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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 29
May 2, The Rev. John Woodbridge, delivered a sermon at the First Presbyterian church.

May 16, The Rev. George H. Brigham preached at the First Baptist church.

May 26, The Saratoga Club House and its furniture was sold to Reed and Spencer.

May 28, The Clarendon hotel was opened for the season.

June 12, The Congress Spring Park was opened, and this also was the date of the opening of the United States and Grand Union hotels.

June 17, Congress Hall opened.

June 21, Mrs. Ellin Hardin Walworth, a founder of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, lectured at the Supreme Court Chamber on "Society and Societies.


Jan. 1, The thermometer registered 18 below zero. Many persons spent the day making New Year calls as was the custom then.

Jan. 7., C. R. Brown leased the Putnam spring.

Jan. 27, M. M. Berry died. Mr. Berry was proprietor of a book store located on the east side of Broadway.

Feb. 1, The thermometer registered 18 below zero.

Feb. 6. The Rev. G. P. Hawley preached his farewell sermon at the Second Presbyterian Church.

Feb. 22., John L. Henning and Jennie Hulbert were united in marriage.

April 4, The price of coal was reduced to $7.00 per ton.

April 20, The Adelphi Hotel opened for the season of 1881. The season in this resort in the 1880-s and earlier was a long one, opening in April and May and extending through September and October.

May 1., James Lawrence Cramer died at the age of 61 years. He married Louisa Cheeney. They were parents of Louis Huntley Cramer, whose death occurred on Feb. 26, 1927.

May 10, The thermometer registered 90 degrees in the shade, showing unusual heat for this time of the year.

May 18, The first locomotive arrived for use on the Saratoga Lake Railway.

May 21, The Mansion House opened for the season of 1881.

May 28, Ransom Cook, died at the age of 86 years. Ransom Cook, opened a shop in early life on Congress street where he made chairs, bedsteads and did painting. In 1827 he purchased a lot in Broadway and built a house and shop in the rear of the house. Later he bought the land at the corner of Broadway and Circular street, and built a house there and a shop in the rear. Mr. Cook was appointed warden of the state prison at Dannemora and built that prison. Mrs. Eli R. Cook, Mrs. Frank A. Cook. and daughter, Miss Josephine Ayres Cook still live in the Cook homestead on South Broadway.

June 1, The Windsor and Columbian Hotels opened.

June 4, The United States Hotel opened.

The principal hotels of the resort were all open by the middle of the month. The Grand Union and Congress Spring park opened on June 11; The Congress Hall on June 18; and the American and Waverly Hotels on June 25. Moon's Lake house at Saratoga Lake house was also open. The hotels were thronged with fashionable visitors from many cities of the country. The White Sulphur Spring Park Hotel opened on July 2.

July 2, Summer visitors and Saratogians were alarmed and shocked to receive news in the late morning of the shooting of President James A. Garfield. Shortly after 9 o'clock on that morning, the president was passing through the waiting room of the Baltimore and Potomac depot on Sixth street. a short distance south of Pennsylvania avenue in Washington, D. C., when he was twice shot. President Garfield was seriously wounded, but lingered until Sept. 19 at l0:35 o'clock, when his death occurred. He was the second president of the United States to have been assassinated.

Saratoga Springs joined with the communities of the nation in mourning his death, and the flags of the city were placed at half mast.

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