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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 30
July 4, Regular trains began running on the Saratoga Lake Railway.

July 16, The Saratoga Association races opened.

July 25, R. Newton Brezee and Jennie M. Carr were united in marriage.

Sept. 6. This date was notable as a dark day. Artificial lights were necessary throughout the day.

Sept. 15. The Grand Union Hotel closed.

Sept. 24. The Windsor Hotel closed.

Sept. 27. The Saratoga County fair opened at Glen Mitchell.

Oct. 1. The United States Hotel closed.

Oct. 21, William A. Hamilton, son of Dr. Hamilton, died at Minneapolis, Minn.

Oct. 29, the Rev. W. R. Terrett accepted a call as pastor of the Presbyterian Church.

Nov. 17, Jared Ingersoll died.

Nov. 21, Michael S. Cummings and Catherine M. Brown were united in marriage.

Nov. 27, Robert McDonnell, died at the age of 75 years.

Dec. 4. The Rev. W. R. Terrett commenced his pastoral work at the 2d Presbyterian Church.

Dec. 6, Mrs. Jane A. Hamilton, aged 57 years, wife of Dr. R. Hamilton, and Mrs. Lewis Putnam died.

Dec.10, Mrs. John S. Leake died.

Dec.20. The death of Charles H. Payn, aged 67, occurred.

Dec. 29, The Saratogian establishment was sold being purchased by C. F. Paul, the senior partner.

The Citizens National Bank of Saratoga Springs was organized with a capital of $100,000. This is now the Saratoga National Bank.


Jan. 4, Colonel Hiram Rogers and wife celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

Jan. 9, The first train was run on the B. H. T. and W. R. R. (now the Boston and Maine railroad) from Saratoga to Schuylerville.

Jan. 12, Charles P. Penfield and Adelia Sterrett, were united in marriage.

Jan. 12, This date was memorable as the opening of the first Saratoga Telephone Exchange.

Jan. 24, The thermometer registered 36 degrees below zero.

Feb. 18, The survey was completed for the Mount McGregor Railway.

Feb. 24, Charles R. Brown died.

Feb. 28, The Rev. Thomas W. Jones was installed as pastor of the New England Congregational Church.

March 9, James P. Dennin, became the sole proprietor of the Arlington Hotel now the Worden Hotel.

March 17, Deyoe Lohnas received the first consigment of Chicago dressed beef in this community.

March 18, The death of Mrs. Ruth Carpenter at the age of 83 occurred.

March 20, The Citizens National Bank opened for business. D. A. Bullard was president. and L. A. Sharp cashier.

March 21, William B. Gage purchased the Medical Institute for $15,000 at a foreclosure sale.

March 28, Robert F. Milligan, was elected president of the village.

April 6, Philip Snyder, aged 81 years, died.

April 8, The Arcade property on Broadway was sold to William Hay Bockes for $51,550. After the destruction of The Arcade by fire the present Arcade was built by Benjamin J. Goldsmith.

April 13, Benjamin F. Judson was re-appointed postmaster at Saratoga Springs.

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