Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning G

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Gable, Charles L. Deceased
Gable, William G. Father
Gaffney Orderedby
Gaffney, Bartholomew Deceased
Gaffney, Bartholomew Deceased
Gaffney, Bartholomew Father
Gaffney, Catharine Deceased
Gaffney, John Father
Gaffney, John Orderedby
Gaffney, John E. Father
Gaffney, John E. Orderedby
Gaffney, John W. Deceased
Gaffney, Mrs.Philip Orderedby
Gaffney, Mrs.Phillip Orderedby
Gaffney, Thomas Deceased
Gaffney, Thomas Father
Gage, Carrie Marvin Deceased
Gage, Charles H. Deceased
Gage, James Marvin Orderedby
Gage, Lucy Deceased
Gage, Marvin Orderedby
Gage, William B. Father
Gage, William B. Father
Gage, William B. Orderedby
Gage, William B. Orderedby
Gage, William B. Orderedby
Gage, William Banks Deceased
Gage, William Banks Father
Gage, Wm.B. Father
Gagnon, Ernest Henry Deceased
Gagnon, Paul E. Father
Gahan, Mary Mother
Gailor, Alice A. Deceased
Gailor, Allen Deceased
Gailor, Allen Orderedby
Gailor, Caroline Deceased
Gailor, Caroline M. Orderedby
Gailor, Catherine Mother
Gailor, Charles Orderedby
Gailor, Charles N. Father
Gailor, Charles N. Father
Gailor, Charles N. Orderedby
Gailor, Chauncey Father
Gailor, Chauncey S. Deceased
Gailor, Daniel Father
Gailor, Daniel Father
Gailor, Daniel M Father
Gailor, Daniel M. Father
Gailor, Dorcas Orderedby
Gailor, Dorothy E. Deceased
Gailor, Earl Jacob Deceased
Gailor, Elizabeth Deceased
Gailor, Elizabeth Mother
Gailor, Gertrude Deceased
Gailor, Helen Louise Deceased
Gailor, Jacob Father
Gailor, Jacob Father
Gailor, Jacob Father
Gailor, James Deceased
Gailor, Jane Deceased
Gailor, John Lewis Deceased
Gailor, Lewis Orderedby
Gailor, Lewis E. Father
Gailor, Mabel D. Mother
Gailor, Margaret L. Deceased
Gailor, Martha Ann Deceased
Gailor, Mary Jane Deceased
Gailor, Maude Mother
Gailor, Mrs.Jacob Orderedby
Gailor, Mrs.Maud Orderedby
Gailor, Mrs.William Orderedby
Gailor, Mrs.William Orderedby
Gailor, Nellie Deceased
Gailor, Sarah Mother
Gailor, Sarah M. Mother
Gailor, Wallace Father
Gailor, Walter A. Orderedby
Gailor, Willard M. Deceased
Gailor, William Deceased
Gailor, William Deceased
Gailor, William Orderedby
Gailor, William, Jr Orderedby
Gailor, William, Jr. Father
Gailor, William, Jr. Orderedby
Gailor.Wallace Orderedby
Gaines, John Franklin Deceased
Gaingell, Robert Deceased
Gaingell, Robert Father
Galahar, Mary Mother
Galaise, Mary D. Mother
Galcik, John Father
Galcik, John Orderedby
Galcik, Zeta Albina Deceased
Gale, Abram Father
Gale, Alonzo D. Deceased
Gale, Mrs.Eugenie Orderedby
Gallagher, Hugh Father
Gallagher, Sarah Mother
Galligan, Catherine Mother
Galligan, John J. Orderedby
Galligan, Mrs.Patrick Orderedby
Galligan, Owen Father
Galligan, Patrick H. Deceased
Galliger, Catherine Mother
Gallup, Susan Mother
Gallup, Thomas Father
Galusha, Charles Father
Galusha, Doris Orderedby
Galusha, Edward Deceased
Galusha, Etta J. Mother
Galusha, George H. Deceased
Galusha, Merritt Father
Galusha, Merritt Orderedby
Galvin, Mary Mother
Gambel, Margaret Mother
Gamble, Margaret Mother
Gamby, Charles A. Orderedby
Gamby, Cora E. Deceased
Gamby, Eliza Orderedby
Gamby, Eliza F. Deceased
Gamby, George Father
Gamby, John A. Orderedby
Gamby, Mary Deceased
Gamby, Mrs.John Orderedby
Gamby, Rollin H. Deceased
Gamby, William Father
Gammell, Charles Father
Gammell, Charles Father
Gammell, Charles Father
Gammell, Edward F. Orderedby
Gammell, Edward L. Deceased
Gammell, John H. Deceased
Gammell, William H. Deceased
Gammon, Mrs Orderedby
Ganby, Ellen Deceased
Ganby, Mr. John Orderedby
Gandron, Joseph Orderedby
Gandron, Lena Deceased
Ganmans, Elbert Father
Ganmans, Elbert H. Deceased
Ganmans, Mrs.Hedwig Orderedby
Gannon, Bridget Mother
Gansevoort, Alexander Father
Gant, Mary H. Orderedby
Garand, dau of M/M Deceased
Garand, Joseph Orderedby
Garand, Joseph F. Father
Garand, Joseph F. Orderedby
Garand, Joseph P. Orderedby
Garand, Mary C. Deceased
Garant, ? Mother
Garant, Arthur P. Deceased
Garant, Edwin E. Deceased
Garant, Ethel Orderedby
Garant, Eugene Father
Garant, Eugene G. Deceased
Garant, Eugene G. Father
Garant, Helen Mother
Garant, Laura M. Orderedby
Garant, Lillian Mother
Garant, Mrs.Arthur Orderedby
Garant, Mrs.Richard Orderedby
Garant, Peter Father
Garcia, Hyman Deceased
Garcia, Moses Father
Garcia, Mrs.Hyman Orderedby
Gardanier, Charlotte M. Deceased
Gardiner, Frances M. Deceased
Gardiner, Lydia Mother
Gardiner, Mary A. Mother
Gardiner, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Gardner, Grace Mother
Gardner, Irma D. Deceased
Gardner, Leonard E. Orderedby
Gardner, Mary J. Mother
Garey, Minnie Mother
Garhartt, Maude S. Deceased
Garhartt, Richard C. Deceased
Garland, Burd Deceased
Garmach, Saraphine Mother
Garnsey, Estella L. Deceased
Garnsey, Esther A. Deceased
Garnsey, Lewis Orderedby
Garnsey, Lewis C. Deceased
Garnsey, Lewis C. Orderedby
Garnsey, Lewis C. Orderedby
Garnsey, Minnie A. Deceased
Garnsey, Mrs.Lewis Orderedby
Garnsey, Mrs.Lewis Orderedby
Garnsey, Samuel Father
Garnsey, W. Orderedby
Garnsey, W.A. Orderedby
Garnsey, William Father
Garnsey, William Father
Garnsey, William L. Deceased
Garnsey, William L. Orderedby
Garnsey? Father
Garrant, Eugene Orderedby
Garrant, Luella E. Deceased
Garrant, Zoa Mother
Garrett, Dorothy Deceased
Garrett, George R. Father
Garrigan, Carrie Orderedby
Garrigan, Carrie V. Deceased
Garrison, Esther Mother
Garrison, Harry Herbert Deceased
Garrison, Joshua Father
Garrity, Mathew Deceased
Garrity, Patrick Father
Garside, Minnie Deceased
Garth, J.Woods Orderedby
Garth, Lewis W. Deceased
Garth, William Father
Gartland, Frank Father
Gartland, Margaret Deceased
Garvin, Catherine Mother
Garvin, George H. Deceased
Gary, Florence Deceased
Gary, Harry Orderedby
Gary, Rhoda M. Mother
Gash, Mrs.Irving Orderedby
Gaskell, Helen Mother
Gass, John Deceased
Gass, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Gass, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Gass, Robert Deceased
Gass, Robert Father
Gass, Robert Father
Gass, Robert Orderedby
Gass, Robert, Jr. Orderedby
Gass, Robert, Sr. Deceased
Gates, ? Mother
Gates, Elizabeth Mother
Gates, Frederick A. Orderedby
Gates, Lizzie D. Mother
Gates, Lydia Mother
Gates, Mary E. Deceased
Gates, Mary M. Mother
Gates, Odell Father
Gaughran, Hugh A. Father
Gaughran, Marie Frances Deceased
Gaughran, MrsH.A. Orderedby
Gaulin, Matilda Alice Deceased
Gault, William Father
Gaupman, Frederick A. Deceased
Gaupman, Joseph M. Father
Gaupman, Jospeh M. Orderedby
Gavadana, Christina Mother
Gavan, Louis- record Orderedby
Gavar, Louis Deceased
Gavar, Louis Father
Gay, Elsie Mother
Gaylord, Arthur Deceased
Gaylord, Arthur Orderedby
Gaylord, Elizabeth Orderedby
Gaylord, George Orderedby
Gaylord, George Orderedby
Gaylord, Marie Deceased
Gaylord, Mary Deceased
Gaylord, William Father
Gaylord, William Father
Gaylord, William Father
Gaynor, Alice Orderedby
Gaynor, Catherine Mother
Gazley, Julia E. Deceased
Gearren, Clara Irene Deceased
Geary, Helen Mother
Geary, John Father
Gee, Harriet Mother
Geer, Matilda Mother
Geil, Elizabeth C. Deceased
Geist, Louise Mother
Geitz, Sofia Mother
Gemeinhardt, Johanna Mother
Gen Carbolic Gas Orderedby
Gendron, George Father
Geoppner, Theresa Mother
Geoppnoc?, Theresa Mother
George, Valeria Mother
Geppner, Bessie Orderedby
Geppner, John W. Deceased
Geppner, Paul Father
Geppner, Theresa Mother
Gerard, Dorothy Mother
Gernon, Grace L. Deceased
Gernon, Howard Orderedby
Gerock, Catherine Mother
Gertz, Ulga Mother
Gertz, Wanda Mother
Gethers, Mattie Deceased
Getman, Albert J. Deceased
Getman, Albert J. Father
Getman, Albert J. Orderedby
Getman, Alice K. Orderedby
Getman, Charles Father
Getman, Dorothy M. Deceased
Getman, Edward H. Deceased
Getman, Edward H. Father
Getman, Edward H. Orderedby
Getman, George H. Deceased
Getman, George H. Orderedby
Getman, Helen L. Orderedby
Getman, Lucy P. Deceased
Getman, Mahala L. Deceased
Getman, Michael Father
Getman, Michael Father
Getman, Oscar S. Deceased
Getman, Pearl Mother
Getman, Priscilla Orderedby
Getman, Roy Orderedby
Getman, Susan B. Deceased
Gettings, Mary Howard Mother
Getty, Ann Deceased
GEYLI, William John Deceased
Giaquinto, John Deceased
Giaquinto, Nunzio Father
Gibbs, ? Father
Gibbs, Benjamin Father
Gibbs, David Father
Gibbs, Eunice Mother
Gibbs, Eunice Mother
Gibbs, Eunice Mother
Gibbs, Eunice Mother
Gibbs, Helen Frances Deceased
Gibbs, Ira Father
Gibbs, James Roach Deceased
Gibbs, Lydia Ann Deceased
Gibbs, Lydia Ann Mother
Gibbs, Mary Mother
Gibbs, Mrs.James Orderedby
Gibbs, Mrs.James R. Orderedby
Gibbs, Polly Ann Mother
Gibbs, Samuel Father
Gibbs, Samuel G. Father
Gibbs, Sarah A. Deceased
Gibbs, VIRENA Deceased
Gibbs, William H. Orderedby
Gibbs, William Henry Deceased
Gibson, Baby boy Deceased
Gibson, Claudia Orderedby
Gibson, Dorothea N. Mother
Gibson, Frank Father
Gibson, Frank Father
Gibson, Frank Father
Gibson, Frank Orderedby
Gibson, Frank Orderedby
Gibson, Frederick Deceased
Gibson, Henry W. Deceased
Gibson, Leaonora May Orderedby
Gibson, Lenore Orderedby
Gibson, Mrs.Walter Orderedby
Gibson, Samuel B. Deceased
Gibson, Thomas Father
Gibson, Thomas J. Deceased
Gibson, Walter S. Deceased
Gick, Abigail J. Orderedby
Gick, Abigail J. Orderedby
Gick, Adolphus J. Deceased
Gick, Catharine Deceased
Gick, Catherine Deceased
Gick, Edward Deceased
Gick, Frank Deceased
Gick, Frank Orderedby
Gick, George Father
Gick, George Orderedby
Gick, Michael Father
Gick, Michael Father
Gick, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Gick, Robert Deceased
Giersberg, Albert Orderedby
Giersberg, Albert W. Orderedby
Giersberg, Albert W.A. Deceased
Giersberg, Susan Mabel Deceased
Gifford, Emma Roy Mother
Gifford, Eneroy Mother
Gifford, Harriet Mother
Gifford, James Deceased
Gifford, Mary Ann Mother
Gifford, Walter Father
Gifhorn, Mrs E.C. Orderedby
Gijusjan, Monica Mother
Gilaed, Amy Mother
Gilbert, ? Mother
Gilbert, ? Father
Gilbert, ? Father
Gilbert, Constance Orderedby
Gilbert, Daniel Deceased
Gilbert, Elmer S. Deceased
Gilbert, F.D. Orderedby
Gilbert, F.D. Orderedby
Gilbert, Harriet Mother
Gilbert, Henry N. Deceased
Gilbert, Lucretia Deceased
Gilbert, Luella C. Deceased
Gilbert, Mary Mother
Gilbert, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Gilbert, Mary L. Mother
Gilbert, Mary S. Mother
Gilbert, Mrs.Daniel Orderedby
Gilbert, Sarah Orderedby
Gilbert, Sarah E. Deceased
Gilbert, Sarah Smith Orderedby
Gilbert, William S. Father
Gilbert, William S. Father
Gilchrist, Eva Mother
Gilchrist, Eva J.Haward Mother
Gilchrist, Henrietta Mother
Gilchrist, John Father
Gildea, Mrs.Francis Orderedby
Gilders, Alice Mother
Gildersleeve, Levinus Father
Gile, Andrew J. Father
Gile, Charles H. Deceased
Gile, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Giles, Chas.W. Deceased
Giles, Hattie Morgan Deceased
Giles, Louis Orderedby
Giles, Mary Mother
Gilham, Burns Orderedby
Gilhula, Ann Mother
Gill, Charles Father
Gill, Frances Mother
Gill, Frances Mother
Gill, Gertrude Orderedby
Gillam, Annie Fowler Deceased
Gilleg, Hattie Deceased
Gillespie, Andrew Father
Gillespie, George Lewis Father
Gillespie, George Lewis* Deceased
Gillespie, Grant Deceased
Gillespie, John Father
Gillespie, Lewis J. Deceased
Gillespie, Lewis J. Orderedby
Gillespie, Mary Deceased
Gillespie, Robert M. Orderedby
Gillespie, Robert M.G. Father
Gillespy, John J. Orderedby
Gillespy, Julia A. Deceased
Gillia, Vida Deceased
Gillis, George H. Father
Gillis, Harriet Deceased
Gillis, Robert Father
Gilman, Charles R. Deceased
Gilman, Eliza M. Deceased
Gilman, John Father
Gilman, Mary Mother
Gilman, Mrs.C.R. Orderedby
Gilpatric, George S. Deceased
Gilson, Jospeh P. Deceased
Gilson, Lucina Weeks Deceased
Gilson, Luke Father
Gimlett, Peter Father
Gimlett, William F. Deceased
Gingra, Alice Mother
Gingras, Alice Mother
Giovana, Phelomona Mother
Gitel, Fayel Mother
Githens, Miss Ella Orderedby
Githens, Samuel Father
Gitsham, Mary J. Mother
Gittens&Washington Orderedby
Gizzie, Catherine Mother
Gladhill, Alan Burns Deceased
Gladhill, J.Wilbur Father
Gladhill, J.Wilbur Orderedby
Glasser, Sophia Mother
Glassman, Abraham Orderedby
Glassman, Anna Deceased
Glauberman, Joseph Orderedby
Glauberman, Rachael Deceased
Glazier, Sylvia Mother
Glean, Cordelia Mother
Glean, Cordelia Mother
Glean, Cordelia Mother
Glean, Oliver Father
Gleason Father
Gleason, Ellen Mother
Gleason, Mary Mother
Gleises, Marie Odalie Deceased
Gleises, Miss Laura Orderedby
Glenn, Catherine Mother
Glenn, Jane Mother
Glossman, Bessie Mother
Glover, Annie E. Deceased
Glover, Fannie E. Mother
Gobeil, Blanche Mother
Godin, Catherine Mother
Godsell, Edward Deceased
Godsell, Edward Father
Goelz, Christian Deceased
Goelz, John Father
Goeppner, ? Mother
Goetchiers, Dr.Louis Father
Goetchins, Esther C. Deceased
Goethie, Margaretha Mother
Goethie, Margaretha Mother
Goggins, Mary Mother
Gold, Eva Mother
Gold, Isaac Father
Gold, Isaac Orderedby
Gold, Jacob Deceased
Gold, Jacob Father
Gold, Peter Deceased
Goldbaum, Harris Father
Goldbaum, Morris Deceased
Goldberg, Leib Father
Goldberger, Emanuel Father
Goldberger, Louis Deceased
Goldberger, Mrs. Orderedby
Goldel, Toba Mother
Golden, Bridget Mother
Golden, Elizabeth Mother
Golden, Ezra T. Father
Golden, Gilbert W. Orderedby
Golden, James Deceased
Golden, Josena Deceased
Golden, Joseph Deceased
Golden, Marion E. Deceased
Golden, Mrs.Ralph Orderedby
Golden, O.J. Orderedby
Golden, Peter Father
Golden, Ralph A. Deceased
Golden, Thomas Father
Golding, ? Mother
Golding, Anna Deceased
Golding, John Father
Golding, Joseph Deceased
Goldsmith, Harry Father
Goldsmith, Harry Orderedby
Goldsmith, Ida Deceased
Goldsmith, Pauline Deceased
Goldstaub, Moses Father
Goldstein, Abraham Father
Goldstein, Bessie Deceased
Goldstien, Joseph Philip Deceased
Gong, Adolph Deceased
Gong, Egty Father
Gonya, Esther Mother
Gonya, Joseph Orderedby
Gonya, Wilhelmina Deceased
Gonyo, Mary B. Deceased
Gonyo, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
Gonyo, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
Gonyp, Jospeh Orderedby
Good, George Father
Goode, Bridget Mother
Goode, Mrs.Helen Orderedby
Goode, Pinkie Deceased
Gooden, Leola Orderedby
Goodenough, Ada L. Mother
Goodfellow, Eliza Mother
Goodfellow, James Father
Goodfellow, William Deceased
Goodhart, Jacob Orderedby
Goodhart, Jacob Orderedby
Goodhart, Johanna Deceased
Goodhart, Margaret E. Deceased
Goodin, Venous Orderedby
Goodman, Jennie Deceased
Goodnoe, Charlotte Mother
Goodnoe, John Father
Goodnow, Addie D. Deceased
Goodnow, Thomas Deceased
Goodnow, Thomas Father
Goodnow, Thomas Father
Goodrich, Asa S. Orderedby
Goodrich, Clarissa Mother
Goodrich, Dr.L.M. Orderedby
Goodrich, Harriet Mother
Goodrich, Hiram Father
Goodrich, Minerva Deceased
Goodrich, Omar Father
Goodrich, Sarah Mother
Goodrick, Caroline Mother
Goodridge, Dr.Edwin A. Father
Goodridge, Sarah Mother
Goodro, ? Father
Goodwin, Frank Orderedby
Goodwin, George Father
Goodwin, M.Dudley Father
Goodwin, Richard D.T. Deceased
Goot, Carl H. Orderedby
Goot, Martha Ott Deceased
Gorbach, Adelaide Deceased
Gorbach, Andrew Father
Gorbach, Andrew Orderedby
Gord, Mollie Mother
Gordon, Carrie Deceased
Gordon, Ellen Mother
Gordon, Helen Deceased
Gordon, Kate Mother
Gordon, Mary Mother
Gordon, Sarah Mother
Gorham, Cleone Mother
Gorham, Delores Della Deceased
Gorham, Elwood Father
Gorham, Elwood Orderedby
Gorham, Frances Mary Deceased
Gorham, James E. Father
Gorham, James Edward Father
Gorham, John P. Deceased
Gorham, Mary Orderedby
Gorham, Mary Lorain Deceased
Gorham, Mildred Mother
Gorham, Mrs.Lee Orderedby
Gorham, Mrs.Lee J. Orderedby
Gorham, Pauline Orderedby
Gorham, Percy P. Deceased
Gorham, W.Edward Deceased
Gorham, William Orderedby
Gorham, William H. Father
Gorham, William S. Father
Gorham, William S. Father
Gorkowsky, Hyman Father
Gorkowsky, Jacob Deceased
Gorman, Daniel O. Father
Gorman, Delia O. Mother
Gorman, Lillie Orderedby
Gorman, Mrs.Michael Orderedby
Gothic, Margaretta Mother
Gothie, Johann Father
Gothie, Margaretta Mother
Gothie, Margartha Mother
Gouenswiig, Lewis Father
Gould, Ann R. Mother
Gould, Elizabeth Mother
Gould, Harry Father
Gould, Mary Mother
Gould, Mary Mother
Gould, Zilpha Mother
Gower, Darius Father
Gower, Emma Mother
Gowers, Emma Mother
Grace, Adeline M. Deceased
Grace, Charles Deceased
Grace, Charles S. Deceased
Grace, Charles S. Father
Grace, Frank Orderedby
Grace, Frank Orderedby
Grace, Laura Mother
Grace, Louis G.A.R. Orderedby
Grace, Louis W. Orderedby
Grace, Mary E. Deceased
Grace, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Grace, William Father
Grace, William Orderedby
Grace, William C. Deceased
Grace, William H. Deceased
Grace, William H. Father
Grace, William H. Orderedby
Graff, Peter B. Father
Graham, Annie Orderedby
Graham, Charles Father
Graham, Ella J. Deceased
Graham, George Deceased
Graham, George Father
Graham, George Father
Graham, Grace Orderedby
Graham, Louisa Mother
Graham, Martha J. Mother
Graham, Mary Ann Mother
Graham, Nancy Mother
Graham, Newton S. Deceased
Graliau, Ida Mother
Granberg, Jacob Father
Grande, Amelia E. Mother
Grande, Carl Father
Grande, Carl C. Father
Grande, Carl Frederick Deceased
Grande, Ernestine F. Deceased
Grande, Frederick Father
Grande, Mrs.C.F. Orderedby
Granger, Antoinette S. Mother
Granger, Clara Orderedby
Granger, Clarence M. Deceased
Granger, D.Henry Deceased
Granger, D.Henry Father
Granger, David Father
Granger, Dorothy K. Mother
Granger, Emily Orderedby
Granger, Ermina E. Deceased
Granger, Frederick A. Deceased
Granger, Harry Father
Granger, Henry Father
Granger, James Father
Granger, James Father
Granger, James A. Father
Granger, Marion S. Deceased
Granger, Mrs.F.A> Orderedby
Granger, Oscar Father
Granger, William Deceased
Granger, William H. Orderedby
Granite, John Father
Granite, John Orderedby
Granley, Charles R. Orderedby
Granley, Harriet Deceased
Granley, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Grant, Amelia A. Deceased
Grant, Andrew Father
Grant, Cecelia Deceased
Grant, Charles Father
Grant, Charles Father
Grant, Charles H. Deceased
Grant, Charles S. Father
Grant, Clark W. Father
Grant, Clark W. Orderedby
Grant, Claudia Mother
Grant, Claudia Mother
Grant, Claudia Mother
Grant, Elizabeth C.S. Deceased
Grant, Florence Deceased
Grant, Helen C. Mother
Grant, James Walker Deceased
Grant, John J. Father
Grant, John J. Orderedby
Grant, Martha E. Deceased
Grant, Mrs.Sherwood Orderedby
Grant, Nellie F. Mother
Grant, Olive C. Deceased
Grant, Sarah Mother
Grant, Sarah Mother
Grant, Thomas Father
Grant, Wilbur E. Orderedby
Grassbaugh, Edward Father
Grassbaugh, Regina Deceased
Grathaney, Virginia Mother
Gratton, Patrick Father
Grauley, Frank Father
Grauley, Frank Orderedby
Grauley, Rudolph Deceased
Gravel, Charles Deceased
Gravelle, Anna Mother
Graver, Barnabas Father
Graver, Marie L. Mother
Graves, David Orderedby
Graves, David A. Father
Graves, David A. Orderedby
Graves, Eddy Deceased
Graves, Eddy Orderedby
Graves, Eddy S. Father
Graves, Elizabeth C. Deceased
Graves, Ester Mother
Graves, Ida M. Mother
Graves, Jane D. Deceased
Graves, Maria L. Mother
Graves, Ruth Marion Mother
Gravlin, Lawrence Father
Gray, ? Father
Gray, Alice Mother
Gray, Alice Mother
Gray, Arthur G. Deceased
Gray, Chauncey E. Deceased
Gray, Edward H. Deceased
Gray, Emma Orderedby
Gray, Ermitine Deceased
Gray, George T. Deceased
Gray, George W. Father
Gray, George W. Father
Gray, Jacob Father
Gray, James W. Father
Gray, Katherine Mother
Gray, Margaret Mother
Gray, Mrs.Alice Orderedby
Gray, Mrs.Alice Orderedby
Gray, Mrs.Anna Orderedby
Gray, Mrs.Rosa Orderedby
Gray, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Gray, Nellie Mother
Gray, Rebecca Mother
Gray, Rebecca Mother
Gray, Rose Orderedby
Gray, Rose Bell Orderedby
Gray, Thomas Father
Gray, Thomas Father
Gray, Thomas Father
Gray, Virginia Mother
Gray, Walter Deceased
Gray, William W. Father
Graybill, Marion Perry Deceased
Greaves, Joseph Father
Grecoe, ? Father
Grecoe, Anthony Deceased
Green, ? Father
Green, ? Father
Green, ? Father
Green, Amanda Mother
Green, Ann Mother
Green, Anna Deceased
Green, Anna Mother
Green, Anna G. Deceased
Green, Baby girl Deceased
Green, Capt Merritt Orderedby
Green, Carl B. Father
Green, Catherine Mother
Green, Charles D. Father
Green, Chauncey L. Deceased
Green, CordeliaMahi Deceased
Green, Edward Father
Green, Edwin D. Orderedby
Green, Elizabeth Mother
Green, Elizabeth Mother
Green, Emma Mother
Green, Emma Mother
Green, Emma F. Deceased
Green, Emma Frances Deceased
Green, George Father
Green, George H. Father
Green, George H. Orderedby
Green, George W. Deceased
Green, George W. Deceased
Green, George W. Father
Green, George W. Orderedby
Green, Hannah Mother
Green, Hannah M. Mother
Green, Harriet Mother
Green, Helen Mother
Green, Henrietta Orderedby
Green, Henrietta A. Deceased
Green, Henry Father
Green, Irving Father
Green, Irving Orderedby
Green, Irving M. Father
Green, Irving Stanley Deceased
GREEN, James Father
Green, Jonas Father
Green, Josephine Deceased
Green, Josephine Mother
Green, Laura G. Mother
Green, Lewis E. Orderedby
Green, Linnie Mother
Green, Lott Deceased
Green, Lucy E. Deceased
Green, Lulu A. Deceased
Green, Margaret Mother
Green, Mary Mother
Green, Mary Mother
Green, Moe Orderedby
Green, Mrs.H.A. Orderedby
Green, Nina Mother
Green, Pamelia Mother
Green, Rev.Hiram Deceased
Green, Thomas Deceased
Green, Thomas B. Deceased
Green, Thomas B. Father
Green, Thomas C. Father
Green, Thomas C. Orderedby
Green, Walter Orderedby
Greene, George Father
Greene, Hannah Mother
Greene, Harry Orderedby
Greene, Ida Sweet Deceased
Greene, James H. Father
Greene, Marcus Deceased
Greene, Marcus Orderedby
Greene, Marcus D. Father
Greene, Martha L. Deceased
Greene, Nettie H. Deceased
Greene, Rachel Martin Deceased
Greene, Temperance Deceased
Greene, Wallace W. Orderedby
Greenlaw, Sophrona Mother
Greenleaf, Ruth Mother
Greenman, Fannie Howard Deceased
Greenman, Millard Orderedby
Greenman, Ruth Orderedby
Greenslet, C.William Orderedby
Greenslet, Varlie L. Deceased
Greenwald, Albert Orderedby
Greer, Arthur Deceased
Greer, Hannah Mother
Greer, James Father
Greer, James A. Father
Greer, Wm.J. Orderedby
Gregg, Charles Father
Gregory, Carrie B. Deceased
Gregory, Carrie B. Orderedby
Gregory, Eugene M. Orderedby
Gregory, Joseph Father
Gregory, Lucy S. Mother
Gregory, Malvin L. Deceased
Gregory, Musette Deceased
Gregory, Peter Father
Gregory, Samuel H. Father
Gregory, Samuel Herbert Father
Gregory, William W. Deceased
Gregory, William W. Orderedby
Gregson, Jane A. Deceased
Grell, Max Deceased
Grennal, Claray? Mother
Grey, Annie Mother
Grey, Catherine Mother
Grey, Hannah Mother
Gribbon, Mary Mother
Gridley, Alice Marial Deceased
Gridley, Charles Father
Gridley, Charles Father
Gridley, George A. Deceased
Gridley, William Father
Gries, Cornelia E. Deceased
Gries, Leroy Orderedby
Griffee, Albert Deceased
Griffee, Howard Father
Griffen, Electa Mother
Griffen, Mary Mother
Griffen, Sarah W. Mother
Griffin, ? Father
Griffin, Carrie A. Deceased
Griffin, Eliza R. Deceased
Griffin, Elizabeth Mother
Griffin, Harriet A. Mother
Griffin, Lewis H. Deceased
Griffin, Mamie Mother
Griffin, Mary Mother
Griffin, Mary Mother
Griffin, Morris Orderedby
Griffin, Morris L. Father
Griffin, Patrick Deceased
Griffin, Senith Mother
Griffin, William P. Orderedby
Griffith, Anna S. Mother
Griffith, Daniel J. Deceased
Griffith, Griffith W. Father
Griffith, Griffith W. Father
Griffith, Mary J. Mother
Griffith, Susan Dannat Deceased
Griglak, Andrew Father
Griglak, Elizabeth Deceased
Grillo, Carrie Mother
Grim, Maria Isabelle Mother
Grimes, Catherine Mother
Grimes, Henry Father
Grimes, Henry Father
Grimes, Katherine Deceased
Grimes, Mary Mother
Grimes, Michael R. Deceased
Grimshaw, Hannah Mother
Grinnell, Josiah Father
Grippin, Almira Mother
Griswald, Fannie Mother
Griswold, ? Father
Griswold, Charles Deceased
Griswold, Emma Mother
Griswold, Fannie Mother
Griswold, Joseph Father
Griswold, Maria Wilcox Deceased
Griswold, Olivia E. Mother
Griswold, William Father
Groesbeck, Emily Mother
Groesbeck, Frederick H. Deceased
Groesbeck, Hugh Father
Groesbeck, Katherine Mother
Groesbeck, William H. Deceased
Groff, ? Mother
Groff, Abbie Mother
Groff, Elizabeth Deceased
Groff, Elizabeth E. Deceased
Groff, George Deceased
Groff, Harriet A. Deceased
Groff, Helen Mother
Groff, Huldah Mother
Groff, Isaac Deceased
Groff, Isaac Father
Groff, Lulu Orderedby
Groff, Mrs.Harriet Orderedby
Groff, Mrs.James Orderedby
Groff, Nicholas Father
Groff, Nicholas Father
Groff, Walter Deceased
Groff, Walter A. Orderedby
Groff, Walter Adelbert Father
Grogan, Mary Mother
Grogan, Mary Mother
Grooms, ? Mother
Grooms, Eliza J. Deceased
Grooms, William Father
Grosbeck, Katherine Mother
Grosberg, Abraham Father
Grosberg, Max Orderedby
Grosberg, Rose Deceased
Grose, Elizabeth Deceased
Grose, John Father
Gross, Edith Agnes Deceased
Gross, Esther Orderedby
Gross, Hanna Mother
Gross, Mildred Orderedby
Gross, Robert Father
Grover, ? Father
Grover, Marion Mother
Grover, Marion Orderedby
Grover, Shirley Ann Deceased
Grover, William E. Deceased
Groves, A.H. Orderedby
Groves, Daniel Orderedby
Groves, Elizabeth Deceased
Groves, Elizabeth M. Deceased
Groves, Gertrude Orderedby
Groves, William Father
Grozovsky, Morris Deceased
Grozovsky, Samuel Father
Grunwald, Leopold Father
Guard, Charles A. Orderedby
Guard, Letetia M. Deceased
Guay, Eugene A. Orderedby
Guebb, Grace Orderedby
Guernsey, Anna Bucklin Deceased
Guernsey, Willis A. Orderedby
Gueron, Margaret Mother
Gueron, Miss Sarah Orderedby
Guesippie, Maria Mother
Guest, Charlotte W. Deceased
Guest, Minerva E. Mother
Gugtah, Genove Mother
Guild, Archibald T. Orderedby
Guild, Clarissa Deceased
Guild, Ella T. Deceased
Guilder, Edward Father
Guilder, Kathleen Deceased
Guiles, Anna R. Deceased
Guiles, Isaac Father
Guiles, Isaac Orderedby
Guiles, Isaac N. Deceased
Guiles, Isaac S., Jr Orderedby
Guiles, Isaac, Jr. Orderedby
Guilford, Sophronia Mother
Guilis, Edward F. Deceased
Guilis, Isaac, Jr Father
Guinther, William Father
Guinther, William H. Deceased
Gulick, Edna Deceased
Gulick, Edward Father
Gundlack, Marion Deceased
Gunn, Diantha Mother
Gunning, Daniel S.L. Deceased
Gunning, Matilda Deceased
Gunning, May R. Mother
Gunning, Thomas B. Father
Gurevitch, Louis Deceased
Gurevitch, Saul Father
Gurley, Etta M. Orderedby
Gurley, Judson J. Father
Gurney, Alberta Mother
Gurney, Cora A. Mother
Gurney, Flossie Mother
Gurrett, George Orderedby
Gurtler, Winnebald Father
Gurwitz, Israel Father
Gurwitz, Jennie Orderedby
Gurwitz, Max Deceased
Gutleman, Joseph Father
Gutzel, Louis Orderedby
Gutzuks, Fred Orderedby
Guy&Ferrault Orderedby
Guy, Byron A. Father
Guy, Byron E. Deceased
Guy, Esther Mother
Guy, Florence Orderedby
Guy, Jacob Father
Guy, John C. Deceased
Guy, John C. Father
Guy, John C. Orderedby
Guy, John P. Deceased
Guy, Katie Deceased
Guy, Mary Deceased
Guy, Sidney S. Father
Guy, Walton B. Deceased
Guyette, Amelia Mother
Guyle, Sarah Mother
Guyon, Adolphus Father
Guyon, Alexander Deceased
Guyon, Julia Mother
Gwirtz, Joseph Deceased
Gwirtz, Lewis Father
Gwirtz, Morris Orderedby
Gyngell, Mrs.William Orderedby
Gyngell, Mrs.Wm Orderedby

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