Saratoga County, New York

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William J. Burke & Sons Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates 1937 through 1944

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ID Surname Given Name age Where born DOB DOD Place of Burial Place of Death/Last Residence Occupation Race Rel Mar Book PG Death Notice Notes Father (F)Birth Place Mother (M)Birth Place Spouse Charge to/ordered by Nearest Relative
2471 O'Reilly George J. 51y4m30d City 12Aug1885 11Jan1937
Union Ave-near racetrack Telegrapher
C M 1936 73 in city- life Dr.F.Eaton Wm H.O'Reilly Co.Donegal,Ireland Hannah Conevell? Co.Donegal,Ireland Helen M.Weber wife,19 1/2 Caroline St.
2472 Maher Elizabeth S. 72y10m3d Co.Limerick,Ireland 19Mar1864 22Jan1937 St. Peter's 293 Nelson Ave Housewife
C W 1936 74 in city-71yrs Dr.J.Kiley Richard Shaughnessy Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret Sullivan Co.Limerick,Ireland Nicholas Maher

2473 Menges James 70y4m20d City 07Sep1866 27Jan1937 St. Peter's 122 Lark St,Scotia,NY printer
C M 1936 75 in Scotia-36yrs Dr.George VanBoratel Phillip Menges Bavaria,Germany Margaretta Gothie Prussia,Germany Julia Franklin wife,25 Vine St,Scotia
2474 Davis George Elwood 73y8m30d Greenfield,NY 10May1864 09Feb1937 St. Peter's Little Sisters of Poor retired Grocer
1936 76 in Troy-45yrs
John Davis Ireland Margaret Hanlon Ireland
Henry Davis,6th Ave,Troy
2475 Donohue Michael J. 78y4m4d Valley Field?Quebec 06Oct1858 10Feb1937 St. Peter's Tichnor's Sanitorium Retired RR Conductor
C W 1936 77 in city-27y,US77 Dr.M.Magovern/lived167Grand Ave Timothy Donohue Galway,Ireland Mary Kavanaugh Galway,Ireland Mary C.Hayes

2476 Crooks Martin T. 69y5m15d Bridgeport,Conn 27Aug1867 11Feb1937 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Inspector.W.P.A.project
C M 1936 78 in city-50yrs Dr.W.Moriata/lived Lang Hotel Fenton Crooks Ireland Matilda Moran Ireland Mary Fitzpatrick

2477 Bunker Mary Huestis 53y6m7d City 11Aug1883 18Feb1937 Greenridge Gowanda State Hospital Housewife
E M 1936 79 in city-life
Alvira Merrill
Wm.G.Bunker Estate
2478 Foy Anne E. 74y10m1d Greenfield,NY 19Apr1862 20Feb1937 St. Peter's 148 East Ave Housewife
C W 1936 80 in city-life Dr.Joseph Kiley Jeremiah Keehan Limerick,Ireland Catherine Culhane Limerick,Ireland Michael J.Foy

2479 Cogan John Kane 40y4m10d City 14Oct1896 24Feb1937 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Mail Carrier-SaratogaPO
C M 1936 81 in city-life Dr.R.E.Harrington James A.Cogan Saratoga Springs Margaret Kane Saratoga Springs Helene Butler wife,106 York Ave
2480 Ahearn Alice V. 53y3m1d Corinth,NY 24Nov1883 25Feb1937 St. Mary's 60 Pine St. Palmer Housewife
C W 1936 82 in city-life Dr.Parmeter,Corinth John Kelly Ogdensburg,NY Hannah O'Brien Ireland John J. Ahearn

2481 Whalen Mary M. 50y9m23d St.John's,New Brunswick 05May1886 28Feb1937 St. Joseph,Ft.Edward Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 83 in city-45yrs Dr.W.Moriata/lived23George St Thomas Peppin St.John,New Brunswick Clydia Burnell Glens Falls,NY John P.Whalen husband
2482 Elliott James G. 66y23d City 08Feb1871 03Mar1937 St. Peter's Grand View Sanitorium Painting Contractor
C M 1936 84 in city-life Dr.A.J.Leonard George Hemry Elliott England Mary Farrell Co.Tipperary,Ireland Melvina Myatt wife 175 East Ave
2483 Graul Mary F. 53y7m4d College Point,L.I. 28Jul1883 04Mar1937 St. Peter's 19 George St. Housewife
C M 1936 85 in city-16yrs Dr.F.Ressique John Graff New York City Magdalene Schreck New York City Iom? L.Graul husband
2484 Callahan Mary Elizabeth 80y2m11d
23Jan1857 06Mar1937 St. Peter's 440Riverside Drive,NYCity retired dressmaker
1936 86
Dr.Gertrude Mock Jeremiah Callahan Ireland Susan Mohan Ireland
2485 Sullivan Frank J. 73y8m13d City 25Jun1863 09Mar1937 St. Peter's 165 Elm St Painter
1936 87 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique Patrick Sullivan Limerick,Ireland Elizabeth Magovern Co,Cavan,Ireland

2486 Williams Mabel H. 39y4m12d Corinth,NY 03Nov1897 15Mar1937 Rural,Corinth,NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife
M M 1936 88 in city-15yrs Dr.F.Ressique Jacob LaPoint Cohoes,NY Stella Heath Corinth,NY Charles M.Williams husband,4Washington Apts.
2487 Brown Mary Agnes 56y4m4d Schuylerville,NY 15Nov1880 19Mar1937 St. Peter's 9 1/2 Congress St Housewife
C W 1936 89 in city-35yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley George Smith Warrensburg,NY Eliza Evans Bacon Hill,NY Wm.Brown Mrs.EarlBritton
2488 Gaynor Susan 65y10m9d Peekskill,NY 15May1871 24Mar1937 St. Peter's Little Sisters of Poor,Troy,NY Housework
C S 1936 90 in city-life Dr.M.J.Keogh James Gaynor Dublin,Ireland Eunice McDonald Ireland

2489 Sabino Phoebe Barton 70y1m3d City 26Feb1867 29Mar1937 Greenridge County Farm Housewife
E W 1936 91 in city-life Dr.Post

Michael Sabino Bart Sabino,55Beekman
2490 Barton Julia C. 59y1m11d Salem,NY 20Feb1878 31Mar1937 St. Peter's 91 Circular St. Housewife
C M 1936 92 in city-life Dr.G.S.Towne Michael Collins Co.Clare,Ireland Mary Dundon Co.Clare,Ireland Wm.C.Barton husband
2491 Mullady Margaret V. 62y7m City 09Aug1874 09Apr1937 St. Peter's 303 Nelson Ave Housewife
C W 1936 93
Dr.J.L.Kiley Wm.H.Maher Co.Wexford,Ireland Mary O'Shaughnessey Co.Limerick,Ireland Edward F.Mullady

2492 Feulner John 80y9m13d Bavaria,Germany 28Jun1856 10Apr1937 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Retired Farmer
C M 1936 94 in city-44yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique Andrew Fuelner Bavaria,Germany

Elizabeth Sessleman Margaret Vogel,22 Andrews
2493 Gilgallon Mary"Mollie" abt 79y Quaker Springs
11Apr1937 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital retired Cook
C S 1936 95 in city-life Dr.F.J.Eaton/lived Shackelford Apts James Gilgallon Ireland Maria Gavin Ireland

2494 VanWagner Clarence 57y11m13d Warren Co,NY 02May1879 15Apr1937 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Laborer,W.P.A.
E M 1936 96 in city-life Dr.R.S.Hayden Melvin VanWagner
Caroline Ketchum
Caroline Mattatoll wife,Kaydeross Ave
2495 Franklin Anna M 61y9m3d Greenfield,NY 19Jul1875 22Apr1937 St. Peter's 1140Sumner Ave,Schenectady At Home
1936 97 in city-life Dr.John E.Burke,Schenectady John Franklin Co.Limerick,Ireland Ann Haniahan Co.Clare,Ireland

2496 Walworth Corinne Bramlette 82y5m26d Columbia Co.KY 31Oct1854 26Apr1937 Greenridge 527 Broadway At Home

W 1936 98 in city-25yrs Dr.F.Ressique Thomas Elliott Bramlette Adair Co.KY Sarah Travis Adair Co.KY Francis H.Walworth Clara Grant Walworth
2497 Betts Samuel A. 81y11m2d Local 04Jun1855 06May1937 Maplewood West Wilton Retired Hostler,Saratoga Ice

M 1936 99
Dr.Joseph Kiley/lived14North Ave

Effie Platt Wm. Pettigrew,W.Wilton
2498 Sullivan Julia E. 60/74 Local 24Mar1863/77 06May1937 St. Peter's 153 Union Ave Housewife
C M 1936 100 in city-life Dr.F.Ressique Thomas Flanagan Mitchelltown,Ireland Julia Clare Queens Co.Ireland Eugene J.Sullivan Dr.Eugene Sullivan
2499 Tomkowitz Edward 29y2m12d Shamakin,PA 24Feb1908 06May1937 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Handyman,Mrs.Baker
1936 101
Dr.Sherman Downs Feliz Tomkowitz Poland Eva Suetz Germany
Edward Thomas,Hartford,PA
2500 Spratt Sophia 78y5m6d Ballston Spa 06Dec1858 12May1937 Greenridge Scott's Sanitorium Retired Bottler,Harvey Co
M W 1936 102 in city - life Dr.Robert Hayden/lived105VanDam Andrew Wertz Germany Anna Germany Frank Spratt Mrs.William Fleming,Wells St
2501 Heeney Patrick 82y2m6d Co.Donegal,Ireland 15Mar1855 21May1937 St. Peter's Dunham's,Hamilton St. Laborer
1936 103 in city-57yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley/lived31Federal St.

2502 Brownson Edwin R. 72y1m18d Lewis,NY 10Apr1865 28May1937 Greenridge 239 Caroline St. Watchman,Palm Beach Club
C M 1936 104 in city-50yrs Dr.Earl King Charles Brownson Elizabethtown,NY Louisa Noyes Lewis,NY Anna White

2503 Carpenter Charles E. 82y2m2d City 05Apr1855 07Jun1937 St. Peter's 187 Beekman St. retired shoe clerk
C M 1936 105 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique Charles Carpenter Saratoga Co.NY Electer? Wells Vermont Anna Mary Crary

2504 Donnallon Margaret H. 74y

11Jun1937 St. Peter's New York City Dressmaker
1936 106

Patrick Donnallon
Mary Rogers

Mrs.John Holleran,PA
2505 Reidy Catherine Foley 87y City
26Jun1937 Greenridge 30 Circular St. Housewife
C W 1936 107 in city-5yrs Dr.F.Ressique Thomas Foley Co.Waterford,Ireland Margaret Ahearn Co.Waterford,Ireland Richard Reidy Sarah E. Foley
2506 Ahearn Patrick 76y2m8d City 10Apr1861 28Jun1937 Greenridge 260 Church St. Retired Brick layer
C W 1936 108 in city- life Dr.F.J.Ressique Martin Ahearn Co.Cork,Ireland Sarah Cavanaugh Queens Co.Ireland Hulda Loverin

2507 Gilgallon Margaret abt 75yrs Quaker Springs
07Jul1937 St. Peter's Saraspa Sanitorium Retired Cook
1936 109 in city-life Dr.G.S.Towne/lived354 B'way,apt8 James Gilgallon Ireland Maria Gavin Ireland

2508 Mingay Richard 88y10m9d Yarmouth,England 04Sep1848 13Jul1937 Greenridge McCarthy's Hospital Retired Printer
E W 1936 110 in city-86yrs Dr.R.McCarthy/lived41White St. Richard Mingay England Ruth Carp England Margaret Callan John Ecker
2509 Harrison Harriett M. 55y5m26d Corinth,NY 26Jan1882 22Jul1937 Rural,Corinth 488 1/2 Broadway Reg.Nurse
B M 1936 111 in city-15yrs Dr.Carl Comstock Edgar W.Gallup Washington Co,NY Amanda Howard Corinth,NY Wm.H.Harrison husband
2510 MacComb Wilfred F. 45y11m6d Leeds,Canada 17Aug1891 23Jul1937 St.Rose,Littleton,NH 2mi.W of Rock City,Tw/Milton Shoemaker.Holly Shoes
1936 112
Coroner F.Eaton Joseph MacComb Three Rivers,Canada Claudia Feiland Leed,Canada
2511 Etes Mary 73y10m9d Caserta,Italy 19Sep1863 28Jul1937 St. Peter's 17 So.Franklin St Housewife
C W 1936 113 in city-50yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Ralph Caputo Caserta,Italy Philomena Longo Caserta,Italy Stephen Etes

2512 Feulner Wm. 65y8m12d City 17Nov1871 29Jul1937
Middle Grove,NY Farmer & Lumberman
M M 1936 114 in city-life Dr.Kingsbury/lived Glass Factory Mt. John Fuelner Bavaria,Germany Barbara Bourschenode Bavaria,Germany Sylvia Bills

2513 Sullivan Martin J. 76y8m25d Canada 10Nov1860 04Aug1937 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Caretaker,Skidmore College
C W 1936 115 in city-68yrs Dr.Joseph Kiley/lived87Ludlow St. Daniel Sullivan Co.Kerry,Ireland Bridget Flanagan Co.Clare,Ireland Mary Alice Lee

2514 MacBeth Wm.J. 54y11m17d Walkerville,Canada 19Aug1882 05Aug1937 Mt.Hope,NYCity Saratoga Hospital Sports Writer,NY Herald Tribune
P M 1936 116 in country-30yrs Dr.F.Ressique/livedNY City John MacBeth Canada Anna MacLean Canada Vera M.Casseau

2515 Berka Joseph 65y4m20d Czecho Slovikia 19Mar1872 08Aug1937 Greenridge McCarthy's Hospital Baker

M 1936 117 in city-10yrs Dr.R.H.McCarthy/lived121Woodlawn Ave Joseph Berka Czecho Slovakia Elizabeth Czecho Slavikia Marie Becker wife
2516 Stafford Judson Harvey 72y1m19d Stafford's Bridge 01Jul1865 20Aug1937 Stillwater,NY 1 Washington St Optician
none M 1936 118 in city-life Dr.Robert Hayden Amos Stafford Stafford's Bridge Jane Howland Ketchum's Corners Ida V.Smith wife
2517 Hennes Rev.Ferdinand 69y5m29d NY City 25Feb1868 23Aug1937 St. Peter's St.Peter's Hospital,Albany Catholic Priest
C S 1936 119 in city-4months Dr.Isadore Brandes

St. Clement's College
2518 VonDeilen Martha Cecelia 61y7m5d Hamburg,Germany 01Feb1876 06Sep1937 Luth.Middle Vil.L.I. 206 East Ave Housewife
L W 1936 120 in city-10yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Frederick Schonert Hamberg,Germany Anna Braker Hamburg,Germany George H.VonDeilen

2519 Delaney Margaret Doulin 32y27d City 11Aug1905 07Sep1937 St. Peter's 5 Catherine St. Housewife
C M 1936 121 in city-life Dr.H.D.Hurst Fred Doulin Saratoga Springs Alice Thompson Arlington,VT James A.Delaney husband-107 Ludlow St.
2520 Morris Sarah Z. 68y4m25d Albany,NY 27Apr1869 21Sep1937 St.Agnes,Albany,NY 135 Lake Ave Housewife
C M 1936 122 in city-40yrs Dr.Joseph Kiley James Kennah Albany,NY Sarah Gratton Albany,NY John H.Morris Miss Margaret Morris
2521 Dennin John H. 55y8m5d City 22Jan1882 27Sep1937 St. Peter's 77 North St. Laborer,NY Racing Assoc
1936 123 in city-life Dr.R.Harrington Michael H.Dennin Saratoga Springs Margaret Reilly Saratoga Springs

2522 Towey Vincent H. 35y2m2d Mt Kisco,NY 26Jul1902 28Sep1937 St.Francis,Mt.Kisco 432 Broadway Salesman,Standard Furniture
1936 124 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick Towley Ireland Mary Murphy Mt.Kisco,NY

2523 Putnam Henrieta P. 63y6m25d Troy,NY 03Apr1874 28Sep1937 St. Peter's Arcade Bldg.Apt B Housewife
C M 1936 125 in city-life Dr.Webster Moriata Peter Noonan Ireland Bridget

2524 Miley John 72y10m29d Stillwater,NY 31Oct1867 30Sep1937 St.Mary's,Schuylerville Saratoga Hospital Hotel Storeroom Clerk
1936 126 in city-40yrs Dr.Robert Hayden Michael Miley Ireland Mary Lee Ireland
Estate-51 Martin St.
2525 Mingay James N. 68y7m3d City 06Mar1869 09Oct1937 Greenridge County House Painter
E W 1936 127 in city-life Dr.Kingsbury George Mingay Yarmouth,England Sarah Covell Saratoga Springs Caroline

2526 Bowman Harold Raymond 41y7m7d NY City 03Mar1896 10Oct1937 St.Mary's Corinth,R.F.D. Ass't baggage foreman
C W 1936 128 in city-8 yrs Dr. Johnson Charles Bowman Brooklyn,NY Pauline Taylor New York City Hazel DeWitt

2527 Allison Mary L. 85y4m3d Charabley,Canada 09Jun1852 12Oct1937 St. Peter's 97 Lawrence St. Housewife
C W 1936 129 in city-30y,US80y Dr.Magovern Michael De St.Quay Quebec,Canada Zoa Pharmar Quebec,Canada John Allison Mrs.EdwardFitzpatrick
2528 Liern? Essie V. 33y1m22d City 22Aug1904 14Oct1937 Greenridge McCarthy Hospital Housewife
Christ Scientist M 1936 130 in city-life Dr.R.McCarthy/lived54Franklin Wm.J.Sherin Wilton,NY Minnie Rand Hartford,NY Frank Leirn? Minnie Sherin, mother
2529 McNeary Margaret Smith 82y1m21d City 25Aug1855 16Oct1937 St. Peter's 53 White St. Housewife
C W 1936 131 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern/lived9Myrtle St. Thomas Smith Dublin,Ireland Mary Monaghan Dublin,Ireland Michael A McNeary

2530 DeLorenze Etta May 66y9m1d Vergennes Vt 18Jan1871 19Oct1937 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 132 in city-40 yrs Dr.J.Kiley Jonas Higgins Montreal,Canada Susan Farrell Ausable Forks,NY Alexander DeLorenze husband 60Beekman St
2531 Pierce Richard J. 53y2m28d City 22Jul1884 20Oct1937 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital RR Trainman,D&H RR
C M 1936 133 in city-life Dr.J.Zone Thomas Pierce Co.Kerry,Ireland Ellen Brannigan Saratoga Springs Alice C.Hall wife,256 W.Circular St.
2532 Hayes James C. 73y8m7d Hydesville,VT 17Feb1864 24Oct1937 St. Peter's 69 VanDam St Retired
1936 134 in city-20yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Martin Hayes Co.Tipperary,Ireland Bridget Connell Co.Tipperary,Ireland
Matt Byrnes,69VanDam
2533 Sweeney Thomas A 82y10m6d City 21Dec1854 27Oct1937 St. Peter's 86 Van Dam St Retired Blacksmith
C W 1936 135 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern James Sweeney Ireland Mary Ahearn Ireland Ellen Shay

2534 Malloy John 64y7m9d Pittsfiels,Mass 22Mar1873 31Oct1937 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Laborer-State Reservatation
M M 1936 136 in city-25yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley/lived Glenham Ave ??Malloy

Estelle Evans

2535 McNeary Charles B. 33y8m22d City 11Feb1904 02Noc1937 St. Peter's 63 Church St Chauffeur,City of Sar.Sp
1936 137 in city-life Dr.G.S.Towne Wm.J.McNeary Greenfield,NY Elizabeth Fox Rock City,NY
2536 Moylan James T. 69y27d City 10Oct1868 06Nov1937 Greenridge 83 Regent St. Retired Plumber
1936 138 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern James Moylan Queens Co.Ireland Rebecca Mahon Connaught,Ireland

2537 Carty Lucy A. 85y Fair Haven,VT about 1852 07Nov1937 St.Mary's,Fair Haven 177 East Ave Retired Domestic,Mary Sackett
1936 139 in city-67yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard John Carty Co.Sligo,Ireland Mary Culkins Ireland

2538 Myers Frank 83y9m25d Wilton,NY 19Jan1854 13Nov1937 St. Peter's Wilton,NY Farmer
1936 140 in city-life Dr.R.E.Harrington Francis Myers Germany Catherine Fennell Ireland
Donald Myers
2539 Barrett Mary Kirby 69y6m13d City 01May1868 14Nov1937 Greenridge 11 Clinton St. Housewife
C W 1936 141 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Thomas Kirby England Hannah Lloyd Saratoga Springs Simon W. Barrett

2540 Krappman John 54y2m2d Bavaria,Germany 15Sep1883 17Nov1937 St. Peter's 54 VanDam St. Gardener,Ralph's Greenhouse
C M 1936 142 in city-36yrs Dr.R.E.Rockwell John Krappman Bavaria,Germany Margaret Feulner Bavaria,Germany Katherine Sesselman

2541 Qua Charles H. 87y9m16d Hartford,NY 02Feb1850 18Nov1937 Union,Hudson Falls 146 Caroline St. Retired Coal Merchant
M W 1936 143 in city-35yrs Dr.Earl King Hugh Qua NY State Elizabeth Reynolds NY State Mary Harris

2542 McCarthy Daniel P. 73y4m13d Co.Cork,Ireland 12Jul1864 25Nov1937 St. Peter's 145 Church St. Retail Liquor Dealer
C M 1936 144 in city-60yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique Patrick McCarthy Co.Cork,Ireland Elizabeth Sweeney Ireland Julia Meehan

2543 Hurley Patrick 81y11m7d Co.Cork,Ireland 29Dec1855 06Dec1937 Greenridge 168 Clinton St. Retired Bridge Keeper
1936 145 in city-78yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Timothy Hurley Ireland Mary Ireland

2544 Miner Mary E. 87y6m25d Corinth,NY 18May1850 13Dec1937 Ballou,Porter Corners 68 Marion Ave Housewife
B W 1936 146 in city-25yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Orange Heath Corinth,NY

Albert Miner Laura Miner,68MArvin
2545 Meehan Mary 68y7m1d Rock City,NY 24May1869 25Dec1937 St. Peter's 203 Regent St. Housewife
C W 1936 147 in city-45yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique John Emight Limerick,Ireland Mary Norton Ireland Peter J. Meehan

2546 Allen Frank Lewis 65y7m4d City 23May1872 27Dec1937 Greenridge 65 Lawrence St. Retired Fireman,S.S.F.D.
C M 1936 148 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley James P.Allen Cambridge,NY Sarah Baker Bacon Hill,NY Lillian D. Elliott

2547 Crosthwait Helen F. 69y8m28d Greenfield,NY 02Apr1868 30Dec1937 Vail 1140Summer Ave,Schenectady Housewife
C W 1936 149 in city-13yrs Dr.Catherine Zaia John Franklin Co.Limerick,Ireland Ann Hanrahan Co.Clare,Ireland Fred W. Crosthwait James Menges
2548 Farrell Charles J. 67y2m27d City 04Oct1870 31Dec1937 St. Peter's 158 Clinton St. Porter
C M 1936 150 in city-life Dr.F.Ressique Edward Farrell Ireland Mary Mahon Ireland Elizabeth McMahon

2549 Mingay George H. 71y1m20d
12Nov1866 01Jan1938 Greenridge Firehouse/lived39White St. Caretaker/Harry Ludlow
1936 151 in city-life Dr.F.Eaton George Mingay Yarmouth,England Sarah Covell Saratoga Springs

2550 Brennan Maria E. 69y11m4d Troy,NY 03Feb1868 07Jan1938 St. Mary's,Troy 51 York Ave Housework,at home
1936 152 in city-22yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard John Brennan Co.Mayo,Ireland Maria Canavan Co.Mayo,Ireland
Mrs.Edward Kelly,51York
2551 Gorman Thomas H. 67y8m City 10May1870 10Jan1938 St. Peter's 5 Clinton Place Retired Dep.C of P.S.
C M 1936 153 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley Thomas Gorman Ireland Mary Brophy Ireland Margaret E.Lysett wife
2552 Vandenburgh Wm 87y City
26Jan1938 Greenridge Utica State Hospital

Germ Luth
1936 154 in city-life Dr.Edward Bink,Utica

Bertha Kahn,NY City
2553 Germaine Frank 56y4m3d City 25Sep1881 28Jan1938 Greenridge Town of Moreau Laborer
1936 155 in city-life Dr.Arthur Johnson,Coroner Polie Germaine Canada Mary E.McElwan New York City
Saratoga County
2554 Sullivan Josephine 52y2m4d Watervliet,NY 24Nov1885 28Jan1938 St. Peter's 14 Walnut St. Housewife
C W 1936 156 in city-life Dr.Joseph Kiley Edward Durgen Watervliet,NY Josephine Shaver Watervliet,NY John L. Sullivan

2555 Hazelton Cora 56y2m28d Dorset,VT 03Nov1881/87 31Jan1938 Dorset,VT 39 VanDam St. Housewife
B M 1936 157 in city-10yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern John Matson Danby,VT Diane Potter Dorset,VT Frank Hazelton

2556 Trumball Stephen 79y11m17d City 14Feb1858 31Jan1938 Whitford Saratoga Hospital Laborer
1936 158 in city-life Dr. Webster Moriata Stephen Trumball Canada

Mary E.Trumball,26Caroline St
2557 Butler Norah E. 76y8m Co.Mayo,Ireland ??May1861 03Feb1938 St. Peter's 112 Phila St dressmaker
1936 159 in city-55y,US58y Dr.Earl H.King Wm. Butler Co.Mayo,Ireland Catherine Murphy Co.Galway,Ireland

2558 Sheehan John H. 60y9m Hydeville,VT ??May1877 10Feb1938 St. Peter's Out Excelsior Ave Laborer
1936 160 in city-55yrs Dr.Webster Moriata Michael Sheehan Ireland Anna Horrigan Ireland
Mrs.Harry Brazee183Beekman
2559 Bendon Mary 69y11m Co.Mayo,Ireland ??Mar1868 14Feb1938 St. Peter's 74 State St. Housewife
C W 1936 161 in city-53yrs Dr..Webster Moriata Thomas Mohan Co.Mayo,Ireland Catherine Murphy Co.Mayo,Ireland Richard Bendon

2560 McQuade Mary Susan 36y6m20d City 28Jul1901 17Feb1938 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Cashier,F.V.Hewitt & Son
1936 162 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley/lived25Clark St. James E.McQuade Saratoga Springs Catherine Co,Fermanaugh,Ireland

2561 Saxton Elizabeth A. 68y City ??Aug1869 25Feb1938 St. Peter's 195 Washington St. Clerk,E.D.Starbuck
1936 163 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick Magovern Co.Cavan,Ireland Mary McCarthy Co.Kerry,Ireland

2562 Corless Isaac T. 67y2m9d Greenwich,NY 17Dec1870 26Feb1938 Greenwich 98 Church St. Chauffeur-had own car
C M 1936 164 in city-35yrs Dr. Robert Hayden Nathan Corless Greenwich,NY Angeline Parker Greenwich,NY Nora Cunningham wife
2563 McCabe Margaret C. 49y10m25d City 09Apr1888 06Mar1938 St. Peter's 105 VanDam St. Housework at home
1936 165
Dr.Robert Hayden Patrick McCabe Co.Meathe,Ireland Mary E.Millington Warrensburg,NY

2564 Hovey John W. 70yrs Westchester Co.,NY
07Mar1938 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Bar tender-Lenz Hotel
C M 1936 166 in city-life DR.F.Ressique/lived Greenfield,NY Daniel Hovey England Margaret O'Donnell Canada Clara B. Geppner Edward Gilhouse
2565 Wattson Leocadia V.J. 85y11m26d NY City 11Mar1852 09Mar1938 Holy Name,Jersey City Tichnor's Sanitarium Housewife
C W 1936 167 in city -life Dr.R.D.Bullard Sabino Jose Zacharias Maderia,Portugal Margaret Costigan Albany,NY Edwin D. Wattson sonRev.Edwin Wattson,Scotia,NY
2566 Carroll Rose A. 76y5m24d City 14Sep1861 10Mar1938 Greenridge 423 Broadway Dressmaker-at home
1936 168 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Roddy Carroll Ireland Mary Sweeney Co.Tyrone,Ireland
Mrs.James Cleary,417Broadway
2567 Connally Luke R. 66y6m20d Glens Falls,NY 27Aug1871 19Mar1938 St. Peter's 64 North St. Engineer & Fireman
C M 1936 169 in city-35yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Patrick Connolly Ireland Katherine Reilly Ireland Mary Lyons

2568 Higgins Eugene H. 52y8m16d Rutland,VT 05Jul1885 21Mar1938
Geyser Park Policeman-city Saratoga Spgs

M 1936 170 in city-35yrs Dr.F.A.Eaton,Coroner Chauncey Higgins Rutland,VT Mary Walsh Rutland,VT Ella F.McMullen wife,50 Granite St.
2569 Condon Katherine C. 64y1m20d City 02Feb1874 22Mar1938 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital School Teacher, Sch#4
1936 171 in city-life Dr.D. Moriata Patrick Condon Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Mullen Co.Mayo,Ireland
lived 11Marion Place
2570 Snyder Jesse 54y5m29d Reynolds Corners 10Oct1883 08Apr1938 Reynolds Corners,NY Saratoga Hospital Laborer
1936 172 in city-life Dr.Robert Hayden/lived Algonguin Bld Albert Snyder Sandgate,VT Henrietta Haddon Reynolds Corners
Mrs.George Filford,Regent St
2571 Gass Evelyn Agnes 60y5m15d City 31Oct1877 15Apr1938 St. Peter's 1 Avery St. Housewife
C W 1936 173 in city-life Dr.Rockwell Patrick Gaffney Co.Roscomon,Ireland Mary A.Neilan Canada George Gass Owen T.Gaffney
2572 Logan Katherine 75y2m3d Glens Falls 16Feb1863 19Apr1938 St. Peter's 29 1/2 Division St Housewife
C W 1936 174 in city-40yrs Dr.G.S. Towne John Keefe Ireland Johanna Collins Ireland Fred W. Logan

2573 Burtis Helen Mullen 58y1m17d Brooklyn,NY 05Mar1880 22Apr1938 St. Peter's Tichnor's Sanitorium Housewife
C W 1936 175 in city-13months Dr.J.Kiley Patrick Mullen Ireland Kate Egan Ireland Wm. Burtis, NYCity Amos Gerard,221W.33rd St
2574 Farrell Edward P. 68y2m6d City 19Feb1870 25Apr1938 St. Peter's 131 Washington St. Signal operator,D&H RR
C M 1936 176 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Edward Farrell Co.Leitrim,Ireland Mary Mahon Ireland Elizabeth Parnell

2575 Swartfigure Frederick J. 44y5m2d City 28Nov1893 30Apr1938 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Clerk-Whitehouse Hotel
C M 1936 177 in city-life Dr.E.J.Callahan Fred J. Swartfigure Saratoga Springs Elizabeth Hulahan Saratoga Springs Gertrude M. Barrett wife,55 Bay St,Glens Falls
2576 Mulqueen Michael Joseph 26y8m17d City 15Aug1911 02May1938 St. Peter's 44 West Harrison St. Book keeper, Gr.Island Const.
1936 178 in city-life Dr.J.Kiley Michael J.Mulqueen Greenfield, NY Mary A.Fitzpatrick Saratoga Springs
2577 Krajewski Marion 36y3m4d Glenville,NY 14Feb1902 18May1938 St. Peter's Marcy Hospital,Utica,NY at Home
1936 179 in city-life Dr.Gabriel Schein Iquace Krajewski Poland Amelia Poland

2578 Minehan Edward 65y

21May1938 St. Peter's Marcy Hospital

1936 180 in citty-life Dr.Harold H. Dodds Michael Minehan Co.Limerick,Ireland Ann Keehan Co.Limerick,Ireland

2579 Mitchell Delia 76y

22May1938 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital

C W 1936 181
Dr.E.N.Bink Owen Mitchell Ireland Hannah Costello Ireland
lived 94 Lincoln Ave.
2580 Coolon Anna 73y28d Ft.Covington,NY 03May1865 31May1938 Greenridge 14 Catherine St. Housewife
B M 1936 182 in city-life Dr.R.Bullard George Austin
Permalia Dale
Henry Coolon

2581 Varley George B. 68y10m23d Town of Saratoga 10Jul1869 02Jun1938 St.Mary's,Schuylerville 12 Stratton St. Laborer,State Water Corp
C M 1936 183 in city-life Dr.Donald Ingham Michael Varley Ireland Katherine Hart Ireland Katherine Farrington

2582 Gaylord Julia Frances 49y2m1d City 04Apr1889 05Jun1938 St. Peter's 119 York Ave Housewife
C M 1936 184 in city-life Dr.Robert Hayden Frederick Stevens Johnsburg,NY Catherine T.Smith Saratoga Springs Percy W. Gaylord husband
2583 Price Anna Brzozowski 65y6m6d Warsaw,Poland 08Dec1872 14Jun1938 St.Mary's,Schenectady 242 Church St. Housewife
C W 1936 185 in city-35y,US50 Dr.Joseph Kiley Ignatius Bredcavia Poland

John Price

2584 Fitzgibbons Ellen M. 87y1m30d Ireland 15Apr1851 14Jun1938 St. Peter's Little Sisters of Poor,Troy,NY Retired dressmaker
1936 186 in city-65 yrs Dr.Keough Daniel Fitzgibbons Ireland Margaret Downs Ireland

2585 Crane Jennie M. 78y Wilton,NY
16Jun1938 St. Peter's 75 Lawrence St. Housewife
C W 1936 187 in city-life Dr.Robert Rockwell Marcus Cronin Ireland Ellen Reilly Ireland Frederick H.Crane

2586 Papino Fannie E. 36y10m27d Washington,DC 26Jul1901 22Jun1938 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital/lived38Beekman St Housewife colored Africian M M 1936 188 in city-11 yrs Dr.R.Harrington Thomas Paige Richmond,VA Martha Bankett Washington,DC Thomas Papino husband
2587 Cogan Jennie S. 71y7m2d City 22Nov1866 24Jun1938 St. Peter's Grand View Sanitorium Retired Millner
1936 189 in city-life Dr.D.C.Nolan Patrick Cogan Ireland Katherine Cogan Ireland
Mary Varney,Caroline St
2588 Quick James Edward 82y3m7d Gurn Spring,NY 25Mar1856 02Jul1938 Brick Church Wilton,NY Farmer
B M 1936 190 in city-life Dr.Agnes Swanner John T.Quick Saratoga,NY Eliza Jane Marshall France Sarah Convery

2589 Putnam Marie 64y4m4d Healdville VT 02Mar1874 06Jul1938 Putnam Cemetery Saratoga Hospital Seamstress,WPA Project
C W 1936 191 in city-47yrs Dr. Arthur Johnson John King Montreal,Canada Catherine Maloney Montreal,Canada John Lewis Putnam son J.L.Putnam,Jr 41Caroline St
2590 Steinburg Schuyler D. 67y5m Ephriatah,NY 06Feb1871 06Jul1938 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Teamster

W 1936 192 in city-life Dr.F.Ressique/lived Maple Dell Delvitt Steinburg NY State Mary Smith NY State Margaret McGuire Clara Brantigan,Ft.Johnson,NY
2591 Sheehan Patrick E. 79y10m15d England 30Aug1858 15Jul1938 St. Peter's 74 Regent St. Retired watchman-D&HRR
C W 1936 193 in city-70yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick Sheehan Ireland ?? McCarthy Ireland Anna Dennin Ellen J.Sheehan
2592 Stentina Anna 68y11m6d Czecho Slovakia 14Aug1869 20Jul1938 St. Peter's Greenfield,NY Housewife
C W 1936 194 in city-20yUS40 Dr. G.S.Towne Lawrence Palkovic Czecho Slovakia Anna Pollack Czecho Slovakia Joseph Stetina

2593 Butler Teresa D. 75y Co.Mayo,Ireland ??May1863 26Jul1938 St. Peter's 112 Phila St. Dressmaker
1936 195 in city-55yUS58 Dr.Earl King Wm. Butler Co.Mayo,Ireland Catherine Murphy Co.Galway,Ireland

2594 Tremaine? Mared? Medderdeth 63y1m10d Brooklyn,NY 16Jun1875 26Jul1938 Forest Lawn,Buffalo Gideon Putnam Hotel Housewife

M 1936 196 in state-life Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived Buffalo James Middledeth Baltimore,MD Sarah Flanders Brooklyn,NY Morris Tremaine husband
2595 Mosby Nora 54y Hampton,VA
26Jul1938 Greenridge Memorial Hospital,Albany Housewife
B M 1936 197
Dr.Thomas McGrail ?? Stewart
Mandy Gatewood
Andrew Mosby husband,69Lawrence St.
2596 Kownacki Katherine 66y10m8d Poland 21Sep1871 29Jul1938 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 198 in US-45yrs Dr.Webster Moriata Carl Graff France Frances
Frank Kownacki

2597 Mangold Adam 58y2m16d Germany 20May1880 06Aug1938 St.John's,Brooklyn,NY Lenz Hotel Retired NYC Policeman
C M 1936 199 in city-15days Dr.F.G.Eaton Frank Marigold Germany Eva Illich?
Katherine Dangerfield Brooklyn,NY
2598 Cohn Louisa 57y10m16d New York City 20Sep1880 06Aug1938 New York City 149 Phila St. Housewife
Ref.Jew M 1936 200 in city 3m19d Dr.Grodnitzky Henry Cohn Germany Rachel Kutner Germany Herman Cohn

2599 Vokes Mary J. 74y11m22d Co.Tipperary,Ireland 14Aug1863 06Aug1938 St. Peter's 43 Warren St. Housewife
C W 1936 201 in city-47yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Patrick J.Dwyer Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary Alice ? Co.Tipperary,Ireland Edward J.Volkes

2600 Armb George F. 79y9m8d City 03Nov1858 11Aug1938 Greenridge 243 Caroline St. Barber-own shop
C M 1936 202 in city-life Dr. Carl Comstock Lorenzo Armb Bavaria,Germany Agnes Higgins Co.Cavan,Ireland Lillian F.Peyton

2601 Keefe Mary 60y11m Town of Saratoga 11Sep1877 11Aug1938 St.Mary's,Schuylerville 151 East Ave Housekeeper
1936 203 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern James Keefe Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary Hughes Co.Mayo,Ireland
2602 Hayes Mary S. 67y8m5d City 10Dec1870 15Aug1938 St. Peter's 28 Lincoln Ave Housework
1936 204 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern John Hayes Co.Limerick,Ireland Katherine Keehan Co.Limerick,Ireland

2603 Kirby Nicholas F. 72y2m13d City 03Jun1866 16Aug1938 St. Peter's 198 Circular St. Teamster,City of Sar.Spgs
C M 1936 205 in city-life Dr.Robert Hayden Thomas Kirby England Johanna Lloyd Saratoga Springs Katherine Tighe

2604 Hlavaty Michael 27y10m19d Bethlehem,PA 02Oct1910 21Aug1938 Greenfield Center Greenfield Center,NY Chauffeur,East Side Creamery
C M 1936 206 in city-20yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton John Hlavarty Czecho Slovaka Mary Sutko? Czecho Slovakia Sally Murray wife
2605 Hickey Mary A. 66y9m City ??Nov1871 25Aug1938 St. Peter's 110 Hamilton St. Housewife
C M 1936 207 in city-life Dr.Edward J.Callahan James Pounds England Margaret Galligan Co.Cava,Ireland Charles W. Hickey husband
2606 Sylvester John 40yrs Pointe Coupe,Parish,LA
28Aug1938 Baton Rouge,LA Saratoga Hospital Porter negro

1936 208
Dr.F.Eaton,coroner Joseph Sylvester Pointe Coupe,LA Ella Deore? Pointe Coupe,LA
lived 276 Atlantic Ave,Brooklyn
2607 Galligan Anna M. 46y3m3d City 25May1892 28Aug1938 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 209 in city-life Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived160East Ave Michael Foy England Anna F.Keehan Greenfield,NY Peter P.Galligan husband
2608 Lenz Ernest 76y6m14d Baden Baden,Germany 16Feb1862 30Aug1938 St. Peter's 1 Clinton Place Hotel Proprietor
C M 1936 210 in city-23yUS58 Dr.Robert Hayden Conrad Lenz Baden Baden,Germany Katherine Badeb Baden,Germany Julia Purcell wife
2609 Freeman Frederick W. 41y11m1d Greenfield,NY 06Oct1896 07Sep1938 Greenfield Center out Clinton St./lived 169 Maple-rear Dishwasher-Gideon Putman
M M 1936 211 in city-life Dr.F.Eaton W, Freeman Greenfield,NY Etta Barrows Virginia Ruth Morris wife
2610 Swart Francine W. 61y3d City 06Sep1877 09Sep1938 Vail,Schenectady,NY Saratoga Hospital none
1936 212 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley George A. Swart Charleton,NY Sarah Clute Albany,NY
city of Saratoga Spgs
2611 McMahon Jane 73y City
15Sep1938 St. Peter's 189 Remsen St.Cohoes Housework at home
1936 213 in city-life Dr.R.E.Harrington Michael McMahon Co.Clare,Ireland Hannorah Houlihan Co.Clare,Ireland
Mrs.Harry Oliver,Cohoes
2612 Mowlem? Mary L. 72y10m18d Flatbush,Brooklyn 01Nov1865 19Sep1938 Greenwood,Brooklyn Lake Desolation Housewife
Cong W 1936 214 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley Edward Sweeney NY City Frances Cruz NY City Edward H. Mrs. Frank Schwartz,East Ave
2613 Riley William 63y2m2d Charleton,NY 20Jul1875 22Sep1938 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Painter & Paper hanger
E M 1936 215 in city-21yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley John Riley Scotland Margaret Kearney Hageman's,NY Mabel Letta wife,65 Middle Ave
2614 Christopher John H. 62y11m8d Saratoga Springs 14Oct1875 22Sep1938 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Retired D&HRR,watchman
C M 1936 216 in city-life Dr.Asa Dimock/lived28Waterbury,St Michael Christopher Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Ahearn Ireland Jane A.Christopher

2615 McNeary John P. 54y11m19d City 05Oct1883 24Sep1938 St. Peter's 57 Marvin St. Painter
C M 1936 217 in city-life Dr.Robert Hayden John McNeary Greenfield,NY Bridget Condon Saratoga Springs Anna Crowley

2616 Delaney Mary J. 74y6m13d Boston,Mass 17Mar1864 30Sep1938 Greenridge Carpenter Infirmary Housekeeper
1936 218
Dr.Ralph Post James A. Delaney Lockaire,Ireland Anna Marie Waters Lockaire,Ireland
Duval & King
2617 Cowman Annie Griffen 67y1m24d Stamford,Conn 07Aug1871 01Oct1938 Greenridge Scotts Sanitorium Housewife
E M 1936 219 in city-6yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington Thomas Griffen Stamford,Conn Mary Locke Stamford,Conn Fred Cowman58Catherine St

2618 Hayes Michael Bernard 45y8m25d Greenfield,NY 10Jan1893 05Oct1938 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Farmer & Cattle Buyer
1936 220 in city-life Dr.A.J.Leonard James Hayes Co.Limerick,Ireland Johanna Connery Greenfield,NY
Josephine Hayes
2619 Bowen Charles 58y Wilmington,NC
11Oct1938 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Laborer-WPA
1936 221 in city-over20y Dr.J.L.Kiley James Bowen North Carolina Luthenda South Carolina
Nettie Rankins,36Oak St.
2620 Frolish Agnes 57y3m Czechoslovalia 13Jul1881 13Oct1938 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 222 in city-22yrs DR.R.Bullard Frank Voyack Czechoslovakia
John Frolish,out Washington
2621 Ford Dorothy Margaret 43y2m23d City 21Jul1895 14Oct1938 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 223 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley/lived 445 Broadway Edwin R.Brownson Lewis,NY Anna White England Charles P.Ford

2622 Ahearn David 70y3m6d City 20Jul1868 26Oct1938 St. Peter's 135 Clinton St none
1936 224 in city-life Dr.Robert Harrington James Ahearn Co.Waterford,Ireland Catherine Fraher Co.Waterford,Ireland
2623 Leonard James M. 76y2m15d
12Aug1862 27Oct1938 St. Peter's 165 Clinton St. Retired Garage man
C W 1936 225
Dr.A.J.Leonard Hugh Leonard Dublin,Ireland Mary McNierney Co.Limerick,Ireland Frances Merton Estate
2624 Lannon Margaret Louise 7?y4m19d City 10Jun186? 29Oct1938 St. Peter's 16 Cottage St. Housewife at home
C W 1936 226 in city-life Dr.Fred Ressique John Galligan Ireland Charlotte Brannigan Ireland John Lannon

2625 Lysett Thomas H. 70y3m2d Rock City Falls,NY 05Aug1868 07Nov1938 St. Peter's Beekman St./lived 28 Andrews St. Retired paper maker
C M 1936 227 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Thomas Lysett Co.Limerick,Ireland Johanna Lennon Ireland Mary E.Fitzpatrick

2626 Gorman John F. 68y11m City ??Dec1869 11Nov1938 St. Peter's Little Sister of Poor,Troy,NY Retired Merchant
C W 1936 228 in Troy-4months Dr.Keough,Cohoes John Gorman Ireland Mary Carroll Ireland Elizabeth Cavanaugh Geo.Swartfigure,Adm
2627 Quinn Mary E. 83y8m12d Troy,NY 01Mar1855 13Nov1938 St.Mary's,Troy,NY Saratoga Hospital/lived81Lincoln Housewife
C W 1936 229 in city-50yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Peter Schmidt Germany Mary Ellen Welsh Ireland Frank R.Quinn Robert Quinn,86Lincoln Ave
2628 Delaney Mary Donoghue 74y5m25d Co.Waterford,Ireland 21May1864 15Nov1938 St. Peter's Dominican Convent/lived26White Floor Super,Spa Baths
C W 1936 230 in USA-58yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Maurice Donoghue Co.Waterford,Ireland Margaret Hearn Co.Waterford,Ireland Lot J. Delaney

2629 Williams Oscar R. 62y5m16d Coeville,NY 02Jun1876 18Nov1938 Louden Church Utica State Hospital

E M 1936 231 in state-life
Joseph Williams NY State Amanda Billings NY State ?? Whitney,72Middle Ave

2630 Maginn Anna Breen 70y11m3d Hartford,NY 22Dec1867 25Nov1938 St. Peter's 67 Catherine St. Housewife
C M 1936 232 in city-life Dr.Webster Moriata Daniel Breen Ireland Margaret Keefe Ireland Wm.J.Maginn husband
2631 Williams John D. 77y5m4d Saugerties,NY 30Jun1861 04Dec1938 St. Peter's Louden Church C.R. Farmer
C W 1936 233 in city-50yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard John D. Williams Queens Co.Ireland Catherine Balfe Kings Co,Ireland Minnie Henning

2632 Fuerst Frederick C. 49y3m12d St. Louis,MO 30Aug1889 12Dec1938 Greenridge 50 Granite St-rear Clerk,Tri-County Grocery
E M 1936 234 in city-8yrs Dr.G.S.Towne John Fuerst

Mabel Flanders wife
2633 Wilson Mary E. 76y9m4d Clifton Park,NY 13Mar1862 17Dec1938 Gansevoort,NY Saratoga Hospital/lived 131Jefferson St Laundress,private families
E W 1936 235 in city-40yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Joseph Bowers Germany Mary Shugard Holland Harley W. Wilson Nathan Wilson
2634 Stroshein Herman 73y12d Germany 05Dec1865 17Dec1938 Maplewood Sesselman Barn Farm hand
1936 236 in city-53yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton,Coroner

Mrs.Nicholas Sesselman
2635 Reed Mary Harrington 41y16d City 04Dec1897 20Dec1938 Greenridge Saranac Lake,NY Housewife
C M 1936 237 in city-life Dr.J.Wood Price Daniel E. Harrington East Dorset,VT Margaret Fitzgerald Saratoga Springs Dick Reed

2636 Mihalek Joseph S. 51y1m2d Czechoslovakia 19Nov1887 21Dec1938 St. Peter's North Greenfield Laborer,Gov't Fur Farm
C M 1936 238 in city-20yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton,coroner Joseph Mihalek Czechoslovakia

Rose Kerin

2637 Roohan Patrick P. 67y10m4d City 23Feb1871 27Dec1938 St. Peter's 90 Middle Ave Retired operator,NY P&L
1936 239 in city-life Dr.James F.Roohan Patrick Roohan Queens Co.Ireland Ann Byrne Dublin,Ireland

2638 Gaffney Mary E. 74y City
29Dec1938 St. Peter's 46 Warren St. Housewife
C M 1936 240 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Edward O'Brien Co.Cork,Ireland Margaret McCarty Co.Cork,Ireland James J.Gaffney husband
2639 Reilly Anna B. 60y2m14d City 18Oct1878 01Jan1939 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Book keeper,Fuel Service Co
1936 241 in city-life Dr.G.S.Towne Wm.H.O'Reilly Ireland Hannah Convell Ireland
Ella Reilly.38Caroline St.
2640 Fogarty Ida May 72y7m23d Salisbury,VT 12May1866 04Jan1939 Holy Cross,Loundonberry,VT 36 E.Harrison St. Housewife
C W 1936 242 in city-3mo Dr.Ingham Joseph Defoe Canada Delia Provost Vermont Tom F.Fogarty Amy Fogarty
2641 Hopkins Abbie Shippee 57y8m25d West Mountain,NY 13Apr1881 07Jan1939 Whitford Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E M 1936 243 in city-life Dr.R.S.Hayden Fred Shippee,Sr. Day,NY Emma St. John Corinth,NY Thomas F. Hopkins husband,120 Clinton St.
2642 Fitzgerald Anna May 69y1m2d Moreau,NY 06Dec1869 08Jan1939 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E M 1936 244 in city-life Dr.R.S.Hayden ?? Gordonier

James E.Fitzgerald husbandm54Franklin St
2643 Dunlavey Daisy B. 54y3m30d City 11Sep1884 10Jan1939 Greenridge 34 Waterbury St./lived5Granger Housewife
C M 1936 245 in city-life Dr.R.Harrington Thomas Totten
Nellie Hamell Malone,NY Andrew J.Dunlavey husband
2644 DiLorenzo Querino (Rizziero) 47y Naples,Italy
10Jan1939 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Barber-own shop
1936 246 in city-5y,US31 Dr.R.S.Hayden Andrea DiLorenzo Naples,Italy Barbara Ciuaglione Naples,Italy

2645 Wegener Gustave 67y6m23d Chicago,Ill 23Jun1871 16Jan1939 Greenfield Center
Farmer-own farm
1936 247 15yrs in Greenfield Dr.R.S.Hayden Gustave Scotland Caroline Scholzel Germany
Henry Gluntz,Syracuse,NY
2646 Donahue Mary C. 38y9m3d Ballston Spa,NY 20Apr1900 23Jan1939 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital night operator,NY Tel,Co
1936 248 in city-35yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Jeremiah Donahue Glens Falls,NY Elizabeth A. Condon Saratoga Springs
lived 221 Caroline St.
2647 Maloney Thomas M. 64y1m18d City 11Dec1874 29Jan1939 St. Peter's 66 West Circular St. Retired yardmanD&HRR
1936 249 in city-life Dr.R.E.Harrington Michael Mahoney Queens Co.Ireland Margaret Doyle Kilkenny,Ireland

2648 Maginn Wm. John 76y10m19d Co.Tyrone,Ireland 12Mar1862 31Jan1939 St. Peter's 67 Catherine St. Merchant Grocery
C W 1936 250 in city-50yrs Dr.T.J.Goodfellow Patrick Maginn Co.Tyrone,Ireland Bridget McQuirk Co.Tyrone,Ireland Anna Breen Henry M.Maginn
2649 Weeks George 56y6m Middle Grove,NY
01Feb1939 Greenridge County House/Farm

1936 251 in city-life Dr.Ralph Post Jerome Weeks White Plains,NY Sarah Ross Saratoga Springs

2650 Dunlavey John F. 65y7m29d Glens Falls,NY 04Jun1873 03Feb1939 St.Mary's,So.Glens Falls 46 Park St. Janitor,City Casino
1936 252 in city-50yrs. Dr.F.J.Ressique Patrick Dunlavey Donegal,Ireland Mary Ann Kelly Dublin,Ireland
Mrs.Mervin Sanford
2651 McGee Marie 51y Co.Sligo,Ireland
03Feb1939 St. Peter's 225 Caroline St. Housekeeper,private family
1936 253 in city-29yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Thomas McGee Co.Sligo,Ireland Mary Kelly Co.Sligo,Ireland
Patrick McGee
2652 Gilgallon Elizabeth C. 69y7m22d
13Jun1869 04Feb1939 St. Peter's 73 Henry St. Housewife
C W 1936 254 in city-50yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique Peter Ryan Ireland Mary Higgins Ireland James R.Gilgallon Wilbur Gilgallon,Shackelford Apt
2653 Cleary Thomas R. 53y3m22d City 05Nov1885 27Feb1939 St. Peter's 24 Vermont Ave. Table maker,G.F.Harvey Co
1936 255 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley Frank Cleary Saratoga Springs Mary Sliney Saratoga Springs
Mrs.Frank O'Rourke,18Vermont
2654 Biggie Edward C. 54y10m30d Keene,NH 30Mar1884 01Mar1939 St. Peter's 24 Lincoln Ave. Storekeeper-groceries
C M 1936 256 in city-45yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Christopher Biggie Co.Meath,Ireland Celia Jones Edinburgh,NY Della Weafter wife
2655 Burnett Walter S. 59y2d Michigan 29Feb1880 03Mar1939 Greenridge Wilton,NY Storekeeper

M 1936 257 10yrs in Wilton Dr.M.J.Magovern Francis Scott Burnett Linden,Michigan ?? Kettle Linden,Michigan Minnie C. Albright wife
2656 Brooks John L. 74y6m9d
22Aug1864 03Mar1939 Greenridge 16 Cherry St. Retired Waiter
B W 1936 258 in city-50yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique John Brooks Maryland Rachel?? Maryland Aletha E. Johnson

2657 Dougherty Terence 75y11m10d Ontario,Canada 17Mar1863 07Mar1939 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Religious Brother
C S 1936 259 in city-5mUS70yr Dr.J.L.Kiley Terence Dougherty Ireland Catherine Reagan Ireland
St. Clement's
2658 Whipple John E. 51y8m14d North Creek,NY 27Jun1887 13Mar1939 Greenridge 23 Hyde St. Laborer
M M 1936 260 in city-48yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique Nathan Whipple The Glen,NY Eudora Pasco Athol,NY
Helen Whipple wife
2659 Stafford Ida V. 63y7m19d Renfreu,Canada 25Jul1865 14Mar1939 Stillwater,NY 84 VanDam St. Housewife
B W 1936 261 in city-60yrs Dr.Rockwell ?? Smith Canada
Canada Judson H. Stafford Lester H. Smith
2660 Ashline Michael 60y1m11d Plattsburgh,NY 11Feb1879 22Mar1939 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Farmer
C M 1936 262 3 mos in Greenfield Dr.T.J.Goodfellow Michael Ashline Plattsburgh Lucy Thompson Plattsburgh Cecelia Vesquez wife,RD#2,Ballston Spa
2661 Michalek Joseph 27y5m7d
29Oct1911 05Apr1939 St. Peter's Clark Hospital,Palmer,NY

1936 263
Dr.Johnson Joseph S.Mihalek Czechoslovakia Rose Kerin Czechoslovakia
mother, No.Greenfield
2662 Daniels Clara about 60 Somerset,England
06Apr1939 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital/lived61North St Closer,Clark Bros.Maple Ave
C W 1936 264 30yrsin cityUS35 Dr.J.L.Kiley ?? Heath England


2663 Nevins Robert 77y4m24d Schuylerville,NY 16Nov1861 09Apr1939 St. Mary's,Ballston Spa 17 West Harrison St Retired Liverman
C M 1936 265 in city-50yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Christopher Nevins Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary Skelley Co.Mayo,Ireland Margaret Whalen Mrs.James Giblin,Schenectady
2664 Farrington Emmett James 52y2m3d City 06Feb1887 09Apr1939 St. Peter's 87 Ludlow St VanRaalte machinist
C M 1936 266 in state-life Dr.R.Rockwell Eugene Farrington
Elizabeth Cornell
Katherine Sullivan wife
2665 Glenn Margaret 71y1m28d Donegal,Ireland 14Feb1868 11Apr1939 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital Domestic
1936 267 in city-29yrs Dr.John Dorey Wm. Glenn Ireland Mary Ryan Ireland
Wm.&Anna Glenn,118Hamilton
2666 Rocco Pasquale(Patrick) 36y11m16d Rotterdam Junction 29Apr1902 14Apr1939 Greenridge 40 Park Place Bar Tender-Rocco's,Lake Ave
1936 268 in city-22yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Dominick Rocco Caserta,Itlay Maria Mecca Caserta,Italy

2667 Welsh Thomas R. 35y5m27d Saratoga Springs 21Oct1903 17Apr1939 St. Peter's Cal. State Hospital

1936 269
Dr.Cushman, Meydoccus State Hospital Oscar Welsh Saratoga Springs Louella Rice Fort Miller,NY
2668 Powers Margaret G. 78y20d City 29Mar1861 18Apr1939 St. Peter's 167 Woodlawn Ave. Retired dressmaker
1936 270 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique Michael Powers Ireland Catherine Walsh Co.Cork,Ireland
Elizabeth Powers
2669 Cunningham Bridget 74y2m19d Co.Donegal,Ireland 02Feb1865 21Apr1939 St. Peter's 17 State St. Housewife
C W 1936 271 in city-51yrsUS56 Dr.A.J.Leonard Charles McIntrye Ireland/Scotland Hannah Dugan Ireland John Cunningham

2670 Hayes Margaret A. 77y Galway,NY
07May1939 St. Peter's Ticknor Sanitorium Housewife
C W 1936 272
Dr.G.S.Towne James Geary Ireland Eleanor Walsh Ireland Thomas B. Hayes Mrs.Wm.Sheehan
2671 Biggie Christopher E. 78y6d Co.Meathe,Ireland 10May1861 16May1939 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Watchman,WPA project
C M 1936 273 in city-54yrs Dr.Earl King James Biggie Ireland Katherine Agnew Ireland Celia Jones

2672 Nolan David C. 59y8m1d Albany,NY 16Sep1879 17May1939 St. Peter's 417 Broadway Doctor of Medicine
C M 1936 274 in city-30yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Michael Nolan Ireland Margaret Allman Tralee,Ireland Anna Sweeney wife
2673 Leonard Thomas 87y1m12d Norwich,Conn 05Apr1852 17May1939 St. Peter's 31 Franklin St. Retired Gen Contractor
C W 1936 275 in city-70yrs Dr.Robert Hayden Hugh Leonard Ireland Mary McMerney Ireland Mary Tracy Wm.E.Leonard
2674 Woods Mary E. 75yrs Charlton,NY
27May1939 Greenridge Tricknor Sanitorium Housewife
C W 1936 276 in city-life Dr.Howard Johnson James Geary Ireland Eleanor Walsh Ireland Wm. Woods Ella Harrington,186Washington
2675 Moody Lasett L. 64y7m29d Washington,D.C. 02Oct1874 31May1939 Greenridge McCarthy Hospital Housewife
A.M.E. W 1936 277 in city-5y8m Dr.R.H.McCarthy Thornton Jackson Alexandria,VA Mary Mercer Washington,D.C. Humphreu Moody Annette Belgrave,166Grand Ave
2676 Green Anna M. 69y7m17d City 15Oct1869 02Jun1939 Greenridge 45 Marvin St. Housewife
C W 1936 278 in city-life DR.F.J.Ressique Hugh Quinn Co.Fernanaugh,Ireland Anna Martin Co.Fermanaugh,Ireland Dr.Wm.Green Dr.Robert Green
2677 Memento Rose 70y1m11d Salerno,Italy 21Mar1869 02Jun1939 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 279 in city-30yrs Dr.John A. Esposito Frank Trotta Salerno,Italy Antoinette Mandone Salerno,Italy Costable Memento Phelomena Scarano
2678 Miller Lydia J. 72y2m23d So.Corinth,NY 09Mar1867 02Jun1939 So.Corinth Saratoga Hospital Housewife
M M 1936 280 in city-5yrs Dr.A.S.Dowas David Howe Saratoga County Esther Calkins Saratoga County Beatrice E. Miller Saratoga County
2679 Heekin Ann Elizabeth 65y26d City 11May1874 06Jun1939 St. Peter's 2 Pinewood Ave Ca of Breast
1936 281 in city-life Dr.Robert Bullard James Heekin Donegal,Ireland Mary McNiles Donegal,Ireland

2680 Patten William J. 53y3m1d City 09Mar1886 10Jun1939 St. Peter's Cor.Woodlawn& Church Trainman,D&HRR
C M 1936 282 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Henry Patten Kings Co.Ireland Mary Ann Cavanaugh Granville,VT Almeda Trudeau wife,19 State St.
2681 Delaney Thomas J. 56yrs City 1882 11Jun1939 St. Peter's 175 Lake Ave. Clerk-Race Track
1936 283 in city-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Thomas Delaney Ireland Ellen Kelly Ireland
Mrs.Henry Mazera
2682 Arnold Elizabeth A. 43y11m18d City 12Jul1895 30Jun1939 St.Mary's Ballston Spa Saratoga Hospital Linen Clerk, Wash. Baths
C M 1936 284 in city-life Dr.R.E.Harrington Alton Kearney Canada Catherine Caverly Greenfield,NY John W. Arnold Mrs.Maurice Kearney
2683 Rice Katherine Bridget 65y9m9d Co.Donegal,Ireland 12Sep1873 01Jul1939 St. Peter's 34 Waterbury St. Housewife
C M 1936 285 in city-45 yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Patrick McQuinley Co.Donegal,Ireland

John Rice

2684 Stebbins Albert E. 77y9m20d Utica,NY 18Sep1861 08Jul1939 Greenridge Amsterdam Road,Tw.of Milton Farmer-own farm
B M 1936 286 in Milton-18yrs Dr.Chas.Higley Wm.W.Stebbins Herkimer,NY Hannah Johnson Mayfield,NY Katherine Mura

2685 Flynn Agnes E. 46y9m5d City 06Oct1892 11Jul1939 St. Peter's 28 Marvin St. Housewife
C M 1936 287 in city-life Dr.Robert Rockwell Dennis Carey Co.Kerry,Ireland Margaret Kerens Albany,NY Edward M. Flynn husband
2686 Sommers Ralph H. 48y7d Albany,NY 04Jul1891 11JUl1939 Slate Hill,Sharon,NY Saratoga Hospital Laborer-WPA

M 1936 288 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived Camp Saratoga Oscar Sommers Scoharie,NY Minnie Beythe? Scoharie,NY Ethel Cornwell wife,Normandsville,NY
2687 McNeary William J. 82y11m6d Greenfield,NY 06Aug1856 12Jul1939 St. Peter's 63 Church St. Retired Liveryman-own business
C W 1936 289 in city-65yrs Dr.G.S.Towne John McNeary Ireland Margaret Danaher Ireland Elizabeth Fox

2688 Farrell John J. 22y7m2d City 14Dec1916 16Jul1939 St. Peter's East High St RR crossing Iceman-Hawkins Ice Co.
C M 1936 290 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton John T.Farrell Saratoga Springs Florence Crone Co.Kildare,Ireland Teresa Staiger

2689 Joyce Catherine 91y4m7d Co.Mayo,Ireland 17Mar1848 24Jul1939 St.Mary's,Hoosic Falls 22 Railroad Place Housewife
C W 1936 291 in city-31 yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Patrick Ratigan Co.Mayo,Ireland Bridget Millett Co.Mayo,Ireland Michael Joyce

2690 Freeman Alvin Lester 59y6m16d Racine,Wisc. 11Jan1880 27Jul1939 Greenridge 160 Spring St. Laundry Manager
M M 1936 292 in city-2yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Walter K.Freeman
Alice M.Russell
Claudia Winship Mrs.VanVechtenTrumbull
2691 Miner James F. 60y8m17d City 12Nov1878 29Jul1939 St. Peter's 107 Regent St. Retired Steward-NY A.C.
C M 1936 293 in State-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Clinton Miner Canada Mary Fleming Saratoga Springs Mary L.Leonard wife
2692 Granger Catherine 61y28d New York City 18Jul1878 15Aug1939 St. Peter's Glens Falls Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 294 in State-life Dr.J.Leonard Byrnes Patrick Kennedy Co.Tipperary,Ireland Catherine Daly Co.Tipperary,Ireland Claude Granger Carlton King,Atty
2693 Severance Lydia 84y5m5d Moreau,NY 11Mar1855 16Aug1939 Maplewood Louden Road-residence Housewife
E W 1936 295 15 yrs in Wilton Dr.Dooby Truman Viele Monroe Co.NY Mary A.Vandenburgh Northumberland Edw.Severance

2694 Grubb Hugo D. 44y4m25d City 28Mar1895 23Aug1939 Gurn Springs Saratoga Hospital Laborer
M M 1936 296 in State-life Dr.R.Bullard Harry Grubb Saratoga Springs Grace Goosebeck Saratoga Springs Pearl Brower wife
2695 Saur Ann R. 75y29d Wittenburg,Germany 03Aug1864 01Sep1939
Saratoga Hospital Housewife
L W 1936 297 USA-57yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton John Ruoff Wittenburg,Germany Barbara?? Wittenburg,Germany Peter Saur J.C.Saur,Schuylerville
2696 Gries Anna M. 87y6m19d Munich,Germany 13Feb1852 01Sep1939 St. Agnes,Albany Grand View Sanitorium Housewife
C W 1936 298

August Gries

2697 Casey Bridget E. 72yrs Bennington,VT
13Sep1939 Holy Redeemer,Sch Saratoga Lake Housewife
C W 1936 299 in city-10yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern ?? Cronin Ireland Mary Casey Ireland James W. Casey

2698 Dorsey Elizabeth V. 62y4m15d Saratoga Springs 10May1877 25Sep1939 St. Peter's 177 Nelson Ave Clerk,J.P.McGirr & Co
C W 1936 300 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick Malone Co.Cavan,Ireland Rose Co.Cavan,Ireland James Dorsey Francis Dorsey,137Nelson Ave
2699 Wager Eva May 45y10m18d City 14Nov1893 02Oct1939 Village,Ballston Spa Saratoga Hospital Housewife
Cong M 1936 301 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique Jesse Beagle Saratoga Springs Frances Green Greenwich,NY Albertica Wager husband,368Broadway
2700 Morey Robert E. 75y9m9d City 24Dec1863 03Oct1939 Greenridge 62 Catherine St. Retired Storekeeper
Cong W 1936 302 in city-life DR.John Humphrey Robert E.Morey Saratoga Springs Helen C.Verbeck Ballston Spa Mary E. Parker Elizabeth White,Ridgewood,NJ
2701 Halloren James 65y10m26d Town of Ballston 15Nov1873 11Oct1939 St.Mary's,Ballston Spa RD#1Lake Ave Truckman
C M 1936 303 in city-30yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Patrick Halloren Ireland Mary Hallinan Ireland Nellie H. Wells

2702 Halpin William H. 77y1m20d Mineville,NY 06Sep1862 26Oct1939 St. Peter's 12 Thomas St. Retired trainmanD&H
C M 1936 304 in city-65yrs Dr.Joseph Kiley William Halpin Ireland

M.Josephine James

2703 Dunnigan William J. 57y5m20d Saratoga Springs 08May1882 28Oct1939 St. Peter's St. Peter's Rectory Sexton,St. Peter's Church
C M 1936 305 in US-life Dr.Joseph Kiley William Dunnigan
Mary Riley Ireland Helen Burke

2704 Flynn Edmund D. 57y9m17d City 13Feb1882 30Oct1939 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Painter& Paper Hanger
1936 306
Dr.G.S.Towne David Flynn Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Corbett Co.Waterford,Ireland
Catherine Comiskey
2705 Riordan John 73y5m13d Co.Kerry,Ireland 18May1866 31Oct1939 St. Peter's 69 Wright St. Retired Chauffeur
C W 1936 307 in city-50yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Owen Riordan Co.Kerry,Ireland Catherine Foley Co.Kerry,Ireland Margaret Thomas

2706 Halpin Mary Josephine 67y10m20d Washington,D.C. 16Dec1871 05Nov1939 St. Peter's 12 Thomas St. Housewife
C W 1936 308 in US-50yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Joseph James England Sarah Brady Saratoga Springs Wm.H.Halpin

2707 Fitzpatrick Frank P. 61y6d City 18Nov1878 24Nov1939 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Plumbing Inspector-city
C M 1936 309 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique James Fitzpatrick Queens Co.Ireland Mary Moore Queens Co.Ireland Sophia Dusenbury wife-104VanDam St
2708 Parris Elizabeth 83y4m18d Schenectady,NY 07Jul1856 25Nov1939 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E W 1936 310 in State-life Dr.Hunt John P. Frost Baden,Baden,Germany Esther Wall Scotland Levi Parris City of Saratoga Springs
2709 McMahon Patrick 75y11m5d Cohoes,NY 29Dec1863 04Dec1939 St. Peter's Grand View Sanitorium Retired
1936 311 in city-15yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley/lived31 Federal St Michael McMahon Co.Clare,Ireland Hannorah Houlihan Co.Clare,Ireland
Walter McMahon,McVille
2710 Swanick Mary Elizabeth 80y6m18d City 21May1859 09Dec1939 St. Peter's 174 Washington St. at home
1936 312 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley Arthur Swamick Co.Mayo,Ireland Catherine Monahan Co.Cavan,Ireland

2711 Saxton Katherine M. 75y2m1d City 08Oct1864 09Dec1939 St. Peter's 195 Eashington St. at home
1936 313 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick Saxton Co.Cavan,Ireland Mary McCarthy Co.Kerry,Ireland

2712 Hammond Anna 40y6m7d Brooklyn,NY 09Jun1899 16Dec1939 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 314
Dr.Hunt Wm.Zorn Brooklyn,NY Bridget Canty Brooklyn,NY Justin W. Hammond husband,280Nelson Ave
2713 Pleasant James E. 75y1m18d Richmond,VA 01Nov1864 19Dec1939 Greenridge 18 Park St. Retired Butler colored B
1936 315 in city-5y6m Dr.R.Harrington

James Pleasant,Jr,NYCity
2714 Rhoades Frank E. 68y9m10d Crown Point,NY 15Mar1871 25Dec1939 Vale Horstman Drive,Scotia,NY RR Conductor,D&H
C M 1936 316 32y-SS,1y-Scotia Dr.Phillip Parillo Wm. Rhoades Crown Point,NY Adelaide Barrett Canada Ann A. Lieshier

2715 Gilhouse Fred W. 82y7m20d Saratoga Springs 03May1857 24Dec1939 St. Peter's Greenfield Center,NY Exposure,dementia
C M 1936 317 in city- life Dr.Joseph L. Kiley Frederick Gilhouse Berlin,Germany Sophia M.Tovee? England Francis E. Braim Edward Gilhouse,75Pinewood
2716 Smith Julia C. 61y9m6d Castle Pollard,Ireland 19Mar1878 26Dec1939 St. Peter's 19 1/2 Phila St. Housewife
C M 1936 318 20y-SS,50-USA Dr.J.L.Kiley John Cramer Ireland

Fred R. Smith husband
2717 DeLong Anna V. 59y9m15d Co.Mayo,Ireland 15Mar1880 30Dec1939 St. Peter's 299 Nelson Ave. Housewife
C M 1936 319 55y-SS,56-USA Dr.Robert Rockwell Michael Cassidy Co.Mayo,Ireland Norah Farrahar Co.Mayo,Ireland Geo.W.DeLong husband
2718 Brazee Harry Elien? 64y2m11d City 19Oct1875 30Dec1939 St. Peter's 183 Beekman St. Retired Super,Public Works
C M 1936 320 in city-life Dr.R.D.Bullard Frank Brazee Scoharie,NY Eliza Austin Saratoga Springs Catherine Sheehan wife
2719 Mitchell Caleb W., Jr. 34y5m29d City 06Jul1905 04Jan1940 Greenridge 81 State St. Watchman,Country Club
1936 321 in city-life Dr.E.J.Callahan Caleb. W.Mitchell Troy,NY Hannah Tefft Greenwich,NY
2720 Yeackel Margaret Alice 65y1m9d Albany,NY 26Nov1874 04Jan1940 St. Peter's 235 Nelson Ave. Housewife
C M 1936 322 in city-32yrs Dr.E.J.Callahan Michael Doyle Archertown,Ireland Mary Ellicot Troy,NY Henry M.Yeackel

2721 Eichler Susan 54y Czecho Slovakia
05Jan1940 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Housewife
C M 1936 323 17yrs-Greenfield Dr.L.A.Chadwick George Barna Czecho Slovakia Anna Czecho Slovakia John Eichler John Eichler,Jr.
2722 O'Connor Mary Agnes 61y11m23d Co.Kerry,Ireland 15Jan1878 07Jan1940 St. Peter's Dominican Convent Chamber Maid
1936 324 in city-40yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Jeremiah O'Connor Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary Reidy Co.Kerry,Ireland
Patrick O'Connor,Albany,NY
2723 Parmatier Julia J. 63y2m13d Rock City Falls,NY 28Oct1876 10Jan1940 St. Peter's 119 Catherine St. Housewife
C M 1936 325 in city-33yrs. Dr.F.G.Eaton Dennis Sullivan Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Flynn Co. Kerry,Ireland Joseph L.Parmatier

2724 Farrell John T. 51y29d City 14Dec1888 12Jan1940 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Painter
C M 1936 326 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Charles E.Farrell Saratoga Springs Mary E.Doherty North Adams,MA Florence Crone wife,Cresent&Jackson St.
2725 Dowd Thomas J. 83y9m14d City 01Apr1856 15Jan1940 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Retired Coachman
C W 1936 327 in city-life Dr.Earl H.King Matthew Dowd Co.Cavan,Ireland Bridget Monahan Ireland Annie Nalty Mrs.Thomas Hogan
2726 Sloane Perry B. 65y8m14d Florida 01May1874 15Jan1940 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Head Waiter,New Worden Hotel Negro Afr.Methodist W 1936 328 in city-25yrs. Dr.J.L.Kiley Perry Sloane
Maxie Caldwell Mrs.Delceita Kenerly
2727 Fitzgibbons Anne M. 87y Co.Limerick,Ireland
26Jan1940 St. Peter's McCarthy Hospital Retired Laundress
1936 329 in city-66yrs. Dr.R.H.McCarthy Daniel Fitzgibbons Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret Downs Co.Limerick,Ireland

2728 Tattersall Sarah Jane 69y11m20d Lancashire,England 07Feb1870 27Jan1940 Oak Grove,Fall River,MA 206 Circular St. Housewife
E W 1936 330 in city-4yrs. Dr.F.A.Eaton ?? Meadows Oldham Co.,England Mary Ann? Oldham Co.,England John W.Tattersall Mrs.Harold Smith
2729 Clarke Edward 49y3m25d Boston,Mass 10Oct1890 04Feb1940 Greenridge Camp Saratoga Laborer
1936 331 in city-6m18d Dr.Wm.Moore John Clarke
Jane Horton

2730 Mahar Lawrence H. 64y2m25d City 17Nov1875 11Feb1940 Greenridge 33 Franklin St. Custodian/City Hall
C M 1936 332 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique John Mahar Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary? Co.Carlow,Ireland Teresa Walsh

2731 Crowley Patrick 74y Ireland
18Feb1940 St. Peter's 170 Clinton St. Retired gas maker,NY P&L Co
C W 1936 333 in city- over 50 yrs. Dr.R.E.Harrington Patrick Crowley Ireland
Ireland Ellen Buckley

2732 McCall Florence H. 68y9m7d So. Carolina 14May1871 21Feb1940 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 334
Dr.R.S.Hayden ?? Herriott
Amanda Malpass
Joseph J. McCall

2733 Noonan Anna 66y7m1d Malta,NY 24Jul1873 25Feb1940 St. Mary's 5 Franklin Sq. Hotel Mgr. The Clinton
1936 335 in city-life Dr. Carl Comstock Michael Noonan Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Culhane Co.Limerick,Ireland

2734 Tracey Margaret 20y1m24d City 03Jan1920 27Feb1940 St. Peter's 254 Grand Ave. Student
1936 336
Dr.Robert Hayden John Tracey Saratoga Springs Catherine Eifler Astonia, L.I.
2735 Roselle Walter E. 43y7m15d City 15Jul1896 01Mar1940 Greenridge Albany City Hospital Telegrapher,Postal Tele,Troy,NY
C M 1936 337 7yrs in Albany Dr.Gates Fred W. Roselle Saratoga Springs Catherine Dwyer Hoosick Falls,NY Emma Neal Edw. R.Henning
2736 Malloy James 77y4m13d Brooklyn,NY 21Oct1862 05Mar1940 Greenridge 18 Andrews St. Bar Tender- Grand Union

1936 338 in city-12yrs Dr.R.D.Bullard Thomas Malloy Ireland Ann O'Rourke Ireland
Helen Calligan,Brooklyn
2737 Fuller Laura O. 97y1m199d Wilton,NY 18Jan1843 08Mar1940 Gurn Spring 128 Grand Ave. Housewife
E W 1936 339 in city-life Dr.R.H.McCarthy Charles Ellsworth
Scott Fuller Minnie Ellsworth.Teaneck,NJ
2738 Burch Julia 67y3m Washington County,NY 11Dec1872 11Mar1940 Maplewood 107 Lawrence St. Housework
Sal.Army W 1936 340 in city-60yrs Dr.Wm.Moore Aaron Osborn
Edward Burch Mrs.Fred Hennaberry
2739 Cronin Abbie abt.83yrs Wilton,NY
15Mar1940 St. Peter's 75 Lawrence St. Housework at home
1936 341 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique Marcus Cronin Ireland Ellen Reilly Ireland
Laura Crane
2740 Garant Sarah E. 74y2m28d Albany,NY 21Dec1865 19Mar1940 St. Peter's 28 Warren St. Housewife at home
C M 1936 342 in city-50yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Harry Hill
Rosanna Murphy
Frank W. Garant husband
2741 Leonard John E. 83y7m13d Stony Creek,NY 06Aug1856 19Mar1940 St. Mary's 165 Division St. Retired farmer
C W 1936 343
Dr.A.J.Leonard Hugh L.Leonard Ireland Mary McNierney Ireland Alice F.Tethers

2742 McCrea James S. 85y3m25d Canada 05Dec1854 30Mar1940 St. Peter's 41 Jefferson St. retired boiler tender
C M 1936 344 in city-65yrs Dr.R.S.Hayden James McCrea Scotland Sarah Curran Scotland Delia Cassidy

2743 Hennissey James W. 78y11m16d Moriah,NY 15Apr1861 01Apr1940 St. Peter's 126 White St. Building Contractor
C W 1936 345
Dr.R.S.Hayden John Hennissey Ireland Bridget Mullen Ireland Mary B. Gannon

2744 Kirby Katherine E. 61y1m29d City 03Feb1879 01Apr1940 St. Peter's 198 Circular St. Housewife
C W 1936 346 in city-life Dr. R.S.Hayden John Tighe Saratoga Springs Ellen Sheridan Co.Mayo,Ireland Nicholas Kirby

2745 Hubbard George E. 70y8m25d Coveville,NY 09Jul1869 03Apr1940 St. Peter's Marshall's,Troy,NY retired,engineer-waterworks
C M 1936 347 in city-over60yrs Dr. Blackmer George E. Hubbard Saratoga Co.,NY Mary Farrell Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary J.Kahn wife,73VanDam St.
2746 Fay Isabelle A. 74y9m22d Co.Down,Ireland 12Jun1865 03Apr1865 Greenridge 17 West Harrison St. housewife at home
C W 1936 348 in city-60yrs Dr.Wm.Moore John Breen Co.Down,Ireland Elizabeth Gilmore Co.Down,Ireland John Fay Mary Fay
2747 Hurley William J. 60y8m2d City 04Aug1879 06Apr1940 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Pressman-Saratogian
C M 1936 349 in city-life Dr. J.L.Kiley George Hurley Schaghticoke,NY Elmira Tredeau Malone,NY Margaret Campbell

2748 Gorman Annie M. 65y10m7d Co.West Meathe,Ireland 31May1874 07Apr1940 St. Peter's 50 York Ave. Housewife at home
C M 1936 350 in city-38yrs. Dr.R.Rockwell Patrick Farrell Co.West Meathe,Ireland Catherine Hyland Co.West Meathe,Ireland Dennis J.Gorman Mary K.Gorman
2749 Ryan Mary F. 83y8m23d Ausonia, Conn 17Jul1856 09Apr1940 St. Peter's 134 Church St, 2nd floor housework at home
1936 351 in city-39yrs Dr.R.E.Rockwell Wm.J.Ryan Kilkenny,Ireland Mary Farrell Kilkenny,Ireland

2750 Dolan James 80y5m17d Milton Center,NY 26Oct1859 12Apr1940 St. Peter's 6 Congress Ave. retired foundry foreman
C W 1936 352 in city-34yrs. Dr. Wm. H. Moore John Dolan Ireland Bridget Ireland Charlotte Hess

2751 Kanaly Dennis F. 61y7m24d City 29Aug1878 22Apr1940 St. Peter's 275 Nelson Ave retired janitor Sar High School
C M 1936 353 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley Dennis Kanaly Co.Cork,Ireland Bridget Hayes Co.Cork,Ireland Nellie J. Driscoll

2752 Trahan Joseph 76y11d Quebec,Canada 25Apr1864 06May1940 Middle Grove Middle Grove retired farmer
C M 1936 354 in city-60yrs Dr.John Esposito ? Trahan Canada
Canada Edith Thibodeau

2753 O'Connell Maurice 72y11m20d Co.Cork,Ireland 28May1867 18May1940 St. Peter's 15 Alger St Caretaker
C M 1936 355 in city-55yrs Dr.Wm. Moore Timothy O'Connell Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Hannigan Co. Cork,Ireland Nora Cronin wife
2754 Meigher Mary 70yrs Troy, NY
21May1940 St. Peter's 1086 University Pl,Schenectady Housewife
C W 1936 356 in Schenec-25yrs Dr.Chas. Maxwell Frank Doherty Ireland

John J. Meigher Helen Meigher
2755 McGrath John E. 66y1m3d Schaghticoke, NY 18Apr1874 24May1940 Central Bethelhem,NY 41 Waterbury St. retired bartender,Millett's
C M 1936 357 in city-30yrs Dr.Joseph Kiley Michael McGrath Ireland Katherine McRedmond Ireland Agnes Troidle wife
2756 Cole Zelum 86y7m3d Kinderhook,NY 22Oct1853 25May1940 Greenridge 16 Joshua Ave Retired laborer, City S.S.

M 1936 358 in city-50yrs Dr. Malcolm Magovern Rochal Cole North Bay,Oneida Co. Elizabeth Ducher North Bay, NY Anna Munn John Cole
2757 Casey Anna Stella 89y10m22d
04Jul1850 26May1940 St. Peter's 211 Union Ave Retired Housewife
1936 359 in city-65yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard ?? O'Hare

Harry Monaghan, NYC
2758 Holden Frank 77y3m11d Wilton, NY 17Feb1863 28May1940 Greenridge Scotia, NY/lived25Hutchin St. retired painter,Ross-Ketchum

M 1936 360 in city-60yrs Dr.H.B.Groesbeck Solomon B. Holden
Mary Beagle
Anna Schermerhorn wife
2759 Lysett Mary E. 66y6m9d Mineville,NY 22Nov1873 31May1940 St. Peter's Church Ave, Ballston retired housewife
C W 1936 361 in city-30yrs Dr.Ralph Post Daniel Fitzpatrick Peru, NY Mary Maloney
Thomas Lysett Mrs.Raymond Randall
2760 Glean Mary E. 57y1m16d Saratoga Springs 15Apr1883 31May1940 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife at home
C M 1936 362 in city-life Dr.Fred G. Eaton George Place Corinth, NY Ellen M. Conaugh Smith's Basin, NY Ernest Glean husband,168 Clinton
2761 Hamell William C. 75y4m6d Malone, NY 31Jan1865 06Jun1940 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital draftsman,Baker Mgf.Co
C M 1936 363
Dr.J.L.Kiley Horace Hamell Malone, NY Roselle Shortsleeves Malone, NY Anna Buckley

2762 Belleau Edward 60y9m16d East Berkshire,VT 24Aug1879 09Jun1940 St. Joseph,Waterford Homestead Sanitorium Attend.gas station,Carroll
C M 1936 364 in Wilton-14yrs Dr.Chadwick Henry Belleau Quebec, Canada Rose Hart Vermont Philomene Bellrose

2763 Carey Rosella M. 49y9m22d City 22Aug1890 13Jun1940 St. Peter's 5 1/2 Winter St. Troy, NY Housewife
C M 1936 365 in Troy-4yrs Dr.John J. Keenan Patrick Malone Co.Cavan,Ireland Rosella Mohan Ireland Edmund D. Carey husband
2764 Comiskey Edward abt. 80yrs Northumberland
19Jun1940 St. Mary's,Schuylerville McCarthy Hospital Watchman,City S.S.
1936 366 in city-60yrs Dr.R.H.McCarthy Michael Comiskey Co.Cavan,Ireland Mary Jane Peterson Castleton,NY
Mary Cunningham
2765 Carey Minnie Dillon 71y7m14d Greenfield Center 08Nov1868 22Jun1940 St. Peter's 65 York Ave Housewife
C M 1936 367 in city-34yrs Dr.Earl King John Dillon Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary Costello Co.Limerick,Ireland John J. Carey husband
2766 Ketchum Mary Jane 79y5m10d Whitehall,NY 24Jan1861 04Jul1940 Greenridge 101 Lawrence St. Housewife

M 1936 368 in city-31yrs. Dr.J.L.Kiley Richard Edmonds Co.Wexford,Ireland Anne Winter Co.Wexford,Ireland Geo.A. Ketchum Alice Davis,103Circular
2767 Cassidy Catherine C. 61y5m17d Fort Edward,NY 22Feb1879 09Jul1940 St. Peter's 154 Woodlawn Ave. Housewife
C M 1936 369
Dr.F.G.Eaton John Condon Ireland Elizabeth Long Co.Tipperary,Ireland Martin J. Cassidy

2768 Grooms Anna J. 73y4m6d City 13Mar1867 19Jul1940 Greenridge 14 East Harrison St. Housewife
C W 1936 370
Dr.M.J.Magovern Bernard Galligan Co.Cavan,Ireland Anna Meghanity Co.Downs,Ireland Chas.E. Grooms

2769 Raymond George H. 69y11m30d City 23Jul1870 22Jul1940 Greenridge McCarthy Hospital watchman-machinist,D&H

W 1936 371 in city-life Dr.R.H.McCarthy Horace P. Raymond Schenectady,NY Mary E.Harkness Albany,NY Minnie Brayman Lewis A. Raymond
2770 McGee Margaret A. 30y25d Schuylerville 11Jul1910 06Aug1940 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 372 in city-30yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Hilaire Galaise Plattsburg, NY Nellie Carroll Schuylerville, NY Joseph J. Raymond lived-263 East Ave.
2771 Roohan Daniel A. 78y6m25d City 07Feb1862 01Sep1940 St. Peter's 43 York Ave. Retired Plumber
C M 1936 373 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique Patrick Roohan Queens Co.Ireland Ann Byrne Dublin,Ireland Delia Condon

2772 Reiff William J. 85y13d Cologne,Germany 22Aug1855 04Sep1940 St. Peter's 54 White St. retired City Marshall
C W 1936 374 in city-50yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Wm. Reiff Germany Margaret Germany Roseanna O'Reilly Wm.J.Reiff,Jr
2773 McCarty Wm.Henry"Harry" 63y11m17d SanFrancisco,CA 24Sep1876 10Sep1940 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Newspaper man,Racing Tab
C M 1936 375
Dr.Rockwell Daniel McCarty Co.Cork,Ireland Cassie O'Donnell Cambridge,Mass Mary C.McFarlane wife,235West End Ave,NYC
2774 Conroy Lillian V. 55y8m19d City 24Dec1884 12Sep1940 St. Peter's 40 Marvin St. Secretary for Mr. Elmore
1936 376 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique Cornelius T.Conroy Dublin,Ireland Anna Duane Ireland
Mrs.Katherine Scanlon
2775 Ramsey Thomas 24y11m20d Palmer Falls,NY 01Oct1915 21Sep1940 West Mount,Glens Falls Rock St.crossing,D&H RR Coal carrier,Sar.Coal Co.
1936 377 in city-20yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton John H. Ramsey Queensbury,NY Cora Newton Ft. Edward, NY
Mother,143 Jefferson St.
2776 Fitzpatrick James 71y4m13d Pittsford, VT 13May1869 26Sep1940 Pittsford,VT Bradford, PA retired lunch room prop.
1936 378

Daniel Fitzpatrick Queens Co.Ireland Mary Connell Rutland,VT
Mary Crooks,249 Nelson Ave
2777 McGoff Michael E. 65y5m25d City 10Apr1875 05Oct1940 St. Peter's 14 Cottage St-rear Plumber-19yrs St.Reservation
1936 379 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Michael McGoff Co.Mayo,Ireland Ann Quinn? Co.Fermanaugh,Ireland

2778 Thompson Laura May 68y4m10d North Adams, Mass 05Jun1872 15Oct1940 St. Agnes,N.Adams,MA 1 Gridley Ave. Housewife
C M 1936 380 in city-43yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Louis Deuquet Quebec,Canada Laura Butler North Adams,Mass Wm.J.Thompson husband
2779 Malloy Katherine 75yrs NY City
22Oct1940 St. Peter's Providence Rest Home,Bronx Housewife
C W 1936 381 in city-50yrs

P.Frank Malloy Mrs.James Garry,170Lake Ave.
2780 Hudson Anna 48yrs City ??Jul1892 23Oct1940 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 382 in city-life Dr.C.D.Hunt John Perry NY State Katherine Kiley Victory Mills, NY Orville Hudson lived 137 Ash St.
2781 Serrell ? Mal? 57y5m19d Port Antonio,Jamaica 17May1883 05Nov1940 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Waiter,Pillars Club Negro
M 1936 383 in city-14yrs Dr.C.D.Hunt Henry Serrell? Jamaica
Jamaica Vernetta Lewis wife, 51 Court St.
2782 Glenn Margaret 67y11d Co.Liex,Ireland 31Oct1873 11Nov1940 St. Peter's 118 Hamilton St. Housewife
C M 1936 384 in city-20yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley John O'Grady Co.Liex,Ireland Mary Frye Co.Liex,Ireland Wm. Glenn

2783 McCarty Richard H. 75y10m16d Grangerville,NY 31Dec1864 16Nov1940 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Doctor of medicine
C W 1936 385 in city-47yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton James McCarty Ireland Mary Fitzgerald NY State M.Nulty,A.Flatley

2784 Cook Julia A. 70y1m22d Warrensburg.NY 06Oct1870 28Nov1940 Greenridge 80 Walnut St. Housewife at home

W 1936 386 in city-54yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Moses Wood
Lucy Jane Streeter
Harvey J. Cook Mrs.Dan Shayne,80Catherine St.
2785 James Mary Ann 83y28d City 01Nov1857 29Nov1940 St. Peter's 18 James St. Housewife
C M 1936 387 in city-life Dr.G.S.Towne Alonzo Burdick Greenfield,NY ?? Corbett
Byron James

2786 Thompson Sarah E. 93y4m20d Fort Ann,NY 14Jul1847 09Dec1940 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife Negro A.M.E.Zion W 1936 388 in city-75yrs Dr.W.H. Moore Orville Gansvoort

Amos L. Thompson Alfred Thompson,35Walworth
2787 Perry Iris C. 85y3m19d Wilton,NY 21Aug1855 10Dec1940 Gurn Spring Wynn Conv. Home Housewife
B W 1936 389
Dr.W.H. Moore Matthew Folts Frankfort,NY Magdelin Schermerhorn Moreau,NY Arthut M. Perry lived 6 Lake Ave.
2788 Halsey Harry Rogers 61y5m5d New Bridge, NJ 08Jul1879 13Dec1940 Cypress Hill,Brooklyn 60 Lake Ave,firehouse Fireman, City S.S.
C M 1936 390 in city-27yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton James E. Halsey Newburyport,Mass Anna M.Robinson Brooklyn,NY Beatrice DeVoy lived Maple Vista,Grenfield
2789 Eldridge Elizabeth F. 41y6m24d City 30May1899 24Dec1940 St. Peter's 103 White St. Housewife
C M 1936 391
Dr.Cornthwaite Wm. Fitzgerald Saratoga Springs Margaret O'Brien Saratoga Springs LeRoy Eldridge husband
2790 Crosthwaite Samuel 76y10m15d Dublin,Ireland 10Feb1864 25Dec1940 Maplewood Village of Alps,Tw of Nassau Retired stove dealer
P M 1936 392
Dr.Frank Davenport Leland B. Crosthwaite England Sophia Richards England M.Edwards,J.Ireland

2791 Tracey Owen 80y8m10d Co.Mayo,Ireland 12May1860 22Jan1941 St. Peter's out Grand Ave farmer-own farm
C W 1936 393
Dr.J.L.Kiley Patrick Tracey Co.Mayo,Ireland Catherine Burke Ireland Margaret Hines Mrs. John Tracey,252Grand
2792 O'Brian Anna 50y4m20d City 09Sep1890 29Jan1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 394 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique Thomas H. Abbott Saratoga Springs Ellen Sheehan Hydeville,VT Martin J. O'Brian husband,67Lawrence St.
2793 Snyder Royal A. 73y3m2d City 31Oct1867 02Feb1941 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Elec.Eng.Baker Mfg. Co.
E M 1936 395 in city-life Dr.Robert Rockwell Wm. Snyder Saratoga Springs Mary Stoddard Luzerne, NY Julia Cogswell wife,210 Lake Ave.
2794 Callahan Julia A. 89y19m22d Easton,NY 16Mar1851 07Feb1941 Greenridge 153 VanDam St. Retired School Teacher
1936 396 in city-81yrs. Dr.M.J.Magovern Dennis Callahan Ireland Ellen Mohan Ireland
Miss Mary Mumford
2795 Dwyer Mary A. abt.66yrs Co.Mayo,Ireland
13Feb1941 St. Peter's 89 Ash St. Housewife
C W 1936 397 in city >50yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington Peter Monaghan Co.Mayo Ireland Ellen Kelly Co.Mayo,Ireland Richard J. Dwuer Mrs.Francis Christopher
2796 Stevens George Henry 48y6m1d Troy, NY 16Aug1892 17Feb1941 St. Peter's 195 West Ave Policeman,City of S.S.
C M 1936 398 in city-25yrs Dr.Wm.H.Moore James H. Stevens Troy, NY Mary A. Powderly Troy, NY Bessie Farrington wife
2797 Hazard Margaret Rose abt. 75yrs Armenia abt 1866 25Feb1941 St. Peter's 37 State St. Housewife
C W 1936 399 in city-50yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton

John D. Hazard

2798 Sweeney Michael J. 53y7m15d Watervliet, NY 14Jul1887 01Mar1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Foreman-W.P.A.
1936 400 in city-life Dr.Webster Moriata Thomas A. Sweeney Saratoga Springs Ellen M. Shay Saratoga Springs
Miss Helen Sweeney
2799 Lansil Oscar 85y4m16d Bangor,Maine 16Oct1855 04Mar1941 Greenridge 29 1/2 Division St. Retired Carpenter
P W 1936 401 in city-62yrs. Dr.R.E.Harrington James P.Lansil Bangor, Maine Martha Colby Bangor,Maine Kate S/ Collard

2800 McNeary Edward J. 30y4m6d City 30Oct1910 06Mar1941 St. Peter's 63 Church St. Painter-Wm.J.McNeary,Jr
1936 402 in city-life Dr.G.S.Towne Wm.J.McNeary Greenfield,NY Elizabeth Fox Rock City, NY
Miss Mary McNeary
2801 Decoteau Rose 30y8m26d Richwood, W VA. 14Jun1909 12Mar1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 403
Dr.F.G.Eaton Joseph Mihalek Czecho Slovakia Rose Kerinowa Czecho Slovakia Joseph Decoteau husband, 2 James St.
2802 Robinson Eliza J. 76y3m23d Oneida Co.NY 30Nov1864 23Mar1941 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E M 1936 404 in city-52yrs Dr.W.Moriata Samuel DeFrees Oneida Co.NY Jane Bitely Hudson Falls,NY Louis C. Robinson husband,545 Broadway
2803 Ahearn Elveretta 83yrs Chesire, Mass ??Jun1857 24Mar1941 St. Peter's, Troy 32 Caroline St. Housewife
C W 1936 405 in city-35yrs Dr.Wm.Moore John LeBarron
Daniel Ahearn City Saratoga Springs
2804 Mosher Martha Glorioso 26y2m20d Long Island City,NY 06Jan1915 26Mar1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 406 in city-23yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Pasquale Glorioso Naples,Italy Maria Derubco Naples, Italy James Mosher father,85 Beelman St.
2805 Nihill Mary Elizabeth 61y1m27d Tipperary, Ireland 02Feb1880 29Mar1941 St. Peter's 210 Regent St. retired School Teacher
1936 407 in city-56yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington John Nihill Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary Fitzgibbons Co.Tipperary,Ireland

2806 Hanrahan Mary Ann 71y9m19d Greenfield,NY 10Jun1869 29Mar1981 St. Peter's 79 White St. Housewife
C W 1936 408 in city-60yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Timothy Driscoll Co.Cork,Ireland Catherine Shea Co.Cork,Ireland James J. Hanrahan Hannah Driscoll,275Nelson
2807 Riff Leo 64y4m8d Alsace Loraine 24Nov1876 01Apr1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Farmer-own farm
1936 409 26yrs-Greenfield Dr.John Esposito Nicholas Riff Alsace Loraine Philomena Gross Greenfield,NY

2808 Swartfigure Mary C. 76y11m29d City 10Apr1864 09Apr1941 St. Peter's 203 Circular St. Housewife
C W 1936 410 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Michael Lennon Ireland Johannah Laudres Ireland Fred Swartfigure Mrs.Wm.Mullady
2809 Manders? Julia 72y7m29d Hammondville,NY 12Aug1868 11Apr1941 Greenridge 41 VanDam St. Housewife
E W 1936 411
Dr.J.L.Kiley Thomas Walsh Ireland
Ireland Duffield Manders John H. Manders
2810 Cox Margaret Ryan 82y8m19d Richmond, VA 26Jul1858 15Apr1941 Greenridge 57 Nelson Ave (Doyle) Housewife
C W 1936 412 in city-54yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Wm. Ryan Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret McCarthy Co.Limerick,Ireland Abraham Cox,Jr Mrs.Frank Keehan
2811 Ryan Catherine "Kitty" T. 66y1m3d Easton, NY 17Mar1875 20Apr1941 St.John's,Schaghticoke Lynn Hospital Rooming House Prop.
1936 413 45 yrs in Lynn,Mass Dr.D.Delcampo Stephen Ryan Co.Tipperary,Ireland Delia Heffron Galway,Ireland
Margaret Ryan,32 First St.
2812 Harris Edith W. 42y11m7d Torrington,Conn 18May1898 25Apr1941 St. Peter's West Circular St. Nurse Att. Bath House
C M 1936 414 in city-19yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington James Wilson Willinatic, Conn Elizabeth?? Torrington,Conn Edw. J. Harris Mrs.Simpson F. Boyle
2813 Jenkins Ernest E. 62y3m4d Hadley,NY 21Jan1879 25Apr1941 Rural,Corinth 80 Walnut St. Carpenter
Nazarene M 1936 415 in city-35yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Leonard Jenkins Albany Co.NY Lucy Barris So.Corinth,NY Martha Prothro

2814 Coen Abby Harrington 62y1m18d City 08Mar1879 26Apr1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital at home
C W 1936 416 in city-life Dr. Robert Hayden Dennis Harrington Co.Cork,Ireland Margaret O'Brien Co.Cork,Ireland James L.Coen

2815 Daly Bernard F. 69y9m24d Poultney,VT 06Jul1871 30Apr1941 St. Peter's 13 Stratton St. Gardner
C M 1936 417 in city-45yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington Charles Daly West Meath, Ireland Bridget L'Estrange West Meath,Ireland Josephine G.Sullivan

2816 Hanley Thomas Charles 78y4m6d Poultney,VT 24Dec1862 30Apr1941 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Priest
C S 1936 418 in city-11yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley James Hanley Co.Roscommon,Ireland Ellen Hanley Co.Roscommon,Ireland
St. Clement's
2817 Gallup Susan A. 68y8m24d Edinburgh,NY 12Aug1872 06May1941 Rural, Corinth 488 !/2 Broadway retired glove insp.Clark tex.
1936 419 in city-40yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Edgar W. Gallup Washington Co,NY Amanda Howard Corinth,NY
Fannie Gallup
2818 O'Connor Elizabeth C. 56y7m9d Orillia,Ont.Canada 29Sep1884 08May1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Clerk,E.D.Starbuck's&Co
1936 420 in city-38yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton James O'Connor Co.Kerry,Ireland Norah O'Sullivan Co.Kerry,Ireland
Nora J. O'Connor
2819 Fleming James Michael 63y6m2d Saratoga Springs 10Nov1877 12May1941 St. Peter's RD-Maple Ave,Greenfield Bartender,Colonial Tavern
C M 1936 421 11yrs Greenfield Dr.Fred Ressique John F. Fleming Saratoga Springs Katherine Radigan Ballston Spa,NY Margaret Phillips wife
2820 O'Reilly Emma Waldron 67y Albany,NY abt.1874 15May1941 St. Agnes,Albany,NY 41 Park St. At Home
C W 1936 422 in city-31yrs Dr.Malcolm Magovern William Waldron
Rose Kelly Ireland Michael O'Reilly Mrs. Robert Anibal
2821 Sheehan Edward Thomas 61y3m5d St. Albans, VT 17Feb1880 22May1941 Holy Cross,S.Albans Saratoga Hospital ret'd Machinist,Baker Mfg
1936 423 in city-21yrs Dr.R.E.Rockwell John Sheehan Ireland Mary Donovan Northfield,VT
Charles Sheehan,VT
2822 Reilly Ella S. abt.64yrs City
01Jun1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Retired seamstress
1936 424 in city-life Dr. Hunt Wm. H. O'Reilly Ireland Hannah Conwell Ireland
2823 Farrington Katherine C. 48y3m3d City 14Mar1893 17Jun1941 St. Peter's Albany City Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 425 in city-life Dr.Weary Martin Sullivan Malone,NY Mary A.Lee Montreal,Canada Emmett J.Farrington lived 87Ludlow St.
2824 Sheridan Katherine 68yrs Co.Mayo,Ireland ??Jul?? 21Jun1941 St. Peter's 125 Woodlawn Ave At Home
1936 426 in city-48yrs Dr.R.S.Hayden John Sheridan Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary Higgins Co.Mayo,Ireland
May & Lena Sheridan
2825 Peets Joseph M. 66y8m19d Merrells,NY 19Oct1874 08Jul1941 St. Mary's,So.Glens Falls 139 Lincol;n Ave RR Engineer,D&HRR
C M 1936 427 in city-28yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Zacharias Peets Peru,NY Adele Robare Peru,NY Rose Maloney wife
2826 Swenor Ellen G. 76y8d New Haven,VT 11Jul1865 19Jul1941 St.Ambrose,Bristol,VT 69 Maple Ave. Housewife
C W 1936 428 in city-7yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Wm. Garrow
Delia King
Edward Swenor Mrs.Edw.L.Coy/Cox
2827 Hannon Mary Ann 83y5m4d City 15Feb1858 19Jul1941 Greenridge 130 VanDam St. Housewife
C W 1936 429 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Thomas Dowd
?? Donovan
James H. Hannon Misses Hannon,130VanDam
2828 Stever David 74y4m26d Town of Milton,NY 26Feb1867 22Jul1941 Village,Ballston Spa 99 White St. Carpenter,State Reservation
M M 1936 430 in city-28yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton David Stever Milton,NY Athens Ohil Ballston Spa, NY Mary Maloney Noyes wife
2829 Mulvihill Daniel 72y8m14d Victory Mills,NY 14Nov1868 28Jul1941 St.Mary's,Schuylerville Wynn Sanitorium Insp.Victory Cotton Mill
1936 431 in city-12yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Thomas Mulvihill Co.Longford,Ireland Catherine Dee Co.Waterford,Ireland
Katherine Hayes lived 25 Franklin St.
2830 Laing Jesse W. 58y5m12d
22Feb1883 03Aug1941 St. Peter's 57 North St. ret'd typesetter,Lawrence Co.
C W 1936 432
Dr.F.G.Eaton William Laing Northumberland Helen Palmer Northumberland Mary Maher Benton

2831 Maher Wm. P. 40y11m11d Co.Tipperary,Ireland 24Aug1900 04Aug1941 St. Peter's 8 Lincoln Ave Carpenter
C M 1936 433 in city-15yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Patrick Maher Co.Tipperary,Ireland Katherine Dugan Co. Tipperary,Ireland Mary Ann Dalton

2832 Goodrich Jenny Ann 80y3m3d Cambridge, NY 03May1861 06Aug1941 Evergreen,Lebanon Spgs 16 Joshua Ave. Housewife

W 1936 434 in city4days Dr.M.J.Magovern

Alexander Goodrich Mrs.John Cole,16Joshua Ave lived101Ferry St,Troy
2833 Collins Daniel, Rev. 65y1m19d Charlestown,MA 21Jun1876 09Aug1941 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Priest
C S 1936 435 in city-5yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley James Collins Co.Cork,Ireland Mary A. Kelliher Co.Cork,Ireland
St. Clement's
2834 Farrell Matthew Joseph 23y11m3d City 06Sep1917 09Aug1941 St. Peter's Albany City Hospital Dyer,VanRaalte Silk mill
C M 1936 436 in Albany-4days Dr.Southwick Patrick J. Farrell Limerick,Ireland Mary Mathews Gorman Pennsylvania Ruth Bennett

2835 Chase Lillian E. 63y10m14d Newcomb, NY 11Oct1877 25Aug1941 Newcomb,NY 137 Maple Ave none-at home
1936 437 in city-25yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique Floraniond Chase Long Lake,NY Emogene Bissell Newcomb,NY
Jesse & Wm.Chase
2836 Rauh Anton abt 73yrs Germany
25Aug1941 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Barber
1936 438 in city-35yrs+ Dr.F.J.Ressique ?? , MD Germany

Carleton King lived 44 Henry St.
2837 Connery John J. 50y11m4d Williamstown.MA 27Sep1890 31Aug1941 St. Peter's 47 Catherine St. Trainman,D&HRR
C M 1936 439
Dr.G.S.Towne John Connery Greenfield,NY Mary Kelly Boston,NY Agnes Ide wife
2838 Burch Eugene Harold 46y5m22d Greenwich,NY 11Mar1895 03Sep1941 Bay St,Glens Falls Saratoga Hospital Paper Maker,Int.Paper Co.
E M 1936 440 in city-7yrs Dr.F.J.Eaton,coroner Henry Burch
Maude Gardhpe?
Elizabeth reid City of S.S.
2839 Saxton Kathryn M. 51y4m2d City 06May1890 08Sep1941 St. Peter's Jones Convalescent Home Housewife
C M 1936 441 in city-life Dr.R.Bullard Edward H. Keehan Greenfield Center Mary Bartley Co.Limerick,Ireland Russell N. Saxton husband,41 Union St.
2840 Murphy Timothy abt 59yrs Liverpool,England
09Sep1941 Cambridge,Mass Albany City Hospital

1936 442 2yrs+ in Albany
Timothy Murphy Co.Cork,Ireland Anna Hayes Co.Cork,Ireland

lived49Madison Ave,Albany
2841 Popham Leonie E. 33y11m20d New York City 21Sep1907 10Sep1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital none Negro C
1936 443 in city-13yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Ernest Popham South America Frances Popham New York City
Mother,91Walworth St.
2842 Lewis Ernest Francis 55y17d St. Albans,VT 26Aug1886 12Sep1941 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Foreman-Nurseries,NYS
B M 1936 444 in city-25yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Henry Lewis St. Albans,VT Emma Burnett Iona,NY Gertrude Coolon wife,208Lake Ave
2843 Osborne Hallie 31y21d Fairmount,NC 26Aug1910 16Sep1941 Fairmount,NC Saratoga Hospital Housewife & maid colored AMEZion M 1936 445 in city-5yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Marvin Durant Sumpter,S.C. Hattie Bowder Warsaw, N.C. Samuel Osborne husband,48 1/2 Caroline St.
2844 Joggerat Theresa(Sister Mariana) 50y8m16d Binghamton,NY 02Jan1891 18Sep1941 So.Glens Falls St. Joseph's Convent Religious
C S 1936 446 in city-8yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard August Joggerat Germany Helena Sauer Germany

2845 Cassidy Ellen 73y2m7d Northumberland 14Jul1868 21Sep1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital At Home
C W 1936 447
Dr.J.L.Kiley Michael Comiskey Co.Cavan,Ireland Mary Jane Peterson Castleton,NY
Mary Cunningham
2846 Tierney Martin Joseph 78y8m29d Co.Mayo,Ireland 23Dec1862 21Sep1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Retired Liquor Dealer
C W 1936 448 in city-60yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley John Tierney Co.Mayo,Ireland Bridget Grimes Co.Mayo,Ireland Elizabeth McNamara
lived28West Circular St.
2847 LeRoux Mary Bridget 69y2m14d Queens Co.Ireland 14Jul1872 28Sep1941 St. Peter's Town of Milton At Home
C W 1936 449 Milton-39yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington Andrew Keyes Queens Co.Ireland Judith O'Neal Queens Co.Ireland Yves LeRoux

2848 Kett Patrick 59y3m23d Albany,NY 06Jun1882 29Sep1941 St. Agnes,Albany Camp Saratoga-W.P.A. Metal Lather
1936 450 1mo-Camp Sar. Dr.Leo Zuckerman Michael Kett Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret White Co.Limerick,Ireland
John Kett,24Clinton Ave,Albany livedAlbany
2849 Farrell Mary Ellen 80y3m Caledonia,Canada 18Jul1861 18Oct1941 St. Peter's Saraspa Sanitorium Housewife
C M 1936 451 in city-75yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Daniel Sullivan Co.Kerry,Ireland Bridget Flanagan Co.Clare,Ireland Patrick E. Farrell
lived 5 Pinewood
2850 Hudson Orville L. 49y6m Saratoga Springs 18May1892 18Nov1941 Maplewood Homestead Sanitorium Barber-own shop
E W 1936 452 in city-life Dr.Leon Chadwick James L. Hudson Rock City Falls, NY Anna Green Washington Co.,NY Anna Perry Mrs. John Parile,137 Ash St.
2851 Carroll Henrietta O'Brien 73y3m7d New York City 12Aug1868 19Nov1941 St. Peter's 309East 26th St,NYC Housewife
C M 1936 453 in state-life
Martin J.O'Brien Babylon,L.I. Margaret Murphy Co.Limerick,Ireland Joseph T. Carroll husband
2852 LaChiappi Frank 79yrs Caserta,Italy
20Nov1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Retired Baker
1936 454 in city-40yrs Dr.John Esposito

Mrs.Louis Marrilla,12Hyde St.
2853 Morris Mary F. 62y5m4d City 22Jun1879 26Nov1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Sorter&Packer,Thompson Laundry
C M 1936 455 in city-life Dr.R.E. Rockwell Patrick Gaffney Co.Roscommon,Ireland Mary A. Neilan Canada George C. Morris Owen T. Gaffney
2854 Snyder Eliza A. 83y8m3d Greenfield, NY 25Mar1858 28Nov1941 Greenridge 199 Washington St. Housewife
C W 1936 456 in city-73yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique Patrick Sexton Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary Hayes Co.Limerick,Ireland Charles M. Snyder Susan S.Donnan
2855 Gross Martha Kelly 44y11m26d Middle Falls,NY 13Dec1896 09Dec1941 St. Peter's 36 Park Place Housewife
C M 1936 457 in city-25yrs Dr.Leo Zuckerman Charles Kelly Schuylerville,NY Alice Nevins Schuylerville,NY Theodore Gross husband
2856 Engle Mary Agnes 82y2m7d Greenwich,Conn 06Oct1859 13Dec1941 St. Peter's 92 Nelson Ave Housewife
C M 1936 458 in city-40yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Edward Purcell Ireland Helen Burke Ireland Frank Engle husband
2857 Sippel Rev.Henry A. 55y9m2d Philadelphia,PA 12Mar1886 14Dec1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Priest
C S 1936 459 in city-10yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley

St. Clement's College
2858 McGhan Rose T. 65y3m11d Stapleton, L.I. 10Sep1876 21Dec1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 460 in city-33yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Fred Harder Germany Wilhelmina Knute Germany James H.McGhan
lived134 Woodlawn Ave
2859 Evenson Peter E. 59y11m18d Christiansen,Norway 07Jan1882 25Dec1941 St.John's.Schenectady 30 Ludlow St. Auto Mechanic-own garage

M 1936 461 in city-30yrs Dr.R.E.Rockwell Emanuel Evenson Norway Madeleine Norway Margaret Evans

2860 Farrell Josephine 18y11m5d City 21Jan1923 26Dec1941 St. Peter's Glens Falls-Saratoga Machine op. VanRaalte
1936 462 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton-Coroner Patrick Farrell Limerick,Ireland Mary Mathews Gorman Pennsylvania
Parents,46 Granite St.
2861 Sickler Lulu Emma 60y10m11d Fort Miller,NY 25Feb1881 05Jan1942 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
M M 1936 463 in city-29yrs Dr.Robert S. Hayden Patrick Rising
?? Claussen Wellstown,NY L.Edward Sickler husband,30 Caroline St.
2862 Strang Lillie A. 64yrs City
08Jan1942 Greenridge RFD#3 Ballston Spa Housewife
M W 1936 464 last 7yrs-Ballston Dr.M.J.Magovern Amos Rice Rome,NY Carrie Black Boonville, NY Norman Strang

2863 McNeary Frederick J. 34y3m17d City 29Sep1907 15Jan1942 St. Peter's 59 Church St. Painter
C M 1936 465 in city-life Dr.G.S.Towne Wm.J.McNaery Greenfield,NY Elizabeth Fox Rock City, NY Antoinette DeGregory wife
2864 Wakeham Martha Wood 59y9m16d Mechanicville, NY 31Mar1882 16Jan1942 Hudson View 31 First St. Housewife
M M 1936 466 in city-50yrs Dr.Leo Zuckerman John Hart Mechanicville Martha Wood Broome Hill,Scoharie G.Herbert Wakeham husband
2865 Ahearn Margaret 82y24d Geysers 25Dec1859 18Jan1942 St. Peter's 60 State St. Housewife
C W 1936 467 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Richard Sweeney Co.Tipperary,Ireland Hannah Dwyer Co.Tipperary,Ireland Martin Ahearn Dr.Martin Ahearn,Utica,NY
2866 Davis Ella R. 75y6m4d Greenfield,NY 29Jul1866 02Feb1942 St. Peter's City Hospital,Welfare Island Retired Domestic
1936 468 in NYC-20yrs
John Davis Co.Kerry,Ireland Margaret Hanlon Co.Kerry,Ireland
Mrs.Wm.Burke,Lincoln Ave.
2867 Finn Mac 67y3m20d Hudson Falls 12Oct1874 02Feb1942 Union,Hudson Falls 396 Broadway Druggist-own store
C M 1936 469 In city-30yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique Michael Finn Hudson Falls,NY Ann McQuinn Hudson Falls, NY Mary R. Reilly wife,144 Spring St.
2868 Main William A. 50y6m18d New York City 26Jul1891 13Feb1942 St. Peter's 39 East Ave Patrolman-Police Dept
C M 1936 470 in city-15yrs Dr.Leo Zuckerman Wm. Main Scotland Annie Anderson Scotland Mary M. Ponzer

2869 Dowling Margaret 77yrs Brooklyn,NY
24Feb1942 St. Peter's Jones Sanitorium Housewife
C W 1936 471 in city-53yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Thomas Nicholson Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary Tethers Co.Mayo,Ireland David Dowling Mary C.Sweeney,152Clinton St.
2870 Wagar Charles W. 80y4m9d Middle Grove,NY 26Oct1861 05Mar1942 Village,Ballston Spa 169 Union Ave Ret'd stationary salesman
C M 1936 472 in city-2y10m Dr.R.B.Post Jacob Wagar Berue,NY Catherine Schulte Berue,NY Adele A.Donahue

2871 Groves Daniel M. 61y4m11d Snabe,Scotland 06Nov1880 17Mar1942 Luzerne Saratoga Hospital Electrical Supt.
1936 473 in city-40yrs. Dr.Carl Comstock Wm. Groves Snabe-Ayreshire,Scotland Elizabeth Kay Scotland

2872 Gurtler Bertha E. 72y6m21d So.Hadley Falls,Mass 02Sep1869 23Mar1942 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E M 1936 474 in city-50yrs Dr.R.S.Hayden George Ferrell Dansville,NY Elizabeth West England George Gurtler
lived 7 Ritchie Place
2873 Hayes Richard 80y6m Grangerville,NY ??Aug1861 26Mar1942 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
1936 475 in city-10yrs Dr.R.E.Bullard Richard Hayes Ireland Mary Kearney Ireland
City of Sar.S,old age pension lived31 Federal St.
2874 Stone Helen Lyden 39y6m17d Independence,Iowa 17Sep1902 03Apr1942 St. Mary's,Ind. Iowa Saratoga Hospital Sales Clerk
C W 1936 476 in city-15yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Phillip Lyden Ireland Mary Mannion Boston,Mass Joseph Stone Mrs.Henry M.Maginn lived 11 Clinton St.
2875 O'Gorman John D. 64y9m City 03Jul1877 03Apr1942 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Clerk,Dept. Public Works
C M 1936 477 in city-life Dr.Robert Rockwell Daniel O'Gorman Ireland Mary McGinness
Elizabeth Tracey wife,130 Lincoln Ave
2876 Fahy Mary A. 68y4m Co.Tipperary,Ireland ??Nov1873 04Apr1942 St. Peter's 1 Pavillion Place Housewife
C M 1936 478 in city-50yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique ?? Carroll Ireland
Ireland John J. Fahy

2877 Mouso Emma abt 72 Quebec City,Canada ?? Sep?? 09Apr11942 St. Joseph's,Waterford Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 479 in city-6yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Joseph Narrow Quebec, Canada
Three Rivers, Canada Alfred Mouso Harvey Mouso,45Walton lived38Catherine St
2878 Cowan Samuel 64y9m24d Green Island,NY 18Jun1877 11Apr1942 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Stationery fireman
B M 1936 480 in city-31yrs Dr.H.D.Hunt John Cowan Ireland
Ireland Clara Rose Laura E. Mines lived 68 Marvin St.
2879 Zorn Bridget 85y3m9d Brooklyn,NY 03Jan1857 12Apr1942 St. Peter's 55 State St. Housewife
C W 1936 481 in city-most life Dr.F.G.Eaton Thomas Canty Ireland Nora? Ireland Wm. Zorn Mrs.LeRoy Murphy lived 202 Maple Ave
2880 Greenwalt(Lockwood) Florence 44
15Apr1898 15Apr1942 Notre Dame,Schuylerville Jones Convalescent Home Housewife
C D 1936 482 in city-12yrs Dr.J.L.Kiley Eldric Poirier St.Martins,Canada Clara Peruard Ottawa, Canada Edw. Greenwalt Seymour Lockwood lived 9 Pavillion Place
2881 Hayes Mary Cogan 75y9m10d City 14Jul1866 24Apr1942 Greenridge 118 Church St. retired School Teacher
C W 1936 483 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley Michael Cogan Co.Cavan,Ireland Ann Carroll Co. Wexford,Ireland John D. Hayes Helen Cogan
2882 Fitzgerald Martin B.,Jr. 32y7m29d Troy, NY 31Aug1909 29Apr1942 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Chauffeur,Congress Gas&Oil
C M 1936 484 in city-26yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Martin B.Fitzgerald Saratoga Springs Anna Bannon Watervliet, NY Elsie W. Callahan wife,63 VanDam St.
2883 Raymond Lewis G 52y5m16d City 18Nov1889 04May1942 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Chauffeur,Dake Creamery
1936 485 in city-life Dr.F.D. Hunt George H. Raymond Saratoga Springs Minnie Braymond Middleburg,NY
Veteran's Bureau lived Excelsior Spring Ave
2884 Maher Lillian F. 59y7m24d City 14Sep1882 08May1942 St. Peter's 95 Ludlow St. Housewife
C M 1936 486 in city-life Dr.J.L.Kiley Hugh Reilly Schenectady, NY Jennie Brownrigg Ottawa, Canada Wm.P.Maher

2885 Gurtler George 70y8m City 18Aug1871 15May1942 Greenridge Kaydeross Creek Painter&Paper Hanger
E W 1936 487 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Wmabald? Gurtler Nuremburg,Germany Barbara Ekstein Nuremburg, Germany Bertha E. Ferrell
lived 7 Ritchie Place
2886 Claydon Albert Edward 64y1m27d England 22Mar1878 19May1942 North Milton Saratoga Hospital Stationary Engineer
E D 1936 488 in city-2 yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Wm. Claydon England Emma Fozzard England Dora Glass
lived20 Circular St.
2887 Dennin Margaret Bridget 84y11m19d City 02Jun1857 21May1942 St. Peter's 19 Hutchins St. Housewife
C W 1936 489 in city-life Dr.R.E.Harrington James Reilly Co.Cavan,Ireland Winifred Fineru Co.Cavan,Ireland Michael H. Dennin Mrs.John J.Galligan
2888 Griffin Anna,Sister Mary H.Angels 85yrs Rome,NY
22May1942 St. Agnes,Albany,NY 36 White St. Religious Nun
C S 1936 490 in city-35yrs Dr.Carl Comstock John Griffin Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary Steele Co.Kerry,Ireland
Dominican Convent
2889 Leonard Alphonse 76y7m27d Alsace-Loraine 03Oct1865 30May1942 St. Peter's 354 Broadway,Apt26 Retired Valet & Butler
C M 1936 491 in city>40yrs Dr.R.E.Rockwell Michael Leonard Alsace-Loraine Mary Schuscher Alsace-Loraine Rose Flaherty wife
2890 Smith Christopher J. 75y5m9d Dublin,Ireland 22Dec1866 31May1942 St. Peter's 92 Lincoln Ave. ret'd-Customs HouseNYC
C W 1936 492 in city-9yrs Dr.A.J Leonard Michael Smith Ireland Elizabeth Fallon Ireland Kate Fennell

2891 Corrigan John F. 72y6m25d Troy, NY 14Nov1869 08Jun1942 St. Peter's 73 Fifth Ave Carpenter
C M 1936 493
Dr.J.L.Kiley John Corrigan Troy, NY

Margaret Fallon wife
2892 Schallehn Theodore Charles 77y5m12d Danbury, Conn 14Jan1865 26Jun1942 Greenridge out Lake Ave Blacksmith

M 1936 494 in city-70yrs Dr.Fred G. Eaton Theodore C. Schallehn Germany Emma Cox England Ada Horton wife
2893 Hamell Katherine 84yrs Memphis, Tenn ??Mar?? 26Jun1942 St. Joseph's,Schenectady Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 495 in city-3yrs Dr.Robert Rockwell

Horace Hamell Miss Gussie Smith lived 34 Caroline St.
2894 Stieglitz Anna A. 52y6d Brooklyn,NY 26Jun1890 02Jul1942 Greenridge 3 Pease St. Housewife
E M 1936 496
Dr.John Esposito Oscar Mills Brooklyn,NY Belle Barry Brooklyn,NY Valentine Steiglitz Mrs.David Foley,Brooklyn
2895 Biggie Celia Frances 76y4m18d Edinburgh, NY 23Feb1866 11Jul1942 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E W 1936 497 in city-50yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique Renseaer? Jones NY State Sarah Deming West Day, NY Christopher Biggie lived 9 State St.
2896 Glass Julia A. 73y4m12d Washington Co, NY 02Mar1869 14Jul1942 St. Peter's Marcy State Hospital Prop.of Bakery
C W 1936 498
Dr.M.Goldback Cornelius Sullivan Co.Kerry,Ireland Julia Barrett Co.Kerry,Ireland James Glass Mother St. Maude,Amsterdam lives 153UNion Ave
2897 Callahan Catherine 78y10m4d Schuylerville 13Sep1863 17Jul1942 St. Peter's 67 VanDam St. Prop. Grocery Store
C W 1936 499 in city-58yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington Henry Rourke Ireland Mary Bullman Co.Limerick,Ireland

2898 Gribbon Cecil Norman 52y5d Dublin, Ireland 12Jul1890 17Jul1942 St. Peter's 1639 Central Ave,Colonie,NY Trucking & School Bus
C M 1936 500 15yrs in village Dr. Markowicz Henry Gribbon England Alice Plunkett Ireland Catherine M. Putnam wife
2899 Collins Joseph M. 53y8m24d City 27Oct1888 21Jul1942 Greenridge Wynn Sanitorium Meter reader,NYP&L Corp
C M 1936 501 in city-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Michael Collins Ireland Elizabeth Cogan Saratoga Springs Anna Cunningham wife,34 Clark St.
2900 Stever Mary A. 68y10m6d City 15Sep1873 21Jul1942 St. Peter's 99 White St Housewife
C W 1936 502 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Michael Maloney Queens Co.Ireland Margaret Doyle Co.Kilkenny,Ireland David Stever

2901 Doherty Frank C. 56y11m3d City 18Aug1885 21Jul1942 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Watchman-racetrack
1936 503 in city-life Dr.R.E.Harrington Cornelius Doherty Co.Donegal,Ireland Mary Breslin Co.Autrim,Ireland
lived 175 Spring St.
2902 Barron Rev. James 68y1m20d NY City 06Jun1874 26Jul1942 Brooklyn, NY St. Clement's College Catholic Priest
C S 1936 504 in city-1yr Dr.J.L.Kiley Stephen Baron Ireland Julia Tobin Ireland
St. Clement's College
2903 Doulin Fred H. 70y9m2d City 24Oct1871 27Jul1942 St. Peter's 5 Catherine St. Clerk,Farmer's Hardware
C M 1936 505 in city-life Dr.Carl Comstock John Doulin Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary Carrigan Co.Roscommom,Ireland Alice Thompson wife
2904 Collins Katherine 62y10m13d Salem, NY 17Sep1879 30Jul1942 St. Peter's 91 Circular St. Organist,St. Peter's Church
1936 506 in city-32yrs Dr.R.E.Rockwell Michael Collins Co.Clare,Ireland Mary Dundon Co.Clare,Ireland
W. Barton,91Circular
2905 Ahearn James P. 50y6m7d City 29Jan1892 05Aug1942 Greenridge 127 Third St.Troy, NY U.S.Arsenal,Watervliet
C M 1936 507
Dr.Schwebel, Troy Patrick Ahearn Saratoga Springs Hulda Lovern Canada Blanche Moore
lived 260 Church St.
2906 Golden Ellen >80yrs Co.Limerick, Ireland
23Aug1942 St. Joseph.Greenwich 7 Clinton St. Retired Cook
1936 508 70yrs-US,5city Dr.E.J.Callahan Thomas Golden Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret Griffin Co.Limerick
Mrs.John Delaney,7Clinton
2907 Handron Mary A. 78y1m12d Wilton,NY 01Aug1864 13Sep1942 St. Mary's,Ballston 48Chapman St,Ballston Housewife
C W 1936 509
Dr.C.J.Handron Owen McCabe Co.Meath,Ireland Mary Brady Co.Meath Edward James Handron Dr.Clement Handron,Troy
2908 Geppner Anna T. 79y2m4d Saxton,Germany 21Jul1863 25Sep1942 St. Peter's 11 Alger St. Housewife
C W 1936 510 61yrs-US,26city Dr.G.S.Towne ?? Frabel Saxton,Germany Sophie ?? Saxton,Germany Paul B. Geppner

2909 Hough Susan E. 75y11m19d Yonkers, NY 13Oct1866 02Oct1942 Greenridge 20 East VanDam St. Housewife
B W 1936 511
Dr.F.F.Ressique Ebenezer Jones U.S. Mary Ann Farrell Ireland Richard Hugh Edward Kelly, Attorney
2910 Collins Patrick J. 72y5m21d West Milton, NY 14Apr1870 05Oct1942 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Gardener/Caretaker,ret'd
C M 1936 512 in city-40yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern John Collins Ireland Nora Punchabby Ireland Katherine Kelly James J. Collins
2911 Tighe John Joseph 51y6m15d City 21Mar1891 06Oct1942 Greenridge 5 Hathorn St. caret'ker/watchm'n,dump
C M 1936 513 in city-life Dr.M.Magovern John F.Tighe Saratoga Co. Mary Dowling Co.Limerick,Ireland Helen L. DeVoe wife
2912 Abbott Mary Elizabeth 62y5m28d Fort Edward, NY 14Apr1880 12Oct1942 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 514 in city-50yrs Dr.Geo. Goodfellow Michael McGhan Troy, NY Johanna Carey Albany, NY Thomas Abbott Mary C. Hodges,445Broadway lived83High Rock
2913 Flavia James A. 4y6m20d City 11Apr1938 01Nov1942 St. Peter's Hospital none
C S 1936 515 in city-life Dr.R.E.Harrington Santo J. Flavia Brooklyn, NY Mary Farone Saratoga Springs
Father,11 1/2 Clark St.
2914 Smith Wm. A. 48y4m10d City 29Jun1894 08Nov1942 North Milton Woodlawn Park Watchman,Woodlawn Park
1936 516 in city-life Dr.F.J.Eaton Wm. H. Smith Vermont Lena VanWagner Saratoga Springs
Lena Smith,71West Ave
2915 Hickey Daniel P. 72y3m8d Co.Limerick,Ireland 01Aug1870 09Nov1942 St. Peter's 21Jefferson St. Retired
C W 1936 517 in city-50yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Patrick Hickey Co.Limerick,Ireland Catherine Noonan Co.Limerick,Ireland Bridget Ahearn lived 148 Spring St.
2916 Salmore Mary E. 48y7m19d Brooklyn, NY 22Mar1894 10Nov1942 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housework-at home
C W 1936 518
Dr.H.D.Hunt August Zorn New York City Bridget Zorn Greenfield, NY Edward Salmore Ms.Roy Murphy/Teresa Zorn
2917 Casey Mary 76y29d Victory Mills, NY 12Oct1866 10Nov1942 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital ret'd laundress,H of Gd. Shephard
C W 1936 519
Dr.H.D.Hunt Michael O'Neill Ireland Catherine McVeigh Ireland Patrick Casey City of Saratoga Springs
2918 Suttle Helen C. 35y5m4d Scranton, PA 10Jun1907 14Nov1942 Louden Hospital Housewife
E M 1936 520
Dr.A.J.Leonard Fred Dunler

Chas E.Suttle, Jr husband,20East VanDam
2919 Williams Alexander 52y7m5d City 11Apr1890 16Nov1942 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Chauffeur x helper
1936 521 in city-life Dr.H.D.Hunt Alexander Williams Salem, NY Jennie Grant Saratoga Springs
Mrs.Richard French lived 106 Catherine St.
2920 Denew Josephine Marie 7y8m1d City 22Mar1935 23Nov1942 Village,Ballston Spa Saratoga Hospital Student
1936 522 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Walter Denew Colonie, NY Helen Woodward Flint,Michigan
Mrs.Thos.Berrigan lived Maple Dell
2921 Muldowney Ellen Monahan 76y2m25d City 01Sep1966 26Nov1942 St. Peter's 258 Church St. Housewife
C W 1936 523 in city-life Dr.Webster Moriata Patrick Monahan Co.Mayo,Ireland Bridget Kane Co. Mayo,Ireland Peter H. Muldowney Mary E. Muldowney
2922 Montanye Mary E. 57y2m9d Babylon, L.I. 20Sep1885 29Nov1942 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 524 in city-39yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Thomas F. Meehan Co.Tipperary,Ireland Margaret C.Gaffney Co.Roscommon,Ireland Warren A. Montanye husband,5 Madison Ave.
2923 Sullivan Albert M. 53y8m1d Victory Mills, NY 31Mar1889 02Dec1942 St. Peter's 95 VanDam St. Colonial Tavern-owner
C M 1936 525 in city-53yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard James H. Sullivan Quaker Springs,NY Mary Higgins Rensalaer Co. NY Margaret E. Davin wife
2924 Hastings Anna 82y2m24d Queens Co.Ireland 09Sep1860 03Dec1942 St. Peter's 57 Nelson Ave Housewife
1936 526 in city-15yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Michael Kelly Queens Co.Ireland Hannah Delaney Queens Co.Ireland
Mrs. Sarah Doyle
2925 Reynolds Julia Ann 70y8d Stockport, NY 26Nov1872 04Dec1942 St. Mary's,Stuyvesant Falls Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 527 in city-25yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Patrick Grady Ireland Catherine Warren Ireland Simon Reynolds husband,226Nelson Ave
2926 Mullaney Minnie 75y2m17d

04Dec1942 St.Mary's,Ballston Utica State Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 528 in city-life Dr.Edward N. Buck Michael Minehan Co.Limerick Ann Keehan Co.Limerick,Ireland Hubert Mullaney Minehan Trust Fund
2927 Ketchum George A. 80y2m4d Wilton, NY 02Oct1862 06Dec1942 Greenridge 143 Church St. Railroad Engineer

W 1936 529 in city-75yrs Dr. M.J.Magovern Ebenezer S. Ketchum Wilton, NY Catherine Herson Wilton, NY Mary J. Edmonds Mrs.Bryon E.Davis
2928 Beach Jessie A. 57y11m12d
26Dec1884 08Dec1942 St. Peter's Albany City Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 530 in city-life
Alpheus Winchell Toronto,Canada Elizabeth Traver Ballston Spa, NY John P.Beach Miss Elizabeth Beach
2929 LeClaire Frank Leo 69y4m26d City 22Jul1873 18Dec1942 Greenridge 15 East Ave Clerk,Central Taxi
C W 1936 531 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique John B. LeClaire Quebec, Canada Adelphine Londo Quebec, Canada Mary Galligan Adele E.Wait
2930 Fitzpatrick John H. 64y9m5d City 17Mar1878 22Dec1942 St. Peter's 235 Nelson Ave Clerk&Decorator,J.P.McGirr
C M 1936 532 in city-life Dr.M.J. Magovern Timothy Fitzpatrick Queens Co,Ireland Margaret Kennedy Ireland Anna D.Conklin wife
2931 Dwyer John 80y6m16d Ireland 08Jun1862 24Dec1942 St. Peter's County Farm Retired Merchant
C W 1936 533 in city-60yrs Dr.Post Richard Dwyer Co.Tipperary,Ireland Eliza Purcell Co.Tipperary,Ireland Anna Miller Edward Dwyer,Woodlawn Ave.
2932 Gaffney James J. 79y9m19d Co.Roscommon,Ireland 09Mar1863 28Dec1942 St. Peter's 46 Warren St. Retired Stone Mason
C W 1936 534 in city>70yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Michael Gaffney Co.Rosecommon,Ireland Bridget Lee Co.Rosecommon,Ireland Mary E. O'Brien Miss Mary Gaffney
2933 Nagy Rozalie 52y3m10d CzechoSlovakia 23Sep1896 02Jan1943 St. Peter's South Wilton Housewife
C W 1936 535 in Wilton-21yrs Dr.Grace Swanner Stephen Matasovsky Czecho Slovakia Catherine? Czecho Slovakia Peter Nagy Peter Nagy, So Wilton, NY
2934 Cunningham Margaret C, 55y3m7d City 27Sep1887 03Jan1943 St. Peter's Manhattan State Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 536

James Redmond Ireland Mary Fitzgerald Arlington, VT David F. Cunningham husband,30 Woodlawn
2935 McCarthy Dennis P. 67y4m27d Co.Cork,Ireland 08Aug1875 04Jan1943 St. Peter's 208 Regent St. Filter op.Sar.Sp.Water works
C M 1936 537 in city-62yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick McCarthy Co.Cork,Ireland Johanna Crowley Co.Cork,Ireland Margaret O'Leary wife
2936 James Byron J. 84y9m3d Greenfield, NY 06Apr1858 09Jan1943 St. Peter's Tichnor Sanitorium Ret'd caretaker.J.Crocker
C W 1936 538 in city-70yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Matthew James Saratoga,NY Nancy Smith Saratoga Co.,NY Mary A. Burdick Mrs.Gerard L.James
2937 Parchman Jennie 71y10m12d Little Rock,Ark 28Feb1871 09Jan1943 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife Nergo Afr.M W 1936 539 in city-15yrs Dr.Walter McClellan ?? Alexander

Lemuel Parchman John Hawkins
2938 Tefft Charles B. 71y6m29d City 11Jun1871 09Jan1943 Greenwich,NY Saratoga Hospital retired Horseman
1936 540 in city-life Dr.Walter McCellan Charles Tefft Greenwich, NY Bridget Farrell Canada
Hannah Mitchell,81State St.
2939 Lyons Josephine 62y8m3d Geneva, NY 09May1880 12Jan1943 St. Peter's 66 North St. Printer Ass't-Quevic Spring
1936 541 in city-50yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton John Lyons Ireland Margaret Peterson Vermont
Miss Margaret Lyons
2940 Menges Julia A. 73y3m9d Greenfield,NY 05Oct1869 14Jan1943 St. Peter's Ellis Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 542 in Scotia-42yrs Dr.Phillip Parillo John Franklin Co.Limerick,Ireland Ann Hanrahan Co.Clare,Ireland James Menges James P.Menges,Scotia
2941 Moylan Catherine A. 66yrs Glens Falls, NY
17Jan1943 St. Peter's 47 VanDam St. Housewife
C M 1936 543 in city-40yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Daniel Breen Ireland Margaret Keefe Ireland John P. Moylan husband
2942 Varley John H. 69y3m3d So.Cambridge, NY 16Oct1873 19Jan1943 St. Paul's,Mechanicville,NY KofC Home Retired Room Clerk
1936 544 in city-40yrs Dr.E.J.Callahan Michael Varley Co.Galway,Ireland Mary Kanary Co.Galway,Ireland
lived 27 Woodlawn Ave.
2943 Shea John Joseph 63y11m1d City 19Feb1879 20Jan1943 St. Peter's 86 Oak St. Taxi Business
C M 1936 545 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Michael Shea Co.Limerick,Ireland Johanna Conway Co.Limerick,Ireland Elizabeth VanSteele wife
2944 Corrigan Margaret 71yrs Ireland
24Jan1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 546 in city>40yrs Dr.Walter McClellan John Fallon Co.Clare,Ireland Johanna Shaughnessey Co.Limerick,Ireland John F. Corrigan
lived 73 Fifth Ave
2945 Donohue John Michael 68y7d Malone, NY 18Jan1875 25Jan1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital RR Engineer,D&H
C M 1936 547 in city-60yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Thomas Donohue Malone, NY Hannah Malloy London,England Anna M. Brophy wife,203 Church St.
2946 Connor James Henry 85y8m12d Mechanicville,NY 14May1857 26Jan1943 Mechanicville Grandview Sanitorium Retired RR Engineer
C M 1936 548 in city-2 1/2yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington Michael Connor Ireland Hannorah Kenny Ireland Mary G.McCarthy
lived 34 Clark St.
2947 Miner Mary L. 65y3m City 26Jan1878 29Jan1943 St. Peter's 107 Regent St. Housewife
C W 1936 549
Dr.F.J.Ressique Thomas Leonard Norwich,Conn Mary Tracy Ireland James F. Miner Mrs.Geo.Reynolds
2948 Cassidy James J. 75y29d Co.Galway,Ireland 01Jan1868 30Jan1943 St. Peter's 120 Hamilton St. Retired Brick Layer-Mason
C M 1936 550 in city-42yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton John Cassidy Co.Galway,Ireland Sarah Coyne Co.Galway,Ireland Ellen A. Walsh

2949 Mosby Andrew 65y9m26d Richmond, VA 06Apr1877 01Feb1843 Greenridge Homestead Sanitorium
negro AME Zion W 1936 551 in city-20yrs Dr.Hosmer

Nora Stewart
lived 69 Lawrence St.
2950 Massey Wm.R. 54y1m28d Richmond, VA 15Dec1888 13Feb1943 St. Peter's Veteran's Adm. Facility,VT Waiter,New Worden Hotel negro C M 1936 552

Amos Massey North Carolina Nancy Dorster North Carolina Anna Harris wife,90 Hamilton St.
2951 Fitzgerald Katherine Rafter 87y1m7d City 07Jan1856 14Feb1943 St. Peter's 100 State St. retired Dressmaker
1936 553 in city-life Dr.R.E.Harrington Martin Fitzgerald Ireland Margaret Rafter Queens Co.Ireland

2952 Rowland Betty Jean 11y4m18d City 28Sep1931 15Feb1943 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Student
M S 1936 554 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Howard Rowland Geysers,Saratoga Spgs. Anna Cobart Rock City Falls
Father, Geysers, Saratoga
2953 VanDenburgh Beatrice 42y6m30d City 19Jul1900 18Feb1943 Greenridge Maternity Home,Niskayuna Silk Winder
1936 555 4yrs-Schenectady Dr.Thomas Adinolfi Wm.VanDebburgh Saratoga Springs Daisy H. Smith Saratoga Springs
2954 Farrell Florence Crone 45y2m8d Dublin,Ireland 16Dec1897 24Feb1943
146 Jackson St. Housewife
E W 1936 556 in city-29yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton David Crone Dublin,Ireland Mary Redmond England John T. Farrell

2955 Killough Sarah H. 53y1m11d City 14Jan1890 25Feb1943 St. Peter's 36 Jefferson St. Housewife
C M 1936 557 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern James McCrea Canada Delia Cassidy Co.Mayo,Ireland Wm. Killough husband
2956 Place Pauline Adelaide 66y3m20d Unadilla, NY 14Nov1876 06Mar1943 Greenridge Jones Convalescent Home Housewife
B M 1936 558 in city-32yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Thomas Neilson Poole Manchester,England Emma Adelaide Brainard New York City Arthur J. Place
lived 39 Church St.
2957 Ebert Henry Joseph 59y25d Brooklyn, NY 10Feb1884 07Mar1943 St.John's,Mid.Village,L.I. Saratoga Hospital Floorman,Am.Loco. Co.
C W 1936 559 in city-13yrs Dr. Walter McClellan Louis Ebert Germany Agatha Leder Wurtzburg, Germany Mary Martin
lived 294 Caroline St.
2958 Kavanaugh Julia Frances 77y7m20d Summit,PA 20Jul1865 12Mar1943 St. Mary's, Ballston 99 Ludlow St. Housewife
C W 1936 560 in city-15yrs Dr.H.D.Hunt John Moran Ireland Margaret Sullivan Ireland Wm. Kavanaugh

2959 Fitzpatrick Thomas H. 55y11m8d City 10Apr1887 18Mar1943 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium retired Clerk,McAlpin Hotel
1936 561 Homestead-11yrs
Wm.J.Fitzpatrick Hollis,N.J. Anna Kelly Saratoga Springs
2960 Cunningham Mary E. >80yrs Northumberland
18Mar1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 562 in city-60yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Michael Comiskey Co.Cavan,Ireland Mary Jane Peterson Castleton,NY Edmond Cunningham
lived 9Greenridge Place
2961 Sweeney Mary C. 81y11m7d Brooklyn, NY 16Apr1861 23Mar1943 St. Peter's 152 Clinton St. Housewife
C W 1936 563 in city>60yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Thomas Nicholson Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary Tethers Co.Mayo,Ireland John Sweeney

2962 James Gerard L. 43y3m2d City 25Dec1899 27Mar1943 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Clerk
C M 1936 564 in city-life Dr.Edmond A. Suss Byron J.James Greenfield,NY Mary A. Burdick Saratoga Springs Ida Ballou wife, 18 James St.
2963 Lucas Mary A. 86y9m9d Brooklyn, NY 28Jun1856 06Apr1943 St. Peter's 23 West Circular St. Housewife
C W 1936 565 in city-60yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard John Tierney Co.West Meath,Ireland Margaret Shannon Co.Cavan,Ireland Thomas Lucas

2964 Farrell Patrick J. 59y6m15d Co.Limerick,Ireland 23Sep1883 07Apr1943 St. Peter's 46 Granite St. Retired Baker
C M 1936 566 in city-40yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick Farrell Co.Limerick,Ireland Katherine Mulqueen Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary Mathews wife
2965 Coolon Henry 80y6m9d Farifield,VT 01Oct1862 10Apr1943 Greenridge 119 Church St. ret'd foreman-NYS nursery
C W 1936 567 in city-20yrs Dr.A.J. Leonard Henry Coolon Vermont Susan McNulty Ireland Anna Austin Mrs.Ernest Lewis
2966 Sesselman Clara F. 56y8m12d Greenfield,NY 30Jul1886 11Apr1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 568 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Paul Geppner Bavaria, Germany Anna Frabel Saxton,Germany Nicholas J. Sesselman

2967 Morrissey Mary 45y6m15d New York City 29Sep1897 13Apr1943 St. Peter's Marshall's Troy, NY Registered Nurse
1936 569 in city-life
Joseph M. Morrissey Saratoga Springs Helen Keehan Greenfield,NY
Mother,23 Pinewood Ave
2968 Parillo Henry 66y3m20d Pontelatone, Italy 27Dec1876 16Apr1943 St. Peter's 28 Walnut St. Laborer, D.P.W-Sar.Sp
C M 1936 570 in city-52yrs Dr. A.J.Leonard Anthony Parillo Pontelatone, Italy Mary Vostoino Pontelatone, Italy Elizabeth A. Parile wife
2969 Morrison Winfield Scott 56y19d Ballston Spa,NY 01Apr1887 20Apr1943 St. Peter's 89 Fifth Ave Investigator,Sar Co.welfare

M 1936 571 in city-30yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique Alexander Morrison Ballston Spa Melissa Luffuran Ballston Spa Evangline H.Hayes wife
2970 Carman Robert F. 53y9m Greenfield,NY 21Jul1889 21Apr1943 St. Peter's out Lake Ave Farmer
1936 572
Dr.R.E.Harrington Winslow J. Carman Greenfield Anna Caverly Palmer Falls, NY

2971 White Annie C. abt.87yrs City
25Apr1943 Greenridge 57 Nelson Ave Retired housekeeper
1936 573 in city-life Dr. R.E.harrington Robert White Ireland Mary Delaney Queens Co.Ireland
Sarah Doyle,57Nelson
2972 Hickey Charles W. 67y11m6d So.Corinth, NY 20May1875 26Apr1943 St. Peter's 94 Hamilton St. retired Motorman,Hudson Valley RR
C W 1936 574 in city-40yrs Dr.G.S.Towne John Hickey So.Corinth,NY Ellen Reilly Co.Cavan,Ireland Mary A. Pounds? lived110 Hamilton
2973 Williams Sarah V. 71y11m29d City 28Apr1871 26Apr1943 St. Peter's Louden Church Cross Rd at home
1936 575 in city-life Dr.A.J.Leonard John D. Williams Queens Co.Ireland Catherine Balfe Kings Co.Ireland

2974 Cavanaugh Patrick J. 83y3m5d Co.Carlow,Ireland 23Jan1860 28Apr1943 St. Peter's 178 Circular St. retired Stationery Engineeer
C W 1936 576 in city-75yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Patrick Cavanaugh Co.Carlow, Ireland Elizabeth Lannon Co.Carlow,Ireland Ellen Heatherington Wm. O'Brien
2975 Tully Frank J. abt 62yrs Co.Cavan,Ireland
28Apr1943 St. Peter's Grand View Sanitorium retired fireman, Saratoga Spgs
1936 577 in city-abt.60yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard James Tully Ireland Anna Mohan Ireland
lived 14 Joseph St.
2976 Hunnisett George W. 59y5m21d Bexhill,Sussex,England 12Nov1883 03May1943 St. Peter's 47 Benedict St. Restaurant Prop.
1936 578 in city-38yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique John Hunnisett Sussex, England Sarah Miles Sussex, England
Mary Migluici,47Benedict lived 41Washington St.
2977 Bootier Louis H. 72y6m2d City 04Nov1870 06May1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital retired Barber
C M 1936 579 in city-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Nelson Bootier Quebec,Canada Philomena LaJeunesse Quebec, Canada Louise Garant wife,95George St.
2978 Podesva Maria 73y2m19d Latnec,Czechoslovakia 24Feb1870 13May1943 St. Peter's Town of Greenfield Housewife
C M 1936 580 in city-26yrs Dr.R.D.Snyder Stephen Rampocek Czechoslovakia Julia Mosarik Czechoslovakia Joseph Podesva Husband
2979 Leary Charles R., Jr. 20y11m19d City 04Jun1922 23May1943 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Time Keeper, G.E.,Schenectady
1936 581 in city-life Dr.G.S.Towne Charles R. Leary Saratoga Springs Sarah L. Flanagan New York City
father,147Washington St.
2980 Carroll John Martin 76y8m12d City 12Sep1866 24May1943 St.Mary's,Amsterdam 31 Warren St. ret'd clerk,Manahatten Club
C W 1936 582 in city-15mo Dr.R.E.Harrington Patrick J. Carroll Co.Roscommon,Ireland Eunice Gillespie Co.Donegal,Ireland Mollie Fahey Catherine Bradford
2981 McCormick Wm.F. 18y11m6d Schuylerville 23Jun1924 29May1943 East Galway 76 Catherine St. none
1936 583
Dr.M.J.Magovern Andrew McCormick Mechanicville,NY Beatrice Palmateer Ballston Spa, NY

2982 O'Malley Mark Francis 57yrs Ireland ??May1886 30May1943 St. Joseph,Greenwich near Braims Farmer,Al.K.Braim farm
C M 1936 584 1yr in Greenfield Dr.F.G.Eaton Michael O'Malley Ireland
Ireland Gertrude Lyons wife,Greenfield
2983 Galligan Mary Jane 87y9m17d City 14Aug1855 31May1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1936 585 in city-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Stephen Walsh Co.Connaugh,Ireland Elizabeth Armstrong Co.Connaugh,Ireland Wm.J.Galligan husband,45William St.
2984 Elliott Melvina Myatt 71y11m1d Altona,NY 03Jul1871 04Jun1943 St. Peter's 136 Nelson Ave Housewife
C W 1936 586 in city-50yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Henry Myatt Quebec, Canada Harriet Jero Quebec, Canada James G. Elliott

2985 Warner Ella F. 53yrs City ??Nov1889 05Jun1943 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E M 1936 587 in city-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Wm. Ahearn Co.Waterford,Ireland Margaret Myers Saratoga Springs Edgar Warner husband,42 VanDam St.
2986 Cook Mary 67yrs Greenwood Pickering,Canada
07Jun1943 St. Peter's Little Sister of Poor, Troy Housewife
1936 588
Dr.M.J.Keough Henry Murray Scotland Mary McChenery Ireland
2987 Powers Sidney Michael 59y5m11d City 30Dec1883 11Jun1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Plumber
C M 1936 589 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique James H. Powers Greenfield,NY Mary Torrennce Saratoga Springs Eleanor Lockner lived 11 Vermont St.
2988 Devlin Mary 62y7m7d Local 05Nov1880 12Jun1943 St. Peter's 243 Maple Ave retired School Teacher
1936 590 in city-life Dr.F.J.Ressique John Devlin Co.Armaugh,Ireland Mary Ryan Co.Tipperary,Ireland
Ellen Devlin,243Maple Ave
2989 Lynch Dr. Leo Frederic 62y3m7d Albany, NY 03Apr1881 10Jul1943 St. Agnes,Albany,NY out Maple Ave,Wilton Ave retired Physican
C M 1936 591 in Wilton-17yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington Joseph E. Lynch Albany, NY Abbie D'Arcy Newburgh, NY Anna Grace Mink Joseph E.Lynch,Albany
2990 Sullivan Mary Ann 80y2m Town of Saratoga 11Jul1863 13Jul1943 St. Peter's.Stillwater Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1936 592
Dr.Geo. Wilson John Thompson Ireland Liza Rafferty Ireland Patrick Sullivan lived Town of Stillwater
2991 Mullaney James Mark 64y9m14d Scotland 05Oct1878 19Jul1943 St. Peter's 52 Wright St. Lincoln Baths,rest rm. att.
C M 1936 593 in city-37yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern John Mullaney Ireland Margaret Howley Ireland Anna C.Jacobs wife
2992 Nalty Stephen W. 83y3m17d Rocj City Falls 06Apr1860 23Jul1943 St. Peter's Algonquin Bldg. Apt #17 retired Stationary Engineer
C W 1936 594 in city-18yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern John Nulty Co.Mayo,Ireland Ellen Welsh Co.Mayo,Ireland Katherine Kelly Walter Nalty,Woodside,L.I.
2993 Thompson William J. 70y4m2d New York City 28Feb1873 25Jul1943 St. Agnes,Albany,NY Saratoga Hospital Hotel Prop
C W 1936 595 in city-39yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Robert Thompson St.John's New Brunswick Maria Burke Co.Tipperary,Ireland Laura Deuguet Robert Thompson,Schenectady lived 1 Gridley Ave.
2994 Hodges Lillian Rhoda 68y3m29d Gloversville, NY 26Mar1875 25Jul1943 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife

W 1936 596
Dr. W.Moriata Willard Miner
Susan Stanton Potash Mt.,NY George Hodges Mrs. Harol Towne,Tribes Hill lived 18VanDam
2995 Muldowney Edward J. abt.81yrs Greenfield, NY
27Jul1943 St. Peter's 198 Regent St. Retired Farmer
1936 597 in city-life Dr.E.J.Callahan Hugh Muldowney Ireland Margaret Welch Ireland

2996 Stapleton Joseph Henry 38y6m16d Hoosick Falls, NY 11Jan1905 27Jul1943 St. Mary's,Cambridge Geneva, NY Pharmacist
C M 1936 598 in city-34yrs Dr. Snyder,Coroner Michael Stapleton Saranac, NY Katherine Joyce Hoosick Falls, NY Kathleen Brennan Mary Millett,22Railroad Place
2997 Wandiak D'Mytro 48y11m29d Poland 15Aug1894 14Aug1943 Greenridge Homestead Sanitorium Furrier
Greek C
1936 599 in city abt 30yrs Dr.E.A.Suss Nicholas Wandiak Poland Paronia Masuro? Poland
Anthony Wandiak
2998 Foster Thomas W. 84y7m3d Rye,Sussex,England 12Jan1860 15Aug1943 St. Mary's,Ballston Saratoga Hospital retired Carpenter
C M 1936 600 in city-56yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Thomas Foster England Alice?? England Mary Quinn wife,124Grand Ave.
2999 Carmody Helen G. 38y6m18d Saratoga Springs 30Jan1905 18Aug1943 St. Peter's Jamaica Hospital Housewife
C M 1943 1 in state-life
Ellsworth Jordan Pottersville, NY Catherine Kennedy Ireland James Carmody Mrs.John Rowland lived Queens Village
3000 Hodges Sebie Perry 79y7m9d Wilton, NY 10Jan1864 19Aug1943 Brick Church Mrs. Patten's Home Housewife
B M 1943 2 in state-life Dr.M.J.Magovern William Perry Wilton, NY Phoebe Woodward Wilton, NY William C. Hodges Mrs. David B. Patten
3001 Streit Brother Leo,William 66y3m5d Philadelphia, PA 17May1877 22Aug1943 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Religious Brother
C S 1943 3 in city-13 mo Dr.R.E.Harrington

St. Clement's
3002 Black Lillian A. 88y6m25d Saratoga Springs 31Jan1855 26Aug1943 Greenridge 457 Broadway Housewife
M W 1943 4 in US-life Dr.F.J.Ressique Lewis Ellsworth Tw. Of Ballston,NY Amanda Briggs Duchess Co.,NY Charles E. Black Lewis Ellsworth161Caroline
3003 Baegle Claude E. 72y20d Wilton,,NY 19Aug1871 09Sep1943 Louden Church Greenfield,NY Farm Hand
E W 1943 5 in State-life Dr.G.S.Towne Wm. Beagle Wilton, NY Louise Mabb Tn. Of Saratoga, NY Rose Flory Josephine Hayes
3004 Stevens Abert 55y10m Saratoga Springs,NY 15Nov1887 15Sep1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital

1943 6 in state-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Wm. Stevens Saratoga Springs Mary E. Lyons Geneva,NY
Mrs. Luke Connolly
3005 Cole William Henry 86y8m22d Oneida County,NY 24Dec1856 16Sep1943 Village,Ballston Spa 32Hudson Ave,Glens Falls Retired stone cutter
1943 7
Dr.Floyd Palmer Pashel Cole Kinderhook,NY Elizabeth Dutcher North Bay,Oneida Co.NY Letitia McClain Ron Chadwick,60Catherine
3006 Regan Catherine 83y6m17d Mitchelltown,Cork,Ireland 15Mar1860 02Oct1943 St. Peter's Jones Convelescent Home Retired hotel maid
C W 1943 8 68y-USA Dr.M.J.Magovern Michael Horgan Co.Cork,Ireland Ellen Looney Co.Cork,Ireland John Regan lived 9 Jefferson St.
3007 Roohan John P. 55y23d Saratoga Springs 08Sep1888 01Oct1943 St. Peter's 13 James St. Prop. Grocery Store
C M 1943 9 in city-life Dr.F.G.Eaton James H. Roohan Saratoga Springs Margaret Hyland Warrensburg, NY Bertha Tolme
Vet WW1
3008 Fitzgerald James Edward 79y7m Albany,NY 10Mar1864 10Oct1943 Greenridge 54 Franklin St. Retired male Nurse
C W 1943 10
Ireland Anna May Smith

3009 Spirig Valentine 51y2d Switzerland 10Oct1892 12Oct1943 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Religious Brother Swiss C S 1943 11 in city-3mo Dr.R.E.Harrington Ludwig Spirig Switzerland Anna Koeppel Switzerland
St. Clement's College
3010 Grace Mary I. 65y8m15d Staffords Bridge, NY 27Jan1878 12Oct1943 Greenridge County Infirmary Cook-Private families Amer C W 1943 12 in city-43yrs Dr.Ralph Post George M. Lockrow Staffords Bridge,NY Sarah E. Turner Corinth,NY Wm.Grace Roy&Chester Lockrow
3011 Petro Frances V. 50y8m22d Latnec,Czechoslovakia 25Jan1893 17Oct1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife Slovish C M 1943 13 25yrs-Greenfield Dr.G.S.Towne Joseph Podesva Czechoslovakia Maria Rampacek Czechoslovakia Frank Petero-55yrs husband, Corinth
3012 Crotty Vincent(Brother Vincent) 52y2m27d Buffalo,NY 30Jul1891 27Oct1943 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Religious Brother
C S 1943 14 in city-1yr Cr.Carl Comstock Thomas Crotty Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret Mahoney Co.Clare,Ireland
St. Clement's College
3013 Quinn Margaret 77yrs Canada? 1866 01Nov1943 St. Peter's Little Sisters of Poor Housework
1943 15 in city->50yrs Dr. Kehoe,Cohoes,NY Thomas Quinn Ireland

3014 Condon Mary T. 64y9m Saratoga Springs 06Feb1879 06Nov1943 St. Peter's 11 Marion Place retired file clerk,D.P.W. Irish C
1943 16 in state-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick Condon Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Mullen Co.Mayo,Ireland
Harry P.Condon,Albany
3015 Foy Genevieve V. 50y4m7d Saratoga Springs 09Jul1893 16Nov1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital School Teacher-Ball.Spa
1943 17 in state-life Dr.Grace Swanner Michael J. Foy England Annie E. Keehan Greenfield,NY

3016 Sheehan Catherine E. 80y3m Moreau,NY 18Aug1863 18Nov1943 St. Peter's 45 Park St. Housewife
C W 1943 18 in city->50yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington Patrick Johnson Co.Carlow,Ireland Mary Roach Co.Carlow,Ireland Matthew Sheehan Marie A. Sheehan
3017 Derlick Otto 57y4d New York City 16Nov1886 20Nov1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Stage Carpenter,Congress theatre
1943 19 in city->45yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Otto Derlick New York City Irene Agnes Martin New York City
3018 Davis Jay Beekman 75y3m19d Malta, NY 10Aug1868 29Nov1943 Whitford 221 Caroline St. Retired Carpenter
E M 1943 20 in city-23yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington John B. Davis Saratoga Co.NY Francis Marion Odell Dorset,Vermont Mary Mooney-69yrs wife
3019 O'Gorman Elizabeth 75y7m22d Malone,NY 21Apr1868 13Dec1943 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1943 21
Dr.C.Dunham Hunt Daniel Tracey Tn.of Belmont Alice Clark Ireland John D. O'Gorman lived 98 Church St.
3020 Cray Grace S. 63y7m29d Saratoga Springs 15Apr1880 14Dec1943 St. Peter's 15 Walworth St. Housewife

M 1943 22 in State-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Wm. Stevens Weavertown, NY Julia West Wisconsin Patrick W. Cray husband
3021 McCormack Elizabeth M. 53y11d Saratoga Springs 06Dec1890 17Dec1943 St. Peter's,Tinney Lot Saratoga Hospital Housework-at home
1943 23 in State-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick McCormack Co.Meath,Ireland Bridget Farrell Co.Meath,Ireland
Andrew J. McCormack
3022 Cunningham Martin E. 64y10m7d Schuylerville,NY 18Feb1879 19Dec1943 St. Mary's,Schuylerville 14 Warren St. Supt.gas dept.N.Y.P.&L
C M 1943 24 in State-life Dr.R.E.Harrington John Cunningham Ireland Margaret Leonard Ireland Marian Langdon-59 Mrs.M.E.Cunningham
3023 Shannon Mary Agnes 53y1m24d Saratoga Springs, NY 25Oct1890 19Dec1943 St. Peter's Yaddo Housewife
C M 1943 25 in State-life Dr. G.S.Towne Martin J. Sullivan Malone,NY Mary Alice Lee Montreal,Canada James C. Shannon husband-Yaddo
3024 Dillon Dora abt.80 Greenfield Center,NY 04Jan?? 19Dec1943 St. Peter's 65 York Ave. at home
1943 26 in State-life Dr.F.J. Ressique John Dillon Limerick,Ireland Mary Hayes Limerick,Ireland
John J. Carey
3025 McGarry Josephine abt. 78 Saratoga Springs
20Dec1943 St. Peter's 139 Lincoln Ave. at home
1943 27 in State-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Augustus Tarrou France Ellen Corbett Ireland
Katherine Marks
3026 Fuller Emily Metcalfe 46y6m1d Ballston Spa 20Jun1897 21Dec1943 Gurn Spring Wilton-Gansevoort Rd. Housewife

M 1943 28 22yrs.-Wilton Dr.M.J.Magovern Alex Metcalfe England Susan Williams England Beecher W. Fuller husband
3027 Condon Katherine abt 83 Bacon Hill,NY
21Dec1943 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital Housewife
C M 1943 29 in State-life
Benjamin Callahan Ireland Bridget Hartigan
John Condon Mrs.Frank Sullivan
3028 Hames Almon LeRoy 47y6m26d Glens Falls,NY 26May1896 22Dec1943 Greenridge Grandview Sanitorium Rest.Mgr.Howard Johnson
C M 1943 30 in State-life Dr.G.S.Towne John W.Hames Batchlorville, NY Dela Rougier Hudson Falls,NY Annette Staedli Fred W. Hames
3029 Kenzel Rev.Francis L. 80y8m26d New York City 27Mar1863 23Dec1943 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Catholic Priest
C S 1943 31 in city-2yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington

St. Clement's
3030 Magovern Thomas F. 86y5d London,England 19Dec1857 24Dec1943
171 Church St. Photographer
C M 1943 32 in city-60yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Thomas F. Magovern Ireland Anna Ferris London,England Nellie F.Fitzpatrick

3031 Burke Eva May 61y7m15d Saratoga Springs 11May1882 26Dec1943 St. Peter's 72 Washington St. Housewife
C M 1943 33 in State-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Wm.H.Tyler Brooklyn,NY Estelle James Twn.of Providence James H. Burke

3032 Nagy Valentine Marion 25y3m16d Staffords Springs,Conn 11Sep1918 27Dec1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Farmer-own place
C S 1943 34 in Wilton-22yrs Dr.Schwanner Peter Nagy CzechoSlovakia Rozalie Matasvosky Czecho Slovakia
Father, So.Wilton,NY
3033 Wade Donald Joseph 26y3m25d Saratoga Springs 09Sep1917 03Jan1944 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium none
C S 1943 35 in State-life Dr.Edward Suss George W. Wade New York City Frances Folts Saratoga Springs
Mother,121 Lincoln Ave
3034 Eighmey Charles A. 76y3m6d Saratoga Springs 29Sep1867 04Jan1944 St. Peter's 176 Lake Ave Upholsterer
C W 1943 36 in State-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Jarvis L.Eighmey West Milton,NY Mary Ann Hickey Ireland Mary Perrett Miss Mary Eighmey
3035 Fitzgerald Catherine R. 86y22d Waterford, NY 14Dec1857 05Jan1944 St. Peter's son Martin's Residence Housewife
C W 1943 37 in State-life Dr.R.E.Harrington Bartholomew O'Reilly Co.Kerry,Ireland Johanna Lewis Co.Cork,Ireland Thomas J.Fitzgerald Martin B.Fitzgerald
3036 Harris Winifred A. 60y9m13d Saratoga Springs 24Mar1883 06Jan1944 Greenridge Eggleston St.,Corinth Housewife
E W 1943 38 8 mo.-Corinth Dr.Snyder Harvey Stoddard Grafton,Vermont Rosetta E. Cloud Chester, Vermont Christopher C.Harris Mrs. Cecil Denno
3037 Wilber Helen M. 39y2m14d Schuylerville,NY 30Oct1904 14Jan1943 St. Peter's 694 B'way,Jones Sanitorium Housewife
C M 1943 39 in State-life Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick Henry Nevins Gansvoort,NY Jesse Boardwell Schuylerville,NY Samuel Wilber-45yrs husband, 152 Grand Ave.
3038 Certain Louise 75y2d Beaufort, S.Carolina 13Jan1869 15Jan1944 Greenridge 20 Park St. Housewife colored M W 1943 40 in city-25yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern ?? Cranfield
Jane Bogues
John Certain City of Sar. Springs
3039 Clear Mary 92y5m1d New Haven, Conn 17Aug1851 18Jan1944 Catholic, Luzerne,NY Dominican Convent Travel Companion
C S 1943 41 in city-3yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Patrick Clear Ireland Catherine Sullivan Ireland
Wm.Clear,Ausable Forks
3040 Comfort Thomas 56y11m24d Sicily,Italy 26Jan1887 19Jan1944 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Mason-own business
C M 1943 42 in city-38yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Carmile Comfort Italy Antonia Alleo Italy Margaret Reteina wife,11 Perry St.
3041 Nalty Annie abt.81yrs Rock City Falls,NY
29Jan1944 St. Peter's 694 B'way,Jones Sanitorium Seamstress,E.D.Starbuck
C S 1943 43
Dr.F.J.Ressique John Nalty Co.Mayo,Ireland Ellen Welsh Co.Mayo,Ireland
Cpt.Frank Nalty,Ohio
3042 Wagar Adele A. 84y1m25d Newark,N.J. 08Dec1859 03Feb1944 Village,Ballston Spa 169 Union Ave Housewife
C W 1943 44 in city-9mo Dr.R.B.Post John Donohue
Elizabeth C.Boland Columbia, S.Carolina Charles W.Wagar Mrs.Jos.Humphrey
3043 Carpenter Anna Mary 88yrs Glens Falls,NY 28Jun1855 06Feb1944 St. Peter's 105 George St. Housewife
C W 1943 45 in State-life Dr.M.J.Magovern John Crary Queens Co,Ireland Ellen M.Conaugh Ireland Charles E.Carpenter

3044 Sweeney Arthur Michael 44y10m Saratoga Springs 18Apr1899 18Feb1944 St. Peter's 168 Milton Ave.B.S. Chef,Spa Rest.Ballston Spa
C M 1943 46 in State-life Dr.Cornthwaite Maurice Sweeney Saratoga Co,N.Y. Ellen Grady Ireland Ruth Bellamy Mrs.James Mulholland
3045 Golden Mary 75yrs Albany,NY ??Jan1869 21Feb1944 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1943 47
Dr.A.J.Leonard Michael Doyle Co.Meathe,Ireland Mary Ellicott Troy,NY Gilbert W. Golden Henry M.Yeackel
3046 Wright Helen Downs 49y20d Saratoga Springs 30Jan1895 20Feb1944 Greenridge Albany City Hospital Housewife
E M 1943 48 in State-life Dr.Edward Sharkey Albert B. Downs Vermont Eunice Lewis Greenwich,NY Orrin H. Wright husband,104 Woodlawn Ave.
3047 Eighmey George H. 78y1d Saratoga Springs 07Mar1866 08Mar1944 St. Peter's 176 Lake Ave Farmer
C S 1943 49 in State-life Dr.R.E.Harrington Jarvis L.Eighmey West Milton,NY Mary Ann Hickey Ireland
Miss Eighmey
3048 Bryant Julia A. 74y2m13d Fulton Co.NY 03Jan1870 16Mar1944 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Retired Nurse,State Resver.
C W 1943 50 in city-50yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Archie Brown NY State Hannah Hendricks NY State Charles Bryant Mrs.P.F.Rox,133 East Ave
3049 Kipp Michael 88y14d New York City 02Mar1856 16Mar1944 Greenridge County House Retired Cigar Maker

W 1943 51 in city->50yrs Dr.Ralph Post Michael Kipp Pennsylvania Margaret Hill New York City Kate Delaney James Maguire,32Pinewood
3050 Kearns Mark,(Brother Linus) 74y5m22d Co.Sligo,Ireland 01Oct1869 23Mar1944 St. Peter's St. Clement's Infirmary Religious Brother
C S 1943 52 in city-3mo Dr.R.E. Harrington Patrick Kearns Co.Sligo,Ireland Winifred Connor? Co.Sligo,Ireland
St. Clement's
3051 Carey Margaret 73y11m11d Glens Falls, NY 13Apr1870 24Mar1944 St. Peter's Cady Hill Housewife
C M 1943 53 in city-14yrs Dr.F.J.Ressique John Cashion Ireland Catherine Lynch Connecticut Jeremiah Carey husband,Cady Hill
3052 Juskiewcz Anthony Uscavitch 69y5m22d Minsk,Poland 17Oct1874 08Apr1944 St. Peter's 21 State St. Laborer,David Kirker
C M 1943 54 in city-25yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Augustus Juskiewcz Minsk,Poland Anna Sankowski Minsk,Poland Astoinette Shlevinsky

3053 Fox Bernard Charles 74y30d Rock City, NY 19 Mar1870 18Apr1944 St. Peter's 63 Church St. retired Café proprietor
C S 1943 55 in city->50yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Charles Fox Co.Connaught,Ireland Winifred Keogh Co.Limerick,Ireland
Mary McNeary
3054 Dillon Anna A. 77y3m29d Chateaugay,NY 19Dec1866 18Apr1944 Greenridge Utica State Hospital

C S 1943 56 in State-life
Michael Dillon London,England Ann O'Neil Co.Limerick,Ireland
Sarah Foley,30Circular
3055 Brophy Thomas J. 50y5m20d Saratoga Springs 30Oct1893 20Apr1944 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Merchant-newspaper,cigars
C M 1943 57 in State-life Dr.F.J.Ressique John Brophy Saratoga Springs Elizabeth Maham Saratoga Springs Mary E. Wood,51y lived 211 East Ave.
3056 Lefler Mary A. abt. 65y Salem,NY
19Apr1944 Greenridge 100 Church St.

W 1943 58 in city-35yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington John Connors Ireland Alice McCabe Ireland Winifred S. Lefler

3057 Kelly Bridget Dorsey
Saratoga Springs 02Feb?? 20Apr1944 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital Housewife
C W 1943 59 in State-life Dr.F.K.Gifford,Coroner James Dorsey Co.Waterford,Ireland Ann Magovern Co.Cavan,Ireland Wm. A. Kelly Agnes L. Reagan
3058 Cosgrove Catherine A. 88y1m4d Albany,NY 25Mar1856 29Apr1944 St. Agnes,Albany,NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1943 60 in State-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Edward McDonald Scotland Mary Ann Smith Albany,NY Thomas B. Cosgrove
lived608 Myrtle,Alb
3059 Kenyon Albert F. 71y11m21d Bolton Landing,NY 11May1872 02May1944 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital retired RR Xing watchman
E M 1943 61 in State-life Dr.Earl H. King Albert F. Kenyon England Ida Combs Lake George,NY Catherine Flora wife,RFD#3 West Ave
3060 Reagan Alice Thompson 78y6m8d Mechanicville,NY 25Oct1865 03May1944 St. Peter's 126 Woodlawn Ave. Housewife
C W 1943 62 in State-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Anthony Thompson Co.Waterford,Ireland Alice Higgins Co.Waterford,Ireland Daniel P.Reagan Alice F.Geppner
3061 Maloney John H. 72y29d Saratoga Springs 07Apr1872 06May1944 St. Peter's 58 Lincoln Ave Retired trainman
C M 1943 63 in State-life Dr.G.S.Towne Michael Maloney Queens Co.Ireland Margaret Doyle Kilkenny,Ireland Margaret Finn,69y

3062 Nolan Ellen J. 83y20d Saratoga Springs 13Apr1861 07May1944 St. Peter's 104 Ludlow St. at home
C W 1943 64 in State-life Dr.Malcolm Magovern James Young Ireland Bridget Caraney Ireland Michael Nolan Dorothy Nolan,104Ludlow
3063 Fregelette Leonard J. 73y2m5d Potenza,Italy 18Mar1871 23May1944 St. Peter's 107 White St. Merchant
C M 1943 65 in city-43yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Vincent Fregelette Potenza,Italy Mary? Potenza,Italy Angelina Timpone64y

3064 Hamell Mary E. 73y11m11d Ireland 25Jun1870 26May1944 St. Peter's Mrs.Peets,139Lincoln Ave. Chambermaid-Gideon Putnam
C W 1943 66 in city->50yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Joseph Comisky Ireland Rose Hoey Ireland Fred J. Hamill Mrs.Frederick Appleton
3065 Fritch Agnes Mary abt. 56y Czechoslovakia
26May1944 Bronx,NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife

M 1943 67 in city-7days Dr.Joseph Lebowich Joseph Chalupa Czechslovakia
Czechoslovakia Paul Fritch,57yrsold

3066 Bradley Catherine A. 87y8m16d Saratoga Springs 12Sep1856 28May1944 Greenridge 252 Nelson Ave Housewife
C W 1943 68 in city->50yrs Dr.G.S.Towne Lorenzo Armb Bavaria, Germany Agnes Higgins Co.Cavan,Ireland James Bradley Anna F. Armb,252Nelson
3067 McNeary Frank W. 51y4m16d Saratoga Springs 20Jan1893 05Jun1944 St. Peter's Ticknor's Sanitorium Chauffeur,Texas Oil Co.
C D 1943 69 in State-life Dr.A.J.Leonard John McNeary Greenfield,NY Bridget Condon Saratoga Springs Marguerite?? Mary McNeary,480 1/2B'way
3068 Rowland Annie E. 81y8m14d Cohoes,NY 08Oct1862 22Jun1944 St. Peter's 78 Caroline St. Housewife
C W 1943 70 in city-44yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard John Brady Ireland Margaret Roddy Ireland Michael J. Rowland

3069 Abbott Willian J. 54y10m13d Saratoga Springs 15Aug1889 28Jun1944 St. Peter's 109 Henry St. Laborer WW1 vet
C D 1943 71 in State-life Dr. M.J.Magovern Thomas H. Abbott Saratoga Springs Ellen A. Sheehan Hydeville,VT Madeline Egan U.S.Vet Bureau
3070 Patten Edward F. 60y8m8d Saratoga Springs 04Nov1883 12Jul1944 Greenridge 217 East Ave. Trainman, D&H RR
C M 1943 72 in State-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Henry Patten Co.Down,Ireland Mary Ann Cavanaugh Saratoga Springs Mary T. Andrews wife, 59 yrs. Old
3071 Burke James 69y7m9d Saratoga Springs 17Jan1875 26Jul1944 St. Peter's 72 Washington St. Geyser Sub St.electrician
C W 1943 73 in State -life Dr. F.G.Eaton James Burke Ireland Mary Reedy Ireland Eva M. Tyler

3072 Bruebeck Francis(Brother Peter) 54y15d Brooklyn,NY 11Jul1890 26Jul1944 Calvary,Brooklyn,NY St. Clement's College Religious Brother
C S 1943 74 in city-8mo Dr.R.E.Harrington George Bruebeck Brooklyn,NY Barbara Krebs Brooklyn,NY

3073 Murray Ernest C. 43y9m13d Portugal 15Oct1900 28Jul1944 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Janitor, Rest. & Grill Negro C M 1943 75 in city-5 yrs Dr.E.A.Suss

Viola King lived 75 Franklin St.
3074 O'Day Eleanor E. 35y1m4d Saratoga Springs 26Jun1909 30Jul1944 St. Peter's 183 Lake Ave. Housewife
C M 1943 76
Dr.R.E. Harrington John E. Gaffney Saratoga Springs Mary Maines Saratoga Springs John P. O'Day,53yrs husband,361W.Main St,Amsterdam
3075 Winn Thomas H. 51y4m15d Saratoga Springs 21Mar1893 07Aug1944 St. Peter's Jones Convalescent Home House Detective, G.Union Hotel
C S 1943 77 in State-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Thomas C. Winn Saratoga Springs Alice Hartigan Co.Limerick,Ireland
Wm. W.Winn,106Ludlow
3076 Engle Frank, Jr. 83y9m12d New York City 06Nov1866 18Aug1944 St. Peter's 104 Nelson Ave. Watchman,Harry M.Stevens
C W 1943 78 in city-42yrs Dr. R.E.Harrington Frank Engle
Mary Guggett
Mary A. Purcell Mrs.Newton Traver
3077 Fleming Cora A. 62y8m1d Greenfield, NY 20Dec1881 21Aug1944 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1943 79 in city->50yrs Dr.Lebowich Frank Spratt Greenfield,NY Sophia Uriertz? Ballston Spa,NY Wm.L.Fleming husband,110 Van Dam
3078 Driscoll Robert Lawrence 31y10m29d Saratoga Springs 22Sep1912 21Aug1944 St. Peter's 79 White St. wine stewart,VanCurler
C S 1943 80 in State-life Dr.F.G.Eaton John H. Driscoll Saratoga Springs Ellen Ennis Salem,NY
3079 Saunders Robert Burns 63y7m28d Wilton,NY 27Dec1880 25Aug1944 Greenridge 113 York Ave. Warehouse&moving buisness
M M 1943 81 in city->30yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard John B. Saunders Athens,NY Eunice Swartwout Saratoga Springs Rose M.Feulner wife
3080 Davin Laura M. 64y2m24d Saratoga Springs 06Jun1880 30Aug1944 St. Peter's 55 Union St. Housewife
C W 1943 82 in State-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Daniel Woodworth Rome,NY Lucy Ramsdill Ballston Spa,NY John J. Davin

3081 Welch James J. 82y5m27d Saratoga Springs 13Mar1862 09Sep1944 Greenridge 176 Phila St. retired Troy C.Club Mgr.
C M 1943 83 in State-life Dr. M.J.Magovern James Welch Ireland Mary Swanick Ireland Margaret Mitchell

3082 Moffitt Margaret T. 73y4m2d Fair Haven,VT 19May1871 21Sep1944 St. Peter's 81 Middle Ave Housewife
C W 1943 84 in city-43yrs Dr.M.J.Magovern Timothy Lynch
Margaret Sloan
John H. Moffitt

3083 Ferguson Mary C. 70y5m21d Saratoga Springs 01Apr1874 22Sep1944 Greenridge 14 Stratton St. Housewife
C W 1943 85 in State-life Dr.F.J.Ressique John Patrick Mallon Edinburgh,Scotland Ann McNelis Co.Donegal,Ireland Duncan Ferguson Jean Ferguson
3084 Wade Frances Barbara 58y5m27d Saratoga Springs 01Apr1886 28Sep1944 St. Peter's 121 Lincoln Ave. Housewife
C M 1943 86 in State-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Daniel M. Folts Wilton,NY Barbara Vogel Bavaria,Germany George W. Wade

3085 Keosaian Edith 43y9m13d Shawangnick, NY 29Dec1900 06Oct1944 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
M M 1943 87 in city-4yrs Dr.F.G.Eaton Gershon Terwilleger Pine Bush,NY Anna Elizabeth Green Pine Bush,NY Harry Keosaian husband,203 Washington
3086 Maher William P. 70y6m15d Saratoga Springs 22Feb1874 07Oct1944 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital Plumber
C W 1943 88 in State-life Dr.E.N.Bink Wm.H.Maher Co.Wexford,Ireland Mary O'Shaughnessey Co.Limerick,Ireland Lillian F. Reilly lived 95 Ludlow St.
3087 Monahan Joseph 82y5m15d Saratoga Springs 07May1862 22Oct1944 St. Peter's Veteran's Faculity Retired brakeman-Vet
C S 1943 89 in State-life Dr.John Walsh Patrick Monahan Ireland Bridget Kane Ireland
Mary Muldowney
3088 Conway Rev.George A. 59y6m26d Boston,Mass 27Mar1885 23Oct1944 Calvary,Boston,Mass St. Clement's College Catholic Priest
C S 1943 90 in city-5mo Dr.R.E.Harrington Timothy Conway Ireland Annie Mulkeen Ireland

3089 Crandall Katherine G. 85y9m18d Saratoga Springs 08Jan1859 26Oct1944 Greenridge 62 Van Dam St. Housewife
C W 1943 91 in State-life Dr.A.J.Leonard Joseph Hulihan Ireland Katherine Daugherty Ireland Fones Crandall Charlotte McPherson
3090 Flanagan Robert D. 59y7m4d New York City 27Mar1885 31Oc1944 Greenridge 87 Ludlow St. Bartender,J.Swartfigure
C M 1943 92 in city-55yrs Dr.Carl Comstock John D.Flanagan New York City Margaret Smith Co.Down,Ireland Margaret Myers

3091 McQuade Catherine 69y8m17d Co,Fermanaugh,Ireland 18Feb1875 07Nov1944 St. Peter's 25 Clark St. Housewife
C W 1943 93 in city-45yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard ?? McQuade Co.Fermanaugh,Ireland ??Keenan Co.Fermanugh,Ireland James E. McQuade Miss McQuade
3092 Mullady Helen Mary 49y8m26d Saratoga Springs 21Feb1895 17Nov1944 St. Peter's 203 Circular St. Housewife
C M 1943 94 in State-life Dr.F.G.Eaton Edward J. Watson Jersey City,NJ Mary Lennon Galway,NY Wm.F.Mullady husband
3093 Donnan Susan S. 65y9d Saratoga Springs 11Nov1879 20Nov1944 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1943 95 in State-life Dr.F.J.Ressique Charles Snyder NY State Eliza Sexton Greenfield,NY Hiram Donnan Estate
3094 Berka Mary 57y6m9d Czechoslovakia 10May1887 19Nov1944 Greenridge Utica State Hospial Housewife
L W 1943 96 in city->10yrs Dr.John J.Dorey Gabriel Marko Czechoslovakia Sophia Matushko Czechoslovakia Joseph Berka Estate
3095 Comstock Elizabeth Agnes 75y6m3d Broooklyn,NY 27May1869 30Nov1944 St. Peter's 11 Pavillion Place Housework, at home
C W 1943 97 in city-40yrs Dr.R.E.Harrington ?? Clancy

Frank A. Comstock

3096 Wade George W. 70y11m29d New York City 02Dec1873 01Dec1944 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital retired crossing watchman
C W 1943 98 in city-65yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard William Wade New York City Margaret Long Saratoga Springs Barbara Folts Grace Wade,121Lincoln Ave/
3097 Price Harry 66y7m3d Wilton,NY 30Apr1878 03Dec1944 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C W 1943 99 in State-life Dr.F.D.Hunt Thomas Price
Rose Cassidy
Margaret Burke

3098 Hamell Anna Teresa 79y10m Co.Cork,Ireland 08Feb1865 08Dec1944 St. Peter's 213 Beekman St. Housewife
C W 1943 100 in city->60yrs Dr.A.J.Leonard Daniel Buckley England Joanne Hurley Ireland Wm.C.Hamill Miss Hamill
3099 Doney Susan Geraldine 50y8m15d Saratoga Springs 08Apr1894 23Dec1944 Greenridge 37First St. Waitress
C W 1943 101 in State-life Dr.J.L.Kiley Phillip Rosser England Eva M. Williams England Bertram Doney

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