Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Sp.. to Sz..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Spafford, Harriet Mother
Spamer, Emma F.C. Deceased
Spamer, Harry M. Orderedby
Spangenberger, Catharina Mother
Sparrow, Mary Mother
Spaulding, Charles W. Father
Spaulding, Clarence Orderedby
Spaulding, Clarence M. Deceased
Spaulding, Dr.M.H. Orderedby
Spaulding, Fred J. Deceased
Spaulding, Gillman Father
Spaulding, Harlow Deceased
Spaulding, Harlow Father
Spaulding, Harlow E. Father
Spaulding, Jane Orderedby
Spaulding, Jane L. Deceased
Spaulding, Jared Father
Spaulding, Katherine Orderedby
Spaulding, Katherine W. Deceased
Spaulding, Maynard Orderedby
Spaulding, Maynard H. Deceased
Spaulding, Mrs.M.H. Orderedby
Spear, M.Josephinr Deceased
Spear, William C. Father
Speck, Abraham Father
Speck, Abraham Father
Speck, Catherine Mother
Speck, Catherine Mother
Speck, George W. Deceased
Speck, Mary Mother
Speck, Mary Mother
Speers, Clarence C. Deceased
Speers, Helen Deceased
Speers, John Deceased
Speers, John Father
Speers, John Father
Speers, John Father
Speers, R.Leslie Orderedby
Speers, Robert Deceased
Speers, Robert Father
Speers, Robert Orderedby
Speers, Robert Orderedby
Speers, Robert Orderedby
Speers, Robert Orderedby
Spellman, Adolphus Deceased
Spellman, Mrs.Adolphus Orderedby
Spellman, Nickson Father
Spelman, Jennie Mother
Spencer, Anna B. Deceased
Spencer, Anna E. Orderedby
Spencer, Annie J. Deceased
Spencer, Charles W. Orderedby
Spencer, Chas&Geo. Orderedby
Spencer, Daniel? Father
Spencer, Edward S. Deceased
Spencer, Ella M. Orderedby
Spencer, Eva H. Deceased
Spencer, Frank A. Orderedby
Spencer, George G. Deceased
Spencer, Infant Deceased
Spencer, John Father
Spencer, John E. Father
Spencer, John E. Orderedby
Spencer, Katherine B. Orderedby
Spencer, Lewis M. Deceased
Spencer, Marie Mother
Spencer, Mary Mother
Spencer, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Spencer, Mrs.Ernst Orderedby
Spencer, Ruth Mother
Spencer, Susannah J. Mother
Spencer, Susannah J. Mother
Spencer, Thomas V. Deceased
Spencer, William Deceased
Spencer, William Father
Spencer, William Father
Spencer, William E. Father
Spencer, William Edward Father
Spencer.Edward S. Orderedby
Spenzzano, Joseph Deceased
Sperry, Almira K. Orderedby
Sperry, C Orderedby
Sperry, Caroline W. Deceased
Spicer, Mary G. Mother
Spicer, Mrs. Orderedby
Spicer, Nathan Father
Spicer, Tobias W. Deceased
Spier, Angelina Mother
Spillane, Julia Mother
Spillane, Mary Frances Deceased
Spillane, Patrick Father
Spinar, Idenard Father
Spinelli, Female Deceased
Spinelli, Paul Father
Spinelli, Paul Orderedby
Spires, Hamilton Father
Spires, Hamilton W. Deceased
Spiro, Caroline J. Deceased
Spooner, Mary Mother
Sprague, Catherine Mother
Sprague, Farnan Father
Sprague, Homer D. Deceased
Sprague, John Father
Sprague, Mary Orderedby
Sprague, Winifred Scott Deceased
Spratt, Christopher Father
Spratt, Frances E. Deceased
Spratt, Frank H. Deceased
Spratt, Frederick Orderedby
Spratt, Frederick J. Deceased
Spratt, Frederick J. Orderedby
Spratt, Helen Deceased
Spratt, Laura Estella Deceased
Spratt, Thomas Father
Spratt, Thomas Father
Spriggs, ? Father
Spriggs, Cornelius Deceased
Spriggs, Josephine Deceased
Spriggs, Josephine Orderedby
Spriggs, Josephine Orderedby
Spriggs, Mr.C. Orderedby
Springer, Benjamin F. Deceased
Springer, Charles Deceased
Springer, Eva Mother
Springer, James Father
Springer, Peter Father
Springsted, John Father
Springsted, John H. Orderedby
Springsted, John H. Orderedby
Springsted, Lillian Deceased
Springsted, Viola B. Deceased
Sprott, Adelaide A. Deceased
Sprott, Columbus Father
Sprott, Dewitt C. Father
Sprott, Grace D. Deceased
Sprott, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Sprott, Myron R. Orderedby
Sprott, Robert S. Deceased
Sprott, Wlater J. Orderedby
Spyer, Phebe Mother
Squires Bros. Orderedby
Squires, Bertha Orderedby
Squires, Edward D. Deceased
Squires, Ernest Father
Squires, Ernest Orderedby
Squires, John Orderedby
Squires, John Norton Father
Squires, Lemuel C. Deceased
Squires, Lemuel C. Father
Squires, Mary E. Mother
Squires, Robert Deceased
Sqular?, Frank Father
St.Dennis, Florence Deceased
St.Dennis.Guy C. Orderedby
St.Germain, Georgiana Mother
St.Germain, Joseph Father
St.John Andrews, Eloira Mother
St.John, Emma Orderedby
St.John, Harriett A. Deceased
St.John, Mary E. Deceased
St.John, Mary E. Orderedby
St.John, Samuel Father
St.John, Samuel D. Deceased
St.Onge, Benjamin Father
St.Onge, George Eugene Deceased
St.Peter.Mary R. Mother
Stacey, Mary Mother
Stackhouse, ? Mother
Stacks, Chas. Orderedby
Staedeli, Anna Deceased
Staedeli, Arnold Father
Staedeli, Arnold Father
Staedeli, Arnold Orderedby
Staedeli, Arnold John Deceased
Staedeli, Baby Deceased
Stafford, Mary Mother
Stafford, Willis E. Orderedby
Stager, Charles Orderedby
Stager, Tony Deceased
Stamm, Lillian Mother
Stanbrough, Thomas Father
Standard, Ruby Mother
Standish, ? Father
Standish, Benjamin Father
Standish, Benjamin Father
Standish, Eugene Deceased
Standish, Ezra C. Deceased
Standish, Florence Orderedby
Standish, James H. Deceased
Standish, Laura M. Mother
Standish, Maud Orderedby
Standish, Ruby J. Mother
Standish, William H. Deceased
Standring, Carrie Orderedby
Standring, Maria Mother
Stanfield, Mary Mother
Stanford, Byron Father
Stanford, Byron W. Deceased
Stanford, Kirkpatrick Deceased
Stanford, Mrs.Byron Orderedby
Stanford, Mrs.Byron Orderedby
Stanford, Vivian Deceased
Stanford, W.Byron Father
Stanford, William Father
Stangle, ? Father
Stangle, John Deceased
Stangle, John Father
Stangles, Anna Mother
Stannard, Eva Deceased
Stannard, Jerusha Deceased
Stannard, Luman Orderedby
Stannard, Lurman Father
Stannard, Lyman Father
Stansfield, Charles L. Deceased
Stanton, Archibald Father
Stanton, Bridget Mother
Stanton, Lucy J. Deceased
Stanton, Miss Mother
Stanton, W.Wesley Deceased
Stanton, William P. Father
Stanton, William P. Father
Stapleton, Joseph Father
Starbuck, Edgar D. Orderedby
Starbuck, Edgar Devillo Deceased
Starbuck, Edgar, Jr. Orderedby
Starbuck, Roy M. Deceased
Starbuck, Stephen Father
Stardeli, Arnold Deceased
Stardile, ? Father
Stark, Bernard Orderedby
Stark, Fannie Deceased
Stark, Olive L. Mother
Starke, Mrs.Lee Orderedby
Starkes, Andrew Father
Starkes, Percy Wylie Deceased
Starkes, Zula Orderedby
Starks, ? Father
Starks, Caroline Deceased
Starks, Carrie Mother
Starks, Charles L. Deceased
Starks, Charles L. Orderedby
Starks, Emeline Deceased
Starks, Simon Father
Starr, Jessie Louisee Mother
Starr, Lucia Deceased
Starts, Dorothy Orderedby
Starts, Prior Father
Starts, Silva Earl Deceased
Staruck, Ella F.M. Deceased
Statman, Leon Deceased
Stead, Frances Mother
Steadman, Althene Mother
Steadman, Myra Mother
Steadman, Sonale Mother
Stearns, Carrie Deceased
Stearns, John B. Orderedby
Stearns, Nancy Mother
Stebbins, Cora Orderedby
Stebbins, Elizabeth M. Deceased
Stebbins, William E. Father
Stedman, Gordon Orderedby
Stedman, Gordon L. Deceased
Stedman, Gordon M. Father
Stedman, Jane Mother
Steele, A.W. Father
Steele, Beulah Mother
Steele, Milton D. Deceased
Steele, Milton D. Father
Steele, Mrs.Milton Orderedby
Steele, William Father
Steele, William M. Deceased
Steele, William M. Father
Steele, William M. Orderedby
Steenberg, Bertha T. Deceased
Steenberg, Frank B. Orderedby
Steenberg, Frank B. Orderedby
Steenberg, Frederick Father
Steenberg, Margaret Deceased
Steenberg, Schuyler Orderedby
Steenburg, Aaron B. Deceased
Steenburg, Daniel Father
Steenburg, George W. Father
Steenburg, Mrs Anna Orderedby
Steenburgh, Anna Deceased
Steenburgh, Daniel Father
Steenburgh, Miss Anna Orderedby
Steenburgh, Mrs.Daniel Orderedby
Steil, John D. Deceased
Steil, Martin Father
Stein, Anna Mother
Stein, Herman Father
Stein, Jacob Father
Stein, Julius Deceased
Steinbergh, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Steiner, Johanette Deceased
Steiner, Mary Colgate Mother
Steiner, William Father
Steinman, Martin Father
Steinman, Max Deceased
Stell, Elizabeth A. Mother
Stenson, David Joseph Deceased
Stenson, Robert Father
Stenstrom, Alma E. Deceased
Stenstrom, Julius Deceased
Stenstrom, Oscar R. Orderedby
Stephens, ? Mother
Stephens, Elizabeth Mother
Stephens, Frederick Deceased
Stephens, George F. Father
Stephens, Mary E. Mother
Stephens, Mrs.Eleanor Orderedby
Stephenson, Charles Father
Stephenson, Charles F. Deceased
Sterling, Lydia Mother
Sternberg, Meyer Orderedby
Sternburg, Katherine Deceased
Sterrett, George D. Deceased
Sterrett, George D. Father
Sterrett, George Dennott Father
Sterry, Edwin Father
Sterry, Leland Deceased
Stetman, Winifred Mother
Stetman, Winifred Mother
Stetson, George H. Deceased
Stetson, Thomas B. Father
Stevens, Abigail Mother
Stevens, Althea Mother
Stevens, Alvin Father
Stevens, Alvin H. Father
Stevens, Amanda Mother
Stevens, Baby boy Deceased
Stevens, Charles Willis Deceased
Stevens, Clara Orderedby
Stevens, Clark Arnold Deceased
Stevens, David Nolan Deceased
Stevens, Elwin D. Deceased
Stevens, Ernest Deceased
Stevens, Ernest Father
Stevens, Esther Mother
Stevens, Frank C. Father
Stevens, Frank J. Deceased
Stevens, Frank T.C. Deceased
Stevens, Franklin Father
Stevens, Irving T. Orderedby
Stevens, Isadore Deceased
Stevens, James Father
Stevens, John G. Father
Stevens, Katherine Mother
Stevens, Kenneth Orderedby
Stevens, Kenneth A. Father
Stevens, Lucy A. Mother
Stevens, Maria O. Deceased
Stevens, Marion Mother
Stevens, Mary Mother
Stevens, Mary Mother
Stevens, Mathilda Y. Deceased
Stevens, Mrs.C.W. Orderedby
Stevens, Mrs.E.R. Orderedby
Stevens, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Stevens, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Stevens, Robert E. Father
Stevens, Robert E. Orderedby
Stevens, Rose Mother
Stevens, Rpbert John Deceased
Stevens, Salem T. Father
Stevens, William Father
Stevens, William Father
Stevens, Willis Orderedby
Stevenson, Amanda Mother
Stevenson, Anna M. Mother
Stevenson, Esther Mother
Stever, Mary H. Deceased
Stevers, Elizabeth Deceased
Steves, Sarah Mother
Stewart, Alonzo Father
Stewart, Caroline Orderedby
Stewart, Catherine Deceased
Stewart, Catherine Mother
Stewart, Charles Davis Father
Stewart, Charles W. Deceased
Stewart, Ebenezer Father
Stewart, Elizabeth Mother
Stewart, Elizabeth Mother
Stewart, Elizabeth Mother
Stewart, Elizabeth M. Deceased
Stewart, George Father
Stewart, George Father
Stewart, George Orderedby
Stewart, George Frank Deceased
Stewart, George W. Orderedby
Stewart, Harriet Mother
Stewart, Jennie Mother
Stewart, John Father
Stewart, John Orderedby
Stewart, Marion F. Orderedby
Stewart, Mrs. Orderedby
Stewart, Mrs.Caroline Orderedby
Stewart, Mrs.Charles G.A.R. Orderedby
Stewart, Otteline Mother
Stewart, Rhoda W. Mother
Stickles, Charles W. Father
Stickles, Charles W. Father
Stickles, Elizabeth Mother
Stickles, Hannah Elydia Mother
Stickles, Infant daughter Deceased
Stickles, Infant son Deceased
Stickney, Sarah Mother
Stieglitz, Mrs.William Orderedby
Stiles Orderedby
Stiles Brothers Orderedby
Stiles, Adellia Mother
Stiles, Bessie Orderedby
Stiles, Bessie Orderedby
Stiles, Catherine Deceased
Stiles, Charles A. Father
Stiles, Charles A. Orderedby
Stiles, Charlotte J. Deceased
Stiles, Edward Deceased
Stiles, Eli Father
Stiles, Ella L. Deceased
Stiles, Elton W. Father
Stiles, Elton W. Orderedby
Stiles, Fred D. Deceased
Stiles, George M. Deceased
Stiles, Harry Deceased
Stiles, Henry Petty Deceased
Stiles, Howard L. Orderedby
Stiles, Infant Deceased
Stiles, Isaac Father
Stiles, James D. Father
Stiles, James D. Father
Stiles, Jennie A. Mother
Stiles, Jesse Deceased
Stiles, John Father
Stiles, John H. Orderedby
Stiles, LeRoy Orderedby
Stiles, LeRoy L. Father
Stiles, Lewis Deceased
Stiles, Lewis Father
Stiles, Lewis Father
Stiles, Louise J. Deceased
Stiles, Marvel Mother
Stiles, Mary Mother
Stiles, Mary A. Mother
Stiles, Mary E. Deceased
Stiles, Mary E. Orderedby
Stiles, Mrs.Fred D. Orderedby
Stiles, Mrs.Lewis Orderedby
Stiles, Mrs.Louise Orderedby
Stiles, Mrs.N.D. Orderedby
Stiles, Mrs.Northrup Orderedby
Stiles, Mrs.Northrup Orderedby
Stiles, Mrs.Northup Orderedby
Stiles, Mrs.Warren P. Orderedby
Stiles, Northrup D. Deceased
Stiles, Oscar F. Father
Stiles, Oscar F. Father
Stiles, Sarah Deceased
Stiles, Susan Vivian Deceased
Stiles, Susie M. Deceased
Stiles, Warren P. Father
Stiles, William Deceased
Stiles, William Father
Stiller, Herman Father
Stiller, Madeline Orderedby
Stiller, William E. Deceased
Stiloff, Harry Deceased
Stiloff, Simon Father
Stiloff, Simon Orderedby
Stilwell, Joseph Father
Stilwell, Joseph Father
Stilwell, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Stine, Albert F. Father
Stine, Albert Fay Deceased
Stine, Mildred Orderedby
Stine, Mrs.G.F. Orderedby
Stingham, Julia Mother
Stivera, Mary E. Mother
Stivers, Eleanor C. Mother
Stivers, Peter Father
Stivers, Richard Father
Stivers, Robert Father
Stock, ? Father
Stocker, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Stockman, Harry Orderedby
Stockton, Harry Orderedby
Stockwell, Charles Deceased
Stockwell, Edna L. Deceased
Stockwell, Harry N. Orderedby
Stockwell, Joseph Father
Stockwell, Mary Deceased
Stoddard, Alvaetta D. Deceased
Stoddard, Harvey Deceased
Stoddard, Harvey Father
Stoddard, Martha Mother
Stoddard, Martha Mother
Stoddard, Mary R. Deceased
Stoddard, Mrs.Harvey Orderedby
Stoddard, Winifred Mother
Stoddard, Winifred Mother
Stokes, Ann Mother
Stokes, Louise Mother
Stole, Barbara Mother
Stoll, Barbara Mother
Stoll, Eva B. Mother
Stoll, Eva B. Mother
Stoll, Eva B. Mother
Stoll, Eva Barbara Mother
Stoller, Louise Deceased
Stone, ? Father
Stone, Angelina Deceased
Stone, Arthur Orderedby
Stone, Baby boy Deceased
Stone, Benson C. Father
Stone, Charles L. Deceased
Stone, Dorothy Mother
Stone, Edwin Deceased
Stone, Frances Mother
Stone, Frances P. Mother
Stone, Frederick Father
Stone, Gertrude C. Deceased
Stone, Gonzella Mother
Stone, Henry Father
Stone, Henry Father
Stone, Jessie Orderedby
Stone, Jessie Belden Deceased
Stone, Mary Mother
Stone, Mary E. Mother
Stone, Mrs.Oscar Orderedby
Stone, Oscar R. Deceased
Stone, Peter Orderedby
Stone, Summer Father
Stone, Vincent Father
Stone, Vincent C. Father
Stone, William Father
Stone, William Orderedby
Stone, William A. Deceased
Stone, William L. Deceased
Stone, William L. Father
Stone, William M. Deceased
Stone, William M. Orderedby
Stoner, Catherine A. Mother
Storey, Elizabeth Mother
Storms, Maria Mother
Story, Elizabeth Mother
Story, Elizabeth Mother
Stotler, Cora D.Fones Deceased
Stott, Catherine Mother
Stott, Lulu Anderson Deceased
Stover, Louise Mother
Stover, Rev.Ensign Father
Stowe, David Father
Stowe, David H. Deceased
Stowe, John E. Father
Stowe, John E. Father
Stowe, John Enos Deceased
Stowe, John T. Deceased
Stowe, Mary E. Mother
Stowe, Myrtle B. Orderedby
Stowe, Phoebe Mother
Stowe, Ransom Father
Straight, Anna Belle Deceased
Straight, John Father
Straight, John Orderedby
Straight, John Orderedby
Straight, Lottie Mabb Deceased
Strakos, Andrew Deceased
Strakos, Andrew Father
Strakos, Andrew Father
Strakos, Andrew Orderedby
Strakos, Patricia Deceased
Strakos, Veronica Orderedby
Strang, Bertha Mother
Strang, Christine Mother
Strang, David P. Orderedby
Strang, Elizabeth Deceased
Strang, Gabriel Father
Strang, Norman G. Deceased
Strattman, Carl E. Orderedby
Strattman, Edith R. Deceased
Stratton, Emily A. Deceased
Stratton, Harriet E. Deceased
Stratton, Hattie E. Orderedby
Stratton, John D. Deceased
Stratton, John D. Orderedby
Stratton, John&Bell Orderedby
Stratton, Mary Mother
Stratton, Mary Orderedby
Stratton, Mary A. Deceased
Stratton, Mary L. Deceased
Stratton, Miles Orderedby
Stratton, Miles D. Deceased
Stratton, Miles D. Orderedby
Stratton, Miss Belle Orderedby
Stratton, Nelso F. Father
Stratton, Nelson Father
Stratton, Nelson Father
Stratton, Sara Deceased
Strauss, Benjamin Orderedby
Strauss, David Orderedby
Strauss, Dorothy Mother
Strauss, William Father
Strauss, William C. Deceased
Street, Caroline Deceased
Street, Charles Deceased
Street, Charles Orderedby
Street, John F. Orderedby
Street, John F., Sr. Deceased
Street, John or Charles Father
Street, Margaret Deceased
Street, Mr.Charles Orderedby
Street, Nellie Deceased
Street, Samuel Father
Street, Samuel Father
Street, Samuel Father
Streeter, Alvah E. Father
Streeter, Freelove A. Deceased
Streeter, Harriet S. Deceased
Streeter, Joel Father
Streeter, Mabel Mother
Strobel, Margaret Deceased
Strobel, Simon Father
Stroebl, Simon Father
Strong, Agnes L. Mother
Strong, Anna Ray Deceased
Strong, Dr.S.E. Father
Strong, Emma A. Deceased
Strong, Emma Louise Deceased
Strong, Fred Father
Strong, Fred Orderedby
Strong, George W. Deceased
Strong, Lulu Mother
Strong, Mrs.S.E. Orderedby
Strong, Sylvester E. Deceased
Strong, Sylvester S. Father
Strong, Viola E. Deceased
Strong, William Father
Stroud, Mrs.Kate Orderedby
Stroup, Margaret C. Deceased
Stroup, Walter Orderedby
Strover, George Father
Strubbe, Elizabeth Deceased
Strubbe, Ernest Orderedby
Strubbe, Ernest H. Father
Stumpf, David Father
Stuppi, Jacob Father
Stuppi, Mrs.Nicholas Orderedby
Stuppi, Nicholas Deceased
Sturdevan, David D. Father
Sturdevan, Jesse Deceased
Sturdevan, Minnie A. Deceased
Sturdevan, Wayne Orderedby
Sturdevan, Wayne D. Orderedby
Sturdvan, Florence E. Deceased
Sturges, Emma A. Deceased
Sturges, George W.M. Deceased
Sturges, James S. Orderedby
Sturges, Mrs.Guy Orderedby
Sturges, Thomas T. Father
Subkis, Isadore Orderedby
Sucith, Benjamin Father
Suell, Thomas Father
Suell, William Deceased
SUIK, Martha A. Deceased
Suilaelcki, Anna Mother
Sullivan, ? Mother
Sullivan, Agnes Deceased
Sullivan, Catherine S. Deceased
Sullivan, Daniel Father
Sullivan, Daniel J. Deceased
Sullivan, Daniel J. Father
Sullivan, Dennis Father
Sullivan, Dennis Father
Sullivan, Dennis E. Deceased
Sullivan, Dr.Eugene Orderedby
Sullivan, Hannah Mother
Sullivan, James Deceased
Sullivan, James Father
Sullivan, Johanna Mother
Sullivan, Johanna Mother
Sullivan, John Father
Sullivan, John L. Deceased
Sullivan, John L. Orderedby
Sullivan, John W. Orderedby
Sullivan, Josephine Orderedby
Sullivan, Julia Deceased
Sullivan, Julia Mother
Sullivan, Katherine Orderedby
Sullivan, Margaret Mother
Sullivan, Margaret Mother
Sullivan, Mark Deceased
Sullivan, Martin D. Deceased
Sullivan, Martin J. Father
Sullivan, Martin&daughters Orderedby
Sullivan, Mary Mother
Sullivan, Mary Mother
Sullivan, Mary A. Deceased
Sullivan, Michael Deceased
Sullivan, Michael F. Father
Sullivan, Miss Katherine Orderedby
Sullivan, Mrs.William Orderedby
Sullivan, Thomas Orderedby
Sullivan, Thomas H. Deceased
Sullivan, Thomas J. Deceased
Sullivan, William J. Father
Sultan, Caroline Mother
Summa, Frank Father
Sumpter, Frederick Father
Sunderlin, John Deceased
Sunderlin, Michael Father
Sundler, Ella A. Deceased
Sundler, Fred J. Orderedby
Sundler, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Sundler, Mrs.Rosand Orderedby
Sundler, Rosine D. Deceased
Suntler, Caroline Mother
Superant, Alma Mother
Supernaugh, Lewis Father
Sussman, Samuel Father
Sussner, Frederick Deceased
Sutherland, Margaret Deceased
Sutherland, Richard Orderedby
Sutliff, Edward H. Father
Suttle, Anna Mother
Suttle, Mrs.Wm Orderedby
Sutton, David Father
Sutton, David Orderedby
Sutton, May C. Deceased
Sutton, Minna Jane Deceased
Sutton, Mrs Orderedby
Sutton, Mrs.Wm+ Orderedby
Sutton, William Orderedby
Sutton, William H. Father
Sutton, William H. Orderedby
Sutton, William H.Jr. Orderedby
Swain Bros.N.Creek Orderedby
Swain, Burt Orderedby
Swan, Antoinette Deceased
Swan, Antoinette Orderedby
Swan, Charles W. Deceased
Swan, Charles W. Father
Swan, Ezra Father
Swan, Fanny J. Deceased
Swan, Frances Orderedby
Swan, Frances E. Deceased
Swan, Henry Father
Swan, Henry M. Deceased
Swan, Ira P. Deceased
Swan, Lemuel Father
Swan, Mary A. Orderedby
Swan, Mrs.Bertha E. Orderedby
Swan, Nellie B. Orderedby
Swan, Simon P. Father
Swan, Simon P.Vedder Father
Swart, Addie Orderedby
Swart, Bella Mother
Swart, Edward R. Deceased
Swart, Ethel E. Mother
Swart, Frederick C. Deceased
Swart, George A. Father
Swart, George A. Father
Swart, George A. Father
Swart, Jerome Deceased
Swart, Jerome Orderedby
Swart, Jerome Orderedby
Swart, John F. Deceased
Swart, Mary H. Deceased
Swart, Mary H. Orderedby
Swart, Millie F. Deceased
Swart, Mrs.Frederick Orderedby
Swart, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Swart, Nancy C. Mother
Swart, Wallace Father
Swart, Wallace Father
Swart, Wallace Father
Swart, William Father
Swart, William M. Father
Swartfigure, Christina Orderedby
Swartfigure, Daniel Father
Swartfigure, Daniel C. Father
Swartfigure, F.S. Orderedby
Swartfigure, Frederick Deceased
Swartfigure, Hannah Mother
Swartfigure, John W. Orderedby
Swartfigure, Maud E. Deceased
Swartfigure, Mrs Orderedby
Swartfigure, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Swartfigure, William H. Deceased
Swartfigure, Wm.H. Orderedby
Swartout, Eunice Mother
Swartout, Loren Father
Swartwort, Harwood Orderedby
Swartwort, James F. Father
Swartwort, John Harold Deceased
Swartwort, John J. Father
Swartwort, Laura E. Deceased
Swartwort, Walworth Orderedby
Swartwout, Ajda Orderedby
Swartwout, Caroline A. Deceased
Swartwout, Elizabeth Deceased
Swartwout, James E., Jr. Orderedby
Swartwout, James F. Father
Swartwout, John Father
Swartwout, Lorin P. Deceased
Swartwout, Lose Father
Swartwout, Mattie Mother
Swartwout, Mrs.Lorin Orderedby
Swartwout, William R. Deceased
Swartwout, William R. Orderedby
Swartz, Rosie Mother
Swartzentruber, Barbara Deceased
Swartzentruber, Peter Father
Swartzentruber, Peter Orderedby
Swartzentrubes, Peter Orderedby
Swasey, Lydia Mother
Swat, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Swatling, Lizzie O. Deceased
Swatling, Spencer Orderedby
Swears, Rhoda Mother
Sweat, Charity Mother
Sweeney, Edward C. Orderedby
Sweeney, Elizabeth D. Mother
Sweeney, Harmon G. Father
Sweeney, John Orderedby
Sweeney, John T. Father
Sweeney, Josephine Deceased
Sweeney, Mary Mother
Sweeney, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Sweeney, William P., MD Deceased
Sweet, Delia Mother
Sweet, George A. Father
Sweet, George A. Orderedby
Sweet, George A., Jr. Deceased
Sweet, N.B. Father
Sweet, N.B. Orderedby
Sweet, Silas Father
Sweet, Warren P. Father
Swigart, Elizabeth Mother
Swindell, Mary Deceased
Sylvester, Arthur Orderedby
Sylvester, Arthur G. Father
Sylvester, Minnie Deceased
Synder, Rose Mother
Sypher, Theodore Father
Sypher, William H. Deceased

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