Bavaria,Germany Mary M.Ebert mother
1931 Waring Beatrice Evelyn 16y2m11d Local 25Oct1914 06Jan1931 Greenridge 164 Church St. Student
M S 1929 133
Dr.F.G.Eaton George F.Waring Saratoga Springs Evelyn Travers Green Island,NY
1932 Erb John E. 56y9m24d New York City 14Mar1874 07Jan1931 St. Peter's 25 Lincoln Ave. Merchant
C M 1929 134
Dr.D.C.Nolan George Erb NY City Catherine Riley NY City Helen LeClair

1933 Hickey Bridget F. 59y4m5d Saratoga Springs 14Sep1871 19Jan1931 St. Peter's 148 Spring St. Housewife
C M 1929 135
Dr.F.G.Eaton Martin Ahearn Waterford,Ireland Hanorah Neville Waterford,Ireland Daniel P.Hickey

1934 Hill George U. 26y5m5d Saratoga,NY 23Aug1904 28Jan1931 Whitford Bemis Heights Road,Stillwater Antique Dealer
M M 1929 136
Dr.Arthur Johnson,Mechanicville George F.Hill Saratoga,NY Julia Rieupeyroux France Grace Ladaboush wife
1935 Finnegan Sarah A. 70y Schylerville,NY
31Jan1931 St.Mary's,Schylerville 101 Lawrence St. Dressmaker
C S 1929 137
Dr.Carl Comstock Peter Finnegan Co.Mayo,Ireland Margaret Lee Co.Roscomon,Ireland
Mrs.Lansing Keeler,94York
1936 Moriarty Daniel A. 43y3m9d Mechanicville,NY 28Oct1887 06Feb1931 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Fireman
C M 1929 138
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived3Avery St. Patrick Moriarty Harrisburg,PA Mary McGraw Co.Waterford,Ireland Jennie Cole

1937 Holmes Charles Howard 76y1m11d Saratoga Springs 30Dec1854 10Feb1931 Greenridge 139 Caroline St. Retired Undertaker

M 1929 139
Dr.F.J.Ressique Ebenezar Holmes Urndson,VT Elizabeth B.Westcott Saratoga Springs Jessie Cherry Mrs.W.R.Waterbury
1938 Bishop Angela Funaro 73y11m30d Naples,Italy 17Feb1857 16Feb1931 St. Peter's 72 Beekman St. Housewife
C W 1929 140
Dr.Geo.Fish ?? Funaro Naples,Itlay
Naples,Italy Tony Bishop

1939 Mellen Madie D. 32y4m30d Ballston Spa,NY 17Sep1898 16Feb1931 St. Peter's 16 Center St.Ballston Spa At Home
C M 1929 141
Sr.D.C.Moriata Edward Dominique Middlebury,VT Winifred Fleming Saratoga Springs Roy Mellen Mother
1940 Morley Mary E. 70y Co.Sligo,Ireland
24Feb1931 St. Peter's 44 Caroline St. Merchant
C S 1929 142
Dr.C.B.Small James Morley Co.Sligo,Ireland Mary O'Connor Co.Sligo,Ireland
1941 Moore Patrick(Brother Patrick) 66y1m2d Seattle,Washington 24Jan1865 21Feb1931 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Religious brother
C S 1929 143

St. Clement's College
1942 Fisher Margaret 16y10m19d Saratoga Springs 17Apr1914 08Mar1931 St. Peter's Gansevoort RR Crossing At Home
C S 1929 144
Coroner Johnson/lived210Elm St. Joseph Fisher Naples,Italy Philomena Adinilfi Naples,Italy
1943 Natlae Philomena 18y3m16d Saratoga Springs 20Nov1912 08Mar1931 St. Peter's Gansevoort RR Crossing At Home
C S 1929 145
Dr.Johnson/lived162Grand Ave John Natale Italy Rose Dominick Italy
1944 Miner Mary F. 82y11m11d Saratoga Springs 25Mar1848 08Mar1931 St. Peter's 107 Regent St. Housewife
C W 1929 146
Dr.A.J.Leonard James Fleming Ireland Catherine Flood Ireland Clinton Miner Estate
1945 Harrington John W. 19y11m8d Saratoga Springs 29Mar1911 08Mar1931 St. Peter's Gansevoort RR Crossing Laborer
C S 1929 147
Coroner Johnson/lived 91North St. John Harrington Ballston Spa Anna Beagle Saratoga Springs
1946 Hyland Ellen A. 71y5m17d Saratoga Springs 20Sep1859 09Mar1931 St. Peter's 86 Lincoln Ave Retired Maid
C S 1929 148
Dr.D.C.Nolan John Hyland Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary Dwyer Dublin,Ireland
1947 Penicci Frank 68y Reggie Calabria,Italy
07Mar1931 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Flagman
C S 1929 149

Joseph DiRenze/Michael Fusco
1948 Scanlon Edward Duane 31y4m4d Saratoga Springs 10Nov1899 14Mar1931 St. Peter's 40 Marvin St. Chauffeur
C M 1929 150
Dr.F.G Eaton Edward J.Scanlon Saratoga Springs Katherine Conroy Saratoga Springs Adeline Viele

1949 Leonard Frances M. 49y11m26d Corinth,NY 17Mar1881 15Mar1931 St. Peter's 165 Divison St. Housewife
C M 1929 151
Dr.A.J.Leonard Thomas Merton Niagara Falls,NY Josephine Kilbara No.Greenfield,NY James M.Leonard husband
1950 Landry Adolphus H. 77y1m2d St. John's,Canada 19Feb1854 21Mar1931 St. Peter's 309 Nelson Ave Carpenter
C M 1929 152
Dr.A.J.Leonard Louis Landry Canada Genevieve LaPoint Canada Nora Welch

1951 Faruer? Irene Isabelle 42y5m24d New York City 26Sep1888 22Mar1931 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 153
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived out Church St Thomas Lyons Co.Longford,Ireland Bella Patterson Co.Tyrone,Ireland George B.Farrier? husband
1952 Galligan Delia M. 62y Clare Morris,Co.Mayo,Ireland
26Mar1931 St. Peter's 17 Clark St. Housewife
C W 1929 154
Dr. A.J.Leonard Peter Monahan Co.Mayo,Ireland Ellen Kelly Co.Mayo,Ireland Edward Galligan

1953 Colangelo Mary 38y3m23d Prov.Caserta,Italy 04Dec1892 27Mar1931 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 155
Dr.Jno.Humphrey/lived34Ash St. Antones Vesconto Caserta,Italy Rose Caserta,Italy John Coangelo Mrs.James Scirroco
1954 Monroe Delia 56y6d Quaker Springs,NY 28Mar1875 03Apr1931 St.Mary's,Schylerville 59 High Rock Ave Housework
C S 1929 156
Dr.R.E.Harrington Thomas Monroe Ireland Bridget Walsh Ireland
Margaret Hunt-sister
1955 Judge Michael J, 75y Co.Roscomon,Ireland
11Apr1931 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Flagman,D&H RR-retired
C M 1929 157
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived126Clinton St. Michael Judge Co.Roscomon,Ireland Catherine Fitzgerald Co.Roscomon,Ireland Ellen Roach Thos.B.Judge,Oswego
1956 Biffer Margaret 67y5m11d Basilicato,Italy 01Nov1863 12Apr1931 St. Peter's 22 VanDam St. Housewife
C W 1929 158
Dr. A.J.Leonard
Italy Louis Biffer

1957 Bootier Elizabeth 66y Newcastle-on-Tune,England
14Apr1931 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 159
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived163 EastAve.
England Joserph A.Bootier husband
1958 Brundige Hazel Blanche 38y25d Saratoga Springs 21Mar1893 15Apr1931 Greenridge Halfmoon,NY Housewife
B M 1929 160
Dr.VanDorn,Mechanicville Hugh Davis Vermont Gertrude Tooley Saratoga Everett E. Brundige husband
1959 Eighmey Mary P. 55y9m2d Albany,NY 16Jul1875 18Apr1931 St. Peter's Albany,NY Housewife Cardiac Vavular Disease
C M 1929 161
Dr.Carl Comstock Francis Perrot Paris,France Mary Cosgrove Ireland Charles A.Eighmey husband
1960 Esmond Charles D. 73y11m29d Grangerville,NY 29Apr1857 26Apr1931 Gansevoort Saratoga Hospital Carpenter
M W 1929 162
Dr.Carl Comstock/lived14Catherine St. Jesse Esmond Wolcott,NY
Wolcott,NY Emma Davis Leon Esmond,Hudson Falls
1961 Ahearn James 69y4m12d City 24Dec1861 06May1931 St. Peter's 31 Federal St. Retired
C W 1929 163
Dr.C.B.Small Martin Ahearn Ireland Hannorah Neville Ireland Katherine McGuire

1962 Fleming A.Catherine 74y16d Ballston Spa,NY 25Apr1857 11May1931 St. Peter's 127 Spring St. Housewife
C W 1929 164
Dr.F.G.Eaton Michael Radigan Ireland Nora Griffen Ireland John F.Fleming

1963 Bendon Richard 64y4m16d Round Lake,NY 25Dec1866 11May1931 St. Peter's 74 State St. Caretaker
C M 1929 165
Dr.F.J.Ressique Bernard Bendon Co.Roscomon,Ireland Hannah Smith Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Mohan

1964 Fahy Clement L. 82y18d Sussex Co.England 26Apr1849 14May1931 St. Peter's 311 Nelson Ave Shoemaker
C M 1929 166
Dr.C.B.Small Lawrence Fahy Galway,Ireland Margaret Wolven? Sussex Co.England Maria Rowan

1965 Hudson Mary Ellen
Co.Limerick,Ireland 11May?? 23May1931 St. Peter's 204 Circular St. Housewife
C M 1929 167
Dr.M.J.Magovern John Boland Ireland Ann Welch Ireland Edward J. Hudson

1966 Slattery John A. 53y3m6d
04Mar1878 10Jun1931 Greenridge Homestead Sanitorium Chauffeur/Wm.E.Benton
C M 1929 168
Dr.Asa Dimock/lived115 York Ave John Schlatter Germany Marguerite
Mrs.John Slattery

1967 Walsh Jane C. 60y8m Saratoga Springs 15Oct1870 15Jun1931 St. Peter's Ticknor's Sanitorium,218Washington St. Housewife
C W 1929 169
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived4 Congress St. James Swanick Ireland Eliza Conley Kingston,Ontario,Canada George Walsh Helen Swanick
1968 Fitzgerald Rose A. 49y2m10d West Milton,NY 08Apr1882 18Jun1931 St. Peter's Benedict Memorial Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 170
Dr. Post/lived Galway,NY James Mason Co.Down,Ireland Elizabeth Breen Co.Down,Ireland Thomas Fitzgerald husband
1969 Courtenay John Doyle 60y4m11d Saratoga Springs 22Feb?? 03Jul1931 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Shipping clerk-Grande Maison de Blanke,NYC
C W 1929 171
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived78Jefferson St. John Courtenay Ireland ?? Doyle Ireland Mary Charles Courtenay
1970 Bootier Mary J. 48y3m29d Greenfield Center,NY 12Mar1883 11Jul1931 St. Peter's Greenfield,NY Housewife
C M 1929 172
Dr.D.C.Nolan/lived63North St. James Hayes Ireland Johanna Connery Greenfield Center,NY Charles A. Bootier husband
1971 Powell James M. 58y9m17d Rochester,NY 26Sep1872 13Jul1929 St. Peter's 176 East Ave. Secy.Imp. O.of R.M.
C M 1929 173
Dr.R.E.Harrington Michael Powell Co.Roscomon,Ireland Anna Hogan Co.Tipperary,Ireland Anna Ripson wife
1972 Moriarty Mary Louise 68y2m20d Co.Waterford,Ireland 25Apr1863 15Jul1931 Greenridge 208 Circular St. Housewife
C W 1929 174
Dr.Harry Loop John J.McGraw Co.Waterford,Ireland ?? Ryan Co.Waterford,Ireland Patrick Moriarty Mrs.Jeal Smith
1973 Shay Daniel J. 57y1m18d Whitehall,NY 11Jun1874 29Jul1931 St. Peter's 39 Hamilton St. Retired Doctor
C S 1929 175
Dr.F.J.Ressique Wm.H.Shay Whitehall,NY Mary E. Tynan Co.Clare,Ireland

1974 Connery John 72y11m15d Greenfield,NY 19Aug1858 03Aug1931 St. Peter's 47 Catherine St. Flagman,D&H RR-retired 1928
C W 1929 176
Dr.G.S.Towne John Connery Ireland Margaret Casey Ireland Mary Kelly

1975 Lura Anna 54y7m22d Brooklyn,NY 23Dec1876 14Aug1931 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 177
Sweden Adolphus Lura husband,94 Hamilton St.
1976 McDonald Anna 56y Waterford,Ireland
18Aug1931 Greenridge 66 Caroline St. Housewife
C W 1929 178
Dr.F.J.Ressique Deacklin Doody Waterford,Ireland Alice Flynn Waterford,Ireland George O.MacDonald Mrs.Wm.Jago,Beacon,NY
1977 Sweeney Julia C. 64y11m3d Boston,Mass 23Sep1866 26Aug1931 St. Peter's 153 Grand Ave. Cook
C S 1929 179
Dr.H.L.Loop Jeremaih Sweeney Ireland Nora A.Connell Ireland
Mrs.James Mulholland
1978 Bucket Nicholas 76y Filiano,Italy
29Aug1931 St. Peter's 25 Beekman St. Farmer
C W 1929 180
Italy Margaret Italy Mary J.Summa

1979 Kenyon Clark E. 70y4m27d Center Falls,NY 04Apr1861 02Sep1931 Greenridge 20 Lafayette St. Painter
M W 1929 181
Dr.G.S.Towne Harper Kenyon Center Falls,NY Sarah Ellsworth Center Falls,NY Nettie Nash Fred H.Kenyon
1980 Moffat Wm. 76y1m16d Australia 15Jul1855 30Aug1931 Greenridge 95 Church St. Turf writer for The Tutter?

S 1929 182

NY Turf Writers
1981 Austin Arthur H. 55y4m24d North Chester,NY 15Apr1876 08Sep1931 North Milton Saratoga Hospital Farmer

M 1929 183
Dr.Ressique/livedNorth Milton RFD#3 Wm. Austin Chester,NY Ellen Barss Chester,NY Belvia Davis

1982 Martino Rosa 53y Caserta,Italy
10Sep1931 St. Peter's 55 Walnut St. Housewife
C M 1929 184
Dr.R.E.Harrington Phillip Nocero Caserta,Italy Rose Colucci Caserta,Italy Anthony Martino

1983 Hayes Mary Ellen 59y5m15d Victory Mills,NY 01Apr1872 16Sep1931 St.Mary's,Schylerville 25 Franklin St. Housewife
C M 1929 185
Dr.A.J.Leonard Thomas Mulvihill Co.Longford,Ireland Catherine dee Co. Waterford,Ireland Patrick H. Hayes husband
1984 Hart Martha Wood 79y Broome Hill,Scoharie Co.
16Sep1931 Hudson View,Mechanicville 560 Broadway Housewife

W 1929 186
Dr.A.J.Leonard Nelson L.Wood Broome Hill,NY Elizabeth St. John Broome Hill,NY John Hart

1985 DeMarco Catherine 61y Caserta,Italy
20Sep1931 St. Peter's 62 Ash St. Housewife
C W 1929 187
Dr.H.L.Loop ?? Martini Caserta,Italy
Caserta,Italy Carl DeMarco

1986 Moll Isabelle A. 80y7m8d Troy,NY 12Feb1851 20Sep1931 Stillwater 707 Grand Ave. Housewife
B W 1929 188
Dr.O'Brien,Mechanicville Benjamin Simonds Troy,NY Salome Ellis Troy,NY Joseph G.Moll Mrs.Wm.MacLoughlin
1987 Nalty Anna A. 75y3m6d Local 21Jun1856 27Sep1931 St. Peter's 299 Nelson Ave Housewife
C W 1929 189
Dr.F.J.Ressique Patrick Monahan Ireland Alice Carr Ireland Patrick H.Nalty Mrs.DeForrest Williams
1988 Conroy Agnes 55y1m23d Troy,NY 08Aug1876 01Oct1931 St. Peter's 40 Marvin St. At Home
C S 1929 190
Dr.F.J.Ressique Cornelius Conroy Ireland Anna Duane Ireland

1989 Baker Ella A. 80y5m12d Sardinia,NY 20Apr1851 02Oct1931 Greenridge Home of Good Shepard Housewife
P W 1929 191
Dr.M.J.Mcgovern Cyrenius Gleason
Louisa E.Ely N Y State Wm.H.Baker

1990 Thompson Robert 71y10m Dean's Corners,NY ??Dec1859 10Oct1931 St.Mary's,Schylerville Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C S 1929 192
Dr.J.F.Roohan John Thompson Co.Mayo,Ireland Elizabeth Rafferty Ireland Estate

1991 Pfreundner Mary M. 27y8m1d Mechanicville,NY 02Mar1904 03Nov1931 St. Peter's 117 White St. Housewife
C M 1929 193
Dr.M.J.Magovern Wesley Suziek Czscho-Slovakia Mary Peters Czscho-Slovakia Christopher Pfreundner

1992 Short Josie Wroath 73y11m19d Schylerville,NY 18Nov1857 06Nov1931 Prospect Hill,Schylerville 10 Caroline St. Housewife
C W 1929 194
Dr.F.J.Ressique George Wroath Schylerville Helen Hammond Schylerville Frank Short

1993 Scanlon John P. 57y11m22d Local 17Nov1873 08Nov1931 St. Peter's 6 Lake Ave Printer for Saratogian
C W 1929 195
Dr.H.L.Loop Patrick Scanlon Connaught,Ireland Catherine Galligan Co.Cavan,Ireland Katherine Shay

1994 Lewis Truman H. 41y7m20d Brandon,NY 07Apr1890 27Nov1931 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Foreman-NYS Tree Nursery
P M 1929 196
Dr.A.J.Leonard Henry Lewis St. Albans,VT Emma Burnett Irona,NY Bessie Coolan

1995 Green Walter F. 57y9m12d Saratoga Springs 24Feb1874 06Feb??? Greenridge Cobb Alley Laborer
E M 1929 197
Dr.A.Johnson,Coroner Frederick Green

Catherine Hogan

1996 Sheldon Arthur 47y Milford,Mass ?? Jun1884 12Dec1931
Saratoga Hospital Junkman Negro C M 1929 198
Dr.G.Fish/lived5Pine Alley George Sheldon
Helen Quinlan wife
1997 Connors Margaret 85y1m13d Local 31Oct1846 14Dec1931 Greenridge 16 Webster St. Housewife
C W 1929 199
Dr.Harry Loop James Fleming Ireland Catherine Flood Ireland Patrick Connors

1998 Etes Angelo 22y Local 24Apr1909 17Dec1931 St. Peter's Miami,Fla. Jockey/Willis Sharpe Kilmer
C S 1929 200

Benjamin Etes Italy Marie Lambert Italy
1999 Reynolds George F. 49y4m11d Local 11Aug1882 22Dec1931 St. Peter's 164 East Ave Shipping Clerk-State Bottling Works
C M 1929 201
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived14York Ave John J. Reynolds Cop.Lough,Ireland Abbie Fleming Saratoga Springs Katherine Leonard wife
2000 Judge Ellen E. 71y2m13d Whitehall,NY 10Oct1860 23Dec1931 Greenridge 1 Waterbury St. Housewife
C W 1929 202
Dr.M.J.Magovern Thomas Roach Ireland Margaret Gilday Ireland Michael Judge Mrs.Joseph Whipple
2001 Brannigan James 75y3m3d Local 24Sep1856 27Dec1931 Greenridge 177 Lake Ave Laborer
C S 1929 203
Dr.A.J.Leonard Thomas Brannigan Queens Co.Ireland Esther Green Queens Co.Ireland
Mrs.John Hickey
2002 Dominick Mary 24y4m11d Local 18Aug1907 29Dec1931 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital None
C S 1929 204

Joseph Dominick Naples,Italy Monica Marilla? Naples,Italy
2003 Delaney Mary 83y9m5d Co.Limerick,Ireland 25Mar1848 30Dec1931 St. Peter's 740 North Broadway Seamstress/Mrs.Sidney Smith
C W 1929 205
Dr.James F. Roohan ?? Mulcahy Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret ? Co.Limerick,Ireland Wm. Delaney Mrs.Lott Delaney,104VanDam St.
2004 Shay John P. 65y9m15d Whitehall,NY 22Mar1866 06Jan1932 St. Peter's 39 Hamilton St. Lawyer
C S 1929 206
Dr.F.J.Ressique Wm.Shay Whitehall Mary E. Tynan Co.Clare,Ireland

2005 Foy Rose 66(Insurance59) Co.Down,Ireland
07Jan1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 207
Dr.F.G.Eaton John McNamara Co.Down,Ireland Mary Smith Co.Down,Ireland Robert Foy

2006 Ryan John 58y9m26d Ballston Spa,NY 16Mar1873 11Jan1932 St. Peter's 81 Regent St. Freight Agent D&H RR
C M 1929 208
Dr.Carl Comstock Patrick Ryan Ireland

Frances Moylan

2007 Delaney Edward J. 49y5m7d Fort Edward,NY 04Aug1882 11Jan1932 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Bar Tender
C M 1929 209
Dr.Asa Dimock Jeremiah Delaney Queens Co.Ireland Mary Kelly Hudson Falls,NY Helen L.Burke

2008 Fox John H. 69y4m10d Williamsport,PA 03Sep1862 13Jan1932 Mt, Carmel,Williamsport,PA 81 State St. Bridge rigger&builder-retired
C W 1929 210
Dr.M.J.Magovern Henry Fox Co.Cavan,Ireland Ellen Larkin Co.Cavan,Ireland Anna Zimmerman Mrs.Jerry Michaud
2009 Hoyt Helen E. 13y2m13d Saratoga Springs 31Oct1918 13Jan1932 Greenridge 45 Park St. Student
C S 1929 211
Dr.Jas.Roohan Nelson W. Hoyt Saratoga Springs Katherine V.Davis Cambridge,NY
2010 McNeary Bridget 76y9m4d Saratoga Springs 10Apr1855 14Jan1932 St. Peter's 53 Marvin St. Housewife
C M 1929 212
Dr.Geo.Comstock John Condon Ireland Hannorah O'Rourke Ireland John McNeary

2011 Perry Jennie A. 66y3d
17Jan1866 20Jan1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 213
Dr.Geo.Comstock/lived59High Rock Fenton Crooks Ireland Matilda Moran Ireland Eugene Perry Mrs.Dorothy Dingman
2012 King James H. 68y9m27d City 24Mar1863 20Jan1932 Greenridge Albany City Hospital Saratoga Racing Assoc.Retired
C M 1929 214
Dr.John Heslin/lived126Nelson Ave. Michael King Ireland Katherine Berrigan Ireland Anna Rose Carleton J.King
2013 Burke Helen Nora Collins 48y4m2d Local 18Sep1883 20Jan1932 St. Peter's 465 Broadway Housewife
C W 1929 215
Dr.R.E.Harrington Jeremiah Shay Galway,NY Nora Kennedy NY State Jas.Collins/Wm.J.Burke

2014 Barney Marie A. 39y22d Saratoga Springs 30Dec1892 21Jan1932 Greenridge Saratoga-Ballston Highway Housewife
C M 1929 216
Dr Eaton for Coroner Castree John W. Hames Ballston Center Delia M.Rougier Whitehall,NY Foster A. Barney husband
2015 Callahan John J. 72y9m2d Easton,NY 20Apr1859 22Jan1932 St.John's,Schaghticoke Utica State Hospital M.D.
C W 1929 217

Dennis Callahan Cork,Ireland Ellen Mohan Co.Cavan,Ireland
Julia Callahan,153Van Dam St.
2016 McCormack Margaret C. 43y2m25d Saratoga Springs 01Nov1888 26Jan1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 218
Dr.M.J.Magovern Michael Maloney Queens Co,Ireland Margaret Doyle Kilkennny,Ireland John H.McCormick husband,66West Circular St.
2017 DeLorenze Frank J. 30y City
28Jan1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C M 1929 219
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived10 Oak St. Pasquale DeLorenze Italy Antonette Fortino Italy Catherine Stark

2018 Harrington Margaret B. 70y5m29d City 30Jul1861 28Jan1932 St. Peter's 15 VanDam St. Housewife
C M 1929 220
Dr.R.E.Harrington Martin Fitzgerald Queens Co.Ireland Margaret Rafter Queens Co.Ireland Daniel E. Harrington husband
2019 Crandall Mary Ann 64y5m21d City 07Aug1867 28Jan1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1929 221
Dr.M.J.Magovern/lived18Alger St.

Mary McTygue Ireland Stephen Crandall Sarah McTygue,Woodlawn Ave.
2020 O'Dea John 64y7m Co.Mayo,Ireland ??Jun1867 02Feb1932 St. Peter's 144 Woodlawn Ave Mason
C M 1929 222
Dr.D.C.Nolan Martin O'Dea Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary Boughlin Co.Mayo,Ireland Nora Mohan wife
2021 Farrell Charles A. 42y4m19d City 17Sep1889 05Feb1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Painter
C S 1929 223
Dr.G.S.Towne Charles E.Farrell Saratoga Springs Mary E. Doherty North Adams,Mass
2022 McCullough John Joseph 63y5m25d NY City 24Aug1868 18Feb1932 Calvary,New York City West Palm Beach,Fla. Laundry Worker
C W 1929 224
lived 55 Union St. John J.McCullough Co.Tyrone,Ireland Ann McCormick Ireland
Marguriete Bachnan,55 Union St
2023 Toohey Henry 19y15d Albany,NY 05Feb1913 20Feb1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Farm Work
C S 1929 225
Dr.A.J.Leonard/livedWayville,NY Patrick Toohey Co.Mayo,Ireland Celia Condon Saratoga,NY
Mrs.Patrick Toohey.Wayville,NY
2024 Stevens Mary Eliza 68y5m West Fort Ann,NY ??Sep1863 22Feb1932 Greenridge Ticknor Sanitorium Housewife
E W 1929 226
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived106Madison St. James B. Smith
Mary Sargent
Wm.J.Stevens James&Fred Stevens,170Beekman
2025 Farrington Margaret 68y Co.Mayo,Ireland
22Feb1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Cook
C S 1929 227
Dr.A.J.Leonard Martin Farrington Co.Mayo,Ireland Catherine Farrington Co.Mayo,Ireland
2026 Bright George 79y11m26d England 12Mar1852 07Mar1932 Odd Fellows Lot,Ballston Spa
Blacksmith-retired English
M 1929 228
Dr.Murray/lived45 Henry St. ?? Bright England

Mary Reinhart

2027 Duval Amelia 79y Glens Falls 16Feb1854 15Mar1932 St.Alphonsus,Glens Falls 105 Circular St. Housework
1929 229
Dr.Fred Ressique Joseph St.Croix New Hampshire Adelaide Gerard Glens Falls,NY Napoleon Duval Mrs.Wm Benton
2028 Gorman Michael H. 64y Local 18Oct1867 16Mar1932 St. Peter's Tichnor Sanitorium

C M 1929 230
Dr.A.J.Leonard JohnGorman Ireland Mary Carroll Ireland Katherine Tracy wife-out Washington St.
2029 Frey Irma 39y7m16d Budapest 11Aug1892 17Mar1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 231
lived Town of Saratoga Wentzel Hess Budapest,Hungary Antonia Grunzuerg Budapest,Hungary John Frey

2030 Sullivan Michael 67y Rock City Falls ??Dec1864 18Mar1932 St.Mary's,Ballston 10 Washington Apts. Papermaker,Moyer&Pratt,night super
C S 1929 232
Dr.Malcolm Mcgovern Dennis Sullivan Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Flynn Co.Kerry,Ireland
2031 Reynolds Margaret T. 55y11m27d Local 28Mar1876 24Mar1932 St. Peter's 198Church St. Ballston Spa Housework
C S 1929 233
Dr.Post/lived53York Ave John Reynolds Ireland Abbie Fleming Saratoga Springs

2032 Malloy Patrick Francis 70y8d
17Mar1862 25Mar1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Retired Butcher
C M 1929 234
Dr.George Comstock Philip Malloy Ireland

Katherine Tarou wife
2033 Koptula Helen 14y3d Irvington,NJ 26Mar1918 28Mar1932 Greenfield Saratoga Hospital Student,Saratoga High School
B S 1929 235
Dr.Fred Eaton Stephen Koptula Czecho-Slovakia Anna Bochar Czecho-Slovakia
2034 Dunnigan John H. 66 y8m26d
04Jul1865 30Mar1932 St. Peter's 27East Van Dam Retired fireman-Water works,S.Spgs
C W 1929 236
Dr.Robert Harrington/lived190Beekman Michael Dunnigan Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Welch Co.Cork,Ireland Irene Barney Wm.Dunnigan,190Beekman
2035 Wright Julie
Bordeaux,France 15Sep1882 02Apr1932 Caldwell,Wayville Wayville Housework

W 1929 237
Dr.Arthur Leonard Jules Rieupeyroux France Eillene Reglod France
2036 McDonnell Rev.Timothy
Quincy,Mass 18Jul1885 02Apr1932 St.Gerards,Lima,Ohio 108 Regent St. Catholic Priest
C S 1929 238
Dr.Malcolm Magovern

St. Clement's Church
2037 Shayne Daniel F.
Ballston Spa 02Jul1881 03Apr1932 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital Self employed taxi driver
C M 1929 239

Anna Cook wife,106 Clinton St.
2038 Buckley Stephen 65y Macroon,Co.Cork,Ireland unknown 07Apr1932 St. Peter's On way to Hospital Laborer,State Reservation
C M 1929 240
Dr.F.Ressique/lived49Granite St. John Buckley Macroon,Ireland Margaret Kelleher Macroon,Ireland Hannah Cronin wife
2039 Trim Josephine J. 51y6m23d Local 19Oct1880 10Apr1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Domestic Nurse
C M 1929 241
Dr.Fred Eaton William Mahar Wexford,Ireland Mary Shaughnessy Co.Limerick,Ireland John Phelan/John Trim Estate
2040 Donohue Mary C. 67y10m23d Rouses Point,NY 22May1864 14Apr1932 St. Peter's 167 Grand Ave Housework
C M 1929 242
Dr.Harry Loop Thomas Hayes Ireland Salina Thompson England Michael J.Donohue husband
2041 Owen Gertrude T. 55y10m10d Local 06Jun1876 16Apr1932 Greenridge 18 Clark St. Housewife
B M 1929 243
Dr.Varney Lyman Tooley Luzerne,NY Sarah Bowman Schuylerville,NY William H.Owen husband
2042 Redmond Mary F. 80y1m22d Arlington,VT 07Mar1852 29Apr1932 St. Peter's 38 State St. Housewife
C W 1929 244
Dr.F.G.Eaton Patrick Fitzgerald Co.Waterford,Ireland Ellen Welch Co.Waterford,Ireland James Redmond

2043 Gary Charles E. 54y6m19d Troy,NY 21Oct1877 10May1932 Oakwood,Troy,NY Utica State Hospital Sign Painter
C M 1929 245
Dr.John Howard/lived19E.Harrison St. Levi B.Gary Troy,NY Margaret Law Troy,NY Helen F.Devlin Havens wife
2044 Beach John P. 55y2m13d Saratoga Springs 25Feb1877 11May1932 St. Peter's 234 Clinton St. Caretaker-village dump
C M 1929 246
Dr.F.G.Eaton Edward Beach Quebec,Canada Mary Kennedy Ireland Jessie Winchell wife
2045 Branch Erskine B. 88y2d Boquet,Essex Co.NY 10May1844 12May1932 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Retired
M W 1929 247
Dr.M.J.Magovern/lived102Walworth George Branch Essex Village,NY Sarah Ray
Eva Small

2046 Vincek Christina 36y4m21d Czecho-Slovakia 24Dec1895 15May1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 248
Dr.G.S.Towne.livedWilton,NY Thomas Gwanda Czecho-Slovikia Mary Mayerchak Czecho-Slovakia George Vincek husband
2047 Sheppard Kathryn 71y6m City ??Nov1860 21May1932 St. Peter's 11 Peck Ave Housewife
C W 1929 249
Dr.Jas.Roohan John Welsh Co.Mayo,Ireland Kathryn Norton Co.Mayo,Ireland Adolphus G.Sheppard Oscar A. Welch,Camden,NJ
2048 Koval Paul 43y11m9d Budkofco,Czecho-Slovakia 15Jun1888 24May1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Farmer
C M 1929 250
Dr.A.Johnson,Coroner/lived Dean's Corners John Koval Budkofco,CzechoSlovakia Anna?? Budkofco,Czecho Slovakia Mary Bezosky wife
2049 Sanford Benjamin W. 81y11m8d Easton,Washington Co 15Jun1850 23May1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Liverman
E W 1929 251
Dr.A.S.Downs/lived38Woodlawn Ave. Benjamin Sanford Lyons,Wayne Co.,NY Margaret Briggs Little Falls,NY Sarah Adams Mervin B.Sanford
2050 O'Shaughnessy Ann O.
Co.Limerick,Ireland ??Apr1859 24May1932 St. Peter's 216 Washington St. None
C S 1929 252
Dr.G.F.Comstock Richard O'Shaughnessy Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret Sullivan Co.Limerick,Ireland
Mrs.Elizabeth Maher
2051 Lane Marjorie 40y8m25d Troy,NY 04Sep1891 29May1932 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
P M 1929 253
Dr.A.S.Downs Thomas H.Bowditch Albany,NY Mary Fairchild Troy,NY Charles H.Lane

2052 Martin Oscar 76y9m19d Fairhaven,VT 16Aug1855 04Jun1932 Greenridge McCarthy Hospital Laborer-Retired
C M 1929 254
Dr.R.McCarthy/lived17East VanDam John Martin Wales,Great Britian

Lydia O'Neill

2053 Greely Michael 51y Detroit Michigan ??Apr1881 05Jun1932 St. Peter's 63Beekman St-rear Laborer
1929 255

Frank Fusco,65Beekman
2054 Nolan Margaret A. 85y Tralee,Ireland
05Jun1932 St. Peter's 417 Broadway Housewife
C W 1929 256
Dr.D.C.Nolan David Allman Tralee,Ireland Bridget Casey Tralee,Ireland Michael Nolan Dr.D.C.Nolan
2055 Sweeney Ellen Mary 77y7m18d Galway,NY 18Oct1854 05Jun1932 St. Peter's 86 VanDam Housewife
C M 1929 257
Dr.F.G.Eaton John Shay Co.Tipperary,Ireland Catherine Wesh Co.Waterford,Ireland Thomas A. Sweeney

2056 Izzo Joseph W. 27y6m10d City 27Nov1904 06Jun1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Auto Mechanic/ Ray Whitford
C S 1929 258
Dr.A.S.Downs/lived139W.Circular Dominick Izzo Caserta,Italy Jennie Bishop Caserta,Italy
2057 Knickerbocker John E. 78y5m21d Geysers 15Dec1853 06Jun1932 Whitford Walton St.crossing D&H RR Locksmith
M S 1929 259
Coroner Johnson/lived86Woodlawn Peter Knickerbocker
Sally Ann Hill Porter's Corners
2058 Stapleton John M. 27y5m Hoosick Falls,NY 08Jan1905 08Jun1932 Hoosick Falls,NY Albany City Hospital Lawyer
C S 1929 260
lived 22 Railroad Place Michael Stapleton Saranac,NY Katherine Joyce Hoosick Falls,NY
Mrs.John Millett
2059 Sapone Dominick (Soap) 50y2m24d Naples,Italy 27Mar1882 20Jun1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Carpenter
C M 1929 261
Coroner/lived39 Ash St. Pietro Sapone Naples,Italy Giovanina Cammorota Naples,Italy Louise Natale Marks wife
2060 Sickler Mary E. 81y10m6d Stillwater,NY 21Aug1850 27Jun1932 Greenridge 4 Algonguin Apts. Housewife
M W 1929 262
Dr.F.Eaton James Gorham Chazy,NY Ophelia Middlebury,VT Louis Sickler

2061 Natale Anthony 55y Prov. Of Naples,Italy
29Jun1932 St. Peter's Hospital/lived157 Elm St. Flagman D&H RR Co.
C M 1929 263
Dr.R.E.Harrington Frank Natale Naples,Italy Mary Pompay Naples,Italy Rose Negro

2062 Shay Wm. H. 90y7m9d Whitehall,NY 22Nov1841 01Jul1932 St. Peter's 39 Hamilton St. Retired Church Sexton
C W 1929 264
Dr.R.E.Harrington John Shay Whitehall,NY Ellen Falvey Whitehall, NY Mary E. Tynan Ambrose E.Shay
2063 Dyke James Bellantoni 27y9m18d New York City 15Sep1904 03Jul1932 Calvary,NY City Saratoga Hospital Cigar Salesman
C S 1929 265
Dr.F.A.Eaton/lived Brooklyn,NY Rocco Bellantoni Calabria Italy Angelina Nostra Calabria,Italy
Thomas B.Dyke
2064 Wildy Amelia 38y11m4d Corinth,NY 01Aug1886(1893) 05Jul1932 Corinth Rural Lower Main St,Corinth Housewife
C M 1929 266
Dr.Snyder Augustus Washburn Port Lyden,NY Mary St. John Corinth,NY Earl L.Wildy

2065 Wilson Anna Laura 52y6m9d Grinnell,Iowa 27Dec1879 06Jul1932 Olmsteadville,NY 11 Algonquin Apts. Housewife

W 1929 267
Dr.M.J.Magovern Thomas Potter Schroon Lake,NY Lina Smith Johnsburg,Ny Joseph Wilson

2066 Patten Emily V. 57y5m15d North Creek,NY 12Feb1875 27Jul1932 Greenridge Hospital Housewife
C W 1929 268
Dr.G.S.Towne/lived85Maple Ave Wallace McMillen Warrensburgh,NY Frances L.Murray Whitehall,NY David V.Patten Estate
2067 Splain/Splam Elizabeth C. 50y5m15d New York City 01May1882 27Jul1932 St. Peter's 24 1/2 Caroline St Housewife
C W 1929 269
Dr.M.J.Magovern John Canfield Glasgow,Scotland
Ireland Thomas H. Splain

2068 Davis Samuel J. 43y18d
11Jul1889 29Jul1932 New York City 48 Congress St. Restaurant Proprietor

M 1929 270
Dr.F.Ressique/livedW.138th St.NYC

Mrs.Marie Davis
2069 Hayes Mary M. 80y3m11d Wilton,NY 24Apr1852 04Aug1932 St. Peter's 23 Church St. Housewife
C W 1929 271
Dr.F.J.Ressique Francis Myers Germany Catherine Fennell Ireland Dennis Hayes Estate
2070 O'Brien John Joseph 28y12d City 24Jul1904 05Aug1932 St. Peter's 8 Talford Place Taxi Driver
C S 1929 272
Dr.G.S.Towne John O'Brien Limerick,Ireland Josephine Tierney Mayo,Ireland

2071 Cherry Catherine E. 67y6m27d So.Glens Falls,NY 26Jan1865 22Aug1932 St. Peter's 117 Middle Ave Housewife
C W 1929 273
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Patrick Conley Ireland Catherine Reilly Ireland Joseph Cherry

2072 Slick George King 59y4m23d City 01Apr1873 24Aug1932 Greenridge 16 1/2 Van Dam St. Painter & decorator

W 1929 274
Dr.D.C.Nolan George K.Slick New York City Elizabeth A. Converse Niagara Falls,NY Angelica Gonzales Maud M. Slick
2073 Murch George Willis 70y7m15d Maine 15Jan1862 30Aug1932 Kensico,NY Hospital Steward at "The Brook"

M 1929 275
Dr.F.Eaton/lived360Central Park W,NYC John R. Munch Maine Eleanor Fisher Maine Rose Fruchtman Evaline M.DeBloeme
2074 Shaff Wm. L. 86y7m6d City 29Jan1846 04Sep1932 Boyce,North Milton 167 Maple Ave Retired Butcher
E W 1929 276
Dr.Byron Murray Leonard Shaff Saratoga Springs Rachel Noonan New York State Libbie Areum

2075 Abbott Thomas F. 45y City ??May1887 19Sep1932 Greenridge Hospital Hotel Proprietor
C D 1929 277
Dr.R.E.Harrington/lived109 Henry St. Thomas H.Abbott Saratoga Springs Ellen Sheehan Hydeville,VT
2076 Walworth Ellen Hardin 73y11m18d City 02Oct1858 20Sep1932 Greenridge Hospital None
C S 1929 278
Dr.Jas.Roohan/lived527Broadway Mansfield Tracy Walworth Albany,NY Ellen Hardin Jacksonville,Illinois
2077 Maher Alton J. 18y2m5d City 29Jul1914 04Oct1932 St. Peter's near rifle range None
C S 1929 279
Coroner/lived95 Ludlow St. Wm.P.Maher Saratoga Springs Lillian Reilly Saratoga Springs
2078 Sheridan James 62y4m City ??May1870 05Oct1932 St. Peter's 2 Pleasant St. Laborer
C S 1929 280
Dr.M.J.Magovern Mark Sheridan Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary Riley Co.Mayo,Ireland
2079 Smith William H.H. 69y8m21d Claremont,VT 17Jan1863 08Oct1932 North Milton 71 West Ave. Car inspector D&H-retired
M M 1929 281
Dr.F.Eaton Henry Smith Claremont,VT Marietta Sturdevan Claremont,VT Lena VanWagoner wife
2080 McNeary Elizabeth V. 58y11m8d Rock City, NY 01Nov1873 09Oct1932 St. Peter's 63 Church St. Housewife
C M 1929 282
Dr.G.S.Towne Charles Fox Conaught,Ireland Winifred Keogh Limerick,Ireland Wm.J.McNeary husband
2081 Nelson Marshall Adams 20y18d City 25Sep1912 13Oct1932 St. Peter's 12 Greenridge Place None
C S 1929 283
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Fred A.Nelson Brooklyn,NY Margaret V.Gleason Saratoga Springs
2082 Vincequerra Luigi 65y

13Oct1932 St. Peter's County Farm Laborer
C M 1929 284


2083 Whitcomb Clara 71y10m22d Purdy Station,NY 22Nov1860 14Oct1932 Greenfield Center Milton Housewife
E W 1929 285
Dr.Post Daniel Hovey New York City Isabelle Foster Quebec,Canada George H. Whitcomb Mrs.Emma Foote.Ballston Spa
2084 Groliose(Grolley) John 68y2m5d Bellona,Italy 11Aug1864 16Oct1932 St. Peter's Hospital Flagman D&H RR
C M 1929 286
Dr.Joseph Kiley/lived6Aletta St. Pasquale Groliose Bellona,Italy Rachael Bellona,Italy Philomena Giopa wife
2085 Moore Catherine L. 53y3m4d City 15Jul1879 19Oct1932 St. Peter's 12 VanDam St. Housewife
C M 1929 287
Dr.M.J.Magovern Charles W. Plowman England Elizabeth Clark Scotland James J. Moore husband
2086 Stevens Julia 88y5m29d
02May1844 01Nov1932 Maplewood 105 Congress St. Housewife
M W 1929 288

Wm.Stevens Mrs.Patrick Cray,15Walworth St.
2087 Fusco Michael 72y3m17d Diagoni,Italy 19Jul1860 05Nov1932 St. Peter's 65 Beekman St. Retired
C W 1929 289
Dr.H.L.Loop Ferdinand Fusco Italy Anna DiCarbo Italy
Ferdinand Fusco
2088 Senical James Brown 56y11m1d Henrysburg,Canada 09Dec1875 10Nov1932 Greenridge Cady Hill-Geysers Steam roller operator-City
B M 1929 290
Dr.F.Eaton Eldred Senecal Canada Lillian Deer Canada Eva Cole Lillian Chambers
2089 Kilbara Catherine Josephine 69y5m6d Co,Cork,Ireland 09Jun1863 15Nov1932 Greenridge 207 Regent St. Housewife
C W 1929 291
Dr.M.J.Magovern Thomas Gorman Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Carr Co.Cork,Ireland John Kilbara Charles Kilbara,78Jefferson St.
2090 Hayes Joseph E. 31y9m12d Greenfield,NY 10Feb1901 22Nov1932 St. Peter's Greenfield,NY Farmer
C S 1929 292
Dr.M.E.Varney James Hayes Co.Limerick,Ireland Johanna Convery Greenfield,NY

2091 Cunningham Catherine 61? Co.Leitiem,Ireland
23Nov1932 St. Peter's 21 VanRensalaer St. Housework
C S 1929 293
Dr.G.S.Towne John Cunningham Ireland Ann O'Connor Ireland

2092 Burdette Alice Lenita 84y4m20d Wilton,NY 04Jul1848 24Nov1932 King King Cottage,Wilton Housewife

M 1929 294
Dr.Ressique Henry H.King Dutchess Co.NY Adeline Haynes Middlebury,VT Oliver K.Burdette Estate
2093 Clipper Anna O'Brien 80y5m22d Co.Cork,Ireland 05Jun1852 27Nov1932 St. Peter's 119 Woodlawn Ave Housewife
C W 1929 295
Dr.F.Eaton John O'Brien Co.Cork,Ireland ?? Wallace Co.Cork,Ireland Henry Clipper Mrs.Joseph Moseman
2094 Edwards Emma Jane 83y5m10d Troy,NY 19Jun1849 29Nov1932 Oakwood Maple Vista Housewife
P W 1929 296
Dr.Harry Loop
Holland Sarah Olsaood? Holland Robert W. Edwards Anna Swick,Maple Vista
2095 Capone Angeline 43y1m21d Naples,Italy 10Oct1889 01Dec1932 St. Peter's 52 Oak St. Housewife
C M 1929 297
Dr.A.J.Leonard Pasquale Johns Naples,Italy Rosie Capone Naples,Italy Nicholas Capone husband
2096 Reeves John C.F. 75y4m26d Lincoln,NJ 09Jul1857 04Dec1932 Baptist G.Woodstown,NJ 139 Maple Ave Sheet Metal Work

M 1929 298
Dr.Moriata Charles P.Reeves Paulsboro,NJ Hannah Adams New Jersey Anna B. Walmaley Estate
2097 Palmer Phoebe E. 76y4m4d
03Aug1856 07Dec1932 Ballston Spa 13 West Harrison St. Housewife
P M 1929 299
Dr.R.E.Harrington Leonard Rogers

Charles E. Palmer husband
2098 McAveigh Catherine Garvey 80y4m10d New York City 29Jul1852 09Dec1932 St. Peter's 1 Madison Ave Housewife
C W 1929 300
Dr.F.G.Eaton Bernard Garvey USA Elizabeth Blake USA John McAveigh

2099 Salley Mary G. 67y11m8d Caserta,Italy 01Jan1865 09Dec1932 St. Peter's 138 West Circular Housewife
C W 1929 301
Dr. Magovern Michael Parillo Caserta,Italy
Caserta,Italy James Salley husband
2100 Clements Mabel Tucker 43y5m26d Corinth,NY 14Jun1889 10Dec1932 Rural,Corinth,NY 49Second St/lived87Covell Ave Housewife
B M 1929 302
Dr.Leonard George Tucker Greenfield,NY Leona McQueen Greenfield,NY Walter P.Clements Husband,87Covell,Ash Grove
2101 Meehan Charles A. 77y

12Dec1932 St. Peter's Saratoga Inn Retired Book Keeper
C W 1929 303
Dr.D.C.Nolan Peter Meehan Co.Dublin,Ireland Elizabeth Murphy Co.West Meath,Ireland Margaret Barrett Estate
2102 Lynch Katherine Agnes 24y11m9d Saratoga Springs 03Jan1908 12Dec1932 St. Peter's Hospital/lived19 1/2Caroline Housewife
C M 1929 304
Dr.Magovern Richard H.McCarthy Schylerville Anna T.Flately Washington Co. Harry L.Lynch husband
2103 Roohan Mary Ann 74y11m12d Saratoga Springs 01Jan1858 13Dec1932 St. Peter's 90 Middle Ave At Home
C S 1929 305
Dr.R.E.Harrington Patrick Roohan Queens Co.Ireland Ann Byrn Dublin,Ireland
2104 Clark Anna E. 68y10m7d Moreau,NY 08Feb1864 15Dec1932 Maplewood Homestead Sanitorium Housewife
E W 1929 306
Dr.Asa Dimock ?? Ellson

Francis S. Clark Mrs.Peter Hurley,86Ludlow
2105 Gingras Mary A. 73y Saratoga Springs
16Dec1932 St. Peter's 153 Leonard St,Jersey City Housewife
C W 1929 307

James Roohan Queens Co,Ireland Alice Fitzpatrick Queens Co.Ireland Frank Gingras Estate
2106 Kaulfuss Herbert 49y6m19d Saratoga Springs 27May1883 16Dec1932 St. Peter's 321 Nelson Ave Paper Hanger
C M 1929 308
Dr.Joseph Kiley Peter Kaulfuss Bohemia,Austria Isabelle Harvey Scotland Helen C.Maher wife
2107 Vogel Andrew 58y8m19d Bavaria,Germany 27Mar1874 16Dec1932 St. Peter's 22 Andrews St. Baker for Lampe
C M 1929 309
Dr.F.J.Ressique John Vogel Bavaria,Germany Dorothea Lang Bavaria,Germany Margaret Feulner wife
2108 Condon Dorothy Vivian 47y11m Bradford,Yorkshire,England 20Jan1885 20Dec1932 St. Peter's 33 Franklin St. Housewife
E M 1929 310
Dr.Joseph Kiley Arthur Midgely England

James H.Condon husband
2109 Doinbusch William H. 79y7m2d New York City 23May1853 25Dec1932 Greenridge Ticknor's,Greenfield Retired
E W 1929 311


2110 Adams Sidney V. 61y2m14d
12Oct1871 26Dec1932 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital Caretaker for Mrs.VonStade
C M 1929 312
lived 704 No.Broadway Sidney Adams Woodworth Hill,Saratoga Co. Theoda Sweet Warren Co. Anna Duggan

2111 Harney John 52y5m22d Hammondville,NY 04Jul1880 26Dec1932 St.Mary's,Schylerville Ellis Hospital Retired spinner,cotton mill
C S 1929 313
Dr.John Yoinie?/lived County Farm Joseph Harvey Kings Co.Ireland Mary E.Pendergast Dublin,Ireland
2112 Collins Michael F. 36y4m12d Saratoga Springs 15Aug1896 27Dec1932 St. Peter's 152 Grand Ave. Chief Clerk,D&H RR,maint.dept
C M 1929 314
Dr.M.J.Magovern Daniel J.Collins Luzerne,NY Mary Hyland Lansingburgh,NY Mary A.Geary

2113 Evans Catherine Jane 54y3m10d Wales 23Sep1878 02Jan1933 Evergreen,Poultney,VT 121 Jefferson St. Housewife
M M 1929 315
Dr.R.E.Harrington Wm.J.Thomas Wales Ellen Jones Wales Evan V.Evans husband
2114 Conney Mary Teresa 62y9m30d Irvington,NY 03Mar1870 02Jan1933 Sleepy H,Tarrytown,NY 99 Catherine St. At Home
C S 1929 316
Dr.Joseph Kiley Dennis Cooney Tipperary,Ireland Mary Mackey Limerick,Ireland
2115 Currier Anna E. 77y21d City 17Dec1855 07Jan1933 Maplewood 112 Washington St. Housewife
E W 1929 317
Dr.Eaton John Kitchner
Susie Kempton
Albert Currier

2116 Collins Thomas J. 77y6m19d Luzerne,NY 21Jun1855 09Jan1933 St. Peter's 218 Grand Ave Mason
C M 1929 318
Dr.R.Harrington Michael Collins Co.Clare,Ireland Mary Collins Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary Sweeney Estate
2117 Connors Mary 82y Co.Waterford,Ireland 1850 13Jan1933 St. Peter's 28 Granite St. Housewife
C W 1929 319
Dr.F.G.Eaton Edward Flynn Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Ahearn Co.Waterford,Ireland Michael Connors Patrick H.Connors,56State St.
2118 Ahearn William 82y3m20d Lismou,Co.Waterford,Ireland 25Sep1850 14Jan1933 St. Peter's 42 VanDam St. Retired
C W 1929 320
Dr.A.J.Leonard ?? Ahearn Ireland

Margaret Myers Estate
2119 Rosell Anna 56y Milton,NY,Rowland Hollow
14Jan1933 St. Peter's 111 Clinton St. Merchant
C W 1929 321
Dr.A.J.Leonard John Nash Stillwater,NY Mary Myer Ireland Charles Rosell

2120 Purcell William H. 65y11m20d Port Chester,NY 28Jan1867 17Jan1933 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Plasterer
C W 1929 322
Dr.C.Comstock/lived92Nelson Ave Edward Purcell Queens Co.Ireland Helen Burke Queens Co.Ireland Anna Banks Mrs.Frank Engle
2121 Pierce Ambrose 46y10m6d City 11Mar1886 17Jan1933 St. Peter's 174 Beekman St. Laborer
C S 1929 323
Dr.Magovern Thomas Pierce Co.Kerry,Ireland Ellen Brannigan Saratoga Springs

2122 deMauriac Phillippe Octave 52y2m18d Chicago,Ill. 10Nov1880 28Jan1933
73 Lawrence St. Bond Salesman
E M 1929 324
Dr.F.J.Ressique Wm.J.deMauriac
Caroline Fuller Middletown,Conn Emily Macleod wife
2123 Smith Peter 73y7m2d City 26Jun1859 28Jan1933 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Truckman
C M 1929 325
Dr.C.Comstock/lived19Woodlawn Ave Phillip Smith Ireland Mary Walsh Ireland Mary Jane Sanders

2124 Arendt Florence Tobin 38y

29Jan1933 St. Peter's Home of Good Shepard,Troy,NY Housewife
C M 1929 326

Edward Tobin

Harry Condon
2125 Rowland Michael J. 70y11m29d Watervliet,NY 03Feb1862 02Feb1933 St. Peter's 78 Caroline St. Retired Merchant
C M 1929 327
Dr.A.J.Leonard Michael J.Rowland Ireland Fannie Lysett Ireland Anna E. Brady

2126 Millett John H. 70y7m10d Co.Mayo,Ireland 24Jun1862 03Feb1933 St.Mary's,Hoosick Falls 22 Railroad Place Hotel Proprietor
C M 1929 328
Dr.D.C.Nolan Patrick Millett Co.Mayo,Ireland Bridget Duffy Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary A. Joyce wife
2127 Moore Frances Regina 25y7m26d City 09Jun1907 04Feb1933 St. Peter's Apt 5 Arcade Building Housewife
C M 1929 329
Dr.M.J.Magovern Edward P.Farrell Saratoga Springs Elizabeth Parnell Shorham,VT James J.Moore husband
2128 Hyland Mary E. 63y11m12d Mechanicville,NY 21Feb1869 05Feb1933 St. Peter's 154 Regent/lived77Regent Housewife
C W 1929 330
Dr.Edward Callahan Owen Lynch Co.Waterford,Ireland Ellen Sarsfield Co.Waterford,Ireland John M.Hyland

2129 Cooney Anna M. 67y Irvington,NY
08Feb1933 Sleepy H,Tarrytown,NY 99 Catherine St. At Home
C S 1929 331
Dr.A.J.Leonard Dennis Cooney Tipperary,Ireland Mary Mackey Limerick,Ireland
2130 Sherin Wm.J. 68y7m4d Wilton,NY 07Jul1864 11Feb1933 St. Peter's 246 Church St. Electrical Contractor
C M 1929 332
Dr.M.J.Magovern Wm.Sherin Ireland Hannorah Sheehan Ireland Minnie J.Rand Estate
2131 Martell Fred 28y15d Brooklyn,NY 02Feb1905 17Feb1933 St. Peter's Albany Memorial Hospital Mechanic/L.J.Faraone,INC
C M 1929 333
Dr.VanLoon/lived4Pavillion Place Peter Martell New Rochelle,NY Rose Sirrocco Brooklyn,NY Grace Adinolfi

2132 Ferrara Mary 56y6m21d Salerno,Italy 27Jul1876 17Feb1933 St. Peter's 90 Ash St. Housewife
C M 1929 334
Dr.R.E.Harrington Carmine Paletto Salerno,Italy Angeline Lambias Salerno,Italy John Ferrara husband
2133 Johnson Matthew 66y2m Moreau,NY 18Dec1866 18Feb1933 St. Peter's 77 White St. Retired
C W 1929 335
Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick Johnson Ireland Mary Roach Ireland Rebecca Moylan

2134 Weeks Sarah Jane 71y6m1d Saratoga Springs 18Aug1861 19Feb1933 Greenridge 9 State St. Housewife
E M 1929 336
Dr.F.Ressique Gilbert Rose
Elizabeth Rock
Jerome Weeks George Weeks
2135 Monento Costable 80y5m4d Italy 19Sep1933?? 23Feb1933 St. Peter's 137 Elm St. Retired
C M 1929 337
Dr.Joseph Kelly/lived112W Circular St Louis Monento Italy
Italy Rose Trotta wife
2136 Roselle William H. 35y4m26d Saratoga Springs 28Sep1897 24Feb1933 Greenridge Metropolitan Hospital Morse Operator,Western Union
C S 1929 338

Frederick Roselle Saratoga Springs Catherine Dwyer Hoosick Falls
Mrs.Edward Henning
2137 Smaldone Madeline 103y8d Ilano,Italy 18Feb1830 26Feb1933
176 Nelson Ave Housewife-retired
C M 1929 339
Dr.B.J.Murray Maurice Pape Ilano,Italy

Sylvester Smaldone Genevieve Mattrazzo
2138 King Margaret E. 84y Elizabethtown,NY ??Sep1848 28Feb1933 Greenfield 199 1/2 Beekman Housewife
M M 1929 340
Dr.Carl Comstock Johnson McMullen ,New York Susan Hayes ,New York John King

2139 McGhan James H. 56y7m5d Ft.Edward,NY 29Jul1876 06Mar1933 St. Peter's 60 Catherine St. Caretaker/City
C M 1929 341
Dr.T.J.Goodfellow Michael McGhan Troy,NY Johanna Carey Albany,NY Rose Harder

2140 Diana Joseph 49y9m29d Naples,Italy 16May1883 ??Mar1933 St. Peter's 39 Phila St Barber,own shop
C S 1929 342
Dr.Fred Ressique Antonio Diana Naples,Italy Maria Isolda Naples,Italy
2141 Murray Wm.J. 61y Greenwood Pickering,Canada
03Apr1933 St. Peter's 34 York Ave Retired Moulder
C W 1929 343
Dr.F.Ressique Henry Murray Scotland Mary McChenary Ireland Eleanor Vaughn Estate
2142 Schultze Jenettie
Albany,NY 02Jul1869 06Apr1933 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 344
Dr.Robert Hayden/lived Schenectady Dudley Flora Albany,NY Elizabeth Donnelly Albany,NY Theodore Schultze Mrs.Clarence VanWagoner
2143 Adinolfi Albert J. 26y6m27d Brooklyn,NY 19Sep1906 16Apr1933 St. Peter's 42 Caroline St Barber,father's shop
C S 1929 345
Dr.Robert Hayden Charles Adinolfi Naples,Italy Anna Sico? Naoples,Italy
2144 Palmer Charles E. 76y8m17d Day,NY 01Aug1856 18Apr1933 Ballston Spa,NY 13 West Harrison St. Retired
P W 1929 346
Dr.D.C.Moriata Chauncey Palmer NY State Catherine V.Kinney Day,NY Phoebe Rogers Estate/C.Sheldon,Atty
2145 Hall Mary J. 81y4m7d Co.Kildare,Ireland 12Dec1851 19Apr1933 St. Peter's 256 West Circular St. Housewife
C W 1929 347
Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick McNally Co.Kildare,Ireland Mary Henderson Co.Kildare,Ireland Burton J.Hall

2146 Rougier Mary E. 70y2m24d Fort Edward,NY 02Feb1863 26Apr1933 St. Peter's 12 East Harrison St. Housewife
C W 1929 348
Dr.M.J.Magovern Michael Dugan Queens Co.Ireland Mary Jane Marks Londonderry,Ireland Edward Rougier

2147 DeGregorio Helen Agnes 18y8m4d City 22Aug1914 26Aug1933 St. Peter's 180 West Circular St. At Home
C S 1929 349
Dr.G.S.Towne Frank DeGregorio Salerno,Italy Anna Melio Salerno,Italy
2148 Hawke Katherine A. 66y16d Albany,NY 13Apr1867 29Apr1933 Gate of Heaven,NYC 688 No.Broadway Housewife
C W 1929 350
Dr.Robert Hayden Wm.H.Buckley Plattsburg,NY Josephine Lahey Ireland Edward H.Hawke,Jr. Walter E. Hawke
2149 Asfoury Zalie(John) 57y Tripoli,Spain 1876 01May1933 Greenridge 557 Broadway Fruit Dealer
Syrian Orthodox M 1929 351
Dr.Joseph Kelly Nicholas Asfoury Tripoli,Spain Katherine Deebe Tripoli,Spain Julia Nhais

2150 McNichols Adelia 67y4m6d Saratoga,NY 28Dec1865 04May1933 St. Peter's 72 West Circular St. Rooming House Propiretess
C W 1929 352
Dr.J.Kiley James Walsh Co.Mayo,Ireland Margaret Maguire Co.Mayo,Ireland John McNichols Estate
2151 Mitchell Bartholomew 67y Co.Galway,Ireland
08May1933 St. Peter's St.Peter's Hospital,Albany,NY Gardener
C S 1929 353
lived West Circular St. Patrick Mitchell Co.Galway,Ireland Winifred McCormick Co.Galway,Ireland
2152 Dunlavey Mary Ann 78y11m14d Dublin,Ireland 04Jun1854 18May1933 St.Mary's,So.Glens Falls 12 Thomas St. Housewife
C W 1929 354
Dr.R.E.Harrington ?? Kelly Dublin,Ireland Mary Ann?? Ireland Patrick Dunlavey

2153 DeSantis Antonia 37y6m18d Giovinazzo,Bari,Italy 02Nov1895 20May1933 St. Peter's 66 Washington St. Housewife
C M 1929 355
Dr.John Humphrey Michael Bavara Italy Isabel?? Italy Frank DeSantis husband
2154 Meehan Genivieve Mary 47y City
20May1933 St. Peter's 200 Grand Ave At Home
C S 1929 356
Dr.D.C.Nolan/lived196 Grand Michael F.Meehan Luzerne,NY Mary A.Swanick Saratoga Springs
2155 Dolan Charlotte 73y9m8d Deerfield,NY 17Aug1859 25May1933 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 357
Dr.A.S.Downs/lived6Congess Ave Charles Hess Germany Jane Wi_ten Oneida Co.NY James Dolan

2156 Monahan Adelia F. 73y9m25d City 31Jul1859 26May1933 St. Peter's 69 Hyde St. Housewife
C W 1929 358
Dr.M.J.Magovern/lived81Walnut St. Patrick Swanick CO.Mayo,Ireland Mary Tinney/Finney Ireland Arthur L.Monahan Estate
2157 Mesick Otto B. 77y9m23d Chatham,NY 03Aug1855 26May1933 Gurn Spring 225 Lake Ave Cashier,State Drink Hall

M 1929 359
Dr.F.E.Eaton John Henry Mesick
Margaret Miller Chatham,NY Helen Roods

2158 Lonergan Mary Elizabeth 71y2m City 26Mar1862 26May1933 Greenridge 85 Union Ave Housewife
C W 1929 360
Dr.E.J.Callahan Michael Walsh Co.Mayo,Ireland Rose Armstrong Co.Mayo,Ireland John Edward Lonergan,Bala,PA estate
2159 Mullady Edward F. 72y7m16d Brooklyn,NY 11Oct1860 26May1933 St. Peter's 303 Nelson Ave Car Inspector,retired
C M 1929 361
Dr.Joseph Kiley John H.Mullady Ireland Elizabeth Baxter Ireland Margaret Mahar wife
2160 Baker Narcisse 7y6m7d Ballston Spa 21Nov1925 27May1933 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Student
C S 1929 362
Dr.M.J.Magovern/lived354Broadway George Baker Rock City,NY Julia Bouchard Ballston Spa
2161 Laing Helen Maria 79y1m24d Charleston,S.C 04Apr1854 28May1933 Prospect Hill 93 York Ave Housewife
M W 1929 363
Dr.Joseph Kiley John A.Palmer Charleston,S.C. Charlotte Hurd Gansevoort,NY Wm.D.Laing

2162 Nash Mary A. 98y Ireland
29May1933 St. Peter's 101 Lawrence St. Housewife
C W 1929 364
Dr.Joseph Kiley ?? Myer Ireland
Ireland John H.Nash Wm.NAshmRowland's Hollow
2163 Swanick Thomas 93y3m2d Carra James,Co.Mayo,Ireland 04Mar1840 06Jun1933 St. Peter's 187 Washington St. D&H crossing watchman-Retired
C W 1929 365
Dr.A.A.Swanick James Swanick
Ann Welch Co.Mayo,Ireland Bridget Coen

2164 Kedziske Stella 12y4m6d City 02Feb1921 08Jun1933 St. Peter's 23 Doten Ave Student
C S 1929 366
Dr.G.S.Towne Stanley Kedziski Poland Viola Witazek Poland Stanley Kedziski

2165 Riff Madelina 65y9m14d Alsace-Lorraine,France 27Aug1867 10Jun1933 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housework at home
C S 1929 367
Dr.F.J.Ressique/lived Greenfield Nicholas Riff Alsace-Lorraine Johanna Scheller Alsace-Lorraine

2166 Tompkins Kate Estelle 74y11m12d Greenfield,NY 05Jul1858 17Jun1933 Greenridge 33 Clark St. Housewife
P W 1929 368
Dr.John Humphrey Silas Davis NY State Almira Wilson NY State Willard L.Tompkins Nellie M.Tompkins
2167 Carpenter Thomas P. 76y8m27d City 28Sep1856 25Jun1933 Maplewood 45 Covell Ave Laborer
E W 1929 369
Dr.F.Eaton Samuel Carpenter Vermont Mary Ann Carpenter Saratoga Springs Ida Perkins

2168 Dunphy Margaret F. 64y10m27d City 05Aug1868 01Jul1933 St. Peter's 17 York Ave Housewife
C W 1929 370
Dr.A.J.Leonard John D.Hayes Ireland Julia Keeler Ireland Michael J.Dunphy

2169 LeBrun(Brown) Regina 64y7m24d St. George,Canada 07Nov1868 01Jul1933 Notre Dame 91 Broadway,Schylerville Housewife
C W 1929 371
Dr.Callahan Pierce LeCuyer St.George,Canada Aurelli LeCuyer St. George,Canada Samuel LeBrun

2170 Newman Mary E. 74y6m5d Far Hills,NJ 01Jan1859 06Jul1933 St.Bernards,Raitan,NJ Saratoga Lake Housewife
C W 1929 372
Dr.F.G.Eaton Thomas Moore Scotland Ann McIntyre Scotland Charles Newman Mrs.Matt Dunn
2171 Patterson Joseph Eugene 41y Hamden,Conn
09Jul1933 St. James,Naugatuck,Conn 116 East Ave Grand Union Co.manager
C M 1929 373
Dr.A.J.Leonard Thomas Patterson Hamden,Conn Elizabeth Monpas
Eleanor Grant

2172 Moseley Melvina 52y11m10d Beacon,NY 05Aug1880 15Jul1933 Greenridge St.Christina Home Housewife
E M 1929 374
Dr.J.Kiley Erasmus Hunt Richmond,VA Adeline Jaycox Beacon,NY Wm.H.Moseley husband
2173 Marihew James F. 59y3m7d Hageman's,NY 09Apr1874 16Jul1933 Hudson View,Mechanicville McCarthy Hospital Plumber
M W 1929 375
Dr.R.McCarthy/lived16MArvin St. John N.Merihew Barkersville,NY Priscella Phillips Barkersville,NY Louise Baker

2174 Ostrander Mary E. 84y9m3d Jackson,Washington Co 15Oct1848 18Jul1933 Maplewood 3 East Beekman St Housewife
M W 1929 376
Dr.F.A.Eaton Samuel Allen Saratoga Springs Catherine Montgomery Belcher,Washington Co. Alfred Ostrander

2175 Carroll Margaret 96y Co.Donegal,Ireland
23Jul1933 St. Peter's 175 Lake Ave Housewife
C W 1929 377
Dr.G.S.Towne Frank McMonagle Co.Donegal,Ireland Nellie Brady Co.Donegal,Ireland John Carroll

2176 Byrne Daniel 72y8m6d Saratoga Springs 19Nov1860 25Jul1933 St. Peter's 15 Church St. Retired
C M 1929 378
Dr.David C. Nolan Patrick Byrne Co.Kerry,Ireland
Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary O'Connell

2177 Roohan Helen W. 31y8m16d City 14Nov1901 30Jul1933 St. Peter's 229 Lake Ave Housewife
C M 1929 379
Dr.G.S.Towne Frank Williams Saratoga Springs Margaret Brady Co.Cavan,Ireland Daniel P. Roohan

2178 O'Connor Sarah 59y3m23d Grangerville,NY 15Apr1874 07Aug1933 St. Peter's 133 Maple Ave Housewife
C W 1929 380
Dr.E.J.Callahan Richard Kearney Limerick,Ireland Hannah Hartigan Limerick,Ireland Michael O'Connor

2179 Waterson Henry 63y11m1d Frankfort,Germany 08Sep1869 09Aug1933 Evergreen,Brooklyn Porter's Corners Farmer

M 1929 381
Dr.M.E.Varney Henry Waterson Frankfort,Germany
Frankfort,Germany Mary Weber wife@Garden City,L.I.
2180 VanDusen John Barren 60y10m6d Troy,NY 05Oct1872 11Aug1933 Greenridge 38 Caroline St. manager-General News Services
E M 1929 382
Dr.E.J.Callahan John VanDusen Fortsville,NY Sarah Barren Batavia,NY Ida Davis

2181 Lindguist Margaret M. 12y8m28d Glendale,L.I. 20Nov1920 18Aug1933 St.John's,Glendale,LI Saratoga Hospital Student
C S 1929 383
Dr.R.Hayden Soen? Lindquist Stockholm,Sweden Margaret Killen Cumberland,England
2182 McCarthy(Ley) John F. 65y

18Aug1933 St. Peter's Worden Hotel Pinkerton Police Work
C S 1929 384
Dr.F.Ressique John Ley Germany Catherine Wolter St.Wendel,Germany
John Cavanaugh,Race Track
2183 Farrell Mary Ellen 78y1m1d North Adams,Mass 19Jul1855 20Aug1933 St. Peter's 114 Jackson St. Housewife
C W 1929 385
Dr.F.G.Eaton Andrew Doherty Co.Donegal,Ireland Ellen Hagen Co.Donegal,Ireland Charles Farrell

2184 Reeves Anna B. 76y7m27d Mullica Hill,NJ 26Dec1856 22Aug1933 Baptist,Woodstown,NJ 139 Maple Ave Housewife

W 1929 386
Dr.Douglas Moriata John Wamsley New Jersey Judith Burroughs New Jersey John C.F.Reeves

2185 Smith Malvina D. 70y5m Saratoga Springs ??Mar1863 21Aug1933 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
M W 1929 387
Dr.Joseph Kiley/lived3 E.Beekman Samuel Green Saratoga Springs Catherine Montgomery Washington Co.NY Hiram Smith

2186 Welsh Oscar A. 59y11m17d Saratoga Springs 17Sep1873 31Aug1933 Greenridge,Spanish Vets North Merchant___,NJ Painter
C W 1929 388
Dr.Hummel John Welsh Ireland Kathryn Norton Ireland Louella Rice Estate-2256 Penn St,NJ
2187 Young Lulu M. 48y3m13d Jacksonville,Fla 25May1885 07Sep1933 Greenridge County House Housewife

W 1929 389
Dr.Post ?? Webb

Richard M.Young Wm.Moseley lll
2188 Butler Stephen D. 53y? Ballston Spa,NY 08Aug?? 22Sep1933 St. Peter's 109 Walnut St. NY P&L Corp,sub station operator
C M 1929 390
Dr.E.J.Callahan Thomas Butler Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Duane Co.Tipperary,Ireland Margaret M.Shaughnessey

2189 Reardon Ann 78y6m25d Co.Limerick,Ireland 01Mar1855 26Sep1933 St. Peter's 166 Woodlawn Ave Housewife
C M 1929 391
Dr.Harry Loop Richard Finn Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary Dwyer Co.Limerick,Ireland John J. Reardon

2190 Brady Celia 73y Co.Donegal,Ireland
30Sep1933 St. Peter's 92 Hamilton St. Housewife
C W 1929 392
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Dennis McNelis Co.Donegal,Ireland Catherine
Patrick Brady

2191 Hanrahan James J. 55y9m22d Northumberland
07Oct1933 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital Laborer
C M 1929 393
Dr.Edward Bink Michael Hanrahan Ireland Bridget Mulqueen Ireland Mary Driscoll wife,Apt25,Shackleford Bldg.
2192 Isolda Angelona 68y2m26d Naples,Italy 13Jul1865 09Oct1933 St. Peter's 153 Grand Ave. Housewife
C M 1929 394
Dr.Joseph Kiley Anthony Diana Naples,Italy Maria Isolda Naples,Italy Dominick Isolda Andrew Maria
2193 Coyne Mary A. 81y8m9d City 02Feb1852 11Oct1933 St. Peter's 230 Nelson Ave Housewife
C W 1929 395
Dr.A.J.Leonard Thomas Burus Loud.? Ireland Catherine Nolan Fauile,Ireland John Coyne

2194 Ferguson Wm.J. 37y5m6d City 09May1896 15Oct1933 Greenridge 97 Ludlow St. Plumber
C S 1929 396
Dr.Carl Comstock Duncan Ferguson Tarrytown,NY Mary Mallon Saratoga Springs
2195 Robinson Helen M. 12y10m27d City 27Nov1920 24Oct1933 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Student
C S 1929 397
Dr.M.J.Magovern George W. Robinson State Bridge,Oneida,NY Helen Agnes Crane Saratoga Springs
parents,106 Woodlawn
2196 Warner Emma F. 60y7m19d Kents Cliff,New York 05Mar1873 24Oct1933 Raymond Hills,Carmel,NY 142 South St,Ballston Spa Housewife
B M 1929 398
Dr.Post James H.Travis Kents Cliff,NY Anna Barrett Kents Cliff,NY George R.Warner husband,129 Nelson Ave
2197 Sullivan Michael 72y City 1861 31Oct1933 St. Peter's 165 Elm St. Laborer
C S 1929 399
Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick Sullivan Limerick,Ireland Elizabeth Magovern Co.Cavan,Ireland

2198 White Phillip J. 73y Indian Fields,Albany,NY 20Jan?? 04Nov1933 St. Peter's 8 Clark St. Gardener-State Reservation
C M 1929 400
Dr.M.J.Magovern Isaac White

Norah Cassidy

2199 Spicer Angeline Dwyer 85y7m4d Pawlet,VT 31Mar1848 04Nov1933 Reynold'sCorners 178 Lake Ave Housewife
B W 1929 401
Dr.Harry Loop Ransom O.Dwyer Pennsylavania Angeline B.Drake? Corinth,NY Tobias Spicer Mrs.Frank Silvo
2200 Brownson Louisa 94y5m17d Lewis,Essex Co.NY 19May1839 05Nov1933 Port Henry,NY 239 Caroline St. Housewife
C W 1929 402
Dr.Earl King Charles Noyes

Charles Brownson Edward R Brownson
2201 McGarry James J. 65y8m27d Albany,NY 11Feb1868 07Nov1933 St. Peter's Hospital/lived81 Walton Clerk,RR Express Agency
C M 1929 403
Dr.Joseph Kiley James McGarry Albany,NY Mary Moran Albany,NY Josephine Tarou

2202 Fennell Thomas H. 73y22d Local 31Oct1860 22Nov1933 St. Peter's Hospital/lived 1W.Harrison Retired
C W 1929 404
Dr.Joseph Kiley/lived1W.Harrison St. Patrick Fennell Limerick,Ireland Ann Banks Mayo,Ireland Mary Kelly James C.Fennell,140Nelson
2203 Craton Helen M. 63y Meadowdale,NY
24Nov1933 St. Peter's Hospital/lived13Walworth St Maid
C S 1929 405
Dr.Joseph Kiley John Craton Ireland

2204 McMurray Margaret Jane Ennis 69y City
05Dec1933 St. Peter's 33 Franklin St. Housewife
C W 1929 406
Dr.M.J.Magovern Thomas Matthews Ireland Bridget Collins Ireland Joseph McMurray

2205 Hines Ellen M. 78y5m29d Middle Grove,NY 09Jun1855 08Dec1933 St. Peter's Ticknor Sanitorium/lived9Congress Ave Housewife
C W 1929 407
Dr.James Roohan Patrick Walsh Co.Mayo,Ireland Ellen Donahue Co.Mayo,Ireland Wm.Hines Estate
2206 Cunningham John F. 53y3m8d City 22Sep1880 30Dec1933 St. Peter's 178 Church St. Chauffeur
C M 1929 408
Dr.A.J.Leonard James Cunningham Ireland Jane Robertson Scotland Elizabeth F.Maher

2207 Logan Fred W. 65y1m10d Rutland,VT 22Nov1868 01Jan1934 St. Peter's 29 1/2 Division St. Barber-own shop
C M 1929 409
Dr.M.J.Magovern Lorenzo Logan Rutland,VT Margaret McCall Montreal,Canada Catherine Keefe

2208 Wagner Barbara K. 55y7m10d Bavaria,Germany 23May1878 02Jan1934 St. Peter's 115 Catherine St. Housewife
C M 1929 410
Dr.Earl King John Krappman Bavaria,Germany Margaret Feulner Bavaria,Germany John J. Wagner husband
2209 Fitzgerald Edward J. 43y4m12d City 22Aug1890 03Jan1934 St. Peter's 87 Maple Ave Butcher-Hygrads Market
C M 1929 411
Dr.F.G.Eaton Wm. Fitzgerald Saratoga Springs Margaret O'Brien Saratoga Springs Eva Wood

2210 Germain Mary E. 72y7m7d New York City 27May1861 03Jan1934 Greenridge 51 1/2 Church St. Housewife
E W 1929 412
Dr.Robert Hayden James McElwain InnesKillen,Ireland Mary Misigay? England Polia Germain Frank Germain
2211 Constantin Anna M. 41y5m6d St. Albans,VT 29Jul1892 04Jan1934 St.Lawrence,NewHaven,Conn Saratoga Hospital Housewife

M 1929 413
Dr.M.J.Magovern John LaGlenade Canada Claire LaCombe Canada Albert T.Constantin husband833Elm St,New Haven
2212 McMahon Susan 74y5m2d New York City 06Aug1859 08Jan1934 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital Housewife
C W 1929 414

?? McMulkin Ireland
Ireland Bernard McMahon Mary McMahon,Alqougian
2213 Flanagan Catherine 73y4m11d Troy,NY 29Aug1860 09Jan1934 St.Joseph's,Troy,NY 40 North St. Housewife
C W 1929 415
Dr.Jospeh Kiley Edward McAtee Ireland Bridget O'Donnell Ireland Wm.A.Flanagan

2214 Morrissey Emma E. 54y9m26d City 16Mar1879 11Jan1934 Greenridge 226 Nelson Ave Post Off.Clerk-retired5/1930
C S 1929 416
Dr.Edward J.Callahan Patrick Morrissey Co.Waterford,Ireland Elizabeth Cox New York City

2215 McCarthy Julia Meehan 67y Town of Saratoga
21Jan1934 St. Peter's 145 Church St. Housewife
C M 1929 417
Dr.Ressique Owen Meehan Ireland Hannah Costello Ireland Daniel McCarthy husband
2216 Sullivan Joseph F. 70y20d Greenfield,NY 11Jan1864 31Jan1934 St. Peter's 12 Ward St. Gardener-State Reservation
C M 1929 418
Dr.R.Harrington Peter Sullivan Ireland Julia Sherin Ireland Catherine McDonald

2217 Clements Walter E.
23Feb1934 Maplewood 87 Covell Ave. Laborer-Ashgrove Farms
M S 1929 419
Dr.Fred Eaton John Clements Frankfort,NY Minerva Johnson Frankfort,NY
Estate of Mary K.McNeil
2218 McNeil Mary K.
23Feb1934 Mechanicville,NY 87 Covell Ave Housekeeper-Walter Clements
C M 1929 420
Dr.Fred Eaton William Burnside Worchester,NY Katherine Clark Scotland William J.McNeil Estate
2219 Hennessey Rosa V. 72y3m15d Saratoga Springs 10Nov1861 25Feb1934 St. Peter's 191 Lake Ave Housewife
C W 1929 421
Dr.David Nolan Thomas Smith Ireland Mary Monaghan Ireland James J.Hennessey Estate
2220 Vosburg Nelson 66y2m Marshville,NY 27Dec1867 27Feb1934 W.Fort Ann,NY Carpentier Infirmary General Painter

W 1929 422
Dr.R.B.Post Cornelius Vosburg Marshville,NY Josephine Reynolds Marshville,NY
Painter's Union,Local#580
2221 Daniels William R. 64y12d England 01Mar1870 13Mar1934 St. Peter's 61 North St. Glove Cutter-retired
C M 1929 423
Dr.Douglas Moriarta ?? Daniels England Priscilla Richards England Clara Heath wife
2222 Gass George 59y6m16d Local 04Sep1874 22Mar1934-B St. Peter's 79 Maple Ave Cross.flagman,D&H RR
C M 1929 424
Dr.Joseph Kiley Robert Gass Ireland Margaret McMahon Ireland Helen A. Gaffney

2223 Williams Margaret Brady 67y5m27d Co.Cavan,Ireland 24Sep1866 23Mar1934-B St. Peter's 4 Bryan St. Housewife
C W 1929 425
Dr.Carl Comstock Peter Williams Virginia,Co.Cavan,Ireland Anna Reilly Co.Cavan,Ireland Frank Williams husband
2224 Delay Eugene F. 71y Little Falls,NY ??Jan1867 23Mar1934 St. Peter's 101 State St. Retired
C S 1929 426
Dr.Artur Leonard Dennis Delay Co.Cork,Ireland Elizabeth Donovan Co.Cork,Ireland
2225 Finan Katherine
24Mar1934 St. Peter's 13 Walworth St. Housework at Home
C S 1929 427
Dr.Joseph Kiley John Finan Co.Roscomon,Ireland Mary Poth Co.Roscomon,Ireland
2226 Ball/Boll John 96y4m6d Hess,Germany 22Nov1837 28Mar1934 Greenridge 3 Pearl St. Retired
E W 1929 428
Dr.Fred Ressique

Helen Estate
2227 Durling John G. 41y10m23d Washington Co.NY 07May1892 30Mar1934 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Chauffeur,Saratoga Coal

M 1929 429
Dr.W.Moriata/lived127 1/2Woodlawn John Durling
Sarah Rose
Grace M.Luce wife
2228 Flannery John P. 57y9m16d Local 15Jun1876 11Apr1934 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Employe,Grand Union Hotel
C S 1929 430
Dr.Ressique/lived140W.Circular Thomas Flannery Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary McCormick Co.Mayo,Ireland
2229 Driscoll Daniel E. 68y2m11d Canada 31Jan1866 11Apr1934 St. Peter's 15 Clark St. Retired Farmer
C S 1929 431
Dr.D.C.Nolan Timothy Driscoll Co.Cork,Ireland Catherine Shea Co.Cork,Ireland

2230 King George F. 58y5m30d West Granville,NY 16Oct1875 15Apr1934 West Granville,NY Saratoga Hospital peanut machine vender
C W 1929 432
Dr.M Magovern/lived KofC Home Julius King Quebec,Canada Victoria Feuiault? Quebec,Canada
Mary LaPointe,Albany,NY
2231 McCrea Robert 73y nearRouses Point
15Apr1934 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C W 1929 433
Dr.W.Moriata/lived86Jefferson James McCRea Scotland Sarah Curran Scotland Mary Finn James McCrea,41Jefferson
2232 Johnson Charles F. 55y10m City 15Jun1878 16Apr1934 Whitford McCarthy Hospital Laborer,Moore Ice Cream
B S 1929 434
Dr.R.McCarthy/lived Geysers Page Johnson Saratoga Co.NY Ida Scofield LaSalle Co.Illinois
Fannie Blanchard,Albany
2233 Killbary Willis Elmer 60y6m25d Northumberland 28Sep1873 22Apr1934 Gurn Spring Davidson Crossing-Wilton Builder-carpenter
M M 1929 435
Dr.D.C.Moriata John Killbary Corinth,NY Angeline Murray Corinth,NY Myrtle Sanford

2234 Downs Alice B. 73y2m11d Schuylerville,NY 15Feb1861 26Apr1934 Whitford 207 Divison St. Housewife
M M 1929 436
Dr.Robert Hayden Marcus Carey Schuylerville Henrietta Myers Mechanicville,NY Albert Downs DeForest,John,Charles,Williams
2235 Crowley Mary Frances
City 30May?? 04May1934 St. Peter's 170 Clinton St. At Home
C S 1929 437
Dr.D.C.Moriata Patrick J. Crowley Ireland Ellen Buckley Co.Cork,Ireland
2236 Fogerty William Francis 69y14d Fitchburg,Mass 21Apr1865 05May1934 Holy Cross,Londonderry,NH 122 Middle Ave Carpenter
C M 1929 438
Dr.Joseph Kiley James Fogerty Ireland Anastasia Lannon Ireland Ida Defoe

2237 Groom Charles Edward 73y5m25d Clifton Park,NY 11Nov1860 06May1934 Greenridge 14 East Harrison St. Carpenter-Retired
M M 1929 439
Dr.D.C.Moriata Wm.E.Groom Clifton Park,NY Eliza DeGroff Clifton Park,NY Anna J.Galligan

2238 Lannon William P. 42y8m4d Chicago,Ill 06Sep1891 10May1934 St. Peter's Albany Hospital Lawyer
C M 1929 440
Dr.John Heslin/lived Cottage St. John J.Lannon Belfast,Ireland Margaret L.Galligan Saratoga Springs Helen Cahill

2239 Raucci Genevieve 11y5m7d City 09Dec1922 16May1934 St. Peter's 136 Grand Ave Student
C S 1929 441
Dr.R.Harrington Pasquale Raucci Naples,Italy Adelaine Spiuago? New York City
2240 Reilly James W. 70y8m5d Whitehall,NY 15Sep1863 20May1934 St. Peter's County House Painter
C S 1929 442
Dr.Post/lived 38 Warren St. Thomas Reilly Co.Cavan,Ireland Ann Carroll Co.Limerick

2241 Cunningham John 68y1m24d Queens Co.Ireland 27Mar1866 21May1934 St. Peter's 21 Webster St. Gardener
C M 1929 443
Dr.Ressique Jerry Cunningham Ireland Mary?? Ireland Mary Farnum

2242 Hamell Frederick Joseph
Saratoga Springs 10Oct?? 23May1934 St. Peter's Hospital/lived Sar.Nat.Bank,Bldg Janitor,Bank Building
C M 1929 444
Dr.F.Ressique Horace Hamill Malone,NY Rosetta Shortsleeves Malone,NY Mary Comisky

2243 Deloughey Mary 67y Kilkenny,Ireland
30Jun1934 Calvary,NY City 143 Union Ave Nurse
C S 1929 445
Dr.A.J.Leonard David Deloughey Ireland Margaret Ryan Ireland
2244 Foy Mary A. 83y1m2d Co.Tipperary,Ireland 04Jun1851 06Jul1934 St. Peter's 25 Clark St. Housewife
C W 1929 446
Dr.M.J.Magovern John Tyrell Tipperary,Ireland Ellen Mooney Ireland Martin Foy

2245 Brower Edith W. 65y3m29d Brattleboro,VT 08Mar1869 06Jul1934 Gurn Spring Maple Ave Housewife
M W 1929 447
Dr.A.S.Towne Joseph Perry Vermont Elizabeth Deyoe Vermont Charles Brower

2246 Conners Mary A. 67y7m9d Ireland 28Nov1866 07Jul1934 St. Peter's 136 Woodlawn Ave Housewife
C M 1929 448
Dr.Joseph Kiley Felix McGowan Ireland Delia Quinn Ireland Frank P.Conners

2247 Strause Patti Bertha 80y Richmond,VA
12Jul1934 Richmond,VA Excelsior Springs Hotel Housewife
J W 1929 449
Dr.J.W.Gershberg Henry Steiu? Germany Caroline ? Germany Marcus Strause Edward Franks,NYC
2248 Verneci? Emanuella 75y Sorento,Naples,Italy 16Jul1859 16Jul1934 St. Peter's 119 Church St. Housewife
C M 1929 450
Dr.J.Roohan Ralph DeMaio Sorrento,Italy

Alphonse Verneci

2249 Madden Thomas 83y4m24d Malone,NY 26Feb1851 20Jul1934 St. Peter's 73 State St. Retired
C W 1929 451
Dr.Magovern James Madden Co.Limerick,Ireland Ellen Franklin Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret McCabe

2250 Burnett Alberta 57y9m6d Cohoctah,Michigan 14Oct1876 20Jul1934 Greenridge Davidson's Crossing Housewife
B M 1929 452
Dr.Johnson,Coroner ?? Wilcox Michigan
Michigan Walter S.Burnett

2251 Rougier Margaret A. 73y3m9d City 15Apr1861 24Jul1934 St. Peter's 79 Lincoln Ave Housewife
C M 1929 453
Dr.Moriata John White Queens Co.Ireland Sarah Deegan Queens Co.Ireland Fred J.Rougier husband
2252 Deffendorf Arthur

24Jul1934 Greenridge Marcy State Hospital

Seperated 1929 454

Carleton King,Att'y
2253 Hall Caroline 74y

26Jul1934 Gurn Spring McCarthy Hospital Domestic Nurse
M S 1929 455
Dr.McCarthy/lived47Binghan Ave Wm.Henry Hall Sussex Co.England Caroline VanWagoner Wilton,NY

2254 Ahearn Martin 79y8m18d City 10Nov1854 28Jul1934 St. Peter's 60 State St. Mason
C M 1929 456
Dr.F.A.Eaton Martin Ahearn Co.Waterford,Ireland Sarah Cavanaugh Queens Co.Ireland Margaret Sweeney

2255 O'Rourke Richard J. 57y9m4d City 26Oct1876 30Jul1934 St. Peter's 14 Lincoln Ave Ass't Sanitary Inspector-City SS
C S 1929 457
Dr.J.Kiley Patrick O'Rourke Co.Feinanaugh,Ireland Margaret O'Shaughnessy Co.Limerick,Ireland

2256 Lyons Edward F. 63y4m28d Waterford,NY 06Mar1871 03Aug1934
167 Lake Ave. mang.of Commissary,Corinth
C M 1929 458
Dr.G.S.Towne John Lyons Co.Waterford,Ireland Margaret Foley Co.Waterford,Ireland Lillian Noble

2257 Washburn Frederick A. 36y1m19d Corinth,NY 17Jun1898 05Aug1934 Rural,Corinth,NY 11 Aletta St./lived Corinth Laborer

M 1929 459
Dr.A.Johnson,Coroner Augustus Lyons Port Leyden,NY Mary R.St. John Corinth,NY Alicia West

2258 Comfort Anthony 67y Prov.of Messina,Italy
05Aug1934 St. Peter's 11 Aletta St. Laborer
C W 1929 460
Dr.A.Johnson,Coroner Carmiele Comfort Italy Antonia Allio Italy Felecina

2259 Joyce Joseph 66y9m10d Queens Co.Ireland 01Nov1867 11Aug1934 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Caretaker/Miss Griffith
C M 1929 461
Dr.R.Harrington/lived33 East Ave Patrick Joyce Queens Co.Ireland Bridget Whalen Queens Co.Ireland Bridget Carroll

2260 Cole Calvin 60y Ballston Spa,NY ??Mar1874 14Aug1934 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Farmer

M 1929 462
Dr.Ressique/lived Geysers Zeleim Cole Augusta,Maine Hattie Green Augusta,Maine Nellie Slocum

2261 Hoffman Marie M. 9y7m6d City 22Jan1925 28Aug1934 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Student
C S 1929 463
Dr.T.Goodfellow/lived27PArk St. Carl Hoffman Kulmioch,Bavaria Lillian Braim Greenfield,NY
2262 Dwyer Richard J. 66y Syracuse,NY
28Aug1934 St. Peter's 89 Ash St. Fireman-State Reservation
C M 1929 464
Dr.Ressique Richard Dwyer Co.Tipperary,Ireland Eliza Purcell Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary Monahan

2263 DeWitt Ira E. 45y5m16d City 12Mar1889 28Aug1934 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Car Inspector
E M 1929 465
Dr.Harry Loop/lived36Vermont St. Warren DeWitt Greene Co,NY Minnie Doolittle Saratoga Springs Margaret Hudson

2264 Colamaria Madeline 41y City 07Sep1893 19Sep1934 St. Peter's Albany City Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 466
Dr.Este/lived35Oak St. Charles LaBelle Salerno,Italy Pauline Mangini Potenza,Italy Joseph Colamaria

2265 Chase Floramond 79y11m16d Long Lake,NY 04Oct1855 20Sep1934 Newcomb,NY 137 Maple Ave Caretaker

M 1929 467
Dr.M.J.Magovern Caleb Chase

Emogene Breiall?

2266 Gorman Katherine M. 68y Malone,NY
26Sep1934 St. Peter's Albany City Hospital Housewife
C W 1929 468
lived out Washington St. Daniel Tracy Ireland Alice Clark Ireland Michael H.Gorman

2267 Hennessey Catherine A. 47y4m2d Cornwell,Canada 26May1887 28Sep1934 St. Peter's 126 White St. Housewife
C M 1929 469
Dr.F.G.Eaton Michael J.Quinlan Killarney,Ireland Anna Farrell Malone,NY Joseph L.Hennessey husband
2268 McAllen Lawerence 58y2m13d Co.Clare,Ireland 16Jul1876 29Sep1934 St. Peter's 217 Lake Ave Ca of Jaw
C M 1929 470
Dr.M.J.Magovern Lawrence McAllen Co.Clare,Ireland
Ireland Margaret Callahan

2269 Meyer Franz 47y Germany
29Sep1934 New York City Saratoga Hospital Banker/Guarantee Trust

S 1929 471
Dr.Johnson, Corinth Hermann Meyer Germany Johanna Stern Germany
Frank E.Campbell,NYC
2270 Hawkins Irenen 35y5m10d Little Rock,Ark. 20Apr1899 01Oct1934 Greenridge Homestead Sanitorium Housewife Negro
M 1929 472
Dr.Asa Dimock/lived207Elm St. Lemuel Parchman Mississippi Jennie Alexander Arkansas John Hawkins husband
2271 Hope Anna M. 64y7m12d Rock City Falls 28Feb1870 10Oct1934 St. Peter's 64 VanDam St. Housewife
C W 1929 473
Dr.A.J.Leonard Dennis Sullivan Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Flynn Co.Kerry,Ireland Arthur P.Hope

2272 Rougier Frederick J. 72y6m24d Hudson Falls,NY 21Mar1862 15Oct1934 St. Peter's 79 Lincoln Ave. Carpenter
C W 1929 474
Dr.D.C.Moriata Michael Rougier Canada Elizabeth?? Canada Margaret White

2273 Roach Thomas 74y Whitehall,NY ??Apr1860 01Nov1934 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer,General Employment
C S 1929 475
Dr.Joseph Kiley Thomas Roach Ireland Ellen Fitzgerald Ireland
Mrs.Joseph Whipple,Albany
2274 Baer Cecelia B. 68y2m3d Oriskany,NY
07Nov1934-B St.Joseph's,Utica,NY 174 Lincoln Ave. Housewife
C M 1929 476
Dr.Malcolm Magovern Lawrence Kelly Ireland Mary Gary Ireland William A.Baer husband
2275 Davadczuk Theodore 66y Galicia ??May1868 10Nov1934 St. Peter's Hagedorn Mills,NY Farmer
C M 1929 477
Dr.Chapman,Broadalbin Theodore Davadczuk Galicia

Anastasia Zabawczuk

2276 Aker Olive 86y2m11d Barneville,NY 04Sep1848 15Nov1934 Prospect Hill 134 Lincoln Ave. Housekeeper
M W 1929 478
Dr.F.A.Eaton Nathan Walker
Hilda Dennison
George Aker Andia Bigsbee
2277 O'Reilly Michael J. 66y1m15d Waterford,NY 06Oct1868 21Nov1934 St. Agnes,Albany Saratoga Hospital Steward,KofC Home-retired
C M 1929 479
Dr.D.C.Nolan/lived41Park St. Bartholomew O'Reilly Co.Kerry,Ireland Johanna Lewis Co.Limerick,Ireland Emma Waldron

2278 Peets Joseph Arnold 20y7m Saratoga Springs 21Apr1914 21Nov1934
Plattsburg,NY Student,Albany Pharmacy
C S 1929 480
Dr.Barton/lived139Lincoln Ave Jospeh Peets Chateaugay,NY Rose A.Maloney Glens Falls,NY

2279 Cox Edward 73y6m24d City 01May1861 25Nov1934 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Retired
C S 1929 481
Dr.D.Moriata/lived108Wright St. Abraham Cox England Catherine Farrell Ireland
Mrs.Frank Keehan
2280 Hamell Daniel Joseph 34y4d City 21Nov1900 25Nov1934 St. Peter's 213 Beekman St. Engineer,John Waldron,Mfg.
C M 1929 482
Dr.Magovern/livedBound Brook,NJ Wm.C.Hamell Malone,NY Anna Buckley Co.Cork,Ireland Ethel J.Stetkar

2281 Scribner Alice 29y9m17d City 10Feb1905 27Nov1934 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 483
Dr.J.Kiley/lived24Cowen St. Charles W.Carrington Fincastle,VA Fannie Thurston Roanoke,VA Gilbert Scribner Fannie Thurston
2282 Dennin Mary Louise 75y9m10d City 02Mar1859 12Dec1934 St. Peter's 8 Greenridge Place Housewife
C W 1929 484
Dr.M.J.Magovern Adolphus Wenzel Germany Cecelia Stewart Plymouth,England Owen Dennin

2283 Mitchell John 70y Co.Galway,Ireland
19Dec1934 St. Peter's 94 Lincoln Ave. Caretaker
C S 1929 485
Dr.Carl Comstock Patrick Mitchell Co.Galway,Ireland Winifred McCormick Co.Galway,Ireland

2284 Prescott Walter S. 62y6m27d Albany,NY 06Jun1872 03Jan1935 Greenridge 167 Caroline St. Merchant
Cong M 1929 486
Dr.D.C.Moriata William Prescott Boston,Mass Mary Gaffney Albany,NY Elizabeth R.DeGroff

2285 Roohan Margaret M. 78y11m13d Warrensburgh,NY 27Jan1856 09Jan1935 St. Peter's Rear-86Lincoln Ave Housewife
C W 1929 487
Dr.M.J.Magovern John Hyland Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary Dwyer Dublin,Ireland James H.Roohan

2286 Sess Grace 76y5m16d Salerno,Italy 14Aug1858 30Jan1935 St. Peter's 42 Oak St. Housewife
C W 1929 488
Dr.F.Eaton Louis Sansivero Italy Rosalie DeFeo Italy Louis Sess

2287 Meehan Raymond L. 28y6m29d City 10Jul1906 08Feb1935 St. Peter's 203 Regent St. Surveyor.County Highway Dept
C S 1929 489
Dr.Joseph Kiley Peter Meehan Saratoga Springs Mary Emight Rock City,NY Mary Meehan wife
2288 Arpei Joseph 75y11m30d Naples,Italy 10Feb1859 09Feb1935 St. Peter's 17 Jefferson St. Laborer,State Reservation
C M 1929 490

Mary Parillo

2289 Sherin Minnie Jane 69y5m29d Hartford,NY 12Aug1865 10Feb1935 St. Peter's 246 Church St. Housewife
C W 1929 491
Dr.M.J.Magovern Watson Rand Hartford,NY Louise Whitney Hartford,NY Wm.Sherin

2290 Dugan Katherine E. 62y9m27d City 15Apr1872 11Feb1935 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife,VanRaalte Co.
C W 1929 492
Dr.F.A.Eaton/lived19PArk St. John Moffett Queens Co.Ireland Margaret McCall Co.Donegal,Ireland Michael Dugan

2291 Ferry Hattie B. 36y Richmond,VA ??May1898 12Feb1935 Richmond,VA Saratoga Hospital Housewife Colored
M 1929 493
Dr.Ressique/lived76Beekman James Wood Richmond,VA Mary? VA Joseph Ferry husband
2292 Gillespie Elizabeth Taylor 61y7d Herkimer,NY 06Feb1873 13Feb1935 Rural,Corinth,NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1929 494
Dr.Carl Comstock/lived121 1/2 Middle Ave Thomas F.Taylor London,England Harriet Sexsmith Meriden,Canada John P. Gillespie Mrs.S.C.Richardson,NYC
2293 Hayes Mary T. 80y Ansonia
16Feb1935 Mt.St.Peter's,Derby.CN Tickners Sanitorium Housewife
C W 1929 495
Dr.M.Magovern/lived9 1/2Caroline St.
Ireland William Hayes Charles Hayes,Kew Gard,LI
2294 Daniels Elizabeth 66y3m1d Czechoslovakia 17Nov1869 18Feb1935 St. Peter's County Home,Ballston Spa At Home
C W 1929 496
Dr.Post/livedGreenfield Center Paul Cerny Kiripols,Czech. Rose Slehecky Kiripols,Czech. Casper Daniels

2295 Maloney Mary about 80 Co.Limerick,Ireland
26Feb1935-B St. Peter's 18 Lincoln Ave. At Home
C S 1929 497
Dr.R.H.McCarthy David Maloney Co.Limerick,Ireland Bridget Keehan Co.Limerick,Ireland
Robert Quinn
2296 Fulton Jane Stone 77y1m15d Town of Moreau 13Jan1858 28Feb1935 Union,Hudson Falls 69 Church St. At Home
Cong M 1929 498
Dr.Robert Harrington Vincent C. Stone
Charlotte Ingolsbe Town of Moreau Zoepl? Fulton Estate
2297 Devlin James H. 69y Saratoga Springs
04Mar1935 St. Peter's Garfield Hospital,Wash,D.C. Lynotype Op.Wash.Post
C S 1929 499
DeWitt Chadurck/lived243Maple Ave John Devlin Co.Armagh,Ireland Mary Ryan Co.Tipperary,Ireland
Miss Mary Devlin
2298 McBride Margaret M. 10y2m Town of Stillwater 06Jan1925 06Mar1935 St. Peter's,Stillwater Saratoga Hospital Student-#3 School
C S 1929 500
Dr.F.Eaton/lived67 Excelsior Ave Jay McBride Schaghticoke,NY Marie Farnan Stillwater
2299 Sparks Jennie M. 72y8m9d Saratoga Springs 04Jul1862 13Mar1935 St. Peter's 182 Washington St. At Home
C S 1929 501
Dr.G.S.Towne James Sparks Edinburgh,Scotland Margaret Lynch Co.Mayo,Ireland James Sparks Mary Spault
2300 Monahan John 65y Local
15Mar1935 Greenridge 296 Nelson Ave Lather
C S 1929 502
Dr.Joseph Kiley John Monaghan Co.Cavan,Ireland Bridget Cogan Co.Cavan,Ireland

2301 Monahan Mary about 89 Co.Cavan,Ireland
26Mar1935 Greenridge 296 Nelson Ave At Home
C S 1929 503
Dr.Joseph Kiley John Monahan Co.Cavan,Ireland Bridget Cogan Co.Cavan,Ireland

2302 Coyne Catherine T. 56y3m2d Local 27Dec1935?/1879 29Mar1935 St. Peter's 230 Nelson Ave Clerk
C S 1929 504
Dr.Joseph Kiley John Coyne Co.Roscomon,Ireland Mary Burns Co.Roscomon,Ireland John Coyne Mrs.John King
2303 Dugan John M. 41y23d Local 06Mar1894 29Mar1935 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Mechanical Dentist
C M 1929 505
Dr.Asa Dimock Michael Dugan Fort Edward,NY Katherine Moffitt Saratoga Springs Esther Dugan Mary Moffitt
2304 Smith Mary Jane 79y19d Amsterdam,NY 15Mar1856 03Apr1935 Greenridge 17 Marion Place Housewife
B W 1929 506
Dr.F.Ressique ?? Saunders

Peter Smith

2305 Quinn Thomas 65y7m24d Whitehall,NY 11Aug1869 04Apr1935 St. Peter's 22 York Ave Engineer,City Waterworks
C M 1929 507
Dr.A.J.Leonard Wm.Quinn Pittsburg,PA Mary Walsh Fort Ann.NY Ellen Murray

2306 Meaney Margaret 75y City 1859 04Apr1935 St. Peter's 16Webster St/lived14Stratton St. Housewife
C W 1929 508
Dr.F.Ressique Martin Ryan Co.Cork,Ireland Margaret Whalen Ireland Patrick Meaney

2307 Mitchell Thomas J. 78y Galway,Ireland
06Apr1935 St. Peter's 94 Lincoln Ave. Caretaker-race track
C M 1929 509
Dr.Robert Hayden Patrick Mitchell Co.Galway,Ireland Winifred McCormick Co.Galway,Ireland Delia Meehan

2308 Mangini Isabelle 60y24d Italy 15Mar1875 08Apr1935 St. Peter's 54 Ash St. Housewife
C W 1929 510
Dr.F.G.Eaton Sylvester Smaldone Ilano,Italy Madeline Pape Ilano,Italy John Mangini

2309 Furey James F. 71y1m29d City 11Feb1864 09Apr1935 Greenridge 116 West Circular St none
C S 1929 511
Dr.Robert Hayden Michael Furey Co.Clare,Ireland Bridget McDonough Co.Limerick,Ireland

2310 Woodard Mary Cleary 80y City
14Apr1935 St. Peter's 24 Vermont St. Housewife
C M 1929 512
Dr.F.G.Eaton Thomas Sliney? Ireland Ellen McNulty Ireland Orville Woodard Thomas R.Cleary
2311 Brigham William Henry 84y9m17d New York City 29Jun1850 15Apr1935 Hutchins Porter's Corners Farmer-own farm
M W 1929 513
Dr.Clayton King Christopher Brigham
Ann E. Tooker New York City Mary H.Millis

2312 Migliuci Phillip 73y8m23d Naples,Italy 27Jul1861 19Apr1935 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Shoemaker
C M 1929 514
Dr.G.S.Towne/lived18Benedict St. ?? Migliuci Italy
Italy Mary Oathout

2313 McNulty Katherine E. 64y6m29d

21Apr1935 Greenridge Utica State Hospital

C S 1929 515
Dr.Edward Brick Charles Gill McNulty Co.Donegal,Ireland Catherine Doherty Co.Donegal,Ireland

2314 Gorman Elizabeth 72y Co.Carlow,Ireland 1862 27Apr1935 St. Peter's 56 Marvin St. Housewife
C M 1929 516
Dr.Ressique Patrick Cavanaugh Co.Carlow,Ireland Elizabeth Lannon Co.Carlow,Ireland John F.Gorman

2315 Puckett Winifred 80y2m21d Co.Sligo,Ireland 14Feb1855 05May1935 St. Peter's 78 Mitchell St. Housewife
C W 1929 517
Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick Kelly Co.Sligo,Ireland Ann Moffett Co.Sligo,Ireland William Puckett

2316 Shaughnessey James J. 50y City
14May1935 St. Peter's 115 Walnut St. Clerk,mail rm.NY Daily News
C S 1929 518
Dr.Joseph Kiley Richard T.Shaughnessey Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary P.O'Rourke Saratoga Springs

2317 Sloka Mary Vincek 62y Czecho Slovakia
19May1935 St. Peter's Smith's Bridge Rd,Wilton Housewife
C W 1929 519
Dr.D.C.Moriata Wm.Vincek Czecho Slovakia

Matthew Sloka George Vincek
2318 Stinner Justus(Brother Eusiestra) 66y6m6d Germany 23Nov1868 29May1935 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Religious Brother
C S 1929 520
Dr.M.J.Magovern ??Stinner Germany
St. Clement's College
2319 Ross Frances M. 74y Greenwich,NY
05Jun1935-B St. Peter's McCarthy Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 521
Dr.R.McCarthy/lived116Clinton St.

Frank Ross husband
2320 Breslin John Henry 69y5m20d City 12Dec1865 02Jun1935 St. Peter's 98 VanDam St. Transfer Clerk,RR Exp.Agency
C M 1929 522
Dr.F.Ressique Dennis Breslin Ireland Bridget Ireland Jane Ryan

2321 Coughlin(Conklin) Anna C. 74y11m12d North Adams,Mass 23Jun1857 04Jun1935 St. Peter's 12 Avery St. Dressmaker
C S 1929 523
Dr.Earl King John Coughlin Ireland Ellen Goggins Cork,Ireland

2322 Hudson Edward J. 70y Co.Tipperary,Ireland
08Jun1935 St. Peter's 204 Circular St. Painter
C W 1929 524
Dr.G.S.Towne James Hudson Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary A.Howe Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary E,Boland

2323 Fitzgerald Loretta E. 20y9m6d Galway,NY 10Sep1914 16Jun1935 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Maid-Dr.Harrington
C S 1929 525
Dr.G.S.Towne/lived106Maple Ave Thomas Fitzgerald Galway,NY Rose A. Mason Rock City Falls,NY

2324 Bootier Joseph A. 66y6m13d City 13Dec1868 26Jun1935 St. Peter's Homestead Retired
C W 1929 526
Dr.Asa Dimock Ezra Bootier Canada Anna Miller Montreal,Canada Elizabeth

2325 Kelly Ann 90y Co.Sligo,Ireland
27Jun1935 St. Peter's 234 Maple Ave At Home
C S 1929 527
Dr.G.S.Towne Patrick Kelly Co.Sligo,Ireland Ann Moffitt Co.Sligo,Ireland

2326 Sheridan Mary A. 49y1m22d Local 11May1886 03Jul1935 St. Peter's 14 Congress Ave/lived2Pleasant St. Dressmaker
C S 1929 528
Dr.M.J.Magovern Mark Sheridan Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary Riley Co.Mayo,Ireland

2327 Smith Orion D. 69y Virginia
02Jul1935 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Lenetic Aoititis

1929 529
Dr.M.J.Magovern/lived Baltimore,MD John Smith

2328 Welch Anna E. 77y3m18d Hubbardville,NY 17Mar1858 05Jul1935 St. Peter's 140 Nelson Ave. none
C S 1929 530
Dr.Joseph Kiley Wm.Welch Co.Kilkenny,Ireland Anna McCormick Co.Galway,Ireland
Mrs.John Egan,Kirkland Hotel,Kingston,NY
2329 Donohue Catherine E. 54y3m6d City 31Mar1881 07Jul1935 St. Peter's 116 White St. Clerk,Lincoln Baths
C S 1929 531
Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick Donohue Co.Waterford,Ireland Catherine Pendergast Co.Waterford,Ireland
Edward Donohue
2330 Shay Jeremiah 80y4m23d Galway,NY 16Feb1855 09Jul1935 St. Peter's 36 Avery St. Painter-own business
C M 1929 532
Dr.G.S.Towne John Shay Co.Tipperary,Ireland Catherine Welsh Co.Waterford,Ireland Sarah J.Doherty Estate
2331 Doyle Edmund J. 50y3m18d New Britain,Conn 23Mar1885 10Jul1935 St.Mary's-N.B.,Conn 57 Nelson Ave. Executive-New BritainRecord Printing
C M 1929 533
Dr.M.J.Magovern James Doyle Norwich,Conn Mary Langdon Brooklyn,NY Sarah Hastings Estate
2332 Devlin Catherine C. 65y4m19d Saratoga Springs 19Feb1870 11Jul1935 St. Peter's 243 Maple Ave. School Teacher-#3School
C S 1929 534
Dr.Fred Ressique John Devlin Co.Armagh,Ireland Mary Ryan Co.Tipperary,Ireland John Devlin Estate
2333 Haskins J.Preston 68y5m29d Rockdale,PA 16Jan1867 15Jul1935 Princeton,NJ 423 Broadway German Prof.-Princeton

M 1929 535
Dr.F. Ressique John Haskins Rockdale,PA Jane Brown Rockdale,PA Ella Barlow wife,10College Rd.Princeton,NJ
2334 Byrnes Mary L. 73y11m10d Greenfield Center 10Aug1861 20Jul1935 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Cook
M W 1929 536
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived105VanDam St. Andrew Wertz Germany
Germany Michael Byrnes Mrs.Wm.Fleming,5Wells St.
2335 Gray William W. 82y10m21d Wilton,NY 30Aug1852 20Jul1935 Brick Church County House Farmer-retired
B D 1929 537
Dr.Post,Ballston Spa Terrance Gray Belfast,Ireland Nancy J.Smith New York City Harriet L.King Mrs.Charles Buttles,Sr,SGLens Falls
2336 Adinolfi Charles 59y5m17d Poteresia,Italy 04Feb1876 21Jul1935 St. Peter's 42 Caroline St. Barber
C M 1929 538
Dr.Moses Weiss Nicholas Adinolfi Salerno,Italy Grace Ruggiero Salerno,Italy Anna Sicco

2337 Cullen Julia E. 74y New York City
30Jul1935 Calvary,NY City Saratoga Hospital Retired
C S 1929 539
Dr.Harrington/lived NY City Andrew Cullen Co.Cavan,Ireland Rose Brady Co.Cavan,Ireland
William McCarthy,NY City
2338 Leonard Richard E. 37y8m15d

10Aug1935 St. Peter's Saranac Lake Science Teacher
C M 1929 540

Marcella Reynolds

2339 Blasek Emily C. 80y1m18d Austria 23Jun1855 11Aug1935 St. Peter's Saratoga Con.Home Retired house domestic
C W 1929 541

John Blasek

2340 Cunningham Patrick 90y Co.Leiterim
16Aug1935 St. Peter's 21 VanRenssalaer St. RR Flagman-retired
C W 1929 542
Dr.Robert Harrington John Cunningham Co.Leitiem,Ireland Ann O'Connor Co.Leitiem,Ireland Mary Tighe

2341 Babij William S. 46y8m10d Galicia,Poland 13Dec1888 23Aug1935 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Farmer-own farm
Greek C M 1929 543
Dr.M.J.Magovern Stephen Babij Galicia,Poland Marie Paukiawicz Galicia,Poland Pauline Giedzowski

2342 Jenkins Mary S. 64y9m4d Syracuse,NY 21Nov1870 25Aug1935 Greenridge 75 Hamilton St. Housewife
C M 1929 544
Dr.D.C.Moriata Francis McCabe Ireland Catherine Fox Scotland Sanford P.Jenkins husband
2343 Douglass George A. 60y8m25d Pittsfield,Mass 18Dec1874 12Sep1935 St. Peter's 25 Lincoln Ave Carpenter
C M 1929 545
Dr.F.G.Eaton Issael Douglass Montreal,Canada Clara St. Onge Montreal,Canada Rose LeClaire

2344 Laing Harold 45y2m24d City 13Jun1890 06Sep1935 Prospect Hill,Schylerville Shadow Bay,Saratoga Lake Kitchen Man-Palmers Mapleshade
M S 1929 546
Dr.Joseph Kiley/lived93York Ave Wm.Laing Northumberland,NY Helen Palmer Northumberland
Burton A.Laing,120Middle Ave
2345 Shanahan Catherine(Sister Mary) 55y3m25d Waterbury,Conn 22May1880 16Sep1935 St.Agnes,Albany Saratoga Hospital Religious Sister,Dominican
C S 1929 547
Dr.Carl Comstock/convent36White St. Thomas M.Shanahan Co.Tipperary,Ireland Catherine O'Grady Galbally,Ireland
Dominican Sisters
2346 McMahon Michael J. 68y6m1d Cohoes,NY 15Mar1867 16Sep1935 St. Peter's 111 Congress St. Merchant
C S 1929 548
Dr.Joseph Kiley Michael McMahon Co.Clare,Ireland Hannorah Houlihan Co.Clare,Ireland

2347 Migliuci Phillip G. 23y19d City 02Sep1912 21Sep1935 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital none
C S 1929 549
Dr.R.Harrington/lived18Benedict St Phillip Migliuci Naples,Italy Mary Oathout Watervliet,NY
Mary Migliuci
2348 Pulver Helen M. 43y1m9d City 16Aug1892 25Sep1935
Craig Colony,Sonyea,NY none
C S 1929 550

Jeremiah Pulver Pattersonville,NY Mary J.Dwyer Limerick,Ireland

2349 Fitzgerald Charles 92y2m15d Westminister,VT 12Jul1843 27Sep1935 Maplewood 119 Henry St. Laborer

W 1929 551

Marib Fairbrother
Clarissa Hudson Estate
2350 Owen Wm. H. 67y4m20d City 21May1868 11Oct1935 Greenridge 18 Clark St. Electrical Contractor
E W 1929 552
Dr.G.S.Towne Henry Owen Saratoga Springs Sarah
Gertrude Tooley

2351 Joubert Raymond T. 24/33y2m11d City 31Jul1903/1911 12Oct1935 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Auto Mechanic
C S 1929 553
Dr.Joseph Kiley Albert S.Joubert Bacon Hill,NY Ella A. Green Saratoga Springs

2352 Nulty Catherine 95y3m26d Co.Sligo,Ireland 17Jun1840 13Oct1935 St.Joseph's,Greenwich 19 Waterbury St. Housewife
C W 1929 554
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Hugh Flatly Co.Sligo,Ireland Mary Flynn Ireland John Nulty

2353 Bushee Carrie 82y Randolph,NY
14Oct1935 Greenridge 2 Russell St. Housewife
E W 1929 555
Dr.Earl King Alzerah Williams Massachusetts Lydia Maynard New London,Conn Albert N.Bushee

2354 Cherry John W. 79y3m17d City 04Jul1856 21Oct1935 Greenridge 15 Hutchins St. Caretaker-N.E.Cong.Church
C M 1929 556
Dr.Robert Hayden Wm.Cherry Co.Down,Ireland Catherine Smith Co.Cavan,Ireland Julia McCoy

2355 Sheeran Frances E. 47y3m26d Troy,NY 27Jun1888 23Oct1935 St. Peter's 13 Congress Ave Housewife
C M 1929 557
Dr.Nettles,Ballston Spa Hederick Carpenter Troy,NY Catherine Tuley? Troy,NY James J. Sheeran husband
2356 McGhan Harry J. 58y2m27d Castleton,VT 08Aug1877 04Nov1935 Loudon 118 Church St. Farmer-own farm

W 1929 558
Dr.Johnson,Coroner Charles McGhan
Julia Morgan Castleton,VT

2357 Holland Mary Teresa 37y4m8d Co.Sligo,Ireland 30Jun1898 07Nov1935 St. Peter's 10 Madison St. Housewife
C M 1929 559
Dr.Fred Eaton Michael Gannon Co.Sligo,Ireland Catherine Mulligan
Lawrence J.Holland husband
2358 Viele Mary Fallon 65y2m8d Canandaigua,NY 08Sep1870 16Nov1935 Prospect Hill 82 Walton St. Housewife
C M 1929 560
Dr.M.J.Magovern Peter Fallon Ireland

Adelbert Viele husband
2359 O'Leary Julia M. 34y7m24d Co.Cork,Ireland 25Mar1901 18Nov1935 St. Peter's 208 Regent St. Diaper?Hudson Waist Co
C S 1929 561
Dr.Magovern Jeremiah O'Leary Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary Cahill? Co.Cork,Ireland

2360 DeSantis Nicholas 83y4m6d Bari,Italy 16Jul1852 22Nov1935 St. Peter's 25 Federal St. Shoemaker
C M 1929 562
Dr.Joseph Kiley Michael DeSantis Bari,Italy Corsignan Altiere Bari,Italy Anna Lanzellotti

2361 Reilly James J. 51y7m27d Local 30Mar1884 26Nov1935 St. Peter's 95 Ludlow St. Waiter,O'Day's, Rest,NYC
C S 1929 563
Dr.M.J.Magovern Hugh Reilly Schenectady,NY Jane Blowniigg? Ottowa,Canada
2362 Sullivan John L. 47y6m5d Glens Falls,NY 24May1888 29Nov1935 St.Mary's,Glens Falls 130 Woodlawn Ave Trainman,D&H RR
C M 1929 564
Dr.M.J.Magovern Lawrence Sullivan Glens Falls Catherine O'Sullivan Ireland Marion Dietz wife
2363 Devlin Richard E. 63y1m25d City 13Oct1872 07Dec1935 St. Peter's 243 Maple Ave. Printer,Saratogian
C S 1929 565
Dr.F.J.Ressique John Devlin Co.Armagh,Ireland Mary Ryan Co.Tipperary,Ireland

2364 Carroll Ellen Agnes 71y11m8d Shefield,England 01Jan1864 09Dec1935 St. Mary's,Waterford,NY 140 East Ave Housework
C W 1929 566
Dr.M.J.Magovern Wm.Ronan Co.Waterford,Ireland Abby Sheehan Co.Waterford,Ireland Thomas Carroll

2365 Roselle Fred W. 65y9m2d Reynold'sCorners,Moreau 09Mar1870 11Dec1935 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Painter-P.W.A.
B W 1929 567
Dr.J.Humphrey/lived178Lake Ave Edward C.Roselle Moreau,NY Angeline D.Dwyer Powlet,VT Catherine Dwyer

2366 O'Sullivan Mary 61y3m City ??Sep1874 13Dec1935 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housework at home
C S 1929 568
Dr.J.Humphrey/lived165Elm St Patrick Sullivan Limerick,Ireland Elizabeth Magovern Co.Cavan,Ireland

2367 Stewart Susan 22y9m Victory Mills,NY 13Mar1913 13Dec1935 Brick Church 40 Russell St. Housewife

M 1929 569
Dr.Post Martin Smith Austria,Hungary Mary Sandor Austria,Hungary Thomas Stewart

2368 Millen Nirra Isabelle 23y9m12d City 04Mar1912 16Dec1935 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital At Home
Nasarene S 1929 570
Dr.F.Ressique/lived39Walton St. Harry Millen Black Lick,PA Isabelle N.Swarthout Saratoga Springs

2369 King Mary C. 48y7m10d City 14May1887 24Dec1935 St. Peter's 230 Nelson Ave Housewife
C M 1929 571
Dr.A.J.Leonard John Coyne Co.Roscomon,Ireland Mary Burns Co.Roscomon,Ireland John J.King husband
2370 Isaac Wm.R. 48y9m Ballston Spa,NY ??Apr1887 08Jan1936 St.Mary's,Schylerville Scott Sanitarium Papermaker
C M 1929 572
Dr.M.J.Magovern/lived Victory Mills Frank Isaac Lancashire,England Mary Caneff Ballston Spa,NY Elizabeth Harney wife
2371 Fox Joseph M. 71y1m24d New York City 16Nov1864 09Jan1936 Norwich,NY 9 Washington Place Wallpaper Printer
C M 1929 573
Dr.F.Eaton Michael Fox Ireland Ann Gilroy Ireland Mary Quinn

2372 Cronin Mary A. 78y4d Woolwich,England 06Jan1858 10Jan1936 St. Peter's 74 Regent St. At Home
C S 1929 574
Dr.A.J. Leonard Dennis Cronin Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Collins Co.Cork,Ireland
Nellie Sheehan,74Regent
2373 Kanaly Mary 68y9m25d Peekskill,NY 17Mar1867 11Jan1936 St. Peter's 22 Pinewood Ave. Housewife
C W 1929 575
Dr.R.E.Harrington James Gannon Dublin,Ireland Eunice McDonald Ireland James W.Kanaly

2374 Mesick Helen Ann 76y7m16d Saratoga Springs 28May1859 13Jan1936 Gurn Spring,Ellsworth 225 Lake Ave Housewife
Cong W 1929 576
Dr.M.J.Magovern Ira A. Roods Wilton,NY Melissa NY State Otto B. Mesick

2375 Freeman Walter W. 67y17d Twn.of Stillwater 02Jan1869 19Jan1936 North Milton Saratoga Hospital Stoveman
E M 1929 577
Dr.G.Towne/lived43Phila St. Walter Freeman

Ida J. Schaff

2376 Burke Anna Mae 68y2m18d Co.Cavan,Ireland 11Nov1867 29Jan1936 St. Peter's 101McMaster St.Ballston Spa Housewife
C W 1929 578
Dr.M.J.Magovern Edward Garagan Co.Cavan,Ireland Mary O'Connell Co.Cavan,Ireland John M.Burke

2377 Jordan Antoinette 4y11m25d City 04Feb1931 29Jan1936 St. Peter's Hospital/lived11VanRensselaer At Home
C S 1929 579
Dr.Hunt James Jordan Cozzano,Italy Philomena Ferraro Saratoga Springs

2378 Gloria Mary 53y8m8d Naples,Italy 24May1882 01Feb1936 St. Peter's Hospital/lived85Beekman St. Housewife
C M 1929 580
Dr.W.Moriata Sebastiano DiRubo Italy Martha Sheradone Italy Pasquale Gloria

2379 Ronan John E. 38y10m22d Saratoga Springs 12Mar1897 03Feb1936 St. Peter's Fort Edward,NY Auto Mechanic,own shop
C S 1929 581

Daniel Ronan Co Waterford,Ireland Nora Fay Roscomon,Ireland

2380 Halton Peter(Brother Solamis) 67y6m20d Ireland 18Jul1868 07Feb1936 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Religious Brother
C S 1929 582

St. Clement's College
2381 Sheftz Andrew 24y4m18d New York City 23Sep1911 10Feb1936 St. Peter's 17 Front St.,Ballston Spa none
C S 1929 583
Dr.F.J.Ressique Joseph Sheftz Poland Agnes Bagadon Poland
2382 Wood Lizzie B. 64y5m14d Canastota,NY 28Aug1871 11Feb1936 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E M 1929 584
Dr.G.S.Towne Samuel B.Raymond
Louisa Ball
Joseph H.Wood

2383 Bowley Mary 51y7m19d Charleston,So.Carolina 01Jul1884 20Feb1936 St.Raymond,Charleston Saratoga Hospital Housework
C M 1929 585
Dr.James Roohan/lived RFD 1 John McMahon Charleston,S.C. Johanna Morrissey Charleston,S.C. George Bowley Marvin Bowley
2384 Wood Robert J. 14y11m23d Philadelphia,PA 28Feb1921 20Feb1936 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Student
C S 1929 586
Dr.Ressique/lived71So.Franklin St. Robert W. Wood
Maria King

2385 Flynn Mary Corbett 83y Lismore,Waterford,Ireland
23Feb1936 St. Peter's 58 VanDam St. Housewife
C W 1929 587
Dr.J.F.Roohan Patrick Corbett Co.Waterford,Ireland Bridget Manigion? Co.Waterford,Ireland David Flynn

2386 Buckley Ella Titus 78y10m14d Fort Edward,NY 10Apr1857 24Feb1936 St. Peter's 187 Beekman St. Housewife
C W 1929 588
Dr.R.E.Harrington John Crarey Queens Co,Ireland Ellen Conaugh Queens Co,Ireland John F.Buckley Evelyn Greis,187Beekman
2387 Christopher Thomas P. 75y at sea enroute-Ireland
24Feb1936 St. Peter's McCarthy Hospital Truckman
C W 1929 589
Dr.R.H.McCarthy/lived14Hyde St. Thomas P.Christopher Co.Waterford,Ireland Johanna Dalton Co.Waterford,Ireland Jane Cavahaugh,Katherine Murray

2388 Laing Merritt E. 58y5m22d Stillwater,NY 03Sep1877 25Feb1936 Prospect Hill Saratoga Hospital Blacksmith
M W 1929 590
Dr.Hunt/lived93 York Ave Wm.Laing Northumberland Helen Palmer Northumberland Harriet Feulner Burton A.Laing
2389 Waring Sarah A. 79y3m16d City 12Nov1856 28Feb1936 St. Peter's 40 Franklin St. Housewife
C W 1929 591
Dr.F.Ressique James Hefferman Co.Cork,Ireland Margaret Danahy Co.Cork,Ireland George F.Waring Misses Koenig
2390 Joyce Bridget Carroll 70y Tipperary,Ireland
02Mar1936 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1929 592
Dr.R.Harrington/lived33 East Ave Patrick Carroll Ireland
Ireland Joseph Joyce

2391 Cunningham Nannette E. 38y7m10d City 27Jul1897 08Mar1936 Greenridge 176 Phila St. Housewife
C M 1929 593
Dr.Towne/lived799Park Ave,Albany James J.Welch Saratoga Springs Margaret Mitchell Saratoga Springs James A.Cunningham,DDS James J. Welch
2392 Reardon John J. 86y7m Co.Limerick,Ireland ??Jul1849 13Mar1936 St. Peter's 12 Lincoln Ave. Tailor
C W 1929 594

Anna Finn Patrick Reardon,12Lincoln
2393 Bruggman John 63y
??Aug1872 16Mar1936 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C M 1929 595
Dr.R.Hayden/lived8OAk St. Bernard Bruggman Switzerland Mary McNallis Ireland Mary Glenn

2394 White Anna Josephine 47y2m22d City 23Dec1888 16Mar1936 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1929 596
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived107Lincoln Thomas McGuire Ballston Spa Mary McCarthy Saratoga Springs Almeron F.White

2395 Morgan Gussie E. 28y10m16d Newark,NJ 01May1907 17Mar1936 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitarium Housewife
C M 1929 597
Dr.Asa Dimock/lived Greenfield John Eichler Budapest Susan Barna? Czcehaslovakia Edward Morgan

2396 Smith Rudolph 57y20d Czechoslovakia 28Feb1879 19Mar1936 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Grindman,CorinthPaper Mill
C M 1929 598
Dr.Robert Hayden/lived Greenfield

Elizabeth Balick

2397 Carman Anna A. 78y9m13d Palmer Falls,NY 07Jun1857 20Mar1936 St. Peter's Saratoga-Schylerville Rd Housewife
C M 1929 599
Dr.Bullard Robert Caveily? Co.Cork,Ireland Ellen Co.Cork,Ireland Winslow J.Carman

2398 Leonard Howard M. 35y10m26d Geysers,Saratoga 28Apr1900 25Mar1936 St. Peter's Deaconess Hospital,Boston Laborer,Building Contractor
C M 1929 600

John E. Leonard Bangor,Maine Alice F.Fethers Greenfield,NY Loretta P.Walsh

2399 Stieglitz Anna K. 76y15d Wallenfelx,Germany 13Mar1860 28Mar1936 Greenridge 32 Andrews St. Housewife
1936 1 in city- 70yrs Dr.F.A.Eaton John Feulner Germany Barbara Schmidt Germany Henry Stieglitz

2400 Fahy Maria 84y4m16d Co.Clare,Ireland 16Nov1851 01Apr1936 St. Peter's 311 Nelson Ave Housewife
C W 1936 2 in city-45 yr,US 61yr Dr.Moriata John Rowan Co.Clare,Ireland Jane Whealan Co.Clare,Ireland Clement Fahy Agnes Fahy
2401 Gary Helen F. 70y6m8d Troy,NY 27Sep1865 04Apr1936 Oakwood,Troy,NY 19 East Harrison St. Housewife
C W 1936 3 in city- 35yrs Dr.J.Humphrey James Devlin Troy,NY Elizabeth Quay Troy,NY Charles E. Gary

2402 Armstrong Elizabeth 82y3m28d Hamilton Co.NY 11Dec1853 08Apr1936 Greenridge 22 Cherry St. Cook colored Afric.Meth W 1936 4 in city- 55yrs Dr.Joseph Kiley ?? Taylor England
Connecticut George Armstrong City of Saratoga Springs
2403 Etes Stephan 71y6m12d Caserta,Italy 01Oct1864 12Apr1936 St. Peter's 17 So.Franklin St. RR Watchman-retired
C M 1936 5 in city- 52 yrs Dr.R.Harrington Autleoric Etes Caserta,Ita;y Victoria Perronne Caserta,Italt Mary Caputo

2404 Harrington John D. 50y10m17d City 21Jun1885 07May1936 St. Peter's 179 Spring St. Monument Dealer
C M 1936 6 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley Daniel E. Harrington East Dorset,VT Margaret Fitzgerald Saratoga Springs Minette Eldred

2405 Conlon Mary R. 63y11m9d City 31May1872 10May1936 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 7 in city-life Dr.A.Leonard/lived131 White St. John Davis England Rose McDonald Feunanaugh,Ireland Michael Conlon

2406 Coen James Lawrence 60y8m16d City 27Aug1875 13May1936 St. Peter's 26 Jefferson St. Plumber
C M 1936 8 in city-life Dr. F.Ressique Lawrence Coen Co.Galway,Ireland Margaret E.Shanley Co.Cork,Ireland Abbie Harrington

2407 Croxton Mary Essie 59y6m16d Bracken Co.Kentucky 01Nov1876 17May1936 Rushville,Ind 12 Circular St. Housewife
1936 9 in city-23 yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington Oliver T.Hamilton Bracken Co,Ken Sarah Jane Guirr? Bracken Co,Ind

2408 Ryan Patrick 73y7m19d Co.Clare Ireland 29Sep1862 18May1936 Holy Cross,NY City 36 Park Place Watchman,Sar Race Assoc.
1936 10 in city-12yr,US 45 Dr.G.S.Towne James Ryan Co.Clare,Ireland Mary Naughton Co.Clare,Ireland
Miss Julia Ryan,36 Park
2409 Phillips John P. 66y6m9d City 01Dec1869 10Jun1936 St. Peter's out Maple Ave Cigar Mfgr
C M 1936 11 in city-life Dr.R.Harrington John Phillips Co.Wexford,Ireland Mary Griffen Co.Donegal,Ireland Evelyn Giultman

2410 Moran Mary C. 73y8m27d Glens Falls,NY 20Sep1862 16Jun1936 St. Peter's 35 Clark St. Housewife
C W 1936 12 in city-31yrs Dr.Joseph Kiley John Keefe Ireland Johanna Collins Ireland James M.Moran

2411 Fruch Harriet Holmes 80y2m16d City 01Apr1856 17Jun1936 Greenridge 139 Caroline St. Housewife
Chr.Scientest W 1936 13 in city-life Dr.D.C.Moriata Ebenezar Holmes Windsor,VT E.Bellona Wescott Saratoga Springs Eliphalet R.Fruch Douglass Williams,139Caroline
2412 Roberts Edward 88y1m10d Champlain,NY 10May1848 20Jun1936 St. Peter's 125 Lincoln Ave Retired Machinist,D&H RR
C M 1936 14 in city-45yrs Dr.Jospeh Kiley John Roberts Canada Emeline Robarge Canada Mary Kenny wife
2413 Gilgallon James R. 62y Quaker Springs,NY
19Jun1936 St. Peter's McCarthy Hospital Janitor-W.P.A.
C M 1936 15 in city-25yrs Dr.R.H.McCarthy James Gilgallon Ireland Marie Gaven Ireland Elizabeth Ryan

2414 Golding Frances 62y Essex,England
20Jun1936 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Lady's Maid
1936 16 in city-5y,US-40 Dr.A.S.Downs/lived89Ash St. John Golding Ireland Ann Reilly Ireland
City of Saratoga Springs
2415 Fane Hannah E. 42y8m4d Corinth,NY 19Oct1893 23Jun1936 St.Mary's,Corinth,NY Schenectady.NY School teacher,Schenectady
C M 1936 17 in Sch.-18yrs Dr.O'Rourke John Kelly Ogdensburg,NY Hannah O'Brien Ireland James E. Fane husband,823Lakewood,Sch
2416 Arpey Jennie Levo 30y10m20d City 04Aug1905 24Jun1936 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
1936 18 in city-life Dr.R.E.Harrington Rocco Levo Salerno,Italy Angeline Pompay Salerno,Italy
Frank Arpey,53Beekman
2417 Rougier William F. 35y4m17d City 09Feb1901 26Jun1936 St. Peter's 1/4m above Smith's Basin,Kingsbury Carpenter
C M 1936 19 in city -life Dr.P.J.Park,Hudson Falls,NY Frederick Rougier Fort Edward Margaret White Saratoga Springs Marie Cowles Sarah Rougier,79Lincoln Ave
2418 Reynolds Mary T. 51y2m27d City 31Mar1885 27Jun1936 St. Peter's 1 Wells St. Housewife
C M 1936 20 in city-life DR.R.E.Harrington Frederick E.Stevens Northumberland Catherine Smith Saratoga Springs Andrew J. Reynolds husband
2419 Welch Thomas 65y1m18d City 09May1871 27Jun1936 St. Mary's,Corinth Saratoga Hospital Farm Teamster
C M 1936 21 in city-life Dr.G.S.Towne Thomas Welch

Delia Moses.Porter's Corners

2420 Adams Samuel S. 87y8d Woodward Hill,NY 22Jun1849 30Jun1936 Gansevoort,NY 88 Hamilton St. Retired Farmer
Free M W 1936 22 in city-life Dr.F.A. Eaton Sydney Adams
Theoda Sweet
Ida Kilbara Susan Blackwood,207Regent
2421 Taylor Elizabeth 60y Appomatox Co.Virginia ??Jun1876 03Jul1936 Greenridge McCarthy Hospital Cook
Africian M
1936 23 in city-26yrs Dr.R.H.McCarthy/lived39Fenlon St.

Vincent Taylor,21Abeel Ave,Greenwich,NY
2422 Franklin George B. 55y11m19d Greenfield,NY 16Jul1880 05Jul1936 St. Peter's Greenfield,NY Stationary Engineer
C M 1936 24 in city-30yrs Dr.G.S.Towne John Franklin Limerick,Ireland Ann Hanrahan Co.Clare,Ireland Caroline Swartz

2423 Sullivan Alice T. abt.62y City
06Jul1936 St. Peter's 14 Walnut St. Housework
1936 25 in city -life Dr.Joseph Kiley Daniel Sullivan Co.Waterford,Ireland Ellen Kelley Co.Waterford,Ireland

2424 Cavanaugh Ellen 72y Queen Co.Ireland
07Jul1936 St. Peter's 64 Second St. Housewife
C M 1936 26 in city-48yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard John Heatherington Queens Co.Ireland Ellen Queens Co,Ireland Patrick Cavanaugh husband
2425 Jordan Ellsworth W. 64y9m9d NY 04Oct1871 13Jul1936 St. Peter's 135 East Ave Chauffeur,State Reservation
C M 1936 27 in city-60yrs Dr.McClellan Alfreco Jordan Ireland Laura Ireland Kathryn Kennedy

2426 Hoyt Nelson 47y7m23d City 24Nov1888 17Jul1936 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Merchant Liquor store
M M 1936 28 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique/lived45Park St. Willard Hoyt Saratoga Springs Elvira J.Cline Malta,NY Katherine Davis

2427 Pomplin Albert J. 60y5m7d Germany 14Feb1867 21Jul1936 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Civil engineer,NY City
1936 29 in city-15yrs Dr.W.Moriata/lived65Nelson Ave Charles Pomplin Germany Augustus Germany

2428 DiRienzo Victoria Cotilla 85y Italy ??Mar1851 25Jul1936 St. Peter's 60 Ash St. At Home
C M 1936 30
Dr.A.J.Leonard Fortunatto Cotilla Caserta,Italy Frances Ferrarino Caserta,Italy Albert DiRienzo Estate
2429 Rose Phillip 68y1m19d Roma,Italy 15Jun1868 03Aug1936 St. Peter's 125 Jefferson St. Grocer-own business
1936 31 in city-54yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Patrick Rose Italy Marion Italy

2430 Mason William 80y6m19d St. Mary's Co.MO 28Jan1856 16Aug1936 St. Peter's McCarthy Hospital Laborer colored C M 1936 32 in city-30yrs Dr.R.H.McCarthy

Ella Harris wife,230Bensonhurst Ave
2431 Carter Hobert G. 32y8m27d Omaha,Nrbraska 20Nov1903 16Aug1936 Waco,Texas Benedict Memorial Hospital Waiter colored African M
1936 33
Dr.Higley ?? Carter
Mary E.

2432 Scarano Anthony 53y4m24d Salerno,Italy 25Mar1883 18Aug1936 St. Peter's car on Vanderbilt Ave Taxi Driver
C M 1936 34 in city-24yrs,US30 Dr.F.J.Ressique/lived112W.Circular Jerry Scarano Salerno,Italy Catherine Giordano Salerno,Italy Philomeno Monnesto

2433 Brennan Michael Francis 62y8m12d New Haven,Conn 06Dec1873 18Aug1936 St.Bernard's,New Haven,CN Grand Union Hotel-Rm 154 Salesman-paper box comp.
C M 1936 35 in city -1 day Dr.A.S.Downs/lived New Haven Michael Brennan Co.Sligo,Ireland Margaret Quinn Co.Clare,Ireland Margaret Mague? Rev.Edward Brennan,New Haven
2434 Owens James 48y Alabama
19Aug1936 Cypress Hills,NY City Saratoga Hospital Clocker-Racetrack
1936 36 in city-22days Dr.W.Moriata/lived Ozone Park

Tim Mara
2435 Moylan Patrick J. 74y5m10d City 10Mar1862 20Aug1936 St. Peter's Ticknor's Sanitorium Plumber
C W 1936 37 in city-life Dr.F.A.Eaton James Moylan Queens Co.Ireland Rebecca Mahan Co.Convaugh,Ireland Margaret Walsh

2436 Swanick Arthur A. 67y11m6d City 16Sep1868 22Aug1936 St. Peter's 174 Washington M.D.
1936 38 in city-life Dr.John Humphrey Arthur Swanick Co.Mayo,Ireland Catherine Monaghan Co.Cavan,Ireland

2437 Gingro Gerald J. 13y1d City 22Aug1923 23Aug1936 St. Peter's Algonguin Bldg. Student
1936 39 in city-life
Frank Gingro New York City Ruth Johnson Troy,NY
2438 Izzo Charles J. 35y9m City 27Nov1900 27Aug1936 St. Peter's Glens Falls Hospital Chef,Sweeney's Restaurant
C M 1936 40 in city-life Dr.Leroy J.Butler Dominick Izzo Italy Jennie Bishop Italy Agnes Donohue

2439 Collins Margaret Ann 70y1m5d City 25Jul1866 30Aug1936 St. Peter's 197 Grand Ave Housework,own home
1936 41 in city -life Dr.David C. Nolan Michael Collins Co.Clare,Ireland Mary Collins Co.Clare,Ireland
Lawrence P.Collins
2440 Sullivan Jeremiah E. 64y2m18d Rochester,NY 12Jun1872 30Aug1936 Calvary,Brocton,Mass Grand Union Hotel-Rm 618 Shoe Dye mfgr.own business
C M 1936 42 in city-1 day Dr.A.S.Downs
Ireland Ireland
Jessie Henderson Allan J.Litchfield
2441 Urguhart Helen Winchester Harvey 71y Glasgow,Scotland
04Sep1936 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
1936 43 in city-51yrs Dr.F.A.Eaton

Victor Urguhart,214Beekman
2442 Smith Johanna 84y2m13d Co.Cork,Ireland 24Jun1852 06Sep1936 St. Peter's 204 Beekman St. Housewife
C W 1936 44 in city75yrs,US 80 Dr.R.E.Harrington David Murphy Co.Cork,Ireland Catherine Murphy Co.Cork,Ireland James F.Smith

2443 Duval Ernest Henry 50y4m28d Glens Falls 09Apr1886 06Sep1936 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Clerk-Fennell&White
C M 1936 45 in city-35yrs Dr.Johnson Napaleon Duval Canada Amelia Cross Glens Falls,NY Elizabeth Corliss wife,203Caroline St.
2444 Morrissey James 59y2m27d City 23Jun1877 19Sep1936 Greenridge 81 Nelson Ave D.P.W.City Saratoga Springs

1936 46 in city-life Dr.R.E.Harrington Patrick Morrissey Co.Waterford,Ireland Elizabeth Cox New York City
Joseph Morrissey,Whitney,Estate
2445 Corridan Margaret A.O'Brien 62y City
20Sep1936 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laundress
C W 1936 47 in city-life Dr.F.Ressique Wm. O'Brien Co.Mayo,Ireland Elizabeth Magovern Co.Wicklow,Ireland Michael Corridan Martha O'Brien,Brightwater,L.I.
2446 Fitzpatrick John 88y10m29d Co.Tipperary,Ireland 31Oct1847 29Sep1936
15Roosevelt St,Albany Retired stone cutter
C W 1936 48 13 yrs-Albany Dr.C.Hacker

Margaret Ready M---- Dalton,15 Roose.Albany
2447 Ouellette Octave H. 67y9m3d Quebec,Canada 04Jan1869 07Oct1936 St. Peter's 20 Granite St. Blacksmith
C M 1936 49 in city-30,US35 Dr.Edward Callahan Francis Ouelette Quebec,Canada Marie M.Lalonde Quebec,Canada Margaret Carroll

2448 Wood Jospeh H. 78y7m24d Cranston,R.I. 15Feb1858 09Oct1936 Greenridge 197 Lake Ave Retired Painter
E W 1936 50 in city-50yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique Harry Wood

Lizzie Raymond

2449 McKinney Mary Cahill 67y6m Green Island,NY 13Apr1869 16Oct1936 St. Agnes,Albany 161 East Ave Housewife
C W 1936 51 in city-25yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick Cahill Ireland Mary Osborn Ireland John H.McKinney

2450 Reynolds George Felix 76y6m18d City 27Mar1860 15Oct1936 St. Peter's Stafford's Bridge Farmer
C M 1936 52 in city-life Dr.Duby,Schylerville,NY George Reynolds Co.Louth,Ireland Anna Hoey Co.Louth,Ireland Margaret Farrell

2451 White John T. 35y4m27d Saratoga Springs 28May1901 25Oct1936 St. Peter's Plattsburg,NY Lawyer & Adjustor
1936 53
Dr.R.S.MacDonald John T.White Saratoga Springs Delia F.Saxton Saratoga Springs
mother,39W.Circular St.
2452 Vokes Patrick V. 46y9m14d Mechanicville,NY 22Jan1890 05Nov1936 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Janitor-school,retired'26
1936 54 in city-life Dr.Jospeh Kiley/lived43Warren st Edward Vokes Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary Dwyer Co.Tipperary,Ireland

2453 Morrissey Joseph F. 63y1m12d
28Sep1873 09Nov1936 St. Peter's Out Nelson Ave Supt'd,C.V.Whitney farm
C M 1936 55 in city-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick Morrissey Co.Waterford,Ireland Elizabeth Cox New York City Helen Keehan

2454 McNeary John 84y5m2d Greenfield,NY 10Jun1852 12Nov1936
53 Marvin St Liveryman
C W 1936 56 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique John McNeary Ireland Margaret Danaher? Ireland Bridget Condon

2455 Peck Charles H. 80y1m2d City 11Oct1856 13Nov1936 Greenridge 16 State St. Watchmaker
1936 57 in city-life Dr.Joseph Kiley Henry Peck NY State Maria E.Riley Saratoga Springs
Sabrina A.Peck,16State
2456 Harris Christopher Colombus 56y Saratoga Co.NY 1880 14Nov1936 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital W.P.A.Laborer
E M 1936 58 in city-life Dr.G.S.Towne Nelson Harris New York State Lydia Viele Moreau,NY Winifred A. Stoddard wife-9 State St.
2457 Carey Hattie Tyler 48y3m16d Lowville,NY? 03Aug1888 19Nov1936 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
1936 59 in city-life Dr.F.A.Eaton,Coroner John Tyler
Mary Cobb Gregg,NY
Frank J.Carey,Maple Dell
2458 Kelly Albert 31y2m27d Troy,NY 24Aug1905 20Nov1936 St.Mary's,Troy rear garage,295Nelson Ave Clerk,Millett's Hotel,RR Place
1936 60 in city-22yrs Dr.F.A.Eaton,Coroner Edward J.Kelly Troy,NY Mary Boland Troy,NY
father,51 York Ave
2459 Hazard John David 78y6m1d Mardin,Armenia 20May1858 21Nov1936 St. Peter's 37 State St. Retired Real Estate
C M 1936 61 in city-45 yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique David Hazard Armenia Mary Armenia Margaret Michel Estate
2460 Wertz Anna 71y11m18d Greenfield,NY 13Dec1864 01Dec1936 Greenridge Saraspa Sanitorium Domestic
1936 62 in city-50yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived105VanDam Andrew Wertz Germany Anna Germany
Mrs.Wm.Fleming,5 Wells St.
2461 Partridge Walter West 33y1m1d Ballston Spa 04Nov1903 05Dec1936 Greenridge Marion St,D&H Crossing Chauffeur,Bentley Express
E M 1936 63 in city-3yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton George Partridge Shusan,Wash.Co. Lena Rogers Saratoga,NY Isabelle Solezen wife,89 Catherine St.
2462 Chauvin Joseph 83y4m24d St.Dominic,Quebec,Canada 15Jul1853 09Dec1936 St.Mary's,Ballston Saratoga Hospital Blacksmith-own business
1936 64 in city-55yrs
Eugene Chauvin Canada Celeste Deseault Canada
Miss Nellie E.Cote,49York
2463 Parillo Adam 40y12d City 27Nov1896 09Dec1936
Saratoga Hospital Upholoster-at home
C M 1936 65 in city-27yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Joseph Parillo Caserta,Italy Orsella Migliuci Caserta,Italy Mary D.Carfaguo? Mrs.Louis Marcella,12Hyde St
2464 Smith John B. 61y4m26d So.Glens Falls,NY 22Jul1875 18Dec1936 St. Peter's 100 Union Ave Attorney
C M 1936 66 in city-18yrs Dr.Carl Comstock George Wm.Smith Fortsville,NY Ann Brice S.Glens Falls Blanche Toole

2465 Noonan Mary Grace 63y1m City 20Nov1873 20Dec1936 St.Mary's,Ballston Spa 179 Lake Ave Housewife
C W 1936 67 in city-40yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Frank Jones Co.Monaghan,Ireland Bridget McNelis Ireland David Noonan

2466 Wicks James Barnwell 53y4m21d City 29Jul1883 20Dec1936 Greenridge W.Circular,D&H Crossing Xing watchman,D&H RR
M M 1936 68 in city-life Dr.G.S.Towne Samuel B.Wicks Saratoga Springs Elizabeth Brazelle Charlton,NY Stella Glean wife,73 Church St.
2467 Welch James J.III 12y4m

22Dec1936 Greenridge Rome,NY none
C S 1936 69 in city-life
James J,Welch,Jr Saratoga Springs Anita McDermott New York City
father,176 Phila St.
2468 Donohue Elizabeth Agnes 74y9m7d City 19Mar1862 26Dec1936 St. Peter's 221 Caroline St. Housewife
C W 1936 70 in city-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick Condon Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Mullen Co.Mayo,Ireland Jeremiah Donohue

2469 Keldar Mary E.
NY City
429 Broadway Domestic/Mrs.Flanagan
1936 71

Agnes Flanagan
2470 Fitzgerald James P. 74y4m13d City 18Aug1862 31Dec1936 St. Peter's 52 State St. Building Contractor
C M 1936 72 in city-life Dr.Joseph Kiley Patrick J.Fitzgerald Co.Waterford,Ireland Helen Walsh Co.Waterford,Ireland Ann Dunn?

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